Posh no pushovers! Peterborough 2-3 Newcastle United.

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Barton: Scored but flattered to decieve.
Barton: Scored but flattered to decieve.
A well used cliche it may well be, but today’s game at Peterborough was very much a game of two halves as Newcastle went in search of the win that could have seen them promoted whilst Peterborough fought their own corner in an attempt to avoid relegation.

Having found a spot to park next to the River Nene my attention turned to finding somewhere to enjoy a pre-match drink. I settled for the ‘Charters’, a converted Dutch barge moored on the riverside. The lure of the open air barbecue and beer festival was too tempting an opportunity to pass on. The bar was full of both sets of fans and everything was very well natured with regards to exchange of banter, our lot gave a rather vocal rendition of ‘Oh Coloccini’ with the Peterborough fans responding with….. well not a lot actually, but they took it in good humour.

I decided the bar was too busy for my liking, and in all fairness I was a bit fed up with the boat swaying, so I headed outside into the beer festival tent, purely to see what was on offer of course. I bumped into two Peterborough fans in there, one of them looked like a cross between Brian Blessed and Santa Claus but aside from that they were good for a laugh. The overwhelming feeling being that they didn’t really expect much from the game. We exchanged well-wishes before I headed towards the ground.

The terrace was already full by the time I got there and I had missed most of the warm up but judging from the poeple around me I could tell that Chris Hughton’s talk of squad rotation was not an empty promise as Leon Best, Shola Ameobi, Joey Barton, Alan Smith and Fabrice Pancrate all coming into the starting XI. Casting an eye around the ground I could see a fair few rogue Newcastle shirts sitting in the home end, there didn’t seem to be any problem with it from the home fans.

Indeed it was the home fans who had the first cheer of the match on 11 minutes as they went 1-0 up, the manner of the goal leaving the 4,400 Mags speechless. A hopeful long ball forward caused confusion between Harper and Coloccini as both left the clearance to each other. In the end it was Harper who attempted to punt the ball clear but miskicked it straight to Peterborough’s Dominic Green who lofted the ball over everyone and into an empty net. It could have been 2-0 soon after had Sergio Torres kept his composure rather than lobbing the over the crossbar when clean through on goal.

Kevin Nolan was trying his best to get Newcastle back in the game and was denied by two fine saves from ‘keeper Joe Lewis. The scouser was not to be denied and it was a case of third time lucky on the stroke of half-time as Enrique raced clear on the left before crossing to Nolan who, with his back to goal, managed to find the finish.

A score of 1-1 was probably deserved at half-time as it seemed that only a handfull of our players turned up. Most notable (or not) was Joey Barton, unable to string a pass together, or close anyone down, the midfielder once again showed his confrontational side as he got in the face of Coloccini and Williamson in the aftermath of the opening goal. Equally dire was Fabrice Pancrate, two crosses being his only real contribution apart from an exchange of words with Chris Hughton.

That altercation twinned with a poor performance ensured Pancrate wasn’t give a 2nd chance. His replacement, Wayne Routledge, showing the Frechman how it should be done as Newcastle emerged after half-time as a different team. It wasn’t long before the away side took the lead as Shola Ameobi was fouled 25 yards away form goal. From the resulting free kick it was Joey Barton who looped the ball over the wall and beat the outstretched hand of Lewis. 1-2.

That goal gave Newcastle the impetus to carry on and Shola Ameobi came close to making it 3-1 with a header that flashed just wide. The fans didn’t have much longer to wait though as Ameobi collected the ball from Leon Best before driving the ball past the Peterborough ‘keeper. The 1-3 scoreline wasn’t to be however as a long throw from Peterborough was inadvertently flicked Kevin Nolan only for Liam Dickinson to apply the finish at the far post.

All in all, a win is a win. This result does raise serious questions however, like what door Joey Barton should be kicked out of? The former Manchester City midfielder looked a shell of his former self today and whilst that may be attributed to playing out of position or lacking fitness it can be no excuse for not even doing the basics correctly.

A well natured away day then, and a win that puts us just 1 point away from promotion which now appears certain to be obtained in front of the home fans at St James Park on Monday evening, a game in which I will again be there in person to take in.

Howay the lads!

Peterborough: Lewis, Zakuani, Griffiths, Gilbert, Geohagon, Frecklington, Lee, Torres, Green, Dickinson, Rowe.

Substitutes: McKeown, Day, Bennett, Simpson, Mackail-Smith, Mills, Reid.

Newcastle: Harper, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique, Pancrate, Nolan, Smith, Barton, Best, Ameobi.

Substitutes: Krul, R Taylor, Kadar, Butt, Routledge, Gutierrez, Lovenkrands.

Attendance: 12,877 (including 4,400 official Mags).

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123 Responses

  1. Toonsy good report mate and sounds like you had a good day out on parole. are you not giving us your player ratings bud I would like to see that ;)

  2. toonsy maybe you will have better day at sjp,(teamwise),dave can see you as a young motson,will that be with or without sheepskin :)

  3. icedog – Cracking day today mate. As I said, a win is a win and there were no issues for me on a personal level. The Posh fans deserve massive respect for their hospitality, very friendly.

    Now to SJP Monday, you going?

  4. Cheers Toonsy Motson you should learn to edit them clips and do a voice over then you would be the complete package. ;)

  5. Tickets bought and set for a long round trip but its got to be done!!!

    Heres hoping a big win to send me back home happy

  6. Toons – cracking work pal. Sorry for the late notice about the report but duty called! Always better coming from first hand and glad you enjoyed it, and only sorry it could be me celebrating promotion instead. Though of course I’ll still enjoy it!

  7. ‘This result does raise serious questions however, like what door Joey Barton should be kicked out of? The former Manchester City midfielder looked a shell of his former self today’

    Seems a bit harsh mate. The lad has been out for months. Plus it took a few attempts to warm up by the sounds of it, but he did score! How many free kicks have Guthrie and R.Taylor for that matter taken and how many have they scored. I think your being a bit premiture in your critisism of Barton. Where is your critisism of Best now 11 games and we’re still waiting for a goal! How many chances did he have today, a fair few by the sound of it.

  8. i’m strictly lager,but been alternating between stella and kronenburg…………and I’ve learnt I’m too old for a return to terracing.lol

  9. DJG – Only saying it how I saw it from the stands. Harsh? Perhaps, but justified in his all round effort today.

  10. DJG – agreed bud, he needs to be given a few more games. I am hoping he keeps his place for an attacking line up on Monday. I want to see him played in CM where he should be, its only like Guthrie who has been playing a hell of a lot better when he has been swithced inside from the wing.

  11. All im saying bud is give him a few games. I have seen Guthrie look s###e on the wing this season and then give a master class in CM scoring two goals and running the show. Barton is good enough trust me, Pancrate and Best will be out the door not Barton. Remember so far Barton 1 – Shearer 0. The lad is good enough to stay.

  12. DJG – For 65k a week I bloody hope he is good enough. He just needs to show it. I agree, give him games. I even said in the article it could be down to lack of fitness or being played out of position. But that should still be no excuse for not doing the basics like passing to a team-mate or not tracking back, all things he would be expected to do in the middle of the park.

    What has Shearer got to do with it aswell?

  13. Again tracking back ect comes back to lack of match fitness. Don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like him either. But I like his attitude and I disagree with SuperMac in that I think over the next 3 years he can justify the money we have spent on him. (If he can reach and surpass his Man City form).

  14. Barton needs to learn a thing or two from Mr. Nicky “The Great” Butt and we might have our own Lampard or Gerrard at his best! Talking about Best, Leon showed his worth today, great play!

  15. That in another 3 years he will never justify his wages or pricetag. In terms of performances and bad media.

  16. I duno, I think he has got to play in the CM role or he wont even have a chance to. I think its too early to tell, hes had bad luck in terms of injuries but he needs some game time

  17. How **** are the scum!! anyone watching motd? Jones’ air kick!

    I wish the spuds had come back

  18. Agreed. Im pleased we got the result today. I thought at first that Hughton had been too careless in his team selection but we ground it out and thats all that matters I suppose. We need to keep going like coz although Forest are long gone I think the baggies will push us right to the last 2 games.

  19. Agreed – it would be nice to win the championship like.

    On another note – Burnley fans leaving after 20mins, shocking

  20. I say, how much have Bolton and West ham collapsed this year, (and Portsmouth). Its refreshing to see other established prem teams, (not the hull’s) starting to go belly up. I think we will wollop them next season, (If they stay up)

  21. They are crud arent they, I think Carlton Cole and Parker will be away from WHam in the summer

  22. Anyone else get the impression that Barton undermines Hughton? He ran straight past him without acknowledging him after he scored, and he seems to be deflecting praise from Chris in some of his more recent statements. Goal or no goal, get rid of him i say.

  23. One free kick does not a season make. Interesting celebration as well in that Barton went over to the coaching staff rather than his fellow players and it sounds like he wasn’t that friendly with the defenders after the first goal. I know he hasn’t played much football but that doesn’t sound like one of the boys. That is what needs to change.

  24. @33 I don’t know what is in Barton’s mind. I wouldn’t think he ignores CH too much as he would want to play?

  25. Oh and how did Smith go? I think the sum total of his touches on the ball according to the radio was less than the fingers on my two hands. What else was he doing?

  26. Carl – Smith didn’t do a lot but I think that was a result of the way the game went. A lot of the play from both teams was down the wings, again that maybe a reason why I picked up on Barton and Pancrate so much as they were the most obvious ones.

    Having slept on it, I still say Barton is drinking in the last chance saloon and needs to pull his finger to prove to the fans that he is comitted and could do a job.

    Put him and Nolan in the middle on Monday night and see how he does. With a bit more fitness and playing in his favoured position, he may be a lot better.

  27. …I noticed that Barton ran to the training staff on the bench first rather than his team mates, though Smudger seems to be waiting in the wings to try and get a hold of him. That could be interpreted in different ways, after spending 6 months with those guys regaining fitness maybe he wanted to share his goal with them. You all know how it is when you score a cracking goal, over exuberance kicks in…we all remember Steven Taylor’s goal a few seasons back when he ran three times round Cowgate roundabout after scoring his goal…
    The other interpretation is JB is a wazzock and the rest of the players hate his face… I would be curious what the Citeh bloggers make of him…

    Undermining CH….not sure..could be. I fear that JB could rock the boat, let’s see if the “senior pros” can keep him in check. There are at least of couple of lads there who could keep him quiet, though one of them is on a soup diet at the moment..

  28. I think Barton gets a bad deal….look at Gerrard he should have got Jail but because he is a top england international playing for Liverpool he got off scott free.

    I still reckon Joey will shine giving a run of games and time to work on his match fitness,cracking strike yesterday !

    The stuff Joey has done is nothing major in the real scheme of things…slapped a kid and stubbed a cigar in a Twats eye that had been winding him up and provoking him. and chinned a team mate who squared upto him on the training ground.
    Go Joey Go !!

  29. Munich Mag….Talking total twaddle.
    I think you are looking far to much into things,if there was any beef between Joey and Houghton CH wouldn’t pick him to play in the first team.

    I thought his celebration and dedication of his goal to the medical staff was a great gesture….but in most peoples eyes Joey can do no right.

  30. Amazing how Barton polarises views. It sounds like he didn’t have a great game, but scored a decent free kick. Fascinating that on another blog his goal is seen as “one in the eye” for the anti- Barton brigade and proof of what a great player he is.
    But does a good free-kick and a mediocre performance justify him replacing Danny G for a “run of games”? To me, on the games I’ve seen so far, Guthrie has been consistently decent and occasionally excellent. His average standard of contribution has been far higher than that of Barton in all (feels like 6!) of the games the latter’s ever played for the Toon. If I were Guthrie I’d be hacked off at being dropped towards the end of a promotion season just to give somebody else a run of games.
    You’ll have gathered I don’t like Barton the man – off the pitch of course, and even sometimes on it. He seems too ready to lace into his team-mates for their mistakes whilst playing c**p himself. However, he is on our books and he might, just might, turn out to be an asset – so by all means ease him back by giving him sub appearances or replacing Guthrie if he isn’t fit or, like yesterday, when we have a really heavy schedule. But give him a run in the team in place of Guthrie, Nolan and the like? Not for me.

  31. PS lads – just read some great reporting! In the on-line match report from the Daily Star Sunday, the journo describes it as a mix-up between Harper and Collocini with the goal-keeper eventually colliding with the ITALIAN!!
    How do these people get their jobs??

  32. This performance has reiterated the need for the squad to be strengthened.

    The squad is so poor it’s beyond believe – How many chances did bottom of the league Peterborough create?

    Pityful that some on here think this squad is good enough – Need to watch a bit more football.

    Anyway, St James’ Park party on Monday – I’ll be there as usual.

  33. I suppose (to paraphrase “Yes Minister”), for Star readers it doesn’t matter who scores the goal as long as she has nice tits!

  34. SJT

    ‘thought his celebration and dedication of his goal to the medical staff was a great gesture….but in most peoples eyes Joey can do no right.’

    I agree with you. He’s another marmite individual – love him or hate him. He seems to have kept his head down, recovered from that injury, stayed off the booze and is trying to settle down. We should give him a chance rather than looking for anything to metaphorically batter him with. Two issues for me, can he gel back into the squad without causing disharmony, and his contribution/performance on the filed. It’s unfair for people to lambast his performance on his first real run out. I also think him running towards the medical staff who he has spent every day with for the last six months with is a fitting and respectful acknowledgement to them.
    We seem to be all to happy to kick the boot into him, when another of our players is just as bad a boy in reality.

  35. Stu – Peterborough probably created about 3 clear cut chances and scored 2 of them.

    Interestingly, I’m watching the PL highlights on Sky. Stoke just missed 2 chances, does that mean they are struggling?

  36. We won’t be playing Stoke every week.

    To suggest that PL clubs miss chances is totally ridiculous – Every team misses chances but in the PL they create more so they will score.

    It’s reconised by everyone that in the PL you get punished far more than in the lower leagues.

    Your argument holds no water, sorry.

  37. If the likes of Peterborough can create minimum 3 clear cut chancesagainst our first choice back four how many chances will PL clubs create?

  38. Stu – Back it up. We wont be playing Stoke every week, but we wont be playing Man Utd every week either.

    I’m not suggesting they miss chances, they DO miss chances, and that was against a struggling team. FACT. I’ve just seen it with my own eyes.

    If Prem teams didn’t miss chances they why is every shot not on target, or every shot on target not a goal? Yes we need strengthening, but your prepared to write it all off before we even have the chance of getting anyone in?

    Chance 1 – Was a balls us in our defence which led to a goal.

    Chance 2 – They probably should have scored that one, or at least got it on target (which according to you would be a definate 100% goal)

    Chance 3 – Came off Nolans head and fell to one of their players.

    So if you take our uncharacteristic mistakes out of the equation, they created just 1 chance.

  39. P.S, your argument holds no water. It’s based on your opinion!

    Rooney, probably the best striker in the prem at the minute, only scores roughly 1 goal out of every 5 shots on target.

  40. Evidence on the Rooney stats?

    Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Better teams create more chances. I have been saying all season that we conceed so many chances to the opposition and were playing poor teams.

    Don’t try and tell me that PL sides don’t create more chances than Championship sides – They do, so they will miss chances as every team does, but they will create another chance soon after.

    The likes of John Anderson, SuperMac, Rob Lee and Alan Shearer have all said this squad will struggle in the PL.

    They have played the game, they know what is required – They all say Hughton needs serious money.

  41. Nice to see you can have an intelligent debate, Toonsy. Calling me an arsehole for having an opinion achieves what exactly?

    I’mmaking the point that some people think this squad is good enough – It is not in my opinion.

    If that offends you maybe you’re in the wrong business.

  42. So now you admit that teams do miss chances?

    Which way you going with your argument now? Your becoming an embarrasment. More changes in direction that a schizophrenic on a roundabout!

    I’m awaiting the stats for chance creation/conversion between PL and Championship from a guy I know that works with Opta.

    Bear in mind though Stu, I still havn’t denied we need strnghthening.

  43. @55 – Another different argument that is Stu. I don’t think anyone thinks this squad is good enough as I havn’t read anyone deny we need to buy in the summer.

    What I have read is that the players we have could form the back bone of a squad capable of survival, with additions in a few areas of course.

  44. I never ever said that teams never miss chances! Every team miss chances, but in the PL they create more so they will score more.

    You’re slating me for something I haven’t said or done – Also I don’t remember having a go at you for saying the squad doesn’t need strengthening. I said ‘some’ on here, I didn’t say you did I?

    You seriously need to calm ya self down and let others have an opinion, ortherwise we don’t have a blog.

  45. Toonsy, you cant believe a word that the NOTW print mate, i have just read the sports section and Martin Hardy has written both match reports for Newcastle v Peterborough and Mackems v Spurs, he cant have been at both but has he been at any?

  46. Don’t say that to toonsy, he bases all hia arguments on what he reads in the rags.

  47. Stu – It’s your constant negativity. Try looking forward. What are your expections for next season? Lets look at the fact first.

    We know we aren’t going to have wheel barrow loads of cash to spend.

    That is the one fact that we all know based on past behaviour of the owner, and even that could change (although I doubt it).

    The rest is based on opinion, which of course everyone is entitled to. So because I want to discuss your opinion I’m ruining the blog? Have a word, it is what blogs are for. It would be a shite world if we all agreed wouldn’t it?

    So what are your expectations of next season? Top half? Europe?

    I also never accused you of having a go at me, you were the one who dragged up others opinions.

    I’m glad my argument, based on actual statistics, has made you realise that even the best strikers only really score 1 in 5. Every team leaks chances, in every game, at every level. Arsenal conceded chance after chance yesterday and never got punished. The Prem will be tougher, we all know that but what makes us destined to for relegation immediately? Everyone thought the same about Stoke and Birmingham.

  48. bbb – It does say ‘taken from the Opta stats’

    Stu – Same applies, I shall see you tomorrow, hopefully ;)

  49. joey hasn’t endeared himself to some of you guys in the past with his off the field antics. but if you keep strictly to football he is one of the best players at the club. different class to guthrie who is a donkey in comparison. guthrie is one of the worst taker of a dead ball i’ve ever seen and that includes geremi.

    cut the bloke some slack let him play football and you will see a player.

    more of a mystery is best and no ranger. if i were that young lad i would see my future away from st james park

  50. My expectations for next season depends on the resources Hughton has at his desposal.

    This squad would be in a relegation scrap in my opinion.

    Overall I just want us to stay up next season – That’s what were reduced to now, juat wanting to stay up, that’s really sad.

    My negativity as you call it is me saying it as I see it. I have been very positive about the team since January when we have played well, but I don’t just see roses in the garden.

    We need to have one eye on the future because if we don’t we will get further left behind.

    But bare this in mind – As we buy players next season so will eveyone else in the PL, considering were behind them now we will have to spend more just to get us on an level playing field.

  51. Can’t understand the Best/Ranger thing either….I am not convinced Best is anything but an average championship striker…and can’t see him being here next season.

  52. So really you yearn for Europe next season then? As the;

    “That’s what were reduced to now, juat wanting to stay up, that’s really sad.”

    It’s not sad, it’s called being realistic. Sometimes I despair. I think the last time we got promoted is still too fresh in the memories of some.

    That just aint going to happen again. 2 out of the 3 clubs that went up look like stopping up. What is there to say we can’t do the same as them?

  53. SJT – Best actually played really well yesterday and was unlucky not to score twice.

  54. If CH is rotating squad again this season does anyone think tim krul will get a chance. the sunday press gossip columns all have him linked with a move away.

    this isn’t me making a wild comment to stir things up but i was hoping he would have been first choice this season. harper has set a new record for clean sheets but in some of the home games my missus could have played in goal. krul is the future

  55. aye Sirjasontoon@41…twaddle aye dead right mate….. Time will show if JB deserves to wear the black and white stripes. I would love him to do a great job for the toon, at the end of the day that’s what we all want, success for the lads. Earning 65K a week he has all the motivation in the world.

    ..sorry for the late comment, just back from “easter brunch”..

  56. buda – I think when promotion is secured, which should be tomorrow, then we should see a couple of kids given games. Not all of them at once like, but just one or two in each game to keep continuity.

    We still have a title to chase after all ;)

  57. Budalove… 63
    Actually, Guthrie’s delivery and assists have improved over the last 2 months. One report describes Barton’s few deliveries yesterday as “pitiful” ( not my words).
    Constantly telling people who have actually seen most matches over the last few seasons that Barton is one of the best players at the club doesn’t make it a fact. What is true to my eyes (a personal opinion) is that since he has been at the Toon he has played very few games and in those that he has played he has hardly set the world on fire.
    In Guthrie I see a young player with a lot to learn – but one who seems to be learning and improving. To call him a”donkey” is absurd. So far, in Barton, all I’ve seen is a player with an occasional hint of something, but no more, and who seems to be living on a (footballing) reputation built in earlier years at previous clubs. He has to show us more than one free kick and the occasional penalty!

  58. Blimey, talk about conspiracy theories, a lot of players are like headless chickens after scoring a goal and will run up to the first player or staff who want to give him a cuddle and didn’t quite a few players ran up to him to join in the celebration.
    And as for promotion (and I’m sure this has been said many times) NF would have to win all of their games by a substantial margin whilst we were losing all of ours. That will only happen in a fairy tale, so I reckon CH is already preparing for next season in the EPL. Ship a few players out and a few in and we should do better than Steve Claridges prediction of finishing in places 12 to 15.
    Did any of the lads on the blog figure in the pre match interviews on the Beeb.

  59. Big Willy – you are right. My calculations are that our GD is +26 better than NF. For them to make that up they would have to win each of their 5 games by 3 goals and we would have to lose each of ours by 2 goals on average. (Yes I know I’m a sad anorak but those are the facts!) That sounds highly unlikely but it’s still gonna be fun celebrating it when it’s an absolute ceertainty! I agree that he must be making plans now.

  60. Big Willy – No I wasn’t. Last time I was on telly was at Forest earlier in the season. Oooo and Setenta shoved a camera in my face at Stoke last season despite the fact I had a minging hangover :lol:

    You could see the pub I was in yesterday on the film though ;)

  61. peace an love peace and love

    it is fun reading this blog much more than the other toon blogs.
    everyone wants the same outcome / result but it just shows what a beautiful game football is when we all have a different opinion if how to achieve it.

    nobody is one hundred per cent right nobody wrong. marvellous keeps us all excited.

  62. big willy,i would be happy with 12-15 in the first year m8 then push on,the sh– down the road spent a canny few millons this year and thats about where they will end up imo like,dont think we will spend anywhere that much on the team this next year

  63. I’d be happy not going into the last few games of the season not having to worry too much about relegation. 17th or above for me. Nothing spectacular but it means we get another shot at it the year after.

  64. i reckon if ashley dosnt put the for sale signs up we will be fighting relegation.

  65. Will have to get there early to find a parking place. Always used to use the old brewery but park on Wellington Street now, as long as Im out of the parking restriction times.

  66. Icedog, I suppose if thats where we finished then we couldn’t complain but any manager going into the season with that in mind is asking for trouble. It would only take a slight hiccup and we are back to where we are now.
    Personally I want a top ten finish at least with European football as our goal. It’s do-able!! (is that a word?)

  67. Big Willy,

    Mackems have spent £120m and look where they are.

    Villa have spent £80m and they can only get 7th.

    Spurs have spent nye on £80m and they had a good squad to start with and their battling away for 4th.

    Where does that leave us with our paltry £10m?

    But don’t forget we can find loads of brilliant young players for nothing – It’s easy but nobody else seems to be able to do it!

  68. stuart,you missed man city m8,wonder what there wage bill is,see there owner is saying some players will have to get less?,in the future mmmmmmmm

  69. I think we will finish 4th next season, maybe higher with a few signings, but spend no more than 5-10 million though.

  70. big willy,think manager will be going into next season wondering if he can hold on to his job lol

  71. Stu – Sunderland spent cash on crap players. Villa and Spurs are not there yet because of the gap between the top 4 and the rest. Man city are on a different spending planet aswell.


    Outside of those, what is the net spend? In the entire January window only 30 odd million was spent, 7 of that on Adam Johnson and around 4-5 by us. That means that other teams combined spent 19 million.

    We have splashed cash before, where did it get us? As long as money is spent wisely, as in January, then the team will be improved.

  72. Ashley looked quite chirpy and upbeat as he went into the Posh ground, didn’t look to me like a person ready to abandon ship yet. I reckon he will give it a go and is only likely to sell if someone makes a big offer.
    IMO the main reson he was trying to sell last year was down to the (at times really nasty) criticism. I still think he see’s having a “successfull” well supported as an asset to his business portfolio. Obviously I could be looking at things through rose tinted specs but I don’t think he is quite ready to throw the towel in yet.

  73. Big Willy – Interestingly, the “Get out of our club” got drowned out yesterday by our fans singing another song.

  74. I think a lot of people are assuming that the big spenders will continue to spend big. Every team except ManC and possibly Chelsea are going to have to start doing what we are already doing and living within their means. If anything we may well be better placed to spend a little more than most of them. Don’t lets start talking down our prospects yet.

  75. toonsy,WHAT a mill,with no return,the mind boggles,they say there is two worlds,got that wrong :(

  76. the close season will be interesting. City will be big spenders. Chelski have to freshen up an ageing squad also but don’t think they will be spending the silly money they did in the past. The manure scum will make a signing or two. Spuds will only spend if they make champions league.
    Both mersey teams are skint, the villa owner looks fed up of dolling out cash and the rest will be our market with ten or fifteen million to spend.
    surely we must be a bigger attraction than birmingham, stoke, blackburn etc.
    what i am saying is once the big boys have played their cards the market price of players will fall and who was once a ten million pound player will be a five million pound player as cash becomes more precious. nobody will want to be the second pompey

  77. Toonsy be interesting to see what is sang on monday if we get a good win or even a draw.

  78. stu79! lot of toon fans think becasue we are top we have a good side thats crap! CH is going to take us nowhere when are people going to change their minds! look at in a bigger picture 6 players most in this team a good players the rest forget it they are shit. plus we have 3 good young players in kader, harris and airey. my be donaldson. with out routledge aNd jonas this team are shit the same sh.t that got us relegated in the first place playing 4 centre midfield players who cant even catch a cold. this is been going on since big sam

  79. big willy,think your right with man/chel,but i think a lot of epl teams will make a lot of behind closed doors cut backs,cloak/dagger stuff imo we will see. might see some strange things this next year

  80. i feel in my water that o”hare deal is 70% done,we will see,could be the j/dee like

  81. kader! has said will he he get a chance! thats the problem with CH i have said it often young players only get chance if players are injured spot on mate. kader of what i have seen is better and more hungry then the rest apart from enrique he has been spot on when he has played and then fu.ked off when they are back. ranger was only are fit striker at the start he was on his own played top for a young player holding the ball up and playing players in to score then gets fu.ked off and cant even get on the pitch anymore these players will go and then nobody will young will come to newcastle with ch in charge. stick to old brigade and play them out of postion to please them what a joke.

  82. icedog@104
    IMO this lad is the real deal. Should have played more this season but he has fallen on the same sword as krul. Taylor Williamson and Colo have produced performances. Still feel Taylor could be realised for cash and Colo is on too high wages for FCB liking. If one or both go then Kadar should get more chance to develop

  83. icedog – What did Kadar say? I’m watching ‘King of Kings’ on channel 5 :lol:

  84. Now is CH’s big chance to play some of the youngsters to let them see that they figure in his future plans. I would hate to see us losing the likes of Kadar or Ranger to placate the over the hill mob. I think we all know which players I mean. :)

  85. I’ve just read the Kadar article, if one player has that mindset then you may well find others are the same. On the other hand it might just be him trying to give CH a prod to get some pitch time, nowt wrong with a player wanting to play and saying it.
    I have to say the few times I’ve seen him play he looks like one who could become a real class act.

  86. Lads dont forget Lua Lua he was another young-un that never got the chance he deserved and tbh I dont think he will be back, why comeback here there is no point really

  87. big willy! spot on mate! on the bench for sheffield he will have the centre midfield players in. if he does then i will never be his fan. should have 1 striker 1 defender and 1 midfield and the rest attacking players who change a game or score goals. if he has a choice of nolan smith butt guthrie barton to pick from 2 only 1 of them gets on the bench i forgot taylor what is he and i bet all toon fans that will happen all on the bench

  88. JayJay, the problem with signing players on their world cup performances is that they don’t always translate to good EPL players. I remember praying that we would sign Veron after his displays but he just couldn’t reproduce the same form in the various English teams he played for. I just hope someone else has made a comment before this one comes up or I’m going to be labelled as a UziBlogger. :)

  89. TBH at 1st I thought one of the good points to being in the CCC was that we would get to see our own young-uns grow but they havn’t had the chance. I allways felt gutted for Ranger as Asim says at the start he was being played on his own because we had no one else even though in my mind he shouldn’t have been played without an experienced partner, but he got on with it. Then when players start coming back he gets dropped to small cameo roles, then CH brings in Best so Ranger has been cast aside. I have heard rumours that ranger has been turning up late for training and not giving his all, but if thats the way he has been treated I dont blame the guy. We have even seen it with Guthrie he gets shipped about or dropped to keep the Seniors happy. end of Rant

  90. What happened to the idea of young players being eased in and earning their place? I too like Ranger but he would never get a start ahead of Carroll or Lover for me -IF we want to keep winning games. Even Shola is ahead of him – 10 goals in not many appearances. (I don’t count Best). Ranger is only 18, I think – players of that age used to have to earn their place by the work they did in the stiffs or when they came on as subs. Don’t know why he’s not on the bench – other than Best getting the nod and he always seemed surplus to requirements to me since we bought him.
    I suppose it depends on whether you want the Championship title or to play the young pretenders. If you dropped Carroll for Ranger, Routledge and Guti for Lua Lua and Donaldson, Williamson for Kadar – perhaps Jose for Tozer then you could end up with Peterborough cup results and not win the title. It’s up to you….

  91. magpie6699 > If you dropped Carroll for Ranger, Routledge and Guti for Lua Lua and Donaldson, Williamson for Kadar – perhaps Jose for Tozer then you could end up with Peterborough cup results and not win the title. It’s up to you….

    Who is asking for that ?

  92. Stuart79 says:
    April 4, 2010 at 11:44 am

    “Nice to see you can have an intelligent debate, Toonsy. Calling me an arsehole for having an opinion achieves what exactly?”

    Stuart, Toonsy isn’t calling you an “arsehole” for having an opinion, he’s calling you an arsehole for being OPINIONATED, which is different.

  93. How about Watford Away. 2-1 in the mud after not winning away from SJP for months prior.