NUST set to benefit from new Labour rule?

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Labour giving the NUST a helping hand?
Labour giving the NUST a helping hand?
We haven’t been hearing much about the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) recently, maybe because at this moment in time they don’t have an angle to attack the current ownership of Newcastle United from.

With things going well on the pitch and remaining quiet off it, any negative comments could possibly backfire on them as they would then be viewed as the ones who are unsettling things. Despite that though, it appears that their desire to have at least a fan representation at board room level could move a step closer under new proposals by the Labour party. The proposed Labour manifesto would force clubs into handing 25% of the shares over to the fans based on the German model, although the current German model requires 51% of any club to be fan owned. This comes amidst a financial deck of cards that faces the very real risk of falling over as clubs run up unsustainable debts under the cover of a lack of regulation within the Premier League.

The NUST was formed at the height of the board room and behind the scenes disarray that ultimately saw Kevin Keegan walk away from the club, with what later turned out to be valid reason, and had the aim of complete fan ownership of Newcastle United similar to the setup currently adopted at footballing power-houses Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Soon after the campaign started it became apparent that the NUST were in a learning curve and came out with some sensational statements about how Mike Ashley was running the club and indeed just how much money he was taking out of the club. Such claims are as yet unfounded and are widely disregarded as false as anyone who can do the most simplest of maths can work out.

We didn’t really hear much from Mark Jensen and Co after that little outburst, an outburst that appeared to destroy any real credilbilty the organisation had. However, during that period of calm it appears the NUST have gone away, re-organised and had a word with themselves. They have gone through the first elections to decide the hierachy of the organisation and have generally let things settle down whilst getting their own house in order. It comes as no surprise then that this latest move by the Labour government has given them a springboard to ‘get back in the game’ so to speak. Here, Mark Jensen explains:

“Whether it’s a short, medium or long-term aim, the goal of all these football trusts is to own a stake in their club, whether that’s a part stake or full ownership. At the minute we’re still working on that and providing the framework for it, however that happens. It’s not about us running the club.”

“The whole idea isn’t just about ownership of the club. We do things like our local achievers scheme for people who have done something for the community. And we’ve just come through some elections for our first fully elected board, the results of which will be announced soon.”

“We’re not looking at this as a short-term thing. We just want to work with the club to make it better with fan ownership as part of that.”

It appears now the goal posts have shifted from complete fan ownership to a partial stake, something which could appear difficult after the NUST rebuffed a chance of talking to the current owners earlier in the season.

I have no real feeling either way, I don’t dislike NUST and appreciate what they stand for and what they have achieved in setting the trust up, but I also worry that at no point has there been any dialogue about how they intend to take the club forward in the medium to long term. It’s a very romantic notion and all that, but as a fan I want to know where a club that will be funded by us fans will be heading in the future. I very much doubt if relegation had have happened under the stewardship of the NUST that we would have been able to retain the squad we have now, and ultimately that would have shown in our ability to gain promotion or not. Of course I could be being a tad harsh, they may have had a credible plan around it with the same result as we have now – promotion, but why haven’t we heard about it?

On top of that, I’m not quite so sure how any government can force an owner to hand over 25% of his own business. I wouldn’t be too impressed if the government suddenly said I had to hand over a quarter of my business that’s for sure. What use it 25% anyway? That doesn’t give any say at all really, which is why in Germany it is a mandatory 51%. How about debt aswell? What happens it? Does 25% ownership mean the fans are then also responsible for a quarter of the clubs debt?

So many questions with very little answer, again!

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96 Responses

  1. yes it would make them liable for 25% of the debt as they would own 25% of the business.
    This labour idea just sounds like a vote getter “vote labour and get to own part of your club!” without it actually being seriously thought through idea

  2. I think most of the nust members r taking weed or cok…this is not a fucke..n political election “we can make it”…lol

  3. Bizarrely, I’ve just bumped into Tony Stephenson and Mark Jensen in the Baltic. I was too busy making and displaying a pretty awesome paper sunflower to have any chat with Tony but I would have been interested in hearing where his 7m story came from and whether with hindsight he wished he hadn’t done it.

  4. They weren’t plotting the boards downfall by the way. They were there separately on a family day out, as was I. Just seems freaky that I got an email from them last week asking if we wanted to have a look at their progress and do a write-up. I haven’t got round to it but you beat me to the punch toons.

  5. Sorry bowburn, wasn’t aware of any e-mail or was it a members one that the NUST sent out?

    Just though I’d cover it as it was in the news and seemed topical. Sorry dude.

  6. Please keep them away from the club. I’m sure they are nice people and good supporters but that 7M statement shows that they are either disingenuous or just plain dumb. The club seems to be on the right track both on the pitch and with improved finincials. I have a feeling that if they were to purchase a 25% stake they would be unsettling force at the club.

  7. Not sure NUST have moved the goalposts – they still state their aim is to acquire 100%….

    If the FCB really does refuse to invest in the playing squad in the close season I think you could find NUST becoming a quite popular refuge next season for disillusioned fans as the reality of the Premier League begins to bite….

  8. toons – Nah man, not an issue kidda. It was just weird that we heard nowt for ages, then I got an email last week off them, they’ve been in the news, I then saw the two of them today in the same place and then you wrote about them. It’s a funny old world.

    The email was just to me off the back of the meeting and the article I did back in the day.

    To be fair, I could see Tony half-recognised me and I was going to say summat but with the negative vibes we had back off the article, I wasn’t sure how the sort of chat would pan out so I left it.

  9. Funny enough I was thinking about nust yesterday and was gona ask Worky had he heard owt from them only Chuck bored everyone of the blog lastnite :)

  10. Reet, I’m off to run my Baltic Breakfast off. It was a canny effort, the fried doorstep bread was awesome but I could feel my arteries clogging with each mouthful.

    Probably be back on later as it’s just me and the bairn tonight. Could be some interesting conversations if West Brom have dropped points.

  11. bowburn – I’m drinking as we speak so the conversation could be amusing later ;)

  12. Moi?

    Nah Dave, I’m using the excuse of I have been working nights all wek so it’s messed my days up ;)

    Besides, I have learned to drink socially now and not be a reprobate in drink :lol:

  13. I can’t get too drunk anyway. Have to drive tomorrow and I also have a match preview to write in a bit.

  14. Poor lil NUST – first they rebuke an offer to talk, then they release a continuous stream of misinformation and lies, then they say – oh we might buy a share in the club.

    Haven’t they relised they have poo’d in their own nest?

    Please fellas – crawl way to the nearest rock, get under and stay under.

    I mean do they honestly now expect any favours off anyone. And promotion weakens them to the point that they’d be better off closing their campaign. They simply have to close down the whole sorry escapade.

    Sad thing is they have cost ordinary folk money – thats unforgivable.

    Looks to me that NUST have earned out of NUST when MA hasn’t – yet they scream the loudest.

  15. I ignore all NUST stuff….they couldn’t run to the shops never mind run a football club.
    To me they are irrelevant.

  16. Big Dave 12#
    No you got that wrong, the blog bored me and apparently everyone else, you may have been the exception to the rule.
    Ah well !

  17. Chuck, why did it bore you so much?

    Was it because your in the States so it’s irrelavent to you? If I get feedback then I can improve rather than just an unhelpful ‘it’s boring’.

  18. commentators on sky are yarking themselves silly over WBA do they no realise they are four points behind us having played a game more. felt the other night they were wishing forest to win

    Howaay leicester stick it up them

  19. Stardy – The Chundertaker is jealous because I can interact with people without invoking sudden narcolepsy as a response :lol:

  20. Anyway, I see Kris Boyd is out of contract in the summer. Would he be worthwhile?

  21. Toonsy
    Interesting you mention the two Spanish giants (Real Madrid & Barcelona) as being owned by the public of those cities.
    Actually there`s a difference, one club Barca. being a staunch Catalan and traditionally left of centre anti Franco club.
    Whoes ownership is represented by your average man in the street.
    As opposed to Real. (in fact once known as Franco`s team) who`s ownership consists of a limited number of wealthy individuals.
    Draw your own conclusions from that, just pointing out they are quite different.
    As for the Germans, theirs is imo an admirable system with true fan participation and therefore both a passion for the club and a certain amount of say in regard to how the finances are dealt with.
    Unfortunately for them, The Bundisleague does`nt have the TV revenues generated by the EPL and they also have less income from gate revenue, even though drawing larger crowds.
    This is because of much lower seat prices, a deal for the fans, generated by the fans.
    Regardless of lower revenues generated by those German sides, their league remains an entertaining and competitive one, that can be verified by those who took in the recent Munich vs. Man U. game.
    In which case would a government enforced system (socialist to a degree)similar to that used by the Germans or an unregulated system with ownership calling the shots (capitalistic in nature)be the choice of to-days fans ?

  22. chuck says:
    April 2, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    …And you say toonsy article was boring……?

  23. Kris Boyd is no better than leon best and he is our fourth choice stiker arguably our fifth.

  24. Toonsy and bbm would score goals in scottish football.

    Don’t know about Chuck though

  25. jay jay – Why? What have I done now? :lol:

    Stu – Constructive criticism I can take, but for someone to just say ‘boring’ then run off is shoddy really. With constructive criticism I can improve.

    Of course he omitts the part that other people add to the ‘blog with there own bits and pieces of information.

    It’s becoming boring how Chuck seems to single me out in all fairness. Banter I can take, but when it’s one person hounding you all the time (check back over his posts, it’s true!) then you just have to laugh and think how sad he must really be if that is the limit of his internet capabilities.

  26. Showing my support for you in your debate with chuck. People were posting, until he commented, people who usually call something boring mean “I don’t understand” :)

  27. Toonsy
    I`ve explained to you before, I have no axe to grind and believe you are doing an outstanding job here.
    But puleez dont take everything so personally, it was nothing to do with you just one of those dreary sets of posts that happen from time to time, ergo boring.

    And pay no attention to our resident drama queen angeldust,
    who`s raisond`etre is the insult, albeit in an nineteenth century manner (what happens when as a law clerc one researches laws, mostly written during that period)

  28. Awk Toonsy do you feel picked on :) Chuckie is coming to get you and lock you up in a sellar and keep you company, but dont worry he wont hurt you he only wants a friend to talk too ;)

  29. Oh! What a surprise.
    Crappy, biased pundits bigging up wba.
    They are so predictable in their hatred of us.

  30. Chuck – ;)

    CLiNT – Is that the same set of commentators as we had on Monday? The bloke who does the comments, is it Gary Birtles? He seems dead set against Newcastle but then again if it is Birtles that would expain monday’s bias opinion.

  31. Just seen it’s Don Goodman, former WBA player. Agaian explains why he is foaming at the gash today!

  32. Re: the article.
    I don’t see why nuts should be the ones that ‘represent’ the fans in our case. Especially seeing as most of us don’t want them as much as ashley.
    That would be completely counter to the ‘spirit’ of the whole idea, wouldn’t it?
    A set of twisty mongs sat on the board, trying to block anything put forward. A recipe for absolute chaos there like & doubly ‘un-represented’-Nice!

  33. toonsy,
    they can’t wait to hate man.
    & they always ‘pick’ the total antithesis of balanced commenters.
    How boringly normal has it all become?

  34. big toon fan geordie steve howard has just missed two good chances. wba luck continues

  35. Lads your better turning the sound down the only commentators I listen too is Lowes and Ando but then again their biased aswell ;)

  36. Clint “A set of twisty mongs sat on the board” – classic line.

    To be fair – I bet mongs all over the world are now up in arms at you shouting “there’s nee way I would join NUST”

  37. Dave
    Grow up !

    Pay attention ! I think you are doing a hell of a job,
    ok !

    The criticism of the blog had everything to do with the comments, nothing to do with the original subject matter,
    ergo nowt to do with you.
    I wish you would learn the difference and stop being so sensitive and crying about it, otherwise you will make yourself a target that people can`t resist.
    Why did it bore me, perhaps you should go to the archives and re-read it.

    Well perhaps it was boring, on the other hand it was an attempt at something either informative or constructive.
    I really dont come on the blog to insult people, that would be all too easy, what about you ?

  38. I think the commentators are commenting on the type of football WBA play – It is very pleasing on the eye, were we are just efficient.

    Although the last few home games we’ve been pretty pleasing on the eye too.

  39. Stardust
    Y’right there mate.
    A big apology to mongs everywhere.

    Surely though, they wouldn’t be the ones ‘self-appointed’,
    would they?
    What a scary thought!

  40. Chuck “I really dont come on the blog to insult people, that would be all too easy, what about you ?” – my god did you really type and believe that?

    Anycase – the worst day of the year for you on Monday Chuck – Easter Monday – the day the dead rise up and live again – bet youre in tears all day at the thought of all that joy. :lol:

  41. Chick,

    Never insulted anyone on this blog, even in the face of outrageous provocation…

    I have an opinion and stick to it, never waver and back down and don’t allow other peoples opinion of me alter my view of things.

    I do admit when I’m wrong (Well I think it happened once!)

    Don’t back down Chick and start creeping to toonsy.

  42. Clint – its funny though – theyve charged people a tenner for a badge to call themselves a mong – they give them their badge and they’re proud of it lol – cutting about town telling folks theyre signed up and shining their badges – (whilst scraping their feet in an unorthodox manner) hilarious really.

  43. Chuck > Dave
    Grow up !

    Chuckie you dont like it when someone has a laugh at your expense. So my advice to you is to not hand out abuse to others if you cant take it yourself. So run along and comeback when you get a sence of humor transplant

  44. Chuck – I need to add on Daves behalf as I am sure he missed it by mistake “So run along and comeback when you get a sence of humor transplant” – “which you will find at one of the numerous autopsies you attend in your spare time” ;)

  45. JAY JAY@35 been trying TOONSY three steps to heaven step 1 read all chucks posts never got to step 2 or 3 fell asleep like ;)then had night-mare,big dave hope for J.B to come good pleased it daylight :)

  46. Where are all these rumours about Hughton being replaced next season from?

    There in the papers, on the web and some have spoke about it on radio this morning.

    It’s absurd to replace a manager who gets you promoted so where are they coming from?

    Could there be some truth in it? Is Ashley really that worried about going through the whole relegation thing again that he wants an experienced manager in place or is it coming from silly journo’s?

    I just think that to replace the manager who has won you promotion is that ridiculous that the press wouldn’t write or speak about it unless there might be something in it.

    It would be ridiculous but then again this is NUFC…

  47. Stuart,
    it’s yet more shit-stirring by the pox-ridden media.
    They will stop at nothing to have a pop.

  48. CLiNT,

    Under normal circumstances I would agree but it’s so outrageous to suggest it that I cannot imagine anyone having the imagination to come up with it.

  49. Stardust cheers mate it was just that I wasn’t sure how to spell autopsie so I left it out ;)
    Icedog never worry JB will come good, oh and I liked the wee dig you had at him and myself yesterday you rascal :lol:

  50. stuart mate still not taking any notice of gutter press are you,fight with carroll/taylor got no legs left,we are going up,they will find some sh-t m8 this is the toon,we are used to it

  51. If/when we get back up, expect a veritable deluge of bile on a constant level.
    They’ve missed having us as whipping boys for their rancid ink.

  52. big dave,ME have a dig,perish the thought ;) if he plays on sat i”ll keep my fingers crossed he does not get inj poor lad :)

  53. Stuart where did you read that I havn’t heard owt about it except Uncle Ed had a real stupid april fools day blog about it, oh come to think off it it was in one of the Sunday rags but I just take it as bull. Ch was never my 1st choice but he has grew on me and he deserves the job after this season. I dont think Ma is that stupid

  54. CH has 1 year left on his contract to prove himself.
    That’s a red rag to a red top on the rag.

  55. toonsy thought you knew a bit about footy BOYD come on, i see throwing a ringer in eh

  56. big dave you got score last game spot on,i said jose would score,i say williamson will score sat,whats your shout this sat?

  57. Icedog our team can be hard to predict im going for a 1-2 win. BUT if we score in the 1st 15 mins it might be a landslide. I think Lovens will get a goal and Nolan

  58. well thats the sack for pearson i think,unless he wins play-offs,the chairmans a bit of hard man like,wants things yestaday

  59. dave think toonsy in the bunker with batty,he will find it hard like batty does”nt drink

  60. toonsy said he was on the drink this afternoon, so he’s probably tucked up in bed now with his horlicks.

  61. Pfft, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that icedog :lol:

    Interestingly I see Dave has gone with the same prediction as me ;)

  62. toonsy says:
    April 2, 2010 at 8:22 pm
    Worng, just been doing match preview

    Well if this spelling is antyhing to go by I hope you’ve asked Uncle Worky to proof it for you..

  63. 2-4 for me, dave will be wrong, after all he thinks JB is a canny lad,his lass is taking him to spec-savers i”ve heard

  64. Stuart79 says:
    April 2, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    “Well if this spelling is antyhing to go by I hope you’ve asked Uncle Worky to proof it for you..”

    Double standards! :D

  65. It’s called dramatic irony toonsy – Am I the only one on this blog with creative humorist instinct?

  66. Just saw an interview with Harry Redknapp, claims we are “very, very interested” in Alan Hutton, but nothing official been put in yet. He has done very well on loan at Scumderland, would be a very good addition especially seen as we don’t know how well Simpson will cope with the Prem. Very good going forward Hutton, good cross on him and quite pacy and strong, seems solid defensively, nice to see were making moves early though and showing interest.

  67. I thought the :D smiley things would have given a hint that I was playing, apparently not.

    Worky only had to check my articles until I learned to slow down and spot my mistakes, mistakes caused by dyslexia I may add, which is why I can take longer to comment/write.

  68. Just checjed his wiki page, he is a right back so could be a good shout. I worry aout his injury record though.

    “The white Cafu” made me giggle though :lol:

  69. Blogs make strange bed fellows,
    Big Dave & Angel-dust, is it official guys ?

    Toonsy, nah, he`s a good kid doing a decent job, as I keep saying too sensitive a soul, takes umbrage too easy.

    Big Dave
    Grow up! and get a life as you seem to spend a great part of it making asinine statements on this blog.

    Jay Jay 41#
    ….people who usually call something boring, usually mean i dont understand.
    Yes Jay Jay, i can understand how in your case that would be true!

    Did i miss anyone ?

  70. Stuart,
    they are some spurious ‘opinions’ offered up by a no mark, lazy-ass journo & Rob Lee, a top midfielder & Geordie legend, but, not sure about his punditry credentials.
    Sounds like he’s just trying to say what he thinks us lot want to hear, as he always does. Love the guy but hey!

    & that journo siting s*land’s waste of £100m on crap as a reason, ppfffttt, surely that’s a cautionary tail right there.

  71. Chuck :lol: You seem to spend a lot of time on this blog trying to make yourself look clever But as im sure by some comments on here you must realise that its not working. I might come off with some asinine statements on this blog simply because I normally come on here for a bit of Banter and a laugh. But I dont come on here to try to make myself look smart or to try to make others look stupid or Boring you seem to think that is your job.

  72. “Stuart79 says:
    April 2, 2010 at 8:39 pm
    It’s called dramatic irony toonsy – Am I the only one on this blog with creative humorist instinct?”

    Now that was funny – creating an illusion you have a sense of humour!

  73. With regard to the Government’s latest bleatings about fan ownership, it is probably just more popularism. There will be alot of problems with these proposals in regard to UK business and corporation law.