Skipper’s armband still up for grabs.

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Who gets the privilege?
Who gets the privilege?
The Newcastle captaincy is still up for grabs for this season, but who will be the likely heir to the captains armband?

The full-time club captain is yet to be named although it seems likely that either Alan Smith or Kevin Nolan will get the honour of the captaincy this season.

The next captain won’t be Sol Campell anyway, as Chris Hugton has ruled out that particular avenue, so that leaves us with options that are within our current squad, which isn’t a bad move in my opinion.

“I can categorically say that Sol will not be captain,” Hughton told The Chronicle. “I can completely rule that out and there is no truth in the talk that he will skipper this season. That is still to be confirmed.”

See what I mean about Hughton ruling Campbell out? I can see both sides of it really. On one hand, Campbell and his experience would have proved invaluable as a captain this season, but on the other hand we already have experienced Premier League players in our squad, players that have a bit more longevity at Newcastle than Campbell does, players that are already familiar with the vast majority of the squad.

There have been three players that have worn the armband through pre-season so far – Alan Smith, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton. Of those three I would suggest that Barton is the outside choice for the role with Smith and Nolan ahead of him in the pecking order.

We have been running a poll on this subject for time now, and as it stands it is Kevin Nolan who is miles out in front having secured 54% of the vote. Alan Smith is currently third with 14%.

So what is needed from a captain? First of all they need to be a regular starter, well in my opinion they do anyway. Nicky Butt was club captain last season but didn’t really feature that often and the honour was quite often picked up by either Alan Smith or Kevin Nolan.

Secondly, they need to be respected within the squad. Nolan or Smith would have that respect from their team-mates, although so would Sol Campbell given what he has achieved in his footballing career.

It’s a tough one to choose as Newcastle are lucky enough to have several leaders at the club. There was a time when we only had one real leader on the pitch, Alan Shearer, but he was that good that we only really needed him. Ok ok, Gary Speed may have helped aswell, a little, but you get the point.

I think we all know who the choice is between, realistically anyway. It’s surely going to be either Alan Smith or Kevin Nolan. The one who misses out will likely be the vice-captain in fairness, and that is probably the right decision. Both players have vast amounts of Premier League expereince, both have played in Europe, both have had at least a call up for their country and both have been captains at their previous clubs.

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53 Responses

  1. I think the captain needs to be an almost certain starter for the majority of games (although no one should be undroppable) and I guess that is the reason that CH has ruled out Sol.

    I’d be amazed if it goes to anyone but Nolan to be honest – no one can say the bloke hasn’t earned it.

  2. Toon Chicken says:
    July 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    “I’d be amazed if it goes to anyone but Nolan to be honest – no one can say the bloke hasn’t earned it.”

    But they will…. :lol:

  3. Nolan. Smith or Harps are the only other options, but I don’t like a goalie as captain and Smith, hopefully, won’t be in the lineup every week.

  4. Aye toonsy – nee doubt.

    Probs be the same people predicting relegation by Xmas too! ;)

  5. Leon Best for captain,it’ll bring out the ‘best’ in him……………pun intended and tongue firmly in cheek :lol:

  6. A serious thought – giving the armband to Barton may be just the thing to clam him down!

  7. Now we finaly av a geordie number 9 again think CH should name a geordie skipper taylor number1 n harps as back-up-we all know toylor will need a back up!

  8. Toons – you’ve talked about Barton but not included him in your poll. Probably unlikely in many people’s eyes.

    I think most of us reckon it depends on who he expects to play most through the middle out of Nolan, Smith and Barton. But maybe if he’s undecided, Harper is the best option.

  9. Oh, I was just about to check stats in the background and just found out I’m out of the admin gang… 8O

    Impressive numbers on the voting poll considering it’s only been up three quartes of an hour!!

  10. bowburn – I did that poll ages ago and Barton wasn’t even a thought back them. I just meant that he had been given the armband in pre-season like.

    If anything it shows just how far Barton has come/how our opinion of him has improved to go from not even getting in the poll to people noticing that he isn’t in the poll, if you get what I mean?

    There is some logic in there, somewhere :D

  11. Re @8……clam = calm him down!

    Bristol @9…. “toylor” – you got a Brissol accent?

  12. Ahhh. Explains the numbers as well.

    Thought they looked a bit mad, even considering how popular the place is!

  13. worky – that reminds me by the way, probably not noticed by most regular users but the styling etc on the site is looking pretty tidy.

  14. I’ve always felt the captain needs to be someone in the Midfield because they tend to have a greater sense of what’s going on all over the pitch. To that end, I’d say either Smith or Nolan. And, I’d cast my vote for Nolan…if I could…because I think he seems a natural leader and good commander on the field of battle. I think he’s earned loads of respect. That said, I’d like to see Smith as Vice-captain…if there is such a thing. I’ve always been a fan of Smith.

    I did like the suggestion of Enrique…it may have been a joke, but I’d love to see at least one game this season where he’s wearing the band…

  15. dont give it to fatboy nolan & floods of tears for the festive season.

    i predict.

  16. Cardiff have to pay £600k to the tax man they have made £75k by selling Kennedy to Ipswich who fits the Keane policy of signing people with an Irish passport regardless of ability, But they are still way short and the Chopra deal seems to have died a death.

    Would it be wise to slap a dirt cheap offer in for Whittingham while they are on their knees, Good left footed player would cover us on either wing, In the middle and left back, We know how Fat Mike loves parking his tank on peoples lawn and all that shite…

  17. Trojan@6 – fkin hilarious mate – got any more? :roll:

    When’s your “coming out” party by the way?

  18. CC – Whittingham would be worth a shout. Have to be careful saying that though as I’ll get called racist :lol: :roll:

  19. CC….A bid for whittingham would be an excellent move for us; Whittingham is a classy plaeyr who deserves another shot at the PL! Infact i might get slated for saying this; but i honestly believe a cheeky bid for chopra wouldnt go a miss either. I’ve always believed that chopra could have done well for us in the PL; he has great movement and playing for the team he loves would; in my humble opinion; bring out an extra 10% in him!

    Let’s not forget he did get goals for the unwashed when they played him up top; he also played alot of games for them out wide!

  20. barton as well! might give him focus on the team and himself.but a lot of people and media wont like the focus would be on that instead of us which could be a good thing.

  21. not a thing mate,I keep an eye on their results and watch them when I’m over but know next to nowt about their young uns.

  22. Needs to be an emotional player like Barton. I think he would be a good Roy Keane type captain.

  23. RICHIETOON,cheers m8,wait a few years and it will be the other round,youll know nowt of toon kids lol

  24. CC – Something that happened a while back. I said I would prefer Whittingham to Charlie Adam and got called racist for it :lol:

  25. I’d probably give it to one of the players who deserves to play every game. None of the midfielders have their placed nailed on and I really don’t have much faith in Nolan despite his goal-haul in the championship.

    Harper and Enrique are the only two guarenteed to play really.

    I’m not sure how important it is really, we have got- as the cliche goes- a few captains in the squad anyway.

  26. Surprised that Barton wasn’t in the Poll. I’d have voted for him if he was.

    Agree with some of the others on here that he has passion and would be a good Keane type captain.

  27. toon chicken,your name is very apt,your subconcious must have picked for the coming out party,we’ll leave that to you,here chicken,are you sure your not a fulham fan,cause they play at the cottage also.

  28. Lads I said a while back that Barton should have been in the poll ;) he would make a good captain. I also stated that by right last years Vice should be made Captain, but that Nolan will have claimed it as his own with Smith continuing as vice.

  29. Why doesn’t anyone like smith I rate him a good tough tackler. As for captain I’d say Barton because of his passion but so have Nolan an smith but joey got biggest cojones to stand up too other “hard men”

  30. bowburnmag says:
    July 29, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    “Oh, I was just about to check stats in the background and just found out I’m out of the admin gang…”

    I thought you were finished with the site, Bowburn? Those stats are crazy anyway, as they don’t count people who are registered and logged in. We’ve had about 3.3 million pageviews in the last seven months.

    bowburnmag says:
    July 29, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    “worky – that reminds me by the way, probably not noticed by most regular users but the styling etc on the site is looking pretty tidy.”

    Thanks Bowburn, I’ve just been working on the utilitarian stuff mostly though, ads, widgets, catching up on site maintainence etc…