The Premier League fixture list will soon be with us.

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Finxture news tomorrow.
Finxture news tomorrow.
The wait is nearly over for Newcastle fans who can again begin to arrange their lives around the new Premier League fixtures which are finally released tomorrow.

Regardless of whether or not we start at home or away, aganst Blackpool or Chelsea, the job of planning our survival, debating where we can nick some points from and looking at which games can be classed as a write off can begin in earnest as a sense of footballing normality breaks out against the backdrop of the World Cup.

Will we be bemoaning the fact that we have to start away at one of the big teams? Will we be happier that we are starting off at St James’ Park against one of the weaker teams in the league? There are people in both camps who will discuss the various merits and pitfalls of each scenario. My own preference is to start off playing against the weaker teams in the league to give us the best possible chance to get the points on the board as soon as as possible, as once we have the points in the bag they can’t be taken away, well, barring a major catastrophe of course, but you get my point.

It’s points on the board that matter the most to us next season as realistically we aren’t going to be putting ourselves in a position where we are battling it out for Europe or anything. Our aim for next year is to finish as high as we can in the league, although if somebody offered me a 17th place finish right now I would snap their hands off.

Traditionally, it has been a target of 40 points to ensure survival, it’s what all the managers say that are likely to bo operating around the lower end of the league and has become somewhat of a cliche. Granted, 40 points would pretty much guarantee survival, but it is also an inflated target that very rarely needs to be reached.

If you look at last season, 31 points was enough to ensure survival. Take a look at the season we got relegated and you will see that 35 points was enough for Hull City to stop up at our expense. On the flip side of that though, and the only time 40 points wouldn’t have been enough, is when West Ham got relegated with 42 points back in 2002/2003.

Alas the wait is nearly over, and 10am is the time that is anticipated for the release of the fixture list. Of course, it can change over the season as games are moved due to other comittments or for TV coverage, but the initial list will at least afford us some idea of what we are up against. I can’t wait!

It’s not all over yet, in fact it’s only just beginning!

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99 Responses

  1. 1st up wba away, xmas & new year where ever there’s rail & road problems & as far from SJP as they can find.

  2. At least Pompey have gone. Hate their ground, although I never went after the put the cover over the away stand.

  3. I like that kid who’s sponsored by Michael Dawson and wears a Man Utd top to meet him…class :lol:

  4. Dont mind who we get as long as we get a shirt to wear, what is happening with this? surely we should have it sorted by now

  5. Not sure, but I think the contract runs out on the 21st and we should hear something soon afterwards. We will get it before pre-season starts as they wont actually have any kit to wear.

  6. hope so, theres been a few nice ‘leaked’ ones but it would be nice to see the real one.

  7. Whats the odds on a top 4 side away on first and last game and away on boxing day at Wigan or Bolton?

  8. tony well 100% we will get a top 4 team 1st game seeing that we start off level on 0 points :lol:

  9. Lovely seein’ Spain go down to Switzerland today.

    Bet ya didn’t bet on THAT, Toonsy :D

  10. Rodzilla ever come back on here? I haven’t talked to him in a long minute. Anyone got his email address?

  11. Well,I would love to meet up West Ham,Wigan or Maybe Bolton on opening match.

    Ok,i will take West Ham At Home. ;)

  12. Clint-

    Oh yeah. Lunch time ower here, m8.


    THAT SUCKS!!! Sorry m8!!

    (still was awesome seein’ the underdogs pull off the upset…)

  13. Damn right about the swiss man.
    Loving that.
    The WC starts here.

    The attitude changes from ‘Must not lose’ to ‘Gotta win’.

  14. OMG, we might see an early class of the titans.

    Between Brazil and Spain in Second Round. :???: :???: :???:

  15. Chile looked alright, hey toonsy?
    They could upset spain too.
    I’m sure the mother land isn’t looking forward to playing either chile or honduras like.

  16. Rich – 1-1. And what are you doing on .com? You two-timing sod :lol:

    CLiNT – Was in bed mate but got up in time to watch the second half. Really struggling with workload this week so been working longish hours, so I apologise for the relative lack of ‘blogs :(

  17. toonsy mate,
    Don’t worry ’bout that man, life sometimes has to come first.
    You do a great job on here mate.

  18. CLiNT – I try to, but I also hate getting beat, which is why it annoys me when I set a target and can’t reach it, for any reason. Hence my disappointment at not getting as many bits out as I would like :)

  19. I can relate to that.
    Though it’s important to cut yerself a bit of slack occasionally.
    Y’playing a blinder marra.

  20. At least I have two lined up for the morra :) , although I have to make sure I get up for the fixtures :(

  21. Rich – Good arrows there mate ;)

    Funny they say 9am, not sure on that tbh. Perhaps it’s right, but Sky said it would be 10am, so who knows.

  22. TOONSY should be alright now,hair not getting in your eyes now.kept saying spain dont like traveling pity the swiss didnt get two,goals may come into it

  23. they say the managers have a big part to play some canny ones at W.C.but tell you what that swiss manager is nee mug,great show with a “lesser” team

  24. I’ve hardly done any graft wi the world cup being on….its all gonna catch up on me tho…..aslong as it doesn’t catch up with me before me hols next month then Im not too bothered.

  25. icedog….he was linked with being our manager at one time….not sure how strong a link but he was mentioned.

  26. RICHIETOON dont know about that m8,but they get on about “top”managers this guy would give them a run for there money with a better class of team imo

  27. BIG DAVE toonsy called me and you “nipples”the other night,telt him hes getting owr much meat,his lass should cut down on the oxos like ;)

  28. I’m sure any messages of them for you would have been full of love and affection Dave ;-)

  29. Icedog atlest nipples are usefull things ;) and I heard he like’s his meat :lol:
    I have a funny feeling tonites match might be slightly better than most of the others so far

  30. hopefully Dave most should get better cos teams have to go for the wins now.

  31. Watching RSA vs Uruguay right now. My money is on the africans. Though I think only 1-0.

  32. BIG DAVE think worky warned one m8,i didnt come on, cant stand that sort of shite like

  33. Dave – Yes.

    There ya go, my ban virginity has finally gone :)

    Anyone fancy a Michael Owen bitchfest? :twisted:

  34. Rich – How can I ban you when you bring so much fun to the board?

    Speaking of which, another look-a-like ;)

    Image Hosted by

  35. icedog says:
    June 16, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    “BIG DAVE think worky warned one m8,”

    I’m in the dark about this sectarian bunfight, like. Toonsy didn’t even save the juicy insults for me! I did warn an immigrant basher a few days ago.

  36. It should say Toonsy by Toonsy, I see ye got yer teeth bleached me old cup cake ;)
    Toons now you have lost yer virginity you should change yer name to The Hitman :lol:

  37. Dave – Thats another pic of Rich by the way :)

    EDIT – And it appears I know a bit of HTML 8O

  38. Icedog….I’ve just taken your advice and put all wor lass’s housekeeping on the draw….booky seemed rather pleased like….so hows it going?

  39. Just can’t ever slag off ANY South American team. They’ve ALL got talent. I’ve been busy- what’s the story of the game so far?

  40. RICHIETOON you will be alreet m8,if not you can use the old texting ploy again ;)

  41. Icedog – I would settle for just one holiday, although I am going to treat my meeting in a few weeks just like one ;)

  42. Aye,
    it’s starting to open up a bit, at last.
    Fear gives way to blind panic.

  43. South Africa is goin’ home. They’re not gonna beat France. As much as I’d love to see them beat those cheatin’ frogs, it ain’t gonna happen. First host nation ever to not make it ootta the group stage. Sad really.

  44. Can anybody offer me a job in Newcastle making 50k pounds per year? I’ve got lots of telecom experience and I’m decent with people. I gotta get a new job lol…

  45. Have you been to Newcastle Ohurley….nobody gets that sort of cash…..apart from Toonsy ;-)

  46. OHurley says:
    June 16, 2010 at 10:03 pm
    South Africa is goin’ home.
    <<< aye and the yanks will follow friday :lol:

  47. OHurley says:
    June 16, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    Can anybody offer me a job in Newcastle making 50k pounds per year? I’ve got lots of telecom
    <<<< ya empty the pay phones di ya lol

  48. batty…I think he’s just one of them old blokes that walks around checking the coin reject slot :lol:

  49. We’ve got him all wrong,he doesn’t deliver papers……he sells The Big Issue ;-)

  50. OHurley….meant to ask how long You’ve been following the Toon and how you got into it?

  51. ohurley the only chance u have of getting in too the next roud is if all ya fans buy a vuvuzella and try too blow the ball into the net against slovinia because your all full of hot air :lol:

  52. Good place to start back in The Premiership, Old Trafford away. Might as well get a quick and impressive 3 points on the board to remind all we’re back and forget about the season last time we started off there.

  53. A quick run through the fixtures with fairly pessimistic guesses of results, and I ended up with 40 points, which last season would have put us 14th.

    It’s going to be a tense season!

  54. Think Uruguay probably deserved to just nick the game yesterday. Havn’t seen the highlights but from my view looked like a dive for the penalty. And the first goal looked lucky indeed. But having said that South African created very little themselves. We just don’t have a presence up front. :-(

    Still an incredible atmosphere. Amazing night, and one I’ll remember always with fond memories despite the defeat.