Pancrate and Hall surplus to requirements. Will Best be next out the door?

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Pancrate: Moving on out.
Pancrate: Moving on out.
It looks like the Newcastle United squad is already starting to be trimmed down and relieved of the players have failed to make an impact this season.

Fabrice Pancrate, Fitz Hall and possibly Leon Best will be moved on as Hughton looks to free up as much cash as possible to help him in the transfer market. I can’t see them three players leaving freeing up too much to be honest as I’m not so certain that their wages will be massive, or whether we will recoup the majority of money we paid to Coventry City for Leon Best back in January. Either way, Pancrate, Hall and Best appear to have not done enough in their time on Tyneside to warrant being a paasenger in the Premier League.

Fabrice Pancrate was signed as a free transfer back in November, and marked his arrival on Tyneside with a spectacular goal against Watford which left a few fans thinking that we could be seeing something exciting in what was otherwise a non-existant right side of midfield at the time. It didn’t work out that way, and Danny Guthrie found himself played out of position on the wing in preferance to the Frenchman. With the arrival of Wayne Routledge back in January the writing appeared to be on the wall for Fabrice and he found himself eventually struggling to even make the bench towards the climax of the season.

Next out the door will be Fitz Hall, which is a much more difficult move to make in my opinion. The defender joined us back in January on loan from QPR, and despite struggling with a hamstring injury over the last few weeks has always done well when deputising for either Fabricio Coloccini or Mike Williamson. He also came in handy as cover whilst Steven Taylor recovered from a knee injury.

Although it was only a loan signing, there was a thought that the move could be made permanent during the summer. The question is whether he would get a sniff at the first team ahead of a fit Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini or Mike Williamson? I don’t think he will, and we still have young Tamas Kadar waiting in the wings to make an impact on the first team, whilst rumours continue to circulate that we are in the market to sign Motherwell defender Mark Reynolds again.

Now onto Leon Best, a much disputed subject among fans. Will the Republic of Ireland international be moved on in the summer? Some fans say he just isn’t good enough, whilst others remain convinced that the boy could come good given some time to settle. Either way, Best has failed to score in 13 appearances and I am sure that many of you reading will already know my opinion of what we should do with Leon Best.

I just honestly don’t think he is good enough, although he will always get my support whilst he is wearing the shirt. Fair enough, if he had got a goal early in his Newcastle career things could have worked out different and he could have gained the confidence to kick on from there, but he didn’t and I think we should now try to offload him back to a Championship club. I also think he is too similar to players like Andy Carroll or Shola Ameobi, and whilst being similar is not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t think he would be able to challenge either of them for a place in the first team.

That’s my two cents anyway!

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72 Responses

  1. Good reading of the situation Toonsy. Best is nowhere near good enough for the Prem. He didn’t even look good enough for the Coca Cola. It’s obvious that Hughton was desperate for cover up front but Best was the only mistake he made in Jan. Move him out.
    As for new signings generally – how about Curtis Davies at Villa. And what do you think of Colo being given the holding midfielder role? S Taylor at right back?

  2. So thats Hall, Butt, and Pancrate out…

    Meaning they’ll all have to be replaced by players of better quality… which shouldnt be hard at all ;)

    Its clear Houghton will look to bring in a defender, midfielder and winger. I’m sure he’ll add a striker to that. Which means I think we can expect around 4-5 signings this summer with the same number going out.

  3. Fingers crossed we can get shot of Best. Butt and Pancrate are out of contract so they will be out. Pancrate was a one hit wonder but im glad I was there to see his wonder goal!

  4. Just can’t see CH get rid of Best just yet.
    Hall has done well when he’s played, never let us down.
    Geremi & Butt’s wages off the books are the important ones.

  5. In all honesty I don’t understand why CH brought in Best, Nile Ranger was doing really, really well and transfer of Best just stalled his progress, he won’t have too many chances to play in PRM that’s for sure, same with Kadar, Vukcic, maybe I’m too pesimistic but I think that CH is too cautious to play youngsters at the highest level :/

  6. Cadbury – I have heard several times now that Hughton has not been impressed with Ranger who apparently thinks he has already made it, and that shows in his late attendance and half arsed application in training.

    How true it is i’m not sure, but I have heard it a few times now.

  7. How toonsy,
    i had a right laugh at your little ‘contratent’ with Stuart the other day.

  8. toonsy – Well if that is the case then fair enough, tho’ I can’t believe that there weren’t any half decent strikers available on loan, taking into account that we have an extensive scouting system. But maybe we are too fast to write down Best, as someone mentioned before, despite not scoring he has produced some goods, few assists as well and always given his best.

  9. Has anyone actually got any evidence about Ranger’s attitude problem? I keep hearing about it but just the rumour mill or what? I really like the kid but winced when I saw that shot of him with the championship trophy. Instead of looking at it in admiration or triumph he was grinning and pointing at his new gold tooth. Bit sad.

  10. I actually wouldn’t mind Hall staying as a 5th CM. he is on low wages and I can’t see him playing thta much anyway. If they wanted to sign a younger man for that spot I would have no complaints.

    Haven’t seen enough of Best to fairly comment,but I for one would like to see young Ranger go out on loan if at all possible. That would require us sign one starting quality striker.

    I would also say 2 pacey wingers are necessary to provide depth as a loss of Routledge or Jonas can seriosuly effect out(in my opinion) best style of play.

    Also need cover for Enrique, and if an improvement at RB turns up, I’d take it.

    I can live with a CM of Barton, Nolan, Smith, Guthrie, Vuckic

    for me that’s:

    Forward- starting quality
    RB- starting quality
    CB-depth player
    RM- cover
    LM- cover

  11. With less games we should aim to have similar numbers in the squad but with more balance , we are have to many centre mids not enough cover at left back

  12. georgio – He’s still a boy, a boy with some shady past also and not the best influences, hopefully he will mature.

  13. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 5, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    “How toonsy,
    i had a right laugh at your little ‘contratent’ with Stuart the other day.”

    Good fun :)

    Chuck on the other hand, I swea the guy is obsessed with me and it’s getting kind of creepy. All of his recent comments have been about me, aside from one about Platini.

    Fetish? 8O

  14. Anyone joined that new facebook page for the Official Website? I know it is just a marketing ploy on their part, but it’s a good way to put some names to faces

  15. Spyro – I set a page up for here ages sgo for the exact same reason :)

  16. zamora scored 4 goals the season before this & 20 this.
    So Best can come good, of his 13 apps. how many were starts or full games?
    We can’t just write off players after a few minutes.
    That’s what we’ve done in the past & it’s pointless & a waste of money.
    We have got to learn to give players time. Some don’t need it, but some do.

    chuck is a good lad i’m sure, but weird.
    I think he likes you. ;)

    Stuart hates being wrong.

  17. El Toro,
    soz mate,
    i don’t ‘bace fook’, ‘twatter’ & rarely ‘my spazz’.

  18. Cadbury – I know about his shady past at Southampton but have seen no evidence of it on the field. I guess people are reading between the lines with him dropping down the order recently although I suspect Hughton thinks he’s already had enough game time this season. He’s a very cautious man our Chris.

  19. would not shock me to see taylor moved out to spurs with o”hare comeing to sjp,would def like to see shola moved out,still not sure of best,got the pace but——

  20. Toonsy

    Oh ok, fair enough then. Well, everyone should join this one too! :D

    Clint FLick

    “i don’t ‘bace fook’, ‘twatter’ & rarely ‘my spazz’.”

    …You’re proud of what you just did there, aren’t you? haha

  21. Icedog – lots of talk about O’Hara but is he that much better than on on form Guthrie or Barton? I don’t see it.

  22. @ CLiNT FLiCK

    Zamora and Bent are the same thing really, all team plays around them, especially around Zamora, that’s why he scores the amount of goals he does, that’s is why they won’t go to WC and why they don’t shine on national stage, it’s the same with Defoe really, when team doesn’t play around him, like in Englands national team, he fails to produce. And I doubt that CH will lessen teams potential by playing it around Best, counting on one players performance isn’t the best thing to do really.

  23. GEORGIO,yes m8 i think quite a diff in so much o”hare is more left-sided player,guthrie or barton not the same players when pushed out wide right like they have been from time to time,m/field will have to sorted imo

  24. georgio,
    there have been reports of Ranger’s tardiness for training.

  25. Yeah you might be right Icedog. But I’ve always thought of him as a centre mid same as Guthrie and Barton and none of them do well when played out wide.

  26. CLINT hows things m8,you went missing for a couple days few days ago everything ok m8?

  27. El Toro,
    i did think it was rather wry of me mate.

    Best also assists. I don’t think he needs the whole strategy aimed at him, he just needs a couple of goals under his belt, instead of hitting the bar/post etc.

  28. GEORGIO,lets hope he plays in final we might get a better look,good agressive player who can pick a pass and play a few pos

  29. CLiNT FLiCK , what do you mean by “Cadbury/kraft” ? Is there anyone else under this nickname, I just simply picked out a random name, because I saw a Cadbury chocolate spread near me, never posted before…

  30. Hey ice,
    alright mate.
    it was the bairns birthday weekend, so way too much to do.
    Then a tap sprung a leak just before the party, which was fun, then a plumber(?) that was no better than me.
    But hey, the bairn loved her first little party, so it’s all good.
    Ta mate.

  31. Cadbury,
    na mate, my little joke(not a very good one like).
    Kraft just took over Cadbury didn’t it?
    Soz man.

  32. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 5, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    na mate, my little joke(not a very good one like).
    Kraft just took over Cadbury didn’t it?”

    Your right, it was a shite joke lol ;)

  33. Icedog – Afternoon mate.

    Do you want Worky, or can I help if he is isn’t lurking?

  34. not at all bothere by either leaving. thought hall did well when needed and the goal by pancrate was great, but better can be had.
    best had 6 starts and 7 sub appearances. tbh, i don’t think he’ll cut it in the prem, but i don’t think we’ll be getting rid of him just yet.
    do agree that i didn’t understand his signing when ranger seemed to be coming along well as a sub, but if the rumors are true that CH saw some laziness or arrogance, whichever it was, then fair enough. hopefully the kid can get it together and take his chance.

  35. CLINT good on you m8, inocense is bliss eh,ive had them plumbers before, make canny sparkies lol

  36. Pancrate: shame it didn’t work out. That goal was summat else. Anyone know if there is/was a CCC goal of the season on’t telly?

    Hall: Nice fella and good performances. CBs get injured more, so if he is prepared to stay and fight on lowish wages, probably worth holding on. QPR friends say he is a goodun.

    Best: He was just sooo bad at QPR, but CH will see him in training and decide which way to go. Not sure we can justify keeping him just in case, to be honest.

    Ranger: Again, only CH knows. Why are players even allowed to drink during season??

    And can I just stick up for Shola here? Easily our most productive striker per game or minute played, sets up loads of goals for others, yet people are always demanding he goes. I think it’s the way he looks like he’s running in slow-mo or summat.

  37. Whumpie says:
    May 5, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    “And can I just stick up for Shola here?”

    You can, but you’ll probably get harassed for it ;)

  38. CCC is a place for Shola, where he feels like a big fish in a small pond, not PRM. He also lacks on pitch intelligence, can be seen very well in PRM, too many times I’ve seen him do the forward runs do some turn etc.. but the thing is that after he runs to the other end of the pitch he doesn’t know what to do, poor decision making, usually he does something very wrong (not this season at least no to often).

  39. TOONSY,ay m8,being trying to track down some footage of 69 fairs cup from my bed.spoke to a few old mates,got rid of there copys as they were the old beetamax-format type,still have a couple to contact when out and about again (couple weeks)but have tracked down one firm (back page)in n/castle that have it £17.99.i will buy it for him if he would like it for the blog

  40. CADBURY,spot on there m8,in fact i think you are being to kind to him,know room for soft spots in epl imo

  41. Icedog – Aye, you did need Worky and not me lol :)

    Player review anyone? ;)

  42. Cadbury,
    i was laughing with ya’ mate, not at ya’.
    my little jokes aren’t always top.

    how are you man?
    Hope y’feeling well bud.
    She loved it mate, the look on her face, priceless.

  43. Yep, Strolla frustrates me no end. But how can you call for his exit and want to keep the others, when the bottom line is that they don’t score or set up as many as Strolla does?

    I know what you mean… kind of… but it makes no sense!

    Anyway, going for the early train. TTFN people.

  44. Anyone care to give me the facebook link for the official newcastle united fan group?? Went to the official page,but the direct link can’t work. :(

  45. If Dr. Frankenstein cut up & melted down Carroll, Shola, Best, Ranger & Lovenkrands, put ’em all back together in one body, keeping the best bits…………….
    ………What a striker that would be.

  46. Another player too go for me is R Taylor , i know he can cover left and right side but for me he is not a premiership player . Move him out and let the young lads have a go . As for Best i would say give him the pre season with us and reserve judgement untill the January transfer window its still tooo soon to give up on him imo . Xisco needs to be got rid of the lad was one of the worst signings ever , maybe through his lack of ability or maybe just circumstances were against him but its never going to happen here for him now .

  47. CLINT ay m8 bet it was,make sure you have pair of water-wings for her next year lil :)

  48. @CLiNT FLiCK – I got that mate, it’s good ^^
    @Whumpie – You got it right from a humane point of view, but from a footballing one it’s the best time to sell Shola, now when his shares in the market is at the highest value then ever, any CCC side would like to have him in their team. As for PRM, he has proved it quite a lot of times that he isn’t good enough there. But somehow I doubt that CH will let him go…
    @AXEL – R. Taylor is good for a back up and also he is good to keep S.Taylor here as they are the best friends, I still don’t know if he really got that jaw broken by Andy or not all the newspaper fuss got me confused, but if so he might want to leave, especially if R.Taylor goes…

  49. WHUMPIE,think your just a old softy at heart m8,nowt wrong with that m8, not at sjp though eh

  50. Axel,
    R Taylor has played most of his games in the prem.
    Just cos you don’t like him doesn’t mean he can’t cut it in the prem.

  51. I thought Best was unlucky to miss out on a few goals in his 13 appearances, he certainly hit a few strikes that came off the woodwork!

  52. Evening Lads the only one of the 3 I would consider holding onto for backup is one size I know Pancrate is away allready as for Best maybe if he got the monkey of his back he might make a decent striker in the CCC but I very much doubt he has what it takes in the prem. As for young Ranger I have heard the romours about turning up late etc but he is young and CH was playing him (mostly as a lone-ranger which I think was wrong for a youngun),when we had no one else. Then as soon as we had our other strikers back he was dropped to the bench with only 5-10 mins here or there, then when CH brought Best in he was dropped from the bench. I wouldn’t blame the Lad if his head was messed up after being treated like that, IMO Ranger has far more potental than Best.

  53. Big Dave says:
    May 5, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    “as for Best maybe if he got the monkey of his back”

    Nee wonder he has struggled to score Dave. Must be hard to balance with one of them monkeys on your back :lol:

  54. Toonsy thats why he was falling over and playing them dummies with all the air shots he couldn’t get the balance right ;)

  55. C`mon, Toonsy, you know i have given you praise for your efforts.
    It`s when yours are around fifty % of the comments and at times thoughtless (face it you will never be as cutting as Workey or have the wit to do it in a brief comment)
    Well that can be annoying for some.
    Have to say your blogs are for the most excellent, you are just inclined to dominate the comments section.
    Curious how much of your time do you dedicate to this blog ?
    My advice is lighten up guy.
    As for being obsessed with you, having illusions of grandeur are we ?

  56. Toonsy thats the very one, and that was the look he had when he heard Best turned down the No9 shirt stating ” He would rather earn the right to wear the Legendary No9 shirt” :lol: I think he will be waiting a while before he gets that shirt ;)

  57. Chuck says:
    May 5, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    “Curious how much of your time do you dedicate to this blog ?”

    Not that it really matters to you, but. Probably about an hour to do each proper artcile, sort the image etc. So that is 2 hours so far today, plus a bit catching up on other stuff.

  58. Great words from Pancrate on leaving the Toon.
    Good lad.
    Pity he didn’t cut it, cos he purely loved being here & it’s nice to hear some good parting words for a change.
    All the best Fab & thanx!

    telt y’he likes ya’.

  59. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    May 5, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “Anyone joined that new facebook page for the Official Website? I know it is just a marketing ploy on their part, but it’s a good way to put some names to faces”

    Could do that here I suppose, el Toro, either as a community on this site, or as a group on facebook.

  60. WORKY,would be good idea on here like,keep us “warm”,on no football days