Ginola backs Hughton, because he’s worth it.

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Ginola: A fantastic player in his time with us.
Ginola: A fantastic player in his time with us.
Amidst all the speculation and statements, former Newcastle star David Ginola has today heaped praise on current Newcastle boss, Chris Hughton.

Ginola is back in the area promoting something or other, and will be at PC World in Team Valley on Friday if anyone fancies popping down to get an autograph. Ahead of that though, he gave his thoughts on Chris Hughton.

We know ourselves that Chris worked a minor miracle last season as he took a team that was devoid of any confidence and was surrounded by turmoil to the Championship title, and by some margin to boot. David worked with Hughton at Tottenham so knows our current boss better than most, and he believes that there will be no need to call for a big name manager whist Hughton is in the hot seat.

“Chris is a close friend of mine and I was pleased for him when Newcastle won the title. But everybody should be able to see what a fantastic job he’s done,” Ginola said. “It has proved that you don’t always need a big name to achieve something. If you have somebody who is devoted to the job, it can be equally rewarding.”

“Chris is such a committed worker and that’s what I remember of him at Tottenham. He’s also a great person and a true gentleman. He’s given everything to Newcastle when he could have walked away and he delivered what everybody wanted – Premier League football.”

I think that speaks volumes for just what Hughton has achieved, against the odds by all accounts aswell as nobody really gave him a chance. I think Ginola has hit the nail on the head when he mentioned big name managers, and that they don’t always work out.

Look at some of our managers in the past and it will confirm it. Big name managers such as Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Ruud Gullit and Sam Allardyce all tried and failed. In fact the only real big name to work out for us has been Sir Bobby Robson. Then you look at Kevin Keegan, who was an unknown in managerial terms when he took the reigns. He stopped us slipping into the third tier of English football for what would have been the first time ever, and didn’t end up doing too badly by the time he resigned.

By luck, Hughton has been given the chance to manage Newcastle, and it’s a chance he has grabbed with both hands. He himself has yet to let us down, and goes about business in his own under-stated way. ‘Move along, nothing to see here’ is very much the order of the day.

There are questions regarding whether Hughton will be able to cut the mustard in the top division. Were the same questions asked of Keegan I ask? So what is different? There is no reason why Hughton can’t cut it in the Premier League, and at least we know he will make sure he and the players give 110% effort.

I think some people are wide of the mark when they say he is a puppet, or that he is clueless with regard to tactics or players. Lets not forget that Hughton has had 17 years experience of being a coach, he knows the score. He won’t let us down.

In Hughton we trust!

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32 Responses

  1. Cheers for the shout on the previous thread about the memberships toonsy, thanks for remembering mate.

  2. It was easy Jay Jay, you’re all I think about night and day so it was easy to remember ;)

  3. Jay Jay he is just that type of helpful guy :) hows you mate all good I hope, I take it yer not over keen on us getting Boyd ;)

  4. Dave – Icedog hasn’t fallen out with you man. He was asking earlier if I has seen owt of you ;)

  5. I’d only take youngsters from the spl, some might have some promise, I’ve heard good things about Wilson and fleck, and my bros alright big dave, how’s things with you mate.

    Cheers toonsy, I’m touched :)

  6. all managers start somewhere could be the top flight could be blue square premier what chris hughton did in his 1st season as manager was superb there are some prem managers who would not have even got us out the ccc never mind win it with the circumstances and players. i think hughton together with calderwood with a few new faces = 12th place honestly im backing him to the hilt its time to forget everything else off the field i know its hard but back the team the manager everything otherwise anymore revolts and banner waving bye bye premier league

  7. good article. i like CH and think he will do us proud next season. He is a realist and i like that. He knows we have no transfer money but is staying cool and just getting on with it. He is polite to press and tells them nothing of any meaning which is good. his players would walk on fire for him, which is good. I think that if we do not get any real signings as such we still have a chance of staying up. It could be argued that it was all the ego’s, be it keegan, ashely, wise, owen, given etc etc that were the main reason we went down in such a pathetic fashion. I see no egos now and i like that too. you cant not knock honest graft and a loyal heart.

  8. “There are questions regarding whether Hughton will be able to cut the mustard in the top division. Were the same questions asked of Keegan I ask? So what is different?”.

    I think the obvious difference was that we had no real expectations back then. We were just grateful for small mercies and all got bowled along on the crest of a wave. I don’t remember anyone thinking too far ahead and just enjoyed the ride. Rightly or wrongly, these days we’re expected to be back in the big time and competing.

  9. Hopefully Hughton can walk the walk next season, he deserves a good shot and i would also like to have stability over a number of years. If Hughton keeps us up next year, i reckon he’ll be with us for a while. However i could see him getting the chop next year if we’re down in the bottom 3 at Christmas.

  10. toons – I’ve dropped you an email about an article as it happens but fittingly it’s not been done yet.

    Dave – aye, good mate. Just getting the bairn to bed. Seems like ages since I’ve done it and then jumped on here. Changed my habits pretty dramatically of late.

    How’s you?

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  12. She’s 5 and a bit and a real Mammy’s girl. Good craic though when it’s just the two of us. Have a right laugh and didn’t think I’d enjoy reading bedtime stories so much.

  13. Just realised, I think that photo is from the televised game at Forest when Davy G gave my mate a Christmas cake. The players were handing them out to the away end and he waggled his finger at some ‘bigger’ lads and pointed at my pal. It was pure genius and he’s still got it on VHS.

  14. Gianfranco,

    I don’t know about Hughton walking the walk next season he’ll have to be able to walk on fckin water with resources he’s been given!

  15. Good age mate I normally take a mon and Fri night of cause the lass works them nights and me and the wee lad have a good laugh messing about and on his Xbox he’s 7 now. funny enough the 3 girls were allways Mummy’s girl when the were young but they all turned out to be Daddies girls from they were about 10 or so and still are and the oldest is 25 now fuk I feel old now :lol:

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  17. BBM – how come you don’t get on Stu’s back when he gets all percy pig on us?

    I think I’m gonna cry :(

  18. Ha – not really

    It’ll take more than a couple of jibes from a sackless loser who looks to blame everyone but himself for the shortcomings and failings in his own pathetic existence :)

  19. Toon Chicken, nice to see you feel the same about Ashley as I do.

    Keep up the good work.