Barton is the latest in a long line of Newcastle’s mustachioed wonders.

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1. Joey Barton.
1. Joey Barton.
Newcastle may have won a trophy the size of a real lighthouse on Tuesady evening in Spain, but that was merely a sideshow to the real talking point of the evening – Joey Barton’s moustache.

Joey Barton sported a rather eye-catching moustache that evening, and it is his upper-lip slug that has caused some humour amongst fans. In light of that I though that now may be good time to take a trip back down memory lane and see which other black and white heroes have sported the dignified moustache in the past.

1. Joey Barton – I had to start with him as he has started this malarkey off. Apparently Barton has grown his ‘tash to aid team bonding and to keep spirits high with the camp, and it appears to be working. Could he be the trend-setter needed to kick off a moustache growing revival? Each to their own and all that, but I most certainly won’t be growing one in the name of fashion!

2. Philippe Albert.
2. Philippe Albert.
2. Philippe Albert – The Belgian defender sported quite the moustache when he arrived on Tyneside, although it was sheared off in subsequent years.

Albert played for Newcastle for five years between 1994-1999 and is perhaps most remembered this exquisite chip in our 5-0 thumping of Manchester United. Those were the days eh?

I always liked him as a player and thought he was rather under-rated at the time compared to Gary Pallister and Steve Bruce at Manchester United.

3. Killer Kilcine.
3. Killer Kilcine.
Brian ‘Killer’ Kilcine – The king of facial hair in black and white stripes, and in my opinion, our most important signing ever.

Kilcline was Kevin Keegan’s first signing as Newcastle manager, and the former FA Cup winner was immediately installed as captain and helped the club to avoid relegation and possible bankruptcy.

Nicknamed “Killer Kilcline” because of his hard tackling and physical approach to the game, Brian only spent two seasons at St James’ Park before being moving on to Swindon, Mansfield and Halifax where he retired in 1998.

4. Micky Quinn.
4. Micky Quinn.
4. Micky Quinn – Micky Quinn was signed in 1989, just after we had been relegated from the top flight of English football.

He scored four goals on his debut and scored 39 goals in all competetions in his first season as a Newcastle player, although he only spent three years at St James’ Park in the end.

He always looked to be carrying a bit of weight as a player, which seems rather topical at the minute, but his goal record on Tyneside is hard to argue with (59 goals, 115 appearances).

5. John Ryan.
5. John Ryan.
5. John Ryan – The left-back/midfielder signed for Newcastle from Oldham Athletic way way back in August 1983 when we were again in the second tier of English football.

He made 22 apearances in the black and white stripes that season, scoring one goal, and helped the club to gain promotion to the top flight again.

Unfortunately, John Ryan only has a short spell on Tyneside and only made six appearances in his second season before moving on to Sheffield Wednesday in September 1984.

There are plenty more players besides these that have sported upper-lip hair whilst playing for Newcastle. Some of them have been great, some of them haven’t (the players, not the tash), but they have all been our idols at some point or other.

I just thought it would be good idea to do soemthing original and look back at some of those moustachioed players. I must admit, information was a bit short on some and I had to leave a few names out that I wanted to in get due to lack of pictures or information, or both, but I think you get the idea.

Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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70 Responses

  1. My phsycic sources are telling me that this article won’t be very popular :lol:

    Prepare for a flounce :lol:

  2. Shouldnt we be doing predictions for league winners, European qualifiers, relegation, promotion, first manager sacked, golden boot winners ETC.

    Seeing as we are a day away from the start of the football league and a week away from the start of the premiership.

    As much as i like talking about facial hair (and i do), It just seems a bit of a pointless exercise so close to a season… ;)

  3. i cannot believe that you cant source a picture of John Trewick………local lad, what a top quality player (£250,000 buy from West Brom i believe)- i’m joking by the way. my favourite would have to be Paul Cannell – whose name is still used by me in vain when i stub my toe – hit my thumb with a hammer etc – instead of a well known two word swear phrase!:)-his name will live in immortality in wor hoose – all of my 3 lads say the same thing, and none of them were even born when he was playing

  4. tattyheed,think ya right about the fee and believe he was the record signing for a few years.

  5. Stuart79 says:
    August 5, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Thought so. Just confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while now…..

  6. Ben Arfa selected as a forward in the French squad,ssn presenter crumbled reading Fanni’s name out :lol:

  7. joey barton has what we call in newcastle the football tash,as hair wise it’s “five a side”.

  8. ive just seen the French squad. Lauren Blanc has managed to select a better team than England could muster for the WC from their reserves. He hasnt picked a single player from the French world cup squad. I’d bet that Fabio picks the same tired old names – he hasnt got the cojones and just agrees with the press. It seems that yet again they will pick the squad (Wishire – i mean – i ask ya)

  9. @ tattyheed says:
    August 5, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    That because all the players from the french world cup squad are all banned at present. He was not able to select any of them…

  10. @ 21 Tattyheed

    Your right though it is a decent squad. Especially when you do bring back a few from the banned players like ribery & gourcuff. It might just be the clear out that team needed.

    Let (‘soon to be Toon player’ ;)) Ben Arfa make his mark on the team.

  11. someone on eds is saying ben arfa is having talks with west spam the day..dont know if its BS like..

  12. Hope not hitman pull of London and all that………..cant find owt on Hammers blogs tho they were linked last month

  13. Get Beckham to sport one and the world will love the tash once again. There good for all sorts of fun ;)

  14. off topic a bit, but does anybody know what the crack is with the website
    its one of my fave Toon sites – but last few weeks its been crap. Any one else read it?

  15. tattyheed – it has been quiet on there so I presume the lad who writes the weekly article is on his hols. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to know he’s missed though.

  16. 27 pease – he’s a lazy selfish get then – whats the matter – cant he do it when he’s away? – bet Toonsy et al divvent slip up.
    Can you have a word with him when he gets back please ;)

  17. While we’re waiting for conf of Toonfan 28’s bombshell abt ben arfa – does any one else have a problem with Haway/Howay? – i always used to swear blind it was Haway – until them dirty scruff remedials at SOS had it tattood on their seats. But Howay doesnt sit right with me – it makes me sound like i’m from Darras Hall. What i say is more like “haware”

  18. On the other artical :

    Toonfan28 says:
    August 5, 2010 at 1:06 pm
    Ben Arfa has just signed fro 6 Millon

    Says he is Simpsons Cousin… and will be announced shortly.

    Just though I would post here as well encase anyone missed it.

    Will wait for offical news myself before I believe it…

  19. It’s always been howay for me tatty,even when I was a kid all the t-shirts and stickers were spelt that way.It’s also the way it’s spelt over the tunnel at St James’

  20. I’m pretty sure that when we were in the 74 cup final – there were 2 auld gadgies who used to sing in the clubs and they brought out a song which was “Haway” the lads – they were called Millican and Nesbitt (my dear auld fatha used to call them Millican and Nosepick)!

  21. It’s all bullshit!

    Arfa (Daley) is going to end up where he ends up.

    Don’t lose any sleep over a player we don’t even know if were interested in.

    You cannot be disappointed that way.

  22. Just for memories…..

    How long does it takes for Mr Smith to score such goal again for Newcastle. :(

  23. tatty….dont know the song,probably doesn’t matter which way,just stick with what ya know I’spose :-)

  24. anyone know if ashley has been in toon the day,im positive ive just seen his chopper leaving the toon..

  25. anyone seen the new strip close up yet,if so is the badge as crap as the photos make it look?

  26. That’s my next headline :lol:


    :lol: :lol:

  27. Hitman – ya just put me off my lunch. If you think you’ve seen Ashley’s chopper, keep it to yerself, man.

    (Ok, someone had to do it. Because it was there.)

  28. i put it on eds blog last time i saw it,and got shot reet doon then david graig saved me rep :wink:

  29. Just out of boredom…

    Radio piece this morning saying that Geordie women are the cheapest dates (literally) at £27 spent on an evening out.

    Can someone remind me why I moved out, again? Anyone?

  30. hitman says:
    August 5, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    “lol..ive seen it a few times toonsy”

    8O 8O 8O 8O


  31. Whumpie….seems a bit pricey for a bottle of Lambrini and a kebab to me like ;-)

  32. toonsy sir jason can back me up when i posted it on eds,,then again i might be trippen i packed in smoking 3 days ago :)

  33. Whumpie – £27 is a bit much isn’t it? I mean how much is a bottle of Chloroform* nowadays?

    *Joke, in case I offend some of our female readers. I know you are out there, lurking, laughing probably :lol:

  34. I’m not sure Ashley has seen his own chopper in years. It’s only visible from below, apparently.

    Who let Finbar Saunders in?? (knyuck, knyuck)

  35. West amm have been promised signings by the porn kings so you never know, but I read that they needed to shift upson & green to raise funds before they can buy. They were supposed to be about to sign remy last week & then bought a young player from new zealand.

  36. I remember that guy coming on here saying he knew Joe Coles mrs and he was putting money on him signing for us :lol: So I wont believe anything until its confirmed but im surprised we havent been gazumped already, For the sake of £1.5-£2m Ashley is gambling big time on a side badly lacking in pace and creativity…

  37. When are you kids going to stop thinking Mike Ashley is interested in anything but a gamble on survival. He has no interest in the club for ‘fun’ it is another way of making profit and increasing the margin and all that other corporate crap.

  38. david sullivan,his only signings will be strippers,he’ll probably open a lap dancing club at the back of the stand at upton park,mind you though there will be plenty hammering going on.

  39. Barton’s Tash or Andy Carroll’s corn cob hair… which is the most stupid…?

    Talk about bad hair days!!

  40. I dunno about this Arfa thing. It’s a bit different because instead of the usual straight-forward response from CH, where he just kills a rumour stone dead, he’s said “it’s unlikely”, which suggests they are at least at the table.

    Also, to respond to the post at 62, I’d say you’re probably right: Ashley wants to spend just enough in just the right places to safely stay up, no more. If CH has told him Arfa will do that, and they get offered the right deal, I think he could go for it.

    Also, let’s not forget that we’ve now got 20 lads telling potential signings that NUFC is a cracking club to play for. Could be all the difference.

  41. I do believe there is some substance on the Ben Arfa based on CH’s silence and the reports in the foreign press. Didn’t think we’d be spending so much on one player this window. Anyone think someone could be leaving? I found it a little strange that Smith didn’t play against Deportivo

  42. @67 MDS a lot of the talk down here in Leeds is that he is off to them.
    Now I doubt that very much, but I guess him not playing could fuel the fire.

  43. tattyheed says:
    August 5, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    “I’m pretty sure that when we were in the 74 cup final – there were 2 auld gadgies who used to sing in the clubs and they brought out a song which was “Haway” the lads – they were called Millican and Nesbitt”

    They were riding the crest of a wave at that time after winning ‘Opportunity Knocks’ with Hughie Green. They also made the hit parade with a cover of Les Paul’s ‘Vaya con Dios’. I still sing it in the bath.