Peterborough v Newcastle United – Match preview.

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Destiny calling?
Destiny calling?
Newcastle United head to Peterborough United on Saturday afternoon knowing very well that promotion back to the Premier League could be in the bag by around 4:45pm. All it takes is a win on our part and Bristol City doing us a favour and beating Nottingham Forest at Ashton Gate and the champagne corks can well and truly be popped. This is not just a day of destiny for us, Peterborough United also have their own concerns. They go into this game knowing that if results go the wrong way for them then relegation back down to League 1 would be confirmed.

We could very well end up with a situation where a team gets promoted and relegated on the same pitch although, as said, that scenario is very much dependant on results at Bristol City, Watford, Sheffield Wednesday and the result of our match. Very much a top vs bottom clash then, the sort of clash that looks easy on paper only to end up becoming a banana skin as the underdog will invariably raise their game due to the possibility of taking the scalp of the league leaders in front of the home fans. Indeed that has already happened once this season in a Carling Cup tie at London Road with the hosts running out 2-0 winners on that occasion, something the lads will no doubt want to make amends for.

After enjoying a recent revival, Peterborough have now lost the last four consecutive games and find themselves struggling to name a squad of 18 for Saturday’s game. Despite all that their manager , Jim Gannon, remains upbeat and wants his charges to play with pride for the visit of the league leaders.

“The lads need to restore a bit of pride and we need to stop the rot as the last couple of games have ended in defeat,” Gannon said.

“Newcastle are a very good side and obviously deserve promotion the Premier League. They have been brilliant at home but have had one or two wobbles away from home.”

Aaron McLean, Mark Little, Craig Morgan, Izale McLeod and Chris Whelpdale are all sidelined for the hosts whilst there are fresh doubts over Ryan Bennett who broke down in training but could still feature. Liam Dickinson will be back in contention for the game aswell. Peterborough lined up in their last outing against Bristol City with a team of:

Peterborough: Lewis, Zakuani, Lee, Frecklington, Rowe, Mackail-Smith, Whelpdale, Griffiths, Koranteng, Simpson, Geohaghon.

In contrast, Newcastle are unbeaten in 10 matches and look like a side that has nothing to fear from this division. Fitz Hall and Steven Taylor are definately ruled out whilst Andy Carroll is rated as doubtful after picking up an ankle knock during Monday night’s victory over Nottingham Forest and probably wont be risked due to the return of Shola Ameobi. Alan Smith is available and should be in the squad which should leave us lining up like:

Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Ameobi, Lovenkrands.

London Road should be a sell-out and I shall be amongst a reported 4,400 Newcastle fans inside the gorund, no doubt with more Newcastle fans dotted around in the home end aswell. For me, I’d love to see promotion secured on Saturday to get the monkey off our backs at the earliest possible opportunity.

With regards to the game, on paper it should be a comfortable win for the Magpies. It’s a shame football isn’t played on paper though and Peterborough will no doubt find another level of play with a point to prove in front of the home fans.

My prediction: 1-2

Howay the lads!

Venue: London Road, Peterborough.

Date: Saturday, 3rd April, 2010.

Time: 3:00pm

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115 Responses

  1. It’s gotta be kind of hard to know that your success could spell doom for another team. On the one hand, you could get excited at the prospect of a return to the Top Flight, but on the other hand, you may feel guilty about dooming some players to the lower levels. If it was a bitter rival…say the unwashed across the Wear, then perhaps it’d be ok, but this isn’t a great rivalry…or really one at all, is it? So, I imagine it might be a little bit of a muted celebration should we win…

    …that said…CRUSH ‘EM TOON!!

  2. NorCal – It certainly wont be a muted celebration from me!

    I see where your coming from, and I sort of agree. At the end of the day though, should Peterborough get relegated tomorrow then it wont be purely down to us.

  3. 0-3 tomorrow, have a great day you lucky Gita who are going, if you have a spare ticket let me know :)

  4. thought this one was going to be a wobbler,but its good,always knew toonsy had a arm of steel ;),if we end prom sat i hope he starts giving some kids a few runs out

  5. I hear ya, toonsy…and believe me, I’ll do what I can to make sure you can here me from Northern Cali should we secure promotion…or even a win for that matter.

    I also totally agree that it doesn’t come down to our result…it’s a whole season of effort that has gone wanting. But…to be the final nail in the coffin…

    I only wish I could sneak away and get on a plane to join the Geordie Nation…but I’ll down a few pints in mutual celebration…

  6. been doon in Peterboro since last neet,stayin doon 2mora too so promotion please.HWTL

  7. jay jay – £500 quid mate ;)

    £600 an I’ll give you a lift to Peterborough :lol:

  8. No mercy!, IMO the team should not take their foot off the gas, go for every game, regardless if promoted or not.
    Too bad the Smoggies aint gonna make it, gonna be harder for them next season.
    Guess we will have to settle for our nearby neighbors in the PL.
    Have to say, until we sign reinforcements, not sure as to how we will fare in the top division, looks as if, as She-rah said, depend on how he spends.

  9. Just been to the bank and I can only stretch to £300 mate, the ball is in your court.

  10. jay jay….pity,ya could have had wor lasses for £301 but ya would have had to break the news to her

  11. jay jay – I couldn’t sell it to anyone for £300 mate, it wouldn’t be right.

  12. Alreet jay jay,
    i’m coolamundo, thanx.

    I was just thinking that that rumor about Capello checking out Carroll might be a ‘smokescreen’ while he checks out Harper. He surely can’t go with James & Green, they’ve been total crap this term.
    england don’t have a hope in hell with either of those 2.

  13. There was still a few available for home end this morning but I’d guess they may have gone now.

  14. toonsy:
    April 2nd, 2010 at 9:26 pm
    jay jay – I couldn’t sell it to anyone for £300 mate, it wouldn’t be right.

    So why quote £500, not a man of your word toonsy?

  15. Just checked on Posh official site and its still got limited tickets for sale online if you don’t mind roughing it in the home end,don’t think you’d be alone.

  16. Posh official site is still selling limited amount online,if you don’t mind being in the home end(do’t think you’d be alone).

  17. I couldn’t sell a £20 odd quid ticket for that much buddy. I’d never give up a ticket anyway ;)

    Just think, for that £300 you could get a membership plus 8-10 games :)

  18. Think I called your bluff and won there toonsy mate :lol: seriouly would love to be there tomorrow though mate.

  19. Ni bluff to call, I knew you were dangling a line so gave it quick tug then took the moral high ground ;)

  20. Toonsy another good preview and I like your prediction same as mine ;) In some ways I would like you to be able to celebrate promotion while your there, but in some ways I would like to see Forrest get a draw then promotion be confirmed on Mon nite at home and on the box for everyone to see, Sorry mate :)

    Chuck I answered you on the last blog

  21. I don’t think so mate, I think you were feeling a tad guilty there mate, tell the truth :)

  22. Dave – Screw everyone else, I want what is best for me :lol:

    Nah, if it’s Monday then so be it.

    jay jay – Guilt? Pfft!

  23. Toonsy I cant argue with that mate and I hope you get to celebrate, but make sure you are on the coffee’s now as you will have a long drive tomoro buddy. I take it then you are driving back home after the match or are you staying over ?

  24. toons – did you decide to come up for the game on Monday?

    Enjoy tomorrow kidda if I don’t get chance to say so. That goes for richie and any other lucky swines who are going.

    I’ve got a 30th to go to but I’ll man the barracks and get the banter article etc sorted.

    Fancy this, all we really have to worry about is which game we’d prefer to clinch promotion in. Next we’ll be doing the same for the title.

    Happy days man, happy days.

  25. So you wont really be able to celebrate if we do get promoted until you get back, so im going back on what I said :) I hope it’s confirmed on monday. For me any drive that takes longer than 15mins is too long I hate driving .

  26. Gonna give it a miss on Monday, bowburn. So it’s just Sky, beer and the ‘blog to share my enthusiasm with :(

    If it was a 3pm kick-off still I can gurantee I would have come up for the game.

  27. Dave – Celebrating doesn’t have to involve lots of drink, good job really as I don’t drink much nowadays anyway, onlt on the odd occasion (like today).

  28. Not whilst driving Dave, although I always have the option of having a couple of pints, or 4 shandy’s ;)

  29. Everyone confident? Nobody with a bad feeling about this one? Oh well (sigh) – it had better be me. I got a bad feeling about this one.
    No, really – because I normally do have a bad feeling about some matches – but then when I have we’ve got a draw or a win. This time I can’t honestly say that I’ve got that feeling, and that worries me it might work the other way! Or am I being too obtuse?

  30. Well mate if I dont catch you before it have a good day and safe journey ( that involves NO DRINKS ;) ) and I will catch up with ye tomoro bud.

  31. Regarding the first 2 comments.

    I think at the end of the day if Peterborough get relegated then that is due to the course of results over a whole season and not our fault. It reminds me abit of last season when Man U were going to play some of their ‘lesser’ players against Hull and people were going to try and blame Fergi if we got relegated. In the end ManU did play Macheda ect and STILL won 1-0 (and we got beat 1-0) I though thank got people wouldn’t be able to use them as an excuse and it boils down to the fact we didnt play well enough over a whole season. Same applies tomorow. Also I don’t feel sorry for them after their wackey celebrations after beating our youth team and I think tomorow will be payback time honestly.

  32. Dave – sorry mate, been catching up with the missus after her night out.

    At senior level I played for Morpeth, Bedlington, Crook, Newcastle Blue Star, Prudhoe, Birtley in the Northern League and a handful of teams in the Northern Alliance and Wearside on and off.

    I was at the town school of excellence with a few lads who made it lower down but I was in the same Boys Club side (Wallsend) as Micky Bridges.

  33. i couldnt give a shit about peterboro getting relegated. it is in fact justice for the way they acted like dickheads when they beat our juniors 2-0 early in season. i hope we crush them tmrw and they get booed off the pitch as we crack open the bubby bollox to them. 0-4 the toon.

  34. Good quotes from Nolan today :

    “There was a report I had been offered a new deal, longer but less money. I will clear that one up for you,” Nolan says. “Mike Ashley spoke to me the next day and him and Derek (Llambias, the managing director) were absolutely laughing. Mike and Derek have been around here quite a lot. When you think of the likes of Portsmouth, what he (Ashley) has done has been fantastic for the club. He has been open and honest with us as players.

    “We knew what he wanted, we demanded what we wanted, he has given us it. We said, ‘If you give us it, we will give you what you want’.

    “We have grown mutual respect and hopefully we can give the final piece of the jigsaw. Mike wants to see Newcastle succeed just as much as anyone in the team or any supporter.”

    Again – we have direct quotes from those involved re Mike Ashley – now lets see how the Anti-Ashleyists misinterpret those lines.

    They should give comfort to the like of Stuart – board, players and management working together – bodes well for the future.

  35. aye aye radgies!
    Woo hoo hoo hoo! That was a lang stretch in durham like! Pure cush holiday tho like. !
    Ave learnt how to make meow meow from flour, sherbert and rat poison! Pure lush gear like. Who man ave been purring like a cat aal neet!
    Anyways charva’s a cannit say too much like cos am still wanted. Ha! Am under cover like in me den, doon benwell park. The bizzies are aal owa lookin for is! Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    Hoo man as that far off me trolley last neet on meow meow, a turned into a cat! Woo hoo hoo hoo! The station sergeant was stroking me heed whilst i squirted me scent aal owa him! He never had a clue it was troy tripping off his napper!
    Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    Anyways ave godda gan. Catch ye’s laters!
    Oi oi!

  36. Morning Stardust,

    Why should it give me comfort, Stardust?

    Did Ashley not want to succeed as much as anyone last year? That didn’t do us any good.

    Anyway that is old ground – Actions speak louder than words.

    Rob Lee doing the rounds making sure everyone knows what is needed in the PL.

    Now Lee has played at the highest level and he knows what is required in the PL.

    As for Bowburn, you are the Wayne Routledge of the amateur scene.

  37. fizzin! Absolutely fizzin! Stardust does enough every time he posts to make me physically sick!
    He is actually happy that nolan has been given an extended contract! Nooooo!
    Nolan has been fantastic this season and has been instrumental in helping us get promoted however everyone and everyone should be able to identify that nolan is not fast enough, fit enough, mobile enough for the premier. He looks sluggish in the fizzy pop league and clearly couldn t hack the premier last season!
    No wonder he is praising ashley! He cant believe his luck!
    Alarm bells should be ringing in everyones head now that ashley has come out with this offer!
    Will he ever learn! ! !

  38. BSNo9 – Where does it say Nolan has been offered a new contract?

    The way I read it, it appeared that the “players asked to take a pay cut” rumour was being quashed within the squad at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Nolan isn’t that fast, but he has become a leader. Shearer was never that fast, and slowed down in the final years of his playing days, but he was still a leader.

    I still fail to see why people are knocking Nolan. A player that has 250+ Prem appearances, yet isn’t good enough for us in the fizzy.

    Sums Newcastle up perfectly!

  39. @ stuart 79
    i whole heartedly agree with rob lee. . My biggest worry about chris hughton has always been, that he hasnt got the back bone to stand up and demand that ashley looks beyond mega cheap buys.
    I certainly dont want trophy signings but we sold half decent players last season, not world beaters, who are doing okay at other clubs and barring milner and martins we didnt get a lot back for them.
    Bassong, given, zog, beye and others . If we sold the likes of those last season cos we couldn t before them and we went down, what are ashleys ambitions gonna be this season? worrying!

  40. toonsy,

    I don’t think you’ll find one supporter who doesn’t think Nolan is good enough for the fizzy. PL is a different story though.

  41. Don’t think he has been given a longer contract, think he is saying the story about paycuts was crap and that ashley was laughing at the story. Nolan is not the quickest, but he brings far more to the team than his playing ability.

  42. @toonsy
    i was talkin to troy who said big mick and dekka owl heed were off their boxes on meow meow when nolan spoke to them.
    They were laughin like drug fueled hyena’s.
    Its true.
    If you think nolan is premier standard then i can no longer discuss this important matter with you. Clearly troy has been dealing the strong stuff to you as well.

  43. BSNo9 – How mature.

    You disagree with me and my point holds no water in your eyes so your not interested. Nice.

    Look, i’m not saying Nolan is a world-beater. But he can help do a job in keeping us up. I think this whole ‘not good enough for the prem’ thing is being translated into a not good enough for the top 6 of the prem, for which we aren’t in.

    Sustainable success is built on us stopping up next season, and if Nolan can help that then great.

  44. About 11ish, just before maybe. It’s only an hour or so away from me.

    Not sure to how to play it, been that long since I stood on a terrace. Do I get there early and stand at the front or do I go towards the back? Decisions decisions lol

  45. Get there early – Only so you can get on the drink and celebrate in style at 16:45.

    Cliquot on ice!

  46. Enjoy the game Toonsy and everyone else who has a ticket.
    I’ve got to go to a family do starting at 2 for my niece moving to Oz next week, have to find ways of keep sneaking away to listen to the match… HWTL

  47. Bobby Shinton no9
    The article isn’t saying Nolan’s contract has been extended

  48. BS num9 @49…….I think we got decent money for Bassong but everyone of those players wanted to move therefore there’s not one of them I would want back with the possible exception of Milner(fat chance) They helped take us down but didn’t have the balls to help us get back up(IMO)…………..anyhoo back to today 3 points and Toonsy don’t think they sell alcohol in the away end so don’t get there too early.HWTL

  49. richietoon, jay jay
    Yes – in order of respect I have:
    1. Milner – didn’t ask to go and never gave less than 100% despite messing about by the club
    2. Given – showed lots of loyalty and no doubt of his love for the club
    3. The neutrals – Viduka, Cacapa etc – not good enough- mutual
    4. Bassong – was at least honest – and we made big money on him
    5. MO – wouldn’t expect him to stay but his lack of effort in the latter part of the season was pathetic to see. You may be surprised to see him above-
    6 Beye – professed undying love and loyalty for the fans but behind the scenes wanted out – hypocrisy puts him below MO for me
    7. Duff – see Beye above PLUS has since opened his yap about how glad he was to get out of the Toon
    I realise others will have a different order – it’s all personal and some based on hearsay.

  50. magpie6699

    “1. Milner – didn’t ask to go and never gave less than 100% despite messing about by the club”

    Didnt Milner demand a new contract and pay rise and then handed in a transfer request because the club wouldnt give him one?

  51. I actually hope we dont get the automatic today but on Monday against Sheff U at st james’ in front of a full house and on tv. That would be perfect!

    The rumours of CH and perhaps a different experienced manager in the summer are interesting, although you can argue that CH deserves a chance this is a business and if fat boy thinks someone like Hughes could do a better job then so be it. I will nail my colours and say I would rather have Hughes as manager with CH back as coach. The price of another failure is too much, in financial terms and also the press would love us to be a yoyo club wouldnt they

    As for the summer I will wait and see what fat boy does in the summer. He is surely not dumb enough to realise what we need, and frankly I think he will do all he can so we avoid the drop again.

    That is of course if he doesnt sell up with the inflated price he could get, which is more of a worry I think. I worry that we could be sold to no marks like pompey and then we would be in even more trouble!

  52. raffo

    do you think there will be a pich invasion when were officially promoted or if/when we win the league?

  53. LOL toon, who knows, although it would be funny to watch all the tubby stewards try and catch anyone!!!

  54. Toon_Factor 64
    Don’t know – you may be right – I said a lot’s on hearsay. But he was certainly not made to feel particularly wanted by the club’s actions over the last couple of seasons.

  55. Milner was promised a new contract the season before if he proved his worth – He more than did this and KK recommended he gets a new contract. The said no!

    At the same time Steven Taylor was being given a new contract worth a lot more than Milners and Milner was the only one performing consistantly.

    He put in a transfer request which the club accepted but asked Milner and his agent not to tell anyone he had handed that request in. A week later the club told the world Milner had indeed put in a transfer request – Classy I know.

    I don’t blame Milner for wanting to leave, the same goes for Given – They seen the ice berg that was ahead.

  56. yeah Stuart – rats are the first to leave a sinking ship – I agree.

    I much prefer those that stay aboard and fight to save everyone – together.

    But I do appreciate that you have rat like tendencies so you may well favour jumping overboard.

  57. lol

    I agree whole heartedly. Ashley has tried to jump ship twice now – Probably be three times in May- That’s a bloody big rat too.

    Although I must congratulate all the ‘real’ supporters who has stuck by the club this year – We didn’t have to, I’m sure alot of people have better things to spend £600 quid on but it has been brilliant.

  58. Stuart

    “He put in a transfer request which the club accepted but asked Milner and his agent not to tell anyone he had handed that request in.”

    And how exactly do you know he told the club not to tell anyone?

  59. T_F

    The club asked Milner not to tell anyone he had handed in his transfer request – Milner agreed and he didn’t say anything, but the club then released the story on the website.

    Only the club will know why they treated him like that – Although they do have a bit of form on treating players, past and present shabbily.

  60. He was still one of the lowest paid players at the club and yet one of the best and most consistant players.

    Why wasn’t he getting what he deserved?

    It’s old ground anywhay, I want to look at todays game not our ex players.

  61. Isn’t Gary Neville a complete prick?

    He just has one of those faces you would never get sick of hitting!

  62. Come on Toon….started the promotion party last night and got proper w@nkered :)

  63. SJT-i did the same thing and wont be able to touch a drop the day if we do go up, feeling proper rough like, lol

  64. Stuart79:
    April 3rd, 2010 at 12:48 pm
    Isn’t Gary Neville a complete prick?
    He just has one of those faces you would never get sick of hitting!

    Couldn’t agree more, he’s become more of a knob as he’s got older, the only time I enjoy seeing his face is when he gets turned by ginola before he curls it in at the far post :) get in, Chelsea just scored :lol:

  65. Am i the only one who hates the fact Manure have their own version of Blaydon Races aswell? I get angry even just hearing that bunch of tramps ruining our song!

  66. Ross i’m sure if we get promoted today you will find away round it :)
    Stuart :lol: easy lad have you been hanging around with Joey B or Andy C, I find both the Nevilles are complete pricks


  68. I think we should put a cheeky bid in for Berbatov – He’ll be out on his ear nin the summer.

    Will Man Utd accept £500,000 for him?

  69. icedog-I’m only 21 like so i should be able to do 2 days on the bounce nee bother but its not happening the night…not for now anyway, haha. Used to do 3/4 at times at uni but those days are gone,lol. My mates farm brews their own cider and its lethal. Sold in all the local pubs around us and it gives you the most rotten hangover like.

  70. ross,funny like but cider of any kind gives me a wozzy head all day next day,must be the apples lol m8

  71. I reckon this will be the team:


    Simpson Collocini Williamson Enrique

    Routledge Barton Smith Jonas

    Ameobi Best

  72. Some stories that Carroll is fit, others say not. CH hinting at using squad with Saturday and Monday in mind. Any news yet?

  73. stuart,you might not be far away with that,big dave will be pleased you put JB in i will go with guthrie in there like

  74. magpie, nowt yet, i have a feeling i was born and bred ha,in your area benwell/pendower,left there when i was 17,many moons ago m8

  75. icedog – were you? I remember Pendower.
    Lived in Fairhilm Road, started my schooling at Canning Street, Benwell. Went geet posh after that (RGS)!

  76. Icedog :)
    Stuart why is Nolan injured
    mine is


    Simpson Collocini Williamson Enrique

    Routledge Guthrie Barton Jonas

    Strolla Lonvenkrands.

    But I think Nolan will be in there

  77. Anybody got any links for the match? I’m stuck in Glasgow,can’t find a thing at the minute.

  78. Just think he’ll try and mix it up a bit due to Monday night.

    Could be changes to the defence too but I

  79. I’ve got a bad head today as well, going on the lash about 2 with only a Bombay bad boy pot noodle in me, probably not the best idea I ever had if I’m honest, gonna throw myself in the shower and get back on the sauce to see promotion in, hopefully :)

  80. Play Kadar, Barton, Best today. Maybe rest routledge and play R Taylor on RW as I think Monday will be the tougher game

  81. magpie,aye m8 know it well m8,my dad drank in the club 2-3 days a week (fairholm)then to the springbank club wonder if there still there,i lived in pease ave dont know if thats still there,went to rudddy collage

  82. jay jay says:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    You’ve only got a Bombay Bad Boy in you?

    Is there something you would like to get off your chest?

  83. icedog
    don’t know if owt’s still there, it’s along time since I passed that way. Used to go to the pictures on Condercum Road or that one opposite the General that became a bowling alley. Got the 35 bus down to St James’s or the 33 along Elswick Road (no it wasn’t horse-drawn!)
    Aye, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!

  84. Stuart79:
    April 3rd, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    jay jay says:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:02 pm
    You’ve only got a Bombay Bad Boy in you?
    Is there something you would like to get off your chest?

    My shirt by the sounds of things mate :lol:

  85. todays team
    NEWCASTLE UNITED: Harper; Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique; Pancrate, Smith, Nolan, Barton; Best, Ameobi.

  86. Stuart79 says:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    “Where’s the match banter thread?

    This is not good enough!”

    I went to do one, then I noticed that Bowburn was deein’ one already, so it’s on it’s way, Stuart.

  87. magpie,what a small world this is m8,went to same picture house,started playing my first footy on condercum fields,was seeing a bird in sutton dwellings,used to jump on 33 trolly bus to sjp

  88. hitman – is that right? No Routledge, Guthrie or GutI? Very narrow – apart from Pancrate who wouldn’t get into my team (and probably might not quite make the bench.)

  89. Get in!

    Chelsea 2-0 up.

    Carlos has pulled Fergies pants down and slapped his bummy.

    Miles off side like but…

  90. Looks like a battling side with one eye on Monday. Hope he knows what he’s doing – no pace at all without Lover, Wayne or Guti.
    I’m feeling nervous now.

  91. not to impressed by hughtons selection today,but we should still do peterbrough with this team.