Slovenia v England – World Cup match banter.

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Come on England!
Come on England!
It’s a case of one last throw of the dice for England this afternoon as they take on Slovenia in Port Elizabeth.

England’s performances in the first two group games have left a lot to be desired and have attracted their fair share of criticism from fans, pundits and press, and rightly so.

But now is the time for the players to put that behind them and show England fans that they have the ability to give a decent account of themselves, and to ensure that they get the win needed to secure a place in the knockout stages of the tournament.

As ever, this is the place for everyone, of any nationality, to get involved and piss and moan about the England game, and of course, to piss and moan about the USA v Algeria game aswell, as the result of that match could come into play with regard to the fortunes of England and whether they qualify for the next round.

England: James, Johnson, Upson, Terry, A Cole, Milner, Barry, Lampard, Gerrard, Defoe, Rooney.

Subs: Green, Hart, Dawson, Warnock, Wright-Phillips, J Cole, Lennon, Carrick, Heskey, Crouch.

Slovenia: S Handanovic, Brecko, Suler, Cesar, Koren, Ljubijankic, Birsa, Novakovic, Jokic, Kirm, Radosavljevic.

Subs: J Handanovic, Seliga, Dzinic, Ilic, Dedic, Krhin, Filekovic, Komac, Stevanovic, Mavric, Matavz.

Come on England!

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192 Responses

  1. CC – I got them off the FIFA website, so I bloody well hope so, although we will have to wait until 3pm to be doubly sure that FIFA haven’t ballsed up :lol:

  2. What a joke, Milner is tripe runs around, hits first man, Barry mr sideways and backwards, Gerrard out of positon again total lack of creatvity.

    Capello doesnt deserve to get pulled out of the shit.

    His bench is a piss take too. 2 identical right wingers in SWP and Lennon, 2 keepers, 2 defenders, a holding mid and 2 donkeys who arent international class, 1 player who can change a game and he’s behind Milner and Barry in the pecking order.

    Is he really doing anything that an english man preferably Roy Hodgson couldnt do on about a tenth of the money ??

  3. CC – In fairness, the bench is ,ade up of the rest of the squad, Slovenia have 2 keepers on their bench aswell.

  4. Yes i get that toonsy but the lack of variety is my point surely adam johnson is a better option to SWP, classy dribbler, left footed, good end product both scoring and creating, The two strikers are pathetic, Crouch i understand a plan B but why Heskey surely Bent as an out and out finisher would be a useful sub if need a goal.

    We have 1 right back and the past it Carragher as back up, He said Kirkland (for me) the best english keeper was too injury prone to be considered yet takes the more injury prone Ledley knig even though Ferdinand got injured.

  5. Think england will do it today , think the players will ‘ be for it ‘ and wont do a france and not turn up mentally

  6. Shoulda had cole instead of milner.
    Nice to see fabio reads this blog & went for my diamond mid. :)
    woulda had dawson over upson.
    He’s got more letters in his name.

  7. Just incase ya missed it on the last thread……

    Alreet lads,my cousin is cycling to Wembley with her boyfriend to raise money for one of the lads from the 2x Whitley Bay FA Vase team who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease.I would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to read the link and make a donation if possible.Every little helps.Thanks

  8. So should walcott, he’s better than swp & lennon.
    Although, cos they’re playing an afternoon game, they’ll only have one of their own shadows to fall over instead of the ‘old school’ 4 they get with under powered floodlighting.

  9. Not keeping the ball very well, at all. If we can keep possesion then we can create space to exploit.

  10. Should kick on now and start rebuilding the teams confidence for the next round

  11. This England side look much much better now, a bit of confidence hass come back to them. Get another goal before HT and we could get 3,4,5 byt FT.

  12. Half way there, keep doing what we are doing and we can push on and get some more goals.

    Win by three and it doesn’t matter if the USA win, we top top the group regardless ;)

  13. As i said earlier batty i think the englosh players attitude will make ye see it through

    Easy for a neutral to say tho!

  14. Well done England and USA blogger. Two most deserving sides made it through. And I do believe the USA deserved to top the group.

    Hoping Germany beat Ghana because I think they play goof football and they’ll liven up the World Cup.

    As for the support here. With Bafana out, everyone seems to be supporting second teams now (still so proud of our boys)…

    Toot Toot!!!

  15. Thug boy was a lot better.
    Upson kept ’em in it with that brave challenge at the end.
    Some dodgy passing in defense.
    rooney is now officially demoted to 284th best player in the world.
    Lampard didn’t do much.

  16. Landon Donovan officially promoted to BEST player in the world (at least as far as us Yanks are concerned) :D

    Congrats to the 3 Lions, m8s.

  17. Good play by Milner and Defoe, too. Glad to see that England actually won something in this group. Good luck against Ghana/Germany.

  18. landon donovan has just been interviewed,he said our team embodies what americans are all if this is the case,why are all of the team not overweight?.

  19. Bit controversial what I’m goin to say but anyhow;

    I cannot remember an England side ‘play’ better than today in a WC. Under Sven we won but we never played as well as today. The passing, moving and pace was excellant.

  20. i would agree with that stu,the gloss has been taken off it a bit with those FAT B*****DS topping the group.

  21. Trojan 69…
    Being overweight is not what we’re all about, just like the English are not all about having dreadful teeth. We may in fact BE overweight, and you may in fact HAVE bad teeth. But, we’re about determination, grit and fighting until the end.

    There you go…

  22. Thanks OHurley, just putting up a defense for the US side of the house. Apparently when your country claims top spot in the group, you’re no longer welcome on the club supporters site.

  23. Also I might add that the weight problem in the US is not confined to here. I’m sure y’all have plenty too. Don’t believe everything you see on the Beebs, people. There’s a lot of Americans who are more fit than anyone else in the world. There’s a lot of Americans who are extremely health conscious (myself being one). Hell, I eat salads loaded with every kind of green veggie you can throw in there. I run, I play footy, I play tennis, just like MANY other Americans. AND I have wonderfully straight teeth. :)

  24. No prob, NorCal. The English are just a little jealous they didn’t finish first in the group lol

    Ya know why?

    Cuz they’ve got Wayne Rooney instead of Landon Donovan :D

  25. UTD-

    Thanks m8!! Thought the 3 Lions looked pretty good today too, and I’m inclined to agree with Stu. Played VERY attractive footy. Should’ve won by more than ya did.

  26. To our American cousins.
    You lot did well. I knew y’would, good team ethic.
    england were undone by their lack of goals scored.

    rooney looks injured or something.
    & the ‘or something’ could have something to do with what i heard today about him.

  27. ohurley and norcal maybe america will now click in why they call it football because u kick the ball with the foot lol and not run with it in ya hands and throw it :lol:

  28. Batty-

    Man, you’re preachin’ to the choir lol! I’ve been the staunchest advocate of “renaming” it to football. Makes no sense why we have a sport based off of rugby and we call it football. Doesn’t make sense lol!!

  29. Clint-

    Thanks m8. The score of our game didn’t do the lads justice. They played their balls off today. Had SEVERAL opportunities that just didn’t fall quite right and resulted in misses and deflections. But in the end, our Savior came through and bagged a beauty.

  30. My solution to the whole football/soccer thing is to simply call it footy. That makes all the difference.

  31. Batty…that’ll never happen, unfortunately. A lot of times I will call it round-ball vs. point-ball.

    However, I did see an article on the origination of the term “soccer.” Invernted by…an Englishman. Had something to do with the way you all used to add “er” to words, so Rugby became “Ruggers.” Well, he looked at the FA Football Association, and for some reason took the “soc” out of Association and and added the “er” to make it soccer.

    So, to that end, technically we’re using an Enlgish term. However, i agree…I prefer football.

    Someone may want to check into the validity of my above explanation, because I found it a wee bit of a stretch, but then…where the hell else would the word “soccer” come from?

    In my bracket, I have the US and England meeting again in the finals…so far it’s still a possibility.

    Good look to you Lions throughout the rest of the tourney.

    Clint, what did you here?

  32. OHurley says:
    June 23, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Man, you’re preachin’ to the choir lol! I’ve been the staunchest advocate of “renaming” it to football. Makes no sense why we have a sport based off of rugby and we call it football. Doesn’t make sense lol!!
    <<<< nothin like our rugby man u lot are padded up too the hilt like the big fairys they are :lol:

  33. OHurley, don’t bite man…let this conversation go…it’s been had too many times already.

  34. NorCal/OHurley – The word was derived from Association Football, which was the original term given to the game in the 1860s at the elite schools that spawned the sport in England. The abbreviation “Assoccer”, which became “soccer,” was used by the British upper classes of that period. When the sport was embraced by the less fortunate, the name of “soccer” was passed down. But most commoners used the word “football” to describe their new game.

  35. toosy aye that aboot right like the yanks are up them selfs thats why they call it soccer :lol:

  36. “OHurley OHurley says:
    June 23, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    My solution to the whole football/soccer thing is to simply call it footy. That makes all the difference.”

    That’ll upset the Aussies, who call their Auzzie Rules Game “Footy”…

  37. WOO HOO! Vindication…We Yanks use an English term to describe the game they brought to the world…the rest of the world doesn’t.


    Ok…sarcastic celebration is over.

    Thanks, Toonsy for that though. I wasn’t just making crap up then…good to know.

  38. NorCal,
    that’s bang on about the term ‘soccer’.
    It was coined by some upper class twot at private school who shortened down the word association to soccer.
    So it is, as you correctly point out, an english term.

  39. A well tasty morsel NorCal.
    Don’t know if i can say at this point, let’s just say, if/when england exit the WC it’s all gonna spill out about him.
    Not very becoming like.

  40. The 2 best teams went thru,we may not have played like a team for the first 2 games but got there in the end.

    there’ll be a spring in ya step tomorrow OHurley when ya delivering ya papers ;-)

  41. batty,
    tbf, gridiron players go in well harder than rugby players, hence the pads.
    Hail to the Redskins!

  42. Ye, Batty. You gotta remember there are hundreds of thousands of British Expats in South Africa and we are huge followers of the English Premier league. I’d say there is more support for the English leagues than our local leagues. And our fan clubs are massive.

    From now on the local support will be split in order of size for Brazil(purely as they are many peoples second favourite team), England (loads of Expats), Netherlands (those with Dutch roots), Portugal (those with Portugese/Mozambiqean root), and the same for Italy and Germany.

  43. Well, the nights performance was a million miles away from what we’ve seen the past two games! Kept the ball on the floor, the one touch stuff was good, it was fast paced and we should have scored alot more than we did like.

    The back four should also take huge compliments. The likes of Upson and Terry were throwing themselves infront of everything that was given, was pleased with that.

    MOTM has to be Milner for me, he was brilliant. Tracking back constantly and his crossing was spot on. Always whipped in to a dangerous area with pace, along with having the ability to beat his man on numerous occasions. People still seem to think he’s the same player we sold. He isn’t, he’s progressed incredibly quickly since moving to Villa and now looks very good.

  44. “CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 23, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    tbf, gridiron players go in well harder than rugby players, hence the pads.
    Hail to the Redskins!

    Clint, I’d still rather be tackled hard in a grid iron game with padding on than run into Bakkies Botha or Bismark du Plessis on the rugby field mate.

  45. jj,
    y’wouldn’t mate.
    You obviously don’t watch gridiron.
    rugby is for the middle class, so they can think they’re hard.

  46. Maybe English rugby is for pansies but over here. We play hard – thats why we are the best in the world. Put a GridIron player on a rugby field. He won’t last two games without getting injured.
    Although the change in rules over the last years have softened the game somewhat.

    If you said NHL then maybe you’d have an argument!

  47. kna clint them american pansy players are overpaid vain pussys man ya divent see many with teeth missing

  48. Sorry lads…work distracted me for a bit.

    Batty at 133…would never call a gridiron/american football player a fairy…those dudes are tough…pads are there for a reason…but, I am not going to hash it out…we’ll agree to disagree on that one.

    Clint @ 136…dude…that’s just mean…you can’t put something out there like that and not expand…but, respect you’re decision.

  49. rugby is for the middle class!

    Gridiron kicks it’s ass as a spectator sport.
    Bone crunching!

  50. Richie-

    There might be a spring in my step when I’m runnin’ some ‘shine… I don’t work the paper route anymore lol!


    Did I see that right???? You’re a ‘Skins fan??? HOLY F’N SHIT!!! I didn’t think y’all english blokes even knew the first thing about Throwball teams haha.

    To be sure, we DO go in a LOTTTTT harder in gridiron ball. I mean, running back is hauling ass up the line, and gets clocked by a lineback. Together, their combined speeds are usually about 30-40 mph (don’t km’s, sorry). Now imagine hitting someone headfirst in a head-on collision going that fast. Wouldn’t you want pads?? Rugby lads are tough. REALLY tough. But they ain’t that tough. It’s not humanly possible to withstand some of the hits in gridiron without pads. People would die. Literally.

  51. O’H,
    been a Skins fan for many a year, in fact right back to Theisman, Riggins, Art Monk & Darryl Green’s rookie year.
    A while then, huh?
    Love it mate.

    Haddaway batty, y’rugger bugger.

  52. CLiNT – That would be good if you passed it on ;)

    As long as it isn’t libellous. I don’t fancy being harassed by a bin dipper :lol:

  53. Sorry to bang on but just incase ya havnt read the link @12 if ya can take a minute to look(and maybe give) it would be appreciated……….shy bairns get nowt and all that………..promise I won’t mention it again(for at least an hour) ;-)

  54. May bad OHurley

    Its just that over here in my country, only the women wear pads… ;)

  55. Rich – :mad:

    You forgot to say that toonsy isn’t a tight twat, and despite getting grief from you miserable b@stards, has still put his hand in his pocket and given to the last two charity things on here ;)

  56. JJ says:
    June 23, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    “Its just that over here in my country, only the women wear pads…”

    Quality :D :D :D

  57. toonsy,
    i’ve been told something well saucy about rooney, from someone that works in the ‘football biz’. They reckon it’s all gonna kick off once we’re out of the WC to try & avoid putting them off their stroke, as it were.
    Don’t really wanna publish it here as it could backfire for you/us/the blog.
    Obviously, like all these kinda things, i’m taking him in good faith & ain’t 101% that it’s all true & kosher.
    So just trying to keep a watching/listening brief for now.
    It could explain why he’s not been ‘on song’ so far this WC like?

  58. OMG, Rooney is actually a woman, and forgot to take his pill, and is pregnant, and is suffering from morning sickness and severe cravings, did I hear that right? :lol:

  59. Toonsy,contrary to popular belief isn’t a tightwad and is a very generous lad……………how’s that Toonsy? :lol:

  60. JJ – That’s feck all mate.

    (before clicking this link, think twice if you are eating, or are easily sickened)

  61. jj,
    why england don’t kill everyone at rugby, cricket & tennis is purely because the middle class over here play those ‘sports’.
    If the working class had took them up properly, you wouldn’t have a chance mate.
    Those games are for pansies ower here.
    Soz mate, but it’s how it is here.

  62. Rooney smokes 20 a day and Capello wont have it, hence his cravings and anger issues? haha :D

  63. toonsy,
    take out the elements that are obviously daft & what you got left?

  64. Really, is that why your football team has been unbeatable for all these years?

    What sport is it that England does exactly take up properly then Clint?
    The reason why your rugby team hasnt succeeded much lately is because they can’t cope with the physicality and size and speed of the Southern Hemisphere.

    What makes you think our rugby and cricket isn’t a middle class sport here?

    Those sports are only played by about 20% of our population – which is less than your middle class population by some way.

    Our dominant sport played by 80% of the nation is football, yet its our weakest sport. Dont get your logic there…

  65. They already have kids, why would that put him off form, unless he made another “with child”.

  66. Toonsy

    Ye, I had to go watch Phil the Power Taylor once over here.

    Real athlete that guy! ;)

    Clint, I’ve seen ballerinas break their legs in worse accidents ;)

    Honestly, I think there are more hard tackles in Gridiron, however, I still think rugby is the tougher purely because they have no protection, and have to handle the same hard tackles (albeit less often). Just my opinion though.

  67. jj,full of it,cricket is not that supported or played that much by the working class,same goes for rugby union,and rugby league is only played by small towns in england.clint you said you were a fan of skins for years,there’s only been two series lol.
    i know it’s a bit harsh calling the yanks overweight,you gun crazed,baton twirling,twinkie eating,grits eating,corn bread eating,boring sport playing,but try to make them more interesting by adding statistics,cheerleading,have to label everyone in high school audio visual geek,jock etc…,prom attending ffs,cadilac driving twats lol.

  68. Not colleen, or whatever her name is?

    don’t wriggle so hard, it’s unbecoming & leads me to say:
    The lad doth protest too much, methinks.

  69. jj,
    just banta mate. ;)
    rugby u will never catch on over here man.
    It’s all about demographics.

  70. If true what an idiot….bloody footballers p*ss me off,they’re living what we all dream of and still they’re not happy.

    I’d give my left leg to be a footballer….lmao :lol:

  71. clint is that the best ya can do aron ramsey edquado and loads more so that makes our real football harder than the fairys dus it ?