King Kevin Nolan in tune with The Toon.

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Kevin Nolan: A leader amongst men.
Kevin Nolan: A leader amongst men.
It’s judgement day for Newcastle United today as they face the very real prospect of becoming champions by this evening. If West Brom fail to beat Middlesbrough in the 5:15pm kick-off at The Hawthorns then we will be confirmed as champions.

It’s no less than the players deserve either as questions have continually been asked of them by critics, press and opposing teams. All questions have been answered where they should be, on the pitch, and part of that can be attributed to players such as Kevin Nolan who have stuck their head above the parapet, rolled up their sleeves, stood up and been counted or any other number of cliche’s that can be used. In fact Kevin Nolan has become quite the face of Newcastle United recently, not only for his goal scoring exploits and application on the pitch, but also for his comments and leadership off it. Some of his goals this season have been vital and without them we would not be in the position we find ourselves in today. Leading by example, something not seen since the days when Alan Shearer or Scott Parker donned the black & white stripes with pride and sadly something we missed so badly in our hour of need last season.

How times change, and although we haven’t been playing against the elite of England this season a job has still had to be done. Of course it’s a team game and credit should be shared amongst all the squad, but having individuals such as Nolan in the ranks can only be a good thing. We are now beginning to see signs of the Kevin Nolan that played for Bolton, the one that has clocked up 272 Premier League appearances, played in Europe, in cup finals. Right now it is Newcastle who are benefiting from his experience, although his exploits have not gone un-noticed by neutrals who voted him Championship Player of the Year.

Aside from his goals, all 17 of them, I have been impressed with his all round play. Sure he has had off games, but who doesn’t? And can we really be so critical of a player having a bad game when last seasons megastars were guilty of the very same thing on a much more frequent basis? I don’t think we can, not when he has done so much for the team on the pitch and in the dressing room.

Born leaders are hard to come by, Nolan is one, and when paired with his experience that will stand us in good stead as we prepare to fight for survival in the Premier League next year. Whether leadership and experience will be enough to keep us safe remains to be seen, but one thing I am confident of is that this set of players, led by Nolan, will not give up like that last Newcastle side that occupied the Premier League.

Well done Kevin….. Michael Owen should take note.

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90 Responses

  1. Just been out to the garden and I’ve just been hit on the head with a lasagne, Black Forest Gateaux and Garlic Baggette… Must be the fallout from Iceland!

  2. Stuart79 @3

    “What happened to the Arsenal blue print?”

    Looks like we’re intent on something a bit more modest now – in spite of having a nominal debt, and gate receipts that should be more than Birmingham and Wolves combined (certainly for next season, anyway).

    Maybe they’ll get around to the Arsenal blueprint 2011 – 2012!

  3. I really wish they’d all sing from the same hymn sheet, though.

    It’s all very well people from the club making these statements – and I’d rather hear things from CH than anyone else I can think of – but they really ought to be saying the same thing ;)

  4. Arsenal blueprint….
    Birmingham blueprint…
    Wolves blueprint….

    Haway man – the FCB is a self-confessed liar who just says owt as the mood takes him. And the puppets around him say what theyre told to say.

    Get used to it – cos it doesn’t look like this lot will be shipping out any day soon

  5. What was the result of the kids match last night against Villa? Also Stuart 79 at 1 and Mick re Iceland lol or I would if I wasn’t stuck bl**dy thousands of miles away. Don’t really want us to be made champions without kicking a ball. It felt like an anti climax when were promoted due to the Forest result.

  6. UTD111

    “Get used to it – cos it doesn’t look like this lot will be shipping out any day”

    Ah, but just co he says he isn’t doesn’t mean he isn’t!

    When he said he was – he didn’t :)

  7. I’ve no doubt this question will be asked a million times but how will he and some of the present team do in the EPL. Many players like him have proved that you don’t have to be fleet of foot in the better leagues they can compete with quick thinking and experience. I reckon Nolan could fulfill this criteria but I would hope that CH has some good alternatives already lined up.
    Just to throw another player into the one to look out/wish list I’ve been really impressed with Miroslav Stock of Twente.

  8. I’m looking forward to the last couple of games, though. AND next season.

    It looks like plenty of other teams will be cutting their cloth very carefully next season as well.

    And, at the very least, we get to see the core of this seasons team have a tilt at the prem. I reckon that the great team spirit they’ve shown this year will count for a lot :)

  9. Deb – Apparently our kids deserved to win. If nothing else it will be a learning curve for them I suppose.

  10. Toonsy, I don’t know, he has been playing in Steve McClarens team this year and there has been no mention of him being a loanee. If he is though then the comments of people saying Chelsea having no good kids becomes even more nonsensical.

  11. Darth, cutting their cloth is right. Chelsea, ManU and Aresenal will probably remain in the mix but I’ll make a bold suggestion that will hopefully get up Hansens nose, (if he ever read it) that Liverpool could be struggling at the wrong end next year and even do what we did. That would be a nice bit of schardenfreud. (spelling?)

  12. Liverpool are in a bit of a race against time. They need to seel before July as the bank are recalling £100 million of loans.

  13. Toonsy, who could they sell to get that much, Even Torres and Gerrard wouldn’t recoup more than 50m and that is pushing it. Also it would be the heart of their team. Also theres only two or three teams who could (or would) realisticly pay that much.

  14. Anyone agrees with me????

    It has been a dramatic season for Newcastle as well as the Premier League. Pompey relegation cum admin,Liverpool not in contention for UCL next season.

    Spurs and Man city fighting for 4th.

    Arsenal,Man United,Chelsea still fighting hard for league title.

  15. Angel, sorry, should have said, yes it’s more or less what several of us have been saying.

  16. If Anyone notice, Spurs is the key team on who will win the league title as well as who will get the 4th position.

    ;) ;) ;)

  17. I don’t care who gets 4th as long as Liverpool don’t. Ideally I would like them to go out of business now but as that looks unlikely I will have to settle for watching them slowly fade away.

  18. Big willy if you have watched a bit of FC Twente this season , then what do you think of Ruiz that lad imo has every thing in his locker to become a very good EPL player . i would love us to take a chance on that lad .

  19. ruiz is gud but he wil be costly imho………..but der aren’t any cheap gud option either

  20. Fraser Forster having a “wonderful game” in goal the day according to the reporter at the game on SSN.

  21. Big Willy says:
    April 17, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    “Toonsy, who could they sell to get that much, Even Torres and Gerrard wouldn’t recoup more than 50m and that is pushing it.”

    Torres and Gerrard are currently worth around £50 million each, Big Willy.

  22. There is a charity match in aid of the Sir Bobby Cancer Charity in May. A grand bunch of Middlesborough lads have paid £200 each to play a game of footie at the Riverside. Steve Gibson is letting them use the stadium for free (Ashley take note) They are of course looking for sponsers, so if any of you lads & lasses would like to send a little cash their way (as I have)I am sure they will be grateful. The link is

  23. There is a charity match in aid of the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Charity in May. A grand bunch of Middlesborough lads have paid £200 each to play a game of footie at the Riverside. Steve Gibson is letting them use the stadium for free (Ashley take note) They are of course looking for sponsers, so if any of you lads & lasses would like to send a little cash their way (as I have)I am sure they will be grateful. The link is

  24. Man U. Lucked out to-day, Citeh had more of the play, shoulda started Ireland, Johnson was taken off following a lackluster performance, some of those big buck signings have proved to be a waste of money and expect a big clearout come summer.
    On saying that Man U. are not the side of the last few seasons, with only Shreck, Vidic, Valencia and Evra of any quality.
    Most fans are expecting a quiet transfer window period, well I got news for you, IMO this will be a busy window for EPL teams, with an aging Chelsea, A man U. side also aging and with some bad buys to unload.
    Liverpool need strengthening and the kids at Arsenal are just not getting it done, if their star player is off to Barca, they will spend big time.
    Spurs and Harry never rest on their laurels, if they make Europe expect some changes, even if they dont.
    As for the rest they will all attempt to strengthen, in which case their will be plenty moves made.
    Which leaves NUFC ?
    Heard various rumors concerning signings and amounts to be spent, but it`s all speculation.
    As usual going on the owners track record dont expect too much !

  25. Fcuk Spurs v Chelsea. West Brom is the game I have my eye on as it is the one that has a direct impact on us.

  26. TOONSY,watched a bit of your fav guys on ssn talking l/pool phil (the nose) thompson,he said they were a good buy @1billon,g.stelling put it to him n/cle were a better buy @100mill,with the fan base they have,he went off on one,saying they are not in same class with l/pool have more history so are worth a billon,funny like i didnt know you get a good return on has beans and history,am i missing something

  27. icedog – Told you mate, Liverpool = Cnuts!

    Their attitude and everything stinks, right from what you just said to Hillsborough for which the world must stop or Heysel which gets swept under the carpet and took them spinelss arseholes 20 years to apologise for.

    If Liverpool FC was wiped off the face of the planet tomorrow I would piss myself laughing at the lot of them. A stain on the English game that should never be forgotten.

    Rant over ;)

  28. TOONSY,you can have a rant with a good photo like you have,not like some other poeple have a very poor photo,not to say who that might be like ;)

  29. True Toonsy,was a bit nasty…..Olsen shud have gone too,I can’t stand him,he’s dirty and does nowt but whine.

  30. said that ref had not booked a player in last 15 games,sure the toon must not have had him

  31. richietoon says:
    April 17, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    “Did all the Boro fans go down in the same car??”

    Think they used a motorbike and sidecar :lol:

  32. and Olsson gets away with it again………..he was the same up here,little fouls all the time……hate him.

  33. Does anyone know any links for the new Toon top,they’re doig well to keep it underwraps as I think it’s launched next Thursday!

  34. I got an email from the box office asking me to email If I wanted to take part in the kit launch campaign(they want 300 st holders).It says you need to be free next Thurs afternoon and you get more details when you email.I would if I thought I’d get a free top out of it.

  35. Knew Boro would roll over and play dead – just like they did against Man U in the last game of the 95-6 season when we could have done with them beating the Mancs.
    Anyone else think Di Matteo has an annoying smug face?

  36. Seen the new away top. They’ve learnt their lesson from the yellow effort – the new one is pink with black and white flowers on.

  37. richietoon get down there just incase :) I just didnt think they would be launching it untill the Adidas deal expired but sure ;)
    Di Matteo is a smug we cnut

  38. Icedog talking about being smug can you remember someone on her the other night telling us that he was going to change his pic ” just because he could” I havn’t seen him change it yet Just because he cant :lol:

  39. BigDave,I’ve sent of the email,now have to wait to see if I’m a ‘chosen one’!!

  40. West Brom have to score at least 11 goals to win the title, in 2 games, providing we dont ship a few in and lose twice, they might aswell confirm us champs now :D

  41. And yes i do think Di Matteo has a smug face! hate seeing it come on the screen! Also on Olsson, he is a little bastard, hate the guy.

  42. Ice im near sure it was a T

    richietoon cant wait to see what it looks like I just hope they dont have a black cat on it :(

    tommo we are the Champs I just hope they wait till Ipswich before they give us it and not at the Janners

  43. Soh! Spurs dominated Chelsea to-day and Man. U. lucked out.
    Could be an interesting end to the league, with Spurs looking as if they are going to play championship football next year.
    Tell you, Gareth Bale has to be the most improved young defender in the PL.
    Without Ashley Young, and their Portugese CD and Essien,they are beatable and erratic.
    Never mind with CH running the side and a few decent additions, we will be hopefully a mid-league team next season.
    Not going to mention who we should bring in, as no one knows as yet how deep Ashley is going to dig and from now on the speculation will be the only subject discussed in the blog.