Newcastle United v Blackpool match highlights video.

Posted on April 11th, 2010 | 12 Comments |

Video highlights of Newcastle United’s 4-1 victory over Blackpool at St James’s Park yesterday.

Features the goals from Jonas Gutierrez (with mask), Andy Carroll, Kevin Nolan, Wayne Routledge and finally, a consolation goal from Blackpools Brett Ormerod.

Thanks to ‘Incentino’.

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12 Responses

  1. toonsy says:
    April 11, 2010 at 11:33 am

    “Worky – You still doin the Taylor report?”

    I’ve just got a bit of time at last, Toonsy. I’m working on it now.

  2. In other news, I see Carroll and Taylor have patched up accoring to The Express and other papers.

  3. Aye,
    some good goals yesterday.
    Howay lads just keep winning ’til the end of the season, for kicks & to show wba where they are really.

  4. I really need to start putting money on my predictions.

    Last week I said we’d win with a Kevin Nolan Goal in the second half.

    This week I said 4-0 Newcastle. Pretty close…

    Nolan is impressing so much this season. He really is the class goal scoring midfielder we need when his confidence is up…

    Jonas has been superb, and I CANNOT CANNOT believe I’m saying this. But Shola showed some great skill. I still don’t think he’ll be a good premiership striker, but he certainly has earned a chance to prove us wrong. And at worst even with the purchase of another striker next season, he will be in the top four strikers: Carroll, Lovenkrans, Ameobi and (OTHER).

    Our wingers are looking great.

    We need four players and this side on current form can really compete for a top 10 place next year.
    – Pacey creative striker.(Someone in Robbie Keanes mould)
    – Pacey Creative midfielder. (Someone in Dorrans mould)
    – Good utility full back. (Someone in Aaron Hughes mould)
    – A good defensive midfield playmaker for away games.
    (Someone in Huddlestone’s mould).

  5. JJ @ 10…………pleeeeeeeeeeeese please not start off with the top ten, aiming for euro stuff lads. All i want is a solid season and without drama for a change – 15th and above and i am content. We really need to build up a team over a period of seasons and avoid all of our previous fcuk ups. thats not just ashley, and managers, its us lot too. Screaming for blood every five minutes nad expecting things like… like…. like a top ten finish. lets just go for consolidation next season with a couple of solid good proven players. no more of this we want five or six big names, no more michael owens. dont even want a shearer type either. nothing but agro and heartache. as much as shearer is an idol i am still undecided if he was the start of our downfall…i dont think he was better than andy cole either.

  6. At least the media will now be creaming themselves over Liverpool and what is going on there now about new investment.

    Aye, cos the near on £300 miilion Rafa has spent seems to be swept under the carpet.