Newcastle finally complete Gosling deal.

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Dan Gosling - Newcastle new boy.
Dan Gosling - Newcastle new boy.
Newcastle have at last completed the signing of former Everton youngster Dan Gosling on a free transfer.

It has taken a couple of weeks and has possibly been the worst kept transfer secret of the summer, but today Chris Hughton has finally got his man as Gosling signed a four-year deal at Newcastle.

The disappointing this is that we won’t be seeing our new acquisition in action until around Christmas time as he recovers from a cruciate ligament injury sustained back in March. Despite that though, Gosling can’t wait to get started at Newcastle and wants to repay some of the faith we have already apparently shown in him.

“It’s a brilliant move for me. Now that the deal’s done, I just can’t wait to get started. I’ve played at St James’s Park before, and know all about the amazing atmosphere,” Gosling told the official club website.

“Playing there in a black and white shirt is something I’ve thought about already, and it’ll be a great day when I finally get to walk out in front of 50,000 people.

“The gaffer, Chris Hughton, and all of the lads have been great with me and made me feel really welcome since I arrived, and hopefully I can repay the faith that they’ve shown in me.”

Gosling will wear the No.15 jersey and becomes Chris Hughton’s second summer signing, although personally I am hoping that more will follow.

“We’re delighted to have signed Dan,” said Hughton. “He’s the right age, and the profile that he has is what makes it such an appealing capture for us. He’s young, but has Premier League experience, and he’s someone who can continue to develop his game.

“We see him as a high-energy player, and a player that can play from box-to-box, but he’s also a young player with experience, so he won’t be phased by what’s ahead of him.”

The highly-rated England under-21 midfielder is a good signing for Newcastle and leaves us with a strong midfield, especially for a team that has just been promoted from The Championship. It’s a shame that Gosling wont be back in action for a few months, but on the flipside of that I guess it means we can inject some freshness into the midfield in the busy Christmas period.

Whether or not Gosling will be first choice over time remains to be seen, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this signing could possibly signal the end for one of our other central midfielders, although we will have to wait and see on that one.

Welcome aboard Dan Gosling!

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99 Responses

  1. Glad to have it done finally…

    Young players with Prem experience and potential on a free= always welcome and always good business. Well done to the club.

    Now start the countdown until the Evertonians come on here to bash the hell out of him again:)

  2. is this good recruitment though?we’re coming into a new season,where the chances are we could be in a relegation battle,but it’s okay we’ll sign someone who’s injured.
    no doubt the lad could be a good signing in the long run,but what good is he on a treatment table,then if we were to pick up a few other injuries the’ll be beside him on the table,with no f***er on the pitch.
    typical mike ashley longsighted approach,without looking at the short term needs of the club.
    what good is it if we can turn around this time next year,and say with reverent pride,gosling is one of the best midfielders in the championship.

  3. Welcome to the TOON Dan,
    & all the very best………….

  4. I view this as sort of an “extra” signing. I doubt very much we would have gone after him as a purchase, but once it became a free, why not snatch him up? I look at it as he is probably just replacing a portion of Butt’s wages.

    Now, if by signing him means that the club can’t address other needs, then I might agree with you. Still, you always need to have a bit of an eye for the future. And as Toonsy said, at worst you can have a player to sell on if you choose to do so…

  5. TROJAN69 says:
    July 22, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    “typical mike ashley longsighted approach”

    Did you honestly just say that as an insult?

  6. The important thing about this is that he had the choice of a few clubs & he really wanted to come to us.
    So, despite what some think, we really are still a draw for plenty of players, specially now we’re back in the big league.
    Let’s just not let the players down with our petty naval gazing.

  7. Just for once can we applaud the board? We’ve landed an england u21 with huge potential for nowt – and we beat off other clubs that a year ago would have been much more attractive to the player. It speaks volumes as to how the ship has been steadied, the finances structured and the appeal of NUFC as a brand has been re – found.

  8. i love mike,what insult?what i mean about mike ashley’s longsighted approach is this;it’s all well and good to plan for the future which i would applaud him for to an extent.what mike ashley has done wrong for me is,he never plans for the here and now needs of the club,which could see them relegated again,if he’s not careful.
    now what’s the point of having good youngsters when they will leave for bigger clubs,when we are playing in a lower tier,we would end up letting these players go,and thus being back to square one.

  9. derek,
    good one,
    but how about, from now on,
    not just once, hey?
    I know what y’saying mate.
    Just being a cheeky get. ;)

  10. if mike ashley does not take care of the short term,then there is no long term.

  11. He looks like a young David Dunn.

    Good signing, young, eager to improve and didn’t cost us anything. The only reservation i have is that we are now blessed with centre mids and i hope it doesn’t affect Vukic getting some 1st team games.

  12. Should be a good acquisition long term, although he still isn’t established as a Premier League player, so is just adding to those who need to prove themselves. And U21 status doesn’t necessarily guarantee he’s destined for great things. That’s not to say it’s not a positive move, but worth bearing in mind.

    Also the fact that he’s knackered is a concern because it’s a dodgy injury to come back from. Shearer was slightly older but still wasn’t the player he originally had been. Hopefully Gosling can adapt if he needs to. But speaking from personal experience, that weakness might always be there, it just depends on how much it might effect his game.

  13. CLINT alreet m8,if we divnt get our finger owt you will have to drag your boots oot,hope you still got some dubin left lol

    need to bed any new guys in they need time imo

  14. I suppose the main thing is that we have signed a 20 year old player via a loophole, who didn’t cost us anything and at the very least we will be able to get a re-sale value of £4M+ for in the future. This is a very clever signing because if we sell him 1 year before the end of his contract for £6M, we will have made money on him!

    The only worry I have is whats he actually like and why have we signed a player on £25K a week who is knackered for the forseeable future. Is he just another Geremi type player, played on the right as cover. He is apparently very one-paced and I can’t see that changing a great deal when he comes back from ACL injury.

  15. After all the Everton fans don’t seem half as fussed about him as they do about Rodwell.

  16. we’ve got a premier league class young player for free, how in gods name are people still complaining about it???

  17. ice – am not going anywhere mate.

    you think its ok for people to come on here and constantly slag our players and manager off?

  18. TOON CHICKEN it was not aimed at you m8 it was a genaral remark.

    people have there views rightly or wrongly,me i tend to say that i dis-agree with that end of,no offence

  19. I’m well chuffed with this signing, if it was a star striker we had bought that was knackered ’til xmas it’d be a different story but we have plenty of cover in midfield so it’s hopefully just a bonus signing

  20. ice – nee worries mate – should have done the old count to ten trick! ;)

    nee offence intended in your direction either. ;)

  21. Come on danny, we can be constructive about it but does 20+ games constitute proven Premiership class, especially when a number of those are from the bench?

    He’s young and free so there are two plus points.

    But he’s walked away from his current club to effectively the same situation here (albeit competition isn’t quite so stiff) for what appears to a better financial offer (though I still find that hard to believe). So is that the kind of attitude we want? I don’t know. And until he’s in a black and white shirt and playing full tempo to a good level, we’re paying for the kid’s rehabilitation. It’s certainly a risk. No two ways about it.

  22. I think this is a great signing, with the new premier league rules that clubs must have so many English players alot of agents have been saying that their English players valuations have risen. So to get Gosling on a free Imo is a great deal.

    By Xmas when he’ll hopefully be fit, odds are one or two of Smith, Barton, Nolan & Guthrie will have niggles (especially smith & barton) and we’ll need cover.

    Only downside is it might mean less time for Vuckic? Who I am hoping to see a lot more of

  23. Love that video that was posted on the facebook site Toonsy, don’t think Pancrate’s goal was on there that I could see though

  24. I would be so pleased if we signed Hooper, remember that Scunny fan that came on and said that his finishing was an awesome talent lol. For god sake Hughton sign him up, he scores a goal every two games. £2.5M is washers for a 22 year old Englishman who can do that in a poor team.

  25. DJG ime with you m8,but will ash flash the cash,mind c.h.tended to brush the link off :(

  26. free signing. young player with potential. out til xmas but plays in an area we’re covered in.
    can’t complain one bit about this pickup. well done. more please!

    Not gonna slag him off,give you my honest opinion (for what its worth) he seen an oppurtunity and took it.

    I dont know how good your centre midfield is at the mo, but he wont set any midfield alight. As DJG said he is one paced, no speed at all. he works hard and will get up and down but has no real skill. he will bag you around 5 goals a season.
    If you have a strong midfield he will not feature much, but i suppose for a free signing you have got a good deal.As someone said sell him in a couple of years and make a profit. just a shame Plymouth missed out on some cash. nevermind, thats footy

  28. Aye, Knowing Hughton he might just be playing his cards close to his chest. If he has genuinly dissmissed signing that lad he deserves a bitch slap. :)

  29. @ alex – i had that same concern (re: vuckic) though i feel like with CH going with a 5 man midfield part of the time, especially away, then we’ll still get to see what young haris can do given the inevitable injuries. fingers crossed.

  30. CC

    I can’t see him getting ahead of Barton and Guthrie in a hurry but really depends on injuries.

  31. Not a bad midfield

    Routledge, Gosling, Barton, Nolan, Smith, Guthrie, Jonas, R.Taylor

  32. Would rather sign Nathan Eccleston from Huddersfield than Hooper. More versatile, more pace and wouldn’t cost more than about £1million

  33. not really, we are overloaded with central midfielders, but we lack decent cover for wingers.

  34. DJG,

    he will be good for cover, dont know about £25k a week, but i suppose you saved on xfer fee. I think we offered him 15k a week.

  35. stu,bang on mate,we ended up relegated because ashley was hell bent on youth,that he couldn’t see the truth in front of him,if he does not think about kicking the first team on for the next few years,with the view to the younger ones being nurtured into the first team,he’ll fall on stoney ground.

  36. Cadbury

    ???? We have 4 central midfielders, Goslings main position is Right Mid but can play centre mid too, how is that an overload? Lovenkrands can play left mid too if needed.

  37. @40. Don’t forget Vcukic. Still need another winger but I like our midfield as well

  38. It’s really quite amazing how we still manage to pick holes in everything.
    Aye, there are good & bad sides to everything.
    Maybe his legs’ll fall off & he’ll sue us personally, for every penny we ever make.
    Or maybe he’ll just be a real good player for us, cos he wanted a change & see’s us as a great opportunity.
    Stranger things, & all that?

  39. Hopefully he will have had a few reserve games at just the time that Joey Barton is breaking down. :)

    Even then though I can see Hughton sticking with Guthrie and Smith.

  40. @ TC – He is? hmm, I was sure he was an AM… I also read he lacks overall pace, so don’t know if he can be that useful on wing. Also we still have Vukcič, who is pushing for a place in team. If I’m right we have 6 players for cm.

  41. DJG- my nightmare is CH going with Nolan/Smith in a traditional 4-4-2. Look at the friendly last week: Nolan/Smith= 0-0. Guthrie/Barton= 3-0 and according to reports a dominating performance

  42. we need reinforcements that can come straight in and do a job for us,what’s the alternative putting our faith and future prem status in the hands of the likes of those paragons of level headedness alan smith and barton.
    these are the stuff of nightmares,that have you waking up in the dead of night will cold sweats.

  43. Pity we won’t be getting any % of Milners sale, that would have got us a few million!

    I like the sound of these Ben Arfa rumors but reminds me too much of what happened with Turan a few seasons ago.

    Waddles anymore news about whos agent we are talking to?

  44. ‘according to reports a dominating performance’

    I was there and believe me they took ownership of the midfield. Second half side had a go at them and for that bravery we got a decent result in the end. See scum only managed a 1-1 with Brighton. :lol:

  45. I dont think we should write Gosling off yet like. Has Gerrard got any pace? Has Barton? Doesn’t stop them being v good Central midfielder’s. We really don’t know what he’s like yet. For me this season could be the making of Guthrie, he is really starting to spray the ball aboot lovely atm.

  46. Cadbury

    Well im not quite sure what he is, he’s played, RB, RM, AM and DM but at least he’s versitle

  47. heard you the first time trojan, and the second…

    Go and give Micky Owen a bell, he may be after a few more games next season, fits in your ‘can come straight in and do a job’ criteria.

  48. Exactly DJG does Scholes have pace? Lampard? Fabregas? Pace is a good thing to have but isn’t completely essential for CM.

  49. Saw somewhere that he may go to Celtic on a season loan with ManU paying half his wages.

  50. Yep RunLikeTheRoutledge

    I think we need more forwards with pace in our squad atm but for CM, having a good brain can compensate for pace. Routledge is our only pacy player tho and for premier that worries me. :(

  51. DJG, he will probably be injured and give an interview mentioning that he has no injury problems….

  52. DJG

    “Routledge is our only pacy player tho and for premier that worries me”

    Jonas, Enrique, Lovenkrands,

  53. Toon_Factor. Lovenkrands seemed slow to me at Carlisle, so did LuaLua which was a suprise. I wouldn’t put it down to the first game either coz Routledge and Vuckic were quick. Ranger was fairly quick but looked like he’d bulcked up abit, some were even mistaking him for Ameobi!

  54. Maybe Ameobi is tutoring Ranger, teaching the lad his trademark tricks and overall game intelligence, would be great,eh?

  55. Well if Ranger was quick it would have been very difficult to mistake him for Ameobi ;)

  56. toonsy,just giving him to rev up,him and chicken have been ganging up on me,help mammy i’m being cyber bullied by cockney’s lol.

  57. Just sayin, nowt wrong with London. My old man is was born there (an actual cockney, like a proper one, Bow bells and that), and he turned out alright, saw the light and switched to being a Newcastle fan.

  58. Get in, Gosling looks a great deal… Don’t know how anyone can complain much. As free transfers go you can’t get much better than England U21 players whose club wanted to keep. Only concern could be long term effect of injury.

    I’m all up for complementing the squad with top young champ players too – Williams/ Whittington etc. Hooper too but we already have a glut of suspect strikers so need to spend bulk of what cash we have on pacey Beardo-esque starter.

  59. TROJAN69 says:
    July 22, 2010 at 3:10 pm
    i love mike,the weather here today is rainy,what’s it like in laaaaaaaadon.

    Eh? Ladon?
    I live in NE1 mate, soooooo, errrr….

  60. Oh dear – someone’s started up the old cockeneye thing again :roll:

    So what you’re saying is if you’re actually intelligent enough to form your own opinion and not base it on what you heard some dribbling meth spouting on SSN you’re from London???

  61. toon chicken,ha,ha,ha,i love mike ,so you’re a geordie weh hey,that’s all you had to say.

  62. TROJAN – Me? Nah, I was born a geordie, a pit village one depending on what defintion people want to go by :lol:

    My mother is a Geordie aswell,a nd my Dad classes himself as one and has a Geordie twang in his accent. It’s quite funny at times :lol:

  63. toon chicken,like you said it’s about forming your own opinion on said situation,i’m just not ready to go along with ashley’s plan as i see it atm,but if he proves me wrong,then fair call me an ungrateful get,why because a couple of cheap signings are meant to dampen my rancour,as i feel ashley brought a lot of what happened to us through his meddling since he rocked up,and rocked being the opretive word,if that bloke fell down he could rock himself to sleep.

  64. Trojan – i honestly couldn’t give a flying fcuk what you think about Ashley – he’s not exactly at the top of xmas card list either.

    What gets my goat is your constant slagging of Hughton and the players.

    Not only do they deserve our respect and support after what they achieved last season they NEED it!

  65. toon chicken,if you listen to what i’ve said,i think he’s a decent fella,do i think he’s the long term answer no,and last season we were not that good,and we got outplayed by a lot of teams,even hughton admits as much in his radio interview with gabby logan.what i’m saying is,we will not get away with the same approach this time around.

  66. toon chicken,i’m not slagging them,but i am not going to be all gung ho optimistic either.

  67. so what’s your solution – sack him, hire in Mourinho and bring in football’s answer to the Harlem Globe Trotters???

  68. toon chicken,no, but imo ashley could have brought in a manager last year,and although chris did a good job,i fear he will become another stop gap.then again there might be a reluctance from ashley to act,and chris could remain too long,then if it does go tits up,where do we go from there?.

  69. of course chris deserves his chance,but if he can’t hack it we’re snookered for,for a move after that,where will ashley be after that,this is last throw of the dice for him.

  70. To be fair Trojan, he is the man with the money, so he can technically have as many throws of the dice as he wants.

  71. My mate, an Everton fan, says he’s not as good as Rodwell but that he is good – lots of energy, skilful, scored some good goals and never stops trying.

  72. aye toosy your right,but i just dont see where he can go from here,if chris goes by the wayside then who? just couldn’t see any self respecting manager want to go anywhere near ashleyright i’m off to have some scran,then hit the boozer.

  73. Dan Gosling is a terrific signing for Newcastle. The advantage is if one of our CM’s are injured. There is always a backup. We have like 5.