Andy Carroll – “You can count on me”

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Carroll will do the business.
Carroll will do the business.
Andy Carroll has reassured fans who are concerned about where our goals are going to come from this season by hinting that all we need to do is back him and he will do the business for us.

Carroll didn’t manage to find the net in pre-season but is confident that when it gets down to business in the league he can pick up where he left off last season.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on Carroll this season, and questions will be asked over whether or not he can handle it at such a young age. I think he will deal with the pressure, even though it will have been turned up a notch now he has the number nine shirt. I also believe that if the service is there he will score goals.

“Getting the No 9 shirt has been great, but no matter what number I wear I want to get the goals I know I can score. I just get on with the job,” Carroll told The Chronicle. “A lot of people say there is pressure wearing the No 9 shirt, but I can take that and I will do what I did last season.”

Carroll is sporting a moustache at the moment, just like Joey Barton, but if it keeps morale high then I don’t have a problem with it. Personally I don’t like ‘tashes’, but if Carroll can follow in the footsteps of the last mustachioed number nine and achieve a similar goals to game ratio then I won’t be complaining!

“It is all banter from the lads, and we are all looking forward to the season, it’s just a bit of ribbing really. Joey started it all off, and at the moment you have to say he has the best moustache.”

Anyway, enough of the fashion talk, if there actually is any fashion involved in a moustache that is. Carroll has his sights set on an England call-up, and there is no better time to start thinking about that as the national side look to ship out the old and bring in the new.

If Carroll wants to dream about England then fair enough, but he needs to do the business at Newcastle first before he will be given the chance, that includes keeping his nose clean off the pitch aswell.

“Almost everybody is still there as far as England strikers are concerned. All I can do is keep showing what I can do at Newcastle, hopefully it will be enough to get my chance. That is all my aim should be, and I will just continue to do what I am doing.”

I’m glad Carroll feels confident as we are going to need a massive effort from him, aswell as others, this season. Andy Carroll will score goals if he is provided with the chances, which is why it is important to keep players like Jonas Gutierrez and Wayne Routledge fit. If that can be managed then I expect to see Carroll score his fair share of goals this season.

Carroll won’t let us down.

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136 Responses

  1. exactly richietoon, I think that for all our strikers, which is why I think we need to invest in players who will provide the chances, not another striker as others have said.

  2. Accrington Stanley v Newcastle, live on Sky, 25th August. 7:45pm.

    Reet, dog waling time. Back shortly.

  3. @stu79 – why would he look better ya bender

    He’s having a laugh if he thinks he’s ready for England already, let’s see him scores some goals in the perm first – to be honest I hope he becomes a certain for England as that’ll mean he’s doing the job for the toon

    Roll on monday

  4. Just been on a pompey message board to see if anything on that Boateng link, Some of the comments and jokes about Southamptons owner passing away are absolutely sick

    I hope the national rags highlight the issue like they did with the supposed Moat/Derek Bird chants at Carlsisle but i wouldnt hold me breath… :x

  5. just seen rednapp was at match last nyt n has made an 11 million bid for remy and a 7 mill bid for ben arfa so looks like we lost owa chance,

  6. You’re living in dreamland talking about Carroll for England. He may eventually become a decent premiership player, but no more. Personally I think Lovenkrands should be ahead of him in the pecking order.

  7. fesytoon says:
    August 12, 2010 at 2:10 pm
    Ben arfa coming to the toon today night or 2mrw morning hopefully. Im new btw

    Aye and don’t forget Messi?

  8. @stu79 – WTF???

    Was chatting to a few Geordie lads I met in Dublin there yesterday who stated that Carroll is still always to be seen in the Bigg Market boozin away – any truth in this?

    Personally I wouldnt care too much once he produces a decent return of goals, which he will do if he stays fit and ges the deliverys. However not still not great to be on the piss after all the prevouos shenanigans and upcoming case

  9. Liverpool, Sunderland, West Ham, Chelsea and Spurs all had scouts at the game.

    Arfa Daley scored and played well by all accounts.

    Ah well, that’s that then.

  10. Toontastico says:
    “Was chatting to a few Geordie lads I met in Dublin there yesterday who stated that Carroll is still always to be seen in the Bigg Market boozin away – any truth in this”

    mate, nee one drinks in the bigg market, it stinks of piss, and so do the people who drink there

  11. To be honest, I don’t think Wor Andy has the nouse to be another Shearer – but he’s got the heart, build and skills to do a great job for us.

    We started to see the kind of service possible when you get Guthrie, Barton (hate to admit it), Routledge and Jonas on the pitch. They’ll tee ’em up, Andy’ll bang ’em in.

    More to the point, I think Lover and Shola will be doing their bit too, and hopefully Nolan and Ranger (Best and Xisco.. dunno) when they get on the pitch. Much better to have several sources than to rely on one ‘super-striker’ as some have been demanding. Had enough of that. Doesn’t work.

  12. For what it’s worth, I think players should be contractually banned from any alcy during the season except when directly sanctioned by CH, such as team parties, after victories, special occasions and so on.

    You wouldn’t get most amateur athletes on the piss during the season, so why the hell should highly-paid footballers be any different?

  13. I wondered how long it wud take for ben arfa to spurs bcoz redknapp was at game he was there for remy who is main target n spurs to get ashly young

  14. Agree Whumpie, however they shouldnt have to be, any propper pro should know at this stage

  15. @ Luckyfreddy @13 – yep, I think Loverboy may beat him in the goal-count this season. I suspect the Number 9 shirt was given to Carroll as much due to his roots and age as anything else. No point giving it to a recent, foreign signing who’s already 30, but that doesn’t mean Lover’s not up there in the pecking order.

  16. Toontastico – yep, they should. But the average IQ of a footballer, particularly a youngun, struggles to get into double-figures, sadly.

  17. Loverboy won’t score as many goals this season.

    Carroll will cause havoc in the air and there won’t be many defenders who can stand up to that.

    Loverboy will just be another striker with a bit of pace to most defenders – Nothing different.

  18. Whumpie says:
    August 12, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    “You wouldn’t get most amateur athletes on the piss during the season, so why the hell should highly-paid footballers be any different?”

    As someone who played football one division below the Conferance North/South, I can categorically say that is bollocks :)

  19. “you can count on me”

    fair do’s andy – but who we gonna hang our hats when you 2 years for gbh ??.

  20. i love mike it was on ssn news bwt an hour ago, ther was also a few ppl saying it on a fan board,, but rednap had represenatives at the match for remy so i wudve thort it true, hope it isnt bt ina way i wan tha ben arfa thing sorted quik as it seems hoots is nli capeable of handling 1 target at a tym so mayb he can move on soon

  21. icedoggy – av still got me white bits m8.

    nice pot of twinning finest at hand as we speak – c/w a dash of johnnie walker’s finest.

  22. Am pretty sure other teams will hav know bout ben arfa without watchin him lay 45mins for france, its typical scouts go to loads of games am we will of had some there, redknapp does hav a history of not finding his own targets he waits till someone tries to sign a player n then jus tries to hijack deals, we r not to blame if this deal dosent happen marseille r doin what most french teams do agree a deal then back out or try to up price at last minute

  23. The translation says that Ben Afra is Determined to join Newcastle and will play number 10 role… translated by a work colleague :)

  24. @ Peter Tool…”hoots is nli capeable of handling 1 target at a tym so mayb he can move on soon”

    Its not CH its the club.

  25. Stu @ 3, That takes me back to a time when I had hair & my dear old dad used to say the same thing to me….just used to ignore him, grow my hair longer & add a few streaks…what a complete knob I must have looked….AC needs a nice short back & sides.

  26. I do fink if this deal is gonna happen then it will b nearly there or done already, if not then we will already lookin at other targets, houghton never said anything bout gosling or cambell either jus makes me fink this cud b done

  27. toontwatio i personal y think hes doin great,, was trying to say that we can only seem to have 1 target at a tym, wen i say hoots i ment he tells the higher ups hu he wants,, i must apologize a never thort sum tool wud jump on a mistake i made WTF u completely missed the point ov wat i sed

  28. is there any chance that you lads can spell your words properly – its not like you’re pushed for time for fecks sake – most of this is unintelligible

  29. Peter tooylad. i cnt sy hw i no bt at ths mmnt the deal is 90%. i sed earlier tht it myt b dun 2day bt frm what iv heard nw it cud force over the wkend n evn may b nxt wk. i hope it goz thru cuz hez a great player. thr is a video syn hez cumin to the toon i jus cnt seem 2b finding it nw! and i wish nufc the best 4the future cuz i dearly luv them

  30. sorry tattyhead i must have lost my dictionary while i was at the important philosophical debate about newcastle uniteds latest transfer embargo

  31. There’s a lad on another blog who posts when a player checks in at the hotel the club use, so if Afra is coming tonight/tomoz we will get to know.

  32. The guy from eurosport just been on talksport.all he said was ben arfa is a Newcastle target and he played well.nothing new

  33. That actually annoyed me cause talksport should have asked him bout the ben arfa deal but even when he mentioned him the presenters didn’t even react all they cared about was man u and Chelsea players.

  34. well, completely off topic but the premier league starts on saturday and just a reminder for the fantasy football league were all doing, here is the team u have to beat (but u wont ;) ) :

    ashley young
    martin petrov
    van persie

    subs: poulsen, givet, jara

    i decided to change alot of my previous team as i didnt really like it, truth be told, although i havnt got the biggest of names in this squad, i think im gonna win :D

  35. Most foreign transfer’s are handled by agents, the agents used to charge a fee to both clubs but I’m sure that has been stopped. Afra’s agent & probably our agent will do the negotiating & until the player actually arrives for a look around Houghton won’t really be involved, so there is no reason why the club can’t be working on more than one deal. Also allows Hooters to claim “no direct contact”

    There’s bound to have been lots of scouts at the norway v france game looking at various players, as long as we get afra I’d actually quite like other epl clubs to be looking at him…..he looks a bargain & I don’t think there’s many of them.

  36. Toonsy @ 31 – when I said “athletes”, I must admit I hadn’t included non-league footballers in the list! :)

    I mean, for instance, an olympic hopeful 400m runner or someone competing in the triathlon champs. They won’t touch booze for 9 months of the year, so why should any of our lot?

    Of course, the opposite argument comes in when you look at professional rugby..! Difference is, they go drive a golf cart down the M4 rather than spaff some poor bloke outside a McPoisons.

  37. Toonsy, why don’t we do a predictions league as well?

    You can get to it (I know the score) straight from the fantasy page and login immediately using the same password.

  38. fesytoon says:
    August 12, 2010 at 3:25 pm
    Peter tooylad. i cnt sy hw i no bt at ths mmnt the deal is 90%. i sed earlier tht it myt b dun 2day bt frm what iv heard nw it cud force over the wkend n evn may b nxt wk. i hope it goz thru cuz hez a great player. thr is a video syn hez cumin to the toon i jus cnt seem 2b finding it nw! and i wish nufc the best 4the future cuz i dearly luv them

    Covering all contingencies now Fesy?

  39. Can Ben Afro play number 10 (i.e. ‘striker in the hole’ as well as winger? Sorry to be ignorant, but I don’t follow much of this stuff; just our lot.

    If he can, and if he’s not too much of a whining, moody, cheese-eating-surrender-monkey, then he sounds perfect.

    My best guess on this saga is that CH is still in the fight, but knows he’s far from securing the deal, with Marseilles still trying to drum up a Dutch auction to maximise revenues.

  40. Translation

    Newcastle is really interested in Ben Arfa? The coach’s statements have created doubt yesterday. But now is Jean-Claude Dassier just put an end to the drama by announcing that Ben Arfa will not leave. It only remains to convince the main person …

    Each day’s rebound. Yesterday, the Newcastle coach Chris Hughton was inconsistent with the interests of Newcastle Hatem Ben Arfa, somewhat surprising. A media outlet that finally arranged Olympique de Marseille, whose position vis-à-vis the French international has changed enormously in just a few weeks only. Ben Arfa’s performance yesterday in the France team, very good, has again put pressure on the shoulders of leaders Marseille, who would have difficulty explaining why a particular sale.

    The departure of virtually Niang acknowledged, the OM has no choice, he must keep Ben Arfa. And after having opened the floodgates for a start, leaders Marseille him fall back a few days after the close of the transfer market. “Hatem remains at the club, we will not lend when Niang leaves. It does not create problems for the pleasure of creating them. I will not sell off the. If Newcastle is not able to buy it, it’s their problem. Anyway, I do not think this is a very secure choice for Hatem. It was a great club with a great story, but today … “, has said Jean-Claude Dassier La Marseillaise.

    Especially when everything seemed settled around a loan fee of Newcastle Dassier does away with this hypothesis. “Without question. And even if they come with an offer to purchase, it will take a good look and be careful, ‘says the president Phocaean. This should create a very tense situation with Ben Arfa, who told Dassier, according to L’Équipe, he no longer wanted to work with Deschamps. So we have to explain to the former Lyonnais that it must remain on the Canebière. And by letting Niang, who holds indisputable that there are still three-year contract, Marseille did not put in the best conditions to persuade Ben Arfa the merits of the thing …

  41. Basically saying that if their selling Naing they won’t let Arfa Daley go unless NUFC will buy him. But they cannot afford it, so it’s tough shit.

    Says were a big club with a good history but at this moment in time were not very big, so wouldn’t be a good choice for him.

  42. Next target please! What a waste of time, could have been spent doing some deals likely to come off.

  43. my problem with the whole ben arfa debacle,from day one,is why would he be interested in coming to newcastle?
    they cannot offer european football,there’s no incentive of wages,only a loan deal,to a club that’s just been promoted from the second tier.i doesn’t make any sense for the lad to want come here imo,you would think he would be more interested in holding out for a move to one of the big boys.

  44. I dnt think itz the end of it trust me people. hez tryng 2 manipulate nufc in2 mkng a bid. he cnt tk it tht arfa wants out nd tht nufc is his destination

  45. To be fair to marseille have been more than patient with Ashley and his cronies, One good thing is that it hasnt dragged on until the last few days of the window and CH has time to try and bring different targets in, Whether he gets any help from the fat man is a different story like…

  46. It doesnt matter whether they want to keep him,he wants to go and he will go.Maybe not to us but he will go.They said last week that they wouldnt let Niang and Ben Arfa go yet have been trying to sell both.Its another ploy to try and drive the price up.Every article on this matter contains about 0.5% truth and 99.5% crap.I’m sick of it as someone said earlier what will be will be…….on that note,quick shower and then a couple of medicinal sherberts.

  47. icedog, bringing in Whittingham would be majorly depressing after apparently being “close” to signing a French international. Not a lot of time left now hope CH can act quickly and bring in some quality soon.

  48. Looks like we’ve missed the boat with BenA. Thought there was nee chance at all in the beginning but then rumours did seem to become regular and statements were made by OM and Benny himself. Shame, reckon he’d have been a fantastic player for is like.

  49. Marseille are playing games and they’ve got time on their side to do so, they want him gone and would prefer to sell him but he’s rejecting all of the offers because he wants to come to the Premiership and we are the only ones over here showing interest.

    I think we might have to wait this one out and hope no other Premiership club comes in for him as I can’t see him wanting to stay at Marseille, hopefully player power will win this one and he forces though the move he wants.

  50. CC says:
    August 12, 2010 at 5:01 pm
    Correct me if im wrong did we not offer €6m for Erding ?


    Rangerman…. I think folk’d like to know who the Aurinegros and Pablo Bentancur & Gerardo Rebadja are?

  51. i remember the same thing happening on ed’s blog a couple of years back,concerning arda turan.
    the situation was spoke about,debated to death,and “suprise suprise”we didn’t get him.
    the same thing happened again with eren derdiyok,it’s like groundhog day every window,where fat boy’s concerned.
    i will still give the fat f**K until the end of the window,but deep down i know he’ll do us over again.

  52. RLTR,I know what your saying but thats about the quality you can expect on ashleys budget m8

  53. Ok reportedly, But it makes more sense than Arevalo it would be nice to see a talented holding midfielder but we are crying out for a creative midfielder and a striker, If we only have a small budget signing Arevalo at this moment in time is ridiculous

  54. Trojan – agreed mate ,and if he doesnt get his hand in his very deep pockets ,we arnt strong enough to survive with current squad ,no chance .Still think ther is a chance of Ben Arfa arriving for some strange reason .

  55. icedog,it looks like fatty is going to do his customary gamble on three teams being worse than his.

  56. We need to just buy Arafa. Is 6M really that much for a young french international that wants to come here and provides us with 2 things we sorely lack (as evidenced by the two preseason matches I’ve seen)- speedy cover on the wings and central playmaker with skill and a wicked shot.

    I mean, even if our club is cash strapped, surely our billionaire owner can see an investment that is one for the future as well as help to assure we stay in the Prem.

  57. Carroll isn’t going to get us goals. I think that we should be down in Manchester now speaking to Craig Bellamy. Would easily be the best player in the squad and would definitely get goals. He’ll be a bargain price, really hope we atleast enquire about him.

  58. mds,that’s what you would think he would do,that seems to be the only time he’s willing to put his hand in his pocket.if we were to loan him,all we’d be doing is putting him in the shop window for someone else.
    if fat boy buys him,we an insurance policy if we were to go down again.
    he does at times try to buy the odd good young player,so you would think he would just pay the money.

  59. The story with ben arfas going to go on until ben arfa speaks.If we have missed out I’d be gutted.Newcastle are not prepared for the premier league with no more attacking players added we are going to struggle to score goals.

  60. It looks like marseille are set to sign Fabiano and with insomnia set to leave Wigan surely these two could both replace arfa and niang so the least marseille would have to at least get arfa off the wage bill, I guess I’m far too optimistic

  61. icedog,i’ll never understand why the man even wants a football club,he doesn’t seem interested in it being successful.i’m not asking him to break the bank,but he’s done sweet fa on the footballing side imo.

  62. WOO T,the whole show does my heed in.

    carroll says ; you can count on me,who do we count on while hes in the slammer?

  63. icedog,judging by what we know of billy bunter thus far,a couple of players will come in,who cannot get a game at their clubs,but who will be deemed good enough for newcastle.

  64. icedog,it would be foolhardy on anyone’s part to try and heap all the pressure onto carroll’s shoulders.he has the promise to be a good target man,but he didn’t even break the 20 goal barrier against inferior opposition.
    there’s no way he’ll get the chances he got last season,they are hanging to much hope on the lad.

  65. Ashley as made splashed cash before- 10M for collo, 5.7M or Xisco, not sure what Jonas cost. Of course that was before relegation.

    Still, the plan with Arfa seems to be “he wants to come here, so let’s hold out as long as it takes for the loan move.” Eventually, Arfa’s going to get sick of being in limbo and stay at Marseilles. Then we’ll watch him get sold to somebody else for 10M-12M in January…

  66. Hba said last nyt after the france he is definetely leaving but he didn’t say were n marseille r definetly selling there tryin to spark a bidding war deschamps dosent want there

  67. he will find pl defenders a harder nut to crack,but good luck to him he will need it,even whittingham got 25 last season

  68. TROJAN at 96. I think it’s clear he he doesn’t want a football club but has been unable to get a decent price. He’s just trying to make the club more financially attractive by trimming the wage bill while surviving in the Prem. As we have discussed previously, that means a) we get relegated, which we might not come back from, or b) we are in a battle every year and are a lower table club for the foreseeable future. I still think a 3rd way is possible: make smart young buys like Arfa to add to the nucleuls already here. Do that and we could be a decent Everton-type side sooner rather than later.

  69. Rangerman…. I think folk’d like to know who the Aurinegros and Pablo Bentancur & Gerardo Rebadja are?


    The Aurinegros are the nickname of Penarol, his club.

    I think Bentancur is a businessman that owns part of the players contract so they have to agree a between themselves before selling him.

  70. This Ben Arfa saga is brilliant! Club Power vs Player Power.

    Todays events have, the player scheduled to come to Newcastle today to sign was ordered back to OM after the France match, he returned, stayed in training for 15 minutes before leaving, refused to go with the squad for there next match, had a meeting with OM’s president (with his agent & lawyer in tow) who then made a statement saying NUFC’s bid is non-existant & HBA is an OM player, HBA left saying “He’ll never return!” I believe the Journal is running tomorrow :lol: I’ve no idea if he’s coming or not :lol:

  71. alreet .had a few so apologise for typing/spelling etc..
    as I said at 73(i think) Ben Arfa won’t stay at L’OM.hopefully he’ll come to us but he wont go to spurs imo.

    Trojan@100 I know what ya saying about Carroll about the 20 goals but he wasnt a reg starter til dec thats when he started scoring same with loven .A great header of the ball will always score in any league………….providing they get the service and thats the big if imo.

  72. Apologies if any of you had trouble getting the site over the last few hours. We had been attacked by Nigerians and it had to come down for a while while I fixed the problem.

    Everything should be fine now.

    The Management.

  73. This saga has midnight on the 31 st of august written all over’s gonna be a stand of until somebody backs down.hopefully it will be the marseille president who seems to be a bit of a liar.

  74. Fesytoon you say he’s coming but give us no reason to believe u.if u don’t know anything then just admit it or give us some evidence.

  75. Rangerman-what time hasn’t he already been speaking?I’m Reading he said that ben arfa was getting rested tonight and that’s why he didn’t train.

  76. @rangerman – the press conference was called off I believe as a load of journalists battered him with questions in the car park. He looks like c**t though.

    The interview translated:

    Dassier : It’s strange. We are in a strange and crazy situation.

    Reporter : WH*hat did you talk about. ?

    Dassier : Nothing ! No comments.

    ReporterS : Is Hatem Ben arfa staying at OM ?

    Dassier : At present, he’s still a Marseille player.

    Reporter : Could the situation change in the next 15 days ?

    Dassier : I don’t think so. Hosnestly, i don’t think so.

    Reporter : You said the same thing for Mamadou Niang.

    Dassier : That proves that my opinion can change. That’s soccer.

  77. toonarmymike………….but no more or less reason to believe any other report either mate………….festy’s saying what he’s heard or been told and is passing it on to us,he believes its true so is sharing it with us…………..lets face it that’s what blogs are about and he has the same chance as being right or wrong as any of the media reports on the subject :-)

  78. I’ve just seen the video.

    What sort of chairman goes to work dressed like that ffs.

  79. So Hatem Ben Arfa has not participated in training the day with his teammates, the President announced: “Hatem is part of the workforce and will remain so!”

    Mid-afternoon at the training center Robert Louis-Dreyfus on Thursday when leaving Hatem Ben Arfa the scene with his advisers. And that while his teammates were going to start training the day one hour later. Enough to ask questions about the player’s future Olympian.

    After this workout, and after a meeting with the staff Olympian, President Jean-Claude Dassier has agreed to answer questions from journalists who were still in the early evening. Before the press room and out of his vehicle, his statement was clear: “Hatem is part of the workforce and will remain so!”

    “There is no serious offers solid and Newcastle at the moment, he asked then, that offer modest than we have received is itself subject to the approval of the sports management and I do not think Coach (Newcastle) is in step with its leaders if you believe his statements on Sky. It’s quite strange, we are in a rather delirious.

    He’ll have Didier (Deschamps) and Ben Arfa is reparlent but the player is part of the workforce Olympian and will remain so. ”

    And while a number of issues were dealt out to him, the President announced that Olympian “does not believe” that the player’s situation would change in the next fortnight. He then left the scene in stride.

  80. Don’t understand what he means when he says hughton isn’t in the same position as the owners.quite worrying if there not talking or maybe Ashley wants to make the signing and hughton doesn’t or the other way round.god knows what’s happening no doubt it will all change tomorrow but somebody should camp out at Newcastle airport just in case:)

  81. Hba is forcing his way to the toon he has refused to play for them again, they said naing wasn’t leaving now he is so expect ba to arrive

  82. @Toonarmymike – there on about CH’s interview with Sky, CH did the same thing with Sol. Deny that he’s signing until he shows up a day or so later and then announce that he’s signed. The French media/OM are confused by this approach :lol:

  83. toonarmymike-

    I think OM chairman’s remark about the coach and the ownership not being on the same page stems from hughton comments on sky about their being no direct contact.

    there obviously has been contact and offers made. he’s probably not familiar with Hughton style of “keeping quite until deal is done” tactic, and is inferring that the ownership and coach arent on the same page, when they probably are

  84. ive been sceptical ov bringing a lad lyk this,, he wants to play for newcastle so he is xactly wat we want and need, just hope he cums after showing a passion to join owa club,, this saga has gone from football to romeo and juiliet with ower owners and ther owners forbidding hba to join his true love

  85. Toonlad89 says:
    August 12, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    “What happened worky?”

    Nigerians were attempting to exploit the server this site is on for evil purposes, Toonlad, so the site to be shutdown until the problem was tracked down and eliminated.

  86. Glad to see the problem has been sorted out. Credit must go to toonsy and all the others involved in keeping this site as active and entertaining as it is.

    As for the Ben Arfa situation. It’s great seeing him wanting to join us, but I do not like players using their power to this extent. Of course if NUFC can benefit from it then I won’t complain but then again who cares how the french go on. They tend to do things differently than the rest… :-)

  87. For a post way up there I think Jonas was signed for £4.5million. In any case Hughton said the squad was not yet ready to compete and would need at least three more players, but stressed ‘the right players’. My problem is, if its not ready now, how is it going to be ready for monday? Either
    1) They plan to sign players between now and then.
    2)They have mis-judged signing players and are now behind schedule.

    Hope it’s number 1.