Keep the faith in Hughton.

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The quiet man hasn't let us down so far.
The quiet man hasn't let us down so far.
With the start of the transfer window a little over a month away, the tide of conversation is understandably shifting towards the signing of players that will aid in our attempt to stave off relegation next season.

The thought was that given the fact that Newcastle United have gone about the business of promotion quietly and efficiently, and secured their Premier League place for next season in record time, that this could signal some early transfer activity as we seek to get a headstart on other teams who are also looking to strenghten. People are now starting to point out that other teams are beginning to strengthen their squads, with Liverpool capturing the signature of current Charlton midfielder, Jonjo Shelvey. But that is the only confirmed transfer activity as yet so I feel the early activity of other teams is being somewhat overstated.

Chris Hughton has been quick to play down any rumours of summer signings and has only gone as far as saying that we are looking to strengthen in the right areas. That is the right approach in my opinion and is a manoeuvre we should be getting used to from Hughton, a man who always looks to keep his cards close to his chest. The days of the media announcing new players before we get to hear about it appear to be over.

This appears to be true to form, and in fact you only have to look back to January to see the proof that this is the way to go. Going into the winter transfer window, many of us feared that we would be lucky to escape selling any players, and signing any new faces would be a distant dream. Look what happened, not only did we keep all of our senior players, we saw a number of new arrivals through the door without ‘man in the know’ David Craig catching any sort of wind of it. That was probably our most successful and hassle free transfer window to date by all accounts.

So what can we learn from January?

Well from piecing together bits and bobs and mixing them with a bit of common sense thinking, I would say we could learn quite a lot form January. We know that Hughton, Ashley and Llambias seem to work well together, and that Ashley seems to listen to Hughton. We also know that the scouts are out and about looking for players that would strengthen the squad, with Graham Carr having been particularly busy since his arrival as Chief Scout. It would also appear that the actions from Mike Ashley in January seem to indicate that he actually wants this club to be in the Premier League, and logic dictates that he will want to be able to give Chris Hughton what he thinks will be enough to avoid relegation. After all, from a financial perspective there is no logic in being a yo-yo club.

So that is what we can deduce from this season, and I guess the moral of the story is just because the club appears to be sailng along quietly, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any hard work going on at the helm. Signings will come in their own time, and I think we can be reasonably assured that Chris Hughton already knows what players he would like. It would be foolish to reveal any targets at this stage as it would leave Newcastle open to direct competition from other clubs for a particular player. Watch this space.

Have faith in Hughton!

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118 Responses

  1. Chuck – To enlighten you, when you first you need to do this;

    ‘Cool DJ strikes again 8) ‘

    Or similar :)

  2. Was it just me or is Gerrard starting to look his age in CM. For the second half and extra time last night he hardly got a kick.

    plus Carrager = finished and never good enough for England

    Torres = Off to a big club in the summer

    Rafa = Will get the sack

    Fans = Not demanding, deluded or impatient !! But those NUFC fans are arnt they Mick Dennis !!

    Lucas, Aquilani = Big money, poorly spent.
    Arbeloa, Alonso = Big stars at Real Madrid

  3. I worry that Hughton is going to bury his head in the sand and say that his signings Simpson and Best are good enough for next season. If he honestly accepts where we need to strengthen then I think we will be ok.

  4. I really do hope that the next transfer window is as good as the January transfer window was . Good new unexpected signings only being announced once the deal was done . I have complete faith in Hughton , he identified the weak points of the squad and moved to get the right players in to strengthen . imo routledge was the best signing , all of a sudden with him we had pace and width down both flanks . williamson added hieght at the back . Ok Best has yet too score but maybe he is the sort of player that needs time to settle in . Hughton knows what is needed and i am sure has already a list of targets he wants to bring in . For the first time in a long while i am looking forward with real belief too the new transfer window

  5. i am talking about putting the people in place know! asking these clubs if these are avaiable.doesnt mean buy them just get in front of clubs.the windo is open u can buy any1 if u couldnt why people getting bought so u are wrong

  6. I know some of the people here is going to scold,criticize me after what i am going to say.

    Let’s presume,CH can’t help Newcastle survive well,and during the Christmas time of next yr,he is sacked.

    Who do you think,will be the ideal manager after CH???And also who do you think Mike might bring in next as the manager?

    Apparently,AC MILAN are finding a new manager that is willing to work within a small budget.CH type.hahahas

  7. asim – The window doesn’t open until May 25th. FACT.

    Deals may be in place now, but they wont be official until that date. That is why Charlton won’t play that Shelvey in the play-off in case he gets injured and Liverpool pull out.

  8. Stuart79 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    “Talk about jumping the gun…”

    Why? Valid question. Equally as valid a question as to why Hughton is getting barracked AGAIN for not signing players?

    (Not aimed at you, in general I mean)

  9. To risk repeating myself, I believe we need two or three decent quality players in, hopefully of some quality and able to bed in early.
    I`m not talking about three players for three million, but quality players who could make the difference between a club struggling for survival or a mid league side.
    Better that than looking for panic buys during the winter window, following a bad first half of the season.
    There appears to be a foundation of a PL quality side, that just needs a bit of strengthening, as we are all aware of how injuries can effect sides, therfore the need to strengthen with quality players.
    Once we have a side in place that can survive the division, we can concentrate on improving bringing in a couple of players each season, untill we once again can run with the big dogs at the top level.
    I know some may object, but IMO we should put in a bid for Beye, quality pro, who would probably come cheap.
    He plus Kadar and the Chelsea kid we had on loan back, could along with the rest provide a solid enough defence.
    Still need that midfield engineroom though, niether Joey or Nolan fill the role and every club needs one, O`Hara anyone ?

  10. thats what i mean are u daft!.yes it can be only official on 25th of may. thats what we should be doing what liverpool did so other clubs cant get ahead of them and talk to the player. thats why i am saying dont leave it late like we have been doing and buying people like best thats what happened we were not intrested in him just bought for the sake of buying didnt need him and ch says he was the future of newcastle bollocks he should have said ranger the future of newcastle becasue he is.

  11. I am merely looking at the outcome of an future event.

    If CH is able to propel upwards Newcastle/help survive in PL,great.

    If he can’t,i am sure he will be sacked,and just wanting to know who might be the next coming in.

    That’s all.

  12. asim says:
    April 30, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    “thats what i mean are u daft!.yes it can be only official on 25th of may. thats what we should be doing what liverpool did so other clubs cant get ahead of them and talk to the player”

    So, how do you know the club aren’t doing that? They did it in January, why not now?

  13. To be fair Best hasnt really had his chance, I would love to see him start upfront alongside McLoven, as Hughton keeps playing him with Shola or Carroll.

    Danny Simpson doesnt really look like a Premier player to me, I would play Steven Taylor there as he is better than at CB and play Williamson at CB.

  14. AOD – Bit of a morbid question really but, I suppose it depends on who is available 7 months down the road as to who replaces him should he get the boot.

  15. AngelOfDeath
    lets not presume Ch will not do a job and get sacked . All the people that doubt him need to take a long hard look at his record this season , his first as a manager . He took a club on its knees back into the premiership as champions , he has proved himself as a manager that can take a group of players motivate them bond them together as a team and get them playing with pride and passion . He has also proved himself as a manager that knows the transfer market and bring in the right players . This guy has the football knowledge and skills to become a top manager , he proved himself as a trainer and will prove himself as a manager in the top flight .Roll on next season and a mid table finish to start with .

  16. Beye can eat shit, he lied and stabbed us in the back, I hope he get leprosy the knobhead.

  17. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    “hughton is not the problem,the bugbear is always michael wallace ashley.”

    And people’s inability to move on ;)

  18. they bought best last minute so u are wrong. and people think best should played more games then u havnt got a clue abought the player he is crap and ch did play him straight away and was sh..t and played other srikers instead but kept giving him chances he couldnt score for coventry 4 2 months and we buy him.

  19. asim says:
    April 30, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    “they bought best last minute so u are wrong.”

    What about Routledge, Williamson, Hall? None of those were last minute. Or do you highlight Best being signed on deadline day because it fits your prejudice against Hughton?

  20. toonsy,people’s inability to move on,are you for real?because they get promoted,everthing’s forgotten no way,he’s got a hell of a long way to go before he gets on the right side of the fans.

  21. Anyway,thanks for the comments.

    here’s the good news.

    NEWCASTLE United starlet Tim Krul will start against QPR for Sunday’s season finale, while fellow young gun Haris Vuckic has been included in the squad.

    Dutch goalkeeper Krul will replace Steve Harper in-between the posts in what will be his first league start of the campaign.

    Vuckic, meanwhile, has recently returned from a six-month knee and ankle absence and, having impressed for United’s Reserves, will travel with The Magpies to Shepherd’s Bush.

  22. CHRIS Hughton has also confirmed that Geordie defender Steven Taylor will not be risked during the final game of the season at QPR on Sunday.

    The 24-year-old is back in full training following a three-month knee layoff but United boss Hughton has opted against including him in the sqaud which travels to the capital.

    “I’ve chosen not to risk Steven Taylor,” he said.

    “He’s been out for a long time and for the sake of one game it’s perhaps not worth taking the risk.”

    Hughton also confirmed that he would be without Fitz Hall (hamstring) and Tamas Kadar (groin).

  23. it’s still early in the day,they may yet be more charverish escapades by the fat one.

  24. toonsy says:
    April 30, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    So you think AngelOfDeath has a valid question?

    Don’t you think he’s jumping the gun a tad, asking who we should replace Hughton with if he’s sacked at Christmas?

  25. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    “toonsy,people’s inability to move on,are you for real?because they get promoted,everthing’s forgotten no way,he’s got a hell of a long way to go before he gets on the right side of the fans.”

    Yes, I am for real. Did I say that everything was ok? Or did I say we should move on, look forward? I think it was the latter.

    The fact is that for a long time under FFS we were sliding down out of the league. He didn’t have anymore cash, or anymore assets to borrow against, we were technically insolvent with no get out. If it helps you to blame all that on Ashley then fair enough.

    Yes he has made some horrendous errors, but he has also put his hand in his pocket to help to rectify them. I just think it’s time we move on and stop dragging up the past.

  26. Beye?!?! Are you serious? 1) He was always overrated when he was with us 2) what message to the players that stayed and got us back up is that?? 3) he is too old 4) he has been outspoken and petulant at villa

    Let’s face it you just can’t be bothered to find out about other right back options,,
    you all seem to have written off simpson, I don’t think he’s the finished article but he has the pace, technique and age all right to improve – season upon season. You all think it’s playstation football – makes me laugh.

  27. Stuart79 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    “So you think AngelOfDeath has a valid question?

    Don’t you think he’s jumping the gun a tad, asking who we should replace Hughton with if he’s sacked at Christmas?”

    Is it not equally jumping the gun for people to be suggesting that Hughton won’t be signing anyone? Or the club won’t?

  28. toonsy,did i blame ashley for everthing?howay get your facts straight before you cast aspersions.

  29. Well obviously it is – The season hasn’t finished yet!

    There both ridiculous arguments.

  30. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    “toonsy,did i blame ashley for everthing?howay get your facts straight before you cast aspersions.”

    Got my facts straight TROJAN, and whilst we are on about casting aspersions, wasn’t it you who claimed I said that now we are promoted that everything should be alright? Or words like that. Glass houses and stones… spring to mind.

  31. Axel post 23#
    Fully agree !

    Beye is one of the best fullbacks we have had in a long time, both more experienced and simply better than Simpson will ever be, why are you so upset about him leaving?
    It`s just business, show business !
    Calm down.

  32. I’m leaning towards what Boater said to be honest. Regardless of the circumstances of how he left, the fact is that he will be 33 in October and hasn’t played much football this year at all. Will he ever get what he had back?

  33. toonsy,when did i say anything like that,i’ve never said everything would be okay,total lies.

  34. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I did say ‘or words to that effect’.

    “toonsy,people’s inability to move on,are you for real?because they get promoted,everthing’s forgotten no way,he’s got a hell of a long way to go before he gets on the right side of the fans.”

    It’s that bit in bold I was refering to. Something I didn’t say yet you claim I did.

  35. Whats the point of going for Van Arnholt on loan again. Chelsea want to keep him for the future so its just quick fix and when Enrique and Jonas are both fit he wont get a game anyway. Waste of money imo. We have Kadar who can cover LB in an emergency and what we need is to sign our own winger imo.

  36. toonsy,bollox,when have i blamed mike ashley for everything?you wont find it because it doesn’t exist.
    the words you’ve highlighed still dont blame mike ashley for everthing,null and void i’m afraid.

  37. My point is concerning Beye, he has i`m sure, a good season left and could be brought in for a decent price.
    Look it`s time some of the people on this blog grew up and realized, players leaving a club does`nt involve betrayal of some kind, simply business.
    It`s the same everywhere, Arshavin recently made a statement (and landed himself in trouble) he would like to one day play for Barca.
    Which player would`nt ?
    Hey you got badge kissers, got guys spouting “it`s not about me its about the side” and some of the posters on here believe it !
    Wise up !

  38. mike ashley has made a lot of mistakes at newcastle,and he has got a long way to go to make it up with the fans,but does that mean i blame him for everthing?

  39. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    “mike ashley has made a lot of mistakes at newcastle,and he has got a long way to go to make it up with the fans,but does that mean i blame him for everthing?”

    Hey, if your gonna twist a comment that I said then you need to expect it back ;)

    No probs?

    *shakes hand*


  40. hitman says:
    April 30, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    “im blaming ashley for the rain coz ive got a party to goto”

    I need 2 new tyres on my car, I blame Ashley for that :D

  41. Whether Beye is too old now to hack it now is one issue, the other being the fact he was quite happy to jump ship when we got relegated. To say he was overrated though is laughable, he was always reliable and solid and got forward quite well too. Simpson isn’t half the player Beye was, which is why he has never settled at one club since leaving Man U.

  42. i’m not twisting anything,show me a difinitive statement of me blaming ashley for everything,you’ll struggle to find it because i never said it.
    plain and simple.

  43. is mike ashley going to blame his mother and father because he looks like the son of sam.

  44. My general feeling is that the approach/theme of this article is a bit off, as is the sentiment of a lot of the posters here. I for one am very optimistic about the team’s future.
    1. I think that we’re already better than several of the teams in the league, and better than both teams coming up with us…though admittedly we drew WBA twice, so we could say as good as…but we have more points and goals against the same competition…so BETTER than WBA. So, I don’t think we are trying to STAVE off relegation. I think we are trying to improve league position.
    2. CH and the scouts already have their targets in mind, but why say anything until the end of the year or when the window opens? Hell, for that matter why say anything until pen is put to paper? I believe all player signings will be finalized before the first kick in South Africa. This immediately lets the coaching staff get the player into the squad and begin training, but also gives the player committee to get the players acclomated to one another (new vs. existing). So, by the time the season starts in August, the team is that much more “together” and familiar with one another.

    I have every faith in the world that while we won’t be on quite the high we have been this year, we can look forward to an encouraging season in the PL.

    Am i too optimistic or out of touch with reality…perhaps. But, this is the best I’ve felt about the team in a long time, so perhaps I can be forgiven my optimism.

    And just to ruffle the feathers of the other posters here: USA to beat England and take group.

  45. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    “i’m not twisting anything,show me a difinitive statement of me blaming ashley for everything,you’ll struggle to find it because i never said it.
    plain and simple.”

    Your right, there isn’t one. I twisted it.

    Now show me a statement where I said that now we are promoted all should be forgotten? There isn’t one. You twisted it.

    Plain and simple.

  46. at the end of the day,chris can only do a job with the tools he has at his disposal.
    when i say ashley is the bugbear,chris isn’t going to sign the players,ashley’s name’s on the cheque book.
    if chris isn’t backed with enough money to bring in the quality required then newcastle will struggle,regardless of who the manager is.

  47. toonsy,i wasn’t pulling you up for that was i,you’re just nitpicking now to try and prove a point.

  48. NorCal ToonFan says:
    April 30, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    “And just to ruffle the feathers of the other posters here: USA to beat England and take group.”

    Your probably right. I said to O’Hurley on here that our players will probably be too busy screwing each others wives and girlfriends to care about the footy.

    After all, it does appear that footballers share the same group of women.

  49. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 30, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    “toonsy,i wasn’t pulling you up for that was i,you’re just nitpicking now to try and prove a point.”

    But wasn’t it kind of proven? You twisted something I said. I twisted something you said. It was exacltly the same by both of us, not nit-picking to prove a point. We both done it.

    Quits? ;)

  50. Speaking of right backs,

    Forget about Beye. I’d go with Vasilis Torosidis. I think he plays for Olympiakos (he’s Greek. i don’t know the greek teams that well). Or Juan Manuel Vargas from Fiorentina if we could get him. Either or, as both are pacey, strong, and can score. Perfect to compliment Enrique on the left.

  51. Toonsy @ 61-

    It’s true. While our players have been keepin’ their heads low and graftin hard, your lads have been playin’ Desparate Housewives. HAHAHAHAHA


  52. NorCalToon-

    You around, man? It’s good to have a few other yanks to talk to on here. England has the disadvantage of being 6 hours ahead of us :D

    Also- if there’s any other Toon fans from Tennessee, by all means, speak up. I think I might be the only one.

  53. OHurley – Erm, I don’t think your players have been whiter than white either you know ;)

    Now, just what was Charlie Davies doing cruising in a car at 3:00am with 2 women ;)

  54. It actually looks like Charlie Davies MIGHT be back for the World Cup. After a perforated bladder and virtually every bone in his legs crushed… that’s just badass.

  55. OHurley – Yeah, I watched a TV porgramme in which it higlighted his remarkable recovery.

    What about that Salvador Cabanas? Shot in the heed and recovered from it already, although not enough to play in the WC.

  56. Just to share this.

    Burnley Could Qualify For Europa League Via Fair Play League, Should Fulham Triumph

    Clarets may earn shock Euro place~~~~

    Relegated Burnley could be playing in Europe next season, if Fulham win the Europa League.

    The highest placed Premier League club who have not already qualified for Europe look set to win a place in the Europa League via the Fair Play League.

    Above Burnley in the Premier League’s Fair Play rankings are Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, Manchester United and Chelsea, three of whom have already secured a European place next season, although Roy Hodgson’s side have not, yet.

    If the Cottagers win the Europa League they will be invited back to the competition next year as holders, which means an extra European place will be available to an English club, with Burnley currently sitting in pole position should Fulham triumph.

    The top three national associations in UEFA’s Fair Play League gain an extra place in the Europa League and England currently hold third place.

  57. hahaha thats class, surely not though, they wouldn’t get past the first round! Someone will come out and claim sort of legislation allowing a more ‘fashionable’ team to get into europe, ala Liverpool

  58. Mick – Liverpool would get in anyway due to league position. Although they would have to start really really early so hopefull it would knack them up :D

    Remember Millwall in Europe a few years back? Imagine if they got drawn against a Turkish team.

  59. Glad to see both Krul and potentially Vuckic will be given a go on Sunday. I think Vuckic could seize the opportunity given the chance to play at least 45, he’s clearly talented and i’m excited to see him hopefully get a decent chunk of game time.

    OHurley-I agree with you RE Torosidis. From what I’ve seen of him he looks a good player, I also like Sotiris Ninis who I think we’ve been linked with in the past? Know he’s a RM but I for some reason am under the impression he’s played at RB. Not 100% sure though.

    What I disagree with however is the England USA debate, lol. Capello doesn’t take any sh!te and for me, our qualifying campaign proved that he can have the team perform to the best of their ability. There will be no WAGS in or around the England camp for long periods of time, i’m pretty sure he’s already made that clear. I’m confident of a decent WC run as long as penalties stay out of the equation lol. Winning the group is more than possible for me.

  60. Also RE Torosidis, I’m sure he’s played at LB numerous times for Greece and according to statistics has filled in For Olympiakos at various other positions. Seems versatile.

  61. Ross @ 73. we’ll definately have to get some good friendly banner up next month as there are few of us americans on here. I really liked england’s chances to go to the final but I’d be a bit worried about the form of Gerrard, JT, and Ferdinand, plus the ever exisitng problem in goal, and the LB situation. rooney should be fit and we’ve seen in the past how one incredible player can really carry a squad in that tournament (Zidane, Baggio, and Ronaldo).

  62. i see ashley is thanking fans for there surport; have your photo taken next to cup £12 a head greedy BAST—,sure some lads would have done it had it gone to wor bobs fund,lost for words me

  63. TOONSY,so that makes it right like,bit diff in fan base give a bit to bobs fund,it would went down a bit better,still stinks of greed to me

  64. No I don’t think it’s right, but all I’m saying is that he isn’t the only one to do it and probably won’t be the last owner to do it.

  65. OHurley, sorry, man…work got in the way of contributing again…blast it. I dig being a rare yank supporter on here, just wish there were more in my area…I think I may be the only one within 500 miles of my current position…

    I had to laugh at the England Players and screwing each other’s WAGs…that’s hilarious.

    12 quid a photo…if it gets us better players, may be worth it.

  66. Going to a game in Istanbull involving any of the three big sides is an experience you dont want to repeat.
    Watched Galatasary (probably the most rabid fans)play a league game a coupla years ago, something I dont want to repeat, quite an experience.

  67. icedog says:
    April 30, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Well done I say!

    We need to make as much money as possible – Increasing turnover should the clubs major financial aim over the next few years – We need all the money we can get our hands on to be in a position to buy better players.

    Still hope they have got a sponsor for the stadium too – In the PL now so it should be easier to attract the sponsor.

  68. STUART, if you like to be screwed go for it,i think the fans have more than done there share in surpport in this last season,hows about giving us something back,sure ashley has a fund you can donate to if you wish,try

  69. Icedog I agree with you its disgusting, I would look over it if it was the FA cup or Prem trophy but the CCC. Thats someway to thank the loyal supporters for sticking with them.

  70. BIG DAVE,i must be haveing a good day you agree with me :)is it true you are going on hols with JB off to cuba to smoke some cigars,keep your EYE on him mind ;)

    get your mail fixed buddy?

  71. I have no interest in having my picture taken with any cup, but young kids will like it – Supply and demand.

  72. Chuck says:
    April 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    “Going to a game in Istanbull involving any of the three big sides is an experience you dont want to repeat.”

    So I’ve heard, Statler. Did they sacrifice any beasts before the game? Did you get shot? or only stabbed?

  73. Big Dave – Thing that worries me is why be safe with Taylor?

    Last time I checked, he wasn’t going to the World Cup and this is our last game of the season so what are we protecting?

    I think Taylor could be off like. Not playing = Keeping a sale value safe.

  74. Stu @ 89 is spot on. It’s only a photo. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

    It’s Mary Whitehouse syndrome. Rather than turn the TV off, people would rather leave it on, watch it, then complain about it.

    I don’t suppose people will complain too much when the sum of the £12 fees collected goes to buying their current favorite transfer target.

  75. NorCalToonFan-

    Yeah man, work got in the way of me responding as well hehe. Blasted jobs. Oh well, at least they keep my pockets lined.

    And yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the only Toon supporter in Nashville. If you’re ever out this way, we’ll have a pint. I know a great little “Irish” pub that has a sponsorship deal with Newcastle Brown, so they cook all their food with it, and serve it practically exclusively. LoL, who knew?

    For all you Geordie lads-

    Did ya’s have any idea that Newcastle Brown was as popular over here as it is? You can get it in virtually every bar.

  76. Toonsy-

    Why NOT be safe with the lad? I don’t think Chris Hughton wants to take a chance at the lad getting hurt because unlike most footy managers, he actually cares about his lads.

    Just a hunch though :)

  77. TOONSY think you got it in one, said before your like wine getting better with age ;).said a few times one of our c/h is going colo high wages maybe,taylor asking high wages no chance=1has to go

  78. I’ve long thought that S. Taylor will be off sooner rather than later. I’ll be surprised if we start the next season with him. I don’t think that it will be the club trying to cash in on the player either. I suspect it is his all his own agenda.

  79. Addendum to 95-

    …but they serve it in miniature bottles like. Only 12 ounces. Something just seems wrong about that. If they have it on draught though… then you can get a 24 ouncer. :D :D :D

  80. Toonsy rather than take the risk of playing him if he is not 100% in a completely meaningless game, give him an extra couple of months to makesure he is fighting fit and ready to start the prem campaign.

    ” I think Taylor could be off like. Not playing = Keeping a sale value safe.”
    That could be another way of looking at it Toonsy I just hope its not right

  81. Starkadder says: > I don’t suppose people will complain too much when the sum of the £12 fees collected goes to buying their current favorite transfer target.

    Well if we are relying on £12 pics to buy players we must be shopping in the bottom basement, and I dont think them type of players will cut it in the Prem :)

  82. Dave-

    I like your line of thinking on this. I hope that Tayls stays because for once, we’ve got a solid back 4. We definitely need another RB though. Would like to give Torosidis a shot, but I have no idea what he’s valued at. Have we ever done business with Olympiakos?

  83. Although I do think he’s off soon, I would like to see Taylor stay. I think that both he and Carroll have it in them to become huge Newcastle players over the coming years. Unfortunately, in this day and age, money talks and it’s very rare to find one-club players. That kind of loyalty just seems to have been replaced by greed. Very few players even get testimonials now.

    That said, I don’t think they would get the same kind of adoration at other clubs.

    I guess it’s up to them. Do they stay for their own love of the club, gaining the adoration and respect of the supporters but perhaps earn less than elsewhere, probably win nowt and never play for their country ‘cos they don’t play for a fashionable or top four club.

  84. Starkadder-

    Were it me, m8, I’d stay with my hometown club. Loyalty is important to me, and besides, it’s not like I’d be makin peanuts.

    But most people ain’t like me haha

  85. BIG DAVE spot on m8

    old saying you can fool some of the people some of the time ect ect

  86. Ohurley @ 99…I remember my first trip to SJP and seeing the size of the bottles. My wife and I both gasped and said, “Two please.”

    I’ll keep ya in mind if ever I am in Nashville. I am in Petaluma, Northern CA…there’s a small pub south of me that a Crystal Palace fan owns, but that’s about all I’ve got to offer. The Beautiful Game isn’t on display too often here, and even when it is, game times start at 0700, so you can imagine…not a lot of places serving refreshments at that time.

    As far as Steven Taylor not playing…let him fully heal…give him the summer and let him come back strong. CH has been all about 100% healing before coming back…it’s been part of his great methodology this season. Again…I am ever the optimist.

  87. It’s not just that OHurley, you may well want to stay at your hometown club for your entire career, but if someone comes in and makes an irresistable offer to your club, they will “allow you to talk to them”.

    Then you have a problem, do you feel unwanted and leave, possibly for a higher wage, or do you stick it out knowing that you could be doing better elsewhere, perhaps giving your family a higher standard of life.

    What a conundrum!

  88. NorCal-

    Cool man. I’ve always wanted to visit Northern Cal, so if I’m ever up that way, I’ll hit ya up! And yeah, English folks know how to drink. Lol. Just outta curiosity, did the Mrs enjoy the game?


    It IS a conundrum, tbh. BUT- if I’m making 25k/week, that’s a helluva standard of life, tbs.

  89. BIG DAVE,healing great m8 thanks for asking,feeling even better after seeing a top photo ;) think by monday back to doing 50 keepy ups :)

  90. Macas at message 54,

    Simpson left Man Utd to join us. He only ever went out on loan to other clubs – if he had settled at any of them, he would have joined them so its good he never did.

    People demanded we sign Simpson in January – we did and since he has been playing with a hip injury for months now, now people think he is poor and needs replacing?

    What is with fans of this club?

  91. OHurley,
    Oh yeah, my wife had a blast. She had been to a Fulham game the year before at Craven Cottage (I think that’s where it was), without me. She enjoyed St. james’s better. She’s turned into quite the accidental footie fan. And, she’s been to more Prem games than I have…arg.
    She’s looking forward to our next trip to Newcastle and SJP with our daughters…hopefully next year.

  92. WWW,he never floated my boat from the off even before he came here,for our sake i hope he improves i just think its a hard place to improve in epl

  93. My teaam for Sunday with Harper, S.Taylor, Hall, Kadar, Jonas, Ranger all not starting or out altogether i would go with;

    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    R.Taylor Barton Smtith(c) Routledge
    Carroll Best.

    Subs; Harper, Butt, Guthrie, Nolan, Vuckic, Lovenkrands, Ameobi.

    Then bring Vuckic and Butt for someone just starting out and someone just finishing .. my prediction is 1-3 with Carroll getting to 20 goals and Best getting off the mark :)!

  94. Toonsy

    Have to say, you get more comments in your blog than Ed does in his.

    Personally – I read and comment in both, like ;)

    Where’s Bowburn?

  95. I notice Portsmouth have sent a fax to lots of clubs with the prices of their players on.

    Does anyone fancy any of their players?

  96. P/MOUTH have a real good left back and C/F,but we wont get them ie wages on left back,age of C/F,but real good players like

  97. wickywoowoo – None of those other clubs thought he was good enough to buy him, that’s why he never signed for them. He was been average in the Championship which is hardly going to instil confidence when he has to make the step up next season