Tangerines squeezed! Newcastle United 4-1 Blackpool.

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Gutierrez: Man of the match.
Gutierrez: Man of the match.
The only team remaining that could do the double over Newcastle this season left St James’ Park with sore bottoms this afternoon as the Toon ran riot spanking Blackpool 4-1, and in reality the winning margin could and probably should have been far greater.

A total of 2,700 Blackpool fans crammed into the level 7 away end in the hope of seeing their team continue to charge towards the play-offs and end the only unbeaten home record in English football. It wasn’t to be and amongst much bragging and bravado from the Blackpool fans they deservedly head back to the West coast with their tails firmly between their legs. Much was made of the visitors fine run of form and the form of their captain, Charlie Adam, who many people believe warranted the Player of the Season award won by our very own Kevin Nolan. Those allegations proved unfounded as Charlie Adam appeared to spend the majority of the game in our own midfield’s pocket whilst him team showed just why they now look like thay will miss out on the play-off places.

Tamas Kadar replaced Jose Enrique in the starting line-up whilst the Spaniard recovers from a virus but that was the only change from the team that beat Sheffield United 2-1 on Monday night. Questions were asked as to whether the home side would be suffering any post promotion party hangover but they were soon answered when Jonas Gutierrez gave the home side the laed after beating Blackpool defender Seamus Coleman and shooting past the Blackpool keeper via a defelction. The hosts reamined on top and made it 2-0 before half-time when Andy Carroll nodded in Danny Guthrie’s free-kick. Tamas Kadar limped off just before the interval with what looked like a foot problem and was replaced by Ryan Taylor.

The second half continued in much the same vein as the first, with the hosts on top. Chances were wasted by Carroll, Lovenkrands and Gutierrez before the pressure finally told and Kevin Nolan made it 3-0, the Championship Player of the Season making rounding the keeper look effortless. Nolan recieved a standing ovation from the home faithful as he was replaced by Joey Barton, and in a nice touch passed the captain’s armband over to Fabricio Coloccini. It was soon 4-0 as another sub, Shola Ameobi, fed a ball for Wayne Routledge to run onto which he duly smashed into the net with 13 minutes remaining. A clean sheet wasn’t to be however, as Brett Ormerod turned in a late consolation goal for the Seasiders, much to the delight of the away fans.

All in all it was a good win with some great football played. The scoreline arguably could have been a lot more but i’m more than happy with the 4-1 result. Blackpool played some decent stuff at times and made themselves heard from level 7. Our very own man at the match, Bowburnmag, will be along with a full match report written from his eye in the sky seat.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson (Ameobi 75), Coloccini, Williamson, Kadar (Taylor 37), Routledge, Guthrie, Nolan (Barton 69), Gutierrez, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Krul, Taylor, Barton, Pancrate, Smith, Best, Ameobi.

Blackpool: Gilks, Crainey, Evatt, Baptiste, Coleman, Southern, Vaughan (Bannan 67), Adam, Burgess (Ormerod 65), Taylor-Fletcher (Dobbie 65),Campbell.

Subs: Halstead, Edwards, Bannan, Clarke, Ormerod, Euell, Dobbie.

Attendance: 47,010.

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153 Responses

  1. Just back – great second half! Could have been more if their keeper hadn’t decided he was going to make 3 brilliant saves in a personal duel with Peter L.
    They just couldn’t cope with Spidey and Routledge and Danny G was good, as was Collo and Mike W. Couldn’t decide if Kadar was subbed because of an injury or because he was having a poor game – saw Hughton shouting to him lots of times and maybe Tamas didn’t do as he was told.

  2. PS
    So glad we won. Don’t know who was “smacked off the earth”, Holloway – but it wasn’t us!!

  3. Icedog where are ye I hope you had faith in me and put your money on the 4-1 win I predicted ;)

    Toonsy have you fell out with me now ?

  4. Big Dave says:
    April 10, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    “Icedog where are ye I hope you had faith in me and put your money on the 4-1 win I predicted”

    Hmmm. That easy Blackpool consolation goal is starting to look highly suspicious now. Which syndicate do you belong to, Dave? ;-)

  5. I thought Blackpool played some decent stuff. Their play in the final third was pathetic though – Suppose that was the difference.

    Second half there was only us in it and we could have scored 6 more,

  6. toonsy says:
    April 10, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    “The goals”

    Wavy Davy with his camcorder again. I always feel a litle seasick after watching those ones.

  7. I see Liverpool’s owners have put the club up for sale.

    Watch how quick that will be sold.

    Strange really when you consider how much the full investment will cost. £400m for the club, £250 debts and at least £400m to build a new stadium.

    Over £1b and they won’t even have looked at the playing staff.

  8. The difference between the sides was that one had a better cutting edge than the other. Although honestly, I thought 4-1 didn’t tell the whole picture at all. They knocked it around us for fun at times. With a more potent attack, they could go places. They were full of themselves at the end, as were the group on the Airport Metro on the way to my home for the night back in the beautiful city. But all the shouting in the world doesn’t
    disguise the scoreline. I’ll write up something the morning but we’re one step closer eh folks?

    Howay lads!!

  9. Worky :lol: thats the third match in a row now that I got the scores right ;) plus I said Joey would score in his 1st match and today that Routledge would score. But to be fair I said that B-Pool would score 1st, I have to admit that as Icedog will soon remind me :) . The main prediction that I want to be right on is the unbeaten home record ;)

  10. BBM it did sound as if they played some good stuff but just couldn’t finish the chances they had but as you say we’re one step closer to the prize

  11. Slander! Absolute slander!

    Reet I’m getting wrong for not getting ready for my mates Do!
    So I’ll leave you with this…

    We shall not, we shall not be moved!!

  12. bowburnmag says:
    April 10, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    That synopsis could be true of 90% of our games this season.

    Hence my point about the PL.

    Thought Carroll did well today, setting up a couple of great chances for Lovenkrands – He should have scored a hat trick.

  13. Stu – What was Carroll’s crossing like today?

    I’ve noticed before he has that knack like Shearer did, of being able to put the ball into that danger area and deliver the kind of ball the he himself would like. Is that about right?

  14. Tangerines squeezed! Newcastle United 4-1 Blackpool.

    Haha Well Witty….We Rock the Championship !!!!!!

  15. Aye toonsy, he put some great balls in today – Wish he’d have been on the end of them to be honest.

    Scored yet another good goal too.

  16. Thats ok Stu, thought it may be the case.

    Just figured that his crosses must have something because they can find Lovenkrands perfectly, and he aint the biggest.

  17. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
    oh I do like to be beside the sea
    Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
    where the brass bands play tiddley om pom pom….

    Fish n Chips, Candy Floss, Kiss Me Quick hats……

    Wonder what happened to the Blackpool Manager’s master plan???

    God! this league is getting boring…..

    whose next? (Yawn…)

  18. Howay man lads – seriously.

    So we’re not Chelsea or Barcelona – tell us something we don’t know already.

    What is it gonna tek for you’s two to just accept that we’re a canny middle of the road team?

    Of course we’d all rather prefer to be in the Champions League semis but we’re not. Can’t we just be content with mediocrity – at least for continuity’s sake for 2 or 3 seasons????

  19. Toon Chicken – yeah, a lot of my mates are going around shaking their heads saying that we get away with a lot because of poor finishing by our opponents and when you see how Chelski, Manure or Arse-nil break with speed and skill we’ll have no chance.
    But we won’t be playing them every week – the question really is how will we do compared to Blackburn, Stoke, Bolton, Wigan, West Ham (say) and perhaps Nottingham Forest – for example. Are we really so inferior to all them?

  20. do me a favour – possible (likely) league champions. unbeaten at home (so far), chastened by relegation and looking lean and mean, where’s your spirit of celebration, man. next season will look after itself, given some pre-season diligence.

  21. Toonsy have ye still fell out with me Lad

    Lads as they say you can only beat the teams put infront of ye, and we have only been beat 4 times this season so we’re doing something right

  22. Course not Dave ;)

    I’m waiting for Worky’s Louise Taylor article. He is leaving it late if he wants to make the paper tomorrow :lol:

  23. Toonsy I think Worky is scared of getting on the wrong side of Louise as he has been threatning to do the article on here for a couple of days now ;)

  24. just in called in for a couple of glasses of milk from good game today,b/pool had a one or two spells,but we did not have to break into a gallap really, jonas good,loverman played canny with no luck,kadarfor me spat the dummy got done a couple of times,ch seemed to have a go at him,so hurt his ankle,harper made a couple of canny saves,but still to me is suss

  25. big dave,evening m8,saw on ssn just before game, report said newcastle are strongly rumoured to be signing o”hare,hope there right,see you were nearly right on b/pool game,b/pool didnt score first shame kidda :)

  26. Evening Icedog I hope you put that money on the 4-1 but, just stick with me and i’ll look after ye buddy ;) . yea it sounded as if Kadar didn’t have to good of a game. As for Lovens I think strikers get days like that were no matter what they do the ball just wont go in but he can correct that at Reading :)

  27. I just hope he didn’t spit the dummy and that he gets another chance soon, in his favoured position.

  28. WORKY said one of our first buys should be l/b for cover i think he ment,good one and should be reasonable price,belhadj from p/mouth

  29. Dave – Smith or Barton. Not that i’m nitpicking with anything they have done. I just think that O’Hara is young and still improving and wouldn’t have such high wages. Plus we are losing Butt at the end of the season.

  30. ice – I think Belhadj is a bit better than a backup. I mean would he be happy playing second fiddle?

  31. Toonsy in all honesty do you think CH will replace Smith or Barton I mean with the influence they have on the player committee

  32. Dave – I think he needs to, and I think the commitee should realise that they aren’t ultimate rulers of the club.

  33. Or another solution is to do what Stuart79 says ans see if Smith can cut it up front again. That way we get a striker and lose a midfielder.

  34. Lads do you’s ever wonder what has happened young Ranger, there has been no sign of him on the bench or nowt. I really do think its a shame as he has so much potental but I did say in Jan when we signed Best that that would be the end of Ranger and it seems like it :(

  35. Dave – Thing with Ranger is we dont see him other than at a match. He played for the ressies the other night when they got beat at Bradford.

    I hear off people that young Ranger is a bit too pre occupied with outside influences and is constantly running around in his car late at night. Thats fine if it doesn’t impact training but if it doesn then he needs to learn.

  36. dave,didnt he get kicked out from his last club over some bother,maybe his heed not right,only a guess like

  37. on smith, the lad himself said after all his inj he had lost a yard to play up front,and is happy to play a slower role in m/f so i would say its a non-starter

  38. Toonsy im not trying to stir but I just have the feeling and allways have, that the players comm have to much power :( . Re Smith do you not think we allready have enough strikers that would be away infront of him allready. I think Ohara is a good-un but IMO if we get him Guthrie will not get a chance in the middle where I think he can do a real good job
    I have heard that Ranger hasn’t been keeping the head down and turning up for training late etc but I think he had been keeping the head down up untill the start of the year, But sence then who knows

  39. dave i think o”hare is more left-sided,though i could be wrong,but seen him there on tv like

  40. o’hara would be a good addition, hes versatile aswell, he can play in the middle out wide or at a push left back..for me he’d be an excellent signing

  41. big dave, you think hes bad on here try texting him to arrange going to football matches- nightmare haha

  42. M.Stockley he never used to be as bad its more from he started running around with Louise Taylor i think that keeps him real busy :)

  43. dave depends on set up m8,away from home you know nolan sits behind lone striker,o”hare would fit well puts his foot in and can pick a pass,which we need,imo

  44. Oh, and don’t bitch about Ryan Taylor, Kevin Nolan or Alan Smith whilst M.Stockley is around. He will get upset ;)

  45. i have a meeting at work at 9am, was out last night…its true guys im a big smith and nolan fan and im ready to take any flack u may supply…
    simon are you coming to ipswich???????????

  46. Icedog I agree with ye mate I just think if we get Ohara he would need to be a 1st 11 player which I think he is well capable off, I just cant see him getting what he deserves. As you said Nolan sits behind the lone striker (Carroll) but I think Lovens would be better than Nolan there so where would that leave them

  47. I wont reveal all of your dirty secret Markus ;)

    Dunno mate, still haven’t got an answer yet. Will press for one on Monday.

    And where has Ryan Taylor gone from your list?

  48. if for nothing else bringing in the likes of ohara whilst keeping the likes of nolan and danny g will provide good competition. we have always lacked strength in depth..personally there are only a few players im not fond of. i know the pl is a different kettle of fish however.
    we need a center foward that will bang in 15-20 a season at this level for sure

  49. in my defence i have said when r.taylor plays at right back i panic..but yeah on the whole i think hes a good player to have in the squad. i do like him

  50. icedog – I found a list if free transfer players who are out of contract in the summer and he was on it ;)

  51. Krasic looks like a good player, strong runner, gets stuck in…at least according to the youtube clip…reminds me of Andre Kanchelskis of Man U fame…I would imagine the clubs are queing up for him though…

  52. Munich – Yes, I hear there are a lot of clubs after him. My point was more that, weirdly, this season there are tons of good players available for free.

  53. still have to spot them though toonsy,some i wouldnt let take my dogs for a walk never mind play footy

  54. seems so Toonsy, for some reason there are lots of good players to be had. Wouldn’t mind having this lad though though, seems like a canny lad, speedy and direct, can cross the ball. I’m a big fan of the east europeans, there are loads of good uns in Germany. Dzeko at Wolfsburg, arrived for nowt a few years ago, now all the big clubs including Manure are after him 35 million quid at the last shout.

  55. Areet lads, pleased with today, glad we got a bit of revenge.

    Question: We only need 4 points from our remaining games to win the league. The next two games are Reading and Plymouth, both away. Plymouth is on the tele, monday night game and if we get the 4 points from them, we’ll win the league away from home. I take it however, they’ll wait till the following week and Ipswich at home to present us with the trophy?

  56. never mind bloody barca u not watch our prob greatest ever team win the cup in the link i sent above ???? shame on ya , go back nd check out an extensive old newsreel of us winning back in 51….have just watched again it will def put a smile on ur faces lol

  57. sorry JT you’re dead right….51 was a proper team…last time we won owt worth mentioning…or 55 for that matter !! If you’re talking nostalgia though I cannot get past the Asprilla hat trick against Barca in the Champs league, what a performance…still didn’t get us any silverware, but epic all the same..!

  58. sorry Toonsy…you get me there, I new as I was typing the last response I was making a mistake ! The earliest success I can recall is the Texaco Cup and Anglo Italian !!

  59. cheers munich…lol
    i was astounded at the amount or highlights there were, my grandad was a huge robribio fan, so the extent of the clips were a revelation to me, nd that run on goal showed me so a bit nostalgia…aye cheers jack, god bless ya ( my granda…lol) but yeah back to the present i guess, glad u enjoyed tho…cheers lol

  60. no probs JT, the old black and white highlights are great, my dad was at the 51 and 55 cup finals, I have the programmes in pristeen condition at home…
    in general…cannae wait for next season, it’s just great to be back in the big league… happy days ! It promises to be a great summer…world cup, and whatever good signings CH can conjure up !

  61. …I’m looking more forward to sellotaping floor-dropped margerine clumps to my eyeballs

  62. sorry Rodzilla, I’m on “Top of the league with 6 pints on board Saturday night mode”…you cannot bring me down…!

  63. …sure I could give it a pretty good bash Munich Lad!

    HAWAY! anyway.

    I Like CIDERRRR!

    …and a telyiz wot

    …been harping on about Darren Bent for ages, on dotcom blog mainly. What a bargain that bent-nosed mackem got. Beside mesel with frustration when the dirt bought Bent AND Campbell.

    …anyway, lookin forwad te battering the furk out of the infidel again.


  64. TC – In response to your post, pppffftttttttt…

    Rodz – ya knacker. That’s yer kebab yeev dropped.

  65. no probs Rod…..I believe you could have a good bash at bringing me down !! But it wont work the neet mate, cider or no cider…!

    The makkems would be in a bad way without Bent’s goals. Steve Bruce…plastic geordie..never liked him…

  66. Soh ! everybody feeling good, Promoted and about to win the league eh.
    Well enjoy it while it lasts, wont be long before we have to play real teams, not walkovers.
    But what the hell if your not on the big stage, whats the point.
    So it appears we are after O`Hara is it ?
    Good young player, rate him right up there with Veloso, plus he is steadily improving, anything up to five million would be a deal.
    If we can poach Hutton from S********d would be a good start, rate him too.
    I`m sure we will unload a few, think Butt has had his last season, Pancreat and those on loan will go.
    I kinda like Smith, but if we could recoup a few bob on him would`nt be upset,
    Ryan Taylor, no thanks.
    That leaves a small squad, we need to replace four or five, possibly a couple of decent loans and hey, maybe we will have a side that can play.
    One thing I like on a team is pace, thats something we should concentrate on.

  67. Batty, lang time nee see, ye geet homm.

    ….Bawbs, funny ye shud menshin babs, ahad a herm made chiken Tikka kebab earlier, and have some marinated remnants gaining experience by the minute in my modest fridge.

    …..fu<king great.

    Natural yoghurt, coriander/ginger/garlic paste, lemon juice, tikka powder, sugar, Bob (who is your uncle)

  68. ….Chuck, I reckon it’s gonna be a quick buy, sweep the sh1t under the carpet first season back.

    Expect Nolan, Barton, Taytlor, Spidey, Loven, Carrol, Shola, Enrique, Simpson, Colo, etc.

    ….nee flashing lights like, but pretty good batteries.

    …need to bring in some international fringe players.

    (no centre partings allowed)

  69. ….aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh, amanli heeya te start a ruck, BATTY, HOWMAN!

    ….all mooth and nee troosaz

  70. chuck says:
    April 10, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Don’t be talking like that man! You will upset so many people who think there’s no difference between the bottom of the PL and the top of the Championship.

    Anyone who knows about football knows there’s a huge difference.

  71. ….fair play with the backgroond Paul, Photoshop is great. Define Pattern and fill that mofo.

  72. I don’t think we should be so radical and say nee centre partins. There were too many ‘centres’ back in the day, Kitson, Barton, Stimson, Bradshaw. It can create an imbalance. There should be more ‘Beardsley’ cuts, look what it did for him.

    But joking aside, I’m sure TC is winding me up but today was great and the win was class. Although the later substitutions meant the last 15 were a slightly damper squib. Don’t think think any of us are demanding success or predicting abject failure? Or that either are the only two options that are likely.

    Midtable? Suits me sa.

    Reet, anyway, bedtime.

  73. …who wants a fight?

    …this is my blerg noo.

    Bawbs has gonti bed.

    Haway then ye cnts, alavyi…

  74. Mathews and Mortinson in tangerine, the Froggat brothers with Pompey, where we got dorty Jimmy Scoular to replace an aging Joe Harvey and check out Bobby Mitchell, best left winger ever @ the club, better than Ginola and Robert?
    Much better, could do it all and entertain the hell out of you in the process.
    Nice job JT@77#
    Played some nice football in the day.

  75. …..I’ll get mi coat.

    ….again, but I’m not arsed, I OWN THE CLOAKROOM!


    ……urrrr, huh, hurr, ahum, Hurrrrr…




  76. …..ahhhhhhh, b0llocks then, sublimino-resident pi55 head checkingoot.


    I’M A MACKEM!!!



    ….hahaha, you’re all Counts


  77. ….it’s, the, worst, ex-cuse, in the wor-ur-urld, anit, doesen’t make it alright

  78. O`Hara is no as good as Milos Krasic. MK is a better player. O’Hara cant improve the team much.

    Milos Krasic is a risk that Newcastle can take. Have long legs as Spiderman and faster.

    Height in middle on the field is that we need also.

  79. davis – I doubt we would get him, it was just an example of the calibre of out of contract players.

  80. Toonsy….Saying Milos Krasic is Slovakian is like me saying David Beckham is French

    He is from SERBIA

    Second thing Toonsy,,,he would never ever join us cos he has Liverpool and Milan who are soo desperate to sign him.

    So you can simply forget about him,anyway do you think MA will match his transfer price of 28 mill.Dont think so

  81. Transfer fee is irrelavent when he is available on a free transfer ;)

    Also, look above. I did say it was an EXAMPLE, and that I doubt we would get him.

  82. Phillipe Senderos is being linked with us. Think defence, and certainly centre back, is ok and not a priority in my opinion.

  83. I’d go for:

    RB….Zaccardo from Parma for 4 mill

    CM….Galloppa from Parma for 7 mill

    AM….Alan Dzagoev from CSKA for 11 mill

    CM….Albin for free

    DM…Bodmer from Lyon for 8 mill

    ST…Falcao from Porto for 10 mill



  84. £40 million? Can you really see that being spent?

    I think £20 million will be nearer the mark. We need a RB, Cover for wings, and a PL striker as a minimum in my opinion.

    A back up LB aswell, although we have needed one of thjem for years now.

  85. We need a top class centre half I think too.

    Just because I think Taylor will be gone and we don’t really know if Williamson is up to the PL.

  86. some news today that everton are weighing up a bid for carroll i know news is thrown around players moving but do you think it might happen, of course he has been a star for us this season but with PL football now it would be crazy for our core of players to be moving now!

  87. Little clubs like Everton don’t stand a chance of signing any United players – unless of course the fat cockney has had a bad night on the roulette table…..

  88. “Little clubs like Everton”

    The same little club that has consistantly finished above us for the past however many season on half the budget we had?