England v USA – World Cup match preview.

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England kick off their World Cup campaign this evening by taking on the USA in Rustenburg’s Royal Bafokeng Stadium.

England boss Fabio Capello will have his men drilled and will be expecting to take three points from the opening game of the group, although the USA should by no means be under-estimated. The Americans are currently ranked at number 14 in the world, and although that is six places behind England, it could indicate that the result tonight is far from nailed on.

Today is the day the World Cup really starts for me as depsite how nice it was to be able to watch the football get underway yesterday, nothing beats the chance to see your own country represented on the world stage.

Team selections have been understandably kept under wraps although I reckon that I can make a pretty good fist of guessing who will play, although I guess you guys will decide on that later whilst I am in the pub. The opening match is always a hard game to judge as there are so many questions to answer. Will we start off slow? Will the USA start off fast? Whatever happens, we will all have a better idea of just how both teams look by later on tonight.

England have managed to get through the build up without suffering anymore injuries, thankfully. Rio Ferdinand would no doubt have featured, but Emile Heskey fell over him and he was ruled out of the tournament with a knee injury, the curse of the England captaincy strikes again.

Gareth Barry is appraoching full fitness although it is widely percieved that this opening game will come too early for the Manchester City midfielder to start in, with a place on the bench looking the most likely option. James Milner also looks set to miss out after contracting a virus during the week.

Who plays in goal will be another question that is up for debate, with the choice being between David James, Rob Green and Joe Hart. Capello has said he knows in his own mind what the starting XI will be for England, so lets have a guess at what he is thinking and try work out what the line-up will be. I personally think it will be along the lines of;

England: James, Johnson, King, Terry, A Cole, Lennon, Lampard, Gerrard, J Cole, Rooney, Heskey.

USA coach Bob Bradley will have a host of familiar faces to choose from as looks to assemble a team capable of winning the match. The current USA squad is a real advertisement for just how much their team have advanced in tha last few years, as the vast majority of their players now play in the top leagues around Europe.

Former Newcastle defender Oguchi Onyewu is back to fitness and is expected to start tonight after recovering from a long term tendon injury. That will leave my stab at naming a USA team looking something like;

USA: Howard, Bocanegra, Onyewu, DeMerit, Cherundolo, Dempsey, Clark, Bradley, Donovan, Findley, Altidore.

The USA are quite slow starters to tournaments having lost five of their last seven opening tournament matches, and perhaps more worryingly they have a tendancy to concede goals in those games, with an average of over three goals hitting the back of their net.

In contrast, England have only lost one of their last fourteen group games in a major tournament and have managed to keep seven clean sheets in their last nine tournament matches.

The form book is kind of irrelevant though as both teams face somewhat of an unknown quantity in a competitive environment. Despite that, I remain confident that England can triumph and am tipping them for a 2-0 win tonight.

Come on England!

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149 Responses

  1. congrats toonsy…
    the yanks wont be any push overs,tricky game for england this one

  2. A tough hard fought game, but I think 2 – 0 England with Rooney and Lampard scoring the goals.
    I think we`ll start with James in goal, midfield not sure, having both Joe Cole and Lennon in the side is perhaps too much attacking flair, there may be a more defensively minded midfielder in there somewhere.

  3. they’re never as easy as people think…didnt they beat Spain recently and narrowly lose to Brasil…or was it the other way around…I should stop drinking beer until later :-)

  4. all right boys, have a great afternoon / evening and enjoy the big game wherever you may be. Off down town for a couple of sneck-lifters before the big match, hope to find a big screen in some beer garden somewhere.

  5. As I said in the last post- 3-1 England. A few breaks for the US, or a sloppy England performance, and it could be 1-1.

    Looking forward to the Argentina match. I think its got to be 5/1 that Maradonna gets a lifetime FIFA ban from soemthing he does in this tournament. Personally could see him racing accross the pitch during play and drop kicking a linesman in the face for a dodgy offside call.

  6. milner to start ahead of cole after impressing in training this week. This is also because of his defensive qualities rather than attacking purposes. He wont lose the ball as much

  7. afternoon munich ;) hows the weather in hun land :) lol
    must say i think the Quality of WC has been lush so far, am expecting a tough game the night, but fully expect england victory iehter same as toonsys 2-0 or 2-1.
    say munich my m8 works at the big exhibition centre in munich, been doin that for a few yrs now

  8. Think it could be a tricky one but i’m looking for everything to come together and us get a solid win to start us off. We’ve started slowly in the last few friendlies, which i dont think we can afford to do here at all. The US will be up for it but I think we have the quality to beat them.

    Watching S Korea here, Greece look really poor.

  9. i would predict yankees 1-1 britons…….rooney to get a yellow at least. :lol:

    ps: was actually deciding to bet 3-1 to england,but the defense of the yankee’s are not totally that bad. ;)

  10. AOD- usually our D isn’t bad, but very unsettled at the moment (which is making me very unsettled).

    Is SK this good or Greece that poor?

  11. South Korea are a decent side, and they run like hell, all the time! Just look at Park at Man Utd. Non stop!

  12. Anyway,do rmb to take a look at our very own Newcastle player later.

    the spiderman. :lol:

  13. SK looked good in my opinion.

    @AOD- he’s a much better player than he used to be but coming back from injury he looks slower than usual…not exactly a pacey player to begin with:)

  14. I’m ganin to the bar Toonsy…..then at least if we play crap I won’t remember it ;-)
    wor lass is gonna wear her Spain top…whats that all about??

  15. I’m a bit worried that the Yanks will be to quick and fit for the likes of Terry and King. Johnson won’t help them he will be to far up the field posing for the cameras

  16. I wonder how many Yanks will even bother to watch the game. They are probably the least deserving country from an interest point of view to be present at the World Cup, even North Korea are getting more excited to be there.

  17. Big Willy apart from South Africa the yanks are supposed to be the best supported team there

  18. Mick G- I think Big Willie makes a good point about Findley- he could cause the CBs problems with his pace.

    Toonsey- my friend’s bar opened at 7:00 this morning for the Cup but just got a text that he’s already packed (who says we don’t care over here?). So going to have some friends over to the house instead- we’ll get the grill going and dive heavy into the green bottles starting in about an hour.

  19. they reckon the yanks will have 8k at the game and England 6k……don’t know if that takes into account ex-pats tho.

  20. Looking forward to the argies game see how Jonas gets on-USA sound really geared up for the match tonight should be a good game.

    Well done on the 200th Blog Toonsy-hopefully we will have some proper transfers in the the next 12 months for you to write about…not holding my breath like :lol:

  21. “I wonder how many Yanks will even bother to watch the game”

    Pretty uniformed right there. 24 hour coverage going on over here- it’s completely taken over the news. More tickets sold to Americans than any other traveling country

  22. Thought I would go and treat myself to the England top, but not for £55 that they are charging at JJB 8O

    I’ll be gannin all retro this year B)

  23. I’ll be watching it at home with the wife and fair few bottles of Doom.

    I think it’ll be our toughest game in the group but I reckon we’ll still win. 2-1 I’d guess.

    It would help make my day if Argentina lose too (although I think that’s unlikely).

  24. USA will get better especially if they have a good run…massive population just distracted by american football and rounders :)

  25. Big Willy – Don’t forget, North Korea are only communicating the games to their people if they are winning.

    I’ve heard it’s a very liberal place to live :D

  26. Can’t be no more of a prison state than the UK Toonsy-Democracy = 3 wolves and a Sheep voting on what’s for dinner mate.

  27. beer in the fridge chillin,bbq get fired up,the bairn at her nannas,fkin happy days :)

  28. SJT – But at least we do get some freedom of choice. Can you imagine us having to not watch the England game unless we are winning?

    Same for the US, even though I know the secrets of Denver airport ;)

  29. toonsy says:
    June 12, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Big Willy – Don’t forget, North Korea are only communicating the games to their people if they are winning.


    I read somewhere that South Korea were going to try and block North Korea’s TV signals of the World Cup, which would certainly teach them never to torpedo one of their boats again.

  30. toonsy says:
    June 12, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    “Thought I would go and treat myself to the England top, but not for £55 that they are charging at JJB”

    They’re much cheaper than that from Mike, Toonsy.

  31. Worky – I know, £35, but I could spend the differenc in petrol travelling the distance to get one.

    Can I ask a favour, whilst you’re about?

  32. toonsy-I got lucky. Old man bought me the red one for my birthday and i’d already said i’d buy the white one myself before i knew he was getting me the away. It did only cost me £40 at JJB though?

  33. Worky-There is however an amusing twist in Mikes ShirtIs. I’ve seen lots of Sports Direct adverts plugging the “special edition” S.A England shirt. I didnt fancy it but my cousin goes and gets himself a special edition shirt from Big Mike. He shows me at and my thought is “quite glad i didnt get that, the south africa crest is just ironed on!”

    Couple of days later i’m in JJB, and there’s the special edition shirt. Strange I thought as Mike was plugging it as an exclusive. I also noticed upon closer inspection, that the S.A crest was infact stitched into the shirt, and looked far more professional than my cousins.
    I personally found it quite amusing, the iron on looked a little wonky on my cousins shirt aswell, felt canny sorry for him after i saw the proper ones in JJB.

  34. Ross – Honest mate. £55. Ridiculous, but then I guess it is my own fault for leaving until the last minute :(

  35. Rich – Nah. Closest is 20 miles away. It’s the backwaters where I live mate ;)

  36. Toonsy-Thats rubbish mate, £55 is shocking. I got mine last weekend and i’m pretty sure it was £39.99. Good to see Jonas starting for the Argies though. I have Messi in my fantasy team obviously so i’m looking for a good game from him. Had Mascherano in there aswell but i swapped him for Schweinsteiger at the last minute.

  37. 20 minutes there 20 back nae botha………I’ve got the white one,I like the red too but I don’t wear red ever…….childish I kna but I cant bring mesel to wear red……….besides it doesnt go with my eyes :lol:

  38. Ross – Nowt like a bit of profiteering on the people that leave things until the last minute ;)

  39. Toonsy-Very true mate. A shame but it happens. Jonas presented with a yellow there, will have to watch himself second half as it’s already been pointed out he’s a bit of an inexperienced defender.

  40. I’m watching the game in a pub by Birmingham university, lots of nationalities always makes it good fun.

  41. Jay Jay – What on earth are you doing for your beer money?

    Don’t answer, I ehink I know 8O

  42. Managed to sort something out, haven’t resorted to being a rentboy, someone in the pub has one of those pissing horns, I’m gonna get banned.

  43. I wasn’t talking about people actually at the world cup more whether they’ll be watching on TV back home, still I’m happy to be corrected.

    As for NK I doubt if many of them even have home TV’s.

    As for Jonas at RB I havn’t been to impressed so far but if he was able to play for us there then it would be a bonus next season.

  44. The English match is what’s upped the ante over here…even casual fans know half the English squad…

    Well I’m off to begin the pregame. Good luck to you…I’ll stop by later if I can still type

  45. the argies r lookin v good goin forward, messi looks absolute class. if u were to give me 20 quid to pick a winner id prob back argies, now at 5’s whilst were on 8’s.

    s korea looked canny 2day, v tough group. must say ive been impressed with the footy played so far :) lets hope we can progress, coz once in the K O stage owt can happen in a 2 horse race, nd lets hope wayne keeeps hios cool, nd picks up the golden boot, he has the ability no doubt. do u reckon we will be able to hear the england fans above the horns ? they dont annoy me as much as it does others ;) HOWAY ENGLAND…

  46. enjoy ur afternoon MDS i reckon we will beat ya , but am realistic to know it will be tougher than some pple r anticipating. USA play well as a team, which is the way to go, if ur not banking on a few superstars, s korea adopt that ethos nd weve just watched them murder greece. so england to win 2-1 ;)

  47. alanmc09 says:
    June 12, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    come on america fu*king hate england ba*tard rooney!
    <<<< get ursel run over by a bus ya dirty c unt

  48. if there calling rooney an english b astard there calling us all 1 the dirty t0ssers

  49. good mate but heard a few storys aboot them yanks off me son he got back the other day

  50. taking back handers at check points and putting our lads in danger bunch of useless b@stards

  51. Tonight Rooney is our player and i will be rooting for the whole team, only two dissapointments for me are the inclusion of Heskey, unbelievable, and Beckham on the coaching staff?
    One hasnt palyed all season and golden kncakers has no coaching qualifications so how can they justify his plane fare and accomodation?
    I always have that in mind when looking at the England merchandise and also Capellos 5m wages, obscene.
    Anyway, Rooney to score tonight and i reckon three nil scoreline, yanks should stick to rounders and the watered down version of Rugby.

  52. Hereby introducing myself… hi.. and just saying, goodluck with your match tonight.

  53. Criticizing troops in the field now Batty? A new low. You’re a discredit to your fine country.

  54. batty says:
    June 12, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    “taking back handers at check points and putting our lads in danger bunch of useless b@stards”

    Batty, My dad used to tell me an old saying from when he was in the navy during the war.

    “When the Germans bomb, the English duck.
    When the English bomb, the Germans duck.
    When the Americans bomb, EVERYBODY ducks!”

  55. ffs this is a footy blog, lets keep to rippin eachother over football.
    beers r in fridge nd just done a quick hooverin, gettin ready for the BIG un ;)

  56. I thought maybe Dutch/Danish from the Frisian islands but different spelling….unless we spell it wrong?

  57. Well, off to bed, Chinese make you work weekends whenever there’s a holiday during the week, and there’s a holiday during this week… so…
    Anyways, have a good one, and again, goodluck tonight… yanks shouldn’t be much of a problem but they can suprise from time to time…

  58. did anyone see that t.v report during the iraq war when the american soldier called in an airstrike on his own position killing his own men,and the iraqi lads that were fighting along side them,totally incompetant.

  59. different spelling….
    There’s frisian spelling, English spelling and Dutch spelling

  60. The English spelling is actually more accurate than the dutch spelling… Makes sense since I’ve read somewhere that Frysian is the oldest form of English still around… don’t know how accurate that is, you know the internet…

  61. Not all of them Craig,unfortunately it happens sometimes human error sometimes bad luck…….any chance of getting back to the footy tho? :-)

  62. Come on lads, lay off the US servicemen/women, they have sacrificed proportionately as many of ours for the cause, they are among our strongest allies together with the commonwealth forces so just give it a rest.
    We would be supporting Germany if it wasnt for their help in WW2.

  63. didnt know that Frysian….and Geordie is supposedly the closest dialect to old English in England……..English by birth,Geordie by the grace of God ;-)

  64. bigbadbob says:
    June 12, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    “We would be supporting Germany if it wasnt for their help in WW2.”

    No bigbadbob, we would be supporting Russia. Well, we would if they had qualified anyway.

  65. The air’s just always fresher up north isn’t it? (frysland is in the north)

  66. yeah very similar richie… like last season, we looked dodgy as hell half the time but always came through in the end! thats england too. dunno why beckham is there.. wtf??

  67. Aye the airs cleaner(apart from Middlesboro and Sunderland) and the people friendlier.

  68. God bless him….and the award for stating the bloody obvious goes to……….Supermac.
    Whey I was hoping wor lass was joking about wearing her Spain top to the bar…..it would appear not :-(

  69. MDS says:
    June 12, 2010 at 5:23 pm
    Criticizing troops in the field now Batty? A new low.
    <<<< ya fukin prick its true your yanky soilders are taking back handers of the afgans some not all

  70. MDS says:
    June 12, 2010 at 5:23 pm
    Criticizing troops in the field now Batty?
    <<<< most of them hide on base and let our lads do the work ya dipshit

  71. can I just say that out of the 22 players starting I only got 1 wrong!

    I am amazing :lol:

  72. MDS says:
    June 12, 2010 at 5:23 pm
    Criticizing troops in the field now Batty? A new low. You’re a discredit to your fine country.
    <<<< go and take ya c0ck and shove it up obamas ass

  73. Come on England, you fckin bastards!

    Just on the train from York and I’m in the mood!

  74. I would like to see Hart in goal. SWP and Joe Cole on the left hopefully. Come on England.

  75. Had it not been for the USA you cnut`s would be speaking German, c`mon a bit a respect here.
    We pulled your chestnuts outta the fire in two f*****g world wars and all we get is resentment.
    What kinda F*****g people are you ?

  76. shut up chuck you tit…………we held them off with the Russians while you built up your forces,even then you only joined in when the Japs bombed you…you owe the Russians/Canadian us and others as much as we owe you so grow up and is there any chance of you ever coming on here without insulting someone….I doubt it.Learn your history,get some knowledge and grow up.

  77. yaalreet johnny @9……

    afternoon munich ;) hows the weather in hun land :) lol
    must say i think the Quality of WC has been lush so far, am expecting a tough game the night, but fully expect england victory iehter same as toonsys 2-0 or 2-1.
    say munich my m8 works at the big exhibition centre in munich, been doin that for a few yrs now

    Mega weather in Munich mate 25 degrees, beer gardens full. I know the exhibition centre, just east of the city.. Fresian…welcome brother, there´s a Frescian area of Jaarmany too, bordering on the cloggy islands Langeoog etc up north nice area, crap weather, reminded me of summer in Cullercoats

    richietoon…english history books read different to american history books mate ! There is another blog string elsewhere mate, last nights posts got really scary mate !!!…Steveie Wonder…ebony and ivory, peace and harmony and all that..thats what we need today !

  78. Munich,thats probably the one I just commented on mate…….got a bit nasty it seems.

  79. richietoon, dead right, you picked up on it ! You’re probably glad you were safely tucked away with your six-pack watching the game !…I got the impression some people were bouncing of the walls last neet !

    One thing probably a few of us have in common today – a thick heed and a hangover from hell !

    p.s. come on Germany !

  80. I cant bring myself to support Germany mate…….had me fry up hopefully that’ll pull me round.How come ya in Der Vaterland?

  81. richietoon…can understand it mate, bacon and eggs are just the job for a sore heed !
    Met wor lass, she’s German, moved here in 1999, been here in Munich on and off ever since. After a bumpy start, I really enjoy living here, though theres a saying here daaan saaf …I live in Bavaria, it’s close to Germany ! I’ve nowt to do with the military mate, offshore background.

  82. Its a nice place only went to Bavaria a couple of times adventure training,went t o a little island,think it was called Lindau? was a canny place.Never made the beerfest,we always seemed to be on exercise or on active tour when that was on :-(

  83. Aye richietoon Lindau would be right, it’s on the Lake of Constance (Bodensee in German). Beautiful place too, I lived there for half a year. The Munich Oktoberfest is cool, may miss it this year though due to work commitments. If you ever make it ower for the beerfest I’ll look after you …though 12 euros for a krug of beer is a bit brutal !

  84. doon toon Hameln wasn’t too cheap for a pint that’s why we used to get pissed in the bar on camp first 90 pfennigs for a bottle of Becks and DM 1.50 for a double and mixer that worked out at 30p and 50p at the time…happy days………aye i’D like to visit Germany again but at the moment we’re thinking of moving to Spain so holidays elsewhere are on the back burner for now.

  85. richietoon…I know that strategy mate, better for the old bank account. A few Britanys at home to get warmed up, then down down for the rest of the night.
    Spain, nice one mate, whereabouts ? Spanish is much easier to learn thatn German IMO !

  86. Wor lass is originally from Madrid but we’re thinking of Alicante area as we can live in an apartment there for free until our house sells……….I find Spanish harder than German.I find it easier to pronounce,Spanish kills me :-(

  87. Alicante sounds good mate, get stuck in, a bit sun on your back is all good ! …naff footy team though…if they even have a footy team ?! Get your lass to give you 1 on 1 spanish lessons, offer to hoover the apartment once a month in return..

  88. richietoon…sounds like you’ll have no trouble picking up work in Alicante !…toonsy can work as your translator if push comes to shove !

  89. Munich – Maybe, not sure, never really thought about it. I have a pretty good grasp of Spanish but wouldn’t say I was 100% fluent. How come?

  90. sorry toonsy, I was trying to make a bizzare link between richietoons 12″ penis comment and your Spanish language claims…too much caffeiene from my side…sorry..