Simply the Best? Toon confirm Coventry striker signs!

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Best regards Leon!
Best regards Leon!
Amid hopes of a last-ditch attempt at acquiring Jermaine Beckford from Leeds or a more proven goal-poacher, Newcastle have opted for the less likely choice of Coventry City’s Leon Best. The official site has confirmed what Sky Sports had been reporting this morning, and after passing a medical, Best takes the No.20 shirt after signing a three-and-a-half year deal for an ‘undisclosed fee’.

The Irish international will go into the squad for Friday and assuming there are no more departures from St James’, Hughton will be spoiled for choice in terms of numbers. Quite what Best offers us in comparison to the current target-man style range we currently have, is open to debate. And there have been as many grumbles as there have been open-minded optimism.

Certainly, he seems to have offered Ashley the more prudent financial option, while still suggesting that we are sticking with our ‘younger player with potential’ model. It remains to be seen if Best can repay him by performing and realising some potential at St James’.

Well whether you rate him , don’t rate him, your indifferent or just haven’t got a clue because you’ve never seen him play, he’s here. So another new fella who needs to be made welcome and should he get it, let’s hope he can return the favour with a good start.

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74 Responses

  1. Lets see if he gets as many goals as Beckford does though Clarkeonenil, are really you sure where your loyalty’s lie?

  2. Clarkeonenil

    Hope you are right.

    I can’t say i am overly disappointed at missing out on Moses or Beckford. Moses was the better of the two, but he and his agent seem like they are just using this transfer to market Moses at a higher level and he would be off as soon as a bigger club came in for him. All the best to the young forward though.

  3. he cant be any worse than Xisco or ameobi can he , after all he has scored 10 goals this season hope he adds many more to that total . Never seen him play does anyone know what type of striker he is , hope he has a bit of pace at least .

  4. He is similar to Xisco. He aint lighting fast, but fast for a relatively tall, strong striker. I personally feel that Xisco should have been given a chance in this league.

  5. CAM to add some creativity would be the icing on the cake, though Vukic given a chance would suit me

  6. minute beckford (scoring goals for fun against prem sides – has an awesome strike rate, a natural goalscorer)…next minute – Victor Moses, a promising england youth player, still a teenager with the world at his feet (linked with Spanish giants)..but instead, you end up with Leon Best from Coventry!! Jeez – looks like newc have well and truely lost ur pulling power..!! Its funny tho – whoever newcastle sign, theres always optimism from the fans which u have to admire!! I bet if they signed Carl Cort back they’d be some positives to draw!!!

  7. SJT

    I read someware that he thinks he plays better waring the mask mate,i hope we have not brought a plum here.

  8. But lets give the lad a chance,i know i sound hypocritical after what i was saying earlier,but when you look at his record-yes poor,however 9 in 15 league games this season is a decent return and Trappotoni his national boss rates him so lets sit in hope

  9. Hitman@17
    do you honestly think there’s any truth there,must be a decent player if he on Chelsea radar but would Ashley pay that kind of coin & would he want to come to us

  10. Yeah I read it Barton…says it make him a Superhero…..hope he is not a Superzero :)

  11. Cherry- that optimism you speak of is more commonly known as supporting your team! Beckford wanted to come to us but grayson blocked the move, that has been confirmed by Leeds. We would have taken Moses had Wigan not offered a team in administration more money. I wouldn’t say either failing to materialise were down to a loss of pulling power at all. Granted we can’t offer premier league football, but there are plenty of players who would pick us over alot of other football clubs!

  12. Cherry gan back to Wearside and remmber Steve Bruce is the son of Lawrie McMennamy in disguise haha

  13. Xisco…Epic Fail!!!

    Welcome aboard Leon, show a bit of aggression, pride and put the ball in the back of the net and you’ll not go far wrong son!!!

  14. Well that looks like the end of our strengthining for the season and to be honest we are now strong enough to cover most situations at least we done better this window than the summer when we kicked the season off what was it 9 out and only simpson in on loan,do you finaly think the penny has dropped with Ashley?

  15. Plus credit must be givin to the fact we have let no one leave there must have been enquiries about 1 or 2 of our players this window

  16. There’s always time for loan deals like, window doesn’t shut for windows and free’s until Thursday night I think it is

  17. theres a difference from supporting ur team and just been honest with yourselves for once.. u really think best is a better option than beckford or moses? why not just play smithy up front so he can earn some of his huge wages!

  18. A good window all around. We certainly shored up the defense and it might actially be prem quality meaning any money on promotion can be spent on atacking options.

    Would have liked to have seen an AM brought in, but I can live with our current midfield this season so long as Guthrie and Barton (when fit) play up front in place of Nolan.

  19. icedog – he’s like the love-child borne out of one night of passion between Hughton and Paul McGrath…

  20. Even if he gets us 8 goals in a bid for promotion that’s reportedly £100K a goal just for half a season helping us get back to the big league.

    We’ve spent neatly, with players who should be hungry to prove themselves.

  21. When did I say best was a better option than Moses or beckford like? All I said was that you were wrong I’m saying we’d lost all pulling power, which you are considering it has been publically stated beckford wanted to play for us and the Moses deal collapsed financially. You’re now just talking shite.

  22. Let’s remember that we already had a squad capable of leading the league. This window was all about backup against injuries and we’ve done that very well without risking much cash.

    What has impressed me is the bonus stuff that’s gone on, i.e.

    1. Getting rid of Geremi and saving us 1.5m
    2. Getting that much-needed RW in

    If any of these newbies actually end up 1st choice, then that’s a bonus. From early sight of some of them I think that may just happen.

    Great job, CH and co.

    And no, Ashley, I still don’t trust you as far as I could flick you. But credit where it’s due.

  23. All in all, I think it’s been a good window and CH’s problem’s getting the best mix and an attacking one at that.

    The influx of players calls for lots of training and experimenting to get the right attacking mix. Could he play 4-3-3 with waht we’ve got and stop this potentially disastrous game of playing for an away point mentality?

    As far as cheepie buys no being good buys goes – let’s wait and see eh? It makes sense to me to buy to get us out then sell and buy as appropriate for the Prem.

    This window could’ve repeated previous ones with outgoers and no incomers so let’s just learn to live within the means available to the club – or it may be the means MA’s prepared to subsidise the club with!!!

    Moses a big disappointment. How’s about Whelan’s attempt to get MA to pay over the odds might have cost him dear.

    Interasting times eh!

  24. MDS @ 34: “We certainly shored up the defense and it might actially be prem quality meaning any money on promotion can be spent on atacking options.”

    Hadn’t thought of that. Good point!

    I’m really looking forward to when CH has to choose between this lot for attack:

    Barton, Nolan, Jonas, Guthrie, Vukic, Routledge, Lua Lua, Pancake, R.Taylor, Loverboy, Carroll, Shola, Best, Ranger. (Oh, and Jose and Van Thingy can chip in too)

    Get them on the training ground for a month, and I think we’ll finally see some exciting football as well as results.


  25. Every piece of transfer speculation involved players who we’d be taking a gamble on. Any player can make a move and turn out to be huge flops – I need not recite names from past managerial regimes.

    So when it’s a gamble, it’s better to make the cost lower, so if they do truly turn out to be rubbish, then you haven’t just blown £8million on a player you can’t even shift for half of that.

    These signings are young, hungry players with something to prove. I’m very happy with them and think our squad is at exactly the amount of numbers and balance we need heading into this second half of the season.

  26. Reasonably happy with the lads brought in, over the moon on the player leaving. Could have done with the Chelsea lad staying all season as back up and to push Jose.

    Williamson in two games has looked solid long side Colocinni. This for me gives us so many options at the back as it could also play S, Taylor at RB as I like him there marurding up the line.

    VanAarnholt looks a good young player and would be really good as back up and competition for Jose as mentioned.

    Simpson solid RB and being young can only get better especially with pressure from R Taylor (not impressed at RB) and like I say maybe S Taylor being but out there.

    Routledge Looks good so far hope he plays well and can give a bit more balance across the middle.

    Fitz Hall only brought in as cover. Will he play? I;m not so sure but will have to wait and see.

    Best well this is one I cant really comment on, seems to have played well this season after being poor in previous years. Hope he scores a few in February with the amount of games we have and we will see what he is about.

    We also have Xisco to come back, when ive seen him he looked well. He was the best player when we got beat off hull in the FA cup. He is quick but the noises he is making he aint done anything to catch anybodies eye for a permenant deal. So in the summer we will have.


    six strikers and not sure if they will cut it in the prem but will have a sell on value.

  27. Whumpie @

    I’m really looking forward to when CH has to choose between this lot for attack:

    Barton, Nolan, Jonas, Guthrie, Vukic, Routledge, Lua Lua, Pancake, R.Taylor, Loverboy, Carroll, Shola, Best, Ranger. (Oh, and Jose and Van Thingy can chip in too)

    Agree there are some nice options there but am afraid that CH loves the Smith/Nolan pairing through the center. Really hope he sees the light and gives Barton and Guthrie a run there..

  28. Lads, I’ve done a transfer window round-up article so could you keep some thoughts and reflections for when it’s up? Cheers :D ;)

  29. I can’t put them up Dave, that’s owrkey or bowburns territory. They’re the organ grinders, I’m just the monkey :D

  30. personally I’m looking forward to the development of Vuckic. When’s he back from injury, on what we’ve heard, he’s easily the most talented of our youngsters. In regards to this window, overall I’m happy. Was genuinely gutted about Moses to tell the truth, but other than that credit to CH. Think Williamson looks like a touch of class at this level, very happy with Routledge and think if he got more of the ball he’d thrive. Every time he’s on the ball I’m more excited than with ANY of our other players. Aanholt looks like a big prospect, I reckon we’ll land him on loan through the rest of this season, and I’m reserving judgement on Best, who I think may turn out like Williamson, a nice surprise. Fitz Hall is just last grasp back-up, and I hope not to see him feature much really, glad he’s in on loan. With Barton returning and Vuckic developing I think we have the makings of a team that will survive next years PL season.

    s taylor williamson colo enrique
    routledge smith barton jonas
    best lovenkrands

    with perhaps van aanholt on the wing for jonas, vuckic in for barton and guthrie in for smith. Not bad, not bad at all..

  31. No 9 is a talismanic shirt, kept for the star striker. None of what we have fit the bill as yet.

  32. thats another thing, I was worried Hughton would give the No.9 away to Best. He’s a bit number happy with the new boys- no. 10 to harewood ffs, 5 to fitz hall as the cb when stevie taylor’s still 27, now he’s passed the 10 straight over to routledge, which he’ll hopefully earn in time. Glad the 9’s been kept free, it’s a draw for prospective players

  33. fabio capello is out of contract after the world cup i think, long shot but we should go for him to keep us in prem!

  34. Can you see any strikers knocking about of realistic quality to both join us and also live up to the reputation that precedes no. 9 shirt wearers? I’m not too sure right now.

  35. Andy you are probably right but do the mob upstairs worry about what we think err-NO. If they think they can get someone in cheap and offer them the no 9 well!

  36. The signing of Best imo looks a beter move than Beckford . The lad is younger has played at a higher level and this season scored goals . The lad is still fairly young at 23 . Beckford is 26 and never played beyond division 1 and 3 goals 1 a penalty in the fa cup does not garentee he could reproduce his goal scoring form in the prem over a full season . Best has more time to mature into a premiership player and playing full internationals for ireland will help him make the next step in his development

  37. just watched goal on y-tube,a few like that and i would be very happy thank you v.much

  38. I’ve seen worse transfer windows for us, so I’m taking the glass half full option and there is still time to get some decent loanees in. It’s how CH manages the squad that is important now, he has to show some balls and take a few risks in the midfield, theres nowt wrong with the defence or the attack it’s the bit in between that needs looking at.

  39. OMG,
    No-one has been given the Iconic no.9 shirt have they?
    So haad y’pash.
    As for the other no.’s, ever thought Taylor might want no. 27, people do have ‘lucky no.’s’ don’t they?

  40. ‘The mob upstairs’ patently DO care what we think, otherwise they’d give the no. 9 shirt to anyone not no-one.
    Employ some logical, lateral thinking, if y’can.

  41. 68 aka Ashley puppet
    I said initially that they may have someone lined up for it in the summer ie Beckford. It was a thought that they may have promised it to an out of contract player in the summer. Possible lateral thinking? Read things properly if you are capable which I doubt. The amount of crap v class players that have worn the shirt over the last 40 + years show that they did not care that much in the past-so why would Ashley. Think before you spout dross.

  42. First they try to defend themselves, then they make excuses, then they try & turn it round on you.
    Did i mention any names, if the cap fits.

    & your poncey little name calling will never penetrate my
    shield of steel.
    Bite me.