Newcastle v Barnsley – Match banter!

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Barnsley ready to Tyke liberties?
Barnsley ready to Tyke liberties?
Newcastle entertain Barnsley, looking to take one step closer to equalling an unbeaten home record set 103 years ago when we won the First Division.

Three victories on the trot, should have the lads in good confidence although Barnsley can’t be taken for granted with decent scalps in their last two games against Cardiff and Blackpool. And of course they were worthy of the point down at Oakwell, in the reserve fixture when we were ultimately happy with the 2-2 draw.

That was a special day out regardless of the result with 7,000 Mags taking over areas of Barnsley town centre, and enjoying a day out reminiscent of days gone by when we used swamp smaller towns with black and white hordes. As then, yours truly will be in attendance today, amongst a crowd expected to tip towards the 50,000 mark with the Tykes having sold out their 2,800 allocation. Today’s game will be preceded by a minute’s applause for the passing of Charlie Crowe last weekend.

There’s no national TV coverage and there have been no reports coming through that it can be caught via online channels, but if anyone can find TV/radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

Great team news this week, for more about that read toonsy’s most excellent preview article to consider what both teams have to pick from, what Barnsley’s current form has been like and other general bits and pieces regarding today’s game. As for the starting line-up, we’ll hopefully get that to you, all in good time…

Howay the lads!

Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique, Pancrate, Guthrie, Nolan, Jonas, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Hall, R Taylor, Best, Krul, Kadar, Ranger, Butt.

Barnsley: Steele, Foster, Dickinson, Doyle, Teixeira, Colace, Hallfredsson, Hassell, Gray, De Silva.

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164 Responses

  1. Come on lads, think we’ll do them 3-0 today. West brom and forest both have tricky games today, could end up a great day for us.

  2. think we will nick this one,think q.p.r. will get a draw with w.b.a. warnock will have them fired up,would!nt like to call the n/f game like

  3. Steve Harper,
    Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique,
    Fabrice Pancrate, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez,
    Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands

    I like the team selection. Quite aggressive and Guthrie in the middle. I hope Pancrate does ok because he hasn’t convinced me yet when he was in the starting line-up.

  4. Good team line up. Let’s see if Pancrate can justify his signing and put in a performance.

    A win today and mathematically we can’t be relegated :lol:

  5. jay jay thats batty m8 honest as the day is long

    toonsy you never look on the dark side like :(

  6. not sure pancake he handle the “rough” stuff in ccc hope he proves me wrong as barnsley will dish out a bit today

  7. I think with Enrique back and Guthrie playing in the middle it’s going to be another big home win . I think 4-0 with Carroll carrying on his scoring run and getting his first hat trick

  8. barnsley,s bage,are the two blokes barnsley,s answer to the village people?right i,m off for a pint with jabba and del boy.

  9. Is it really that coincidence that smith takes a knock in training..hmmmmmm…..

  10. stevep – It never used to work for me either really, then it just started working and has probably been the most consistent link I’ve had for a long while.

  11. Hope Smith only has a knock, anything to keep Butt out of the team!

    Any news on Routledge?

    Howay the lads!

  12. 17 Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2010 at 2:31 pm
    Batty you ever see much of hitman
    oh and I will admit a few times I thought you might have been Icedog

    would feel sorry for anyone if they were to try and copy me,mind a few sharks have tried,off to put tv on wall my lad has just come with

  13. “a great chance for jonas gutierrez, but he just managed to get the ball caught under his feet and instead went crashing into the gk”-is what the wireless just told me, typical jonas! Lol.

  14. shouldn’t have rushed him back, good to see kadar get his chance though. We better pick this one up

  15. Vuckic could be back in action on Tuesday. Hopefully we can wrap up the title/promotion with a few games left so some of the kids can get a run out.

  16. asim – If it wasn’t for their goalie diving then I would have been right! Even at 1-0 it still isn’t over.

  17. I could brag about how I said Lovenkrands was going to be the most important player this season before we even lost to Leyton Orient in pre-season but I won’t. I think you all know I am wise.

  18. bring the young players on! the game is over and give them time dont bring butt on we will see what CH IS MADE OF.

  19. Only 2 of us in top 7 teams winning, it’s gonna be a good night tonight!!

  20. Looks like i am right,whenever peter Lovenkrands plays with carroll,only one will score.other will be trying hard.

  21. Spare a thought for their substitute goalkeeper. He’s came on and barely touched the ball bar picking it out of his net, 4 times thus far, haha

  22. Feel sorry for Barnsley. Barely any money when compared to us (even these days) and we still have a squad of Premiership players (even if reserve Premiership players) and we smash them. I don’t like seeing less well off teams getting hammered like this.

    Cocky teams like West Brom who think they are big shots – love seeing them hammered, but honest teams like Barnsley I feel sorry for.

  23. How’s Pancrate playing today? Looking good enough for premier league sub???

  24. Andreas
    Are you watching that game?
    If you are, could you say which team looks the most likely to score?

  25. Surely Best can get on the scoresheet the day? It sounds like we score every time we go forward, if not we’re inches away.

  26. West Brom has got a branded manager, thats why teams feels like a banana. But promotion 1st.

  27. @alkinou
    Watching the Forest game and listening to ours :=).

    It has been an even game imo, chances for both sides. Forest is slightly on top in open play but Swansea have had some very nice chances and are good on the break. Can go either way, although I think it’ll end 0-0.

  28. thats what i mean never plays young plays makes out he will and never brings them on when we have got the game in the bag! he will bring him on late on.

  29. Big Dave, 133,

    No, but then we are the ones who brag about being giants and a super team, etc. They are just Barnsley.

    Giant killers have no reason to feel sympathy because they get disrespected constantly in the first place.

    Just saying – there are more deserving teams than Barnsley for this smashing.

  30. Wireless said Simpson pulled his shirt over his head when the goal went in, so he knows he made a mistake like. Shame, definitly wanted to keep the clean sheet.

  31. kadar sounds like he’s had a solid game, hope he makes a good case for himself in the absence of jose

  32. wickywoowoo you are right there is more deserving teams but after last season I dont feel for anyone other than us mate. but I do feel a wee wee bit for them but there goal was a consulation for them ;)

  33. And the corner they scored from shouldn’t have been, clear offside that gained the corner…damn, a penalty gone for Swansea and now this.

    However, still looks damn good after our win.

  34. 8 points clear of second with a game in hand.

    Can’t complain with the day outside Jose getting the inevitable injury.

  35. Well, I can’t remember having this feeling of pride since the Sir Bobby Robson days.
    What an outstanding performance… and to all those doubters, who say, Fizzy pop league is cr@p and we’re still a poor premiership team… well YOUR ARE WRONG!!!
    We are not just winning… we are thumping these teams as well as and top premier team would.
    We have players playing for pride, working hard and playing with belief for the first time in a long long time! Not big names past their prime.

    I am more than willing to forgive Mike Ashley if we now continue our our same policy in this fashion.
    With the only difference being, to use the extra finances to bring in even better young talent.

    We have some genuine stars now who would fit into most premiership sides, and after a tough baptism, now understand our passion and pride.

    In, Harper, Enrique, Collocini, Taylor, Guthrie, Routelege, Jonas Gutierrez, Nolan, Lovenkrans we have players more than capable of keeping us up…
    Then you add to that strong youth like Krul, Kadar, Carroll, Ranger, Vuckic, Lua Lua… we have some great youngsters pushing them on.
    Once promoted :-)… all we need do is increase the depth in talent in our squad and coaching and we’ll once again be a proper, English top flight team with no attitude and no mercenaries…

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! So proud to be a South Africa Toon fan again. And what a way to go into the world cup with my team back in the Prem…

    PS. Can Somebody please bring me the new Premierships kit in July 8-) 8-)

  36. NEWCASTLE United Under-18s enjoyed a 4-1 victory at Barnsley on Saturday afternoon just hours before the clubs’ senior sides were due to meet at St.James’ Park.

    Brad Inman (2), Phil Airey and Dan Taylor were on target for The Magpies.

    Hmmmm~~~~~ :lol:

  37. anyone at the match hear what happened in the 78th minute? the “get out of our club” song started up in the leazers corner and all you could hear was people groaning, someone even behind me said “ahh shut up man”
    then from the gallowgate everyone just starting shouting newcastle to drown it out……
    what was the Scorpions song called, winds of change was it? :)

  38. IMO Ashley should bladder Lambias, and get someone in who can manage the press and get the respect of the fans….Once Lambias is gone then he’s the last of the Ashley numptys afer Wise, Jiminez, Kinnear…all gone…. Being top of the Fizzy Pop league as well all helps of course…It’ll be a while before Ashley can enjoy a pint in the toon without geting grief….but if or when we get promoted and he spends a bit cash in the close season then sentiment might turn his way…….and divvent forget, they don’t need to be 10 million quid signings…we had a few of those types of players last season and they didn’t help us much…