Newcastle United’s injuries are clearing up.

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Even Joey Barton may be back soon!
Even Joey Barton may be back soon!
Newcastle United’s extensive injury list appears to be showing signs of relenting as the season draws to a close. A number of both long term and short term injuries appear to be clearing up which can only be a good thing as the Toon seek to finish off the job of promotion this season.

Arguably the most notable of those injuries to clear up is Jose Enrique. The Spanish left back has been out for five weeks, and had his comeback against Barnsley two weeks ago cut short with a slight recurrance of his hamstring injury. He was named on the bench against Middlesbrough although manager Chris Hughton decided not to risk playing the defender and decided a couple of days extra rest would be better than risking losing Enrique for a longer period of time.

The Spaniard is raring to go for the title run in and firmly believes his injury problems are behind him, something we all hope is true such has been his influence this season. Speaking to The Chronicle of his injury, Enrique had this to say:

“I’m OK, and I want to play all the games now. The most important thing is we get back to the Premier League.”

“I travelled to Middlesbrough, but the manager put Danny Simpson and Ryan Taylor in there at full-back – I think he wanted to protect me.”

Also in line for a comback is wing wizard Wayne Routledge, again another player who was named on the bench at Middlesbrough but was not risked and hopefully the couple of days extra training will see the player pushing for a start after his injury lay-off with a calf problem. With Wayne in the team Newcastle look much more balanced and possess an attacking threat from both the right wing and left wing aswell as an injection of pace and a trick or two he can bring to the team.

Both Alan Smith and Fabricio Coloccini have picked up niggling knocks and continue to be assesed by the Newcastle United medical team. I guess we will just have to wait and see if they are back fit for the Scunthorpe United game on Wednesday evening.

Moving on to some of our longer term injuries, Joey Barton steps up his return from a long term foot injury in a reserve team game against Hartlepool tonight. Joey featured for 45 minutes in a ‘behind closed doors’ friendly against Hibernian a week ago and the controversial midfielder is itching for a first team return after five months of injury hell.

“I just want to focus on playing football now” said Barton.

“The team have done a great job this season, and so have the staff – and I just want to do the business on the pitch again.”

Is the midfielder turning over a new leaf? Who knows.

Another long term absentee, Shola Ameobi, will return to training on Thursday. The striker has had continuous injury problems this season, with a foot injury keeping him out for three months and now a hamstring injury which has seen him ruled out since the start of February.

That will only leave Steven Taylor and Mike Williamson as longer term absentees. The addition of players returning from injury for the season finale can only be a good thing for the squad as a whole and can hopefully add a bit of competition for places in the starting line-up, hopefully it will give manager Chris Hughton a selection headache.

I’m sure it will be a nice headache though.

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190 Responses

  1. Nice problem indeed. I’m particularly keen to see Jose and Routledge back; we’re pretty much ok elsewhere at the moment.

    Team for tomorrow (recoveries permitting and assuming colo is out still):

    Simpson – Kadar – Hall – Jose
    Routledge – Smith – Nolan – Jonas
    ——Loverboy – Carroll

    Any advance on that? (and is Simpson available? Can’t remember)

  2. i see lualua is mouthing off about wanting to make his loan move to Brighton a permanent one. If his feet worked as hard as his tongue he’d be a much better player.

  3. I posted this on zee last thread but I’m quite keen to see what you guys think. Hava look:

    Anyway, back to the footy, with Barton’s return nearing and everyone taking part in the traditional ‘he’s had too many chances/ one more can’t hurt as afterall he is a canny player’ debate, I found this interview with him back in his city days. Bearing in mind he’s actually settled down a little since then, I personally think he sounds surprisingly reasonable, calm and intelligent. Especially considering he’s having a massive go at his club and it’s players!

    have a listen and see what you think, I’m personally looking forward to his return- hope he gets a good few games before we’re back in the PL.

    CLASSIC QUOTE TO LOOK OUT FOR “I know Bolton paid a lot of money for Anelka, but we paid a lot of money for Samaras..”


  4. @post 3..
    i think colo will play from the offand kadar will partner him with hall on bench. also think smudge will be on bench and guthrie will come in too. otherwise yeah, same squad.

  5. Toonsy I hope you are going to be a good Lad tonite and dont start any bother like you did lastnite.

    DevonMag that was a good frank and straight to the point interview, I am looking forward to seeing Joeys return, I do know what shite he has been involved in but sometimes he has been provoked so I for one will give him one last chance as I do think he can be the engine that we need.

    SpartanChris > If his feet worked as hard as his tongue he’d be a much better player.
    Maybe if he was given more of a chance he’d be a much better player ? no

  6. How about Jose Mourinho for Newcastle Utd if Cashly can afford and he is willing and CH fails to deliver.

    Too good to be true ah.

  7. WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too good to be true Davis :)

    Dave – Moi? Causing trouble? ;)

  8. davis toon,i would be happy for ashley to pay him just to come once a week,to give team talk and press report,i love to hear him on football needs characters like him imo :)

  9. Icedog at 1st I couldn’t stand him but he grew on me and I do think his player’s loved working for him. I think he is just one of those special characters that come along once in a while. I think Liverpool would do well to try to get him if they can get shot of that knob they have now.

  10. haha nice idea davis toon. I don’t think 500k a week would see him here, he’s too ‘glamorous,’ teams like juventus, sevilla, lyon etc wouldn’t even be good enough for him in his eyes. Clubs with mega status only like real and united

  11. big dave would hate l/pool to get him let them keep the knob,how much has he spent in 3yrs 260mil?can just about put up with SOME spouters as long as they back it up,look at how much boxing gone back since mr ali stopped? :(

  12. by the way he has said more than once he would love to have fans like newcastle behind him when he was in cockney land

  13. Well that confirms that he wants to be hear icedog, I’ll get him on the phone…… answer? He must be busy at the moment!

  14. Icedog I have allways been ok about Liverpool most of my family are Liverpool supporters and I usually went with my older bro to our match’s with them home and away. I would much rather see them do better than Chelski, Manure, Arsenal and now Citeh

  15. Dave – Sorry mate, no offence to your family like, but I can’t stand Liverpool.

    They are one club that actually grates on me. Anyone see Gerrard smack that pompey player with his elbow last night. No punishment. Two fingers at the ref, no punishment. Assault on a DJ, no punishment etc etc.

  16. The man is a genius icedog, has alot of character and is a great manager. Have you noticed when there’s a big issue in football ssn talk to the managers of the big 4 and usually martin oneill and old harry, and then they miss everyone out until they reach Roy keane just because he’s an over opinionated tw@t, because it’s not because he’s a good manager is it.

  17. Toonsy no offence taken mate and isn’t it funny how much respect Gerrard gets but Joey on the other hand is the demon :)
    I noticed Batty was on earlier today thats the 1st time in over a week I have seen him on and funny Roy cropper was on too for the 1st time aswell :lol:

  18. Jay Jay Keane is one absolute tosser I cant stand that basturd although my wild days are well behind me he is one of only 2 people I would love to get locked in a room with ;)

  19. toonsy you cannot dislike a club because of one player&manager mr liverpool makes me sick,but there fans have always made me welcome when ive been there,they really surport there team through hard times (work wise) mind cannot say the same about everton,to me on travels they were a pack of plonkers

  20. Nice to hear the sick list is getting shorter!

    As for Joey Barton, I hope he comes through the Hartlepool reserves game OK, and we see him fit for selection for the run in.

    He can be a bit of a liability at times – like when he’s on a yellow after five minutes and spends the rest of the match looking as if he’s going all out for the second – but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn a couple of games in our favour.

  21. icedog – It’s not just Gerrard, it’s the whole media frenzy that surrounds them all time. You only have to turn the box on and you see Hansen/Lawrenson/Thompson and you know they aren’t interested in anything else other clubs are doing despite their supposed neutrality. Then you have SSN and Andy Gray foaming at the gash every time something happens in their favour.

    The scouse Liverpool fans are brilliant, but the clingers on where I live sicken me. Some of the crap they spout is ridiculous.

    I remember watching SSN the day after the West Ham v Millwall trouble and there was a bloke who lives outside West Ham tube station. “Lived here all my life” he declared, as he was stood there in full Liverpool tracksuit. Blatant glory hunting, like a lot of their fans who clung on to the bandwagon during the 70’s and 80’s.

  22. half time scores- swansea 0 west brom 0 barnsley 1 forest 0 derby 0 fa cup troph virgins 1

  23. toonsy@36 been hanging on the toon bandwagon since 50s still holding on :) get where your coming from like,must be “mind-reader” you named everyone i cannot stand

  24. toonsy

    Are we down to ten men yet? :)

    Cheers. I’m just looking at the scores now. I’d forgotten about tonight’s games until I saw icedog post the scores.

  25. Plymouth 2-0 Brisol City

    Can guarantee Brisol City play like super heroes against us on Saturday :(

  26. Darth – Haven’t checked recently. I’m just nipping over to give the Forest fans a poke ;)

  27. toonsy ive spent nearly 2wks looking for that c/f you want,ite hard with limits we have age,wages,t/fee etc,got 3 discs to go through thats35 done,think ive found one will say t/morrow.

  28. jay jay – Secret ;). I’m only watching at the minute as I’ll look like a tit giving it the biggun if they turn it round and win.

  29. Forset have blown a gasket. They are suffering from injuries and they just don’t have the squad.

    If they get beat and we win our games in hand we could be promoted by beginning of April.

    Or am I dreaming?

  30. Stu – If they carry on how they have been doing and we do what we have been doing then I reckon the Forest game.

  31. we could be up by end of march if we beat forest! booking my hols i bet forest score know.

  32. “Ressies lost 2-0, full time”

    Oh well. As long as the coppers and St. Johns Ambulance didn’t get a look in. ;)

  33. I think we could well be in a position to all but confirm promotion against Forest.

    On another note I think Joe Cole could win Chelsea this game. He never did get on with Mourinho.

  34. my friend just hit post from 25yds for barnsley that would have finished it useless git

  35. Forest seem to have well and truly gone to the dogs like. Slipping up at one of the most important times of the season

  36. If Forest lose, 6 more wins and it’s guaranteed, and that is if Forest beat everyone home and away!

  37. goals going in lads! come on toon lets get us back up and give inter a game chelsea clowns or is british football going to the dogs. thats good for us these footballers are not much cop.

  38. No suprises there mate, didn’t look happy when they were knocked out last season :)

  39. who cares about west brom! we only after finish 2nd and we win tomaz it is over lets get the beers out i am.

  40. I’m obliged not to ;)

    Besides, they are down enough as it is. One wrong comment and that could be it :lol:

    1 point gap then

  41. Not bad, all things considered.

    If we do the biz tomorrow night, we do our bit to shake off Forest.


  43. asim – It’s UNLIKELY that Forest will win 7-8 in a row. It’s not absolutely certain it won’t though.

  44. The points difference will fluctuate for a while yet. When we play away and draw and Forest play at home and win and vice versa.

    If we win tomorrow I just cannot see us losing 4 and Forest winning every game.

    Big game tomorrow. I hope the players don’t see WBA are only 1 point behind us and start to get twitchy – Promotion is the only thing that matters whether 1st or 2nd. 1st would be nice though.

  45. Just to follow yesterdays “debate” on the ability and depth of our squad compared to the premier league teams. If you could swap the entire squad for the entire squad of any premier league team outside of the top 9, would you do it?

    I seriously believe we could be safe by January, February latest next year with the same squad.

    Great result for Forest tonight by the way!!

  46. Yet another wba pen, bob matthews has big pockets. He’s starting to make it look obvious now though.
    You don’t keep running the same scam & get away with it.
    What the hell is going on there?
    Surely they’re gonna get found out any game now.

    Nice forest result, pffftt!

  47. clint f roughly thats 12 points from very iffy pens how much does that work out per point out of his pocket? ;(

  48. ice,
    what’s the record for pens in a season?
    They get more than manu, chelsea & that thug gerrard put together.

    Speaking of whom, i see gerrard thug boy gets let off yet again, he’s got more form than wor Joey, just without the convictions, bad press, pundit hand-wringing etc.

  49. mr liverpool makes me sick,class him worse than JB,in the respect he!s a right snob (thinks he is) of a man,even thinks he is better than his press,nob

  50. Aw ice y’ruined me game there.

    Yea man, arrogant & yet charmed existence that one.
    It must be 10 strikes & your ‘still’ not out?
    englands golden boy, what a tw@.
    Someone really should have a proper pop at him in the media, doubt they will though, the silence is deafening.

  51. Wonder if Barton gets a game soon.
    Maybe a couple of subs, Barton instead of Butt, perhaps?

  52. anybody other than butt m8,would play with ten men, like to see them give one of the kids a chance like

  53. Aye ice,
    i was just thinking , when CH brings on Butt to close out the game, last 15/20 mins. DefMid.
    Have we got any young ‘uns that could do that?

  54. Another ” controversial” penalty for West Brom last night, they have certainly had their share and more of favourable decisions in an effort to maintain their media label of the best footballing side in the division.

  55. NUFCELITE says:
    March 17, 2010 at 3:45 am

    If Lua Lua’s happy at Brighton and wants to stay, sell him on but let’s hope we have a good sell-on clause(s) attached to the deal just in case he comes good.

  56. We need Barton for the run in despite his past, i would rather see him coming off the bench than Butt who is like a broken doon gallower at the moment.

  57. Hey bob,
    that was my little scheme. :)

    & i also agree re: wba on pens & perceived football skills.
    They’re not a patch on last seasons skill level under mowbray, yet still fell out the prem. Pundits will say owt though & are full of shit, tow party lines, like a bunch of little boys looking to the big lads for what to think.

  58. Well Mick,
    have the lads that have come in had an impact or been invaluable?
    The answerhas got to be a resounding yes, hasn’t it?
    Williamson has been doing a top job ’til injury.
    Routledge looks good & has added balance.
    Hall has come in when needed & i don’t think he’s let us down.
    Only Best is yet to settle & even he has at least one top assist to his name.

  59. yes yes and yes
    however, walked past Best the other day, and you dont realise when he is on the pitch, he is a big lad like. Im sure he will sore a few when he breaks his duck. The future? Hmmmm the jurys out…

  60. Mick, Clint

    It’s scary and hopefully the bozos who are part of the severely anti-MA brigade should consider the impact of a lack of support from him – however minimal compared with some fans’ expectations.

    For an outlay of a few £m, this club’s clearly in a far stronger situation than Nottd Forest and that investment should (touching wood) take us up staring with a whopping result tonight….. I hope!
    Let’s be thankful for small mercies.

  61. Mick,
    aye mate, i think Best can do fine if he can just get off the mark.
    It’s up to us lot to help certain players.
    Some guys need a bit support through the thin times to get them to settle, not
    a barracking if it ain’t going well first up.
    I thought he looked a bit/lot nervous early on, it’s a big thing for some lads coming to play for the Toon in front of 40/50k.
    A bit of ‘big’ stage fright. But if we help him, he’ll be ok.

  62. Aye lesh,
    it puts this league into perspective, 5/6m carefully spent has helped us push on.
    That’s all it’s took. At least ashley has sanctioned that. & CH at least seems to have picked the right lads to bring in, in this situation.

  63. yep totally, agree, however, if promoted, i think we will still need another striker, and maybe get rid of Shola (loan out ranger?) i would be straight in for Beckford since he’s on a free now.
    However, we have world wide scouts, im sure some bizzare and wonderful names we have never heard of will crop up between now and next season

  64. TBH Mick,
    i’d rather we brought in a couple of creative mids with guile first.
    Then our strikers may get more & better chances. I think that’s the root, although another striker would go a miss like.

    Right off to work, i’ll join back in when i’m set up there, so don’t think i’m being ignorant lads.

  65. ohh yeah totally agree, my ticket is for the east stand, on line with the gallowgate 18 yard box, and for the last few seasons of his career i had to painfully watch Shearer walk around with as much movement off the ball as an arthritic tortoise, however he still scored goals, why? Robert, Bellemy, Solano, Dyer, Jenas, the players he had around him meant he was given the opportunity to score goals. I think our strikers now can be thought of in the same respect, with a bit more pace that is :-D
    So yeah, totally agree, the midfield needs one of two more agile/creative players

  66. Just reading the merit marks on the official website. Wonder what folks view is of the season so far considering there are only 11 games left. For me Collo has probably been the most outstanding and consistent player over the whole season, closely followed by Enrique, Jonas and Harper. I appreciate many have contributed well though not just the above – we win as a team and lose as a team.

    Just curious who others think have been the outstanding players IF you had to pick?

    Got to admit Carroll would be way down on my list for overall contribution – thats the funny thing – opinions!

    Merit Marks from the official site:

    Seventy-Eight – Alan Smith

    Fifty-Nine – Kevin Nolan

    Fifty-Four – Andy Carroll

    Fifty – Jonas Gutierrez

    Forty-Seven – Jose Enrique

    Forty – Steve Harper

    Thirty-One – Fabricio Coloccini

    Twenty-Six – Peter Lovenkrands

    Twenty-Four – Wayne Routledge

    Twenty-Two – Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger

    Nineteen – Danny Guthrie

    Seventeen – Tim Krul

    Fifteen – Marlon Harewood

    Twelve – Steven Taylor

    Eleven – Mike Williamson

    Nine – Tamas Kadar

    Eight – Patrick van Aanholt

    Five – Fabrice Pancrate

    Four – Ryan Taylor, Leon Best

    Three – James Tavernier, Zurab Khizanishvili

    Two – Joey Barton, Nicky Butt

  67. I actually think if we hadn’t have bought the players we bought in January we would probably be beneath Forest now – Considering the injuries we’ve had since Jan.

    Whether they’ll be good enough once were up I have my doubts as people know, but we could only buy Championship players due to that’s where we play.

    As for the players of the season-I think Colo has had a good season, I hope it’s not just because he’s playing at a lower level.

    My player of the season would be Enrique – He, out of all the squad just oozes class and quality – He just looks PL quality. Never gets beaten for pace, never gets out tricked and always supports Joans in attack.

    The lad will be one of the best left backs in the PL in time. So I suppose we will sell him when we get a good offer – Great business plan that!

  68. Mick, note your comment about Beckford but his form has dipped dramatically since his transfer request was turned down, a gamble which has backfired on Leeds in a spectacular fashion with them trailing Norwich now by seven points which you couldnt forecast following the win at Old Trafford.
    His situation looks similar to Anelka who was very poor last night again and its apparently down to him not being offered a new contract to his liking.
    Beckford can be a good player but can we afford to sign another player who blows hot and cold, for me i would rather have a proper pro who applies himself whatever the circumstances ( if there are any around that is).

  69. Stardust,
    for all round contribution i’m thinking:
    Toss up between Colo & Jose,
    then: Harper, Nolan, Smith, Lovenkrands, again in no particular order.
    Then: Guthrie, Carroll & Williamson.

  70. I think it says what a great all round team effort has been put in this season though, by virtue of the fact that i can’t say there’s a clear ‘winner’.
    Also a few of the others have popped up with good games & contributions when needed.
    Namely R Taylor, some good assists && S Taylor, before he got injured.
    Van Aanholt, Harewood, Routledge & Hall have all put a shift in & helped get us where we are or helped maintain it.
    That’s about everyone, isn’t it?

  71. Totally agree with you Clint – for once its a pleasure to say we have a TEAM again! full compliments to Chris Hughton – who has performed (despite what many say) a miracle!

  72. Agreed mate,
    Who’da thunk it at the end of last term, start of this?
    Just about no-one.
    Just what the football Dr. ordered i say.
    It’s about time after years of individuals randomly running around on the pitch, talking out of turn etc.

    But to be truthful, i really think that the man of the year is:
    Duh, duh, duh, duh-duh duuuuh!

    Mr. Christopher Hughton Esq.

  73. This is uncanny….. Mr Stardust appears to be posting civilised, uninsulting and unpatronising comments.

    I think we’re all waiting for the sting in he tail!

  74. Behave lesh,
    Stardust is sweet if you talk to him or even if you argue with a decent point mate.

  75. Clint, I think we’d be hard pushed to find a guy who’s achieved so much in such difficult circumstances.

    CH’s got to be Manager of the Season at the very least.

    He’s presided over developing an ever developing team spirit and a will to win among the players.

    What a change from the doubts of the beginning of the season eh?

  76. Lesh – we are all on a happy ship at the mo (well apart from BBM, Stuart and Darth – plus a few others!) but I gather they are all in the gallows being made to walk the plank somewhere off the Roker seafront lol

  77. Nargh Stardust, I’ve noticed a mellowing in BBM, Stuart and Darth.

    They’re all positive now and love MA to pieces.

  78. Lesh,
    what a turn around mate.

    Man of the season, he must have ‘nads the size of melons.
    Yet a totally calm persona, i can’t praise the guy high enough for what he’s achieved this season.
    I hope he can shock a few next season too, & the one after that ad infinitum.

  79. lesh says:
    March 17, 2010 at 1:22 pm
    This is uncanny….. Mr Stardust appears to be posting civilised, uninsulting and unpatronising comments.

    I think we’re all waiting for the sting in he tail!

    I know Lesh, his recent posts have almost warrented a response.

  80. The reason for my lack of bite is that the ship is heading in a direction I approve of (not that that makes any difference) so there’s no need to argue with anyone – its happening anyway!

  81. lesh says:
    March 17, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Or Hughton could just have got very lucky that his first management job is with a club the size of NUFC, in a lower division and with players who are far and away too good for this division.

    Just playing Devils advocate.

  82. I was thinking bbm was getting more militant like.
    But hey!

    & me & Darth are like that-crosses fingers.

  83. lesh – I’ve generally been quite a positive person over my time on Ed’s blog and now on here. Certain things get up my nose but on the whole anybody wanting to share a pint would find me pretty easy going company. Despite what my detractor might otherwise say.

  84. bowburnmag says:
    March 17, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    That goes for me too.

    Positive couple of souls us.

  85. Positive Schmositive!

    Suggest you head down to the Theatre Royal and borrow the looking glass from Snow White “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most radged up of them all”

    “you are Bownburnmag – you are” lol.

  86. I imagine Stardust’s image of me is probably slightly skewed but I don’t believe for a second that he really believes the persona he keeps insisting on. Which is why I’m happy to go along with his nonsense about ‘club-haters’ and me being part of the problem.

  87. But the likes of me and you are ‘part of the problem’ Bowburn.

    You know the sort – Go to every game to support the team, support the club financially buying season tickets when the owners of the club treated their customers with so much contempt and generally buying merchandise from the club shop every week.

    Terrible fans we are – The club could do without fans like that….

  88. Hey bowburn y’arlreet man.
    Don’t think i remember you slagging anyone off like.

  89. Bowburn, Darth, Stuart et al, you’re all stars who quite rightly stir the pot and push the now-happy boat out.

    Stroking the shark as they say in cliche land!

    Keep it up gentlemen (forgive me if I’ve got a gender wrong)

  90. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 17, 2010 at 1:36 pm (Edit)

    “I was thinking bbm was getting more militant like.”

    Psychologically speaking, Bowburn is usually trying to impress the people he sees as the more ‘dominant’ members of the tribe. His “militancy” is a part of this.

  91. “Positive Schmositive!

    “Suggest you head down to the Theatre Royal and borrow the looking glass from Snow White “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most radged up of them all”

    “you are Bownburnmag – you are” lol.”

    That’s better. Will the real Stardust please stand up?

  92. Qualification….. Bowburn, Darth, Stuart et al, you’re all stars who quite rightly stir the pot and push the now-happy boat out.

    * On occassions!

  93. Psychologically speaking, Bowburn is usually trying to impress the people he sees as the more ‘dominant’ members of the tribe. His “militancy” is a part of this.

    You a part-time psychoanalyst Worky?

  94. And here we go again :lol:

    Getting back to what Stardust said about players of the season, for me it’s Colo and Enrique at the top. People say Colo should be good in this league, but actually knuckling down and getting on with it, not rocking the boat like some stars would have done, is what has impressed me so much with him.

    I’m glad he hasn’t turned out to be another petulant over-paid (althoguh he does get a fair wedge) wasting negative influence.

  95. Worky…….Or are you one of the Eric Byrne school of psychologists who advocate the existance of parent, child and adult ego states

  96. I see Dowie isn’t exactly getting a warm welcome at Hull.

    Inbreeds, dirty inbreeds!

  97. Seems a bit deep worky. I guess like most other people, I would say I call things as I see them. People can agree or, as is quite often the case on here, disagree with what I have to say.

  98. lesh says:
    March 17, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    “Worky…….Or are you one of the Eric Byrne school of psychologists who advocate the existance of parent, child and adult ego states”

    You mean Eric Berne, Lesh? Transactional Analysis and all that?

  99. just reading some of the comments,howay lads it,s only a footy blog.
    i cannot understand why people feel the need to insult each other because we may have differing opinions,it,s nothing personal.
    imo opinion newcastle united has always had two opposing sets of fans;the eternal optimist type who however bad things get can always take a positive from any given situation,then on the other side of the coin the more if anything goes wrong,the more direct action in yer face type of fan,who wants the club to do well but will not compromise or settle for second best.
    both sets of fans i,ve mentioned all care about the club,and imo both points of view are valid,we shouldn,t shoot down people down in flames for a difference of opinion.

  100. “You mean Eric Berne, Lesh? Transactional Analysis and all that?”

    That’s the one Worky, Eric of the TA school, which seems to have gone out of fashion these days.

    Forgive my mis-spelling, I must’ve been thinking about David Byrne as in Talking Heads!

  101. BTW,
    worky, ta for the credit the other day, with regard to ‘our best manager’-selection committee.
    See, he listens(reads) too.

  102. oi oi… been a while since I have been on the boards like…. not since the .com version of this blog went down, bit like the toon really. In the states now and can’t get a radio link to listen to teh match. Any of yous gotta link to a non UK ip so I can have a deeks of the match like?