Kevin Nolan scoops Championship Player of the Year award.

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Kevin Nolan: Championship player of the year.
Kevin Nolan: Championship player of the year.
Newcastle United midfielder Kevin Nolan has been awarded the Coca Cola Championship Player of the Year beating West Brom’s Graham Dorrans and Nottingham Forest’s Lee Camp to the award which was held at a cermony in London over the weekend.

Nolan is Newcastle’s top scorer this season with his 13 goals so far proving vital in securing top spot in the table for the Toon and a likely return to the Premier League.

The 27 year old scouser has won many fans over this season, not just on Tyneside but throughout the country as his goal scoring exploits and battling qualities have come to the fore this time around and have in fact led to Nolan wearing the captains armband on a number of occasions.

On collecting the award, Kevin Nolan had this to say to a 900 strong audience:

“I’m delighted to pick this up and I want to thank my team-mates, Chris Hughton, all of his backroom staff and the supporters and of course my family.”

“It is going to be nice to take this (trophy) home and see my daughter run around with it.”

Hmm, the second line suggests that this isn’t exactly a coveted award and whilst credit must be given for being ranked number one in the top 50 football league players, I’m sure Kevin would swap it for a place in the Premier League in a flash.

Regardless of that, it’s hard to win a personal award if the team around you are struggling so credit should quite rightly be shared among the rest of players and coaching staff. We’ve seen time and time again that we sometimes don’t turn up for matches, appearing to switch off for some, but the team inevitably never give up and we gain scrappy points when really we don’t have a right to, and some of that surely has to go down to team spirit, something Nolan himself acknowledged by saying:

“When I first joined Newcastle, there was a lack of togetherness between the players and the fans but one of the best things to happen this season is that we’ve got them back on board. We’re now looking to the future together and we have to make sure that what’s happened to this fantastic club never happens again.”

Of the other awards, the most notable was for January transfer window target Jermaine Beckford, the Leeds striker picking up the award for League 1 Player of the Year which is no doubt a reward for his 27 goal return so far this season.

Getting back to all things Newcatle though, I’d be happy if all the players picked up personal awards as it means the team has been doing well. I’m also surprised Jose Enrique wasn’t in with a shout as, for me, the guy has just been a cut above most players in this league. Fabricio Coloccini has also been one that has impressed this term although you could argue that a player with his price tag and pedigree should always impress in the 2nd tier of English football.

Keep the gongs coming I say!

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62 Responses

  1. A few more goals would be nice before the end of the season Kev.
    Ta for the 13 so far though, got our season off to a great start, leading from the front, or at least from behind the front, if you will?

  2. well done Kev i say, slated last season, could have jumped ship, player of the year this season, showing what we have been lacking in years, men with pride. Now to win the league

  3. Well done Kevin – Make the most of it, you won’t get 5 goals next season.

    One of the majority of the squad that has found their level.

    Squad player at best in PL.

  4. Oh!
    That’s a bit harsh Stuart.
    I’m pretty sure Kev’s scored quite a few goals in the prem before now like.
    Good job you weren’t handing out the awards mate, you’d have probably punched his bairn after handing it over.

  5. Nolan’s average was only ever 7 goals in the premier league anyway, 5 isn’t that different.

  6. But, I guess it’s yet another player who got picked for England and has made 271 premier league appearances that has found his level at the age of 27.

  7. toonsy,
    nowt like a septic, back-handed compliment from wor Stuart to kick the hate off, hey?

  8. I agree he’s definitely looked better at this level. His lack of fitness has been masked by his ability to get in decent positions, despite that.

    Should we go up, I worry that the Bolton lot will still be justified in feeling that they weren’t missing out on much when he left. Apart from a couple of spells when he started looking sharpish, I still think he’s not as mobile as he could be or maybe should be. It’s possible the pace of the Premiership will show that up more. But credit for everything that he’s done, without his goals we could have been nowhere near the pace never mind setting it.

    As an insider (i.e. a Mag), for me though, Enrique and Coloccini would be arguably the players of the season. Though the fact that Nolan has made himself available throughout, along with his goals makes him a good recipient.

  9. chipped in with a few goals,but does struggle at times for me,even at this level.
    the lad hasn,t got the legs for the prem,that was evident last season.
    bolton must have knew something to let him go,looking back now 4million we woz robbed at that price,something we are not meant to be doing now.
    the clincher for me was in the swansea game,when he picked up the ball in the centre circle,his first touch was a tackle as he didn,t have the pace to get away.
    what is alarming though is to see a guy of his age move like a fifty year old,surely if we reach the prem he cannot be a starter.

  10. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 15, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Why would I punch his bairn?

    He won the award and fair enough – I wouldn’t have gone for him but that’s opinions for you.

    I just think he’s too slow and cumbersome for the PL. He’s done well though and I cannot argue with that.

    Just doesn’t give the team much if he’s not scoring and he won’t score many in the PL, so what will he give us?

  11. FLick,

    What’s not measured about my orignal comment?

    You call it harsh I just say it’s how I see it.

    I could say it about the majority of our squad. Just that it was Nolan who won the award.

  12. Look i certainly aren’t saying he’s god’s gift to the Toon or football.
    But he’s done really well, particularly for the 1st half of the season, put his foot in, assisted goals, scored 13, & said all the right things & helped steady the ship.
    Howay, a tincture of credit is due, regardless of our personal prejudices.

  13. ted hughs is being comissioned to write kevin nolan,s autobiography; THE IRON MAN 2.

  14. Oh, we’re back to veiled insults via the use of last names hey Stuart?
    Fair enough marra.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 15, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    Look i certainly aren’t saying he’s god’s gift to the Toon or football.
    But he’s done really well, particularly for the 1st half of the season, put his foot in, assisted goals, scored 13, & said all the right things & helped steady the ship.
    Howay, a tincture of credit is due, regardless of our personal prejudices.

    Is it cold up there?

    You really need to start reading other peoples comments in full before elevating yourself to the stormy heights of that soap box.

  16. Guys, two things:
    1. You can only beat what’s in front of you. Nolan has scored more goals from midfield than we’ve seen for a few years.
    2. Last time I checked, we weren’t IN the Premier League. Until such time as we get promoted, we’re a Championship side. If we go up and players/coach/owner disappoint, THEN complain about not being PL standard. For now, we’re top of the league and that can’t be bettered.

  17. Stuart doesnt even like his own Shadow Clint – I wouldnt take it personally lol.

  18. What?

    Well done Kev, but y’shite.
    How else you gonna read that?


    Isn’t that supposed to be ‘heady’ heights?

  19. Stormy up there when you’re there on false pretences.

    Never said shyte either – I said he’s found his level. Are all Championship players shyte in your opinion then?

    It’s a fact of life, some players are good in one league but aren’t in another – Simple.

    I hope he proves me wrong, but unless he gets quicker and learns how to control a ball he’ll never be a PL footballer of any real quality IMHO.

  20. Aye maybe worky,
    but Nolan got it, so maybe we should offer up some
    respect, it wouldn’t hurt any of us, would it?

  21. Oh and I’m tempted to say the same about Collocini but he has played for Argentina so I suppose there must be something to him.

    He has looked very comfortable this season – That could be down to the fact that he’s playing against poorer players or it could be that he really is a good player. We’ll see next season.

    Enrique on the other hand has class written all over him, he has time, he’s never out paced and looks so much better than anyone he has come up against.

    He will play PL football, no doubt – The lad will be real class.

  22. Stuart,
    there are no false ‘pretences’ with soap boxes, anyone’s allowed an opinion, even you & me.

  23. Well done kevin, we wouldn’t be top without your goals. Keep it up. Stuart79 on the lash nice and early again?

  24. Though there is a subtle difference between opinion & opinionated. Maybe it’s that rarified air you know so much about?

  25. I wasn’t referring to your opinion CLint, I was actually reffering to you comment about not giving him credit.

    Read my comments – There is credit in there and I rate him as a footballer, just not a quality PL footballer.

    Many PL managers must agree with me as nobody came in for him last summer or in January did they? Also Bolton sold him when they needed quality. They didn’t do it for the money surely – £4m is hardly impossible to turn down.

  26. The next weeks a big one – 3 games in 7 days – with our injuries its gonna be tough (looking forward to Enrique and Routas being back) – especially as there’s 2 away games in there.

    I’d be satisfied with 5 points from that lot.

    If we average only as point a game in our last 11 games – we will have 84 points. (So far we have averaged over 2 points per game). And even if Forrest average 2 points a game – having so far only averaged 1.8 points) they’d only have 84 points – and our Goal Difference is sufficient to protect even against that.

    So an average of 1 point per game and above should see up promoted.

    Theyve earned the right – now onto seizing the opportunity!

  27. Aye Stardust,
    just goes to show how a tight defense is like goals scored.
    Worth an extra point.

  28. I think we will go up with 86 points. I don’t forsee Forest winning 8 out of their last 10 games – They have injuries racking up too but they don’t have a big squad.

    I would settle for a win on Wed and two draws against Bristol and Donny.

    It will change every week.

  29. Regardless of whether we think Kevin is EPL ready or not, it’s good to see one of our players getting recognition. I’m sure he would say it’s a team game and it wouldn’t have been posible without Collo, Jose, Andy, Lover etc. Any of who might have got it.
    Anyway like Lover and Andy all he really can do is score goals? Thats an oxymoron by the way.

  30. I think we have to say a big well done to Kevin Nolan, he’s scored 13 goals from midfield and assisted others as well. Yes, in some games he’s gone missing, but in others he’s saved us or won it for us. overall he has had a very good season.

    As for can he do it in the Premier, lets hope we see next season. I was the first to call Colo last season, but I think he’s done so well this. Really, we can’t think players failed last time round so will again next. If what has been said from within the club is true and there is a much better team sprit, perhaps the lads who didn’t do it last season will perform better this because of that.

    Righ now, lets congratulate the team and individual players for what they have done and hope they keep doing it. Come August, we can worry about how they will perform should we go up and it’s looking like we will. Lets just hope the players can go up on a high and keep it going.

  31. Well good luck to him, not certain who votes, but he has been effective through the season so far, but why oh why is this decided now before the so many games and the crucial end to the season?

    What a joke.

    Its not beyond the wit of man to have had this decided at or very near the end of the season is it?

    He might still have won by then, he might not, but it would be on the whole season.

    Football awards are done like this far too often, it can sometimes seriously bring them into disrepute.

    Other football awards will follow with the same issues.

    With todays modern media and technology there is simply no excuse for having this award given on two thirds or three quarters of a season.

  32. BJ (Cool Abbreviation)
    Who gives a Toss mate..some silly award,in a league that is devoid of anything slightly pleasing to the eye.
    Don’t lose any sleep over it….one of your players will hopefully win it next year :)

  33. P.S Agreed well done Kevin..but in my heart of hearts I do not think for 1 moment he is premiership quality,in the same way I don’t think Leon Best is Championship quality :)

  34. sjt,

    Don’t be saying things like that man! You’ll upset some people.

    Don’t just stop at Leon Best either (Although I haven’t seen enough of him to make that judgment).

  35. He won the award for being one of the best championship players – fair enough I reckon

    We’ll see how he gets on in prem next year, however we’ll have Barton and Guthrie in centre mid so unless CH plays 4-4-1-1 I doubt he’ll get that much playing time in prem

  36. TROJAN 69 says:
    March 15, 2010 at 3:28 pm
    sirjasontoon,so your saying it,s a case of LEON WORST lol.

    That is so bad….its good :)

  37. johnotoon,i couldn,t resist,but in all fairness i,m not having a dig at the lad as i haven,t seen enough of him tbh.

  38. Well,
    it’ll be interesting to see who gets the gong from the club at the end of the season.
    It’s probably between:
    Enrique, Coloccini, Harper, Lovenkrands (special mention for what he’s been through), Carroll.
    Though Jonas, Smith, Nolan have done well too.
    Williamson has been great since he joined too.

  39. Haha…He has a few games left to impress me :)
    Can’t see him doing nowt for us though if I am brutally honest-especially in the premiership if we get promoted.

    All the Breast Mr Best.

  40. toonsy,just back been out,thanks for post on shitman@44 on last post,wish i had not read it now made me feel sick,what goes around comes around,i know who the sick one is

  41. No worries iedog, I just find it hard to listen to anything Shitman says after his ‘outburst’, agents really are the scum of the earth and he is walking proof of it. The Zidane story is probably a load of crap spilling from his gob n’all!

  42. toonsy,aye m8 as i said had ive had dealings with agents myself even knacked one lads football life,but thats a storey for another day all bloody money grabbing s—s

  43. I was very upset to read this morning that Sunderland have announced £26 million losses this year, a player wages / turnover ratio of almost 80%, and that Ellis Short is having to pump in huge sums on a regular basis. Let’s hope that they manage to get out of their current dip in form and stay away from the relegation zone, or that could be the end of them.

  44. toonsy, follow on;how many agents does it take to put out a fire,

    iM not sure yet i!ll just keep throwing them on until it dies down

  45. worky – Hasn’t Short converted what he put in into equity now though?

    Icedog – :lol:

  46. Worky, Sunderland are in a mess financially, those figures are grim reading but Llambias and co could learn a lot from Quinn, he always deals with and manages the media thus avoiding the panning they deserve.
    They were one point away from the drop last season and may be just as close this season ( fingers crossed) but i was amazed to hear on Sky Sports that they were coming into a good run of form and this was after their first win in 14 matches.
    The press are desperate for us to go tits up but looking at Sunderlands figures and crowds, they could well beat us to it.

  47. Sunderland are in the same position as every other club who have a benefactor.

    Their in a million times better financial position to us – They have absolutely no debt, he has converted that into equity like toonsy said.

    Wonder if Mr Ashley will do that?

  48. bbb,
    aye mate, nowt like a bit of tv pundit bias, hey?
    Let’s face it, they hate us & always try to put a positive spin on the mackems, whilst searching the whole of the NE to root out a mackem to stick in front of the cameras that doesn’t totally show them up for what they are.

  49. Realistically there isn’t much difference. If Ashley sells he’ll want his loans back and if he turns his loans into equity he’ll just want more for the club, same as Abramovich, Mansour, Short and others.

  50. toonsy, ashley lends himself money from one pocket to another but this is reported as a precarious financial situation but its all about how its reported i suppose, but i agree that as with all the one man owned clubs they will survive until the the money from them dries up.

  51. I was very upset to read this morning that Sunderland have announced £26 million losses this year, a player wages / turnover ratio of almost 80%, and that Ellis Short is having to pump in huge sums on a regular basis. Let’s hope that they manage to get out of their current dip in form and stay away from the relegation zone, or that could be the end of them.

    Oh no we dont want that to happen, we must set a trust fund up immediately :).

    Has any one been watching the one show they just tried to make big al wear a mackem shirt.