Taylor tips Vuckic to reach the top!

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Vuckic has been recieving praise from within.
Vuckic has been recieving praise from within.
A lot of us have known about Haris Vuckic and his potential for a while now, and that potential has recieved another plug today from fellow team-mate, Ryan Taylor, who believes the future could be bright at St James’ Park for a number of youngsters.

As has been said, a lot of us are expecting great things from the young Slovenian midfielder who will undoubtedbly be looking forward to next season, with the prize of breaking into the first team being the reward for hard work and demonstrating ability on the training pitch. In fact, Chris Hughton has already dropped the hint that Vuckic will be more heavily involved in first team affairs next season, something we are all finally looking forward to seeing. I have been a bit disappointed that we haven’t seen more of the boy in The Championship, but in fairness he has only just returned from a horrendous injury, and at least we saw Vuckic make a cameo appearance at QPR on the final day of the season.

“Haris is a good example of the sort of lads who might get their chance next season and I definitely think they’ll get an opportunity,” Ryan Taylor told the Chronicle today. “When Haris came on it showed what ability he’s got – he nearly scored with his first touch. It looks promising for the club, there are a few coming through.”

“He’s already made a few appearances for the first team and he did well in the last game against Queens Park Rangers when he came on. It can only be good for the club to see them developing young talent and it’s something we can look forward to next season.”

I’m expecting the likes of Vuckic and Kadar to be involved mainly in the first team squad next year whilst being given a run out towards the end of games, or indeed the odd start in the event of injury to some of our more senior players. Playing one or two at a time is fine, but if we are forced to play more youngsters that that then we can expect a repeat of what happened at Peterborough earlier in the season, and probably on a worse scale in what is a very punishing Premier League environment.

What we have in Krul, Kadar and Vuckic is potentially a very strong spine of the team for the future, and those are the three players that have been the subject of praise from some of the senior professionals at various stages of the season. After all, they work with them in training so they would be better placed to comment on them than most.

If we could find the next Alan Shearer to play up front then the future could be very bright indeed for Newcastle. Nile Ranger has promise, but needs to sharpen his finishing skills if he is to make it as a Premier League striker. Hopefully a loan spell can give him the opportunity to improve that aspect of his game.

Howay the kids!

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83 Responses


    Kenny Wharton has left the academy on mutual consent.

  2. Completely off topic from this article but I wonder if Hughton is looking to sign Sidney Govou. According to the Chronicle he was at the Lyon vs Auxerre match recently and this just popped up on Sky Sports that his contract is up and he’s interested in moving to England:


    He’s in France’s World Cup squad (made the cut over Benzema, Ben Arfa and Briand). He’d be worth a 1 year contract surely.

  3. Doesn’t mean we can’t challenge them, with their whole squad up for sale I doubt they’re sanctioning huge signings or big wages.

  4. I don’t think CH is ready to sign anyone at the moment,he is still reflecting on the championship win,how great the dressing room is etc and things are still at the planning stage right now….y’know mulling things over like :)

  5. We need more Leon Best’s in my opinion…proper predator and a fox in the box.
    (In the scottish division 3-I might add).

  6. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    “We need more Leon Best’s in my opinion…proper predator and a fox in the box.”

    Aye, in the chocolate box :lol:

  7. Terry

    Surely he has undoubted quality and would provide excellent cover for Jonas and Routledge as well as battling it out with Lovenkrands. With Butt and Pancrate off the payroll surely we could move for someone like this on a 2 year contract. Everybody is saying we need players under 26 with sell on value ect but I think we could sign one or two experienced players aswell. Look how well players like Belleti and Ivan Campo did in the prem and he is only 30, thats not too old.

  8. Toonsy, surely we can beat West Ham, we aint sunk that low have we lol

    Thing is he has picked a world cup year to do this and may be looking for a mega bucks move.

  9. Toonsy :)

    Thing is if we wait for world cup players they have a great tournament the prices go through the roof…same as players we have looked at in the past like Arshavin and he turned it on in Europe and everyone was interested.

    Take a gamble now if he is any good-never seen him play though :)

  10. Saying that I remember we signed Guivache before the world cup and I remember saying to myself as the tournament progressed WTF Have we Done !!!! :)

  11. Put your money on the table West Ham and we shall see what you’ve got.

    2 pennies and a BK voucher.

  12. My Gut feeling is that Ranger and Lua Lua won’t make it at the top level….Lua Lua has pace but that is about it really…should maybe take up athletics and grab us a bronze badge at the Olympics.

  13. I think Ranger has bags of potential but needs to sort his s’#t out.

    LuaLua has found his level at Brighton and Hove Albion. Has some pace and skill but fritters in and out of games and doesnt look like a top level player.

  14. I think LuaLua should be played as a striker like his brother. Chasing the occassional ball in behind the defense. He has the pace and skill to score from those. He is one of those players like the Ameobi’s where if he has to think about it he is knackered. If he was just chasing balls over the top I think he would be dangerous.

  15. I don’t think either have what it takes to be honest…make possible decent championship or division 1 players but just not top level prospects.

  16. I think if we rely just on producing top players it is hardly ever going to happen the law of averages must be huge…picking up a 12 year old from say brasil and making him into a world star…what are the averages…..1 in like 10 million or summink ? :)

    I hope Vukic makes it….think he will have his head turned easily though….and will be flattered very easily.

    “And yes, it is hard to say no to Alex Ferguson, who has a reputation of working very well with young players”.

    I said he could help Owen keep the bench warm.

  17. I think Connor Newton doesnt get enough praise. He could make it IMO because he has good skill and a footballing brain. Everybody goes on about Brad Inman but I can’t see why. All he did was run around like a headless chicken and rairly got the ball. Unless that was an off day.

  18. I will say one thing if CH is planning on bleeding the youngsters in in the premiership why didn’t he do it more in the championship….surely if we will be relying on them so heavily next season due to lack of funds or squad depth then I think CH would have done himself and the young players a favour giving them more playing time?

  19. SJT

    I think it is possible to produce talent though. Look at the constant stream of talent that churns out of places like Clairfontaine, Southhampton and even the Boro!

  20. Has anyone else noticed how silent the other Taylor is?

    He’s normally the one with the loudest mouth at the end or during a season…

    In my mind its a clear indication (although pure speculation on my part) that Steven Taylor knows he wants a move away from the club. And isn’t talking about next season and his excitement of promotion because he isn’t going to be here?

    Personally I’d like him to stay, but the signs are ominous…

  21. JJ

    Maybe Taylor hasen’t had much to say because he hasen’t played much. Although it never seems to stop Joey Barton like.

  22. It is possible to produce talent for sure…I just don’t think we can rely on this youth model too much as it is very hit and miss…even liverpool are having problems producing top youngsters..one of the scouse youth coaches was saying recently most of the current liverpool youth group are 2-3 years away from even sniffing the 1st team fringes at the moment.

  23. If Taylor is as hated as it seems and wants a move away I am not fussed on him leaving..I see him going to Everton or possibly a Wigan of Fulham…not a top 4 side though…just hope we don’t end up with Curtis Davis,his injury record is shocking.

  24. Well,
    i was just checking out some second-hand tea leaves & they reckon that the world is gonna end at 3:05 on the first day of the season, so none of it matters.

  25. For sure, I don’t think much is going right for Liverpool ATM. I think Liverpool is a bad example though beacuse players like El Zahr, Nemeth ect don’t seem to get in the first team due to expesive imports like Torres, Aquilani ect.

  26. Oh well.

    At least we’ll get to see five minutes of the new season then.
    Someone should inform Ashley, he may as well go on a huge spending spree if it doesn’t really matter anyway.

  27. How many scousers in the liverpool squad?
    Too many imports filling up their youth team?

  28. Lets face it if you are a young scouser, unless you are exceptionally good like a Stevie Gerrard, you arnt gonna get near the first team because they spend £20M on summer buys.

  29. gerrard is excellent every 4/5 games like.
    A real boon.
    Canny with his fists mind.

  30. I think in the next few years we will see that the Liverpool model is unsustainable. In a few years they wont be able to rely on Carragher and Gerrard to pull them out the s##t either. 32 and 30 at end of the month respectively.

  31. DJG – You reckon it will take that long?

    – No buyers interested
    – Debt has just been rated downwards (more expensive)
    – Have to pay £100 million back very soon
    – Debt has risen to near £400 mill
    – No Champs League
    – Mean no money for players
    – An ageing squad

  32. Toonsy

    I know ;)

    When they start getting beat off Everton/lower league position I think it will implode and the media will concentrate on them and maybe we will get a break.

  33. See, that is why the media piss me off so much. Both Liverpool and Man Utd have held protests throughout the season, yet they are deemed to be respectful and are just fans sticking up for the club etc etc.

    Lets not forget there were smoke bombs and and police intervention on the final day at Old Trafford.

    We do it and get vilified.

  34. Their fans are glory hunting 40/50 something pressmongs though, ’nuff said.

    Who was it saying they’ll (liverpool) be snapped up (bought) real quick, unlike us?

  35. It is almost the case now that the prudent will survive and the high spending/ risk taking wont.

    toonsy what effect will not getting into champs league have on their finances?

    I always worry when chairmen buy players on the assumption that teams will qualify for the champs league. Wasen’t that the case with Leeds?

  36. DJG,
    they only get about £50m for winning the damn thing, so that won’t even service the debts for long.
    They need to win it for the next few years.

  37. For the money spent on players in recent years, the return in ‘winnings’ is absolute chicken feed.

  38. chelsea win the league & cup & get £16 & £1.8m.
    For the F***ing double.

  39. There’s half a player without wages in the bag for them then.

  40. 47 jay jay says:
    May 17, 2010 at 3:47 pm
    Ssn are reporting Birmingham have made £8 million bid for nzogbia.

    Glad teams are strengthening then!

    Some on here live in dream world!

  41. Toonsy

    …we do it and get villified !

    Oh how horrible, why does that nasty sufern press pick on us so much, sob!
    A figment of your imagination, no one really gives a shit about NUFC. grow up !

  42. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    “chelsea win the league & cup & get £16 & £1.8m.
    For the F***ing double.

    Unless you look at it the other way, Clint. Teams like Chelsea and Man City are spending are spending far too much on players and wages, as are teams like Real Madrid overseas, and it is this which makes such a considerable sum look “pathetic” as you say. If the owners of these clubs aren’t happy with the ROI, they are free to invest their money elsewhere.

  43. Citeh in for Milner @ 24m, they must be crazy !
    N`Zog evaluated at 8m. reasonable.

  44. N’Zogbia on the move again….moody french prick :)
    He thinks he is way better than he is.

  45. Ring any bells Stuart?

    all i’m stating is what you get for ‘winning’ something.
    These are factual amounts that only the ‘winners’ get.
    Not exactly sustainable amounts, are they?

  46. So I see we’ve lost yet another academy director/manager.

    We really have a bizarre way of handling our ‘Brilliant’ academy – Considering this is where our future ‘new signings’ will be coming from.

    Another one who’s seen the iceberg, no doubt.

    How many academy guys is that we’ve lost in the last couple of years…?

  47. Milner 24 million is insane….he did improve when he left us but not 12-13m more,I think City will be much improved and start pushing on next season if they spend a load more cash…be interesting to see how many and who they ship out…there is rumour of them making wholesale changes…hope Liverpool lose Torres and Gerrard they will be even more Shat without them and would be goon additions to the city ranks.

  48. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    What bells?

    I only remember people like you saying no clubs will be investing any money this summer. So far Birmingham have bid £6m for Foster and now £8m for Nzogbia. Not to mention Scumberland have already signed a player.

    Jeez… I’m just glad we won’t be getting left behind – Were that far in front of these teams that they need to spend to catch us up I suppose.

  49. Did we ‘lose’ them or did they leave. Were they sacked, moved on etc.
    Must be bad anyway, cos you only get ‘bad’ news, don’t you?

  50. Everyone knows, for months, that brum had a few quid when they got bought out. So that ain’t news.

    any bells mate, even a little cat collar bell?

  51. I think teams will spend this window….maybe not a record breaker window unless city buy some big players and chelsea…but teams will spend nonetheless and strengthen.

    I don’t see us spending more than 5m TBH and we will get a few more pubeless wonders from abroad and a couple more Leon Best’s to add depth and quality.

  52. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    all i’m stating is what you get for ‘winning’ something.
    These are factual amounts that only the ‘winners’ get.
    Not exactly sustainable amounts, are they?”

    When put along other revenue streams such as TV money, gate receipts, prizemoney form other competitions including the Champion’s League or Europa League, it should be. However, the business has been highly distorted by the vulgar in recent years.

  53. & i didn’t say ‘no clubs’ would be spending.
    & also, there are no ‘people like me’, i’m a one off, ask anyone.

  54. Chuck. I suggest you read what I wrote on the other thread… I suggest you pick up a bit more on your knowledge of the present rather than the past.

    And I suggest you be very careful when it comes to refering to me, a white South African, as “you guys”…

    Try understand where my passion comes from.

    Its not about the colour of skin. Its not about revenge. And anyone who sees a reversal of horrific circumstances as “Poetic Justice” – either needs their head read. Or their head knocked off…

    Now… that I’ve calmed down…shall we move on!

    Don’t judge me, when you don’t know me…

  55. Hope it’s too hot in that rose coloured bubble you live in, CLiNT.

    Must be great in there – All be it a little unrealistic.

  56. worky,
    i was talking exclusively about ‘winnings’.
    That’s why i put inverted commas.

  57. Birmingham will improve and do have plenty cash but they won’t go gung ho with Carson’s Cash as they expected….I do see them investing and they seem to have a habit of getting the best out of players that looked to be spent forces especially Carr and Bowyer both had very good seasons…my mate is a bluenose and he has been well impressed with both players.

  58. Hardly ‘rose tinted’ (i think the term is?), but slightly warmer tones than ‘shit-stained’ like.

  59. Govou, always been a solid player,who can get you a few goals.
    Would be a decent signing, were it not for the dumb ass policy of having an age limit,
    Sure the guys getting up there, but like Baye & Steve Finnan a pro. all of these guys have at least another season and loads of experience, which could help us enormously.
    And not cost an arm and a leg.
    But hey what do I know.

  60. Chuck says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:04 pm about

    “grow up”

    Says the bloke who source of amusement is sniping at people on the internet. Feckin loser lol

  61. Toonsy,

    Where do you see that Liverpool have to pay back a 100Mil loan soon?
    They have stated they will have money to spend… How can they be allowed to spend if they are in such debt?

  62. Weird though we have a pretty rich owner,sell shit loads of shirts and merchandise,have huge gates which will be bigger again this season,got new shirt sponsor,probably a new stadium sponsor netto@stjames.direct.ma

    I think it is a shame Mike has gone from this big vision and future to looking at another new 5 year plan based on a cross between steptoe and son and QPR :)

  63. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    Hardly ‘rose tinted’ (i think the term is?), but slightly warmer tones than ’shit-stained’ like.

    Under normal circumstances it would be ‘rose tinted’ (I am well versed on the English language, thanks) but you have gone past that and it’s just pure rose!

  64. ‘pure rose’? don’t get it.

    You said rose coloured, but ok then.

    A bit of banter on a football blog is normal circumstances, isn’t it?
    Although that doesn’t address the converse stance.

  65. SJT
    What about the central defender we chased outta toon, presently playing his ass off, Go Titus !

  66. It seems as though Liverpool are in a very similar position to Portsmouth. They need to sell to stay afloat financially, yet even if they sell the buyers will probably not be able to pay off the debts and will have to sell star assets to keep the club afloat.
    The only assetts they really have are Gerrard and Torres that would bring in anything substancial…

    And that 57Mil pound loss was with Champions League Football. I’d imagine that figure will rise dramatically this year. Sad times for the club… Even though I hate them… :)

  67. Titus is still prone to Errors…was crap for us but has improved,seems alot of players do improve once they leave us. (Not all though).

  68. Dont write liverpool off yet.
    As for their only assets being Gerrars & Torres.
    What about

  69. SJT
    Seems we are more forgiving of certain players mistakes.
    Always thought Titus had decent skills, a great passer of the ball, Strong on the ball, good technique,could use his size and could put his foot in,not bad in the air, it seemed that on occasions he lacked concentration.
    At lest that was the rap on him.
    And you know about “give a dog a bad name @ NUFC” usually fan pressure moves people on.

  70. He could be a black and white hero, given half a chance. Looked the most dangerous player when he came on at QPR.

  71. Wow. I can’t understand how France lost. That was a quick exit. I really expected that they had a solid opportunity to do well in this years world cup. Maybe next time. Maybe its time to jump on the Argentina bandwagon. Looks like Demichelis has already scored. Go Argentina. To cheer me up from that devastating loss by France, I have been listening to some funny jokes.. Here is a good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3j7uSbccSc