Hamit Altintop to sign in at Newcastle?

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On a free, from Germany, Hamit Altintop?
On a free, from Germany, Hamit Altintop?
Bayern Munich utility man Hamit Altintop has been linked with a move to Newcastle this summer as his contract expires at Bayern in June.

The beaten Champions League finalist had appeared more frequently towards the end of the season as cover for Franck Ribery, but opportunites look to be limited at Bayern Munich next season due to Ribery and the return of their highly prised youngster Toni Kroos from a couple of years out on loan.

It is that apparent lack of games that is forcing the Turkish international into considering a move away from the Allianz Arena, despite having been offered a new contract with the German side. There is apparently firm interest from one other club, and it does appear that at 27 years old, Altintop is considering his next career move carefully.

In a refreshing move for a modern football player, it seems that money is not the only thing that motivates Altintop, although I am pretty sure the riches of a modern day footballer aren’t entirely lost on him.

“The offer from Bayern is very good for a player who does not play regularly,” Altintop said. “There is one serious alternative, the sporting side of things is very important to me.”

Altintop continued:

“When there are so many positives, then there are always some negatives and that affected me. And I know that people are going to be asking the question: ‘What would have happened if Franck Ribery had played (in the final)?”

It would be nice to see us at least in the running for him, which according to the bastian of truth, The Daily Mail, we are. Could we be the serious alternative that Altintop doesn’t name?

Nowt wrong with dreaming eh? But players like him don’t come around on a free transfer very often, although admittedly there does seem to be a lot of good quality players available on free transfers this summer. That is the exact reason why we should be getting in there trying to sign him, because he is free and the fact that he is very versatile and can play in central midfield, either wing, or at full back on either side.

From the sounds of it, Altintop is looking to move for the right reasons, that being looking for first team football rather than a last big pay day. At Newcastle we can give him one of the two, and it isn’t the pay day. As I said, nowt wrong with dreaming eh?

If he did sign for us then at least we already have a terrace song lined up for him, in fact it would be the very tune we use for Peter Lovenkrands, who also signed on a free from Germany. Could the Turkish international be on his way to St James’ Park and follow in the footsteps of Lovenkrands? I would love if it was true, somehow I very much doubt it though.

Oh well, nowt wrong with dreaming eh?

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100 Responses

  1. Versatile midfielder? If his number 1 goal is to be first choice, we would be a likely destination.

    Before everyone starts pissing and moaning about how we won’t pay wages high enough, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW MUCH THE CLUB CAN OFFER IN WAGES.

  2. 27 isn’t too old, Laurent Robert is a free agent at 36 – that’s too old.

  3. gianfranco says:
    May 25, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Under 26 yr old only in this weeks plan. He’ll probably want more than £20k a week too.

  4. How is it misleading Hitman? There is a question mark at the end of the title, plus about 6 (yes six) points in the article where I say things like ‘we can only dream eh?’ and the biggest one ‘from the Daily Mail’ ;)

    I can’t be at fault if people don’t read the article ;)

  5. Forget the wages we don’t know if there really is a cap. Also, they’re targeting younger players, but that doesn’t mean they will pass on an international footballer on a free! Of course we would want him. The question is whether he wants us. I have this strange optimism that Hughton can sell top players on what we’re trying to build here. We’re back in the prem and fill a 50,000 seat stadium, same draw that’s always been there.

  6. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    May 25, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    What are we trying to build, FSS?

  7. With a big conveyor belt of kids at the back being turned into World Stars At The AAA

    Ashley’s Arsenal Academy…you heard it here first.

  8. Would love him. Don’t know about the wages, but Hughton should definitely have somebody all over him.

  9. Stuart79 says:
    May 25, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    We’re trying to build a competitive team with potential for European competition. Adding a player like Altintop would do a great deal to meet that goal, as unlikely as that may be.

  10. TOONSY,i enjoyed the post,for me we its good to (look) at the maybe”s,and may-nots,wheres the harm?,on wages thats a guess game,evertons j.rodwell just signed new contract (5yr)at they say on top wages £30,000a wk is that true?who knows

  11. Hitman – In that case the ‘to’ and ‘?’ are very relevant, and if people don’t want to see them and think ‘oh it’s a question, not a statement’ then I can’t be blamed ;)

    Now if I had removed ‘to’ and put an ‘s’ and the end of ‘sign’ OR put ‘!’ instead of ‘?’ at the end I could see your point as it could be construed very differently indeed :)

  12. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    May 25, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Competitive team and European competition – On free transfers and loans?

    If I believed in miracles I still wouldn’t believe that could happen.

  13. Jesus, and people wonder why west Ham are in the shite:

    Kieron Dyer has cost West Ham… roughly 14.5 million in wages and image rights since we sold him.

    Sitting with my calculator:
    83000 a week
    424000 a year image rights
    100000 a year for loyalty bonus

    Over 3 years
    played 19 times and never once has he played the full 90 minutes
    For once we sold someone at the right time.

  14. Altintop?…No thanks. I don’t even know how he still plays at Bayern. I think he is a useless player.

  15. “Head of middlesborough fan club neil pratt stated on the clubs website that they expect wheater to leave for a premiership club. epected at this time newcastle united.”

    Supposed swop for Shola or Smith…dunno what truth is in it so don’t shoot the messenger.


  16. Depends Hitman. if Dyer asked for that amount then yes it is, especially after all is injury problmes here.

    If West Ham offered it him then you cant blame him for taking it really. West Ham should sit in their own shit for being so stupid in the first place.

    Granted, the leg break couldn’t be helped, but what about the rest of his injuries?

  17. i heard that sjt but with a diffrent twist,that wheater and his agent met ashley in jimmsy bar lastnight…its funny season

  18. toonsy says:
    May 25, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    Icedog – Where you been? Got your tin hat ready?

    was born with a tin heed m8,why,been away for couple of days,back to cause bother m8 ;)

  19. I heard it was Blue Bamboo and Nolan was conducting the Transfer talks cos CH is on his holiday’s.

  20. Icedog – You’ve missed it mate. We are already relegated next season you know? No players will be coming in etc etc.

    And DON’T YOU DARE say otherwise or else the clique will hound all over your comment to the point where slitting your wrists feels like an easy decision to make :)

    Optimism is not allowed to be shown and will be dealt with by the clique accordingly ;)

  21. “Kieron Dyer has cost West Ham… roughly 14.5 million in wages and image rights since we sold him.”

    Micheal Owen cost us 65million over four years excluding image rights and goal bonuses.
    How much better off would be be if Fat Fred done that deal.
    Would have covered our losses for the last two seasons.

  22. if there is a shread of truth in it toonsy,it could spell the end for s.taylor

  23. JJ – If that money didn’t get spent on Owen it would have ended up leaving SJP anyway, probably in the fat cnuts pockets!

    Hitman – Is that a bad thing? I mean is Wheater any worse than Taylor? I think there isn’t much difference between them to be honest.

  24. I am agree with gianfranco, 27 isnt too old. I think he could be a good signing, but i dont think he will be a regular first choice. We have two very good wingers in Gutierrez and Routhledge, so he must fight for his place in the starting elleven. But he would be a good signing, but I think its many big clubs who want him and he choice surely them before us. Hope we sign Boyd or Doyle or someone great goalscorers too.

  25. I’d take Wheater – Good young player.

    Cannot see Boro taking less that £5-6m though.

  26. That Phil Taylor is shite at darts isn’t he 8O

    Two 9-darters? Pfft, piece of piss…

  27. It doesn’t matter how good our defense it. We need our midfield to perform otherwise any defender will look bad.
    Its been our problem the last few years. Our defense gets put under too much pressure from poor passing and bad tracking back by our midfield and we suffer at the back for it…

  28. I see Jonas is playing at right back for Argentina. Defensive problem solved ;-)

  29. would”nt mind wheater,as taylor will be off to spurs,o”hare will come this way,H.R.says his value is 6mill and is willing to let him go,imo we might get two from spurs,there will be 3 new players in this year i”ll guess we will finish 14th this year

  30. I wouldn’t mind swapping Taylor with O’Hara and Keane if he doesn’t wanna stay.

  31. JJ @45 your not far wrong there m8 its left c/m were we are lacking, said before you cannot ask a right-sided player to play on left side a get the best from him,to a epl standard,you will get away with it in ccc, not in epl imo

  32. craig chisholm says:
    May 25, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    “toonsy… what makes you think he might come to us… is there a scrap of evidence anywhere?”

    FFS Craig, I notice you don’t get on anyone elses back ;)

    But as you missed it in the article, this rumour is from the Daily Mail.

    “It would be nice to see us at least in the running for him, which according to the bastian of truth, The Daily Mail, we are.”

    Just because you seem to have missed it.

  33. JJ another thing i liked about o”hare,when he went back for second time he said when asked about wages at p/mouth,said he wasnt to bothered about wages he just wants to play every week,nice change i think

  34. Turkish mate, do you expect anything else.

    When I used to be a DJ there was a Turkish kebab shop opposite the place I used to spin the wheels of steel. The amount of times people would go in there pissed up and gob off at them only to turn around to leave the shop and find groups of the workers armed with bats/knives/meat cleavers behind them was funny. They used to match down this alleyway next to the place and pen them in :lol:

    Nothing ever happened, just a warning type of thing.

  35. TOONSY,sprat to catch to mackrill,m8,taylor 8mil=2mil spare, 4mil from milner sale to m/c=6mil for wheater,simples :)

  36. Icedog – Plus a bit of our income to spend on a striker. Piece of piss this football malarkey :D

  37. Icedog-areet mate? I’d be very, very tempted to take jamie o’hara and one other from spurs for Taylor like. Doing that and then getting wheater in would be a great piece of business. Too good to be true, intact lol. I don’t see a huge difference between wheater and Taylor. Both are young and he’s a big, no nonsense defender. As I’m sure i’ve already said to you I really rate ohara.

  38. we got it sussed m8 move over ashley,there is a c/f comeing to,just wait and see ;)

  39. ROSS aye m8,great minds think a-like,why all this doom and gloom,nowt bad to shout about yet imo,if the rags said it was raining i would look outside thats how much i trust them,lets just enjoy a bit debate and see when season starts if we have oot to winge about

  40. I agree with you lads, also i think kp boateng may have only been on loan at pompey. Not too sure though? But Taylor out O’hara and kp boateng in and Wheater would see us looking better with only one problem left.. Who to play up top with big AC?

  41. TOONSY.glad someone does, been trying with wor lass for 30 year :( how about some more posts on maybe”and may-nots,you have broad shoulders :)

  42. Altintop is a solid player- better than what we have at the moment (with Carroll as a possible exception). With our finacial situation we will be unlikely to spend big- doubt we could do better than him on a free. In a perfect world I’d prefer a forward with a bit more pace- but then again this ain’t a perfect world, is it? Also worried about how much his success has been thanks to Robben and Ribery

  43. MDS he looked pretty decent and got past maicon one of the worlds top rb’s a couple of times knocking good balls in off the weaker foot. If he was willing to come it wouldn’t even be a gamble as if all fails we can sell him and make a profit.

  44. ANDY E,aye m8,sorry like i just dont rate boateng have seen him a few times not for me like

  45. Andy E- good points. In what I’ve seen of him he seems to be a bit of a wily player- relying on skill and guile and less on athleticim.

  46. I should add that I like a player who will put playing time first and money second. no fear of him being just a cash checker.

  47. How do you’s think Simspon will fare playing against some quality opposition. I would like to think this position has already been targetted as a must strengthen position as i don’t believe he is that good a defender. Got caught out many times last season. Still could improve though as he’s young.

  48. ANDY,spot on with simpson,got caught out few times in ccc,was injured a bit like and will miss start of season,which might be a good thing we will have to get one in unless he falls back on r.taylor

  49. Depends which Simpson you look at?

    Simpson in the first half of the season, who was subject to praise from a lot of fans who said we should sign him permanently.


    Simpson in the second half of the season, who has been the subject of ridicule after we signed him but has been playing with a niggling injury.

  50. Absolutely agree with the jose. Taylor is crap at CD, gets caught out of position constantly.

  51. Icedog – See, people can disaggre without getting snapy with each other ;)

    Keep your eye out, another article on the way soonish ;)

  52. Toonsy-I never used to rate him but he’s been excellent at times this season like. Was it man city they had toward the end of the season? He had an excellent game. Ohara and Dawson for Taylor please? Haha. With wheater, a striker and rb cover coming in. Happy dreams! Lol

  53. If there is any truth in the Wheater rumor then i hope we move very quickly to get him . That lad would be a perfect replacement for S Taylor , we could then look for a good swap deal for Taylor ,it seems most of the top 6 want him i would say try and do a deal with Chelski Taylor for either Kalou or Sturridge .

  54. Can’t see a swop deal for Taylor happening although I would be up for it rather than a sale-I see Mick Ashley taking the cash to be honest…as I can’t see him being offered a longer contract or improved terms by the club.

  55. Im sick to death of all these people saying the club wont buy him, he’s gotta be 26 or under, theres a wage cap. How the hell does anyone know who we will buy. Is Hall under 25, is Williamson, is Routledge?

  56. go this off another site,hey i love this time of the year :)

    These are 100% true. my friend works at Shearers bar and he has confirmed these are true. hes also seen Ireland and Mulumbu with Ashley and David Wheater of Boro although he doesn’t know if that deal has gone through or not.

  57. Went on .com meant to say-fookin stoopid typey thingy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  58. sirjasontoon says:
    May 25, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    They have bigger tin hats on there Toonsy made in the USA.

    Actually I lied cos the globalists moved all the industry to China Haha

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme

  59. Is this player Altintop any good?
    Wish TomToon was still around to let us know the facts.

    Not watched much european football this season.

  60. Icedog – Aye he has been around ;)

    SJT – He has fallen behind Ribery and Robben in the pecking order at Bayern.

  61. whittingham might be on the market now cardiff,have blown there chances,canny player,scored quite a few goals this seasons

  62. Icedog – You cant mention Peter Whittingham mate. You’ll get branded as being a racist ;)

  63. As byern and nufc fan ..altitop gets about 45k a week plus 5% performance bonus …he used to be a good player but now he spends most of his time in German night clubs …any way he is not comming cause nufc can’t afford him plus our stupid manager don’t want to signe anyone but players from England..

  64. Altintop is a good solid player, and would do a great job for us in a central midfield position or wide right. He doesn’t give the ball away, is super fit, has a great shot. It’s not his fault he cannot force his way into the team, with Schweinsteiger, Van Bommel, Ribery and Robben in front of him, thats a tough deal,as well as Tony Kroos returning from Bayern Leberkäse… Cannot see him coming to the Toon though, he’ll move elsewhere in the Bundesliga or back to Turkey somewhere..

  65. For all of the pessimists, just think if NUFC continues to pay on the cheap what will happen to every decent player in Black & White when their contract expires. If they don’t get a decent offer & re-sign with NUFC they will have a piss attitude.

    Plus, who will come here on the cheap if there is not some other prospect that offsets money?