Hughton again hints at new signings.

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Confident of signing new players.
Confident of signing new players.
Fully refreshed from his recent holiday, Chris Hughton today returned to work in the cauldron that is Newcastle United, and was promptly put on the spot by the local press.

It seems that although Hughton has been away from his office, work has still been ongoing to make sure we have a squad capable of competing in the Premier League next time around, with the gaffer sounding decidedly optimistic regarding bringing in new faces. Rumours have been rife regarding the signing of some veteran players in the shape of Sol Campbell, Andy O’Brien and Jimmy Bullard, the latter of which is apparently joining Celtic, although Hughton has revealed that we were never really interested in any of them anyway, with the focus thought to be remaining on signing players who still have their best years in front of them rather than behind them.

“There’s been talk about Sol Campbell and Andy O’Brien in the past and there are always names that keep coming up – but we have not looked into signing those players,” Hughton told The Chronicle. “And Jimmy Bullard is another player that has not been mentioned.”

So the next time anyone hears anything regarding these three players, we can safely disregard it as we have now heard direct from the horses mouth that they are of no interest to us. Hughton then spoke about what he is up to, and most importantly for fans, how transfer business is shaping up.

“It’s business as usual, but I can’t say that while I’ve been away that anything has really stopped. You always continue to take calls and our business has been on-going. There are some players we are interested in and we’re open-minded about those options.”

No doubt there will be some form of backlash, as desperate fans demand to know just who we are interested in, and why they weren’t signed yesterday. Unfortunately though, it again looks like we wont get to find out if we have signed a new player until a deal is done, much like what happened in January.

I still don’t expect any player movement anytime soon, although with only 85 days of the transfer window remaining, time is ticking. Yes, that was sarcasm, mainly born out of frustration I may add, as Hughton has already said, several times, that business wont be conducted until later on this month at the earliest, yet we still get the same old lines trotted out, admittedly mainly through frustration.

Of course that is understandable, but to conclud that our season will be an uphill struggle from day one, isn’t. We can only pass a full and frank assesment of what this window holds when it actually slams shut, although it will be much harder to say that if we roll around to the first game of the season with the same team as what we have now, for some that is not acceptable, regardless of whether or not the current team can survive.

At the end of the day, Hughton has dropped enough hints now to suggest that players will be arriving on Tyneside, and does it really matter if we buy them, or if they are loan players, or free-transfers? I certainly don’t care what they are or how much they cost, as long as they can help us to survive.

It’s sad, but that is unfortunately our aim for next season, anything else would be a bonus.

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215 Responses

  1. 3 or 4 players in reqd urgerntly – by hook or by crook!! no pun at Ashley there mind!!
    2 defensive, i creative midfielder, 1 striker – that should do to start with and build from there.

  2. The cauldron that is Newcastle United?
    Er Right.

    The place is dead-no deals are happening – and when/if they do I am sure they will not fan the flames of excitement.
    Not to Cauldron Status anyway :)

    Welcome Back give Mick a bell he has got your war chest ready for you.
    An old golden virginia tin with a grand in cash rolled up nice and tight.

  3. It was more a hint towards fan anger bubbling away slowly, SJT. You inspired me on that one ;)

  4. Guys, aren’t we forgetting one thing, even if we bring players in that are Free or on loan, we still have to pay their wages, so there is obviously money there for that or we would have already been told no new players at all, as we have no money :)

    So at least there is money there for wages at least :)

  5. Yeah Cyprus and once Big Mick shifts 3 1st teamers Carroll,Taylor,Nolan possibly Jonas depending on his end of World Cup value MA should be quids in so to speak :)

  6. See, that is another thing that I have yet to hear outside of the blog.

    The stadium name.

    Every mention I here of it the name remains St James’ Park, with no mention of the Sports Direct.

  7. Come on CH sign a new Coach and somemore kids for the 2019 season..plan ahead like Arsenal,start a soccer school in france…Do Something !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. From BBC Article above.

    Newcastle United courted controversy among the club’s supporters last season when they changed the name of St James’ Park to @ St James’ Park Stadium until the end of the campaign.
    It was used to showcase the retail company controlled by club owner Mike Ashley.

  9. Surely it is beneficial to the team to sign a player sooner rather than later. I mean the longer they have in preseason together the better their link up play and partnerships will be. But with Mike Ashley I get the feeling the way his business will be conducted will be a gamble, leave it to the last minute, dont pay a penny over the odds, if it can be left long enough the selling team who ‘need the money’ will lower their price for quick sale… just my opinion.

  10. Butafter the intial furore, who has referred to it as the Sports Direct? Apart from Newcastle fans?

  11. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:21 pm
    Butafter the intial furore, who has referred to it as the Sports Direct? Apart from Newcastle fans?

    Come on, toonsy! Stop knit picking. We all know the stadium is Sports Direct @ St James’ Park. I’m not bothered but lets not try and ignore it.

  12. right i am going to keep this on a football only level. The article also hinted that CH has done bugga all yet in terms of really trying to get any new players in – if you read the full thing and not just the snip that is on here. It worries me as i think we should have some serious progress by now and we clearly do not.

  13. Anyone seen the England team?

    Looks like the first choice defence playing today but Hart is the keeper. Will he be first choice? He would be my first choice – He’s the most talented out of the three of them and I think you have to trust the talent.

  14. Ah well, it’s June and I suppose the pre season gatherings must begin in mid July (?) with the season starting in August.

    I’m sure we can relax in the knowledge that all incomers’ll be in place to take part in the usual pre-season bonding, training etc!


  15. Craig – Relating to the article, all the direct quotes are in there from The Chronicle, apart from the ones about new coaches. The rest is all paper supposition that I replaced with my own.

    Lesh – July 8th I think we are back for pre-season.

    Stu – My point is, have you ever heard it referred to as SportsDirect@SJP? I haven’t, apart from the original fuss, and then subsequently from Newcastle fans.

    Point being, nobody else is battering an eyelid about it, apart from some of us ;)

  16. I think the signings will be Cleverly from Man utd on loan and Harewood from Villa plus maybe a defender if were lucky .Hope i am wrong .

  17. I hope you are wrong as well Axel :)
    Not expecting anything even slightly lavish being spent by MA-A loan or two and maybe train some top clubs kids then send them back improved.

  18. Harewood would be an excellent addition. His work rate was sorely missed when he went back to Villa…

  19. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 3:39 pm
    Harewood would be an excellent addition. His work rate was sorely missed when he went back to Villa…

    Oh turn it up, toonsy man!

  20. Stu, I wasn’t being serious…

    Rooney onjured? Can’t believe it! Anyone watching it?

  21. And if them horns are a taster of what is to be used in the full tournament, then I wont be watching any neutral games.

    Annoying things.

    I expect the lowest viewing figures for a WC in a long time to be honest.

  22. Having attended a Kaizer Chiefs match in South Africa a year ago, I can say that the horns actually help create a good atmosphere within the stadium.

    They are a bit annoying over the TV, but I think we shouldn’t bash the way another culture shows support at matches.

  23. Watched the USA match Saturday and had to mute the TV after 10 minutes. But hell- it’s their country they can do what they want.

  24. Thanks Toonsy @20, feel better now knowing that CH’s got back in time to oversee what will be a spate of talented incomers by mid July. He’ll be all prepared to welcome the current squad back from there jollies and welcome their new team-mates.

    It promises to be a hectic four weeks on the transfer front….. with all the deals signed up whilst he’s at the World Cup…..

    Chris and his scouts’ll spot the stars he wants, a tap on the shoulder, sign here son and bingo – welcome to Newcastle United’s Theatre of Dreams!

    Can’t stop trembling with excitement.

  25. MDS – Thats right, but they have to force anyone to watch it. Personally, I can’t watch football without TV commentary, so I would rather not watch it than out up with that racket.

  26. MDS – Aye, some sod told me he was injured, and I missed the first 20 or so minutes of it so didn’t know for sure and took his word for it.

  27. Don’t get me wrong, Toonsy. Those damn horns are going to ruin the WC for me. I’m certainly not as psyched up about watching non-USA matches as I usually am….but I’ll still watch.

  28. So what is everyone’s starting line up for England’s first game?


    Johnson – King – Terry – Cole

    Lennon – Lampard – Barry – J Cole



  29. MDS – As an American, should I do something for the World Cup?

    Or will there already be enough about it?

  30. We’ll defo need a defensive midfielder, toonsy.

    If Gerrard and Lampard play in the middle we might get over ran as they’ll all be in the opposition half.

  31. Also Heskey has the touch of a 2 year old. Rooney just lay one on a plate for him and he couldn’t even control it, let alone shoot.

  32. Yes, that was amusing, and then Heskey had the gall to flap his hands in frustration at the bloke running into the box lol

  33. Three negative spins from me –

    (1) Surely to feck we have something in the pipeline already? We’ve had long enough.

    (2) Can we afford the signing-on fee and wages of freebies that will make a difference?

    (3) Will ‘effective’ loan signings want to come here without guarantee of games and will big clubs be able to let these youngsters go given the new rulings?

    One positive spin –

    (1) Erm…, it’s not August yet.

  34. I can’t see him taking Heskey and not starting him to be honest. He’s not what you’d call an ‘impact’ player? Unless he’s there to hold the ball up and run the clock down but Crouch and Defoe will do a similar job.

  35. If Rooney finishes another like that in the actual WC that could be goal of the tournamount. Top volley!

  36. Toonsy- your call, but a little preview on match day might be fun. I can send you a few thoughts on our team as I assume most of our players are unfamiliar to the majority of posters. You can use how you see fit…

  37. I will have to do it pretty early in the day as chances are that I will be steaming drunk in a pub by kick-off…

  38. Toonsy,

    There is no way England can win the World Cup… Ashley just hasn’t invested enough money into the nation!

    ;) Just trying to practise how I can get back to the topic you trying to avoid.

  39. Haha I honestly don’t think England will win it anyway. I think it is probably the worst squad we have had for a good few tournaments, in my opinion.

  40. Got a feeling this is not going to be England`s year, despite the decent run to qualify.
    Ferdinands absence will leave a hole in defense and playing Lennon is like playing Jonas and having Johnson behind him at RB, who`s going to defend?
    Barry has never been anything but mediocre and that`s what is missing on this side a midfielder who can boss the side.
    Neither Lampart or Gerrard can fill the role, but i would rather see both at midfield than Barry
    Rather have young Johnson from Citeh than Lennon, least he has a football brain, doesnt just charge down the wing until he runs over the line and Johnson knows how to cross a ball.
    Think Crouch could do the job with Rooney, gets to the high ball and has a soft touch for such a giraffe, can also find the net.
    Joe Cole on the LW ? dont think so, was never a winger, inside playmaker.
    Goes to show the lack of English talent when one has to play people out of position to put a team to-gether.

  41. What about this part of the article toonsy?? This seems to say to me that all we have been doing so far is looking at people without any real conviction.

    “It’s really about the next stage for us, which is beyond the inquiring stage and showing some real interest in a player. There are some players we’re interested in, and we’re open-minded about those options.”

  42. Baring in mind that we normally get to the Quarters I think we can go one better this time. Team is as good as 2006 but we have a manager who is a million times better than Erikson was. He can make the difference.

  43. Probelm is Stu, I just don’t see anyone who can change a game coming from the bench. With Crouch there then we will just be relying on hoof balls if we need to get back into a game.

  44. Craig – I’ll take your word for it, but that is what happened. It wasn’t me trying to deliberately mislead anyone or owt.

  45. dunno stu… i think gerrard looks pap at the minute, our keepers are crap, we have issues on the left, up front i think i only like a crouch/ rooney pair and the middle is lacking in bite. Back is rocky and knackered if JT (hate the bloke but good defender) gets a knock. I am sure we will get out of the groups but after that its on lady luck.

  46. Neither did Italy last time.

    It’s cup football, so anything can happen.

    I happen to think that only Brazil and Spain are teams we should be bothered about.

    A great tactician should not be underestimated at the WC – He can make a real difference.

  47. na na, i am not getting at that at all. jsut saying that the full quote leads me to think that we aint really even started doing bugga all yet as such. unless CH is playing it right down .

  48. how many world class players do you think we have?? as in, how many do you think could walk into barc or real etc and get a first 11 straight off….. just rooney maybe?

  49. World class? Rooney, Gerrard (based on Liverpool form), Lampard (based on Chelsea form), Terry – can’t think of many better individual defenders than him tbh.

    Keeping it World Cup related, anyone seen North Korea? They will only be screening games in their country if they are winning 8O

  50. craig chisholm says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Not quite sure how you can say we have problems at the back – We have the best left back in the world, Terry is world class on his day, I think Ledley King is top notch (Providing his fitness holds up) and this WC will be about attacking full backs – Not many better going forward than Johnson.

    In midfield, Gerrard again in world class and any team in the comp would have him, Lampard is a world class goalscoring midfielder and someone like Joe Cole can produce moments of real quality.

    Attack – Well we only really have Rooney, that’s why I would play him up front with Gerrard behind him.

    All in all I think we get blinded about the other teams, look at them:

    France – Joke!
    Germany – Poor.
    Argentine – A shambles!
    Italy – Too old and not talented enough.
    Holland – Always blow up and dogy at the back.

    Spain and Brazil are the only ones who stand out – Everyone else is much the same.

    If we play one of the them a good plan and we stick to it – Anything can happen.

    I think Spain will win it, but if you look at our path through to the semi’s we should get there at least.

  51. I’d be shocked if the winners weren’t either England, Holland, Spain, or Brazil. Germany may not be themselves, but always find a way in tournament play.

  52. Stu – I have never worked it out, who would we get in each round theoretically?

  53. If we win our grp we’ll play runners up in grp D – Germany, Ghana, Australia or Serbia.

    Then in quarters we could face France, then the semi’s. It’s not too hard a route to be honest.

    Semi’s we could meet Brazil.

  54. But lets be fair Craig, Barca have the midfield of the World Cup favourites, but I bet any other team would take the both of them in midfield.

  55. toonsy.. up until this season i would have said gerrard myself… he has had a very average season at best with liverpool. he knows it, everyone knows it. he has even admitted it himself.

  56. Listen, dont be counting any chickens, Brazil and Spain already is it ?
    Perhaps youse guys should be thinking about your own group, aint gonna be any walkover Saturday, as we seriously intend to kick ass.
    I really dont know why England`s rated (probaly because of the qualifiers) but there`s not one genuine LW on the side.
    There`s no (Roy Keane type)in midfield, Lennon lacks a footballing brain, much like Jonas, they are like the ever ready battery just run and run and……
    Lampard and Gerrard cancel each other out and leave no room for J.Cole.
    Ferdinand will be sorely missed with King and Upson doubtful as to fitness.
    Johnson is more of a winger than a RB so there will be a hole there.
    Apart from Rooney, Terry, A.Cole Lampard and Gerrard the rest are mediocre well maybe J. Cole.
    Really don`t see this side going anywhere, 44+4=48,
    Howeh The USA !

  57. We could have a team with more holes than a collinder, but the opposition have to be good enough to take advantage – Which you’re not.

    Your defending against the Aussies was unbelievably bad from set peices.

    It could be 5-0 on Saturday.

  58. I’d certainly try and off-load best and get boyd in for a straight swap..

    any update on the giant screens Liarass mentioned last season??

  59. Mark – We could only afford a 48″ screen so they decided not to bother.

  60. Stuart – I heard they were waiting so that they could get the £150 saving from switching to digital ;)

  61. england’s keeper’s are a liability.
    Their defense is injured.
    The midfield cancels it’s self out.
    rooney will get sent off cos he’s a knob.
    The rest are mis-shapes.

    Capello is good though, so he might squeeze something out of a bad bunch.

  62. & they’ll probably get a headache from all the zuluvulva’s or whatever they’re called.

  63. you all talk some shite come on england they should be our release from the gash we put up with our club!!!!

  64. I’m allowed to be negative about teams i don’t support.
    That’s normal.
    Are y’seeing the difference?

  65. danny,
    if it’s release y’after, you’re barking up the wrong tree with england mate.

  66. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I couldn’t give a flying, to be honest.

  67. danny,
    Na, Geordieland, it’s a small country just north of england, just south of scotland.

    Ok Stuart, me too.

    I’ll try & do an england team then:

    Johnson(i suppose) Terry Dawson (probably) A Cole
    ? Lumpard or thug boy Gaz Baz ?
    Heskey rooney

    F888 knows who i’d have on the wings like.

  68. clint ye carry on following the yanks good luck to ya anyone who joins them are generally knob jockeys anyway

  69. craig chisholm says:
    June 7, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    “this is gonna sound bad lads but i dont really care much for the national team anyway. ”

    So that’s two things we agree about, Craig. It’s called being a Geordie, I think?

  70. dont fansy spain one bit,have some great players,always seem to but when was the last time they won owt,history says they dont travel well,theres always a first time like but have my doubts

  71. Heres the best of a bad bunch,

    Hart-Green or James, (dont matter)






  72. Hmm, not so sure. I think player for player, Spain are probably the best team out of the lot. Having said that, it is a knockout, and greater teams than theirs have failed before..

  73. Don’t get the “I’m a Geordie, don’t give a sh!t about England” mentality??!!

    What’s wrong with being proud and passionate about both?

  74. AYE TOONSY like greece winning it the year before doesnt say much does it,ssn reports CH says F.FOSTER could be going on loan to norwich

  75. TOON CHICKEN aye might ask 365 (big dave) what odds he will give,worth a flutter

  76. tc@102…. for me, you probably answered your own question when you said the word – passionate. i just do not think that – other than rooney – the england team has any passion. it is void of heart and soul imo like. look at rooney, the bloke is head and shoulders better than every other player we have and yet he has the most passion and i like the fact that he is driven to be the best. if we had ten more like him, fcuk yeah, i would love my national team.

  77. fair do’s cc – the way I see it though is it’s like the Toon – like it or not we’re saddled with them.

    I agree that for the most part a bunch of over-paid, over-pampered prima donnas.

    I still love my country though and will support them through thick and thin til the end.


  78. still don’t get why being a Geordie has owt to do with supporting England or not though.

  79. Is england proud & passionate about Geordieland, i think not?
    They don’t even know we exist, ’til they want our lads for war, industry etc.
    We are just factory & cannon fodder to england.

  80. Icedog – I still think the Forster has been pretty much nailed on for a while now ;)

  81. Aye,
    Forster should go play for norwich again next season, i think he always was too.
    Definitely don’t want him helping leeds up like.

  82. CLiNT – of course England loves Geordieland – just look at Ant or Dec, Cheryl “National Treasure” Cole, Gazza…

    I’ve lived in London, Leeds and Manchester, as well as the Toon, and in my experience there’s a lot of love up and doon the country for us Geordies.

  83. The step up to champ level is a perfect situation for Forster.
    I’m sure everyone involved must think the same too.

  84. Ice where have ye been Buddy I hear you were out helping Batty furnish the bunker is there any truth in the rumors you’s are putting a mini bar in it fully stoked with JD’s like ? ;)
    Lads im surprised you’s arnt really worried about England I allways thought the Geordies were proud of their Nationality well most of the one’s I knew were stunch England supporters.

  85. Clint @ 114, I get the “Bear” and “Poope” thing, but what is the one about Hitler? Is that an English thing?

    GO USA!

  86. TC,
    aye y’right, if y’talking about ‘people’.
    I’m on about ‘england’, the ruling class etc.
    The ‘english’ (the nobs et al) are a throughly detestable bunch. That throughout history have made us look like a bunch of c***s.
    You know where i’m coming from, don’t ya’?

    We are totally under represented, like a lot of other areas in england. They only want us when they need something.

  87. NorCal,
    Do bears-shit in the woods?
    Is the pope-cathoholic?
    Was hitler-a nazi?
    You get me?

  88. BIG DAVE,been on most days m8,must have missed me while you were counting your cash ;),been putting new 3D tv in bunker that batty found by the roadside ;)

  89. I gotcha, Clint…I know the first two, never heard the “Hitler” one…

    Of course, i genrerally like to twist them a bit:
    Is a bear Catholic, does the Pope sh#t in the woods…

  90. BIG DAVE,hope since you got your comp fixed you are running a spy/virus check once a week m8,if you need a good one let me know m8

  91. Ice the Lass has been counting it while I have been building her conservatory ;) . im sure you and Batts will enjoy the WC in 3d mate dont forget to get stocked up on fizzy stuff aswell since Batty doesn’t drink.

  92. Na, soz, CLiNT – I don’t know where you’re coming from.

    For all its flaws I think England is a great country full of great people and I’m proud to be classed amongst them.

    Guess we’ll just have to beg to differ on this one. :)

  93. Lads,
    don’t get me wrong,
    i’ll be checking out most of the games, for footballs sake.
    I just can’t say i ‘support’ england.
    It gans against the grain.

  94. BIG DAVE nay battys happy with his dartboard has photos of ashley on it like

  95. Richietoon Rangers, oh and I like yer pic mate ;) is it you or Buster :lol:
    Ice cheers mate I have one but thanks anyway

  96. TC,
    nee sweat mate.
    I’m a political bazza when i get gannen like.
    Got no problem with people supporting england, get stuck in. It’s just not for me.
    Bit rich for my taste.

  97. Big Dave……I still have to look twice mesel but honest it’s Buster……….was attached to an Irish Rangers mortar platoon for medman in Canada,mad as F*** they were,great lads.

  98. So just because we live in a Northern city were some insecure inhabitants think nobody cares for us we don’t support England?

    Well with patrotism like that I’m sure our armed forces are really proud of some of you.

  99. Richie tell me this did you’s allways get attached to other regt as I know Engineers that have been attached to loads of different regt but never heard much about the REME as a regt on their on, if you know what I mean ?

  100. Oooh, now do I hoy that abusive username out? Or do I ask the man who criticised Stardust for creating multiple usernames, Stuart79, to post under his normal name? ;)

  101. toonsy is a….
    Ever so slightly deeper than that mate.
    My bro’ has been all over the world fighting in the name of this country thanx. & i’m well proud of him & me great grandad who fought in both world wars.

    Supporting england isn’t patriotic.
    It’s the crass jingoism that pisses me off.

  102. The only time you get REME on their own Dave is at a REME workshop which carry out 2nd line(the bigger more complicated) repairs.I always prefered to be attached to another unit as then you were part of a smaller group.At a REME workshops you were one of hundreds and apparently loads of backstabbing went on.

  103. I thought you were joking when you said it was Stu earlier today, toonsy??

    Surely not!?

  104. Apologies, that was still logged in on my iPhone.

    I stick by the content though.

  105. Richie meant to say was that back in the early 80’s I think 83 – 84, if so my mate lost most of his hand in that excersise when a grenade prematuraly exploded.
    So did you still have a strong sense of belonging to REME or did you feel as sense of belonging to Regt’s you served with.

  106. If I were an England fan, I wouldn’t want Gerrard or Lampard in the same team… and on form I wouldn’t want Gerrard to start. So:







  107. I was still at school then Dave,joined ’85.It was always REME first mate,you worked together,had REME accommodation and a REME bar,you did mix with the lads from the regt’s too but mainly with other REME.

  108. JJ – if it was on form then you definitely wouldn’t want Carrick anywhere near the starting XI.

  109. get a north eastern republic team and i’ll support them,or a nothern england team where anyone born past birmingham doesn’t qualify and we can have home internationals against the southern softies,that would be great.
    never understood the love for london united that the england team is.

  110. BIG DAVE TOONSY on counting his money now takes him half a shift,takes the dog as he has to bury it,cannot find his way back,often gets lost on a few things ;)

  111. Trojan,
    you are so right mate.
    england fc is londoncentric.
    & no mistake.

  112. Pity Johnson didn’t make it. He’d have given England cover on both wings. And he has a sweet left boot.

    I had my money on Ivory Coast as dark horses for this WC but Drogba looks to be out.

    Drogba, Kalou, Dindane, Gervinho, Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure, Emmanual Eboue, Boka, Didier Zokora, Keita. They are are very strong team.

    Now I think, Spain, Brazil, or Italy (boring boring but still)…

  113. I was there ’93 can’t remember hearing anything about it,mind I was pissed alot.

  114. see heskey missed another open goal (10yds) out,header,if hes a inter/striker i”ll stand naked in fenwicks window

  115. Aye jj,
    capello missed a trick not taking the other johnson.
    Him & walcott are better than lennon & milner.

  116. JJ agree 100% on johnson,i said ivory/c few days ago,drogba might still play yet m8

  117. Soz Dave, Hi, Im irritating mackems at the minute, and think I am about to get banned from their board :lol:

    Stu – Tut tut ;)

  118. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 7:57 pm
    fair do’s cc – the way I see it though is it’s like the Toon – like it or not we’re saddled with them.

    I agree that for the most part a bunch of over-paid, over-pampered prima donnas.

    I still love my country though and will support them through thick and thin til the end.

    <<<<< thank f@ck theres a real english man on here well sed TC

  119. Later Icedog :)

    I’m actually getting into a bit of World Cup fever now myself.

  120. Not yet batts, will do it tomoz, forgot all about to be honest mate.

    Tomorrow, I promise :)

  121. Aye starting to look forward to the big ko on Friday and the England game on Saturday.

  122. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 7, 2010 at 9:48 pm
    How batty,
    don’t take offense at what i wrote mate.
    <<<< where clint ?

  123. Just found out it’s 3 years to tthe day since Ashley took over.

    If I had known I would have done a nie piece on him :lol:

  124. the best laugh ive ever had on the blogs was when i pinched every 1s nicks on ed judases blog people didnt know who was who lololol

  125. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    “CLiNT – of course England loves Geordieland – just look at Ant or Dec, Cheryl “National Treasure” Cole, Gazza…”

    FFS. We used to have George Stephenson, Joseph Swan and Earl friggin’ Grey, WTF happened to we like?

  126. Ant & Dec are two of the most talented tv presenters of the last 50 yes. Should be proud of them, not comparing them to people from about 100 yes ago.

    Anyway, England – I love watchin England in major comps. Cannot beat watchin down the pub or even better on holiday.

    Come on England, we can do it!

  127. Let’s get our excuses in early…

    even though I’m not a massive England fan, I’m going to hypocritically cheer them on during the World Cup.

    However, after we limp out of the tournament at the quarter/semi final stages, we can immediately point to the root of the problem –

    “There are 2.25 million players in England and only one Uefa-qualified coach for every 812 people playing the game. Spain, the World Cup favourites, have 408,134 players, giving a ratio of 1:17. In Italy, the world champions, the ratio is 1:48, in France it is 1:96, Germany 1:150 and even Greece, the Euro 2004 winners, have only 180,000 registered players for their 1,100 coaches, a ratio of 1:135”

    Pretty staggering really. I read this on the train into work the other day and promptly forgot about it until I was getting a lift back 5-a-side from a lad at work who is currently doing his Pro Licence and remembered the article.…hortage-england

  128. so what do u none supporting geordies class ur selfs as if ya not supporting england jocks paddys taffs or just t0ssers

  129. I wouldn’t wanna be a member of a club that would have me as a member.

  130. With you there Worky. I mean, how often does Collingwood get any credit for winning the battle of Trafalga? After all, he was the one who took over after Nelson was injured and Collingwood fought on to the end and won. What did he get? Small statue at Tynemouth, Nelson, massive statue in London. Along with all the others you mentioned, we never seem to get the credit for producing so many ledgends

  131. batty-Good to see another one who’ll get right behind England at the WC. For me, I’m a Geordie, Newcastle is my team, but I’m English aswell. Proud to be English, I’ll support my national team.
    Definitly got WC Fever already like. Cannot wait for it all to get underway. As Stuart said earlier, there’s nowt better than getting to stroll into any pub with the lads, pretty much any time of day and know you’ve got footy to get stuck into. I’ll end up watching pretty much every game I imagine. Whats your predictions for us? I think Semi’s are a v real possibility with anything past that being “the dream” lol

  132. That’ll be the cult of celebrity, worky. Certainly not exclusive to the NE.

    BBM – very interesting that like. I’m almost certain if there had been a few more decent coaches in the town I grew up in we’d all be talking about me as a future Geordie no.9 and not Carroll :)

    Way, mebs not ;)

  133. Ross – I thought I’d be watching most of the games n’all – till I heard them damned vuzzyvellas in the England game today.

    Muck Fe – and I thought Stuart was annoying :) ;)

  134. batty-thats the thing mate, we’ll always need luck on our side like. I reckon the usual suspects like Spain, Argentina, Italy, Brazil etc will all be up there but we win our group and we could avoid a bad draw for us until the semi’s. Brazil apparently looked excellent the night but I reckon if you pressure them on the ball, come at them, dont give them time to play, you can throw them off their game. Far easier said than done though.
    Alot of my mates have had a canny punt on Robin VP finishing the tournament top scorer, some of them on Holland to win the whole thing. Who’s your money on?

  135. TC-Haha, I was at work so I missed it mate. My original thought was “It’s their country, their atmosphere, it’ll add to the whole occasion and I’m looking forward to hearing it”…However, having heard comments from a large majority, the general consensus is “F*ck me, my TV will be muted for the next month” haha

  136. Well we certainly need to look at why every other country seem more comfortable in posession than we are. Technically we are still behind almost every country.

    Too much win at all costs attitude in junior football and they play on way too big a pitch as young uns.

  137. bowburn/Stuart,
    None of us wanna coach, we all wanna play.
    Glory hunters, the lot of us.

  138. In junior football it’s just a case of playing on a big pitch, getting the biggest player up front and hoof the ball up to them. It’s really poor I think.

    On the world cup – if we cannot get to the semi’s we don’t deserve to even be thought of as potential winners. We have the easiest route than we’ve ever had.

    If we get there, anyhting can happen.

  139. Stuart,
    right & right.
    Kids should be being encouraged to play a short game, develop skill, go past players.

  140. Funnily enough, the coaching I did in the States was all based around short games and possession from a really young age. These were British coaches influencing the game too.

    Not sure how much that will be reflected when we play USA but it’s strange why so many of them head off to South West California with it’s sunshine, beaches and babes to be treat like superstars, instead of coaching over here. Oh hang on…

  141. england always have as good a chance as any team, if they get outta the group.
    They just always crumble, get no luck or have key players injured or sent off.
    Can’t really see that changing. Although it’s gotta all go right once in a while.
    So, y’never know.

  142. Anyway, enough about me…

    The lad who dropped me off tonight has been networking, such is the demand with the ‘jobs-for-the-boys’ attitude of employing coaches.

    He fell into conversation with Beye’s agent, who claims that he left because of the uncertainty surrounding the club and that nobody could give them any answers. He never wanted to leave but felt the Villa offer was right time, right place and Newcastle hadn’t made it clear whether he was part of the plans or not. But it has been made clear to him, that he’d not be welcome back in the squad.

    Nothing we probably hadn’t already concluded but there you go…

  143. He’s bound to say that to a Geordie, isn’t he?

    But we ( the english) seem hell bent on playing 2 different games. One in our leagues & one internationally.
    Though how we expect to play other teams at their game & win always baffled me.

  144. True ClintF…….we should stick to what we know.Play the way the players are used to.

  145. your right BBM,quality photo.It must have been hit with some force to bend that nose.

  146. @sirjasontoon
    Welcome Back give Mick a bell he has got your war chest ready for you.
    An old golden virginia tin with a grand in cash rolled up nice and tight.
    haha.nice one