Toon in hunt for Chelsea defender?

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Defensive cover?
Defensive cover?
Well, it’s the weekend, which obviously means the papers crank up the printing press and churn out that little bit more speculation and gossip.

In spite of that though, it is actually pretty quiet on the Newcastle transfer speculation front today, which is surprising and not what I want to see when I wake up on a Saturday morning.

Ultimately this time of the year always leads to speculation from fans across the country. It’s a little bit different this year due to the World Cup, but the focus of fans of clubs across the country remains on their respective clubs for the time being. One new link today has been regarding Chelsea player Slobodan Rajkovic. The controversial defender has been on loan for three seasons and has spent the majority of that time in Holland, with the pinnacle so far being a league winners medal won last season with Steve McClaren’s FC Twente.

Rajkovic is a full Serbian international player, although as I mentioned above, has had some controversial encounters in his short career to date. The most notable perhaps was the player being banned from playing football for 12 months following an allegation of spitting in the face of a referee. This ban was later reduced to only international football and is now spent, although Rajkovic maintains his innocence and is still fighting to clear his name.

I can’t see it happening myself, and I struggle to see how we will be able to work a loan deal for any of these top youngsters from other clubs. I mean would this player get in the team ahead of Colocinni or Taylor? I very much doubt that, and if he did it would take time to earn the chance to start ahead of anyone.

The whole idea of these players going on loan is to get first team football. It’s how Bolton Wanderers got Jack Wilshere, by promising to play him. There is no point in any team sending a player out on loan if they are only going to warm the bench at another club. They may aswell do that at their parent club, right? And Chelsea have already recalled this player once from PSV Eindhoven as he wasn’t getting enough games.

So it looks like another non starter of a story, unlike one of our own players who will be heading out on loan again next season. Frazer Forster is being targetted for a loan deal to a number of Championship teams including a return to Norwich where he has performed brilliantly in the season just passed.

Using much the same theory that makes me question the Rajkovic loan deal, we should only send our players out on loan if they are going to get games somewhere. Aswell as the Forster deal, temporary switches have been mentioned including Nile Ranger and Brad Inman, which is a shrewd move if they are actually going to play, otherwise they may aswell sit on our bench!

Oh, one more thing. Come on Blackpool!

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102 Responses

  1. Sounds alright…hope we can afford some decent proper signings in this window – come on Big Mick get us a decent striker…Robbie Keane would do for now.

    And some pace and creativity to give our midfield as well please while you are at it.

  2. Errrr Typo AGAIN !!
    Meant to say To Our Midfield.
    Can we have an edit post please my typing is freekin useless :)

  3. Find it irritating how people jump on the sound bite band wagon by saying the play off game is worth £90mil! No its not!
    Yeah, the annual revenue for a Premiership team is ‘maybe’ around £90mil, however a Championship team earns half that, so really, the game is actually worth £40mil or so.
    And even then, the figures just released showed our revenue in our last season in the prem as near £80mil! Cant see Blackpool getting much TV on a cold December night, can you!

  4. Not sure how the figures are worked out just hope MA finds it within his mean,cold heart to buy the club some good players. :)

  5. one reason I want Blackpool to win, i think we’ll be in for Ledley, decent player like, just hope we do it sharpish..

  6. I’m gutted, I saw the headline and thought we’d signed Terry. Tooooooooonnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mick

    Out of all the players Cardiff have, i would say Ledley is around the 3rd or 4th most impressive this season. He seems a bit overrated to me actually. I don’t think he is any better than Guthrie.

  8. Aye it is. Probably the best two footballing teams battling it oot.

    Feel sorry for Forest like, sh1te finishing third and not going up. But that is what the play-offs are about I suppose.

    Plus they were too quick to dish the sh1t earlier in the season when Forest were gonna romp everyone :roll:

  9. Peter Whittingham for a starter. I always rated him as a kid at Villa and was confused when he got sold to Cardiff.

    Canny player

  10. Chuck has been championing that Coleman at Blackpool. Looks like a cracking player.

    Shame Everton have just give him another contract.

  11. No better than one of our highest scorers?

    Yeah, don’t want anymore players like him then – who needs goal scoring midfielders?

  12. Difference being, Nolan, Barton and Guthrie have all done it at PL level.

    Whereas Adam is playing at the same level as the SPL in the Championship.

  13. I’d have whittingham, then ledley, then burke, then chopra… personally :)

  14. So you said you would like Whittingham, who also has done nothing in the PL – but Adam somehow isn’t up to standard?

    In a worse team on paper, he has done just as well as Whittingham – yet that doesn’t count?

    Is it because Whittingham is English, per chance? I would love to know what other reason can sanely be considered here.

  15. Personally I can only see Ledley being able to make it in premier league. Whittingham won’t score 1/4 of the goals he scores in champiosnhip.

  16. WWW – Read 21 before you spout off, gobshite.

    I have always rated Whittingham.

    Has nowt do with Adam being Scottish. He could be a feckin marsian for all it matters, but it still doesn’t change the fact he has come from a second rate league in the SPL and has no experience at the highest level.

    We dont have money to waste and we have to spend what we have where it is neede most, or on players that could improve our team. Adam fits into neither of them categories.

  17. What achievements does Whittingham have in the PL then?

    You’re a racist bigot who doesn’t even like Danny Simpson because he is black – you want them all to leave and you vote BNP because it gets all them foreigners out.

    You’re a disgrace and you know it. Or maybe not, who knows, can’t tell online, can you?

  18. I see your point toonsy but if say Blackpool didn’t get promoted, I wouldn’t be averted to the club putting in a 1.5mil bet for Adam. After all, he’s only 24. Obvious ability, be worth the gamble I’d say mate

  19. Devon – Aye, as it stands he will stay with Blackpool now anyway.

    And we can switch our attention back to Joe Ledley.

  20. You have no facts to back up your Whittingham love and Adam hate. Your logic says Whittingham is crap too, but apparently he is special to you.

    The way I see it, my point has a lot more weight behind it. C*nt.

  21. Toonsy think Wickywoo at 32 has had a bit too much sun. Wickywoo you want to be very careful calling someone a racist especially someone like Toonsy who clearly isn’t if you bother to read his posts.

  22. What a game going on. Feel sorry for Dave Jones though if Cardiff don’t make it as I rate him as a manager.

  23. Deb – Somebody else on another site said that aswell, so I looked into it.

    His win percentage is a shade under 50% throughout his managreial career, which is very impressive.

  24. Interesting Toonsy. last season when we were looking for someone before JK arrived, I would have been very happy to see him at SJP.

  25. So another trip to Blackpool for us then

    What a really good game, enjoyed it so much.

    WWW I know what you are saying about not known what people really think at the end of your coment as we are only online, but you can’t and should never accuse somebody of being racist without some way of backing it up. It’s such a horrible crime and should be outlaed, but so should claiming that somebody is without any real reason

  26. Hopefully all the people from Blackpool who have turned up for their day out at Wembley will still turn up next season to support the team when it matters week in week out.

  27. What an achievement. Hopefully Blackpool away will be on a weekend next season!

  28. Evening Lads and Lasses where is the Morale Officer when he is needed :) .
    I think it was nice to see B’pool go up im allways one for the underdog.
    Toonsy dont let them grind you down mate ;)

  29. Yeah Toonsy, I remember this time last year siting in a pub in Keswick watching that horrible game against Villa, place was full of Newcastle fans and 1 Bunley fan. In the 2nd half, when it dawned on us what was about to happen, somebody tuened to the Bunley fan and said, good luck for next season, but when you go to Arsenal and Liverpool we will be having a few beers and a weekend in Blackpool. What happens, the swines at the FA give us a Tuesda night game. Lets hope we get a nice sunny weekend, bit like this next season

  30. wolves blackpool west brom to go chance these clubs will finish above us. wolves are all ready panicing by talking about us.

  31. well Bpool get promoted, wat a fairytale ending 4 them. must say its given me a very broad smile :) u cant not be pleased 4 them eh. big Q is will they beat the drop?

  32. Good to see a ‘real’ team like them with a great bloke as a manager get up.

    Just hope Plymouth can get back up next season after what they did for us. Maybe they are a team who we could loan an up and coming kid to and help them on their journey while he whoever he is gets some 1st team experience.

  33. next season we have got to be telling the players we are going for the league not saying to the players lets aim for 14 or to stay up that will put pressure on the players but if they go out to win the league they would then not have a mind set of were to finsh i no we are not going to win the league but i would tell my players lets go for it.

  34. Yeah, can’t wait to see Holloway in the Prem. The bloke is funny as fook.

    Catch ya later, off out for a bit :)

  35. Asim – Depends mate. Telling our players to go win the league may end up putting uneccesary pressure on the players, or the players may think it’s such a laughable idea that it damamges whatever faith they have in the ability of Hughton.

    I know what your saying, and I agree to a point, but perhaps a more individual approach to setting targets could be better?

  36. simon, im the same m8, really like “ollie” a right proper character lol. watta crafty bugga, wonder wat this will do for his future ?
    lookin forward to reading more about the bloke if im honest in the papers ;)

  37. Big dave, the morale officer is never far away, www I have never seen a racist comment from toonsy, think you have shown little respect in your comment.

  38. wickywoowoo says:
    May 22, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    “You have no facts to back up your Whittingham love and Adam hate. Your logic says Whittingham is crap too, but apparently he is special to you.

    The way I see it, my point has a lot more weight behind it. C*nt.”

    No your right, perhaps I dont have facts to back up why I rate Whittingham more. Oh wait, yes I do. He is a midfielder, who has scord over 25 goals this season AND has played PL football before in which that time he impressed me. Adam has impressed me at Championship level only.

    I struggle to see where I say I hate Adam? I just say that I think we have equal/better players in our ranks currently and we should use money elsewhere. Perhaps put it towards a striker.

    And as for your point about you branding me a racist holding water, I think others opinions have soundly blown that out of the water.

  39. wickywoowoo says:
    May 22, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    “You’re a racist bigot who doesn’t even like Danny Simpson because he is black – you want them all to leave and you vote BNP because it gets all them foreigners out.

    You’re a disgrace and you know it. Or maybe not, who knows, can’t tell online, can you?”

    No, you’re a disgrace for making completely unfounded allegations of racism against Toonsy. Take this as an official warning if you like, but any more vicious and totally unfounded accustions like that about any member of this ‘blog, never mind one of the administrators, and you’re out.

  40. Worky – Thanks, but you didn’t have to stick up for me.

    It’s appreciated like, but you didn’t have to do it :)

  41. 69… I Hope not, some of the fantasy versions have looked 100 times better than this… Looking closely at the puma mark, it makes it look fake to me.

  42. Witters – I would want plenty of them, from either team.

    Balotelli, Robben, Ribery, van Bommel, Milito, Cambiasso, pretty much any of them to be honest.

    Unfortunately I think they are out of our reach both financially and reputation wise, although I hear Balotelli is availsble for a loan deal? ;)

  43. I’d have the following:

    Butt, Lahm, Van Buyten, Demichelis, Badstuber, Robben, Van Bommel, Schweinsteiger, Altintop, Muller, Olic. Subs: Rensing, Gorlitz, Klose, Pranjic, Contento, Gomez, Tymoschuk.

    Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Eto’o, Sneijder, Pandev, Milito. Subs: Toldo, Cordoba, Stankovic, Muntari, Mariga, Materazzi, Balotelli.

  44. Valle – It’s the actual Necastle crest that set my alarm bell ringing, and the fact it looks like one of those iron on transfer type things :D

  45. Daan4tooN yeah mate there does seem to be a tag on the blue one, the home one looks slightly cheap the toon badge looks a bit like a transfer rather than sewn in, but maybe thats the way they are going to be. I find it hard to believe that someone would go to the bother of making a fake set of tops, so maybe they are real.
    Toonsy how is the new thread going fella

  46. Yeah the badge looks a bit dodgey,but you never know.The only thing we do know is that they’ve done a bloody good job keeping it underwraps(so far)

  47. Witters I was going to loosely say yeah the whole team :) but really maybe 1 or 2 as I think the bulk of our own players deserve the chance to proof themselfs in the prem

  48. Toonsy, cheers for the link the NUFC finances.

    Very interesting…whilst I didn’t get too much into detail it feels to me like the shepards/halls made approx £103m from Newcastle (wages+dividends+£68m from the sale assuming they got at least 51% of the £135m it was sold for) and left us with £70m debt.

    I think that speaks for itself…& whilst financial prudence it the most exciting of strategies but it might have to suffice for now!

  49. hope they’re not the new kits like, disappointing if so. That emblum does look shocking, lol. The collar is also rank. They’ve done very well keeping it completly under wraps so far but as has already been said, there’s been kits made up by people online with far more thought gone into them than that one.

  50. I totally agree Big Dave…the manager & the team deserve a chance!

    My inter/bayern question was tongue in cheek…theres no way they’d get in the toon side! Snjeider maybe…but only maybe!

  51. I just hope they hurry up and bring the new kits out as my wee Lad has been doing my head in for the last few weeks ;)

  52. Witters – No probs. It’s only when you look at the bigger picture you can see just how bad things were headed.

    The best thing is that it’s run by someone form Deloitte, the football finance experts, so it’s an impartail viewpoint that the bloke talks from.

  53. richie-Thats the worst part isnt it mate. They’re so plain, boring and somewhat cheap looking, it’d be just our luck they’re probably the finished product.

  54. Witters > Snjeider maybe…but only maybe! :lol: we could give him a trial. who do you prefer to win the CL I would like to see Inter I use to hate Jose but he sort of grows on you and his players seem to really enjoy playing for him

  55. Witters says:
    May 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm (Edit)

    “Very interesting…whilst I didn’t get too much into detail it feels to me like the shepards/halls made approx £103m from Newcastle (wages+dividends+£68m from the sale assuming they got at least 51% of the £135m it was sold for) and left us with £70m debt.”

    Almost £150 million in total, Witters, and they concealed over £100 million in debt from Ashley.

  56. Yeah Toonsy…probably adminstration last/this/next or the season after meaning definite relegation & financial meltdown alternatively let’s just see how Portsmouth get on over next few years….

  57. Richie-I’m the same. I dont tend to go with away shirts unless I really like them but every new home shirt is purchased within the first week or two of its release. However, I’m really hoping they’re not the new kits. Or at least that isn’t the new home kit. There’s no thought gone into it what so ever and it looks really disappointing considering its Puma’s first effort for us after a long term love for Adidas. I dont even know what the white one in the final picture is, a third kit? We can’t see bugger all. Hopefully fakes.

  58. Big Dave…milito & snjeider on trial, give them a week & see what happens!!

  59. I wonder if our new kit will be like the all in one Cameroon Puma thing? ;) :twisted:

  60. toonsy says:
    May 22, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    “I wonder if our new kit will be like the all in one Cameroon Puma thing?”

    I’d like to see all the fat gets in the Leazes with those on.

  61. Witters says:
    May 22, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    “Worky…it gets worse!!”

    It does get worse if you want to really drill down into things. As I mentioned the other day, when John Hall ‘loaned’ money to the club from Cameron Hall, unlike Ashley, he charged interest at the rate of 11%.

  62. Yeah i agree John Hall is some gonif,would`nt want to do a deal with him.
    But there`s always a “but” and it`s the fact his development of the super-mall and rebuilding of St. James`s park, was a shot in the arm for Tyneside in general.
    Face it had he not taken over the club and injected the funds both on the field and into the superstructure, just where and what would NUFC be to-day.
    Something to ponder, if you are into pondering.

  63. Before you jump on that , sure he may have ripped a bunch of contractors off along the way, I`m talking about the overall project happening as a positive thing in general terms, not how it was accomplished.

  64. Think your right there Chuck. Although I wouldnt trust Hall as far as I could throw him, he did come along at the right time for the club.