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January transfer window now closed.
January transfer window now closed.
Many Toon fans had a certain amount of unease about the prospect of the January transfer window. Given the previous few windows under Mike Ashley, and a seemingly ruthless intent to slash the wage bill since our relegation, optimism wasn’t exactly flowing!

Add to that a glut of injuries that started to pile up, loan players returning to their respective clubs, and a series of uninspiring draws on the pitch, and you could see why people were starting to feel like the bubble had burst! So just what has happened in January?

We kicked off the month losing Marlon Harewood and Zurab Khizanishvili who both moved back to their original clubs, leaving us 2 players lighter. However,with interest in highly rated Leeds striker, Jermaine Beckord, things looked a bit more positive. Beckford handed in a written transfer request at the start of the month, adding fuel to the fire that he could be on his way to Tyneside. A sequence of bids up to the value of £1.8 million were subsequently knocked back by the Leeds board, with Ken Bates adding that manager Simon Grayson didn’t wan’t to sell the striker. The move pretty much died there.

Danny Simpson, on a 6 month loan from Manchester United limped out what seemed to be his last game for The Toon against West Brom, recieveing a fantastic ovation from the fans for his efforts at Newcastle as he was bing replaced. Simpson had always maintained that he loved playing at Newcastle, that the fans are fantastic and that he wanted to stay. A deal was agreed with Manchester United to make the move permanent but the player couldn’t agree personal teams and we looked resigned to losing him. However, in what can almost be described as a soppy ending to a love-story film, last ditch talks between Hughton, Calderwood and Simpson resulted in the player making his move permanent for a fee believed to be around £500,000.

Then came confusion when Turkish side Ankaradio ga-ga, clamied to have signed midlfielder Geremi leading to much rejoicing from Toon fans who had become increasingly irritated with the midfielders willingness to do nothing to earn his massive salary. This good feeling was short lived as the club released a statement the very next day denying he had been sold.

Next up, and completely out of the blue, news began circulating that Wayne Routledge had signed for The Toon. A complete surprise to many, but a welcome one that brought back memories of the night QPR came to St James’ and drew, with our new signing having a starring role in a very good performance from the away team. His debut was equally impressive, teeing up Nile Ranger for the 2nd and decisive goal against Crystal Palace. Another surprise signing, Mike Williamson from Portsmouth, also made his debut against Crystal Palace looking assured and composed at the back in the absence of the injured Steven Taylor.

Crystal Palace went into administration the day before their game at St James’ Park, and with the administrators not allowing hot prospect and the clubs biggest asset, Victor Moses, to play lead to a gush of excitement as it became clear that teams would be able to get the England Under-19 star for a knock down price. Chris Hughton admitted interest and we put a bid in amidst rumours from the players agent that Real Madrid and Arsenal were poised to make a move. The striker eventually plumped for Wigan, although how much of that was player preference or administrator choice we will never know.

Then came 2 more surprise packages, in the form of Fitz Hall and Patrick Van Aanholt. Van Aanholt has only signed for a month on-loan, presumably to cover the injured Jose Enrique, but he impressed on his debut so perhaps there could be an option to extend this loan to the end of the season. ‘One size fits’ Hall is with us until the end of the season, presumably as more cover should another injury happen.

Then onto deadline day itself. News broke early of interest in Coventry City’s Leon Best. Sky Sports News showed footage of the player arriving at the clubs Benton training HQ and the deal was concluded and confirmed just a few hours later, with the Republic Of Ireland international signing a 3.5 year deal. Out the door, finally, went Geremi. The Turkish team mentioned earlier that I couldn’t spell was the Cameroon internationals destination.

In conclusion then, a better window than many had hoped? I certainly think so! We have lost 3 players from the squad, including a rather large chunk of salary off the wages due to Geremi’s departure. We have replaced them with 5 new faces and retained the services of Danny Simpson, which leaves us with a very deep squad in comparison to other championship teams. These moves also introduce pace in the form of Best and Routledge, something that the team has needed for a while now.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect for me, is the fact we haven’t sold anyone other than Geremi. I started feeling nervous when players like Williamson were brought in as my first thought was who ‘would be sold? Colo or Taylor?’ I’m happy that none of our senior players have been sold!

Overall, I’d have to say this window has to get chalked down as a success. Our squad has grown in numbers and added in areas that we were thin in. Let’s all hope the new players can settle into their new surroundings quickly and propel us back to the Premier League.

Bring on Cardiff!

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76 Responses

  1. Dont think we can complain too much. We have cover in all the right areas. Yes an AM fould have been nice, but we hopefully we have enough now to get us up with the possibility of more loans coming in.

    As for Moses, lets face it, put ourselves in a players view point and take away our support of the club. Would you not go to a PL team giving the chance? Yes, lets hope we are there next season, but nothing is for sure if your a player arning your trade.

    Lets just hope what we have will get us up

  2. Its a transfer window that makes a statement of intent to win promotion . we now have real numbers in terms of squad size and added pace (routledge, best)and hieght (williamson)to the team and players with enough expierence of this division and time to develope into premiership standard . its a lot more than most of us expected , now the only thing missing is for CH to let the boys play attacking football and use the pace . no more 5 man defence minded midfields please chris .

  3. definately think that we signed well, hope to get van till end of season to cover jose in case of another injury and good to have hall on the bench to cover, but we need a higher standard of player in the summer in some areas to compete in prem

  4. As I have previously said, if some of our youngsters were with a team like Palace, they would probably have regular starts and possibly look as good as Moses. I wouldn’t be too upset at not getting him.
    I’m not too certain where Fitz Hall fits into the scheme of things is he midfield or an atttacker and how do we rate him.
    Routledge and Anna? look like our best acquisitions so far.

  5. We have got a much better squad now and the four permanant signings and two loans…with only geremi leaving is a fantastic result. Credit to the people at the top for losing targets but then moving on quickly.

    Im glad we have got it all done before the end of Jan and not use the loan market in Feb.

    I think a few fickle fans are annoyed because of the flashing of Moses’s name about and Best isnt as a big name, but come on, look at the bigger picture.

    A young striker who has been banging them in this season, an exciting right winger, a solid defender and a loan made permanant.

    Anyway, Moses ended up at Wigan, shows how how many people rated him in the premier league.

    Im waiting to wake up and it be the 1st Jan again.

  6. We got enough this window to get promotion and thats all we needed to do so I am haapy.
    I would be a lot happier if Hughton stopped putting one up front and packing the midfeild away from home. its all too defensive. We are not scaring teams, we should be hitting them hard and fast from kick-off

  7. Yeah, Willy, Hall is a defender.

    Charlie, Aanholt looked nervy for the first 10 or so mins but was fine after that, in my opinion.

  8. transfer window obviously a lot more successful than we would have thought but they stil merely spent about 3 mill(when u take away geremis wages) so its still nothing major but something necessary all the same.
    williamson and routledge i am happy with….devastated we didnt get a central midfielder with one ounce of creativity and attcking energy along with the fact we are still lumped with butt
    people are being harsh on leon best…..not very ambitious but it isnt his fault…..he is quite a good player from what i have seen with ireland and adds something different, certainly better than shola lazeobi! hes strong and powerful and goal scoring record looks better this year in fairnesss! mite do a good job for us
    not so happy bout van aanholt cuz i feel he is merely holding back young kadar who needs game time ( whent the hell else will these youngsteres f*kn play?????)
    fitz hall is a reject and i havent much interest in him, harsh maybe!!!
    i also dont think we were ever realistically going for moses….i feel it was more a pr movement to make it look like we were being ambitious when we really never were…..2.5 mill reli isnt much and we could have got him i believe if we went all out for it

  9. ye buddy i dont know why kadar didnt get a game at the weekend he has done well when played and must be annoyed to have a new signing jump infront of him. toonsy i just felt he left us quite open there and after an attack he just ambled back unlike jose who sprints to get in posistion

  10. It just might be that we haven’t bought an attacking midfielder as that is where Hughton is planning to put Barton or vuckik as soon as one or the other is fit. It may have been that if one or both had been available we wouldn’t have had this massive concern over the attacking midfield position.

    The other thing I think that needs to be considered is that the players we have brought in mean that we do only desperately need to consider strengthening in one position in close season, cover at left back, rather than throughout the squad.

    Let’s see where we are at the end of the season after the remaining twenty games or so pan out. I think we might end up being happy with this windows deals.

  11. I was looking at the rezzys for tonight and reckon we have some gooduns there, Godsmark is back with us and Aaron Spear is in the squad. There a several who could be pitched into the team now who would probably do a better job than some of the present first choices. Providing, CH has the balls to drop some of the back room mafia set.

  12. Charlie – Hmm, I still reckon Van Aanholt did fine. He’s got nearly 40% od the man of the match vote on the NUFC official website. Although rather alarmingly, Nicky Butt has over 1%! How???

  13. I think its unlikely that Butt and Pancrate will be here next season, so that thin’s out the options for midfield, and free’s up slice of cash if we do replace Nicky Butt.

    I also wonder if the ‘name’ player to leave will be Barton. It wouldn’t surprise me, he must be on more that the fabled wage cap and we do have lots of midfield options, even if we are unbalanced at present.

    As long as we are in this division, the only way Smith and Nolan won’t play is if they are suspended or sold!

  14. ye he was ok i suppose im just comparing him to jose who has had a great season and seems to tackle and run past any1. haha butt is awful he has never completed a pass or tackled anyone

  15. icedog – Butt is ginger, I doubt even his mother would admit he was her child ket alone vote for him :D

  16. I think people were just being silly about voting for Butt. If I had to grade (we like to do those things here in the USA) I guess it would be a solid B. The highlight by far is getting rid of Geremi’s money, Im sure CH might find a Rolex or something in his office as a thank you.

    I was gonna knock the grade downn a bit, for a lack of an attacking midfielder but makes sense Barton and that kid whose name I cant spell will fill that role.

    Its a good group to get promoted but will have to be rebuilt again.

  17. Now that the window is shut i’d like to know what the general opinion on CH is… so far this season he’s delivered the required standard, but i do think that is all that’s been delivered. There’s been no outstanding performances, very little convicing wins and the football is at best regimental. Can we survive in the PL with that kind of game, or more to the point, do we want to be that team? I am forever greatful to chris for the work that he’s put in and i think that he’s an excellent defensive coach but i also think that a defensive coach will never give us the football that we all long go see. Thoughts anyone?

  18. A better window than expected, I like the look of Williamson’s no nonsense approach to defending, realistically we were never going to sign players of Premiership class so for those that feel disappointed with what we’ve got I think their expectations on what a championship side is capable of in the transfer market was too high.

    We’ve got the potential now of not only winning the league but playing fast attacking football too, we know what Enrique and Jonas give the team down the left and hopefully Simpson and Routledge can offer us similar down the right.

  19. Thoughts:
    Everyone said we were f***** this season, we’re not, obviously.
    Ashley’s never gonna get anyone in this window, he did.
    Hughton is a yes man, with no clue about bringing in players, he’s done alright.
    we still expect ‘hollywood’ signings, so we’ve learned nowt since our fall from grace.
    Now can everyone remove the shit-stained glasses & get behind the team & stop whining like stuck pigs.

  20. Glad to see a little bit of positivity this evening.

    I was gob smacked at some of the negative comments this afternoon in relation to the signing of Best.
    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t………..

    Give the lad a chance, remember David Kelly and Gavin Peacock they had hardly set the world on fire at Leicester and Bournemouth respectively.

    In my opinion CH has the necessary tools available for him to push on for automatic promotion.
    Our immediate destiny rests in his team selection and man management skills, he must be brave and pick the right team for each opposition.

    If we get promoted, let us worry in May how we will fare in the PL, NOW IS NOT THE TIME…………

    Come on folks lets look forward to one big push.


  21. Hmmm! seeing as I had lobbyed for Best and Moses on these blogs, who knows someone may have been listening.
    Best is a tall youngster who not unlike Carroll puts himself about, has pace, also decent in the air.
    Hopefully he can do a job for us if not immediately in the near future.
    Depending on what we paid, could be an excellent buy and face it we do need help up front.

  22. I have many a time came on here and defended Ashley on more than a few occasions mainly on the subject of sorting our finances out (in the process becoming Batty’s best mate,lol)up intill about 10 mins ago,i am sat here thinking Ashley done good this window,taking in to account his previous,bringing in 6 players 4 of them perminant,trying for Moses while were missing out on prem £,i’m thinking the mans done good considering,then i thought about last night’s TV Doc,now yes it was broadcast last night but Ashley would have known about the Doc and that it was due to be broadcast for the last month at least,and on the grand scheme of things he has spent very little just over 3mill and lets be honest its very little in football terms,Geremi leaving- his savings on wages will cover all 6 players,the FAT C*NT has tried to buy us off on the cheap to deflect flack and the negativity around his Business,he has done it to help sports direct and his share price,Not for the good of the club,he has done it for the wrong reasons,He has tried to buy us fans off on the cheap.MIKE ASHLEY YOU ARE A FAT C*NT!

  23. barton – I’m guessing he is following the ‘get em up cheap as possible and sell the club in the summer’ theory.

  24. the program last night showed me nothing that i didnt already know all the clothes firms have been involved in slave labour for years people just turn a blind eye ,if he hadnt of been newcastle owner i dont even think they would have showed it

  25. Not for the right reasons,for the good of the club,he never has in the past has he,its all about Sports Direct,not NUFC

  26. it just dawned on me put the two together and its obvious,the bloke honestly thinks were mugs keep them happy a few cheap buys (no disrespect to any of the players lets give them a chance)and they will ignore the TV Doc, the C*NT Not for the right reasons,for the good of the club,he never has in the past has he,its all about Sports Direct,not NUFC

  27. its not that its he honestly thinks we are thick we are mugs its personal he thinks i am a tw*t

  28. It was a good January window – no doubt.
    Now the lads we have must produce – unlike Saturday night. But a win on Friday night will put us back on track.
    It was a good window – and if we can get promotion – we’ll finally get that pride back on Tyneside. Then we’ll need at least 4 good players in the summer.

  29. Clint @23
    Well said mate, could not agree more. I find it funny that we have fans on this site already complaing about how poorly we will do next year in the PL (if we make it up). This is a new level of whinging, I can’t beleive that fans are complaining about something that hasn’t even happened yet….. As far as the transfer window goes… very happy with the outcome. Fans need to accept the fact that we are not a mega rich club and realise that astute signings are they way forward. Once they grasp this reality, less doom and gloom will be spouted on blogs like these.

  30. Not overwhelmed but not badly disappointed.
    Would have loved to see us snap up Beckford or Moses but beggers can’t be choosers.

  31. Barton, Batty….. I do not apologise for Ashley and recognise that he has made some errors of judgement but for heck’s sake, do you not recognise that the club could have gone to the wall if it had been run on the Shepherd model?

    Does it not register that the club needed to tighten the finances and lower its debt levele and payroll costs to survive?

    Do you not appreciate the need to work within sensible parameters and not over extend or borrow more than necessary?

    Ashley’s done and is doing those things and one thing’s for certain is that if/ when we go up, we’ll be a much moree attractive proposition to any prospective buyer. Isn’t that waht you want?

    Let’s just stop whinging and look forward, support the players and staff that are here and by doing that, I’m confident that the results you want, both on and off the field, short and long term, will be delivered.

    To the sceptics, I’d hope you can a will be positive. Is that a realistic posssibility?

  32. Good points Lesh,my worry is that this current crop of players are miles away from premiership quality both individually and collectively.

    My gut feeling on the future is as follows….
    If (and right now it’s a big if as we don’t win games) we got promoted the current squad would need a massive injection of money to even survive a season in the premiership,if it is Mike’s goal to sell in the summer them no players will be bought during the sale of the club.

    The result: a very weak team and a manager who would be hounded out after a few defeats on the bounce.

    My gut feeling is that CH is rather cosy in the fizzy’s and knows that the rough and tumble of the premiership will ultimately spell the end of his reign as manager…in his position I would be trying to narrowly miss promotion and have another years employment in the championship.

  33. Mike has made some crazy judgements…I think on the retail side he certainly has it nailed,it is obvious though that those skills he has acquired over the years sometimes don’t transfer well to running a large professional football club.

    In his shoes I would have spent a bit more in this window,possibly treble the amount that he has to more or less secure top flight football next season and would have probably bought both Beckford and Moses and get them bedded in for next season and sell Shola and Carroll.

    I think Ranger and Lovenkrands would would work well with the Beckford and Moses and develop Ranger as a player too.

  34. BATTY,fansy saying i was pissed on sunday,never pissed sat/sun only pissed mon to fri,just drunk sat/sun dont spend all that £210 at sports/ ashley did not buy young moses (great sell on value)because he is going to cut and run when we go up on the cheap

  35. SJT @48, agreed 100%

    Batty, I’ve not gone in to the bunker as Barton’s jumped out (shortly to jump back in I’d guess?).

    I’ve been consistent in saying MA’s dropped so big big boo-boos and that there’s been a need to live within limited means ’til we’re out of the financial mire.

    If he’s prepared to make a go of the club, I’d be happy to live with his paws on the purse-strings but if he’s keen to sell and does, to a Lerner type investor, that’d suit me too.

    At the mo, being negative and stirring the water that’s passed under the bridge serves no useful purpose and I’m sure you’d agree.

    History’s there to be learned from and take those lessons forward – I think MA has and is doing so.

    Have a good day Batts.

  36. Cheers Clint,just reading this about Best by Lee Ryder

    I am all for giving the lad a chance and he sounds keen…if he turns out plop so what at least he tried..on the other hand he could turn out to be a goal animal and grab the number 9 shirt on merit and commitment….that would make me a happy lad.

    He may even give the other lads a kick up the backside as well.
    Go Leon show us what yer made of !

  37. SJT,
    I’d love that.
    It’s interesting that no one has the no.9 shirt & it seems like they’re holding it back in a way i’ve never seen before.
    They’re obviously aware of what that shirt means to us.
    I like the idea of having to earn that HONOR, ‘in the heat of battle’ on the pitch.

  38. I think it should be a massive incentive for our young strikers Clint and kinda romantic too to see someone come through the ranks and grasp the Hallowed 9 shirt with both hands.

    Even more special than a ready made No9.

  39. Batty in them size 12 HiTec’s mate there is not enough room in i don’t go anywhere without my trusty Hinari Microwave mate.

  40. back from quacks,told me to increase intake of jackie/d,and for more rec take in more toon away games,always liked that bloke

  41. batty says:
    February 2, 2010 at 11:21 am
    lesh if your in that bunker give stardust a nudge will ya……

    You got a barge-pole handy Batty?

    SJT, yup bring your microwave and I’ll bring the paper plates and plasic cutlery!!

  42. Noticed some voiced a preference of Beckford over Best, having watched both play, I would take Best anytime.
    He`s got strength and pace and what can you say about a guy with, what is it, eleven goals out of fifteen games.
    Would have liked to see Moses here also, could have complimented each other, but guess it was a half million too far.
    Need a defensive midfielder to replace Butt and Smith, (could still get a couple of bob for Smith) cant imagine why we let Parker go.
    That and an attacking playmaker, who can score to give Joey competition, sell both R.Taylor & Guthrie plus Nolan to fund the deal, if thats possible.
    End up with a team that could survive the first PL season back.

  43. The point i was trying to make was Ashley only gave the green light to bring those players in because the TV Doc was going to be broadcast,if there was no tv show we would not have brought the 6 lads in, he brought them in only to deflect from the Doc,that is what has wound me up.

  44. Icedog mate,i have stuck up for him time and time again much to the fury of many,how gullible am i,when you think about it he is that shallow,that is how he thinks.

  45. SJT

    At least the lads showing some respect for the shirt,its a lot more than some of our sighnings over the last few years

  46. I was saying I really like his attitude so giving the lad a chance,making the right noises so far looking forward to seeing him get some goals.

  47. yeah i agree with you there mate,its a nice thing to hear a player making those statements,he has said more in 24 hours than we got out of Owen in 4 years

  48. Respect to Siberski,his daughter has been found Dead today,in Manchester,my Heart go’s out,RIP

  49. NEED HELP,when i go to match,drive good drink,now i have friends,(toon sup)coming from malta to whatch toon play,first time in england,what bar would yous advise to go,want atmo,but dont want to get them a think ear ha

  50. Yeah mate,some time’s footy takes a back seat,Now he was a player who took his chance & did the shirt proud