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Community is the word.
Community is the word.
Due to lack of general Newcastle news so far today, I can think of no better time the present to make you all aware of the developments that have been going on behind the scenes.

That is not to say that the developments that are ongoing aren’t of importance, of course they are, but here at it’s more a case of Newcastle United, first and foremost.

As well as bringing you the latest on all things Newcastle and giving you all a platform for debate, some of which can be quite tasty at times, both myself and Workyticket have been busy with other stuff for this place. You’ll be able to see some of it with your own eyes, whilst some of it may not be so obvious at first glance. Let’s just say that ‘community’ is the keyword.

You may be able to tell by the picture some of what I am about to say, but there still may be some people that aren’t aware of it. is now on Facebook, and you can ‘like’ our page here. On there you can discuss, well anything you want really, much like this place, but on a platform where lots and lots more people are accesable. All the latest articles are posted up on there, although they are only previews, so you can be made aware of things that are happening on here, even whilst you’re not on here.

It’s all about building a community where Newcastle fans the world over can chat, interact and share things between them and is designed to run alongside this place. It’s could also possibly be something that could maybe attract a random competition or two at some point. Who knows eh?

Aswell as Facebook, you can also ‘follow’ on Twitter. I used to really think it was a pointless thing, but now I have been playing around on there it is actually quite fun. All you need to do is follow the right people, and other Newcastle fans, and it can be a great laugh, and a useful source of information. Some people who we are currently following include Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith and Kevin Nolan, all of whom have been verified I believe.

It doesn’t stop there though, oh no. Part of the whole community building exercise requires people getting involved, on all fronts, and one way of doing that is by getting people involved in competitions with each other, friendly ones of course, with maybe possibly random prizes.

Our new Fantasy Football League is just one part of that, and there will hopefully be more things like that to come in the future. To join, if you haven’t already, click here and follow the instructions and you will be up and running in no time.

Updates will be done via this place, Facebook and Twitter so there is no need to miss out on anything.

The interest and take up so far in the Fantasy Football League has been staggering really, it has shocked me in fairness, so well done to all that have joined already. Likewise, well done to all posters on here, all the fans on Facebook and all of our Twitter followers. It’s not often I get the chance to say this, but thank-you all, without you this place really wouldn’t exist.

Rest assured there are more plans afoot though, it doesn’t stop here. I’ll say it again though, the keyword throughout all of this is ‘community’, it’s about getting everyone involved. The debate will always be there, and I am sure parts of it will be as scathing and heated as ever, but getting everyone involved and ineracting is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Long may it continue.

Welcome to the Newcastle United community.

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32 Responses

  1. This is quite obviously the best blog out there – Well done toonsy and Workey. Your hard work is appreciated.

    Although I must say I believe I am probably the best blogger on here, but that’s not unusual.

  2. Hi toonsy, thought I would sign up and check out your blog with a little more regularity and join in occasionally.

  3. i think we should have 3 newcastle players in the fantasy teams, after all this is a nufc supporters league so it should be fun this way. Whoever else has entered the league doesnt have to do this, but i am :)

  4. Hi Gos, Welcome aboard. It can get pretty scathing on here at times aswell lol, so no difference really :lol:

  5. Tummy – I reckon most of us will have at least one Toon player in there ;)

    Out of loyalty/blind faith.

    I must check how many managers we have now

  6. Up to 50 already. Brilliant, everyone.

    Who has the name ‘Seymour Boobies’? Excellent :D

  7. Icedog where da hell are ye man
    Morale Officer hows you this fine evening good I hope, I must say you must have been spreading the loving feeling as even Stuart seems to be feeling it. I loved the way he spelt the skippers name with a capital W and slap heads with a t ;)

  8. I’m good thanks big dave, jeremy clarkson said cameron diaz looks good in a helmet, kind of ironic because I think my helmet would look good in cameron diaz.

  9. I’m going to study the form tomorrow and put my team in.

    I’ll only have Carroll in I reckon.

    I’ll still win though.

    Shouldn’t Routledge, Nolan and Smith be following us on Twatter, instead of the other way round?

  10. I’ll defo be signing up to the fantasy football when I can get a new laptop charger like. It’s decided to die on me with 1% battery remaining so I’m currently looking at an 1100 quid paper weight, lol.

  11. Stuart79 says:
    July 25, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    “This is quite obviously the best blog out there – Well done toonsy and Workey. Your hard work is appreciated.”

    Thanks Stuart. I think I’m coming ’round after the smelling salts now. :-)

  12. Word up, have joined ur fantasy league toonsy and it’s looking good already; nice and big! I won all three of my leagues last year on the same fantasy league website so will be bang up for this! My team’s Gosling’s Gonads.

  13. i have carroll on the bench, with routledge and nolan starting for me in my team, stupid but just blind loyalty from me :)

  14. And of course Tummy, I’ve got 3 united players in there. Two Starters… a move I could grow to regret

  15. the telegraph now running with ben arfa story, saying we’re meeting him today to discuss a loan move. A respectable english newspaper if ever there was one.

  16. hi guys,
    I am a toon fan from India and am a regular reader of this blog and even ed’s one although this is my first post.Have been a nufc fan for the past 9 years and it has been a turbulent time to say the least,considering tat am still pretty young.I have not met a single nufc fan in my life and all my friends are manure,chelski or arsenal fans.i couldnt even watch 1 game of last season live as thr is no champship coverage hr and had to undergo constant torture from my pals but somethig made me stick to nufc,couldnt leave,followed every sec of wat was happening onlone from my phone(keeping awake till 3 in morning sumtimes following live match updates),for which i was again ridiculed.anyways we are back where we belong and i hope we atleast hold manure to a draw and survive so tat i will have something to shout abt.
    I love Newcastle and hope tat one day i will be in St James Park screaming my team on amongst a chorus of the blaydon races while they lift a sorry for the emotional outburst but its been building inside me for quite a while.
    Ya and toonsy,i like ur blog and have joined ur fantasy premier league.and hope we get ben arfa.would be great…

  17. Welcome Deepak. As Newcastle fans, we share the pain and keep coming back for more. It’s part of what makes us special :)

  18. Ross – Try eBay for that. My dog chewed through my charging lead when it was a puppy. I went to PC World to get a new one and nearly punched them in the face when they said how much it was. I got it for 20% of the prices off eBay.

    Edit – Just be careful, make sure it’s a UK seller. The last electrical piece I bought off there that wasn’t from the UK nearly killed me :lol:

  19. Also Ross – our lass had the same issue and you could see if a different charger fits as we used the old mother in laws for a while as it was compatable. Having said that if you have a 1100quid toplab sounds pretty swish so Idoubt it!!!

    Considering the old fantasy options!!

  20. Toonsy and raffo-cheers lads, I use a MacBook pro raffo and am still under warranty so I’ll nip into the apple shop and see if that covers all equipment, bloody annoying though. I can imagine it’ll cost me an arm and a leg should it not be though. As you say toonsy I’ll be giving eBay a go before anywhere else should apples generosity be lacking, lol.

  21. deepak is a indian toon says:
    July 26, 2010 at 5:59 am

    “i couldnt even watch 1 game of last season live as thr is no champship coverage hr and had to undergo constant torture from my pals but somethig made me stick to nufc”

    Firstly, welcome Deepak. Did you know that you could have watched some of the games on a PC via somewhere like There are many other sites for that sort of thing too!

  22. DevonMag says:
    July 26, 2010 at 12:18 am

    “A respectable english newspaper if ever there was one.”

    It’s former owner is currently in prison for fraud.