Jonas will not feature at right back for Newcastle.

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Gutierrez: Won't be seen at right-back!
Gutierrez: Won't be seen at right-back!
Wor Spidey’s Argentina team aren’t doing to shabbily at the World Cup are they? Let’s just say that I wouldn’t mind England being in their position anyway!

Our lad Jonas has been playing in a position that us fans are unaccustomed to seeing him in, right-back, which kind of lead to a train of thought that perhaps he could cover in that position for us when he returns from World Cup duty, especially now it seems that Danny Simpson looks likely to miss the start of the new Premier League season. In fairness, he hasn’t been overly impressive, but Argentina coach Diego Maradona seems to rate him in that position, and he has played in both group matches thus far. He won’t be in action later though as he serves a one match ban earned by picking up a yellow card in each of his previous two games, but he should return to the starting line-up when the knockout stages begin.

Despite his showing at the World Cup, it seems that Newcastle manager, Chris Hughton, will resist the urge to use Jonas as temporary cover for our own right-back slot as he would prefer to use Jonas as an attacking force in his more familiar left-wing role.

“I spoke to him the day before the Nigeria game and I knew he was going to be playing there. The Argentina coach likes him there and played him at right-back before the World Cup.”

“I have not considered him there, but I know it’s a position which at certain stages Jonas can drop into as he is good at the defensive side of the game. However, it is not a position for which I will be considering him.”

Jonas has attracted criticism from various pundits at the World Cup, and particularly from Newcastle legend Alan Shearer who described him as the weak link in a strong Argentina team for his display at right-back against Nigeria. But in fairness, it’s hardly a position that he has been used to playing in for the last couple of seasons.

In my opinion, when combined with Jose Enrique, Jonas helps to make a pretty decent left-side for Newcastle as he does track back to help out the defence whilst also giving us the option of breaking forward quickly. If he was played at right-back then we would lose that in our team and a fair chunk of our limited creativity would be taken away.

Ryan Taylor will be expected to be given a run of games in his favoured position whilst Simpson recovers, and we also have Steven Taylor who can cover at right-back if we become desperate. Despite that though, Hughton hasn’t ruled out dipping into the transfer market if we need cover the position.

“My priority is to make sure we are covered in every area by the start of the season. That might mean looking for someone else if that gives us the right level of competition.”

“It is not necessarily going to be the case that we bring someone else in. We already have players who can play that position, and it is something we will have to look at closely.”

I’m happy that we will be keeping Jonas as an attacking threat, as despite the fact he can frustrate at times, and that his final ball can be somewhat wayward on occasion, he does possess the ability to do something different, to unlock a defence.

For that alone, he is worth sticking on the left.

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32 Responses

  1. Didn’t everyone know that Jonas was played there(with argentina) before the WC?

  2. I meant unfamiliar as in we haven’t seen it ;)

    It was just an urban myth until now :lol:

  3. yes he was shit! not a right back never must be playing s.taylor their if he plays that mug r.talyor then watch us get riped apart down that side rather play jonas and that is saying something.

  4. Is this the same Ryan Taylor who played there for Wigan? The same Taylor who scored three (yes 3) winning goals against us from right back? The same Taylor that didn’t get relegated with him playing there for Wigan?

    Just curious ;)

  5. right back and left toonsy is were most top sides break down the wings.r.taylor is 2 slow only got a freekick in him never hardly played for us last year so he wont get a game if we are buying players would u bring him on toonsy .

  6. Right back and left back is where most top sides break down the wings?


    Next you’re going to tell us that the Earth is round.

  7. But we won’t be playing ‘top’ sides every week. Against Man UShyted, Chelsea or the top 8 then fair enough, but is Taylor really that awful that he can’t compete with the likes of whoever plays for Bolton on the left wing?

    It’s them games in which we want to get the points, anything against any of the rest is a bonus.

  8. Ryan Taylor is a great squad player to have in the team. He showed his versatility and scored a few goals as a substitute.

    I think his delivery from set pieces suffers when he tires, but he’s a serviceable RB/RM. Maybe will benefit from playing Citeh twice a year, lad can only score on Given!

  9. Agreed FFS – R Taylor is more than decent cover for Simpson.

    I get the impression some people expect us to have someone like Maicon warming the bench!

  10. that should have been FSS – don’t want to get you confused with our fat ex-chairman. ;)

  11. Have to say would love to go to a world cup , England better get it and Ireland better qualify for it!

  12. toonsy just got in and switched on ive had south africa half time full time :lol:

  13. Can’t even remember what I had. I know I had 1-1 in the Mexico v Uruguay game.

  14. If these Samuel stories are true (which i doubt) then i would rather we had no money to spend and loan Van Aanholt instead.

    Its slightly worrying that the only two cash signings we have been linked with in ages are Samaras and Samuel :(

  15. Bloke in work: I see Stoke have put in a £7 million bid for Carroll.
    Me: seriously! There’s nothing on sky sports news?
    Bloke in work: no it’s in the daily star!
    Me: oh fcuk off!!!

  16. ….. “toonsy ya tw at ya kna thats hitman iam 6ft fukin 5 man”

    What time’s the poetry reading start Batty?