Taylor, Carroll and Krul in contract talks with Newcastle.

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Carroll and Taylor will be offered new contracts.
Carroll and Taylor will be offered new contracts.
It looks like Newcastle are beginning to pull themselves together and get the wheels in motion in a bid to secure the services of players who are nearing the end of their contracts, according to various sources.

I wrote an article a few weeks back that suggested Steven Taylor would be offered a new deal at Newcastle, and now it looks like preliminary talks have taken place and the paperwork is being drawn up on a new deal for the defender. The same applies to Tim Krul who is reportedly ready to put pen to paper on a new four year contract with the club, whilst it is understood that Andy Carroll will be offered the chance of tripling his wages to sign a new deal on Tyneside.

That all sounds pretty positive, and I believe that Tim Krul and Andy Carroll will sign the new deals as and when they are offered them. For Taylor, I think the outcome could be different, and whilst it is partly the club to blame for letting his contract run down to the point where Taylor holds all the cards, I can’t help but feel that this could be the excuse needed for Taylor to move onto pastures new.

Taylor has been linked with a move away from Tyneside for some time now, with clubs like Everton, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal and now Liverpool all reportedly interested in the defender, and it wouldn’t surprise me of Taylor ended up with one of them before the start of the season.

One thing that has struck me is the sound of silence coming from the Steven Taylor camp, it’s practically deafening. Carroll and Krul have both said that they want to stay at Newcastle when they have been faced with interest from other clubs, yet we have heard nothing like that from Taylor, which surprises me given the fact that he is always giving little media interviews here and there.

I’m not even going to debate the monetary aspects of the new contract, or if we will stretch above our media invented spending cap, you know, the one that only exists in the newspapers. As far as I am aware, there has been no mention of anything like that from the club anyway.

Maybe I am reading too much into it, and I hope I am, but the cruel fact is that if Taylor is to try and sit on what remains on his contract then we may aswell sell him now rather than allowing him to walk out the door for nothing in 12 months time. It’s reported that Taylor wants to see signs of ambition before he pens a new deal, but common sense dictates that the minimum ambition is to stop up next season. It is up to Hughton to try to persuade him that his future lay at Newcastle.

In an ideal world, all three of them will sign their new deals with gusto as I believe that they will form an important part of the future of our team. Until that time though the speculation will continue. We are heading into pre-season training now where things like this should be sorted out, but this is Newcastle, and the world ‘should’ when combined with ‘Newcastle’ don’t seem to work to well together.

I guess we’ll have to wait this one out.

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121 Responses

  1. If he wants out and is not committed then sell now instead of free next year!

  2. cheryl cole told me a couple of weeks ago that roy hodgson wanted to sign steven taylor for fulham so i wouldn’t be suprised if he signs him for liverpool.

    …perhaps we can swap him for one of their underperfoming superstars.

  3. agree if he dont want to be here sell him and liverpool want him we should say straight swap for ryan babel n see how badly they really want him

  4. Any news on the joe cole signing, This keyboard warrior cant wait for this, Joe Cole our new creative midfield player….Is this grown up enough for yas

    I sadly dont work in football and ive heard that weve got more chance of signing Joe Pasqale then Joe Cole, But i dont have contacts taking the piss out of me….

  5. If they’re not committed to the club, get rid.

    No toonsy, I’ve never used it mate.

  6. Jay Jay – I’m just toying with it at the minute. Me and my grand ideas ;)

  7. sorry its a bit off subject, but yesterday watching Jaarmany slap the Argies, I loved seeing Maradonnas winging dish on tv every 5 minutes… looking forward to his after game tv interview ! Maradonna and Schweinsteiger have been bitch slapping each other all week in the media, great stuff !!

    Never did believe the Schweinsteiger to the Toon rumour all those years ago, would have been MEGA if it had of come off, but it looks even sicker now though ! If Milner and Barry are worth 30 million quid, then what price Schweinsteiger ?!

    At the end of the day, you can have as many expensive players in the team as you like, but if they cannot perform as a team and play to the correct formation, then you aint gonna win. Tactics are all important, come on CH, get your back-room staff sorted out..!

    Btw someone mentioned Lucas Barrios to the toon, I agree, great player, is in fact an Argie who took up Paraguayan citizenship to get to the world cup. Plays for Borussia Dortmund, they signed him last year for 12 mill euros or summat, he scores goals for fun, would be a great signing for the toon, but they aint gonna give him away for nowt !!

  8. The ever si reliable Sunday mirror reports that Roy hodgson wants to sign Steven Taylor, and weiss would rather fight for his future at man city instead of joining us.

  9. I heard from a source last night that Taylor’s father is putting the word about that Steven is itching for a move and will not sign a new contract. Apparantly ST is not impressed with the direction that the club is heading in.

  10. I would love to see Krul and Carroll sign long term contracts at the toon, as I reckon they will form the backbone of the toon team for years to come. Taylor too for that matter, we’ll see what happens with him though, seems as if he is playing hard ball, if he wants to leave though let him go.

    btw whats the opinion on the blog, is Fraser Forster a better goalie than Krul ?…seems we have an embarassment of riches between the posts !?…and FF is ingerlish too !

  11. The news of the world are doing some serious backtracking this morning Carroll to sign a new deal funny that as they have been the main rag to push the stoke/brum rumours and we do have money to spend for today at least maybe not in the sun next week… :roll:

  12. TGS….ST is obviously in on the inside, so he can see what’s going on. Could also be that he’s been at the toon too long, and is well due a change anyway, familiarity breeds contempt after all.

  13. CC…thats a good reason not to read the rags mate, it’s all bollocks at the end of the day, I never read that stuff. Only fat mike and perhaps CH know what’s gannin on, hence radio silence from the toon caravan. Even wor new media lass hasn’t piped up a word yet as far as I can see.

    Maybe there is a major press statement in the offing which is going to blow all us toon fans away, major signings etc…like the Shearer / Keegan days !…dream on !

  14. Munich Mag says:
    July 4, 2010 at 9:34 am
    TGS….ST is obviously in on the inside, so he can see what’s going on. Could also be that he’s been at the toon too long, and is well due a change anyway, familiarity breeds contempt after all.

    >>>>Agreed mate.

  15. Howay man…we can look forward to “Team Tesco” in 20 years or what !


    Personally I would like to revamp the England training structure by bladdering Trevor Brooking, the freaking fossil !

    I tell you what, it makes my blood boil when I see what these turkeys are doing with English football, Ray Clemence, all these numptys, fire the lot of them…a bunch of losers cannot preach a “winning mentality “….rant over……”golden generation”, a phrase created by the English media for what…what did the golden generation achive ? Roll on the Tesco Generation, it’s gonna be a long wait for us English and toon fans, maybe wor grand bairns have something to look forward to !

  16. We should tell every one that Taylor can leave and start a bidding war. Highest bid gets him or maybe a swap deal with a good young player to fill one of the positions we are short of numbers in . Let’s face it he has been wanting to leave for a while now and maybe that is causing bad blood in the dressing room.

  17. @ 6 iv’e got 3 missed calls on my mobile from cheryl…when iv’e had my breakfast i’ll call her back & ask her if roy ( they are good friends )is still after him & will post on here an update.

    …the trouble is i can’t get her off the line once she starts rabbiting on so it will be a bit later.

  18. Agreed Axel, anyone who has played football at any level knows that acceptance from fellow players in the team is mega important. Obviously the boat was rocked towards the end of last season, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome.

  19. To be fair to Staylor do you not think that staying with us has hindered his career a wee bit, Milner, Huddlestone, Hart, Agbonlahor, Ashley Young, Carson, Micah Richards, Walcott and Aaron Lennon are all players he Captained at U21 level and have all been capped at full level unlike him.

    Look at Wheater capello called him up a few times to the squad but when was the last time he was mentioned as an international, ages ago because his loyalty to boro has stopped his own career moving on.

    Maybe he is waiting to see the clubs ambitions weve all questioned it on here enough, If the club sign a few decent players then he will either agree a new deal or show his true colours.

  20. CC – agreed mate, for someone who captained the U21’s you would imagine that the next natural progression would be to the full squad. Of course JT and Ferdinand had the positions stitched up, but he does seem to have been left standing somewhat.

  21. Munich

    He is nowhere near Terry and ferdinand but the rest arent great like King and Woodgate are decent but never fit, Upsons never good enough, Dawson plays like an older Staylor, Carragher and Campbell are past it and dont start me on lescott.

    I like Cahill and Jagielka but i still think if he’d done what Milner did and gone to a club with a bit of direction and a talented manger he would be capped at the very least by now.

    I think he may want the club to show us something before he commits long term, Weve all been saying how Ashleys trying to do the bare minimum and flog us when the market picks up, Taylor may agree with us.

  22. CC – completely agree mate. Perhaps Taylor need to move on to further his own career. Personally I think ST is a good solid centre half, and I would like him to stay with the toon. Regarding his progression to the England set up, I reckon he is not as good as he himself thinks, but is at the same time just as good as the players you mention yourself who are waiting in the wings. I reckon JT and Ferdinand are still England’s best central defensive pairing, but take one of them out of the equation and we seem to be unbalanced.

    To take Carragher and Ledley King to SA was a crazy error of judgement by Capello imo

  23. munich

    I really hope he doesnt move but as toonsy constantly tells us the ball is in his court, I hope he is backing the club into a corner until they throw us a bone, A couple of new signings, An increased (fair) offer for this turkish lad, A new reserve team manger FFS

    Until the club show us their hand, Taylor has every right to hang fire.

  24. As this is coming from the papers I’ll wait and see.

    Can we believe anything they say?

  25. The reason that taylor hasn’t been called-up by capello has got more to do with england having quite a few center-halfs who are better than him. I would like to see taylor stay but just have a feeling he is trying to engineer a move.

  26. Even with Liverpool in the Shit they still seem a more ambitious option than us right now,Shay Given even said there is zero ambition at the club and nothing has changed since Given left we have just stood still.

    We just plod along,there is no driving force behind the club or a football brain to offer direction….well at least we will have the fizzy’s to look forward to in two seasons time.

    Still angry that we won’t have any new faces for the start of pre season training…that don’t seem to bother CH though…I would be fookin livid if I just got a team promoted and wasn’t getting sufficient backing to mount a serious attempt at survival.

  27. Just one thing ,if he is waiting too see which direction the club is going then by not signing a new contract he is delaying the club in it’s efforts . At the minute CH is wondering does he need to buy a replacement for S Taylor or not. If he does it’s going to restrict him even futher in the transfer market and he does not have a big transfer kitty to start with . If Taylor loves the club as much as he bangs on about then he should be honest enough to either sign the deal quickly or come out in the open and tell every on he wants to go ,just like Shay Given did.

  28. sirjasontoon says:
    July 4, 2010 at 10:55 am
    Even with Liverpool in the Shit they still seem a more ambitious option than us right now,Shay Given even said there is zero ambition at the club and nothing has changed since Given left we have just stood still.

    We haven’t stood still – We’ve gone backwards.

  29. Is this the same ambitious Liverpool that have just sold one of their (imo) best players to a title “rival”?

    Just curious….

  30. Wonder if Chelsea will Table a Bid for Leon Best :lol:
    Actually looking forward to seeing Best step up to the prem…should be hilarious.

  31. Hey, just levelling it up SJT. Liverpool have been quoted as “ambitious” on here. I just asked whether or not selling one of their best players (again, imo) is ambitious?

  32. All teams part with players an example is Ronaldo from Man U to Madrid….doesn’t mean Man U aren’t ambitious….Benayoun may be a complete tool that nobody at the club likes,may have wanted to play for a bigger club,maybe didn’t like Hodgson…not really a reflection of ambition though…unless you want it to be.

  33. TOONSY i am a old cynic,at times,ambitious players crap,its greed in most players,play for england for what won nowt since 66,but it lifts there profile more greed so they get diff club more cash,how many toon players have left and won owt one of the latest milner went to for cash to villa now wants man/c for cash,m.o. came to toon for cash etc etc,for me if your truely ambitious you want to play in front of 50000 plus fans and try to be the best rant over

  34. Icedog – 100% spot on, especially for my “home town” club. I would want to stay on and help them as I have followed them, well forever.

    But as you say, money talks to greedy people.

  35. cc,the only thing you could say on the subject of boyd,is that newcastle must not have been interested.

  36. CC – You wait mate, it’ll be “the Boro have more ambition than us” as they have signed a player that most said wasn’t good enough for us in the first place :lol:

  37. Not bothered i just hope we havent moved for him because we have something in the pipeline.

  38. It’s a damning endictment of the SPL though isn’t it, when the record scorer can only get in the Championship :lol:

  39. seen a lot of boyd for rangers,non existent work rate,dont think he would be up for the fight tbh.

  40. It makes it worse for the SPL that he was 26 and on a free transfer and he could still only get in the championship :D

  41. A mid table Championship team at that,sandwiched between Bristol City and Donny Rovers :lol:

  42. CC on the buying of players ie boyd you have to be very careful to keep dressing room “right”i heard alan mullary on ssn talking MARK HUGHES,said he dealt with the worst dressing room player he h ad ever seen in elano “kept him out of team”and had tryed to move him on,so be careful what you get imo hes now gone like. what goes on behind closed doors eh

  43. I think ST will stay with us and to be frank I would be holding on to see what players the club brought in. He still has a year left and so theres no rush to get him signed up as he can sign that contract at any point in the next 12 months, and he has said he wants to stay so have no fear.

    The news Krul and Carrol will be signing too is also a good bit of news.

    If Flash from yesterday is to be believed then we will have Joe Cole and other good players to look forward to anyway! ;-)

  44. But Joe Cole is on a free. Only shyte players are available for nothing you know ;)

  45. I wish you people would stop undating things ive only just learnt how to do them smiley faces and hyperlinks, Yesterday i looked like a reet cnut when i tried to give the lass in the shop me orange card just to be told we dont top up credit that way anymore… :cry:

  46. Good news on Carroll & Krul but will be gutted if Staylor leaves, still reckon he’s our best right-back and only PROVEN Prem centre-half, even if I’m confident Colo & Willo will step up. £5m would be a joke and whilst he is probably only worth 6/7, would be nice to see us hold out for an inflated fee as other teams always seem to get away with. £9m would ease the pain but the club have left it to his last year and we’re on the back foot again. Centre-half might well be one of the easiest positions to replace but we don’t need this grief when we’re still on edge for a good signing or two coming in.

    Anyway its good to be back on the Toon after the shocking football I saw in S Africa… damn good craic tho!

  47. Rich – Where? ;)

    Ice – I agree. Before Taylor gets put back on his lofty pedestal that some put him on, lets not forget he was allegedly sneaking around trying to scuttle his team-mates bird whilst they were away.

    That’s just not cricket!

  48. Simon – this is what he said yesterday

    FlashJonas says:
    July 3, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    My source is dating Carly Zuckers best friend, Carly Zucker being Joe Coles wife. My friend is a Chelsea fan and begged Carly to get Joe to sign back up at Chelsea but his intentions are apparently very clear, he has a choice of 19 premier league teams and also 5 or 6 teams in europe and a massive big money offer from the states. Carly doesn’t actually fancy a move abroad and wants to remain in England. Spurs are a possibiliity but apparently the only other London club Cole would sign for are Arsenal but they are messing him about, but Joe has spoken to Newcastle and is up for it. The only stumbling block suprise suprise are the wages, he wants £70,000 per week but we are offering 50K. We shall see, its not concrete but there is something there. Be very suprised with the players we are looking at, Hughton is targeting good players and we do have money to spend, this was outlayed to Joe which has attracted him, the lure of playing in front of the toon army and being adored and winning us our first major trophy.

  49. What FlashJonas said, and the similarity between what he said Joe Cole said and what Joe Cole actually has said :lol:

  50. And he was at westmoreland services yesterday having a shite. Good news about Boyd.

  51. Tayor wants to leave because of the lack of ambition by the club but Cole wants to join because of the clubs ambitious plans…. doesn’t add up.

  52. Thanks Raffo. Who knows eh. Be nice to think a player actualy cared like that these days, somebody who has made their money and now just wants to play the game and become a star man at a club wanting to go places again. The fact somebody is on a free should mean the money saved can be spent on salary. Being skeptical, be amazed if it came off. Just have to wait and see

  53. Simon – I think Newcastle fans need a permanent scepticism in us, such are the antics we have had to put up with over the years :(

  54. It could be ICE – plus would CH play him in the central position he craves? Christ he would be the creative player we need though eh?!

    Ne bother Simon

  55. THAT volley he scored for england is still one of the best goals ive ever seen mind you.

  56. TOONSY you know of any up-dates on the toons star player in world cup :) gonza

  57. Nacho? I beleive he is relacing Forlan’s boots as we speak, after he proved he was worthy of such a job :D

  58. from a forest blog…

    03 Jul 2010 22:27 Complain | Prev | Next |
    Signed: October 2005 James Perch Signs For Newcastle …
    Posts: 387

    Hi James Perch is in Newcastle tonight completing a £1,000,000 move to Newcastle. This is not gossip. Will be announced Monday you heard it first here

  59. ice….I bear no responsibility for any tittle tattle I spread on here……….unless it turns out to be true,in which case I’ll take all the credit ;-)

  60. Isn’t Nacho back at Valencia?

    Infact, last I heard he was out on loan again at some greek side?

    So our “transfer targets” have changed from Kris Boyd and Jlloyd Samuel to Joe Cole and Dan Gosling?

    Mad place this world ye kna.

  61. if true doesn’t exactly get the adrenalin going…..Forest fans seem over the moon about it generally.

  62. forgot what happens on these blogs during the summer, plenty of lonely people making up gash about players, really sad

  63. I might e-mail Joe Cole, and tell him that if he comes here we will all literally and physically love him to tiny little pieces.

  64. someone on Ed’s reckons Perch will sign tomorrow. I know we’re all wise enough to know that transfer rumours forwarded by fans are nearly always bull, but this is a pretty realistic target. Would definitely like to see him in the black and white.

  65. I don’t get this Perch thing, why? He had the game of his life against us and now everyone is clamouring to sign him whilst forgetting the other 200 games that he has played.

  66. ILM….I didn’t make it up just saw it on a forest blog…..I might be a little sad,but not lonely ;-)

  67. You should be ower the toon is your a little sad Richie mate, there’s some very er… “pleasant” ladies kicking about.

  68. Aye Toonsy,one Forest fan had said it shows Newcastles ambition signing our 3rd choice right back and another said that they’d expected him to drop down a div,not move up!!…….hope it’s all bollox

  69. I have a very pleasant lady here Daverism,have to get her oot the house before wor lass gets back tho :lol:

  70. toonsy

    How many other matches you seen him in, Ive watched him twice and he was pretty good in both, against us at RB and i think cardiff (i think) at LB.

    If it means there is more money to go towards our much needed striker so be it…

  71. CC – In fairness, not many, but the reaction of his own fans suggests I may not be far wide of the mark.

  72. Can’t really judge on fans reactions to out-going players in all fairness though, Toonsy.

    Not saying he’s good or bad, not really took much notice of the lad to be honest, however, 95% of out-going players are pish.

  73. Come on now remember the reaction when given went,
    “shays a good shot stopper but he stay on his line and doesnt dominate his box ETC.”

    Its the typical “fcuk you then” football fans have.

  74. I s’pose being so versatile would be handy,maybe he’s just stagnated there and needs a new challenge………..or maybe he’s going nowhere and it’s all bull……..In the absence of any “actual” signings we only have speculation and rumour to deal in :roll:

  75. CC/Daverism – Aye true. But then I wonder why, if he is such a hidden talent, nee fecker has ever been in for him before? At 24, he is hardly a secret.

  76. Who knows Toonsy, maybe he has personality issues?

    He could be going around punching horses to the ground for all we know.

  77. OR he isn’t as good as Chris Gunter at Forest, who I actually woudn’t mind us signing.

  78. “Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent.”

  79. zeetoon , after speaking with cheryl earlier today .. i can confirm woy wont be putting a bid in for taylor.

    good night.