QPR v Newcastle United – A season finale guide for away fans.

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Loftus Road - Looks like a block of flats!
Loftus Road - Looks like a block of flats!
Newcastle United head down south to London on Sunday where they will be hoping to sign off the season in capital fashion by taking all three points at Loftus Road.

It has been brought to my attention that some fans are travelling without tickets and are just hoping to catch the party atmosphere, whilst others will be seated in the home areas. Don’t worry to much about that, as long as you are sensible you will be fine as the QPR fans are pretty decent and don’t really look for trouble in my experience, sit on your hands if you struggle to control yourself! Being the capital city there are plenty of things going on to keep people occupied, and Loftus Road is not a million miles away from some of the more exuberant areas of London, with Shepherd’s Bush in particular being only a stones throw away from the ground.

It works out at around 280 miles from Newcastle to Loftus Road, quite a distance in all fairness and I know many fans will be travelling down south by train which I will cover later. If you choose to drive down then you need to head down the A1(M) out of Newcastle. The shortest way is to merge onto the M1 at Leeds and follow that all the way down to the A406. Turn right at the big roundabout at the end of the motorway and follow the A406 over the Hangar Lane junction until you meet the A4020 junction. Turn left there and follow the Uxbridge Road from which the ground will be signposted.

There is plenty of street parking around the ground but you must be careful about where you park. Read any signs carefully as some roads are residential permit parking only where others can be parked in but you will have to pay a fee via a parking meter. Alternatively, if you follow the Uxbridge Road until it meets Wood Lane and head towards the BBC television centre, there is an industrial estate opposite there down Ariel Way that operates parking for £6.

When leaving, you may want to avoid the Uxbridge Road as that is liable to be closed for crowd safety reasons.

Those travelling by train can take advantage of an extra service from Newcastle down to London which should take you into Kings Cross. From there take the underground Hammersmith and City line to Shepherd’s Bush Market station (for drinks) or Wood Lane Station (for the ground).

For drinks you can really look no further than Shepherd’s Bush. If you get off the underground at Shepherd’s Bush Market there is a Walkabout and O’Neills a couple of minutes walk away, both are fine for away fans. There is also a Vue retail complex which houses a Wetherspoon’s pub upstairs. Avoid The Springbok pub, which was away friendly for many years but is now home fans only with doormen checking match tickets before entry.

For something to eat you really can’t beat the Uxbridge Road. Different foods from throughout the world appear in this area ranging all the way from Chinese to Jamaican cuisine to reflect the general diversity of the area. Or you could be boring and have a pie inside the ground.

To all those that are going, I hope you all have excellent an excellent day out and that the lads make it even better for you by grabbing all three points and sign off from the Championship in style.

Howay the lads!

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31 Responses

  1. Always had a soft spot for QPR, I remember the days of Bowles/Francis/Masson/Thomas and Givens etc in the mid 70’s. What a team.
    And………We bought Sir Les from them.

  2. TonyGreenSupreme

    Stan Bowles was an absolute sh*tbag though, wasn’t he? One of the nastiest pieces of work ever to pull on a pair of boots, I reckon.

    Ah, but Sir Les :)

  3. DarthBroon says:
    April 30, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Stan Bowles was an absolute sh*tbag though, wasn’t he? One of the nastiest pieces of work ever to pull on a pair of boots, I reckon
    >>>>Don’t recall him being nasty, gambler and knacka yes.

  4. All the best to Newcastle, had a great night up there when we drew 1-1 earlier in the season. Sir Les, eh? QPR’s loss was Newcastle’s gain there. Not sure Stan Bowles was really a nasty type of player though! Rob, A QPR fan.

  5. SirStan, Rob

    I should have said he was a bit of a Flash Harry rather than anything else really – he didn’t show much respect to his fellow pros (any of them) or the referees. Definitely a flair player though, and never boring to watch.

    I knew of the FA Cup story, but there’s a bit of a dispute about whether it was actually him


    Then again, Gordon Jago must be getting on a bit now. Maybe his memory’s playing up :)

  6. Cheers Rob – pity QPR faded away a bit this season. At the beginning they were looking good.

    I remember Stan Bowles as – how can I put it – “one of the game’s characters” LOL

  7. Rob, the worst thing you did was sack Magilton.

    QPR were the best team I saw at St James’ all season.

  8. Before the match
    the away bar is The Central Bar (opening at 7am)
    Weatherspoons, Shepherds Bush,
    West 12 Shopping Centre, London, W12 8PH
    next to the Vue Cinema, opposite Shepherds Bush tube station on the Central line)

    After the match
    Cock & Lion (Newcastle pub in London) is being decorated inside and out with black and White balloons etc,
    massive flags on the outside an inside.
    Free buffet on at 16.30 after the match.
    62 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2SA
    (opposite Bond Street tube station on the Central line)

  9. Not old enough to remember the 5-5 very well. Wouldn’t mind the same sort of entertainment tomorrow but I’m in their end and it’ll be tough sitting through 5 goals and not being able to go mental.

    Stu is right, QPR is the best team we’ve played (perhaps alongside WBA) at St James’. I’ll go for 1-1 tomorrow.

    Just hope for a good game and a good night out although after the wedding today and a 5am start I could be a bit fragile.

    Stan Bowles is a legend.

  10. How young are you bowburn?
    Hated that game 4 nowt up at one point.

  11. In the journal Hughton has confirmed that we will be offering a new contract to Steven Taylor and will ask Ashley to do everything in his power to keep him at the club, and said he see’s no reason why him and Carroll can’t stay here and play huge parts in the clubs future for years to come :D

  12. Enjoy the wedding, BBM, and try not to sober up. Remember: it’s only a binge IF YOU STOP!

    See you tomorrow mornin, fella. Looking forward to having a few celebratory scoobs with anyone heading down.


  13. Morning folks.

    Just about calmed down after last night at work. If people wish to utilise their bank holiday then can they kindly ensure 2 things;

    1) Can they make sure that they can drive somewhere without crashing into someone/thing.

    2) Can they stay off roads where people who actually have work to do may be. They have the time to themselves, get off the motorway and have a look at the country.

    3) Drive to the speed limit. It says 50 for god’s sake, not 35!

  14. Kevin Nolan in the Journal this morning, echoing something I said yesterday about signings, and long may this attitude continue I say.

    Whoever we bring in, it cannot just be done on the basis he is a top player, he is a big name, he will do. It cannot be like last time.”
    “We are not going to make a big- name signing and then focus everything on that player.” “We are not going to splash out £20m on this one, £10m on that one and £5m on that one and suddenly say these are the main men.”
    “I don’t think this club thinks like that anymore. I don’t think you can do that anymore with the way finances in football have gone.”
    “Chris is very shrewd, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.” “He is very good with the business side of things as well as the football side of it. I am sure he will sign the players he wants.”
    “I am sure we will see three or four new additions this summer, but they will be great additions.” ”They will be players who fit into the squad and give us something a little bit different.
    They are going to be people who connect with the place, players who buy into what Newcastle United is all about, which at this moment in time is togetherness, grit and determination.”
    “We will play our football when we can, but we want to win, that is the mentality we have as a group.” “You have to give your heart to this football because there is no point coming here if you are not.”
    “The least the fans demand is effort and commitment, and a passion about playing for this club.” “If you are not up for that it is not worth bothering to come here.”

  15. Aye Mick, I would take 11 Kevin Nolan’s over any of last years team.

    The last time I saw someone play with pride in the shirt was Alan Shearer. We have 11 of them now and long may it continue.

  16. Dissenter @17

    I was at the 5-5 match at QPR – it was unbelievable

  17. Anyone else thinks that Benitez or “Chucho” at Brum looks like a poor mans Martins? Fast, a nuisance to the back four in general but slightly sporadic and unpredictable. Slight disappointment as far as the goals return goes aswell. He looks a hard worker though.

  18. Anyone know if you can get into the away end from the home end? Save me having to sit on my hands!

  19. geordieonsecondment – You couldn’t last time I went nut I’m not sure about now.