Carroll to open contract talks.

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Carroll: New contract talks in the offing?
Carroll: New contract talks in the offing?
It looks like Newcastle are going to make a move towards securing the future of one of it’s rising stars, with Andy Carroll tipped to start negotiations on a new contract.

The Chronicle say that Carroll will be offered the chance of securing his long-term future on Tyneside, which is something that will come as a blow to the likes of Bimingham and Stoke who have both been long term admirers of Carroll, apparently. The constroversial Gatshead one-punch machine gun made a move a few weeks back to distance himself from leaving Newcastle and insisted he is happy playing regular football for his boyhood club. And now it appears that he will be offered the opportunity to spend his his next few years developing on home soil, whilst also upping a sale price if any club should come sniffing around for the player.

Carroll is of course currently in the middle of a court case regarding a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and his not guilty plea entered yesterday will mean that the whole debacle drags on into next season when there will be a four day trial held at Newcastle Crown Court.

Anyway, I spoke about his controversial side in more detail yesterday so I wont cover old ground. So getting back to football, Carroll has the potential to be a future England player, in my opinion. Granted, his escapades last season were in the second tier of English football, but in that he showed just how capable he can be of improving at a rapid rate.

The thing that worried me about Carroll is that I always thought he was a bit one-dimensional, with his heading ability being the main focus of his game. But to my surprise, we saw that Carroll can actually use his feet aswell, both for shooting and for bringing team-mates into play. His hold up play and distribution improved dramatically over the course of last season, and that can only be a good thing.

He also proved his fleet of foot ability in front of goal at times. Granted his main threat was in the air, but does anyone remember the volley form the edge of the penalty box against Plymouth? Or how about the deft finish at Doncaster where he sold their ‘kepper a dummy before rounding him to finish off a run that was almost half the length of the pitch?

Carroll can be anything he wants to be. He can be a future England international, or he could be another of the games nearly men, the lads who show a lot of potential only to not realise it and drift around in relative football obscurity wondering what could have happened. Both avenues are open to him, but to ensure he can get on the path to the first option he needs to get his head right off the pitch.

The age excuse can be used, the fact that he is young and will make mistakes and all that. I used to say that to my Dad, and he used to say that using that excuse wont last long as age moves on. Funny how parents have a canny knack of being right isn’t it? I would never admit it of course!

The same applies for Carroll, and as his senior I can be well placed to afford him the same advice as my dad gave me.

Take notice Andy!

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64 Responses

  1. Not bothered if he stays or goes-can see him being offered more cash else where and seek a more ambitious club like wolves,brum,stoke or west brom.

  2. Well done you Mike – fookin man up it aint some gay social networking site !

  3. How long it’s taking? It’s only 3rd June!

    I couldn’t care less how long it takes, my problem is the fact I don’t think we’ll spend a penny. Which is strange really, as I think Ashley is pissing all over his chips!

  4. malchick says:
    June 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Close the door on your way out then.

  5. sirjasontoon says:
    June 3, 2010 at 2:02 pm
    Well done you Mike – fookin man up it aint some gay social networking site

    hahaha your cute a/s/l?

  6. davy says:
    June 3, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    “i believe we will make signings but am dissapointed with how long its taking”

    A comment coming 3 days after the European transfer market opened ;)

  7. The constroversial Gatshead one-punch machine gun

    Catchy nickname , can hear Andy Gray on sky sports now after Carrol hits a last minute winner against sunderland now :)

  8. toonsy

    Take the blinkers off, Weve already missed out on the likes of the likes of Chris Iwelumo, Joey Gudjohnson and Billy Painter, If we dont act now were going to hear about Nyron Nosworthy and Paul McShane being snapped up…

  9. yes the transfer market opened 3 days ago but teams hav been signing players long before that, we were promoted april they should hav had there targets identified getting them tied up, who knows they hav deals done but just arnt annoucin them yet, they havent even revieled the new strips yet even though they were leaked on the net things are movin very slow, am not worried bout the team think sqaud is good enough jus think we need a few additions to up the numbers in the sqaud n if there is no money there is some really good free agents who they should b makin there move on like kris boyd, or kallsram from lyon, jus fink we should hav them in before pre season, loan signings wont happen till late coz managers like to hav a look at them in pre season before they decide wheather there gonna let them go out loan

  10. Well I mean, if them kits were leaked on the net then they must be legit, right?

    I mean, it couldn’t possibly be a mock up? Or a prototype design could it?

    With regards to signings, who knows, we may have already made strides towards bringing people in. And before people say “no we haven’t”, how do they know?

    Nobody does.

    At the end of the day, Hughton has said that we wont be seeing any activity until later on in the month or early next month. So with that in mind, I would say Hughton has a pretty good idea of where he stands on the transfer front.

  11. Agreed toonsy , who is to say we have not agreed a price with a players club , player is interested in joining us but the club is question just wants to find a replacement before the transfer goes through? A load of things could be happeneing behind the scenes that nobody knows about , we just have to wait n see

  12. carroll signing a new extended contract would be great news. as would taylor.

    both potential england stars of the future…

  13. no toonsy the kits look very legit and they actaully really nice lookin kits espeacially the blue away one plain but very nice, yes agree of course things will b happening behind the scenes, n i every faith in houghton after the signings he made in jan window all good who i think can make the step up to prem level n before ppl mention best he is very good player if u jus lookin at goals then yes he has been rubbish but his all round play is very good n i jus think i needs good pre season with lots of goals to get his confidence up, n i wish ppl would stop sign a striker as replacement for best houghton isn goin to sell him

  14. we will sign a striker but will b to replace nile ranger who the club hav already said will go out on loan

  15. Doesn’t Carroll signing or otherwise depend on just how greedy his agent is?

    Wage demands could of course scupper any offer we put on the table and any player worth signing a long-term deal will surely want to see signs of ambition and wage increments etc that reflect his standing as a player as he develops into a…….. er……. galactica!

  16. Geordie galactico……?

    Hmm, I like it.

    Consider it stolen for future use, Lesh :twisted:

  17. chuck says:
    June 3, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    “Mostly boring, zzzzzzzz!”

    Imagine what it would be like if there was no World Cup? Three whole months of, well, nothing.

  18. So, I’ve been thinking about NUFC’s supposed/likely financial strains and other clubs like Portsmouth, Crystal Palace and others that have actually gone into Administration. Then i look at the likes of Man U, and Liverpool and others that also have large debts, but especially those 2 as their owners haven’t jerry-rigged the debt like Chelsea and Man City.

    How is it that Portsmouth and Crystal Palace go into Administration and Mau U or Liverpool don’t? How is it that the debt Newcastle has is seemingly so much more perilious than the likes of Liverpool or Man U. Surely 600 Million GBP is more threatening than 40 Million or 140 Million?

    I know I don’t understand all the finances and rules and whatnot, but it seems to me that a club with over 600 Million in debt should go into Administration before a club like Crystal Palace. Even if Man U sold every player on the first team at better-than-market value, they couldn’t pay off all of that debt.

    What am I missing? Can anyone enlighten me without having to send me to Football Finance class?


  19. I guess it’s because the income of the bigger clubs services the interest on their debts.

    The smaller clubs spent in the hope they would achieve some kind of success – they didn’t – now they’ve gone down the toilet.

  20. So, as long as they can make the interest payments, than no big deal, let them keep the debt. Interesting. I would think that surely NUFC can afford the interest payments…unless we went to a loan shark for the funds.

  21. Crystal Palace is a funny situation, where Simon Jordan took his toys home basically and put the club into admin.

    Liverpool and Man Utd can service that debt as their incomes are massive in comparision to ours. They are global teams so can sustain much more debt.

    The problem happens when a team has a bad season, like Liverpool have. They can only service their debt if they are successful on the pitch. Liverpool missed out on the Champions League which is a massive chunk of income that would have gone towards things at their club, like new players etc.

    Now they haven’t got that income, they can’t afford to buy the players (a reported transfer budget of £5 million) to get them back up to the level they need to be at to sustain their debts.

    Basically, they need to get back in the top 4 or else they run the risk of compounding the problem they have at the minute. They could probably scrape through 1 season, but anymore and they would seriously have to do something about it.

  22. NorCal ToonFan says:
    June 3, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    So, as long as they can make the interest payments, than no big deal, let them keep the debt. Interesting. I would think that surely NUFC can afford the interest payments…unless we went to a loan shark for the funds.
    <<<<< spot on ya right

  23. The problem with “just paying the interest” is, what happens at the end of the term?

    Liverpool, as an example, are spending £40 million on interest alone, that is before they eat at any actual debt.

    So say they have it for 5 years, on a loan of £300 million, they will have spent £200 million on interest and will still have to pay the £300 million off at the end of the term.

    Like an interest only mortgage I suppose.

  24. batty – Based on the last season we were in the Prem, then yes we are in the top 20. After this season just gone, we wont be.

  25. Toonsy, that’s what I was wondering too about Liverpool. Without Champions League income, I think they may be doomed in an ugly way, unless they get that buyer they’re after.

    Ok, so it really all comes down to servicing the interest payments only. Anyone have a clue as to what NUFC’s is?

    I know I am walking to the dark side when I say this, but I may have to then agree with MA’s decision to pay cash for the players we want and to pay off some of the debt vs. putting funds in the transfer kitty.

    Alright, well thanks all for the education, that helps me out.

  26. NorCal – We don’t pay interest on our loans, Ashley doesn’t charge us any.

  27. toonsy says:
    June 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm
    NorCal – We don’t pay interest on our loans, Ashley doesn’t charge us any.
    <<<< oh what a crackin fellow mike is :lol:

  28. Toonsy @ 40: Oh…well, if that’s the case…

    …then pony up Mike…spend some money! :)

  29. toonsy says:
    June 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    “NorCal – We don’t pay interest on our loans, Ashley doesn’t charge us any.”

    Hall charged 12%.

  30. Aye Batty, not bad mate, yourself? How is the lad?

    Your getting shit at these wind ups in your old age, I saw you dangling your maggot a mile away lol

  31. workyticket says:
    June 3, 2010 at 5:59 pm
    toonsy says:
    June 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    “NorCal – We don’t pay interest on our loans, Ashley doesn’t charge us any.”

    Hall charged 12%.
    ,<<<<< aye works but we did have a better class of team 1st class as 3rd class we have now

  32. hes comin home next week for a couple of week then go,s back for 2 week he booked his r and r so he could catch some of the world cup

  33. First two weeks of the World Cup? At least he wont miss any England games then :lol:

  34. This discussion on interest/debt is why I tend to give Ashley a bit of a break- despite some of the very poor things he’s done. If not for his interest free loans, we either would be paying huge interest rates to the banks (which if you don’t pay will result in administration), and may not have even been able to get a decent loan from them in the first place with all of FFS’s pissing away of future revenues.

  35. The sooner Liverpool and man ure go tits up the better, bunch of tossers anyway.

  36. Thanks Sirjasontoon@2. You unleashed your doom and gloom pretty quick there mate.

  37. Carroll is awesome, get him signed up and lets get a big name in to partner him. Somebody like Torres would be ideal or what about Raul from Real Madrid, a bit experience for Carroll to learn from. Toooooonnn!!!