Newcastle release another statement.

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Another statement...
Another statement...
Newcastle United have today released another statement, this time aimed at the press, and in particular the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Reporters from those publications were banned from attending games at Newcastle, banned from the training ground, and banned from press conferences after some awful reporting on their part regarding issues around our club.

But this latest statement runs deeper than NUFC and concerns issues of national importance, namely the 2018 World Cup bid and the recent controversy surrounding Lord Triesman, to which Newcastle hope to have set the trend that others will follow. You can read the full statement on the official club website, or alternatively you can read it in full below.

“Last season Newcastle United Football Club banned reporters of The Daily Mail from all games, the training ground, and from all press conferences. This decision had been reluctantly taken after repeated irresponsible press coverage.”

“The Daily Mail have recently made approaches through the Association of Editors for the ban to be reviewed. Newcastle United Football Club were considering that request when The Mail on Sunday decided to publish its disgraceful story about Lord Triesman. That story was not in the best interest of English football and has had enormous adverse repercussions already with regard to the 2018 World Cup bid.”

“Newcastle United Football Club supports the stance taken by Gary Lineker who has ceased to provide a column for the newspaper and has been outspoken in his criticism.”

“The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, will be unwelcome at Newcastle United for the foreseeable future. The club has also written to the Premier League and all other Premier League Chairmen, asking for their support in Newcastle’s stance against these publications.”

The Mail aren’t the only publication to have a nibble at us, either inadvertently or through design. Indeed The Guardian had a little pop at us yesterday by printing some, quite frankly, ridiculous accusations of racist remarks and protests surrounding the signature and playing of Andy Cole, whilst failing to mention that the ‘Kick It Out’ racism campaign was born by Newcastle fans before being adopted on a wider scale.

That accusation has now been retracted, with a full explanation due at some point, and it was mainly fan power that forced the retraction. But today the club have had their turn to hit back at the press and stand up against the reporting of an issue that is not in the national interest.

Feels strange to say this but, well done Newcastle!

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80 Responses

  1. Now were on a crusade for truth, justice and the 2018 World cup!

    This new media bird must have fck all to do!

  2. May I just add at this junctour that I too thought it was a dam disgrace what the Mail did.

    I actually applaud what the club have done, but did they need to make a public statement?

    Will be really interesting to see which other clubs ‘support’ the club in this matter.

  3. Aye Stu. Would be a bit embarrasing if they didn’t :D

    On the other hand thouhg, The Mail were only reporting something that was actually said, so should there be such an uproar over reporting something that actually happened?

    The issue for me is how they sneaked about trying to get the info, and there is no way they should have printed something that could have a detrimental affect on the country trying to do something good.

  4. toonsy says:
    May 27, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    If he’d have said this to a Mail on Sunday reporter, knowing who he was then fine. The fact that this horrible woman secretly taped him saying it, is dispicable.

    Also why was it in the publics interest? I noticed they didn’t take the film to FIFA and say this is what our chairman thinks is going on, investigate. No they splashed it all over the front page.

    No excuses. But typifies this disgusting rag!

  5. To be fair, the daily mail never have a good word to say…so why should be help them publish absolute trash.

    Plus i really agree that the Lord Tresman thing was the most disgraceful things to do for a newspaper as it really hurt our bid.

    Fair play to the club!

  6. Craig @ 7, but that’ll be just like being called Psycho by your psycho ex-girlfriend right? Everyone will see through that negativity as nothing but sour grapes and nastiness for being put in their place.

  7. @10

    Stuart…it probably won’t be much but have the club confirmed a transfer budget?

    And £7.5m is too much for Fletcher!

  8. Dunno, Witters. I was using dramatic irony, but you’re right, it won’t be a lot.

  9. didnt CH just say we should look at brum at wolves for guidence though… brum just paid 6 million for a keeper too… maybe we will spend some then

  10. Absolutely agree with this statement 100%. Well done. For once and I am gobsmacked saying this, I feel proud the club have come out in the open and taken this stance.

    The Daily Mail are a disgrace and should be closed down. Their morals are of the gutter and their ‘journalism’ non-existent.

    The Guardian and their antics are equally as bad. We are still waiting for a proper full on apology from both the Chelsea guy for his insinuations re racism and from the Guardian. This is a serious slur on our club and our city.

    I feel a very sizeable monetary contribution to the Sir Bobby Robson’s foundation in the way of apology is owed from the Guardian – the very least they can do.

  11. Mags09 says:
    May 27, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    The donation would probably go to the transfer kitty.

  12. Well done NUFC
    We should not cry over what action the daily mail will now report.In the past it has always negative been and is not a rag i would have in the house.

  13. boyd… yes, didnt someone on here say last night that they had it on good authority it was a done deal and to be announced today? thank god that rumor was wrong eh!

  14. Stuart

    “That’s how far we’ve fallen!

    Wolves are spending more than our entire transfer budget on one player!

    Glad everyone’s started to cut their cloth accordingly.”

    Thank goodness we arn’t spending 7.5Mil on Fletcher!

    He isn’t even worth 4mil and quite honestly I can see Wolves being second favourites for relegation next year…

  15. JJ says:
    May 27, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Couldn’t care less who the player is, JJ. Just the fact that other clubs are spending when everyone thought they wouldn’t.

    Fletchers a good player though.

  16. Fletcher is decent, but nearly 8mil?

    I cannot believe that dispite the financial climate, transfer values continue to be that inflated.
    I honestly don’t think he is any better than Lovenkrans.

    Does that mean that players like Rodellega or Jerome of Birminham are worth around 10mil?

  17. I’m in two minds because part of me would prefer to fly under the radar for a bit and I’m not totally convinced a statement was necessary. But I completely agree with the stance.

  18. stu 79 do you want me to send you some proxac you should change your name too stu 79 negative

  19. see one of toons so called targets J.LENS has signed for P.S.V.another bites the dust

  20. has anyone mentioned paul scharner he is availible on a free can play centre back or midfield can score good headers could be just what we need?

  21. Not for me that Scharner. I don’t think he is any better than what we have now to be honest, and he is a temperemental twat by all accounts having sat out his contract at Wigan whilst suling that he wasn’t getting games.

  22. fair comment toonsy given what we think we have to spend i think we need a striker who do you think we should go 4 mate?

  23. i have a horrible feeling we will lose oe player and i think it will be steven taylor hope we dont but if we do sell 4 maybe 10 million then we could get onouha and a striker and ive heard rumours of emile heskey what do yews think?

  24. Well on the grounds I don’t think we will have much money it’s hard to call. I would prefer it if most of our money, however much it is, was spent on a striker.

    If we are reduced to freebies then I don’t think we will get much better than Boyd.

    Like it or not, that is where we are shopping unforunately. If we had the money then I would go for Doyle at Wolves. A hard working striker who chips in with goals.

  25. Heskey 8O

    Nee way man. We need someone who can score ;)

    Plus it would just be another big man up top in my view.

  26. DANNY m8 you seem to pick em,heskey we are getting worse,mind the england boss rates him

  27. i know i thought the same when i heard but its all the knob heeds starting shite like the wheater boyd one personally i think boyd will stay at rangers so its hard to say who we can get in normally with transfers we have a good idea of who were after but this time its like guess who mind frustrating for us coz im excited for season coming up

  28. we will sell taylor to fund buys. if we do, this is not my idea of moving forward. selling a good player with all his best years in front to fund two or more dross shite.

  29. icedog he isnt my pick mate he was a name that i was given as a rumour im giving you players we have been touted with and asking all your opinions thats all mate

  30. Aye, cos Taylor is knocking on the England he is that good. Or is he viewed more favourably because he is a “geordie”?

    End if the day, it’s not up to the club or Taylor if he stays or goes. It up to his Dad, he is the only one that knows.

    If Daddy says so, then taylor has to go ;)

  31. Could see us affording Mcgeady Craig , id say celtic be looking for big money for him

  32. DANNY m8 dont get me wrong not haveing a go at YOU,just the type of players some rate them some dont simple as,nothing wrong with throwing names up like

  33. Donno Craig. His unlce drinks in mt cousins pub and he hasn’t heard owt different.

    Saying that, I haven’t spoken to him for a few weeks now.

  34. Sorry guys.

    Everythings great, all the teams we’ll be competing with are spending money on new signings and it looks like we don’t have the preverbial pot to you know what in. But everythings fckin brilliant!

    Because I expect more and want more I’m castergated. I can only assume the ones doing the castergating have achieved absolutely nothing in life. Well with ambition like some guys have on here, who needs the opposition.

    I let my feelings known on here, some half wits on here will boo players and chant anti Ashley songs at the games. I do NOT!

    Get over ya selves!

  35. Heskey or Boyd wow!
    Is this the level of player we are looking for, shows a decided lack of both imagination and ambition.
    Looks like we have become inured to lower expectations for this side.
    Certainly either one would have been laughed at during Sir Bobby`s time, suppose everyone is now firmly in agreement with our rotund owner in what we are willing to accept, as long as they are cheap.
    How did that come about ?

  36. Stuart stick to yer guns mate There is fuk all wrong with wanting more out of life, and not settling for the hand that you have been dealt. I understand yer concerns but after a few things that have happened in my life I try to look on the brightside and I still think we will get a few bodies through the door before the season starts, But I could be wrong but I hope im not. ;)

  37. Chuck – This isn’t a dig, and I’m only talking about for myself but, for me it’s the realisation that whatever I want isn’t going to change what the owner wants to do with us.

    We aren’t in the Robson days anymore, they are history. A good history, but history all the same.

    I would like Ashley to spend a reasonable amount, say £20 million, and although it looks unlikely we still could spend that.

    But if he doesn’t, what can we do? Seriously? What is more realistic given our apparent lack of spending power? Screming for the £10 million Robbie Keane or Steven Ireland, or having to make the best out the hand we have been dealt and look in the same bargain basement our owner is apparently looking in?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would like players like Ireland here. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen yet, if at all.

    Now I have realised that I can just get on with supporting the team, they will need it. They have been put in the same situation as us, and if we do survuve then it is them that deserve the credit, not Ashley.

    That is my focus, getting behind the team and trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

  38. toonsy – but come on pal. Surely this is the perfect place to judge the decisions being made by the board? And to argue about what will and won’t work. Get behind the team on matchdays at the game and then let loose on here?

    I’m not talking specifics because everything I’ve seen debated lately is all conjecture.

  39. YO STU.

    I agree with most of what you say, your doing ok !
    Many on here are like dogs, they just join the pack and yelp the same shit !

  40. BIG DAVE how could i fall out with you, no way m8,kept joking with toonsy that your giving toon a loan now your in with 365 ;) your becoming like a knocking shop quick nip in then out,finished painting bunker with batty went for tartan hope that meets with your app like :)

  41. Ice the tartan must look well :lol: as for the nip in nip out I have been real busy over the last couple of weeks mate. I have been trying to get everyone done before they go away for their july holidays as they need to be done 6 weeks before holidays, and at the same time I have been trying to get decking and stuff cleared to built a conservatory that my lass bought 2-3 yrs ago :lol:

  42. BIG DAVE 2-3 yrs well you cant rush these things might make a mistake like ;) was over to see old pal in mull ingar last week for couple of days hes in bad fettle,used to buy dogs there few years back,cannot let mates down eh

  43. Toonsy

    As a team that fills a fifty two thousand seater stadium, almost every other week with the third largest attendance revenue in the EPL.
    That combined to a presently fairly low team wage total and other money saving measures.
    Add to that approximately fifty million tv revenue, the total everything included somewhere close to one hundred million, OK !
    For any club with that earning power to say there`s no money available (i guess thats what was said, no one seems quite sure)is a disgrace and I can only assume our billionair + owner wants his money back first.
    Thats what i`m talking about, yeah I realise a football club is a business and he`s first and foremost a businessman, but looks like he`s not interested in investing only getting his money back then selling, to the detriment of the club.
    Not that anyone knows for sure as this guy just does`nt communicate, not interested in a five year plan or whatever, just want to watch a decent side play decent football is that too much to ask.
    We were a decent and competitive side under Sir Bobby and can be again, why not ?
    just dont see it happening with this guy in charge.

  44. Ice I told her all good things come to them that wait, but she is well used to it now mate. Mullingar is a nice spot mate, I was trying to think of a wee old man that my bro use to wheel and deal with Jimmy something im sure you would know him most folks with greyhounds new him he died last year next time I remember his surname I will write it down

  45. ayr chuck, good points. And there is no doubt our club has the potential to be one the biggest in england.

    The way I’m taking our situation at the minute is that let Ashley scrimp and save and he will get his money back quicker etc.

    But with regards to this transfer, the only communication from the club would indicate we won’t be pulling up any trees. Its not me selling out to the Ashley way of thinking, my lyrical weapons still remain poised for use.

    I guess in a short way, I am not passing judgement until I see how the window pans out. Ps, sorry if the typing is shite as I am using my mobile

  46. I agree Chuck,but I believe fatboy wants his £135m+ back or whatever the figure is first then it’ll be easier for him to sell up.I just hope he gives CH enough backing to enable him to do his job and keep us away from relegation.Wanting to avoid relegation isn’t me showing a lack of ambition but more a lack of expectation from Ashley.Like you I want a decent side playing decent football but I doubt we’ll get it under Ashley so unfortunately I think we’ll have to suffer a year or two of mediocrity while Ashley grabs his cash back then hopefully he’ll sell up and go.HWTL

  47. “The Mail on Sunday decided to publish its disgraceful story about Lord Triesman. That story was not in the best interest of English football and has had enormous adverse repercussions already with regard to the 2018 World Cup bid.”

    Didn’t this guy get sacked for accusing nations of Bribery etc and was recorded doing so?
    Then fair play to the paper for exposing the fookin idiot !

  48. sirjasontoon says:
    May 27, 2010 at 10:20 pm
    “The Mail on Sunday decided to publish its disgraceful story about Lord Triesman. That story was not in the best interest of English football and has had enormous adverse repercussions already with regard to the 2018 World Cup bid.”

    Didn’t this guy get sacked for accusing nations of Bribery etc and was recorded doing so?
    Then fair play to the paper for exposing the fookin idiot !…..

    We also feel it’s a bit rich for the proven liars at SJP to try and take the high ground.

    Comments Welcome.

  49. Read that we were at least 3m short of Citeh`s evaluation of Onuoha, guess that`s one down.
    Also reading where we are in for Boyd, hope that does`nt happen as I dont rate the guy.
    If we were to sign anyone from Rangers it should be Bougherra, tough talented defender (RB)would be as good if not better than Onuoha.
    But i have a feeling we will continue to miss out on players due to a parsimonious evaluation of those we bid on.
    All i hear is loan, loan, Cleverly, Wiltshire etc., thats fine if they come, but it`s only for a season and what then ?
    We really need at least three quality players, better four.
    We need a RB, a striker, plus a playmaking inside midfielder, coupled by a box to box defensive inside centerfielder.
    O`Hara= DM
    McGeady= AM
    All except perhaps Bougherra for sale !
    With the above and the expected loanees, we could go to any ground and compete.
    Might even challenge for a top five to eight spot.

  50. Ed says:
    We also feel it’s a bit rich for the proven liars at SJP to try and take the high ground.