Papers line up N’Gog and Ben Arfa in loan deals for Newcastle.

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David N'Gog - The latest Toon rumour.
David N'Gog - The latest Toon rumour.
It’s a funny old game isn’t it? It is, absolutely, but it isn’t quite as funny as seeing what rumours get cobbled together by the press on an almost daily basis.

The latest in the long long line of highly unlikely rumours drops today as it has been revealed that Liverpool striker David N’Gog has been interesting Newcastle, and we have apparently been in touch with the bindippers over the possibility of a loan deal, according to The Daily Mirror.

Those last three words should clarify the situation as surely by now everybody knows what to expect from them. Let’s just say that accurate reporting doesn’t seem to be high on their agenda. Mind you, they aren’t the only news outlet who are guilty of it, far from it in fact!

The Mirror seems to believe that Newcastle, West Brom and Bolton are all interested in taking the 21-year old striker from Anfield, but the stumbling block to the move for any club is the refusal from them to pay his reported £40,000 a week wages.

N’Gog made 37 appearances last season scoring 8 goals in the process, which doesn’t sound overly impressive, but most of thos appearences came from the substitutes bench. I could think of worse moves for Newcastle in all honesty, but that would only be true if there was any truth in this rumour in the first place, which is unlikely.

Another rumour that seems to be picking up is the Hatem Ben Arfa rumour. The Telegraph is now reporting that Newcastle are set for talks with Marseille today over the possibility of a loan deal for the 23-year old winger (that’s winger, not whinger).

I think it’s been discussed to death already, and the general consensus is that it would be a good move for Newcastle. Marseille seem to want shot of him, which has been fuelled by his temperamental antics, and if he did end up at St James’ Park, and if Chris Hughton and the Scouse mafia could knock (not violently) that petulance out of him then he could prove to be a fantastic acquisution for us.

Two bits of gossip so far today then, all wrapped up in one neat ‘blog. Whether there is any truth in them is a question that is waiting to be answered, but I wouldn’t mind either player to be honest with you. N’Gog has pace, that we need, and Ben Arfa has something different to offer, that we need.

Whilst I’m on my soapbox can I take this chance to remind you of our Fantasy Football League. It was up to 87 teams when I check earlier on, and may have grown since then. The interest in is has surpassed what I thought it would be already!

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As for the players linked, what is it with the French connection nowadays?

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70 Responses

  1. ben arfa would be a peach of a signing,only concern if he ever becomes a hit(wishful thinking) is tat we will not be able to afford him permanently,wouldnt want ngog though,would rather prefer ranger………

  2. agree deepak – ranger is way forward, bring our own youngsters on and not help others!

  3. Aye n’gog hasn’t exactly set the world alight at Liverpool but at the same time when you’ve got the option of him or an in form Torres who would you rather see on the front line? Lol. In all honesty I haven’t seen too much of him so I can’t really say whether it’d be a good move or not, all I know is that he’s quick lol.
    As for Ben arfa, still can’t see it but I suppose we can take some comfort out of the fact it’s a paper like the telegraph reporting the story rather than a red top? He would be a serious coup on a loan deal.

  4. Both players could do a job for us but agina it’s down to their wage demands which we may not be able to afford!!

    Btw Toonsy, I’ve just joined your Fantasy Footy League mate, going to be a good season :)

  5. Dear me, things must be quiet – this is the best the rumour site could come up with. No surprises here!

    ‘Newcastle are going to attempt to sign 3 players before the season starts, with at least of 2 being successful.

    ‘Expect the arrival of one CB, a midfielder and a striker.

    ‘Early reports are that Newcastle are attempting to sign Ben Arfa on loan with a view to buy for £6m. This will end Newcastle’s interest in Tom Cleverley.

    ‘Focus will shift to finding a replacement CB and a new ST. Neither Sol Campbell or James McFadden are targets.


  6. coming up to just over a month left of the window,and hughton is no further forward in his efforts to strenghten the does seem worrying,that he had longer than everyone else to plan for the new season.
    yet here we are scratching around,when we should at least had in what was needed,or at least by close to concluding business.

  7. lesh,i ballsed the spelling up,but i would not want to see n’gog at newcastle.

  8. Never mind N’gog… if Ben Arfa’s got an attitude, I’d not be surprised to hear of problems in the dressing room? He’d put Barton’s new-found inner strength to the test

  9. come on lads if people think n`gog would be a good loan signing must be mad. ch dont go down that root he is worse then all are strikers and we dont need shit.

  10. In all honesty i think Shola may surprise a few this season. He looked quality last season with his footwork and finishing which i never thought i would say about the man. If anything happens to Carroll he could be an important player for us.

  11. @16

    Agreed mate, Shola has just been one of them players used for spleen venting over the years. He’s never been world class and has never claimed to be, but he’s got plenty of goals in the top flight over the years and I reckon he’ll bag a few this season. He is not as bad as people tend to make out. Probably the best genuine goal scorer in the squad at the moment – AC isn’t quite there yet.

  12. …saying that, I’d still start with Carroll and Lovenkrands, better combination. But if thats not working, Shola from the bench after an hour.

  13. just looking through saturday’s issue of the daily mirror,in brian reade’s column he calls joey barton”THE LINDSAY LOHAN OF TYNESIDE”,what a belter.

  14. Would it be wise to send Ranger back to London? Particularly where he can get back into old habits?


    Nah, more like Lindsay Lohan’s soul-mate….. Gateshead Hilton?!! Apologies to Paris!!!

  16. cullen we cant play 2 strikers in that league mate only against some teams at home.are midfield at this moment are not fast enough to play that why.we would get over run in midfield like england found out becasue nolan is al;ways going to play. we can play him in a 5 man midfield for his goals thats why ch keeps saying we got gosling who is a box to box player.

  17. i would only use nolan as an extra striker,this season.
    there’s no way way we should be playing him in the middle of the park,he’s two shades slower than the swing bridge.i wonder if lindsay can stay injury free,i dont like the fact our prem lives could be in lindsay’s hands.

  18. I would hope Joey Barton would be taking legal action against The Mirror for insinuating he is a drug taking alcholic.

    Character assasination, bearing in mind he has never been done for drugs, libellous. It would be good.

  19. not a bad player barton,but if we were to rely on him too much this season,with all his problems,it’s akin to putting harold shipman in charge of a geriatric ward.

  20. Won’t be happy if Ranger goes out on loan. We need all the striking options we have, Christ we need more than we’ve currently got so him leaving doesn’t make much sense to me. Nee offence to shola either as he seems a canny lad and I think he’ll bag a couple for us this season but hughton bigging him up doesn’t fill me with confidence regarding our main striker search like.

  21. Ameobi is not good enough – He’s proved that. If it wasn’t a local lad we’d be saying he should have been sold years ago.

    How many chances should he have?

  22. Shyte answer alert but, as many chances as he is given?

    Or are we going to get on his back and boo Ameobi out of town?

    Guess not

    So on that basis, if he plays he gets a chance doesn’t he?

  23. seen the article,amoebi to shine,what shoes?.everyday we get another sabre rattling story from hughton bulling up another of a much maligned charge.the not so great shola amoebi.the season keegan walked,he said the same thing,i have to stay fit,and he didn’t,last season the same and he wasn’t fit for most of the season,now he’s saying the same again,will he stay fit?very doubtful,i think shola is one of those people,who is not a natural athlete,if i was him,i would seriously think about retiring.

  24. Where you see that waddles? Didn’t expect anything to come of it for us sadly. Newcastle or Milan, annoyingly not exactly a difficult choice is it.

  25. To be fair to Shola last season as he does in most seasons chipped in with some vital goals, Im not saying he deserves all of the new contracts he’s been given but i can think of worse players weve had in the last few years…

  26. waddles,it’s like groundhog day during the transfer window,during fat boys tenure in charge.

  27. asim

    I know what your saying mate, away from home it has to be Carrol on his own. But I think CH will use the same formula as last season – One up front away, two at home.

    We’re going to need to pick up our points at home to survive, he knows that. Fortress St.James’ and all that.

  28. cc,the main gripe with him,he’s never fit,so why should we waste our time on him?this is not a new phenomenon either,he’s been like this the whole time,he’s been a newcastle player.all the contracts he’s had he doesn’t deserve,i dont mean that in he’s utter crap,but it’s similar to duncan ferguson,do we need to pay someone to lie on a table,even when he has had runs in the team,he he’s played with injuries.we should get rid of room for senrimentality.

  29. just saw steve wraith (the self appointed voice of the City of Newcastle) outside the Strawberry, he loves hoaring his face around the cameras, wonder if he knows something we dont?

  30. Spot the difference between the headline and the first paragraph…

    Milan Agree Loan Deal With Olympique Marseille For Hatem Ben Arfa As Ronaldinho Alternative

    Milan have taken a look at Olympique Marseille winger Hatem Ben Arfa as talks regarding Ronaldinho’s renewal come to a temporary halt.


  31. no offical talk on the website on ben arfa.if he was talking today to us if that is true. then he couldnt have made his mind up that quick.

  32. @16/17 – Cullen/Runlikethroutledge – beware making favourable comments on shola. I got accused of being a ‘shola-lover’, kind of sums up the way he is regarded by the pitch-fork mob on here.

    He puts in ten years of dignified, patient service mainly off the bench, and unlike harper gets nowt but grief. When he does score (which is more than any other player in the squad) they say – ‘eeeeh he was lucky’ or ‘ehhh hinny, he’s found his level’ It’s as if some supporters want him to fail to re-assert their own trusty prejudices.

    Shola – scored a goal a game last season FFS. Easily our most technically gifted forward and the only proven premiership goal-scorer we have.

  33. toonsy,isnt it abt time another thread abt j lloyd samuel came up so tat we can bash up abt him?
    and whr u from geordie india?

  34. Heyup Richie, nice jolly mate? Welcom back, Munich Mag has been pining for you :lol:

  35. My guess is that Ben Arfa will be moving as Deschamps didn’t really dismiss it when he was given the chance:

    “Ben Arfa? He is still here and I am not going to say who is going and who isn’t.”

  36. RICHIETOON glad to see you back m8,did things go ok for you,been keeping my fingers crossed for you,had to pick on big dave while you were away lol

    i would have took a punt on hooper as well,need ash to splash the cash imo

  37. Wouldn’t read into the Ben arfa stuff too much, sure there were articles that went to print yesterday saying we were there today, we’re obviously not so they’re pushing it back a day, lol. I’d have liked to take a punt on hooper also, 2 mil maybe. Young, hungry, british and he scored an absolute bagload last season

  38. we’re going to meet arfer tomorrow………………………………arfer daley lol.

  39. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 26, 2010 at 11:09 am
    i’d love to know what coaches see in amoebi?

    You mean aside from the fact he is our only proven premiership scorer; can shoot with both feet – unlike carroll; scored a goal a game last season, several of which (coventry, forest, sheff wed/utd) demonstrated a technical ability which strongly underline he is TOO good for that league; and is the only striker we currently have who can create their own shooting opportunity (out of nothing)?

    Yeah sure, 10 years of dignified service, apart from that let’s banish him to bristol city for £800k cos the mob refuse to acknowledge reality.

    He should be used off the bench ate, but getting rid of him won’t solve our problems. That’s not the way prejudiced works.

  40. cheers Toonsy n Icedog………aye hols were canny,watchin Spain win in Spain was canny,great atmosphere.
    Ice…. knocked one back cos he agreed price then tried upping price 2k euros….still waiting for accounts for another one so fingers crossed.If not might just put hoose up for sale then once it sells just bugga off and take the chance anyway.

  41. …….. and “oh Shola Ameobi’s” one of our best songs
    10 minutes of it nonstop at Peterboro….class :lol:

  42. RICHIETOON,thats what i like people with get up and go come what may,youll make it pal nee worrys,ill miss your wit when it happens

  43. I believe Spain have internet these days Icedog,ya won’t get rid of me that easily ;-)

    Has the club said owt about any cash from the PSV game going to Sir Bobby’s charity?

  44. really nice to see newcastle council doing a garden near sjp for wor bobby good on them.
    pity fat ash wont stomp any cash to help,but what can we expect from him sure he could give up one night at the rollete wheel

  45. boater,does not disguise the fact he’s been injury prone for years now,no so called prejudice involved.

  46. Trojan69 – aye true shola’s injuries is the worry, but we need to have a squad size capable of covering for injured players. I don’t reckon we should start Shola in every game, but when people lazily refer to him in the same breath as best and xisco it’s very annoying – as he has played and scored at the top level for years now.

    Bearing in mind we are seriously on the lookout for more experienced goal scorers – banging on about the sale of the single player we know will score in the prem’ just beggars belief.

    Raul link still on – I don’t think that would be a bad move personally, 2 season contract whilst we establish ourselves in the top flight. Getting him in and allocating our budget on a younger striker (austin, wickham) would do for me.

  47. Yalreet Richietoon, hope things went well down Alicante way bud. Toonsy don’t be a cheeky monkey, I haven’t pined for owt for ages !…

  48. N’gog is Boumsongs nephew

    nuff said

    Dont want him near St James’s unless its in an opposition shirt