Blade-on races! Newcastle United v Sheffield United – Match preview.

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Next stop on the Newcastle United roller-coaster?
Next stop on the Newcastle United roller-coaster?
A night of destiny awaits Newcastle fans worlwide on Monday night as promotion back to the Premier League could be mathematically assured with just a point against Sheffield United. In fact promotion could be secured before kick-off at St James’ Park should Nottingham Forest fail to win against Cardiff in their 3pm match at the City Ground.

With only a one day break sandwiched between a busy Easter football schedule, manager Chris Hughton looks set to shuffle the pack again for the visit of The Blades.

Whichever team is put out there knows what is at stake and what is required to ensure the champagne no longer remains on ice and the party can begin in front of what should be a packed out home crowd. That very celebration could have happened on Saturday if results had gone our way elsewhere to supplement the 3-2 win Newcastle managed at Peterborough. It wasn’t to be however and it is perhaps more fitting that the chance to secure a return to the big time should fall in front of the home crowd that has stuck behind the team all season.

With a full squad to choose from aside from Fitz Hall and long term absentee Steven Taylor, manager Chris Hughton has somewhat of a selection headache as he sets about picking a team that will push us over the finishing line. Having rested several what I would call first choice players for the trip to Peterborough, Hughton can call on the likes of Jonas Gutierrez, Danny Guthrie, Peter Lovenkrands and Wayne Routledge who were all forced to enjoy a rest and should come back into contention fully refreshed. Andy Carroll also retuns after being absent with an ankle knock sustained against Nottingham Forest. As it is quite topical, Tamas Kadar could also be called upon although it looks unlikely that he will start. I expect the team to be:

Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Barton, Gutierrez, Ameobi, Lovenkrands.

Sheffield United come to Toon looking to be party poopers as three points could prove invaluable in their charge for a play-off spot. In fact the last time they came to town was 3 years ago in the Premiership where they managed a 1-0 win thanks to a Danny Webber header, much to my disappointment as I was sat in the heavens for that match, and took part in the subsequent protest after the match aimed at then owner Freddy Shepherd.

The Blades will be without defender Paul Connolly as he misses out through suspension after his red card against Barnsley. They lined up in that game with a team of:

Sheffield United: Simonsen, Connolly, Nosworthy, Morgan, Stewart, Little, Montgomery, Quinn, Ward, Henderson, Cresswell.

Sheffield United have not won away in 10 attempts and when compared to Newcastle United’s home record it looks likely that the run will stretch to 11 by the time of the final whistle. If the home side can clinch victory then it will be the first league double over The Blades in 37 years. Should Kevin Nolan or Alan Smith make an appearance it will be their 400th career appearance and 250th league start respectively.

I honestly believe that the lads will not let us down tomorrow and we will all be celebrating by around 9:30pm, if not before. It should be a party atmosphere, one which I will be partaking of as I make the 420 mile round trip to watch the lads and join in the fun. And those that can’t make the trip will have Sky coverage to look forward to or possibly an internet stream. Aside from the importance of the match, I feel we have too much for them especially as players that were rested come back into contention.

My prediction: 3-0

Howay the lads!

Date: Monday, 5th April, 2010.

Kick-off: 7:45pm.

Venue: St James’ Park.

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209 Responses

  1. I think he’ll go with Andy Carroll with Shola on the bench. Carroll should be slightly more rested whereas Shola played 90 minutes on a heavy pitch yesterday.

  2. Aye pearceet, I’ll be there.

    magpie6699 – I think Shola will start and Carroll will come on for him. That way Carroll isn’t thrust back into and Shola gets a rest on the 60 minute mark or whenever.

  3. Making the journey up from London myself, 7 hours in a coach there and back, leaving at midnight. Work on Tuesday morning. (In theory. Ha!)

    Don’t get to SJP nearly enough, but this is my team and I’ll be damned if I’m not there to celebrate this. Managed to snag a front row seat as well. The lads have done a bang up job and I couldn’t be prouder of the way they’ve responded this entire year.

  4. LondonCalling – Great song by the way, but yeah I managed a front or 2nd row seat depending which one went on which card.

  5. LondonCalling

    I take it your based in London. If so there is a train from Kings X which takes 2.5hrs????

    Why bus???

    Same here don’t get up enough, will be my 6th game.

    Not too bad from Kent I suppose whilst being in full time education 6 days a week!

    But this is HUGE

  6. Perhaps he booked his place in the bus because the rail strikes were due to kick in whilst travelling back?

    Can’t stomach trains myself, have a bit of an irrational fear of them :(

  7. geordie deb

    Excellent stuff!
    What’s the weather like atm in newcastle? Need to work out how many layers I need!

  8. pearceet – I’m a student, £28 return on national express was a godsend. Stick my iPod on and fall asleep.

    But yeah, I am based in the capital. Arriving at about 5ish, so I figure I’ll find a pub where I can at least keep track of the forest score.

    Might try and find someone selling a spidey mask.

  9. Now I see why you are going by bus £28 is a bargain!!!

    There is a joke shop near sjp selling the masks i think as well!

  10. At £10 a pop though, and 1 whole pound of that goes to Sir Bobby’s charity.

    How generous of them :lol:

  11. Weather is rather inclement up norf at the moment.

    Not too cold though. Compared to say Greenland.

    T-shirt will suffice.

    I’ll be in The Mile Castle from 4 should anyone feel like buying me a beer and then I’ll be rocking with the yoofs in Level 7. It’s going to be a great day out. Not looking forward to the early train to London on the Tuesday to meet the chief exec. Talk about bad timing, turning up making first impressions stinking of beer and promotion!

    Howay lads!

  12. In the milburn stand

  13. al be there tomorow .. am a season ticket holder in the Sir John Hall, upper tier :D

  14. Willbe watching on foxtel over here can anyone tell me kick off time.Lets get promoted tonight and win the league.From an xpat geordie.

  15. Will be a massive night in the big market tonight wish iwas there.Good luck to the lads tonight.If any of my old mates are on this blog get in touch.To all the mags back home have a belter of a night.

  16. rob hillcox – Kick off is 7:45 over here, you just need to work out the time difference :D

  17. Thanks toonsy 7hr diff i will go to bed early as it is live about 2.45am Ihope its as good as the forest game.

  18. Sorry, just been been away winding some Forest fans up. They seem dead certain they will win the play-offs because they are finishing 3rd which makes them the best team.

    I just had to point out that the stats don’t back that up, then left them to mull it over :lol:

  19. I’m honestly not bothered about being champions either, Rob.

    Although it would be nice as we have been top for most of the season and it would be a shame if we didn’t grab the trophy. The most important thing though has always been to get back up in my opinion.

  20. I want to win the league, i have grown to dislike the so called best team in the league with the odious Bentner up front and Olsen at the back.
    Fair enough, they play pretty football but always deploy five across the middle and had it not been for some very dubious late penalty’s we would have been out of sight by now.
    No, the stats dont lie, we are the best team in the league at the moment and will push on and win the championship.
    Hope Watford turn West Brom over this afternoon then come on Cardiff at tea time.

  21. Just to avoid any possible confusion for aussie Toon fans, the local kick off time that Rob mentioned is for Western Australia. For us fans living in the eastern states (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc) it’s 4.45am, so we can get an extra couple of hours kip :)

  22. I’m having a nice breakfast, building my strength up for the large amounts of alchohol that will be consumed this evening.

    Being a good husband too, going to Rosco’s for food before the match – Brownie points and all that.

    3-0 tonight.

    Although I think we might well be promoted before the game as Cardiff could well get something from Forest.

  23. Another solid article Toonsy – keep it up mate!

    As far as team selection goes – I would prefer to see Andy “the white Drogba” Carroll in the starting line up to Shola “zico, the fenham stroller” Ameobi.

    We owe a lot to Carroll’s goals this season – and it’s only fitting he be in the team.

  24. im a newcastle fan, in australia, anyone know where i can watch the match online? cheers

  25. UTD111 says:
    April 5, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Totally agree, without Carrolls goals we would be play off fodder at best – Just glad Stardust isn’t the gaffer as he would have had Carroll down the road for £1.50p.

    We could also describe him as ‘the white Tyson’ too!

    Ameobi should be sold in the summer, how many chances does he need to have? He’ll be a good Championship player for some team, if he can play more than 5 games on the spin.

    Thanks JFK for giving him that bumper 4 year contract! Talk about wasting money.

  26. australia says:
    April 5, 2010 at 9:52 am
    im a newcastle fan, in australia, anyone know where i can watch the match online? cheers

    Where about’s in Australia you at?

  27. oz , similar question from me , watching in nz , looking for some streaming to find a suitable channel to view game will be 6.45 am here tomorrow when it starts not as bad as oz i tink ….

  28. oz, i seem to remember when travelling in sydney there were loadza bars where you could see the footy and i think its on sky …

  29. Went to the Mardi Gras in Sydney one year – What a weekend!

    Pissed down the whole time though. Then missed my flight back to Brisbane due to the time difference, as I hadn’t changed my watch.

    Good time had by all though.

  30. I am hoping for a Forrest win, that way st james, will be extra special because it will be up to us.

  31. Stu – We agreed on 2 things!

    1) The scoreline

    2) That Cardiff will get something at Forest

    Two worlds have jusy collided somewhere in a far distant galaxy.

    Aussie fans could always try on here

    Although i’m not sure if it will work over there. Cant see why not though.

  32. I also see the Alan Hutton rumour is gathering pace. It bloody well should do after his manager came out said we were very very very interested :lol:

  33. Am i right in thinking from what ive heard on SSN if forest get a draw we need a win?? I thought it didnt matter?? all these stats are confusing me!!! it doesnt take alot tho:)

  34. lolly,

    We just need a point mate.

    Hutton has been speaking to us according to HR.

    But he did say they wanted big money for him and Sunderland can offer him the wages he wants.

    What a koo for Ashley that would be if he outbid the Mackems.

  35. lolly,
    If Forest draw, we are up irrespective of our result against the Blades.

  36. Putting it another way…..

    The max pts Forest can get from their remaining games is 15 – which would put them on the same points as us….however, they’d have to depend on us losing all of our remaining games, and they’d have to end up with a better goal diff than us (not currently the case).

    If they draw with Cardiff – they then wouldn’t have enough games left to catch us.

    Essentially, we’re already up in all but “mathematical” terms – but the maths would need some very unlikely events as above to occur.

  37. Aye, what Stu and TGS have said. Forest HAVE to win for us to need anything. If they don’t win then we are up :)

    They kick-off at 5:15 aswell so we will know about 5-10 minutes into the game what the final score is.

  38. toonsy,belive it or not that was the r/b,i was going to say yestaday that i thought was good for toon,but but got involved with dave and you on tatoos ah well

  39. icedog the agent 8)

    Nah, it was on SSN the other day with a direct quote from Redknapp, although it cant be believed what comes out of his mouth sometimes so I disregarded it.

    “Honest guv, I swear I never fiddled the tax”


  40. anyone know if the game on been shown live today on tv? I thought it was on sky but when i check my sky box last night they r showing a league 1 game ,

  41. Will be in Ned Kelly’s Aussie Bar on Frauenplatz. Enjoy the big build up, todays gonna be a belter 4-1 to the lads.

  42. Or the Harry Redknapp that says “I don’t like talking sbout other clubs players, but what I will say is that he’s a triffic player who I like the look of. But we won’t be signing anyone else”.

    1 Day later that player is having a medical at Spurs.

  43. toonsy,was nice to see you leave a comment on dooceys site,i sometimes leave one to,but pefer to chat on here,i think the kid does a canny job with it better lads (mostly) on this site,was sad to see nufclite, on there with his shall we say normal patter shame

  44. Johno – It is definately on SS1 tonight, program starts at 7:30pm

    icedog – That is part the reason I left the comment as I saw him posting. Don’t know what he said now like as I haven’t been back on but from what you say I can guess :lol:

  45. wonder if young kadar gets a go at some point tonight after his comments,or will ch smack his hand and leave him out altogher,hope not

  46. toons – we’ll know before we kick off if we’re up or not mate. They’ll be finished by 7.15. Might see you for a pint before the game pal. And anyone else who fancies it.

    I’m so ridiculously excited.

  47. I don’t think Hughton is one for the kids to be honest. Understandable in a way. This is his first job and he wants tried and trusted players to get the results.

    Makes me wonder if Ashley and Hughton are on the smae wave length on the transfer front.

  48. stuart,said before ashley wants to go down youth path yet there was many times ch could have put a kid or two on likes of cardiff,cov ect at home when games are won,strange like

  49. is it my evil mind or was there a hint in ch remarks,shola could score a goal a game at (THIS LEVEL) mmmmmmmmm

  50. Even if Forest fail and we’re mathematically up tonight anyway…..there’s still the title to play for…..

    It would spoil a season’s work if we let WBA slip past us

  51. Not really bothered about the title – Promotion is the biggy. Championship title is pretty much nothing anyway.

    I would rather win it than not but promotion was the main aim at the start of the season.

  52. Apparently there’s queues round the ground from the ticket office.

    Could be a 50k plus crowd today.

  53. Well Lads today is D day and I cant wait, to me it feels like we were back in in the FA cup final its that exciting. I agree with BBM it would be good for NF to win then it means we do it all by ourselfs as we have been doing all season. I almost wish I still took a drink or smoke, but I guess i’ll manage without both.
    Howay the Lads

  54. I’m the same Big Dave…..I’ve never had a drink since erm last night. I’m sure I can get through today witout one…….

    Oh booger it! I’m gona have a few LOL

  55. dave stick with the crayons m8,whats the score tonight,i”ll go with 3-1.dave that is the lads name, shop is body-art-tatoo-surgery,know him like?

  56. Well lads and lasses its time to go to bed set alarm for just before ko hope all xpats over here will watch it its on fox sports.Hope allyou have a good time over there have a beer for me.

  57. Icedog thats my score mate 3-1 ;) I dont know Kasher but I know the guy I think he worked under a few years back John Summers so he had a good Teacher ;)

  58. Hi – thinking about the record attendance – don’t know if it’s possible. Our previous best 49,000 came against the Boro and while Sheffield United are a well-supported club i’m doubtful if they will bring the same support to the away enclosure as Boro did.
    Anyone know if they’ve sold their allocation, also how much does the away support impact on our crowd numbers?
    The nerves are starting to jangle already – silly isn’t it! Off for a bite in the Gate before the match – then hope to be cheering all night!

  59. 49,644 is what we need to beat.

    Sheffield are bringing 1200 or 1600 cant remember so that is only a maximum of 1600 short of a full away allocation.

    It’s been the corporate areas and places like the platinum club and bar 1892 that have hit attendances hardest I reckon.

  60. Thats me in my way lads travelling down from scotland.

    even if forest don’t get the win the match is huge for the title.

    enjoy your day and night muckers should be fun

  61. OK toonsy – let’s hope the corporate lot shift their a***s – it would be good to post a 50K

  62. Not going to the match but even the prospect of watching us in the pub has me shaking with exitement, hope it does happen in our match and not forests though, it’ll make for an even more incredible atmosphere.

  63. Wish i was in the toon tonight , its going to be some party .I will be coming over from holland with 2 mates for the ipswich game .Maybe get too see us awarded the trophy after that game , We will go up as champions , the players seem hell bent on doing it .

  64. Happy Promotion Day, everyone!!! I’m 3000+ plus miles away and regrettably won’t be able to celebrate in Newcastle. I will, however, be taking a half day from work and heading home to get in front of the laptop. I have a nice bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge as we speak. To all of you going to the match have an incredible time!!! I will see the rest of you on here when the deed is done.

  65. Right, I’m in the gym and about to work off what I’ll be putting on when I get into town. But I probably won’t get back on here so hope it’s as great we all expect lads and lasses. Looking forward to writing up a report about us clinching promotion!!!!

    Howay the lads!

  66. Right, I’m off in the bath, then having a beer and thn off to town to get in the mood and soak up the atmosphere.

    3-1 tonight with Sheff Utd scoring first.

  67. I’m just off,
    i rolled down between the fridge & cooker last tuesday
    & couldn’t be arsed to crawl out, & now i’ve started to develop mould-Shite!

  68. The Toon sounds like the place to be tonight, I can’t get there in person so I might just go into a trance amd visit on the Astral plane. Or possibly try to stream it instead. :)
    I’m expecting a win I just hope the lads don’t go onto the pitch thinking it’s a gimme.

  69. Would kill to be over in newcastle for tonight! Cant afford to get over now n end of season as getting married in july so need every penny i have , but be over as much as i can next season , just gonna book flights in advance for most sats n hope a game is on

  70. Just seen that David Edgar has scored for Swansea, he’s really made the most of the 6 games he’s played this season :)

  71. Proper Excited watching the Nottingham game 1st…hope Cardiff Treat em like sheep and sh@g them senseless !

  72. Come on Watford !!
    Stick it up Them…Elton John would have no hesitation !

  73. I think Elton likes pretty boys SJT,
    wba are a bunch of mingers.
    Even Elt wouldn’t have ’em.

  74. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 5, 2010 at 4:16 pm
    Ambrose is on fire this season.

    Is that a direct link between him and your Elton gags?

  75. grt blog toonsy, another well written article, with good banter, a recipe for success. am going tonight, lucky enough to have blagged a seat in 1892 section. grt view, am really excited about tonight, nd to think at the start of the season i was seriously worried about our predicament.

    but CH has done the biz, along with the squad, nd we r top of the league. i hope we remain unbeaten at home, nd we break our last promotion point tally. i am confident the lads wont dissapoint us tonight, H W T L :)

  76. Absolutely Dave.

    Just enjoying a couple of cans of Carlsberg then setting off about half five.

    Cannot be bothered with food, I just want to have a beer and have a party.

  77. Rocket man!

    Suppose WBA will be getting a penalty – They’ve not had one for 2 games.

  78. for those looking for a video stream, check WBA v Watford on now and they’ll have the forest game on as well.
    looking forward to watching the madness at SJP today!

  79. Stuart you lucky cu#t :) well I hope you have a real good night mate ;) Same goes to everyone that can get to the Game . do you think you will get on lata

  80. Aye I’ll be on later Dave. Cannot say if I’ll be particularly compus mentis though.

  81. Sounds like wba are kicking twatford off the pitch instead.
    They still get a few pens though.

  82. Setanta Canada is showing the game live. One of few games this year that isn’t tape delay. Super stoked to watch the lads get promoted on the giant TV and not on the tiny laptop!

    I hope you lot headed for SJP have a great time!

  83. CLiNT apparently Watford seem to be having the better of them.
    Stuart if all go’s to plan I cant blame ye for not being compus mentis ;)

  84. Exactly!

    What do y’think they put in it?
    It ain’t sirloin man.
    Cow’s eyes & manky bulls knackers.

  85. Fair enough CLiNT.

    Just watching Auf Wiedersehen, Pet – Still makes me laugh out loud.

    Oz reminds me of Stardust.

  86. You know it makes sense Stuart. :)

    Aye Stu, that’s always good for a laugh, sounds like y’getting right into the Geordie mood.
    Whey hey!

  87. Just got home from work in Dubai… Having a beer as we speak!!!
    Got the shirt on and the bubbly in the fridge!!!
    Come on Lads!!

  88. What a shock!

    WBA have had so much help this season with referee’s it’s worth an official government inquiry.

  89. Big Dave says:
    April 5, 2010 at 4:51 pm
    Old Elton will be giving all the players 1 tonite

    Giving them what? Signed copies of his latest single or a pink cigar each?

  90. Right ladies, I must bid you farewell I am off to what amounts to the centre of the universe for the next 5 hours!


  91. How many late goals have West Brom scored this season? I might actually look it up

  92. Can grumble baggies still dropped 2 points…watching Forest now hope they get battered !!

  93. Peterborough’s relegation was confirmed on a decisive day of Championship action.

    all the best. ;)

  94. I wanted forest to steal it from wba’s greasy little yo-yo palms-Bollox!

  95. Big Dave says:
    April 5, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    “I wonder if we are getting a Banter page up ? is Worky about”

    There will be a match banter post up, Dave. I’ve just done it.

  96. I’ve so far found 8 goals WBA have scored in the final 10 mins of a game to either get them a draw, or a win. Some of them coming in the 86th/90/th/95th. We could be miles away if they werent getting a penalty a game and grabbing important late goals,lol

  97. How many pens have they had Ross?
    Most of them dodgy, i might add.
    Oh, i did add.

  98. Big Dave says:
    April 5, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    “Worky are you with us tonite mate”

    Aye Dave, I should be. I’ll be out visiting a friend to watch it though and I may have to grab his laptop to be online for a bit.

  99. actually, I’m rather hopin for a forest victory. All the better for us to clobber the blades!!

  100. O’hurley,
    y’might be right mate.
    We might take our foot off the gas if they lose.
    & like you, i’d rather we just went out & kicked sheffields butt, big time.

  101. Aye Clint, a 4-0 thrashin’ after a forest victory would be a brilliant way to go back up like!

  102. Worky just right ;) have a good-un anyway mate

    Earnshaw sould have scored earlier but I still want Forest to win we dont need favours from them, + as Clint say’s we dont want the Toon to take the foot of the Gas

  103. Big Dave-

    Truth man. Would much rather us go up from our own actions today than a forest loss. We’re a prideful bunch, the Toon Army.

  104. Aye Dave,
    it would be better if we went into the game focused, we don’t wanna give up a loss at home either, due to slackness.
    What a pisser that would be.

  105. er, from what i know,even a draw from forest match would ensure us going back to BPL.

    So much pressure for forest? ;)

    They must win.

  106. Truthfully- I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Hughton went to great lengths to keep the result of the forest game from the lads. They may not know until they get to the pitch. Hughton seems like the cheeky type in that regard.

  107. Geez,how would that be good,if we are in BPL now.

    for eg: waiting for other teams result to ensure us to win the BPL title??

    Ok,i am dreaming now. :lol:

  108. Can’t see forest surviving in the prem if they do get up like.
    Can’t see wba surviving either.
    Oh! they never do, do they?

  109. Cardiff can nick this and set it up nicely for the night !
    Come on Chopra you mackem !!

  110. Clint-

    Yeah I can’t see it happnening, but I’d like to see forest survive better than anyone else (except us of course hahaha!!)

  111. wey man, I’ve been in a state of euphoria all day…it’s just brilliant. All this and a bank holiday too, so we can enjoy the blog and the crack. Even West Brom played there part and bollocksed it up. I wish I was in the toon tonight, floodlit games are just brill ! Mags aaal ower the world, enjoy the big match !

  112. How AoD,
    what’s the BLP mate?
    Do you mean the premiership?
    & it’s not the british or english, it’s just the premiership man. You can call it the premier league.

  113. Monchen Mag-

    Howay m8!! I’m in Nashville, Tennessee, and you better believe I’m ower the moon today!! Woke up with butterflies!!

  114. Ah! right.
    Cheers O’Hurley.
    Weird, never heard it called that.
    I wasn’t having a go at AoD like, just wondered.

  115. I’d never call it that in a million years.
    Sponsors are just people trying to sell stuff to be avoided.

  116. hahahas,is my way of calling that. ;)

    anyway,still pondering whether i should stay up and watch the match if forest didn’t win cardiff.

    cause is like 1.35am down here now.:(

  117. Hahaha,trying to stay awake now atm. drinking a cup of nice coffee. ^_^

    I am at Singapore now. ;)

  118. OHurley@190…thanks mate ..enjoy the game, butterflies and all. Get a couple of MGD’s down your gregory, always good to ease the nerves…

  119. Banter page ? wots dat,, or am I missing summat…aren’t we bantering now ?

  120. There is live TV stream later so shouldnt be a problem for those that needed one.