Kadar questions future on Tyneside.

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Tamás Kádár: Future may lay elsewhere.
Tamás Kádár: Future may lay elsewhere.
It appears our young Hungarian central defender is becoming fed-up with waiting for his chance to show what he can do on Tyneside, and believes his future could lay away from St James’ Park if he is to develop his undoubted potential. At just 20 years old Kadar is one of a handful of bright talents to come to Newcastle in the hope of getting the training and first team games needed to develop his game but feels that games are needed to help him improve, something that he currently isn’t getting many of.

The defender has played well and not looked out of place in the handful of first team appearances this season, a season that it was thought would be ideal for taking the promising young players we have at our disposal and giving them proper competitive playing time. Of course, Chris Hughton will know more than us about the player as he has the luxury of watching the players train and may see something we can’t, but from the outset I would say that Kadar is probably the player that is closest to making the step-up towards a regular first-team place.

We also musn’t forget that Kadar only made his debut earlier in the season after coming back from suffering a broken leg in a reserve team game against Sunderland which kept him out for six months. Despite the injury set-back, I can still kind of see where young Tamas is coming from. If he isn’t going to get first team games at St James’ Park then perhaps we should look at loaning him out to a club where he will get games to help his development. I mean what is the point in assembling all these promising players of they don’t get a chance?

“I feel Chris Hughton’s trust, but to tell you honestly, I think I got my chance in the first team mainly due to injuries,” Tamas revealed to Nemzeti Sport.

“After promotion in England there are big changes in the squads, I don’t think that Newcastle would be an exception. I’m only 20 so I have time but I must play at this age.”

Perhaps once promotion is secured then he will get more games but it does seem to beg the question of why we brought in Fitz Hall on loan when we have our own players capable of covering for injuries. If the policy really is to buy young players to develop then it has failed Tamas miserably so far and I can understand his frustrations. Kadar went on to say:

“I must be more experienced and I must learn new things – on the pitch. I don’t like talking about my future because anything can happen, maybe a loan spell would be best for me, I’m not sure.”

A loan deal would be ideal and would give the club the best of both worlds. A happy Tamas that will be playing the football he craves, and it will also give the club the chance to look at the Hungarian under-21 international in a consistently competitive environment.

I can also understand Chris Hughton’s actions though. In such a vital period for the club there has been a need to ensure no slip-ups are made. That’s not to say Kadar would have made any, but if he did then I am sure Hughton would have wanted to protect Kadar from that sort of exposure.

Then of course you have the whole Taylor situation which I didn’t really want to rake up again. What if he is sold on in the summer, or any of our defender’s for that matter as the high earning Coloccini could be a target of the next round of cost-cutting should it happen. Kadar could easily move up the pecking order in the squad. Perhaps Hughton needs to have a talk with the lad and let him know where he stands?

He is a player we simply can’t let go!

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143 Responses

  1. > but it does seem to beg the question of why we brought in Fitz Hall on loan when we have our own players capable of covering for injuries.

    I would add to that
    but it does seem to beg the question of why we brought in (Leon Best) when we have our own players capable of covering for injuries.

  2. Thik we need to get him and Ranger out on loan, at least they will get the games for maybe half a season to a full one and recalled if we need them. After a season of regular football, they will be even better and more ready to slot in

  3. I think we need to keep Kadar at the club until we sign a reserve LB at the very least. Then 6 months on loan would benefit him and Ranger. I think Hughton should play Kadar and Ranger ahead of Hall and Best but to be frank he won’t.

  4. The thing with Kadar is that he can play fullback and CB and for that reason i dont see us loaning him out next season . We are going to need depth in the squad and he offers us that , next season will be a big step up for him but i can see the lad forcing himself into the starting 11 on a regular basis . Remember Colo last season , he was well out of his depth in the premiership so lets wait and see if he can continue his good form in the ccc back in the EPL otherwise Kadar could very well be the one to take his place . lets face it their is a big question mark hanging over S Taylor being a Toon player next season , i hope he is but i would be surprised if he stays.

  5. I also clearly rmb that ben tozer also questions whether staying at SJP any longer would be good for him.

    Hope we are able to loan out those promising youngsters and not sell them off.

    If anyone does watch Fraser Forster performance,he is getting better and better at Norwich. and happens so,the club is going to win promotion soon too.

  6. I quite agree Axel@5. I’m sure Kadar has a big part to play next season. On current form he isn’t going to force out Jose at LB, but a place at CB could be up for grabs.

  7. Hes got to go on loan. Theres no way CH will give him time to play if he hasnt in this division already. We got Hall on loan as all have said and he has played simpson at LB instead of him before too.

    We keep saying we need to have decent youth players yet we have some really highly thought of kids and we dont give them game time

  8. Whilst I have thought Williamson has been good, I wouldve liked to have seen Kadar given a run with Colo at the back. I hope he plays tomorrow night

  9. We have to bring these youngsters through, they won’t stay in the reserves forever.

  10. Both Kadar,Ranger and probably a couple of others from the youth system, are IMO not quite ready to play in the EPL.
    The answer , unless we want to lose them, is to find a team (possibly with a manager who plays a decent brand of football) to go on loan too in second tier, keep an eye on them and when believed ready bring them back.
    As for the talk of us imitating or using Arsenal as an example on how a team should be run, I see where Wenger is about to spend heavily this summer on a center forward and possibly others, more money for one player than the (expected) total spending at NUFC.
    So much for the excuse of following the Arsenal model. .

  11. When we achive promotion tomorrow i would also like to see Krul be given a run in goal for the rest of the season . That lad needs game time as well , otherwise i could see him leaving in the summer .

  12. I didn’t mind the Hall signing at the time but didn’t like him getting work over Kadar.

    Kadar might be be in a difficult limbo situation. A loan is probably the best thing for him, but he has the ability to play with the current squad and, unlike Ranger, is currently neccesary depth player at both LB and CB.

  13. Yeah and Arsenal also play the young players. He devotes the cups to them and they also form an integral pat of his team. How old is fabregas, song, denilson, vela, ramsey?

    I think we could do worse than send them to Swansea for example, they play a good brand of football and will be near the business end in the championship next year too

  14. Munich mag
    Exactly which of the CB`s would he replace, Colo or Taylor?
    I could possibly see him on the bench as cover for Enrique or either of the CB`s but dont think he is quite ready for the PL yet.
    And I simply dont understand this fixation on youth, either in the case of Kadar or Ranger, let them earn there way into a job.

  15. Raffo
    C`mon the last successfull Arsenal sides were seasoned pro`s, what has he accomplished with the present youngsters, nicht !

  16. @Axel: Maybe i suggest Fraser forster to come back,and krul out on loan. ;)

  17. Well I would be happy if we could manage a Champions League place like Arsenal to be fair.

    With youngsters, that is quite an achievement i’d say.

  18. W Ham are doon, Id rather Hull go to be honest.

    Chuck – How olds Fabregas? How old is Macheda? Kadar is better than Hall and given a couple of games looks as good as Williamson so surely he can feel agrieved to not have had a decent shot?

  19. I think Everton are a good team to look at too. They dont spend very much, they also have a really good mix of youth with older pros, with only a small touch of class. Arteta is really the only special player they have, the others arent all that special really.

  20. Chuck..that’s what I was thinking, as cover for either position, with an occasional start in the league/cups. I also agree with your youth stance, it’s up to the manager to get the timing right to introduce the younger players…

    I’m curious as to the opinion of fellow bloggers as to who we can expect to make the break through next year ? Kadar without doubt, but who else ?

  21. I see that Eden hazard is being linked with arsenal and real Madrid now, hope he still uses his head and join us.

  22. Munich Mag says:
    April 4, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    “I’m curious as to the opinion of fellow bloggers as to who we can expect to make the break through next year ? Kadar without doubt, but who else ?”

    Haris Vučkić.

  23. First everton have classy players like chaill,hitinga,bains,arteta,and many other world class youngsters rodewll,gosling,Baxter …when we see nufc all of our coatches except keggan,boby,and sounce any other coatch haven’t even heard of youth system…look at James millner and now we r about to let go of Taylor belive me he is certainy going to be in the England squad soon..personaly I don’t like williamson and hall …I have told u about best before he even signed …so CH sinigs r not that succesfull

  24. Actually i am laughing at the moment. those players we wanted to buy during winter transfer window is down the pecking order for them.

    Matthew Kilgallon isn’t play alot of games.

    Victor Moses is playing mostly a bench player.

    Beckford is having his longest goal drought….

  25. Worky – Id love to think so but vuckic wont get any game time

    Hencock – you really class cahill and heitinga and baines as world class?!?! your joking arent you? Yeah they have some good youngsters, which is my point, they play their youngsters where we rely on Butt and Smith

  26. Thanks Worky…Vučkić seems to be the one expected to break through..6′-2 at 17 attacking midfielder with an eye for goals..just the job… Is he left sided ?

  27. AOD – I am really thinkin Wigan could well go down, and that would be poetic justice for Moses!!!

  28. I’m think the words ‘world class’ are beginning to get thrown around a bit too easily.

  29. Raffo
    Everyon yeah!, a better model (if you dont want to spend)
    But they do have quite a few talented players.
    Jagielka, Distin, Senderos, Yobo, Baines and an up and coming Coleman,
    not a shabby defence.
    With Arteta, Cahill, Fallaini,Pienaar and Rodwell in the midfield
    Not that impressed by their C/ fwd`s.Yakubu and Saha,but overall not a bad side.
    Certainly gives you a perspective as to how our present side compares to a top eight team.

    The Hammers just tied it up, one apiece !
    Talking about W/Ham, if in fact they go down ( hope they dont), how about a bid for Cole, may help solve the C/Fwd. situation, ah! what am i saying Ash. would never dig that deep.

  30. @raffo: well, my very first prediction on who is likely to go demoted was.

    West Ham

    I at first thought burnley can survive.But after seeing the Mud fight with man city yesterday,i doubt they can.

    So Right Now,left one last spot for relegation.

    who would you want?? Hull,the “lucky” team that survive last season. West ham,another “big club” relegate,Or Wigan?

  31. Carlton Cole is pipe anyway. Well he isn’t pipe but he isn’t what we need either. We need another nippy striker who can run rather than another player to ping the ball up to in my opinion.

    Thing about Everton is Cahill, Baines and Jagielka all cam from lower leagues and are now established prem players. Arteta was playing in Scotland, a crap leagu by comparison to the prem. So it is possible. Not a bad group of players for an outlay of £12.5 million.

  32. Chuck – We dont have the sums of money to have a massive overhaul many on here think we need, so Everton is as good a model as Arsenal to follow as they dont have very much money to spend, and they do use their youth effectively, as I think we need to do. Of course that said they may have better youth pllayers than we do but of course that is where we should be investing.

    I think a cheeky bid for Carlton Cole and Noble, Maybe Parker?

    AOD – I think I would like Hull to go, then Wigan then West Ham as I have a soft spot for Zola

  33. I’d like West Ham to go. If Hull stop up then I think they will be down the bottom of the league again next season so it’s another team we can try to take points off.

    I’d like it to be;

    Pompey and Burnley who are both gone imo and West Ham.

  34. Toonsy – Which backs up my point that you dont have to spend a massive amount to get some decent names, blended with youth, with the obvious caviate that they are coached in the right way

  35. Upson of course will be on his way, but I wouldnt expect us to be able to go for him

  36. Munich Mag says:
    April 4, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    “Thanks Worky…Vučkić seems to be the one expected to break through..6′-2 at 17 attacking midfielder with an eye for goals..just the job… Is he left sided ?”

    Yes Munich, he’s left footed, can play on the wing, in central mid and as a ‘second’ striker.

  37. toonsy,sorry for no reply until now (kadar),gran-kids came,nowt gets done,why is ashley going down the youth road then not giving the likes of kadar a chance,i know we needed get the job done first,but there were many times he could (ch)have given them a shot, home to cardiff,cov,ect when the games were won,it does not give them much hope to come to sjp,this is when i worry about ch long term thinking (tatics even)

  38. raffo,dont need him m8,(upson)good player when things are going well,have my doubts about his bottle when chips are down,wonder if thats why wenger moved him on like just a thought

  39. Raffo
    Why are you and many more on this blog so concerned about spending ?
    Look, compared with most PL sides we are well below par.
    Chrissakes we barely beat the bottom side in the second tier yesterday.
    Fact is as Shearer and a few other ex players have commented , survival in the PL will directly relates to the amount spent.
    Unless of course, our scout`s have uncovered a bunch of future stars (Bassongs) who they are going to sign for diddly squat and pay em peanuts.
    Aint gonna happen, everyones been scouted and evaluated
    And it`s just good business, you spend money to make money (avoid another relegation)to go down after one season would be a financial disaster from which it would be difficult to recover.
    We have to spend in order to maintain this club in the top tier of football, so enough of the parsimonious attitudes please, after all aint your dosh is it !

  40. Chuck – We indeed do need to spend money, of course we do, but history has shown the fat boy doesnt spend money and I am trying to put a positive spin on it and not build my own hopes up for a summer of good players coming in. I cant see him spending the type of money we all want him to

  41. Workey

    Exactly where did that info. in regard to Vuckic come from.
    Just curious ?

  42. Worky in all honesty do you think young Vuckic will get much of a chance.

    Toonsy you said we could do with another nippy striker I presume lovenkrands is the one you are refering too, do you not think Ranger could be that nippy striker we need.

    Oh KK was like a god to me but the one thing that I didn’t like was that he would never give the young-uns a chance and I think im right in saying that he basically scrapped the reserves

  43. Raffo
    Yeah preaching to the Choir there pal !
    Was`nt singling you out, it`s just been an annoying trend, so many worrying about MA`s dwindling billions.

  44. Aye Dave, he scrapped the reserve and youth setup.

    I see Ranger as a player that holds the ball up and brings others into play, similar to both Carroll and Ameobi in that sense.

  45. Chuck – So should we all fantasise about how we are going to spend £100 milllion of someone elses money in the summer then?

    We know there wont be a lot spent, but that isn’t very exciting is it? So what is wrong with people trying to look towards the positive of spending what we actually will get to spend?

  46. Exciting but somewhat scrappy game, with plenty of excitement, talking bout “The Ammers” and “Everton”.
    Ended with earning a point, though leaves W/Ham still in a precarious situation.
    Think Burnley and Hull will go down with Pompey though !
    Question is looks like We and W/Brom are destined for promotion, who would you like to see accompany us, or who will it be ?

  47. Am I the only one thinking we will break the championship attendance record tomorrow night?..Only a draw needed to secure promotion and attendances have been high as it is this season like. If not, I could see it happening final home game of the season

  48. evening ROSS,know there will be at least one more than last time,TOONSY going lol

  49. I honestly couldn’t care less about who comes up with us, Chuck.

    Ross – I know tickets are still selling although I’d be surprised if it was a sell-out. Being on a Monday night and on TV may nip that particular notion in the bud.

    49,644 is what we need to beat though to break our own record.

  50. Icedog you rascal is it still getting to you that i was right that he would score :lol: But being serious my way of thinking about JB is that we have him and I cant see anyone else taking him of our hands, so make use of him as he is Prem quality and if he can regain what form we know he is capable off then he can start repaying us for showing faith in him. But if he is disrupting the team bond then drop him ;)

  51. big dave,its your fault like,taking that good photo off,of that mint dog,you dowg :)

  52. toonsy-true, i didnt think about the fact it was televised aswell. I’d love to be there but midweek games are just a struggle at the minute like. Was it supposed to be a 3 oclock that got moved to a 7.45?…bit of a double edged sword. If so, at least i get to see it on the tele, but if it was originally a 3 oclock, i could have went, lol.

  53. “toonsy says:
    April 4, 2010 at 6:35 pm
    Chuck – So should we all fantasise about how we are going to spend £100 milllion of someone elses money in the summer then?”

    Toonsy – many (and particularly Stuart)forget cash is now king. Whereas previously credit lines were easy to find and cheap – now players that would have commanded 7, 8 or 9mn will now sell for a couple.

    We are in a very strong position to negotiate with players and with clubs.

  54. just hope he puts his best team out (mon),and puts 1-2 kids on the bench,and puts them on,if things going ok,put some faith in them at the right time
    big dave :)

  55. Toonsy
    What i would like to see has nothing to do with any ones fantasies, you can fantasize anything you like.
    My point is simply we have a billionaire owner, who by the way is doing quite well financially, thank you!
    The point i am attempting to make is, it takes money to make money.
    We have a team that right now IMO cannot compete as a competitive PL side and could be relegated unless strengthened.
    There is no way i know of strengthening a team without spending and by that i mean to make this side competitive, a substantial sum has to be spent.
    This is not just my opinion, it`s common sense and the stated opinion of a number of our ex players.
    Now it`s up to MA, believe it both he and this club are in better financial condition than many clubs and there owners.
    Buying people like Williamson and Best is fine in order to have strength in numbers for a promotion run, but if that`s the quality we will buy in the summer, we are already in trouble.

  56. Stardy without being accused of being your “bed-fellow”

    I have to agree with you We will be in a very strong position to negotiate with players and with clubs that HAVE to let players go to balance their books and keep their club afloat ;)

  57. Chuck – Im doing quite well financially, does it mean I should spend it all on a top of the range car?

    My point stands, it’s easy to spend someone else’s money.

    We all know the squad needs strengthening, and we know it will be. What won’t happen is wasting money on players that cant add to the team or cost too much.

    We have been there and done that as a club, and got nowhere doing it either!

  58. Icedog I think he will put out our best 11 and I cant wait. and if we are winning the game easy it would be a nice way of showing the young-uns that they are thought of and it would be brill for some of the kids to play a part in the game that secured promotion ;)

  59. Yeah Dave – people like Stuart are fundamentally weak and devoid of ideas. They think throwing money at problems solves the underlying weaknesses – it doesnt it just papers over the cracks.

    Investment yes – but done the right way – never paying a penny more than needed on wages and transfer fees, and buying players that will be worth more not less in time. The investment in players below their mid 20’s addresses that.

    Give me a club like that anyday – I suggest Liverpool fans would swap Arsenals financials any day – today Liverpool is a ticking time bomb.

  60. dave i agree with you (this time) ;) i have said a few times there will be some strange going on”s with some epl teams next year

    ps,your lass got you to spec-savers yet ;)

  61. Big Dave says:

    “Icedog listen to the man of principles letting on he has a mate”

    I’ll have you know I was at Peterborough with the same mate plus another yesterday :lol:

    Us hooligans hunt in packs you know ;)

  62. Dave – Nope, it isn’t worth getting a company car as you get stung. Well they aren’t really compnay cars actually, people just discount rent them.

  63. Look
    Hughton did his part, he should be given a contract, the man has earned it.
    The team has played it`s role surprising many.
    The fans most of all have poured their money and hearts into the club by filling St. James with more bums than most PL clubs draw.
    It`s time for payback now we are about to earn the big bucks of tv revenue in the PL.
    So Mike everyone`s played their roles, up to you now !
    Dig deep !

  64. Chuck – TV money isn’t all in one lump sum you know? That has been changed to stop it been wasted by clubs and now gets paid monthly to help with running costs rather than being able to wax it on one or two players.

  65. Toonsy
    I have no interest in what you do with your dosh.

    And it`s good to have your guarantees we will spend wisely,
    Cheaply I had already guessed.

  66. Yet your quite happy to spend Ashley’s cash? If he is cash rich, and not asset rich that is.

    My point stil stands, it is easy from the outset to spend someone elses money.

  67. Toonsy
    But we get the fifty million,over the season, No?
    And is it your perception that financial deals are done in one lump sum, you know transfers etc. ?

  68. chuck @ 78 – No, of course not. Deals used to be done over x amount of months and probably still will be. Not by us though, another one of Ashley’s stated aims was that we buy players cash, not in installments.

    Ergo, to spend that £50 million it first has to come into the club.

  69. big dave joking aside,do you ever get to see any local footy teams over there m8,no little hidden diamonds like,i love going myself when i can

  70. Icedog im ok buddy I got my eye’s tested as I was sure I needed specs as I was getting headaches when I was working but to my surprise I was ok ;)
    Toonsy out of interest what do you have ? I am busting to do one of the old Blue stars with the Tyne bridge in it

  71. Dave – I have 2 british bulldogs, one on my forearm with a Union Jack wrapped around it and one on the top of my arm flying an England flag.

    The second one got done by a bloke who has now had his licence revoked.

  72. Toonsy
    Why do you consistently choose to ignore my point ?
    Pay attention,
    It takes money to make money, a competitive club can earn profits in the PL( it`s like the bank robber Willy Sutton when asked , “Willy why did ya rob banks”, replied “It`s where the money`s at.”)
    Anyhow, MA, if in fact he intends to hold onto the club and attempt to make it a profit making venture, would be well advised to strengthen the side to make it competitive and remain in the only big money league in the country.
    The alternative is a parsimonious approach, resulting in less eanings (earnings from final league position)and
    possible relegation.
    And it`s not about spending Mikes dosh (though it`s admirable you have chosen to concern yourself) it`s simply about good business practice ie; survival in a league that can have enormous financial rewards.
    Get it !

  73. dave got any in those tats mags my son always buying,a lad near us had some in he has done quite a few toon players like

  74. Icedog not that often except for the sunday lge ones, I used to take the kids everyweek to the Glentoran match’s but there was and still is to much religous abuse at our games and I dont like the kids hearing all that sh1t. I was at a glens match a few weeks back and Keith Gillispie was sh1te :lol:

  75. Dave – this is a true story – despite his idiotic appearance – Troy aka Bobby Shinton is an intelligent lad (with a lunatics edge – particulalrly when he has had a few lol)

    He went to Blackpool as a kid (think he was 18) and decided to get a Newcastle Tattoo whilst drunk.

    He obviously (having seen the tattoo) went to Tattoo’s by Joe aged 6.

    Anyway Troy awakes the next day and realises that his shiny new tattoo says “NFC” under a drawing thats something like a bridge or star or from some angles a sheep.

    He heads back to little Joe and asks him what the hell he has done to him whilst drunk. Anyway Troy agrees Joe should write United under NFC. (which Joe obviously obliges (in crayon) and then he must have used pins to punch it under the surface – I am not exaggerating it is a 6 years olds writing.

    To this day Troy has NFC United written under the pic of a sheep on his upper arm – its hilarious.

  76. Chuck – I’ve always got it, I just choose to ignore condscending comments, most of which come from your direction.

    I’m neither 3 years old, or retarded, I get the point. You obviously don’t get mine as you say we have to spend to achieve, which is correct and something I have never said we don’t need to do.

    Again I think the meaning of competitive is becoming clouded. Only the top handful of clubs compete, the rest survive and some don’t.

    Good business practice doesn’t always mean spending lots of dosh. It was that great business practice that lumbered us with uder achieving gets who couldn’t have given a toss about the club.

    I don’t want to see that happen, so this slap-dash buy him, him and him attitude needs to cease or else we wil be back to square 1.

    You sound pretty confident no money will be spend, I seem to think it will, but it will be done carefully. That is good business sense.

  77. toonsy

    Is it really such an unreasonable thing for the club to borrow against their projected income (TV money, and gate receipts comparable to any club in Europe) in order to strengthen the squad?

    There’s plenty of people posting here who take great pleasure in pointing out that the club is a business – and responsible borrowing against projected income is what responsible businesses do.

    It is, isn’t it?

    There’s no need for MA to keep shoving his own money into the club in order to make up for bad business and crap signings. Surely, the club will (should) borrow a realistic sum of money (enough to give us a 25m at least), CH strengthens the squad and we make a respectable dent in the prem next season.

  78. Toonsy
    Once again thanks for the reassurance.
    My apparent confidence that no (real) money will be spent is based solely on past practice.
    Though perhaps MA will show he “Gets It”and provides the necessaries
    I have in fact the same hopes and aspirations for this side as yourself, our differences are about the amount of money needed to strengthen the side.
    As far as competitive, mid table, perhaps to begin with,even survival.

  79. Stardust lol im sure Troy was well pleased with that :lol: But there is far to many “scratchers” about that dont give a sh1t about anything else but the money. I would never tattoo someone that has had a drink and I dont do stupid things like Fu#k you, Screw me etc which I get asked often to do.
    Icedog I have had some work in Total Tattoo and Bizarre a couple of years. and funny enough the N.E has some real good Artists and used to have a cracking Tattoo convention

  80. Darth – normally investment into assets produces predictable returns. In football the returns are too much of a gamble – players get injured – and the signing is subjective (Boumsong, Luque, Marcelino etc).

    Its a short term gamble – where on success it breeds the need to spend even more (at the next level up – champions league etc) – gearing then increases – upon short term failures the business verges on collapse.

    Please look around footy right now and you see it played out in front of you.

    Our current approach is the only one that NUFC can rely on. There are only two acceptable forms of running a club these days, either within profitable financial constraints or with a benefactor or a cmobination of the two.

    Leveraged buyouts and highly geared clubs need throwing out of the league as they are a cancer thats ruining football – the3y produce short term destructive spikes in wages and in transfers for all competing clubs. (and if everyone adopted a profitable club scenario football would be healthier for it)

  81. Stardy
    Normally i would ignore something so sophamoric, but as I know you crave recognition, yeah I looked at it, ok !

  82. DartBroon @ 92 – That is what we did with the Owen transfer wasn’t it? Borrowed it all based on money coming in?

    What happened there? The gamble didn’t pay off and we had no sponsorship money coming in for 4 years because of it.

  83. Stardy

    Oh ! Just read 95#
    Bloggers make strange bedfellows(not literally) and have to agree with most of whats stated.
    One has only to look at the over-leveraged PL sides to reach this conclusion.

  84. Stardust – Isn’t the logo that Bobby has got on his arm the ver same one that batty puts on his replica Newcastle gear that he peddles? :lol:

  85. Big dave
    If the count is three strikes i will understand, but wondering is Gillespie now at Glentoran?, it`s a long way from Man. U. and Newcastle.
    Not a bad wee winger in his time, had a somewhat checkered career, but both a skillfull and entertaining player on his day.

  86. Stardust @95 & toonsy 99

    That’s all perfectly reasonable.

    And I’m certainly not advocating that we go back to the Freddie and Dougie way of doing things, where we buy an indifferent journeyman/has-been in every transfer window just to dampen down the rumblings from the crowd.

    But the club should be able to make the good sensible signings we need to strengthen the squad for next season.

    It would be a spectacular bit of business if we get what we need for £15m, but the likelihood is that we will need to spend more, and that money should be made available.

  87. Icedog no mate, do you know what you call the studio its not Hype Tat is it ?.
    Toonsy is Batty still doing the replica stuff I thought he was getting real gear of Big Mike now, but what ever he is doing he must be busy as he hasn’t been on in a while ;) or has he :)

  88. chuck aye the bookies liked him a lot,owed them £60000 at one point a few years ago

  89. Chuck :) yeah he is at Glentoran a local Taxi firm is sponsoring his wages 50k a yr, but he is finished and its a bit sad to see as he was one of my fav players probably because he was a Norn Iron Lad. But after Alan Mcdonald got the boot as manager there not renewing his contract. He is still very fond of a drink which I dont think helps

  90. dave,dont know name m8 will ask my son on monday,hes always theregets a lot of celtic stuff done,and see”s toon players,has just opened new shop,passed to hospital standard,whatever that means

  91. Darth – I honestly don’t beleive a budget has been set per se. I think it would be foolish to limit anything.

    What I think will happen is that Hughton will tell Ashley what is needed and they will do the groundwork in finding players, with Hughton having the final say if they have learned anything.

  92. icedog – Aye I noticed that on Saturday, that most of our players are covered in tatoo’s.

    Bit of a mtch preview anyone? ;)

  93. Hughton needs £20m – minimum in the summer to give us a fighting chance.

    Yesterday performance shows the squad isn’t good enough.

    Lets get in the real world – Stop talking crap with the likes of Stardust and toonsy.

    According to Stardust footballers values have dropped about 75%.

    I really must get his doctors number – I want some of his pills?

  94. aye toonsy,just over 50000 will be there and best will score so will williamson,dave will go for JB i bet,had tenner on him twice,no wonder i”me skint ;)

  95. Hark at Stu bless him.

    Cries when he gets called an arsehole yet finds it ok to say I among others talk crap.

    Someone can’t handle others opinions, bless.

    :there is no emoticon to show Stu spitting his dummy: ;)

  96. Yeah Toonsy just before it closed. and I bet BBM has an emoticon for that.
    Icedog get another tenner on Best to score :)

  97. jay jay – If i had a quid for eveytime you said that, i’d have 2 quid :lol:

    Wanna buy my ticket for tomorrow? ;)

  98. toonsy says:
    April 4, 2010 at 9:18 pm
    So now i’m ill because I don’t hold the same view

    Far from it, toonsy. Totally the opposite in fact.

    In your ‘everything is great, we don’t need to soend any money’ world everything must be great. I just think you might be on happy pills or summat.

  99. have to go pick dau up at ten later,dave trying to skin me altogether just bought new car I”me on my knees now

  100. Stu – Can you point out where I have actually said we need to spend nothing?

    Spending nothing isn’t the same as sensible investment in my book.

  101. Icedog is he called Kasher ? and what you doing on your knees :)
    Toonsy I just wondered if I was talking to you about writing blogs and told you to try Worky here ?

  102. toonsy,

    Calm down man, I’m winding you up!

    But let me set the record straight.

    Sensible investment is only sensible when your signings are a success. That will depend on who is spending the money – We have spent a fortune in the past but I still say we wasted that money because of who it was spending the money.

    If we bought Berbatov for £15m I would class that as sensible investment, not that it’s going to happen.

  103. Stu – But then by your own logic, if Berbatov didn’t work out then it would be wasting money, right? Like buying Owen was sensible investment at the time, right? But we all know now that it actually wasn’t.

    Dave – Can’t remember in all honesty mate.

  104. toonsy:
    April 4th, 2010 at 9:22 pm
    jay jay – If i had a quid for eveytime you said that, i’d have 2 quid
    Wanna buy my ticket for tomorrow?

    How much? Thought you didn’t go to home matches.

  105. jay jay – Too much of an opportunity to pass up. As I said to Dave, my principled stand was all well and good but it is kind of empty when there is 45,000 people there.

  106. No toonsy, he is a class act who has done it in the PL for a few years.

    Going on your logic if you spent any money on a player it could be a waste of money – We would have a team of free transfers.

    The secret is getting the right player, being bought by the right manager – That way the risk is reduced – Whatever the cost.

  107. Yes Stuart, the right player does count.

    I want a Ferrari, it’s the car I want. Doesn’t mean I have the money to buy one though does it?

    Same applies here. We can only spend what is given to spend. That is where the ball is in Ashley’s court. As I said to Chuck, it is easy to spend someone else’s money.

    Now can you please show me just one example of a recently promoted team anywhere in the world that has spent £15 million on one player before a ball is kicked? I would be interested to see if it has actually happened or whether it is delusional expectations.

  108. toonsy,

    I wasn’t advocating signing him or indeed spending £15m on one player – I was using it as an example.

    I don’t think we should live beyond our means but our means are about the 6th biggest in the PL but I’ll bet you we aren’t the 6th biggest spenders.

  109. We are only 6th biggest if we have the 6th biggest income. We don’t at the minute, and we wont have it until the end of next season if we consolidate.

    To consolidate it requires an outlay that if we don’t survive wont break us again like we had at the of last season. Stoke being the prime example of this, they survived by playing as a team and playing to their strengths, and they survived comfortably. Now they have invested on a larger scale for this season and improved the team and their ground.

    Small steps, not very exciting but it is sustainable.

  110. Big dave, on Gillespie
    Yeah, comes to all of us sooner or later, over the hill.
    Never mind I`m sure he enjoyed every minute of it, just hope there`s a few bob left.
    Wonder, well for instance is there a pension for retired players (private) most pro.sports players unions here in the US have an earnings plus time played related pension.
    Does the league or players association have a similar system ?
    Well seventy five in the shade, suns oer the yardarm, it`s Amstel time, later

  111. Toonsy
    For chrissake stop it with the nitpicking
    NUFC is at the beginning of next season one of the top twenty wealthiest teams in football with a Billionaire owner (a parsimonious one albeit) never the less.
    A state of the art stadium, filled on a bi- weekly basis, with an additional guaranteed fifty million in tv revenue.
    And you are comparing us with Hull and the others who come up for a cup of coffee then disappear back to the lower leagues.
    Apples and oranges arguments from you constantly.
    The argument is about how much it will take to make this a competitive side in the PL, you think it can be done relatively cheap, others including Shearer think it is h directly related to how much the owner is willing to spend.
    I have already defined competitive and you have to realize there are not a whole bunch of Bassongs out there that can be bought for peanuts, everyone has been scouted and evaluated, just depends on your needs and we need quite a bit of help.
    Face it when your best player is someone like Barton, it say`s a lot about the rest.
    Dont bother replying, off for a beer.

  112. Chuckle – Calm down, nobody is arguing. Me and Stu are discussing. One thing though, well two actually.

    “NUFC is at the beginning of next season one of the top twenty wealthiest teams in football”

    WRONG. That will only be true in the 2nd season if we stop up.

    “Dont bother replying, off for a beer.”

    It appears you can’t handle opinions that differ, maybe you should deal with that?

    Once again you choose to jump on me, out of any opinion it is me. This fascination with me must stop.

  113. Oh, and my point still stands. It’s easy to spend someone elses money, even Alan Shearer finds it easy!

  114. Weren’t we the BIGGEST spenders in the last window?
    We accounted for about 10% of all spending, didn’t we?