Home form will be vital for Newcastle next season.

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Fortress St James'.
Fortress St James'.
It may well sound like an obvious statement to make, but if ever a more obvious statement has been so vaild then I would like to see it.

We now know what the fixtures are for next season, we now know that it is Manchester United away on the first day of the season, again, and we know that it is highly unlikely that we will take any points away from Old Trafford and back to Tyneside, but stranger things have happened.

Realistically, a vast amount of our away games next season will be defeats, although that is not unusual for us in the Premier League. We may get a few draws, even the odd win, but deep down I think most of us now that a lot of the hard work is going to have to be done in the cathedral on the hill that is St James’ Park, which is why my initial annoyance at the way the fixtures panned out has been replaced by a careful optimism after I realised that we have no real back to back fixtures against the top teams as it stands, which is good.

You only have to look at them dirty unwashed tramps from just down the road to see how important home form can be. They only lost three games at home last season, but on the other hand they only won nine with the rest being made up of draws. Compare that to their away form which saw them win only two away games all season and draw four, and you can see just how important it can be.

St James’ Park has always been a difficult place for visiting teams to come to, and as long as the fans are backing the team it will continue to be a difficult place to come to – this is where we all need to play our part.

Sure, St James’ Park may not be the fortress it once was when we were led by Keegan or Robson, but with the confidence gained from remaining unbeaten at home last season, twinned with some vociferous home support, then there is no reason why we can’t strike fear into opposing teams.

We are the best fans in the land, I know it, you know it. Stoke City have taken that mantle from us in the Premier League, now it’s time to show them that it was only a loan arrangement and that the title of loudest Premier League fans rightly belong to us.

Come on feel the noise!

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It’s all pretty clever stuff really.

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90 Responses

  1. Home Games Massive For Newcastle Next Season



    why do the same thing on the same day? Toonsy, you come across as an intelligent lad so why copy topics from elsewhere! and this isn’t the first time is it?

  2. Clem – I have no idea what you are talking about? Copying? Oh, just looked on NewsNow. You’re on about ED, who copied the Chronicle article originally if you look at the times they were released. And that isn’t the first time either, eh Mactoon?

    EDIT – In fact, looking through the entire NewsNow page, I see that most things appear on there before they crop up anywhere else. And why the feck should I not do something just because another blog has done it? Bollocks to that marra.

  3. I just can’t believe clem rusty says you come across as an intelligent lad :lol:

  4. To be fair it’s quite amusing a pro Ed blogger having a go at you by saying ya copy……..irony defined.
    and thats not me having a go at Ed,writing articles is summat I couldn’t do.

  5. Perch might not be the most spectacular signing we make this summer, or expensive or peter cocksure. I bet when we’re 1-0 up away from home somewhere and one of the defenders knacks their leg, people will be relieved to see him warming up though.

    I just hope Kadar gets a game here and there still though.

  6. Rich – I don’t get why there is this need for the ‘us’ and ‘them’ approach. I mean feck me, we’re both in the same game after all, this place and Ed’s I mean.

  7. it’s childish Toonsy.I occasionaly read Ed’s but prefer this one which is why I’m on here.Again thats not having a goat Ed would just rather be on this one.If ya like both,go on both.If ya only like one,only go on that one.Seemples!!

  8. TOONSY after some record m8 thats a few threads today or have you fell out with yor lass like,big dave means nee harm

  9. Aye, internet mercenaries mate. It’s not like I hold a gun to peoples heads or owt, they come here because they want to, and if they don’t I will break their legs :lol:

    That aside, as you said, lots of people read both, and comment on both. Don’t see the problem myself like.

  10. Ice – That’s 5 today, only because I have had a day off :lol:

    My fingers are shadows of their former selves ;)

  11. toonsy

    do you want the link for my page of facebook which has over 4,000 fans and all newcastle fans so you can post the link to your stuff on it? :)

  12. for 10yrs come to think of it, and I have only fell of the wagon once ;)
    Ice I used to drink 7 days a week 52 weeks a yr.

  13. I wish I could say the same mate,me belly would have a much different profile ;-)

  14. DAVE good on you m8,have odd one myself mind but thats what stuffed my footy future up years ago to much into wine,woman,and song twiged to late,nee twist like have had great life wouldnt change it m8

  15. I dread to think what state my liver would be in now if I’d stayed in the Army…it was non stop.

  16. CLEM i can see judas closing his blog doon agen if ya divent leave our toonsy alone

  17. NA wor BATTY doent touch a drop like to much class,well thats what he told me :)

  18. icedog says:
    July 5, 2010 at 9:18 pm
    liked a pint of BASS me-sel years ago
    <<<< aye shany bass is strong enough for u dog lol

  19. toonsy says:
    July 5, 2010 at 9:23 pm
    batty – divvnt worry about it mate
    <<<< who is he toonsy ?

  20. Big Dave says:
    July 5, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    Batty how did it go for the youngun mate
    <<<< ok thanx m8 he rang last night he had just done a 36 hour shift withoot any sleep ,he,s flys too cyprus on the 14 for 3 days too cool of or sumit ,he,s out for good on the 29th of this month too become a fireman m8

  21. anyone seen that newcastle are interested in a toulose player. Anyone seen him. Prefer gourcouff but he is defo out of our price range. I am liking the perch deal. Should cover us well but i do worry about a striker. The burden cant be left on carrol he needs support. I am all for a sir les shearer partnership if another big lad is available to partner carroll. 50 50 partnership share the wealth share the goals

  22. Big Dave says:
    July 5, 2010 at 9:27 pm
    Ice did you’s get Bass ower the water ?

    slow on the up take there m8 ??

  23. my only other worry is we arent adding better players just more strength in depth. Ie better back up. Would love to see tamas kadar play right back rather than ryan taylor. Simpson will come good but we need to let his injury fully recover.

  24. RICHIETOON good shout last nt on signing,can you give me a line on the next catch

  25. has to be a foreigner. On a free. Centre forward. Wonder what odd’s i get

  26. I heard SuperMac today say that Perch was the best defender he seen all season in the Championship.

    Hope he’s right and he can make the step up.

  27. Well,
    we now have plenty of options at the back, that should please CH.
    We need a creative MF, & a nippy, clever striker.

  28. fulham sell more season tickets than ever before, then RH walks.
    I bet that stings.

  29. or is that perchfect………..aaarrgh I cant take anymore,me heeds battered..aaaaaaaargh :lol:

  30. richie,
    14k mate.

    TBH though, RH hasn’t got much on his cv over a couple of years like.
    Probably got a year or 2 at liverpool too.

  31. I shall give a “no comment” abt this 1st new signing. IMO,what i do hope is that our current wide players can seriously improve on their crossing/delivery of ball to the strikers. Cause No Matter How good a certain striker is,if ain’t getting any good service,he can hardly score.

    I think,if our current wide players still can cross that bloody ball well,we need to look out for potential winger,that can run well and cross well.

  32. looks like Cleverley will be the next one through the door, slow and steady Chris, like Rome :)

  33. I had been debating traveling across the pond for the derby. Reading the posts provides inspiration to make them both. There will be nothing sweeter than taking 3 points at Swineside other than knowing it was our three points that led to your relegation.

  34. “ILM,” 2nd choice Chris “Nero” Hughton will have to fiddle pretty loud to drown the wining of the crows…