Carroll and Lovenkrands deserve their chance next season.

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Carroll and Lovenkrands - The deadly duo?
Carroll and Lovenkrands - The deadly duo?
Well there isn’t much in the way of news as yet today, so I have decided to take a look at just how some of our players may fare in the Premier League next season.

I think it’s widely percieved that the squad at least needs depth added to it, so for a change I wont be looking at what players we may or may not get in, or indeed whether we are going to spend money or not.

What we can have a look at is what we have in the squad right now, and why not start with having a look at our strikers? Andy Carroll and Peter Lovenkrands have been rather impressive throughout the Championship campaign, and the pair of them have forged quite an effective partnership up front for Newcastle scoring 35 goals between them. The big man/little man combination seems to be working, and it’s an understanding that can only get better in my opinion.

People will point to the fact that these goals were scored in the Championship, and whilst that is true, there is nothing to say that this form and understanding can’t be continued in the Premier League. Both of these players have played in the Premier League before, albeit in more turbulent times, and both have scored goals.

A while ago I looked into the stats of Andy Carroll from our relegation season, and they will read that he made fourteen league appearances scoring three goals, which doesn’t look that impressive, but equally it doesn’t tell the whole story either. Of those fourteen appearances, only six of them came through being a member of the starting line up, with the rest being made up of nominal substitute appearances.

If you work it out, he has scored a goal approximately every 200 minutes. With his improvement in this season just gone, we can realistically expect the minutes between goals to drop, and whilst the 19 goals of last season may not be repeated, I think that double figures in the Premier League would be an achievable target for Carroll in the coming season.

Bit what about his strike partner, Lovenkrands? Will he be ok in the Premier League? The Danish forward is arguably the most technically gifted finisher on our books, and some of his goals last season were very impressive indeed. Again though, people will point to these impressive finishes coming in the Championship.

So let’s have a look at how he performed when he was with us in the Premier League. The record books show Lovenkrands made twelve appearances in our relegation season, and scored three goals along the way. So that is a strike rate of 1 in 4, which isn’t that impressive. But when you throw the fact he was played on the left at times, or as a substitute for a number of his appearances, then his record becomes a little better. Much like Carroll, a double figure goal haul would be a great return from the Dane next year.

I think with Lovenkrands and Carroll up front, we have enough to worry the defences of other teams. The sheer height and aerial prowess of Carroll combined with the speed and movement of Lovenkrands is a combination that not many teams have nowadays, and if used correctly could be of great benefit to us next season.

Lovenkrands in particular deserves his chance to shine after what he has been through recently with the death of his father. Plus there is the fact that he has turned down the chance to represent Denmark at the World Cup this summer so he can spend some time with his family, and so he can return to pre-season training in top condition.

Hats off to him I say.

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184 Responses

  1. I reckon they can. Outside if the top 6 (Bent aside) striker generally dont socre that much at all, and I reckon both of these are as good as Rodallega who only got 10 goals.

  2. Loven has chipped in with some vital goals in the champions league and UEFA cup for Rangers and Shalke and he got a few in the premiership last time so he deserves a chance.

  3. Double figures has to be a realistic target for both men. I have high hopes for them next season, both individually and as a strike partnership.

  4. They’ll get their chance as well, but that’s not to say we don’t need more options up front brought in. Don’t want us to rely on combos either – we need to be able to keep things open to changes – as we did last year.

    Carroll is on course to build on his watershed season. Loven is harder to call – his form dipped again in the last few games. I would like to see some competition for him in the support slot, a young and mobile player who is technically sound.

    They deserve their chance and did us proud but let’s not go into next season just assuming they will keep up that scoring ratio – we need a finisher (boyd), and a younger no.10 kind of player with good movement (sigurdsson, whittingham, park chu-young, toivonen, etc).


  5. Lovenkrands is an intelligent player and runs off defenders well but he’ll have a bigger task to face against top flight defenders. Carroll has come on in leaps and bounds in fairness to him, and most people on here know I was critical in my reports in the early part of the season. At the same time, his lack of pace may restrict his effectiveness but there’s no doubt he’s a handful in the air.

    If the midfield play to the forward’s strength then we might have a decent shot at holding our own against a few teams. But I genuinely think we’ll get shutdown against the better sides. I’m expecting a few bore draws at home.

  6. Facts? Facts? There is as much speculation in there as there is everwhere Stuart.

    You are only classing them as facts as they fit with your viewpoint, again.

  7. I think we should play with 4 strikers at once Best Carroll Shola Lovvenkrands and Rotate Ranger-but always play 4 at any one time-law of averages and all that.

    Gut feeling non are prem quality apart from Carroll who to be fair may turn into a quality striker (personally I don’t).

    So they all deserve to start 4 pronged attack and cross our fingers.
    On the plus side I am looking forward to seeing Best fumble around in the premiership against good sides.

  8. My new Goal predictor Software has just arrived Woop Woop !

    Best 0
    Carroll 5
    Nolan 3
    Ranger 1
    Shola 3

    I hope they are all in one match and we can break a new record.

  9. In addition to my four pronged attack-if we are on the back foot or a goal down then play with 5 upfront :)

  10. To be honest, I think there are plenty of facts in there toons, with a little ranting on the side but they’re always a good read on true-faith.

  11. Bowburn – I fail to see the ‘facts’ in there? Have they miraculously got an inside line into the club? Or are they just airing their viewpoint on a number things that have happened in the press?

    Granted, they are a good read, but to suggest it’s full if ‘facts’ is pure folly.

  12. I would suggest that it’s mainly those of a bedsheet persuasion that find TF to be a good read.

  13. This is hardly a premiership quality strike force Toonsy so don’t kid yourself-it will not do prem defences any damage-Shola has been shite in the premiership everytime and I have no reason to believe he will have changed-he even admits it himself in so many words…Ranger no chance looked shaky in the fizzys,Lovenkrands ok nothing outstanding,Best will fail miserably…Carroll might be a surprise but I see him getting less than half what he scored last season against very poor teams.

  14. The only fear I have with our strike force is in the games we will play against vastly superior opposition.
    What we need is a striker with a high work rate so that when we dont have possession for 60% of the game, our strikers arn’t standing up field twiddling their thumbs, alla Owen.

    We need someone with work rate, stamina and someone with pace who can break on the counter attack. But can also pressuruse defenders into making rushed passes.

    Carroll, is a target man and excellent in the air, Lovenkrans has pace and can counter and break the offside trap but hasnt got the work rate.
    Ameobi is … well … don’t really know how he became a footballer, no pace, no finishing, no workrate etc.
    So really, we are short of that type of player. Which is where Nolan will be crucial. But what if he gets injured? Who can fill that role – Vuckic???

    Problem is both Nolan and Vuckic are lacking pace for that role.

    Our midfield is fine, our defence needs cover on the flanks.

    Its all very well not having money to spend, but unless we get cover in certain positions – we are in deep deep trouble.

  15. TC – I wouldn’t say that, as it is a good read.

    But unless the definition of the word ‘fact’ has changed to ‘a thought that sits with someones viewpoint’ then that artyicle isn’t really fully of them, althiugh they do have the date of promotion right I guess, so that is a fact ;)

  16. I hardly see losing out on Beckford as a blow, Hitzlsperger is 28 and has been released by his last 2 sides in inferior leagues and hardly has any pace which is a common gripe with Smith and Nolan and cant even get into the German squad lacking Ballack and Frings, Pablo isnt needed as we have decent cover at centre half (May change If ST doesnt sign a new deal) and WBA need a shit load more to sort out some of their defending.

    The world cup hasnt even started FFS.

  17. Thats fair enought SJT, but FFS was there really any need to bang on about it endlessly like a moron trying to be funny?

  18. i find true faith a little destructive at times. i hold them patrially responsible for our relegation.

  19. Na, sorry Toonsy – I’ve not read much on there to be honest, but whatever I have seems to be totally one-sided.

    Anyone of sane mind can see that the “Fat blah blah blah…” chant does absolutely no good whatsoever and yet they continue to advocate it, and even suggest that Hughton should be subject to similar abuse if we don’t sign anyone this summer.

  20. Stuart, read carefully, again. Did I say they were lying? Or did I say they were just speculating?

  21. Lovenkrands and Carroll could do good in the EPL. Their time in the EPL in that awful season cannot be a fair reflection, playing in a team that was mismanaged and lack lustered.

    That said they managed to get 3 goals each in not many full games and did stand out above some of the other ‘big names’ and with the team spirit now installed who knows, but they have earned their chance.

    Will either or both score 20+ goals next season.
    -Doubt it.
    Will either or both score 10+ goals next season.
    -Realistically they have a good chance.

  22. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:24 am

    More complete and utter lies from you, cock!

  23. 26 toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:28 am
    Stuart, read carefully, again. Did I say they were lying? Or did I say they were just speculating?

    Well if you don’t think the points they make are facts, their lies aren’t they?

  24. Stuarts getting personal. Must be getting ratty as I though he was above all that ;)

  25. No Stuart, I said they were speculation, thats all. Realistically, they know nothing more than anybody else knows hance they are speculationg about everything, much the same as everyone else.

  26. “Well if you don’t think the points they make are facts, their lies aren’t they?”

    it’s just one man’s opinions, stu.
    it’s just you who assumes they are facts…

  27. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:30 am
    Stuarts getting personal. Must be getting ratty as I though he was above all that

    Not at all, toonsy. A cock is a chicken is it not?

  28. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:31 am

    I think you’ve totally misunderstood my point.

    I said thay only deal in facts – That’s correct. They never peddle any non truths to get their point across.

    They have an anti Ashley agenda, but they never make things up about him to make a point. Ashley sets himself up for it everytime.

  29. But they aren’t “only dealing facts” are they? To me it just looks like they are speculating and putting their opinion across on something they, and the rest of us, know nothing about.

    Hardly a definition of fact is it.

  30. If you look at the stats, we’ll need to score around 42 goals in the Premier league to give us a decent chance of surviving… and then concede no more than about 62…

    Carroll – 10
    Lovenkrans – 8
    Ameobi – 5
    Nolan – 5
    Barton – 3
    Guthrie – 3
    Jonas – 2
    Routledge – 2
    Taylor – 3
    Other – 5

    You can realistically see us scoring enough goals to survive, however, another quality striker/AMC would certainly help imprive those odds substancially.

    As for our defence, a right back and quality ball playing defensive midfielder would be great.

    If we were to bring in three players:

    (A) A right full back (someone like Hutton)
    (B) An attacking player who can play as second striker or out wide on either flank (someone like Bellemy)
    (C) A solid ball playing defensive midfielder who could perhaps play as an emergency centre half if needed (someone like King)

    I know we can’t get the players I mentioned, but perhaps a cheaper version of that type of player.

    If we got those, I’d be confident of survival.

  31. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:37 am
    Come on then, Stuart. Tell me how I have lied.

    You say that they have suggested Hughton should be in for the same sort of treatment that Ashley has received in the past ie ‘fat blah, blah, blah.’ They have not – They have said he shouldn’t be immune from criticsm if things go wrong next season.

    It’s absolutely correct, he shouldn’t be immune. Although I think it will be harsh on him, if he’s not backed by the board.

  32. Thing is if CH is his own man and he says his side is strong enough (which has quite a bit recently ) and it fails, then he can expect to take some stick like any other manager.

  33. “If he fails to do that then he is the patsy some suspect him of being”

    I mean, that sounds really balanced :roll:

    If I wanted something at work, and my boss didn’t, then who would win?

    Same boat for Hughton. He can say what he wants to Ashley, and who knows if he hasn’t already? But if Ashley doesn’t want to spend then what can Hughton do?

  34. “In the last month we have read rubbish about Hughton being on holiday and action expected when he gets back. The latest I’ve read is about the club’s intentions to discuss a new deal with Andy Carroll. That hasn’t happened yet.

    “Steven Taylor – now about to enter the last year of his deal is apparently in the US. There is no discussion of a new deal for him other than warm words from Hughton about how Taylor knows what this club is all about. Whatever that’s supposed to mean.”

    “Remember when we achieved promotion? Well, it was achieved on Monday 5/Apr/10 and we knew we were promoted before the game against Sheff Utd at SJP had even kicked off. The board and management of Newcastle United knew long before many of the teams in the PL which division we’d be playing in next season. Two months ago we were told this would place United at an advantage in the transfer market and we’d be able to “steal a march” on our rivals. Total bollocks as Pablo Ibanez‘s arrival at West Brom on a Bosman, Germany midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger free transfer to West Ham from lazio and Jermaine Beckford’s arrival at Everton from Leeds – another on a free – last week amply demonstrate. United have not stolen a march on anyone and the club statement about “no capital outlay” and their “no comment” PR strategy says the lot about where our club is at right now. We’re going nowhere.”

    These quotes are obviously designed to be anti Ashley – No lies – All facts – But they still get their point across.

  35. CH should man up if that is the case and say “look I think we need X-Y-Z” but the board will not finance it.

  36. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:49 am

    If he fails to what? Stand up to Ashley and ask him for money? If he doesn’t do that, it would show him up to be a yes man in my opinion.

    We don’t know though, he may have told Ashley what is required and got a flea in his ear.

    Their point is he needs to make the point to Ashley.

  37. Nope SJT – I wont be at all…

    For the reason that Newcastle ALWAYS has a bad record with injuries – and its inevitable that at any time during the season three or more of our first choice eleven – including the strikers or defence can be injured for a month or more. Leaving us with who?

    Say Carroll, Enrique and Colo get injured. Then Taylor gets a suspension for 5 yellows:

    Best up front with Ameobi? No left back and defense of Williamson and Kadar to face the likes of Defoe, Drogba, Rooney, Torres, Van Persie, Tevez, Cahill, Lampard…

    I could easily see a 8-0, 10-0, 5-0 in a row…

    How would morale be after a couple of those…

  38. So because we didn’t get Ibanez, Hitzlsperger or Beckford, we are playing a catch up game?

    That assumes we were interested in those 3 players? What if we weren’t? What if we have players tied down already? Nobody knows Stuart.

    How do you know targets weren’t being talked to early on? Nobody knows, and it’s certainly not the final call. Or are TF saying those three players are the only free transfers around and we have missed the lot?

  39. CC says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:21 am
    I hardly see losing out on Beckford as a blow, Hitzlsperger is 28 and has been released by his last 2 sides in inferior leagues and hardly has any pace which is a common gripe with Smith and Nolan and cant even get into the German squad lacking Ballack and Frings, Pablo isnt needed as we have decent cover at centre half (May change If ST doesnt sign a new deal) and WBA need a shit load more to sort out some of their defending.

    The world cup hasnt even started FFS.

    So because Hitzelsperger is a free transfer and has been a free transfer from his last two clubs he’s no good?

    Well that’s the type of signings were looking at so what does that say about the quality of player we’ll be signing?

    Do we really want to be left with the last of the free transfers? How good will they be?

  40. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Once again you miss the point.

    There facts that their dealing with.

    That’s what I am on about – FACTS!

  41. Totally agree JJ-really worried about next season-without backing I think we will be brushed aside and like you say once a few injuries etc kick in then we will be playing the kids and reserves…who will take a battering and smash their confidence no end.

  42. Stuart79 says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:56 am

    “Do we really want to be left with the last of the free transfers? How good will they be?”

    But how do you know we haven’t made any yet? We may have free deals signed and sealed, but the confidentiality clause means the move would off if it came out.

    Look at that Yaya Toure, not revealing where he is going. I doubt he s coming to us, very much doubt it, but it does show that confidentiality works, and just because we aren’t finding out about it doesn’t mean deals haven’t been struck.

  43. Does anyone know if a new deal has been discussed or will be discussed with Carroll…no……no fact there mate………Taylor is ‘apparently’ in the states.that word itself confirms its not factual.
    There all just opinions and speculation…..even if all of it turns out to be true it doesn’t make it a fact now.Its only a fact when it can be proven ‘apparently’ which isn’t very often as our club in it’s wisdom neither confirms or denies anything so facts are a little thin on the ground………………………………anyhow,does it matter? none of us are right all the time,We come on here to speculate and give our opinions as do TF and the various other blogs/fanzines etc

  44. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    That comment was in response to CC’s comment about Hitzelsperger not being very good because he’s on a free.

    If he’s not very good and he’s one of the first to be snaffled up, how good are they others?

    That’s what I was saying – I actually have no opinion on him.

    It’s called devils advocate.

  45. The fact is, our first team is good enough to challenge for a top 14 position.
    With four or five injuries – our squad all of a sudden becomes relegation certs.

    Injuries had a big role to play in our relegation last time, and our first team squad was 7 or 8 players more than this time round.

    Our squad is tiny, and we can say – yes but we can bring in the youth players (however, the youth players are already part of that small squad)…

    Despite being inept in ability, we are yet to replace Butt, Geremi, Martins, Owen (although I suppose Best was brought in), NZogbia… NONE HAVE BEEN REPLACED.

    Simpson replaced Beye, Routledge replaced Milner, Williamson replaced Bassong…

    And we still havn’t got cover at left back, right back, or either flank, or for Lovenkrans up front. Whilst still searching for that creative midfielder we lacked too.

  46. richietoon says:
    June 7, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    I think you’re being a wee bit pedantic there, homing in on the word ‘apparently’ in respect of Taylor being in the US. I don’t really think that’s what I was on about when saying they deal with facts.

    But small things amuse small minds… Crack on.

  47. Stu – don’t be so naive as to think that by “criticism” TF are referring to a few dissenting voices on a blog.

    He already had plenty on here during what was an incredibly successful season – not playing kids, 451, Nolan, Smith etc.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that their anti-ashley agenda will extend to Hughton (a man they have already described as a patsy) if they don’t get whatever it is feel they are entitled to.

  48. Stuart

    It doesnt mean Hitzlsperger is no good but surely we have bigger problems within our squad than another central midfield player no better than Barton or Nolan and without the potential of Guthrie and Vuckic.

    We need a right sided defender who can play RB and CB, Another left back, A pacey winger who can play wide or off the front man and a striker.

    Ebondo and Boyd are on frees and we should get Van Aanholt on loan again and IMO we should try for Paquale Foggia from Lazio exactly the sort of pace and creativity we need, Lazio have big financial issues and have loaned him out before, So if we paid his wages they may consider it.

  49. Good grief, we are bored, aren’t we?

    Why do some people think that unless we have a 20-goal striker capable of getting round the back of top-4 teams’ defences we’re stuffed?

    We’ve seen so many times that having ONE top striker doesn’t work. They get tired, injured or lose confidence and you lose matches until they’re back up.

    MUCH better to have what we have: several players capable of 10 goals a season. That won’t get you into Europe, but it will do what’s needed: keep you in the Prem.

    Carroll, Lover, Nolan AND Shola… if he can keep fit… can hit double figures. While I wouldn’t complain if we bought in another, I think our money can be better spent elsewhere this year.

  50. No Stuart, Richie toon was bang on, everthing he highlighted from TF was not fact.

    I’m beggining to have enough of your backhanded sniping at people, there was no need for that cocky remark at the end towards Richietoon.

    However ligh-hearted, you have now insulted 2 people this morning, take a breather.

  51. i agree with jj,a few injuries to key players and were fked,this squad is too small,and what gets to me is ashley will know this.

  52. And while I’m ranting: what’s with this continued anti-Shola stuff?

    “Shola has been shite in the premiership everytime”. Absolute tosh. When he has had a decent run he’s had stats approaching 1 in 2 games; hardly shocking. Yes, he can be frustrating and useless in some games, and it’s like watching a horse falling down stairs when he runs.

    But he was by far our most prolific striker last season per minute played, and that is what matters. He may not be top prem material, but this blanket vilification is unjustified and shows a huge amount of ignorance.

    Rant over. For now…

  53. Hitman – Think we all know the squad is too small and needs backup. But personally I couldn’t give a toss of we buy the players, loan the players, or sign them on free transfers as long as we stop up.

  54. Thats what he resorts to when he’s wrong Toonsy.He can’t back up anything he says with facts… that’s a fact!

  55. the squad is to small,and what do you think ashley will do about it..sod fkin all..this fker will gamble on 3 other teams being shiter than us,like he did last time..the sooner this man is gone the better, we will never move forward under ashley..
    rant over :)

  56. its not a blow loosing out on any of these players but i think the point being made is that this proves we have zero planning in place and that we have not ‘stole a march ‘ on our rivals – as was quoted two months ago.
    FFS, we cant even sign up the players we already have let alone get new ones in. we have to be realistic about our chances and where we are. basically i think we might scrape through in around 16th (ish) but we could also very easily go down too. Esp when it looks to me that chelski really do want to take Carroll off us for around 7 million. At that price ashley – the short sighted man that he is – will sell him. This depite the fact that in about 2-3 years carroll will be worth 20+ million if he works out right. If Carroll goes we go down too. Our attack is basically crap and we all know it.

  57. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    That’s your interpetation – Don’t try and pass that off as reality.

  58. Craig – But realistically, it insinuates that we were indeed in the running for those players, we may not be.

    Our interest may lay in players that are still under contract for however many days etc etc. Players that we may have already struck deals with, so nobody knows if we haven’t already stole a march.

    Confidentiality clauses exist for a reason, and were specifically mentioned on that statement. Just because we aren’t hearing about anything, it doesn’t mean things are/haven’t happened.

  59. JJ – quite right on what the squad REALLY needs for next season. Some on here just don’t seem to have got the very clear message about progressive improvement, and I don’t see how Hughton could put it any more clearly.

    I think this article gets it right: Carroll and Lover will do ok next season. Neither will be after any golden boots, but with strikers we do have depth and adaptability… or at least enough to stay up.

  60. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Why don’t you let them stick up for themselves – I’m sure they don’t need the ‘blog police’ to stick up for them.

    If they have been insulted and hurt by my remarks they musn’t get out much.

    But to be clear, I really couldn’t give a sh** if you’ve have enough of my supposedly back handing sniping at people.

    Wind your neck in.

  61. Ashley’s big problem is he isn’t use to paying his staff above minimum wage, he is trying to run a football club like his awful cut price sports shops. And like his sports shops he gets them young, hopes they do a reasonable job for a while at a cut price until they see there is better things available to a young professional and move on. Win for Fat Ash as he can cash in. Its all about the margin when it comes to it.

  62. Jeeeez louise…… You know what’s funny, when we went down we said ‘chance to turn over a new leaf and start afresh’, and we’ve done it and we’re back with a positive, focused and unified dressing room (thanks to hughton in the main).

    But the sniping, doom saying and player bashing (especially shola !?!?) continues,, so when will WE learn? Never I imagine … sigh.

  63. Stuart79 says:
    June 7, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    “But to be clear, I really couldn’t give a sh** if you’ve have enough of my supposedly back handing sniping at people.

    Wind your neck in.”

    Fair enough :D

    There is more than just you who comment on the ‘blog ;)

    Have a think about it.

  64. Thanks for the advice, Stu, but I’m not the one saying they only deal in facts.

    I said it “suggests” that, implies if you like.

    If you want to take you lead from people who in one breath say; “The editorial policy of true faith is to edit rather than censor though we will not publish material wihich is libellous, motivated by personal spite or which is hate-filled (e.g. racist etc).” and then in the next call someone a “cock-eyed tw@t” or “fat cockney b@stard” that’s your choice. But don’t try and con us into thinking they speak nothing but the truth.

  65. just been reading through the comments from this morning and to me it seems that certain ppl are giving Newcastle no chance already and we hav’nt even started pre-season. surely we should be waiting to see what happens and what players we do or don’t bring in before making any rash judgements on how we will do next season. to be fair even without new players i can still see us doing Better than the likes of Wigan, Blackpool, west ham and west brom and grinding out results at home. maybe I’m being optimistic but surely that’s what we should all be doing instead of writing Newcastle off before they even play a game???

  66. Stuart doesn’t bother me at all mateyour insults or your opinion,even less so knowing that I’m right.
    Whey after a bit of friendly banter I better “get out more” and go and do some work.
    Later lads :-)

  67. Boater – nicely put!

    From some of the comments here you’d think the January window never happened. There you had certain needs within the squad which were dealt with extremely well, leaving plenty of extra in the squad to end up exceeding our target by a huge margin. We didn’t spend much, but got exactly what we needed.

    At no point did the press get a sniff of what was going on, despite the rumour-mongers staying in top gear.

    So – some peoples’ conclusion: we’ll do nothing, gamble, fail. What makes it worse is that they STILL believe press rumours! How utterly moronic can you get??

    Bottom line: if it’s a transfer rumour, it’s balls.


  68. Everythings united when a team is winning-but next season we will be lucky to survive-we will lose plenty of games and all the divisions will be out in the open again.
    A owner who has the ambition of finishing 17th for the next 5 seasons while he gets his loan paid off.
    If ever a man proved that just because you are a self made millionaire it doesnt automatically mean you can run a football club-Mike Ashley is that man.

  69. They have both earnt their chance for sure, not that that chance represents much guarantee that they will be able to do the job for us in a much tougher league. IMHO I think we do need another starting striker, but of course I recognise that finding one potentially better than Lover/Carroll is a tough call with no cash. Much hope rests with Carroll advancing his strong potential (and not going to jail!)

    The TF article has some interesting points, but it does seem that it is getting a bit unduly worked up over the free transfers it mentions when, as said, those positions are not our priority right now and Beckford was never on after the Jan attempt anyway. It is too soon to say we are going nowhere. Agreed though the ‘no capital outlay’ statement does suggest it is going to be a hard job to get anywhere in advancing the squad. After Jan I’d expected Ashley to at least be a bit forthcoming with some cash (£5-10m) to attempt to assure prem safety :(

  70. hi lads if ya can could u download >>>> think about england by head the ball trying too get it in the charts ty

  71. Whumpie

    Ye 52 in 243 games in his career as a 29 year old. Shola is an absolute legend!!!

    About a goal every five games… and as lazy as horse sh!t…

    Far better to let Ranger develop… IMO

  72. JJ – But if you look at Shola, most of those appearances have come as a sub. The guy is far from prolific, but he has scored goals when he gets a run in the team and remains injury free.

  73. Whoa! Let’s not get carried away Whumps!

    Nolan is unlikely to get half the goals he scored in the Championship. His timing and intuitive play will be negated by his lack of pace. I’m not saying he won’t score but he won’t get into double figures. I genuinely think Carroll is the only one capable of doing that, providing he’s not in the clink. Ameobi will be injured/lacklustre/surprising effective in equal measures. Lovenkrands ditto but less of the first two probably. Best, probably best I don’t say.

    I’m not sure pointing back to the January transfer window is sufficient for proving that things will come good. Although we were all chuffed that there was activity, what exactly did we get out of it in reality?

  74. Boater Whumpie

    Yes, I think a lot of people saw the relegation as a chance to get rid of dead wood, lower our wages and start afresh.

    We don’t want to see mercenaries and “glory” signings at our club – and many are glad those days are over with.

    But we also don’t want to see no investment made, our squad desperately short on numbers, staff, and while yes we have done everything right in the last year.

    If we don’t bring in those reinforcements to bolster a tiny squad.
    Then all the good work that has been done over the last year will be undone. Theres a very real threat of a second relegation and that would set the club back another 10 years.
    All it would take is some sensible investment. It might take mean spending around 10-20mill. But in the long run, not spending that could mean losing far more.
    Which is exactly what happened last time. We had the chance to re-inforce in January and we got no body!

    I thought many of us gave Ashley the benefit of not being stupid enough to make the same mistake twice! Yet, the idiot that he is. He decides to spend nothing again!

    Even one decent signing, would have got shirt sales going, season tickets selling etc and increased the positive vibe, but no… he creates his own disasters!

  75. Toonsy

    “JJ – But if you look at Shola, most of those appearances have come as a sub. The guy is far from prolific, but he has scored goals when he gets a run in the team and remains injury free.”

    Toonsy, the guy is edging on 30, and knowing my own body being 27, I know that injuries dont get better, they get worse. He will not stay fit long – 11 years of history tell us that. And the reason he has so many substitute appearances – he simply has never been good enough to start.

    Look, the guy tries and on the strength of our team now, I’d keep him as back up, but really, I have never seen a professional footballer with as many “fresh air” attempts, poor first touch and a slow motion run as Ameobi! He is back up for Carroll at best… And even Carroll is far from proven…

  76. JJ – I aint saying Shola should be a starter, I think carroll deserves his crack at that way before Shola, but he is an adequate player to call upon in the situation we find ourselves in at the minute.

  77. Toonsy

    Can you therefore confidently state that if we ended up with Best and Ameobi for three months, you think we will be getting anough goals to get results from games.

    And saying that, how confident are you Ameobi can stay fit for three months playing every game? Baring in mind he hasn’t been able to for the last 10 seasons.

    We are in huge trouble if we dont get more bodies in the squad that can at least cope at Premiership level.

  78. Personally I’d be happy if we made only one quality signing, such as £8 or £9 million on a striker. If we added a couple of free signings and a few loans to that I’d be a lot happier going into next season. We can only hope that progress is being made behind the scenes, but with Ashley’s track record you can never be too sure.

  79. My point however, is not to have a go at Ameobi, but the cocern for the complete lack of depth we have in the squad if/when the inevitable injuries occur…

    I am grateful to have Ameobi as at least its a body who can somewhat hold up the ball in the absense of Carroll.

    What back up do we have for Jonas? Routeledge? Coloccini? Enrique, Simpson? Lovenkrans? None what so ever…

  80. JJ – But now you are assuming that nobody will be coming into the club.

    Would I be confident in Ameobi? Probably. The clubs 2nd highest ever European goal-scorer etc etc. It’s not his goal-scoring I doubt, he has proved that when he gets a run of games he gets a run of goals, that is true. It’s his fitness that always concerns me though admittedly.

  81. lads we have to be honest……….as far as strikers go, it is by far our worst dept nad we will get stuffed next season as most teams will put at least one goal passed us, many teams will get 2 passed us and some teams wil lget over 3 passed us. we dont have the ammo to score that many back to even get a point out of most games. We are going to struggle so lets not think for a second we wont. I also think that some on here who are remaining hopeful of a good window will be disapointed as i think we will get weaker and not stronger. I think at least one of our good players will be sold. Carroll/taylor/nolan/jonas/colo etc. the money from the sale will generate some really crap cheap buys. we will look at quantity and not quality. cheap and cheerful. I would be happy to keep what we have and sign up the players who are about to walk out the door on a free (thats anyone less than two years that you want to keep). I think if we can keep our same squad and add a proven prem striker and also a left/right cover winger we will be in with a shout. Do i think we will get these two players – nope!

  82. Toonsy

    Its not Ameobi’s goal scoring that concerns me either.

    Owen was a good goal scorer – but he weakened the team when he played.

    It is his overall contribution, link up play, hold up play, passing, physical presence, harassing defenders and keeping up a work ratefor at least 60mins of the game.
    Is he capable of doing this? I sure hope it, but I doubt it…

  83. Just look at Viduka – for me he was an unbelievably good player. But because of injuries, a complete waste of our money and time…
    Don’t want to keep Ameobi around to do the same, and he is nowhere near the talent that Viduka was.

  84. Jesus, anyone see them foxes in London, mauling them twin babies? 8O 8O

    Foxes gonna get us ;D

  85. I wish some people would give it a rest. They are turning thought provoking blogs into boring non entities by repeating their same old mantra many times a day.
    If we are talking about facts –
    1. We do not know which targets Chris Hughton has in mind, if they have been approached, if an agreement has been made etc etc. This is exactly the same situation as the January transfer window. Everyone getting their knickers in a twist and stamping their feet because they are in the dark – well tough.There are over two months to go yet, and Chris Hughton said nothing is likely to happen until after the worldcup. Getting steamed up over missing out on some free transfers is pathetic.Just be patient and wait and see.
    2. We do not know if Chris Hughton has 50p and a bag of sherbet or £20m+ to spend and we won’t know this until the transfer window shuts.
    The constant knocking and bashing of the club and the ridiculous statements being made just makes me wonder about the IQ level of some Newcastle fans. Being a geordie I have always been proud of my heritage and the fact we were considered as friendly, open and tolerant people. Sadly my opinion is changing of a % of our fans who are perpetually negative, whining numbnuts who like nothing better than spreading gloom and disharmony. The image out there of demanding, intolerant fans is not far from the truth in lots of cases. Sad thing is they can’t or don’t want to see it.

  86. Im going to rate our players (my opinion out of ten) as I rate their ability in the premiership on their ability and (potential)… It’ll make it clearer just how weak we are.

    Harper – 7 (7)
    Krul – 6 (9)
    Forster- 6 (7)

    Ie: decent I suppose…

    Colocini – 7 (7)
    Taylor – 7 (8)
    Williamso- 6 (6)
    Kadar – 5 (8)
    Simpson – 5 (6)
    Enrique – 7 (8)

    No cover at either fullback position and short on quality cover in the centre. (ok to scrape survival)

    Barton – 6 (8)
    Nolan – 7 (7)
    Guthrie – 6 (8)
    Smith – 5 (5)
    Vuckic – 5 (8)
    Jonas – 7 (8)
    Routeled – 6 (7)

    No quality defensive midfielder to gaurd the back four, no balance with all right footed players, absolutely no cover for the wings if they get injured. But still our strongest area 8O


    Carroll – 6 (8)
    Lovenkrans- 6 (6)
    Ameobi – 6 (6)
    Best – 4 (5)
    Ranger – 5 (?)

    Carroll has the most potential. Lovenkrans will prove ineffectual against strong opposition, Ameobi will be injured and lacks pace to play alongside Carroll, Best has shown nothing so far to prove his ability and Ranger will in all likelihood be on loan…

    Lets put it this way… I wouldn’t put money on them staying up :(

  87. 98… er sorry deb.. .but i thought that was the whole point of a blog?? so we can come on here, throw our ideas around and have some (non confrontational) banter to and fro. If you think about it in a logic way, the very things you are saying could be said from my camp (which i presume you are on about), we could say how we are fed up of people always wanting to give it time and benefit of the doubt etc. Its the same thing but from different corners – yes? I dont mind the happy-go-luckies at all, so dont get me wrong, its just that if someone does not agree with the optomistic view then they should not be knocked for it. Lets be honest, we have been leet down much more than we have been impressed with transfer windows since our new owner came in. I am not after big signings like many. In fact, if you read my statements, i have been saying for a while now that my main worry is loosing players, either by selling for a quick -short sighted buck – or their contracts will run out and they will leave on a free. I just want to see a ray of light and a little bit of hope for the coming season.
    One thing though… we DO know that CH has zero deals in place as he has just today said so.

  88. geordie deb says:
    June 7, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Maybe if the club did anything positive we might have a positive article or two.

    We’ve probably had 2 in the last year.

  89. Fair play deb and I can imagine when people want to be positive about things it can be irritating but it’s vice versa too?

    I guess we can all concede there’s always going to be friction between optimists and pessimists.

    And surely you’ve been aware of the moaning at football? It’s been around for years man, supporters love a good moan, it’s part and parcel of it!!

    Being a fence-sitter, I just enjoy the banter!!

  90. Geordie Deb

    I believe the whole point of a blog is for people to convey THEIR OPINIONS on articles.
    And thus, discuss and debate the situations which may arise.

    Considering our club lets us know NOTHING “NO COMMENT” about anything, there wouldn’t be much point to having a blog out of football season without speculating what may or may not occur…

    That speculation comes in opinion form, and if you don’t agree with what they are saying, that is your opinion!

    There is no need to question people IQ’s because their opinion differs from yours, and their personality type differs from yours.

    They are also not spreading doom and miss harmony by giving an opinion on a blog…

    Some may be pessimists, some may be optimists… some may be undecided (like Toonsy and many others).

    But if it weren’t for differing opinions there wouldn’t be much of a discussion and there’d be far less hits on the blog…

    Would you prefer people vent their critisisms on a blog or on bed sheets at the stadium???

  91. I agree with Debs earliest point especially, and I mentioned it the other day.

    Spending an hour to write a ‘blog to get some dicussion going away from Ashley & Co only for it to be dragged back to it within 10 minutes of release gets god damn disheartening, kind of ‘whats the bloody point in trying’ like :(

  92. i dont think i fall into the pessimists column yet but i am a realist… based on past experience. It is a fact that we have to look to the past to learn the future. Put it this way…if you wanted to take a bird out (or bloke in your case deb!), and that lass/bloke lets you down five times and turns up once (ashleys window record) would you hold much faith in them for the upcoming date?? NOPE!

  93. bbm – don’t reckon you’ve dug down deep enough for them fence posts – its clearly been leaning to one side for some time now! ;)

    It’s a fair point about the pessimists finding the optimistic view irritating though, and one I hadn’t given much though to if I’m honest.

    However, how often do we have a usually well-balanced article posted and then the first comment is from an optimist saying how great everything is, how we will survive easily and how lovely Mike Ashley is???

    It doesn’t happen, and yet day after day, without fail, on almost every post we have to listen to the same people saying the same things about how we’re doomed blah, blah, blah.

    Can you see the difference?

  94. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Does that not show the depth of concerns of the supporters though, toonsy?

  95. toonsy. on my first post of the day (94), i was only talking about striker situation – exactly as your blog header said, but it gets no response when i talk about the actual header!! i only get feedback about ashely from you, not about the footy matters…. it takes two to tango my friend!

  96. Toon Chicken says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    It’s nobodies fault but your own if you’re not quick enough off the mark with the first comment on the article.

  97. In the end Geordie Deb, we as fans have no control over what happens. But at least we get to get our frustrations out here!

    On match days however, we put our differences aside, put on our replica shirts and cheer for the same cause.

  98. TC – if we were to go on this article alone, in the first 10 posts from individual posters, I reckon you’ve got –

    33.3333333% – optimists
    33.3333333% – pessimists
    33.3333333% – fence-sitters (even creaky ones)

    In my opinion, that’s a canny mix, don’t you agree?

  99. Stuart79 says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    “Does that not show the depth of concerns of the supporters though, toonsy?”

    In that case, I may aswell not really try and trot out the same shite day after day then.

    Craig – It wasn’t a dig at you personally. More in general.

  100. In my defence I am generally a complete and utter optimist – But not when it comes to NUFC under the guidance of Mike Ashley. It’s a case of once bitten twice shy.

    I make no apologies for my negative slant in things regarding Ashley – I believe the form is in the book which justifies my pessimism!

  101. 110… yep agree. same thing every day….. thats all of us dude. inc you. i started today trying to keep it on the header title, nothing from you or toonsy, deb or any of the happy chaps… then when it turns to the enevitible.. out you all come. you want it on footy, then engage in it. it seems to me ,that some people sit quietly watching the quotes and then as soon as a realist/anti post pops up, POW, there you are too. lets talk footy, i am up for it. I never want to hear you say anything positive about the transfer window again though, and nothing positive about ashelys money helping us keep afloat. No negatives means no positives. The board will turn into a very dull place though if we need a UN resolution passed jsut to say our own views eh! If you promise to never say these things i will not talk bad of ‘he who can not be mentioned’ either. Lets talk footy!!

  102. @Deb’s point 2 – Surely we DO know that no cash will be spent unless we sell to buy? The ‘no capital outlay’ was queried to death and subsequently the club came out and reiterated. It is a slim chance indeed that this is some ruse to manipulate potential transfer negotiations and minimise fees.

    Fair point on doom n gloom though, we know we are in a tight spot but the importance of the team’s new found spirit cannot be underestimated for our survival chances, we should remain similarly positive until proven otherwise.

  103. TC – the other thing you mentioned is the more pessimistic being irritated by the optimists. I liken that to the tragedy of the Titanic.

    “Look at the ruddy great iceberg!!! We’re heading straight for it!!”

    “Nah man, few more freebies and loans and it’ll be alright, we’ll sail right on by…”


    A slightly wonky metaphor but you get my drift?

  104. Craig – Stop being a drama queen, it WASNT ABOUT YOU NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU FFS!

    It is a general observation, thats all. But from now On I will just post an Ashley is a cnut article each day until the blog dies away.

  105. Aye BBM, it is a canny mix and usually makes for good banter – that wasn’t what I was getting at though.

  106. toonsy – I think everyone appreciates what you do and you get some well-deserved praise but the topic of Newcastle inevitably relates to the past, present and future inextricably. Talking about two strikers deserving their chance in the top flight will always lead to discussions about the need to strengthen (or the contrary view) and just how likely that is. What does the future hold? What are we doing now? What has happened in the past? We all have different views. We just need to respect them.

  107. craig chisholm says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:25 pm
    talking on a footy note… anyone know how many season tickets are sold as of yet?

    According to the press talk (I know, but it’s we do have to go on) ticket sales are down on this time last year.

  108. Haha – I think we already hit that iceberg, bbm. Lucky for us Fat Fred had already jumped ship – otherwise we may well have sunk without a trace. :(

  109. no toonsy, the blog will die away if you lot keep jumping on the back of anyone whos option isnt happy. you have to let it evolve man otherwise it will be shite. the crack is good when we all go at each other. what do you want – a stepford blog?? again, i have asked a footy question prior to this but no reply… you see my point?? you could have replied to my football related post but you didnt, thus you are creating and fueling everything you say you dont like. really man, we can go round in circles all season!

  110. Can I just apologise for comment 126 – It could be conscrued as negative.

  111. cc – I know my money has gone out but I’ve yet to get confirmation of my new seat.

  112. Craig – nee one knas, is the answer I think Stu was trying to give you.

  113. lol for what its worth I reckon:

    The pessimists have every right to be pessimistic after the extremities of Ashley’s consistent and frequent gaffes…

    The optimists have every right to be optimistic after Chris and the team’s sterling efforts last year and evidence of team spirit, finally respositioning the team (if not club) on a platform to steady improvement…

    Now, please, less of the grief, I’m still hungover from yesterday’s hangover and seriously doubting whether saturday night’s fun was even worth it.

  114. Unfortunately I got duped into buying a 3 year one up front. Sold on the back of a new era under KK ect…

    It didn’t mention that I’d get Championship football included – Didn’t get a reduced price for the Championship season though because I got a discount for buying a 3 year one. Work that out if you can.

  115. cc – posts 7 and 85. What do you reckon? Genuine assessment from what I’ve watched in recent years.

  116. batty says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:39 pm
    bunch of ignorant b@stards

    Eliquent as ever, batty.

  117. lol Stu I was similarly duped into 3 years and even then soon found myself leaving the country for work so I could barely go last year anyway. Everyone around me thought I was being anti-Ashley and I was criticised a bit when I finally got to the last game against Ipswich, but I was gutted to miss last year and will miss most of this one too :(

  118. cos in spite of my moans i am thinking of jumping up into the sports bar area… anyone ever go there and if so what is it like. I have been up in level 7 for last three seasons.

  119. For what it’s worth, I’ve kinda enjoyed this thread!

    Agree with Deb, though – the information void does seem to lead to a slant on the pessimistic. There are definitely some on here who aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

    I do understand the pessimists, though – so many years of stress and let-downs takes more than one good season to erase; let’s just hope things continue in the right direction to chip away at that cynicism over time.

    On the Ameobi thing: I can understand why people don’t rate him up there with Carroll – Andy C is young and has been improving rapidly. But when people make him out to be our worst, most wasteful and non-contributory striker I don’t understand it. Take any stat – ANY – from last year, and he was our best by some margin. Some of his trickery in the box (a lot of which looks accidental, a-la-Crouch, but isn’t) was instrumental in some very important goals. Agree on the injuries, though.

    If we’ve got limited funds, I’d like to see it spent on winger cover and fullback cover; that’s all. You won’t get a better striker than we already have for less than the value of what we’ve got.

    I can see CH and co doing some canny deals, though – just like in January, when they landed some players that made the difference between competing for promotion and walking it.

  120. cc – nah man, stick with Level 7. You can come and find me on the balcony and buy me a Worthys and Balti pie at half-time.

  121. maybe i am wrong but ameobi’s goal ratio was better then owens when he was at nufc. thing is though, its all about the way he runs and his dedication. He has one of those styles that will always get people debating. he is like berba at manure. many manure fans like berba though even though he dont score much as he has good hold up play and brings rooney into it alot. ameobi is better than oba martins for defo though. Sure oba runs at a hundred miles an hour, skins all the defenders and then skies the bloody ball. Ameobi has a good shot in him.

  122. Whumpie – here’s my genuine assessment of the January transfers:

    Simpson – people are already looking and asking for a better right-back.

    Hall – steady enough but gone now and wasn’t good enough for the top flight.

    Williamson – steady but untested in the top flight.

    Vanthingymejig – steady enough but gone now.

    Routledge – breath of fresh air and just what we needed. Can he cut it in the Premiership where he struggled previously notwithstanding injury problems.

    Best – what to say?

    Basically, I’d have hoped that as well as helping to push across the finishing line, some of these players would be ideally placed to help us consolidate next season but overall I’m slightly underwhelmed if I’m brutally honest.

  123. Whumpie says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    What about the appearance stat? He’s always injured – We cannot rely on him.

    That does cover up the fact that I just think he’s had ten years to produce and he hasn’t.

    Time to go and try another club I think, Shola.

  124. In Shola’s defence I reckon he’s an important squad player given our financial limitations for next year.

    Yes he can be very frustrating but I caught myself out moaning about him coming on in the Forest game (always offside, flatters to deceive etc…) where his goal and backheel for Jose’s first goal surprised the hell out of me. Inconsistent, but importantly capable often enough.

  125. Craig – I think you’re right about Ameobi vs Owen; not sure. Probably down to how you put the stats.

    Good comparison with Berba too; Shola can look like he just doesn’t give a stuff sometimes. But this season he twice came back from injury, came off the bench and scored winners. He has that habit. He also has that trick of keeping two defenders busy and flustered all the time, giving space to the other striker.

    Shame about the injuries, that’s all.

  126. bowburnmag says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Basically, I’d have hoped that as well as helping to push across the finishing line, some of these players would be ideally placed to help us consolidate next season but overall I’m slightly underwhelmed if I’m brutally honest.

    How very dare you! Underwhelmed? They will be brilliant players in the PL – Totally negative of you to even assume they would be anything other than brilliant.

  127. cc – nah man, Owen’s goal to game ratio was 1 in 2 almost. But he was never fit, interested or committed enough.

    RE the ticket price – no, I got it at £370 last year and renewed at that price. Hopefully, I’ll still get to stand down on the balcony with the lads again because the extra 30 steps to my proper seat kills me. Their row is much closer to the bogs and the bar. I fear with renewed interest (or perhaps not?) the stewards would move me on more next season because there’s too many of us stood together. Guess I’ll find out.

  128. thanx stu the rest are still a bunch of ignorant b@stards >>>> and stu dont know why u botter argueing with them they know f @ck all if they think this side is good enough too stay in the prem

  129. batty says:
    June 7, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Actually batty, if the PL started today and the squads stayed the same I think we would stay up – Just!

    However, my point is that other teams will strengthen – I don’t think we’ll strengthen that much. That could be the difference.

  130. Batty – Your sounding like Ashley peddling his cheap gear :D

    I’ll have a look later, when I can download stuff.

  131. toonsy yee should na u have been peddling a fare bit for fat ash latley :lol:

  132. bowburnmag says:
    June 7, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    “toonsy – I think everyone appreciates what you do and you get some well-deserved praise..”

    Thats fair enough Bowburn, but it also isn’t why I do it. Granted it’s nice to recieve praise etc from time to time, but it isn’t my main motivator.

    You know yourself how long it can take to write something and get it all ready, and it has become a hobby that I enjoy.

    That enjoyment is getting sapped at the minute, partly because there is nowt to write about, and I understand it will all turn and go off topic. I don’t mind that, but whe it constantly strays towards the same thing the it becomes repetitve and boring, and quite frankly something I don’t enjoy.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if, heaven forbid, I wrote about an Ebgland game? All it would be is;

    “Good news for Ashley’s bank account” followed by “I wouldn’t worry, we wont see any of it” etc etc

    Disagreements are part and parcel of it, but it’s always the same thing, and we are all disagreeing over something that hasn’t happened yet.

    Yourself and Deb will hopefully understand where I am coming from, from a writing perspective anyway.

  133. toonsy says:
    June 7, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    You haven’t wrote about England, give it a go!

    I agree with BBM, you’re appreciated for writing good articles.

    Your comments are a totally different story though!

  134. Multi-persona ;)

    I like the banter, and as much as I moan at some of you w@nkers ;) , I wouldn’t stop it.

    Should that stop me getting frustrated from time to time though?

    I said a while back why I am a bit radge at the minute, so I apologise for flipping a little :)

  135. But you banned me! That was outrageous.

    It’s like England banning Rooney from the World Cup!

    You’re supposed to harness the talent…

  136. I fecking never did 8O

    And that is the truth, honestly. I’ve never banned anyone myself, yet. Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure how to do it, although I could work it out I reckon ;)

    Although I have found two comments of yours in the spam bin for some reason??!!

    Rooney injured then… :(

  137. BBM @150 – you’ve just proved my point. On the rare occasion when Shola did get a run of games (and his long-term hip prob meant that was rare) his goal ratio WAS 1 in 2. Hard to believe, but it’s one of those bizarre things that people just can’t compute.

    People take his career stats, but what striker looks good that way?

    Shola’s no Torres, but from the stick he gets here you’d think he was worse than Best. Fact is, he’s more productive than Andy C and always has been; he just gets injured a lot and looks a bit sh*te doing his job, whereas Big Andy looks the part. (girlie hair excepted)

  138. We always hear “they have to want to play for the shirt and all that, fight for the cause”,,, I’m not interested in badge kissers to be honest. What about being happy to step aside or start on the bench, because you understand that the club’s success means more than your own short-term career ambitions. Shola is the true definition of someone who believes in his club – and is prepared to play understudy to those ends. Harper is the same. There was a time when we could afford to pass on shola’s 8 goals a season – those times are LONG gone though.

    Develop Ranger? yes, but expecting him to go from 2 in 30 in the CHAMPIONSHIP to above shola in the pecking order is fantasy stuff,, then a few disappointing displays in, the bubble bursts and he’s lampooned as a donkey,, and the cycle continues.

  139. toonsy – yeah, I know where you’re coming from. It’s frustrating but I think in the main, your articles are appreciated by both regulars and the wider audience. Take the rough with the smooth but there’s no reason not to let off steam about it. It was just a rallying call.

  140. Whumps – I rarely trust stats as they can be misleading. Ameobi is an enigma and overall a disappointment. Mainly because he’s a lazy sod. Which is a shame because he could have been a hero up here. Instead he’s a nearly man. But he’s two leagues better than Leon Best.

  141. Toonsy,

    The fact is, there is only so much to be said about Carroll and Lovenkrans lighting up the premiership next season.
    After which, conversation will inevitably move on…

    It has nothing to do with the article – you could have written a Tolkien novel and once people have given their view, conversation will soon switch to watch is most pressing on their mind.

    And this time of the year – people are fearing that Ashley will repeat what he has done every transfer window since his arrival. Poor investment and a squad short on quality and numbers, while selling our better players.

    Say the UK had to go to war with Russia and send over around 10 000 troops to face Russian troops of 100 000…

    Then you bring out a story about how the UK has just invented a gun that shoots twice as well as the Russians.
    The bloggers would say, ye thats great – but we still gona lose the war!
    And the conversation will drift back to what is most crucial of all – numbers.

    Strange example – but my point is, until the supporters start seeing one or two players of sufficient quality brought in the conversation of any article will sway to the same topic… of how we could be making our biggest mistakes before the season has even started.

    Its just common sense. People are fearing a real probability of us not even giving ourselfs a chance by bringing in poor free signings or none at all.

    You say it won’t happen – but we don’t knkow that anymore than we know it will happen. See? Unfortunately, history is on the side of the pessimists here!!!

  142. Also, to whoever said Shola is better than Oba Martins clearly needs their head read.
    Martins is a 10mil pound player with speed, strength and a powerful shot that pushes defenses back and gives the midfield space. He may finish poorly at times but he still scored.
    He scored 30 goals in 90 games for Newcastle. (1/3)
    Shola has scored 52 in 250 odd games. (1/5)

    You ask any defender who they’d rather defend against.

    Not saying Martins is world class, but I would take him over Shola any day of the week. Or any of our other strikers for that matter.

  143. 8? Ah sh!t…

    Where could I have done better? Did I lose points for mis-typing “knkow” in the last sentence. Because thats acceptable spelling in some parts of the world! ;)

  144. I tell you what with regard to the world cup.

    I think whoever takes it the most seriously will win, because most teams I’ve seen are treating it like some expensive footballing holiday!
    I don’t think they’d ever have been so spoilt, to the point where I think our councils and hotels/lodges are going waaaay over the top for them.

  145. Sorry guys had my little rant then had to go and do some work so just caught up with the comments.I completley agree people should be able to curse, moan, be happy etc on the blog that’s what it’s for. What I personally was getting fed up with, was exactly the same comments being repeated a million times a day (well bit of an exageration) as if we all didn’t get the person’s point after the 100th time of them saying it that week and after Toonsy or Worky put in a lot of effort to write something to get everyone talking and then the thread being hi jacked with the same stuff. Anyway glad it got you talking.Keep on being miserable, happy, positive, negative, whatever floats your boat.

  146. Re the Martins vs Shola comparison:
    1. Shola knows where the goal is.
    2. Martins looks great but delivers too little, whereas Shola is the opposite.
    3. Both break a lot.
    4. Martins isn’t shuffling the full deck when it comes to lifestyle, Shola’s a solid, grounded, local lad.
    5. Shola probably costs £20k a week. Martins cost about five times that.
    6. I suspect that if you take Martins’ entire career stat for goals per game – as someone has with Shola – they won’t be far apart.

    Ergo (can you use that word on a footie blog?) I say that although Martins is the better player overall, Shola makes a hell of a lot more sense for our club. Even if you could get Martins back for £10m I’d spend the dosh on fullbacks and wingers and stick with the strikers we have.

  147. Well,
    it’s true to form that the whiners would whine that people are whining at them for whining.

  148. To quote Python (as someone always should):

    “I think that all good, right thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being sick and tired. I’m certainly not, and I’m sick and tired of being told that I am”

    And on that note, I’m offski. Ta for the banter, people.

  149. “chuck says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Phwew !

    Love to know what he`s on (JJ)must have some good shit there in SA”

    Ye, we do Chuck…

    You want me to try send you some at the old age home back in the good old US of A?