Sol Campbell close to Toon move?

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Campbell - Tooning in at Newcastle?
Campbell - Tooning in at Newcastle?
I guess it was inevitable that at some point over the summer Sol Campbell would be linked with a move to Newcastle.

That rumour has resurfaced again, and there are even claims from some quarters that hint that a deal may already be in place.

I doubt that though as Campbell was off getting married yesterday so it’s unlikely any deal will happen any time soon, taking into account extravagant honeymoons and the like that may or may not be taking place. None of that really concerns me though. What does concern me is whether or not we can be expecting a new central defender in the shape of Campbell on Tyneside, and whether or not it would be a good move for Newcastle both now and in the future.

The more I think about it the more a move for Sol Campbell makes sense, which could explain Chris Hughton’s reaction when faced with the question of whether or not Sol will be joining us. His answer was very non-committal whilst not being dismissive, which of course we have come to expect, but it was the childish smirk across his face when he was both asked and answering the question that made me think.

His smirk was that of a man who knows something about the question but was desperately trying not to reveal anything. Like a kid who has looked in the wardrobe and seen he has that new toy he wanted for Christmas but is trying to hide the fact he knows what he is getting from his parents, if you get my drift?

Anyhoo, nothing is ever sorted until it is confirmed, and any deal for Campbell hasn’t been so it is again just some more speculation at the moment, although quite how Sky Sports latched onto the question in the first place is beyond me? Perhaps they put Hughton and his previous long-term working relationship with Campbell, his new Geordie roots and his free transfer status together and came up with something?

At 35-years old, Campbell isn’t getting any younger and perhaps a move into the coaching side of things could hold some appeal for him. That would enable Newcastle to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. The club would get a coach, which we desperately need, who would also have the ability to play as and when he is needed. A player/coach if you will.

There is no doubt a switch to Newcastle would interest Sol Campbell aswell, in fact he has said so himself in the past. He lives in the North East, his lasses family is from the area and he got married four miles away from where I was born. Granted that last part doesn’t have any bearing on a move to Newcastle United, but I just wanted to slip that little titbit in there.

Whether or not Campbell does end up in Toon is something that only time will tell, and Campbell has also held talks with Sunderland who could just as easily offer a similar position to what we could whilst allowing him to stay in the North East. Sunderland are tramps though, and hopefully his new in-laws have expressed this fact to him.

Campbell as a player/coach? What d’ya think?

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46 Responses

  1. Daily and sunday express story… think it could be tosh!

    Anybody on here live in DUBAI??? Keen to find a bunch of Lads to catch some games with this year and a few pints of course…

  2. I’ve just said on Ed’s blog that I’ll be bitterly dispappointed if it is true as he’s way way way past his best but now I’ve read your blog, having him as a coach/player could be ok, as he’ll be there to show our young lads the ways of being a damn good defender & then if we need a stand in for say 30 mins one match, he can come on & cover.. :)

  3. Think Campbell at 50 would still be a better defender than collo and Taylor put together.
    Come on guys
    A back four of STaylor right back. Enrique left back
    Collo and Campbell centre.
    Could be worse.

  4. Fink there is nothing in this story evlerything points to signing younger players if he was player coach wud be good bput just one season as plyer n then join as coach after that id b happy wit that, I ike

  5. Everytime I see the Vuckic goal it impresses me more and more. The lad looks like he has something, he made that finish look easy!

  6. toonsy the kid is going to be a super star m8,i just hope ashley dosnt get pound signs in his eyes.

  7. Yeah Vuckic’s finish was clinical. As for the Gary Hooper talk, shouldn’t we be aiming for better players, with no disrespect to him?

  8. Him and Diarra are backward steps and not what we need. The only plus point of having no money is allowing the likes of Vuksic, Kadar, ranger and Krul to finally get a look in.

    Youth is definitely the way forward not overpaid journeymen. I would hate to see Kadar and Vuksic’s development blighted by Campbell and the like.

  9. Whats that fool @ 2 going on about? Need to get Vuckic tied to a new 5 year contract asap, still don’t believe he’s only 17

  10. Gary hooper would b a good signing he is only 20 I fink n he is very highly rated I wud love us to sign him or charlie austin young hungry english n bring them on why not, n after seeing rangers finish yesterday there’s no way he shud go out loan, n as for vukic I’ve been bangin on bout him for ages saying he is gonna b a superstar n that he is ready to start games

  11. does anyone else agree wit me that our strikers arent good enough for the premiership.

  12. Noir9 agree never mind carroll or taylors contracts vukic is th plyer who they need to b giving a new contract, a new 5year deal at 20k week wud do nice considering the lad is already on 6k aweek apparntly n he is worth every damm penny he is our new hero by the end of pre season ppl r gonna gettin really excitd bout what he can do, we hav the next star of world football on r hnds

  13. Thank flock the footy has started, and we can start getting excited about the new season. Peter@17 I agree mate that scoring goals could be a problem next season. If you don’t score goals you don’t win matches. This allied to the fact that CH tends to play with defense minded caution could point to a low goals tally next season. We obviously need to spread the goals throughout the team, our midfield and defenders need to chip in too..

  14. Gary Hooper would be a good signing. He scores goals, works hard, and is used to playing alongside a tall partner.


    Canny T-shirt on wor Haris…..nee bling on this lad….yet.

    Everyone at the club knows that Vuckic is a star for the future, we have to hope that they are doing all they can to tie him to the toon long term. Of course Vuckic knows that himself too…interesting contract negotiations ahead !

  16. davy I’d only ever read about the lad but if he is that good a 17 he has the potential to be something very special & I worry that once he is getting a regular game in the epl the vultures will start circuling. We could have some midfield, maybe not this season but it looks good for the future.

  17. i just tink we’re goin to get a big shock on d 1st game of d season.we’re not goin to get d same result as we did d last time we played dem at d start of d season.we had a good season last year but its a huge step up to d premier league which has gotten better aswell and tougher.i tink we need a proven striker at dis level.
    has any1 heard of any rumours about us goin after any (proven) strikers.

  18. Munich

    Gary Hoopers a young striker who did very well in the championship last year, I would love to tell you which club he plays for but Toonsy might spit his dummy out again… ;)

  19. CC…thanks for the heads-up. Say nowt mate, or you may be banned to a blog desert island with Chuck…

  20. The sunday sun have drawn some names out of a hat again this morning namely Mate Bilic croatian international striker from Gijon, Yohan Benalouane a defender from St Etienne and laughably Taye Taiwo…

  21. My flatmate is an arsenal fan and he reckoned campbell was excellent for them and wanted him to get another contract. He thought that they would have had a better year if they’d had him all season. You have to remember kadar and williamson never played in the premiership(Kadar twice or something) collocini was poor last time and taylor has always needed an experienced partner beside him. I hope we have signed campbell because he is also a leader and will bring a winning mentality and experiance to us.

  22. and im enjoying seeing young players playing instead of over the hill past there sell by date 60000 a week players ie geremi emre viduka

  23. i think we’re always be linked with him until he retires,after he married that barratt tart.he got married up in corbridge yesterday,so all the links with him bollox will many times have we been linked with him now?it’s getting a bit boring to be honest,but by the same token i’d have him this season.sol’s experience could be vital to newcastle staying up.

  24. wages wise he’ll want telephone numbers though,can’t see jabba the gut putting his hand in his pocket for that.

  25. Nice one Trojan 69…Jabba the Gut I like it ! Though seeing the latest photos of Sol and his hinny on the beach he seems to have gotten himself some canny gang-huts too !

  26. Munich Mag says:
    July 18, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “CC…thanks for the heads-up. Say nowt mate, or you may be banned to a blog desert island with Chuck…”

    People can say what they want Munich, I’ve never stopped them. But if they contniuously act like bell ends, certainly in the 8 months I have been doing this, then eventually I will get pissed off with it.

  27. Thanks for the highlights from yesterday. A nice bit of skill by Vuckic there…looks a bit older than 17-18

  28. TOONSY guy on blog last night from S.A. begging for footage of goals,hope he sees it

  29. I did indeed see this icedog. Thanks a lot. As for vuckic he is something like 6 foot 2 inches so that is very tall for a 17 year old. he seems to have a good touch on him and a big guy with good ball skills is always going to be rare and worth a lot. just hope we get to see his talents playing for us for a good 4 or 5 years before they choose to sell him.

  30. Its good to be on board! :-) I’ll be looking to contribute where I can. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading the comments and the vibe on here thus far.