Newcastle United v Barnsley – match preview!

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Tykes bite worse than the bark?
Tykes bite worse than the bark?
Newcastle United welcome Mark Robins this weekend as he brings his Barnsley team and the travelling Tykes fans to Tyneside, and they will no doubt be looking to head back down south with 3 points and a massive scalp in their collective bag.

Of course it’s up to us to stop them and every game requires maximum concentration to minimize the possibilities of any slip ups, particularly in front of what is expected to be a near 50,000 crowd at SJP on Saturday. Mark Robins knows that all the pressure is on the hosts to extend their excellent unbeaton home run. Speaking to the official Barnsley website, Robins had this to say about Saturday’s match:

“We are going up to a fortress this weekend and that home record is a challenge for us. We have done well for the majority of the campaign and this is one we will look to enjoy in front of 50,000 fans. I would love to be playing in this one.”

“We know we have to start well and maintain that throughout the game. If we dip at any time in the match then we’ll come unstuck. We have to go there and take the bull by the horns, we have nothing to lose.”

Barnsley come to Newcastle on the back of a home over Blackpool and with no fresh injury concerns, although they are waiting for 2 players to return from international duty. Should they come back in one piece it should leave their line-up looking a like:

Barnsley: Steele, Hassell, Shotton, Foster, Dickinson, Teixeira, Colace, Doyle, Hamill, Macken, Bogdanovic

The key thing for Newcastle at this stage of the season should be focus. We are now unbeaten in 4 and have won the last 3 on the trot and manager Chris Hughton seems to be doing a grand job of keeping the players in check. Man of the moment Andy Carroll had this to say about the remainder of the season:

“Every player wants to stay fit and be part of the last 13 matches. We just need to keep focused and keep our heads down.”

“It’s been proven that the teams that work hard win things. We hope to get off to a good start. We’re playing well at the moment, and it comes with confidence.”

Newcastle can look forward to the return of Jose Enrique, who should slot straight in for the recently departed Patrick van Aanholt, and Peter Lovenkrands who could, and probably should, start instead of Leon Best. Nicky Butt is also available after an injury lay off but I’m looking forward less to his return. Joey Barton is back in training but a return to the starting XI will not be rushed whilst Shola Ameobi, Wayne Routledge and Steven Taylor remain crocked. With all that in mind it means Newcastle should start the match with:

Newcastle Utd: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Guthrie, Nolan, Smith, Jonas, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Krul, Kadar, Hall, R Taylor, Pancrate, Best, Ranger.

Special mention for Steve Harper who will make his 50th consecutive start between the sticks for the Toon and will be hoping for a clean sheet to go with it.

It’s important we don’t slip up after we’ve done so well although Chris Hughton and the players seem to be doing a sterling job of staying focused. An early goal is always a bonus and is something we have been doing quite regularly so far. On the other hand, Barnsley will be fired up for this and will look to make life difficult for us. We didn’t have it all our own way at Oakwell earlier in the season and managed a 2-2 draw which shows the Tykes can cause us problems.

My prediction: 2-0 Toon.

Howay the lads!

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157 Responses

  1. BATTY,you have been away a while so you missed out,moved on to the bins at low fell with komfort better class of gear there like :)

  2. was going to ask roy.c to giz a hand but but hes into those posh hotels,always liked to be a class above like did roy

  3. TOONSY,should nick this one, my man to watch is bogdanovic was bit of cult hero in malta one season being top scorer in malta one year (31 I THINK)seen him play twice once for national team were i think he scored,hope he has a stinker :)

  4. good news this morning M.OWEN out for season with hamstring could!nt have happened to a nicer little shit :)

  5. The term ‘ on your own ‘ springs to mind here icedog :)

    Yeah seen Owen out for world cup , KARMA

  6. Couldnt have happened to a nicer player icedog…. owen+full season…EPIC FAIL!!!

  7. icedog – don’t get too worried about Bogdanovic, mate

    To be honest, I’d never heard of him, so i did a bit of googling, and noticed that he was born to ethnic Serb parents

    Presumably he would have been eligible to play for the Serbian national team, who I think are currently about 13th in the FIFA world rankings.

    Instead, he chose to play for Malta, who are currently about 144th!

    Doesn’t that tell you something?

  8. icedog says:
    March 5, 2010 at 10:38 am
    was going to ask roy.c to giz a hand but but hes into those posh hotels,always liked to be a class above like did roy
    <<<< :lol:

  9. chris.G,not worried about him m8,but was canny player when i saw him,has had offers from couple of epl teams,re ratings dont forget they very much part-time players i know quite a few of them,even have to go to hospital to get physio as clubs havent got any but they have a couple of lads out there that could cut it in ccc

  10. Ha ha ha to michael owen.
    bad news is nicky butt returns to the squad. We are better off without him. midfield as it is plus taylor routledge pancrate and barton when he returns will hopefully mean we will never see the little shat again

  11. anyone see del boy llambias on look north last night?i couldn,t believe it,i nearly fell off my chair;he,s asking the fans to put aside their grievences so him and mike can go for a pint with the fans.
    very ambitious imo,after a few sherbets i,m sure someone would take exception to them being there,and kick off.
    i,ve got to hand it to him though,he,s got some brass neck.

  12. trojan – i seen it but i doubt anyone else would have as they all live down south , except for one dodge – but then again i’m led to believe he’s had his telly repossessed (again).

    – not many proper geordies post on here.

  13. on footy mad the knives are out for leon best already,i have to be honest i dont know much about the lad,is he any good?i,ve been to busy to attend the last few games.
    what i do know is trhat john anderson didn,t rate him at all after watching him in action for the rep.
    personally i dont know why we signed him to be honest as he seems similar to what we already have.

  14. I might have to hang around on Saturday and see if Llambias gets any of his limbs pulled off by the ‘unreasonable’ element of our supporters…

  15. roy,it just shows you how out of step they are with the fans view,they really deluded those two,and frankly thats what worries me having them run our club.

  16. ROY.C.i was born in west end still only 20min from ground or do you have to live on the quay-side too qualify noo :(

  17. that,s all well and good,but i seem to remember a certain mr keegan making similar noises and look what happened there.

  18. I might have to hang around on Saturday and see if Llambias gets any of his limbs pulled off by the ‘unreasonable’ element of our supporters…

    found out who a few of them are A.S.K.K WHELAN at wigan,but think batty has!nt made his mind up yet :)

  19. I wonder if that font of all wisdom, Mr Stardust, might like to help Mr Cropper understand what makes a Geordie a ‘proper’ one?

  20. Roy Cropper I never had you down as a supporter of the great ‘Geordie Nation’ Has that nasty canal incident with Tony changed you or is it bedroom probs with Hayley :)

  21. lesh – to add to that , when i said i would monitor your future posts ed’s blog was to be considered aswell & having updated myself –

    – my opinion stands.

  22. big dave – hardly as haley is 6 months to the good.

    – the caped crusader strikes again.

  23. TROJAN 69 says:
    March 5, 2010 at 1:23 pm
    anyone see del boy llambias on look north last night?i couldn,t believe it,i nearly fell off my chair;he,s asking the fans to put aside their grievences so him and mike can go for a pint with the fans.
    very ambitious imo,after a few sherbets i,m sure someone would take exception to them being there,and kick off.
    i,ve got to hand it to him though,he,s got some brass neck.
    <<<<< i wouldnt need a drink ide just knock fck oot of the pair of them

  24. gadgie sitting on the bus,all of a sudden ee,s dying for a crap.
    ee hes a look aroond,an nee ones aboot,ee says if ne one gets on at the next stop al hev a quick crap on that paper in the corner.
    ne one gets on so ee whips ees strides doon an hes a crap,then gets off the bus.
    aboot an hour later ees at hyem when the door gans,two big coppers standing there;mr armstrang yer under arrest,armstrang says what for like?the copper says for deficating on the bus,armstrang says deficating on the bus?whats that?the copper says s****ing on the bus?armstrang says how di ye knaa it was me?the copper says hoo man its aal ower the chronicle.

  25. Batts Big Mike is supposed to be handy with the fists are you sure you could take both on, and the rash isnt to bad ;)
    As for Hitman haven’t seen him on much ? well not as Hitman anyway :)

  26. gadgie breaks doon in ees car,so ee gits on the phone to the rac.
    the rac lad says ower the phone;sir can you pop your bonnet,the gadgie says aalreet hold on..right.the rac lad says right sir are you overheating?the gadgie says;nar am ower gateshead.

  27. that should have been the – cardiganed crusader – & bowburn if i have to take it off this saturday decca had better make himself scarce.

    – strange talking about violence whumpie comes to mind – anyone seen him lately ? he normally puts a shift in on a friday afternoon.

    all drivel i might add.

  28. geordie gits on the phone for a life guards job,the lifeguard on the phone says are you fit?the geordie says aye.
    the life guard says;how taal are you?the geordie says am 8ft6,the lifeguard says your 8ft6,the geordie says aye.
    the life guard says can you swim?the geordie says;nar but a can plodge oot a lang way.

  29. Might see if I can get a cheap train ticket and go up tomorrow, make sure I don’t get hammered and miss the train home like a couple of weeks ago though, don’t think my body could handle another night in the percy arms :)

  30. Big Dave says:
    March 5, 2010 at 2:27 pm
    Batts Big Mike is supposed to be handy with the fists are you sure you could take both on, and the rash isnt to bad
    <<<< ide boot him up his ring and send him on his way dave

  31. serves you right JAY JAY should have stopped at the strawberry,got canny decking out the back,have to climb up like after ours

  32. @Roy – eh! you mean anyone who doesn’t stay in Newcastle thier whole life loses geordie status???

    I was born in Whitley Bay but moved away at 25, how many times do I have to visit per year to keep my geordie status?

  33. stevep – youv’e sneaked in under the radar as long as you buy me a beer next time your in this neck of the woods.


  34. dog – like i say – thats just the type of guy i am.

    that said failure to comply with my demands stevep will be forcibly removed from the northeast & sent packing to where he now resides.

  35. Fans are fickle.

    If we go up and Ashley gives Hughton £40m to spend (I doubt he will) and we bring in good players all will be forgiven by most supporters.

  36. everybody’s happy & getting along nicely – then door swings open & in walks the scumbag shallow hal.

    that’s my cue to do one & many more to follow me no doubt.

    later on.

  37. Works everytime – They all ask me to come on so you would do one.

    Anyway, I notice Llambias says that if we get promoted we will have a bigger pot of money to buy new players – After two years!

    What about the first year Derek? Is that not the most important year?

  38. bowburnmag says:
    March 5, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    “I might have to hang around on Saturday and see if Llambias gets any of his limbs pulled off by the ‘unreasonable’ element of our supporters…”

    Well if they did actually pull his limbs off, then that would be somewhat unreasonable, Bowburn.

  39. Not had much access to the internet over the past couple of days but I’ve been reading a few articles this afternoon about Keith Alexander dying. At least 2 quality newspapers and the BBC state that this only leaves 1 black football manager in English Football – Paul Ince. I know Hughton is quite low profile but this is ridiculous.

  40. Icedog, Interesting comment on how to define what is a Geordie.
    I am from the Northumberland coal fields and we have always looked on Newcastle as being our City and the East Durham miners had Sunlin as theirs.
    I also read that there is history in the team colours with the Black and white relating to Protestant ministers garb and the red and white being Catholic.
    St George also features, this is the cap badge of the Northumberland Fusiliers who were based at Fenham Barracks but whose Museum is at Alnwick Castle.
    Most Mackem supporters in Northumberland came here when the Durham pits closed but historically the County is black and white.
    The HQ of the Northumberland FA is at ST James Park.
    So, i would suggest the term Geordie refers to Northumberland as well as Tyneside, having said that, all our supporters wherever they reside will claim to be Geordies and why not, its not a birthright.

  41. Strangely enough the majority of Geordies are as far as ethnicity`s concerned, Scandinavian and mainly Norwegian.

  42. SpartanChris I dont want to get into race or colour issues, but tbh mate I dont really think CH is fully Black.

    bigbadbob dont really want to get into religious issues lol but I was allways lead to believe the same ie the Toon being mainly Protestants and Sunlin being Catholic.
    So there I have covered 3 touchie subjects, and now I have my helmet on

  43. Big Dave & BBB,
    On what do you base your statements regarding the religious backgrounds of both Sunderland & Newcastle fans.
    If you are refering to your claim concerning ministers garb, is there a difference between a priest`s garb and a protestant minister`s, thought they were both black and white, though dont Anglican priests wear a combination of red and grey and does that then make them Sunderlad supporters?
    Face it, bunch of nonsence !

  44. Depends what you beleive, there are a range of theories from the Jacobite rebellion down to coal mining and King George as to why geordies are geordies.

  45. toonsy = a poor mans worky – howay worky give us the run down on the geordie nation before i hit the pub.

  46. well lads i really dont give a “rats arse” where people come from as long they surport the toon.

    roy.c can you reel a few more in m8

  47. Big Dave says:
    March 5, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    “Worky did you remove that morons comment on the SBR thread, if so will you remove mine ;) ”

    I have removed both, Dave. These things are usually automatically generated and sent to lots of sites at the same time.

  48. if smith gets a booking and misses the next two games i cant decide whether that is a good or bad thing, because giving guthrie a run in the centre is a good thing and nolan plays better with him, but he has played well most of the season and is i think a good leader on the pitch?

  49. worky,dont know if its the same thing, tonight ive clicked on a couple things on news now site and they wont click off,kept repeating there self over 30times,had switch off commy for a while did my bloody head in

  50. icedog i know he is fit again now but surefly he wont be straight back into the team, the way guthrie and nolan perform togther

  51. The term Geordie as everyone is aware, resulted from the refusal of miners in the north east to employ the newly invented lamp carried by miners, in favor of its predecessor designed by George Stephenson.
    No nowt to do with the civil war or any wars against the Scots, nothing so romantic , simply a miners lamp .
    Gannin hyem means exactly the same in Germany, Scandinavia and Tyneside, not the spelling but the spoken words, which must be an indication of something in common.

  52. cornish – when you get out of your stinking pit try these on for size..

    newcastle , portsmouth & cardiff a £5 investment should give you enough returns to cover the up and coming morthers day expenses.

    be lucky.

    just for the record i was in lady ga ga’s company on thursday night after her gig at the metro arena , she was telling me how she had enjoyed shopping in eldon square and in particular river island & in turn she was more than happy to listen to me promoting the two north east teams gateshead & newcastle….she said but for work commitments in birmingham she would have attended todays game but has asked me to keep her updated with the scores via text.

    ..i also took the opportunity to make her aware of this site.

    she’s a complete nutter but very generous one.

    …morning batts.

  53. well lads and lasses, the pressure is building in wor hoose…a couple of pints last night, half an hour of Busker – “Coming home Newcastle” on Youtube this morning and a half a litre of coffee…adrenalin is pumping already…pre-match nerves are setting in… 3 points today against Barnsley in front of 50K die-hards, WBA and Forest both lose today….get in there…!

  54. Alreet Batty!

    Long time, no type…

    I notice Shaun Wright Phillips is having problems at Man City – He would be ideal for us if we get promoted and they’ll probably let him go for about £4-5m.

    3-0 win today ladies and we will be 10 points clear of Forest who will draw against Swansea.

  55. £105 for a single to Newcastle and the same again to get back, looks like I won’t be making it to the match :(

  56. Stu and batty being nice to eachother, I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder :)

  57. Jay Jay is 210 english quids for the train ?…flippin heck the Uk’s getting expensive…

  58. Munich you’re right mate, can get the fair cheaper if I book in advance but if the powers that be move the kick off time like they did with the Plymouth match then I can’t change the date or time I travel. So it’s a bit of a risk.

  59. JJ sorry to hear it mate….looks like we’ll have to rely on the internet and wor excellent blog ….nowts the bother..!

  60. Yeah Munich, I’m gonna book train tickets for a few weeks time, just got to hope they don’t change the kickoff.

  61. When I book in advance I can get from Birmingham to newcastle for £40 odd for a return ticket, but I have to book 3-4 weeks before the match, and if they move the kickoff I’m screwed.

  62. You should drive up if you’re not bothered about having a drink (Although some of our football this season is un-watchable without a drink.

    Straight up the M6 come off at Carlisle, the A9 will take you right into town.

  63. I don’t drive stu, and a few beers in rosies is part of the pre match ritual, so even when I pass my driving test I still won’t drive mate.

  64. Anyone heard if there is going to be any coverage on the internet? If so, please post the link. Especially if it is one I can get from USA. :) Cheers, Jilly Bean

  65. Stu – M6/A69? Howay man, going that way he should have set off last Thursday, and he may just hae made the match today :lol:

  66. Why toonsy?

    If he takes the tollit’ll be a piece of the preverbial.

    The M6 past Stafford is generally clear and once you get past Preston it’s dead.

    A69 will take him straight into town too.

    3-3.5 hrs max.

  67. Took nearly 6 hours to get from seaton sluice to Birmingham traveling that route a few Sundays back after I failed to get the train after the Preston match stu.

  68. Because it’s about 50 miles longer! From Birmingham it should be M42/M1/M18/A1M. 2.5-3 hours standard. It takes me that and I live 30 miles south of Birmingham.

  69. JAY JAY,i think stuart79 idea of flying up is cheapest way to go must be half the price of rail,dont know how flight times would gell like

  70. what a couple of dick’s – the lad doesn’t drive so what’s the point of acting like a couple of tom tom’s ?

  71. Again though icedog you have to book early to get a cheap price and if they move the match I’m screwed. Going to book train tickets later, just hope they don’t move the kickoff.

  72. Roy – Your point is? I already know he can’t drive, i’ve offered to give jay jay a lift up before. I was merely pointing out that Stu is wrong on that one.

  73. Jay jay would it not be better off moving up to the Toon im sure Batty could fix you up with a cardboard box I know he rents one to hitman at very reasonable rates. ;)

  74. listen chief navigator your just boring the arse off people as usual – so just shut up.

  75. jay jay says:
    March 6, 2010 at 12:10 pm
    Took nearly 6 hours to get from seaton sluice to Birmingham traveling that route a few Sundays back after I failed to get the train after the Preston match stu.

    Try it in a car – Walking will knacker ya knees.

    toonsy, Ignore Crapper. He doesn’t know anywhere past Rosamund St.

  76. Where can I listen to this match guys? I guess it’s not on TV, so the best we can get is radio.. But anyone know where we can listen?


  77. Toonsy @ 117 its not his fault mate I think it was Nasty Tony caused it when he tried to drown him in the canal, plus with Hayley being pregnant he is probably on a sex ban, so that has maybe made him a bit ratty ;) So you need to cut him some slack

  78. Roy – I’m boring people? Yet I’m not the one who trots out the same insults to the same posters day after day? Howay man, step back and take a look at yourself!

    It’s becoming monotonous now which is a shame as you can be a good laugh and you’ve shown above you can be helpful :)

  79. in that case nufc’s number 1 fan will probably be able to help you out – nice called toonsy , he’s always on here so he wont be long so just hang around for a bit.

  80. I’m always on here as it’s more stimulating that talking to my wife!

    Whoare! :lol:

  81. Ollr – Check back closer to kick-off time. Streams usually appear around 30 minutes before kick off.

    There ya go Roy ;)

  82. toonsy says:
    March 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm
    I’m always on here as it’s more stimulating that talking to my wife!


    Aye ya right there toonsy.

  83. by the way toonsy – my posts are with justification whether you agree with them or not – i’m not here for a laugh.

  84. Right I’m off for the pre match drinks at the Mal then Shearers.

    Crapper I’ll see you there – Are you the one busking playing the guitar in the dirty bed sheet on the quayside?

    I’ll bring you a drink.

  85. Roy – That’s fine, but if insulting people on an internet blog floats your boat then carry on.

    Must be a pretty sad life to lead though?

    Roy – “He he, I’m going to wake up and go onto the internet and see who I can try to abuse, cos thats all that I can do”

    Other people manage to post without being abusive, and they all have a good laugh and get there point across. You aren’t so special that you should be any different.

  86. bd – toonsy and me are good’ish m8’s , he just needs telling a few home truth’s from time to time whether he like’s it or not.

    spew – i’m on me way hang-on pal

  87. Cheers Roy, unfortunately taking moral lessons off someone who is banging a post op trans-sexual is a bit rich :lol:

  88. stuart79 if you want to see roy go to the strawberry,hes the good looking bloke behind the bar careful like battys on the door sometimes

  89. is it worth a £40 bet batty,i cannot get to game the day getting bored,have watch com on bbc red button