Dances with Wolves – Wolverhampton Wanderers v Newcastle United match banter!

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Hungry like the Wolves.
Hungry like the Wolves.
As Toonsy is away taking in the match at Molineux, and possibly enjoying a little of ‘la Dolce Vita’ among the urban sophisicates of Wolverhampton, you’re stuck with yours truly this week’s match banter I’m afraid. So sit up straight and pay attention!

As Toonsy rightly points out in his estimable preview for this match, wor lads shouldn’t get too overconfident after our 6-0 mauling of that other Midlands powerhouse, Aston Villa. While Mick McCarthy’s Wolves aren’t exactly the Barcelona of the Black Country, they could prove a very stiff test on their own territory.

I shall, of course, endeavour to keep you up to date with all the latest team news for the Midlands clash, though it would be expected that Chris Hughton will stick more with the lineup who tasted 6-nowt glory than the mostly bairns eleven that faced Accrington in the League Cup during the week. Hughton should be bolstered by the news that he has finally clinched the deal for French sensation, Hatem Ben Arfa, following hot on the heels of new Ivory Coast midfielder, Chiek Tiote.

Howay the lads!


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Ryan Taylor, Nile Ranger, Shola Ameobi, Tim Krul, Haris Vuckic, Peter Lovenkrands, Tamas Kadar.

Wolves: Marcus Hahnemann, Jelle van Damme, Jody Craddock, Karl Henry, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Stephen Ward, David Jones, Christophe Berra, Matt Jarvis, Kevin Doyle, Kevin Foley.

Subs: David Edwards, Richard Stearman, Steven Fletcher, Wayne Hennessey, Michael Mancienne, Ronald Zubar, Adlene Guedioura.

Ref: Stuart Attwell.

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307 Responses

  1. Any betting fans out there, a tenna double on newcaslte and fulham to win returns almost 70 quid, i fancy that like. 2-1 win is my prediction.

  2. if theres any wolves fans reading ya toons a dump on par with stoke ya fans are w@nk on par with stoke and ya teams shite on par with stoke and ya gannin doon with stoke u bunch of midlands muppets

  3. Newcastle United: Harper; Perch, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique; Routledge, Barton, Smith, Gutierrez; Nolan, Carroll.
    Subs: Krul, Lovenkrands, R Taylor, Ameobi, Kadar, Vuckic, Ranger.

  4. this is the first of mini league games
    A draw wouldn’t be the worse result ever. it would mean they haven’t won a home game and we have picked a point away from home. you could look at it then as a point gained for us and two lost by them.
    I think i have complicated a simple problem

  5. Thought vuckic got injured injured midweek ?? anyway over the moon with HBA signing ,awesome player well to CH and the team ,comon the Toon .

  6. PolloDiablo says:
    August 28, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “@Workyticket, cheers. really shoould just bookmark that.”

    It’s usually the best one, Pollo.

    Dave, sorry about that, just sticking the teams up. I think a draw, or a tight victory for the lads. Just focusing in at the moment.

  7. The Iraq Goals link for me is playing commentary for the Wigan v Spurs match. Dammit I need my football..

  8. Arrrggghhhh, I really do not want to be watching Spurs against Wigan!!
    Although, now there’s nothing. Brilliant :(

  9. For all those without tv:
    We are all over them, should be 1-0 up rout couldn’t find barton with an open goal from 5 yards! We have about 70% possession, and playing well! Will try keep the updates coming…

  10. We really are too strong for wolves at the mo… Really want an early goal! Nolan should have scored that!!

  11. Radio just said the referee is disgraceful. Letting challenges that should be bookings go and he’s booked Doyle for nowt. We should apparently be up but they’ve just hit the post

  12. i hope this Ben Arfa can cross a ball coz that is all that is missing from our game at present

  13. This is not the fizzy pop league.
    if you get chances you must take them and cannot give opposition chances like that. a harsh lesson learnt

  14. Big Dave-I’ve heard Carroll and Nolan have both squandered a couple of chances each? I said before the game i’d be happy with a point like, it’s at home where we need to take 3 but wasting chances is frustrating none the less. If the game is there for the taking..

  15. Criminal miss from Carroll. I just don’t know how he missed that chance.

    We have to keep our heads up. Wolves will struggle to keep their work rate up. They are pressing us all over the pitch and just trying to play on the counter.

    We will get a goal if we carry on as we are.

    By the way, can’t really blame Harper for the goal. Ebanks Blake was allowed to control it in the box. Disgraceful from our defence. Head it into the stands FFS!

  16. Cheeky bloody buggers with those tackles, shame Carroll had to cause a fuss, if they go down to ten we should be able to force the draw still.

  17. Lads I think we will come out a better side after half time, there is still 45 mins to go but I do agree Carroll and Nolan should have done better

  18. Need to start this half like we started the first half.

    Wolves look poor, but if you don’t take your chances in this league, you’ll get punished. Although some would have us think you don’t.

  19. I went for 2 – 1 to us so we are keeping to the script. We’ve been all over them. Wolves are thugs.12 fouls by them in the 1st half.

  20. Problem now is, if we press forward too much we will be playing into Wolves’ hands and they will hurt us on the counter attack.

    I agree though, the referee has had a shocker with some of his decisions on fouls.

  21. easy to see what M.M. game plan is,kick them off the park,dick.
    keep our cool we will get sumit,must take them chances like

  22. We can still win this lads! We’ve outplayed Wolves and have forced them to play dirty against us. I hope the ref is reminded soon that he needs to protect the away team as much as the home team.

    After shooting so much already in the first half, Carroll and even Nolan are bound to score at least one in this next half.

  23. Aye, would be nice to see Lover come on for fatty Nolan, but I suppose he didn’t sparkle at Accrington..and besides Carroll has had the better chances and I wouldn’t take him off.

  24. From what i’ve heard, that Henry is just running through Barton with no attempt to win the ball every time he has it and the ref is blindly ignoring it. There’s another one there.

  25. BD-they’re just out to kick him around by the looks of things. TalkSport said the ref had blindly ignored some blatant yellow card offences from Henry on him and the trend seems to be continuing in the second half.

  26. Jeez, what is it with people ignoring fouls on Joey Barton. This ain’t the first time I’ve seen it happen.

  27. sorry that was a pen mind,pleased they didnt get it like,dirty cu@ts,dave there after your joey mind

  28. even though Barton is known to be a thug in this league from 2 years ago, it doesn’t make it acceptable to let the man be mugged over and over again with no consequences!

  29. Guaranteed the moment Barton returns the favour he’s in the book though. There’s a case of your reputation getting in the way when you’re making fair challenges and being booked for them, but there’s no excuse for letting blatant fouls go.

  30. AndyT-

    Spot on mate. Let by-gones be by-gones for chrissake. The lad has obviously proved that he’s no longer a bad actor. Let him play football fairly, I say!

  31. Just saw the possession stats. We’ve had 60% of the ball, created a bucketload of chances and are 1 nowt down. Just looks like it isn’t going for us the day. They’re letting us come onto them but pressuring well when we have the ball. If that fails, they’re just getting dirty.

  32. How’s the attack lookin’, mates? I canna watch the game atm, bein’ as that I’m graftin. Do we look toothy, or is their defence stiflin’ us like?

  33. Does Andy need to start shooting from outside the 18 more? or the whole team in general?

  34. Surely thats a blatant corner? These officials are horrendous. I could be wrong but that looked a simple decision.

  35. it will be up on the 62 or 63 minute. It’s a little behind the radio commentary.

    I want to see Ranger come in next to Carroll!!

  36. DAVE ive always been fair,to me after the way they have kicked him all over he should get players fair play award

  37. Another chance for Nolan. Well struck but straight down the GK’s throat. Anywhere else and thats 2-1.

  38. Blackpool winning Fulham. 8O

    Any last min stream link can up for me here?? Thanks in advance.

  39. Stuart- I’m at 76 I think?
    Andrew-I’m sure his intention was to put it in the goal, lol.

  40. this referee is reeeally terrible. We’d be playing against at least 10 men right now if he were competent

  41. Ross, lol! I’m sure that’s what he wanted to do, especially the way he’s been abused all day. It was just a shame he couldn’t bury it

  42. I still think that we can pull a late winner out of this one. We’re by far the better team and showing more chances.

  43. Andrew-Both feet off the floor and he was running onto it. He pretty much just put his foot through it and thought “lets see where this ends up”, lol. Wolves are a really scrappy team. They’ve been very dirty with us since the word go by the looks of things and at home are happy to just try and counter attack. Mackem Mcarthy and his band of scumbags deserve nowt from this.
    There’s another rotten challenge from them. Dirty Conts.

  44. Yet another Yellow card. Just blatant fouls whenever we go forward, its pathetic. This lot are crap.

  45. Here’s the horrifying stats of today referee.

    Stuart Attwell from Nuneaton, which is less than 30 miles away from Molineux as the crow flies….

    The rising star of the whistling fraternity handled his only Newcastle game to date on Boxing Day last year, when United drew 2-2 with Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.

    He hit the headlines twice in 2008, when awarding Reading a goal at Watford despite the ball being nowhere near to going in. Soon after he was temporarily de-listed, after controversially disallowing two Derby County goals.

  46. is that Henry FINALLY booked for a tackle on Barton? He could have been sent off twice over now.

  47. firstrow isn’t working at all for me. Starts for 5 seconds, then goes blank.

    I cannot believe that we’re still playing against 11 men. Pathetic stuff from Wolves

  48. 7 Yellow cards for Wolves. They’re the dirtiest team ive seen for a while, its all aimed at Barton aswell. I’ve said before and will say again they deserve nothing from this game. They’re a crap team who resort to persistent fouling when they can’t take control of the game.

  49. The double standards on show this game is a fckin disgrace! Barton would have been sent off in the first half if he’d have tackled like Henry.

    Complete joke!

  50. I would really love us to pull a win out of this after all the crap our boys have been put through. Would love for Barton to put it in the net!!

  51. Stuart-It’s embarrassing. Henry could have been sent off twice over and the tackle he was finally shown a yellow for could and should have arguably been a straight red. I would love to see Wolves go down after this performance alone.

  52. Our lads are finally starting to get pissed and putting in some rough tackles. Now I’m worried

  53. buda-There was a flag for a foul on Ameobi anyway. In saying that Nolan has had his chances the day like. Well in Perch for just running through one of their lads, why not after the way they’ve behaved all day.

  54. Wolves are pathetic. I want to win this game and see them relegated after this performance. Absolute crap. Nowhere near a premier league side

  55. We could have won this, ref is crap. Still a point is ok and we’re in the top six – don’t give a stupid goal away now!

  56. can’t believe the ref in this game.

    Wow, a yellow card for Joey Barton? Total crap. Not even a dangerous tackle. Stupid. Can’t wait to destroy this team at St. James’ Park

  57. I agree lads. This ref has had a complete shocker. How Henry is still on the pitch is completely beyond me. Wolves are a complete joke. Disgraceful team, disgraceful tactics, and a dirt bag manager. We should have won, we got the draw. Let’s smash them at SJP. Disgraceful side.

  58. Not a bad point, only another 36 to go with a few players to in & back from injury. Don’t think we’ll play a more physical game this season.

  59. Can’t wait to see how we’re going to wallop Blackpool at SJP in 2 weeks after seeing this performance and having Ben Arfa now.

  60. ah well, somewhat satisfied..we should have scored in the first 30 mins…Wolves are fookin’ butchers i wish they get relegated and play where they belong…and the ref…unreal

  61. really poor performance. The same team that was against villa? Nolan is too inconsistent, same with routledge. Jonas not good. Our only threat taken out of the game to keep the little baby Ameobi happy. Phew.

  62. Happy with that – Point away from home is always a good point, especially considering our next game is Blackpool at home.

    I’d be happy with 7 points after 4 games.

  63. Glad with a point felt we should have had three. Disgusted by the ref as well as the performance by wolves. Dirty just plain dirty wolves should have finished without henry at the least. Worried with joey and perch already 3 yellows in 3 weeks.

  64. what just happened on the pitch? Heard something about McCarthy getting told to settle down by the refs?

  65. The bad thing about the referee is that he was consistently blowing the whistle all game. Instead of giving 1 or 2 yellows in the beginning and let the game flow.

  66. Good, very hard earned point.

    The ref was really awful, but it is what it is and we pulled a point and kept all our boys on the pitch… though just barely.

    Worried about Barton: He’s shown other teams he can boil over and they’ll know to mess with him, if they didn’t already know it.

    And it’s three yellow cards in three games for him. He better get another session with his shrink for Anger Management…

  67. Said i’d be happy with a draw before the day and I cant argue as we’ve came away with a point. We frustratingly had chances to put the game to bed inside the first 30 mins or so but it wasn’t to be and at least we haven’t lost, so roll on Blackpool.

    As for the ref, no idea what to say really. Henry could have been shown 4 yellows and a straight red card. Instead he finishes the game on the field having only being cautioned in the latter stages of the game. Embarrassing tactics from Wolves to go out and kick us around, especially Barton who they tried to wind up from the word go and finally got their wish in the 94th minute. Hopefully give them a pasting at SJP because they’re not a premiership side. Crap football, crap team.

  68. Argh that game got me so mad, flaming Mick Mccarthy and his bloody clowns, and what a bloody terrible ref.

  69. Johann says:
    August 28, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    “really poor performance.”

    Aye, from the referee. He was an absolute disgrace to his profession, and shouldn’t be refereeing at such a high level. We weren’t too bad at all, you must have been watching the wrong game.

  70. ah well 1-1, i’m somewhat satisfied, we should have scored in the first 30 mins, but Wolves are a team of fookin’ butchers and thugs. Like Wimbledon back in the days…every time we come forward they just blatantly put in horrid and dangerous fouls…and the ref let’s them play like this…disgrace to the Premiership..

  71. I think there’s every chance that Arfa will come in for Routledge – His final ball is pretty poor.

    Anyone notice if Keane got on the pitch for Spurs?

  72. AndrewT says:
    August 28, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    “what just happened on the pitch? Heard something about McCarthy getting told to settle down by the refs?”

    He ran on the pitch to have a go at Barton like the rest of his thugs. The ref did nothing.

  73. well to me we should have won,but its hard when you have “dick”ref to put it kindly.
    fair play award to J.B.fear he may get a lot of that this season.
    off for grub,later

  74. One of the worst games of football i’ve ever seen, all down to the ref, what a disgrace. It was stop start every 10 seconds. You could see the frustration on the toon players faces yet wolves didn’t seem to mind, I wonder why? What a horrible excuse of a team and waste of a premier league place.

  75. Why are we always getting controversial referee’s in our match,last two match,we have too,today also another one.

    No wonder this referee was de-listed…I hope he is gonna be de-listed again. grrr…..

  76. FSOTC, I don’t think that Barton has really earned any of his yellows this season! The refs have watched him from his reputation 2 years ago and try to put him in his place immediately. The way that he was completely disregarded by the ref today proves that.

    I’m not worried about Barton at all. He showed class today by not boiling over after getting hit in the head twice I think! It’s just stupid that Wolves were encouraged to play that way, but then NUFC was punished for the smallest thing.

  77. Sorry to labour the point but it beggars belief that Ameobi has a professional contract, never mind a place in our team, how the hell can he get a game for us after his clown like performance against Accrington?
    Come on Chris, get rid and get a decent back up for Andy Carroll or we will pay the price, John Anderson on radio Newcastle was incredulous that Ameobi committed two needless fouls whilst we were in good forward positions, i dont understand why he is surprised, he has been fannying about on the pitch for ten years whilst we wait for him to make the grade!

  78. Worky-Are you serious? Mcarthy had a go at Barton? Hilarious. Hughton should be putting the boot into Henry if thats the way it goes, he was disgraceful.
    Hopefully Tiote was watching today, rubbing his hands at the thought of meeting Henry when they come to SJP. A guy on talksport described him as a “nasty, no nosense, hard hitting center midfielder”.

  79. That result says more about wolves than us, they were determined to stop us playing anyway they could & try to nick a goal. At least we’ve shown we can’t be bullied.

  80. Ross, I hear ya. I really want to embarass Wolves and get at some of their players when we see them again. Absolutely disgraceful!

    *And I meant “has NOT deserved any of his yellows”

    Barton has actually been a class act this season

  81. That’s why we tiote can not wait for blackpool ben arfa, tiote n campbell all make there debuts, I wud like to arfa off carroll not on the wing

  82. Yeah, Joey soaked it up… mostly… but he blew a fuse at the end.

    Maybe you’re right about him not deserving the cards he’s got, but he’s got them all the same. I’m worried… Come on Joey, keep it together, man.

  83. All the streams I tried today were up and down more than a hyperactive kangaroo, but as far as I could tell we didn’t do too bad in the face of the Wolverhampton Boot Boys and a referee of dubious parentage.

    Looking forward to watching some highlights on a proper telly.

  84. I know Barton ended up with a yellow, but credit to him I think many players with a far more “even” temperament would probably have got themselves sent off. I’m just glad he was able to walk off the pitch without crutches. Carroll got frustrated which is understandable but he shouldn’t have taken it out on the ref, especially such a shit ref anyway. Taken off for precaution of injury I guess-they mentioned he picked up a niggle on wednesday? Perch was fairly dodgy with his tackling, but on a day when Wolves were butchers he was hardly a stand out. Thought Williamson performed less admirably than he did vs Man U and Villa, but still a decent game, thought Ameobi did well with the chances he got, great header to Nolan, who as my final point, rather underperformed today. I’m not gonna slate him, but if he can’t poach the goals for us then there doesn’t seem much point having him as he doesn’t bring too much in terms of pace or distribution…leadership well he does have that, but he did get a bit petulent at the end, I can see why but we need him to hold his temper, considering our midfield minefield of Smith and Barton.

  85. Hard earned point. From the sounds of things we had them on the ropes and should have won. Getting forward we seem good and that in its self reduces the work we have to do in defence.
    >Caroll needs to be a bit more clinical and take each chance as though it is going to be his only chance of the game.
    >Routledge brings us pace and causes panic in the opposition defence that in itself is a great attribute as it brings about mistakes from the opposition and thus opens up chances for our attackers so it is not all about crossing which he is young enough to improve.

  86. Well lads who can complain after 3 games were in champions league spots n carroll joint top scorer

  87. I also agree about Shola. Just crap. He’s shown that he doesn’t have anything to offer to this league for the last 10 years. He’s never going to be prolific, and always look pathetic. Yes, he’ll put some goals in every once in a while, but what professional striker wouldn’t?

    If Hughton sticks with these tactics he needs to loan out Ranger to develop and bring in Keane. He actually has some skill. I was originally against Keane comining in, but seeing that Hughton ranks Shola as our second-choice striker, we need somebody better that CH likes.

    That’s the one thing that I have against CH. He puts faith in players based on experience more than ability. Just a little worrying. Especially when our long-term aim is for us to bring academy products through.

  88. I’ll support Nolan because he wears the shirt. However, there are a few players on our books that can play his position much better than he did today. Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger even, and now Hatem Ben Arfa can all be more influential on the pitch than he has been.

    Just my opinion

  89. My team for blackpool dependant on who signs
    Perch campbell colo jose
    routledge tiote barton/nolan jonas
    arfa carroll

  90. Sounds like we did well to nick a point in the face of stiff opposition. And I’m NOT talking about Wolves’ team. lol

  91. Wolves style is as ugly as Mick (I can smell round corners) McCarthy!

    Thought Joey Barton was superb, being as how Karl Henry decided to try and wind him up, and failed! Wolves were a disgrace, people mock Stoke and Blackburn but that was pathetic…although it also shows that they feared us.

    Great goal by Tarzan, I’m satisfied with a point although I thought we fully deserved the win.

    Bring on the Blackpool!!!

  92. I for 1 am really pleased for Joey today no one should be expected to take the amount of sh1t that he had to take from the moment the game started while that tw@t of a ref looked on and encouraged it by doing naff all about. I wish he didn’t lose it a wee bit at the end but can you really blame him I hope he stuck the head into Mick M big nose up the tunnel :lol:.
    I said from yesterday that I would be happy with a hard fought draw and im still more than happy as wolves got away with murder today

  93. I’m no fan of Barton like, but he should have got more protection from the ref today. It was obvious he was being singled out by Henry in particular.

    Still, if you act like a cnut for long enough then I guess people will start treating you like one.

  94. This criticism of Ameobi and Nolan is utterly disgraceful. Ameobi almost scored with his first touch FFS! Give the guy a break.

    As for Nolan, yes he missed a few chances, but who doesn’t!? He is a midfielder, not a striker. He will score goals for us I am sure of it.

    Give everyone credit, they were up against talentless thugs today. Wolves are a joke.

  95. davy
    Your team for blackpool i would iinker with. Barton cannot be left out. Nolan won’t be left out.
    I fancy it will be the same again as Tiote and Arfa will not have trained with us before that game. After blackpool it is a guess

  96. I’m happy with the draw, but would have loved to see or guys get all three and throw it in the face of Wolves.

    And team critics wake up and shut up! We are not living in the mid 90s or the Sir Bobby Robson era, be happy with the players that we have and that they actually put in the performance and care about the shirt and club(and its been a long time to finally achieve that)! We just got back in premier league and got a point on the road against the team that had a fantastic home record last season! Change the record and stop putting the team down and support the players!

  97. Big Dave says:
    August 28, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    “I said from yesterday that I would be happy with a hard fought draw and im still more than happy as wolves got away with murder today”

    I’m not happy at all, Dave. We should have won that one and Stuart Attwell completely ruined it. It was a bit like watching old European ties against Italian teams where they had blatently bribed the referee. Stuart Attwell does not belong in the Premier League.

  98. workyticket says:
    August 28, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    Stuart Attwell does not belong in the Premier League.

    He doesn’t belong in any league, we had a better ref @ Accrington Stanley.

  99. Worky I know how you feel and I agree with a proper ref we would have won but with this ref we just have to be grateful that we ended with a draw and no career threatning injuries, because the ref gave wolves the go – ahead to do what ever they wanted and the sad thing is he will probably get away with it :(

  100. What would you like me to say then, mags??

    You asked a question that’s impossible to answer – hence my riposte.

    Everyone makes mistakes but JB has a rap sheet as long as his arm. Its gonna take some people (including refs and other players) a long, long time to consider his “dues paid” imo.

  101. Aye the Accrington ref was very poor yet Mr Attwell made him look a saint the day. Embarrassing decisions from the word go and they didn’t get any better. I’m actually still sitting shocked at how ridiculous the treatment of Barton was today. The fact they finished the game with 11 men yet 7 yellow cards is puzzling. Henry and im sure one or two others made challenges that warranted a second yellow yet none were given.
    The issue? There were no poor decisions made regarding goals/disallowed goals/offside debates, therefor there’s not a hope in hell his performance will be reviewed and he certainly wont see consequences for the pathetic display.

    Fair play to Barton for keeping his cool until the 94th minute. He took constant grief from the word go. There was one point where he went to get water at the sideline having taken an elbow and i’m sure the entire stand erupted with a chant of “cheat cheat cheat”. Pathetic.

    Mcarthy running onto the field to have a go at him is also nothing short of laughable. He should have had a quiet word in Henry’s ear, got his players off the field and made his way down the tunnel. Hoots needs to give him an ear bashing when they come to SJP.

  102. Ref was turgid but remember on another day they could of had a penalty for that tackle by Perch. Said I’d be happy with a draw too but we probably should’ve nicked all 3.

    On another subject xxxx this international break.

  103. El Toro – Totally agree about the criticism of those two players, Nolan in particular. He scored a boat load of goals last season, scored two last week, and yet fans are quick to get on his back and say he shouldn’t be playing just because he had an off day in front of goal. The encouraging thing is that he was in all the right positions today, he might not have the pace but he has the know how and is a clever player.

  104. roy keane should have sparked mad mick mccarthy years ago

    Pleased with the point. it stops them from a home win and is a point on our travels. oonly seen brief coverage but listening to charlie nicholas (who didn’t use to be our biggest fan) we were the better the side.

    The same eleven deserve a start against blackpool
    injuries and suspensions will soon kick in and others in the squad will get their chance

    keane not a necessity for me

  105. Jonas’run earned the foul that led to the goal.

    Yes he needs to pass earlier sometimes, but I will take a creative minded winger over someone who is safe and doesn’t push forward.

  106. Big Dave-

    Thanks mate:) And I didn’t even watch the game. Just kept up with highlights and comments.

    Bad refs really can kill a game. The American alternative adds SOME value, but detracts from other aspects of the game. I mean, American refs are usually spot on in throwball, but that dramatic emphasis on the exact rules would invariably take away playing time. Soooo, it’s a trade off lol.

  107. Thought Jonas was alright to be fair, I think he expects he can tear through people like he did in the championship, but he’ll adjust again soon enough imo

  108. Dunno, he just tries to dribble out of everything even when there’s a simple pass available. He’s maddening because sometimes he makes great runs and beats a man or two then runs into the third man/half the defense.

  109. OHurley I thought the CCC was tough but ye wouldn’t get away with most of the tackles the thugs got away with today. But I would be preety certain that if Smith or Barton made some of them assults today they would have had their marching orders

  110. bloody hell, that henry sure had something against barton. you could tell wolves had planned it all along. credit to barton though, kept his cool until the end where he couldn’t take it anymore.

    i thought we were alright, defence looked abit shaky at times. jonas seemed to have improve his crossing with his left leg too.

    shola has to cut down his unnecessary fouls! looked poor today, other than the header when he came on.

  111. A lot of the television commentators say things like “These days that’s a foul, but it didn’t used to be that way.”

    What do you all think about that? I’ve only been watching since around 2002, so I don’t have a sense of what it used to be like? Were the games that much rougher? and if so, would today’s game just be par for the course 10-15 years ago?

  112. Same here Big Dave. Love Jonas and what he brings to the team, but he does need to have more confidence in those around him to continue the run.

  113. Team for Blackpool:
    Jonas ..Arfa… Rout
    ……Barton Tiote
    Jose Willi Colo Perch

  114. Aye, sometimes you see brilliant little spells with Enrique and Jonas, its just a shame Jonas can’t replicate it with anyone else really (if you remember they ran well together to set up Barton’s goal against villa) Here’s hoping he can strike up a good partnership with Benny :)

  115. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    August 28, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    “What do you all think about that? I’ve only been watching since around 2002, so I don’t have a sense of what it used to be like? Were the games that much rougher?”

    Watch some Leeds games from the 1970s, FSOTC. Oooph!

  116. FSOTC-

    Check out ESPN classic (if you have access to that channel). I’ve seen some great matches from the 70s. Yes, they were a little tougher, but players also payed the price for it. There’s a reason that refs these days take fouls a little more seriously. Just look at Djibril Cisse as a great example.

  117. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    August 28, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    “How, praytell, could one get hold of Leeds 70’s matches? Would love to see that…”

    Leeds’s Billy Bremner getting kicked in the head in the penalty area. Play on says the ref!

  118. Good day had by me. Met Jay Jay, good lad. I’m pretty drunk. We signed Ben Arfa, I’m pretty drunk. Match report on way :lol:

    Should be fun for a laugh ;)

  119. we have got players who can come in and make a difference..we are looking good..even if we have injuries players can come in and it wont weaken us that much..with gosling to come in as well it looks a hole alot brighter then it did 2 weeks ago..any1 else who comes in will be a bonas.

  120. 1 thing Noln missed for this game is GOAL ! I think he play quite well in forward role especially 2-3 clear chance to score but he just miss it today. I think another day he will score 9 times out of ten.

  121. yes to me we should have won,yes the ref was crap,but my worry was some of them lads could have been out for the season or even lost there liveing,bloody dick head

  122. Barton has acted impeccably so far, under total duress & zero protection from any ref.
    I guess there’s some kinda ‘unofficial open season’ for players & refs atm?

    Good point lads, pity it didn’t turn into 3, but that’s how it goes sometimes.
    Anyway, keep it going.
    Howay the Lads!

  123. Very good point indeed. Just imagine Arfa and other guy for next game. We can be a good team if we can keep most of players fit. It can be our best season as compared to last 3-4 seasons. Howay the lads.

  124. Will Tiote play against Blackpool? I’m sure i read he was on International duty this week. At the time of signing they said he wasnt joining up with the team because of it. He could still be away/not ready for Saturday?

  125. BIG DAVE more like 2 gallon i think,hes not a drinker more of a glutton,might be best to keep clear lol

  126. Richie-So in a word, yes, he will play! haha. I’m assuming there’s an international break hence Tiote being away aye?

  127. Well Mick McCarthy show why he is such a managerial success story disgraceful provocation, Cheating inbred midland coonts, In spite of the tossers we were playing against including the ref its a Good point 4 down 36 to go for the season.

    Any transfer news ;)

  128. Will he get to meet, train & fit in with lads by then, if he’s away on int. duty?
    At least HBA is dropped from the france squad.

  129. Just had a quick browse on the Wolves 606 boards and they’re all quite impressed with Henry’s performance alongside Barton today. Standard “he’s a thug he deserves a kicking”. Alot of them enjoying Mccarthys tactics. If thats how they want to see their football played then fine but it makes them nothing more than a league one team and just makes them look like a bunch of pathetic doylems.

    Also, who was the Toon fan that posted on their board congratulating them on their style of play and claiming they weren’t dirty!? Go on, own up, lol.

  130. HAppy with a point Dave to we could have nicked the 3.Disgraceful tactics by Wolves but on the plus side the Toon team of 2 seasons ago would have left there with nowt but a hammering.Ya gplfing buddy did well to keep his cool for so long ;-)

  131. We playing Blackpool in two weeks time. Internationals will be played this coming Saturday so he should be back after that in time for the Blackpool game.

  132. It’s gonna take longer than a week to get to know the lads, the system etc.

    Maybe give him/them a few minutes at the end.

  133. CLINT agree m8 nice to have them let them “bed” in first not as if we are playing to badly at the,will get more benifit from them if we give them time imo like

  134. Alreet ice,
    aye mate, don’t think we’re that desperate that we need to hoy ’em straight in like, it’s a bit headless to do that.

  135. Really you are not supposed to wish bad luck or injuries on anyone but karl henry really and truly all the bad luck that comes his way,the guy can’t play football so he decides to out to break people legs.

    He did the same thing against arsenal last year,targeting fabregas the exact same way,to see players with no talent go out to injure other more talented players is truly despicable and should be clamped down on.

    Luckily barton didn’t retaliate and came out of it stronger,to see that twat smilling about and grinning really made me cringe and wanted to be on that pitch to hurt him properly and see how he likes it.