Heads you win! Colo and Carroll see off determined Watford.

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Sideshow Bob hits the spot.
Sideshow Bob hits the spot.
A quick trip up to Watford for this North London dwelling Geordie, and my first visit to Watford’s Vicarage Road.

The last time I went to a game with today’s companion was the time we lost 6-1 to Leyton Orient, with my (Arsenal supporting) friend making some choice wisecracks right through the game. Though of course I felt very confident that another drubbing like that wasn’t on the cards, his presence still made me slightly superstitious. We found ourselves ensconsed in the Vicarage Road end, and indeed, the view doesn’t seem bad at all compared with what away supporters get at some grounds, and it seems like a decent enough place. Well it does on three sides anyway, with the currently closed East Stand looking a bit of a mess as it awaits the construction of a supposedly “state of the art” new stand. The supporters seemed fair enough too though perhaps not the most vociferous. On with the game though!

From the kick off it was a fairly respectable “all guns blazing” start from Watford in the first few minutes. Indeed, Watford had my Geordie ticker gannin’ fifteen to the dozen almost immediately with two chances. In the first, Danny Graham dragged a ball back for Don Cowie to shoot at goal. Luckily though, the shot seemed to be somewhat rushed and it looped over the goal. For the second, the Hornet’s Jon Harley also had a really good shot on target slightly later which was well saved by Harper.

However, just after Harley’s attempted strike in the third or fourth minute, bang! A few dramatics from Gutierrez after being brought to ground by Mariappa led to a Danny Guthrie free kick, which Watford failed to clear. Big lump, Andy Carroll, then managed to head the ball back into the danger zone, and that big ‘seventies perm we know and love soared above Watford’s Mariappa as Coloccini headed the ball down and past the Hornets’ keeper. More Argentinian pressure followed shortly afterwards as Jonas was again involved in the action, shooting wide but allowing Carroll to get in another header, which went the wrong side of the post.

However this wasn’t quite enough to put this fan’s mind at rest, and the goal certainly didn’t knock the stuffing out of Watford as they kept their composure and continued their endeavour. Newcastle meanwhile seemed to be inviting trouble a little, mainting a high line which gave Watford quite a few opportunities to go ‘over the top’. Gutierrez seemed to be a constant pain in the Hornet’s side though with some decent work down the flank. At around the twenty minute mark, A Guti cross finds Carroll again, but his attempt was wide of the mark, though it did bring a nervous scramble out of Watford’s keeper, Scott Loach. Things start to degenerate a little however as the game became more scrappy as the half time whistle loomed. The few minutes up to the break had Staffordshire ref, Tony Bates reaching for his pocket with disturbing regularity, with yellow cards for Toon’s Leon Best and Mike Williamson respectively, then a few minutes later, it was Watford’s turn as the previously mentioned Harley was booked too along with Henri Lansbury. Watford had a bit of a chance with a first corner lofted into the area, but luckily for us, it came to nothing and it was 1-0 at the break.

The second half started in a sinilar fashion as the first thankfully. Of course, with the yellow cards flowing freely, it has become almost de rigeur for Alan Smith to get a piece of the action, and he was duly booked for one of those delicate, artful little challenges of his which left Lansbury in a mangled heap on the deck. The Hornet’s come out on the attack again with some decent work, but, as in the first half, it is the Toon who get the second goal. An inswinger from Guthrie once again, though this time from a corner instead of a free kick, leads to ‘tower of power’, Andy Carroll, rising high once again to plant one firmly fimly in the back of the Hornet’s net with his nut five minutes into the second half, his eleventh goal of the season.

Despite the game being seemingly almost put away with a second goal, Watford were still fighting hard and causing problems for the Magpies, with other big lad, Mike Williamson, being worthy of special mention for another good defensive performance with the lads.

Rain was coming down, and by this point, the pitch was turning into something of a quagmire. Ranger trotted on for a familiar last quarter cameo, and the Vicarage Road fans whinged and moaned a bit about the pitch being “unplayable”. Two final Toon subtitutions were then made as Taylor and Pancrate are brought on in fairly quick succession to see out the final seconds. As I mentioned though, Watford were certainly no pushovers, especially on this quagmire of a pitch, and the Hornet’s finally show the sting in their tail as a fairly lucky deflected shot falls into the path of Waford substitute, Will Hoskins, leaving him with an easy shot which is duly converted for a consolation goal. Watford continued the pressure, and there was a bit of ‘siege mentality’ as Newcastle held on in the last seconds for a valuable away win.

Toon: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Van Aanholt, Nolan, Guthrie (Pancrate 89), Smith, Gutierrez (Ryan Taylor 88), Best (Ranger 74), Carroll.

Subs: Pancrate, R. Taylor, Krul, Hall, Kadar, Donaldson.

Booked: Best, Williamson, Nolan, Smith, Van Aanholt.

Goals: Coloccini 4, Carroll 50.

Watford: Loach, Mariappa, DeMerit, Taylor, Doyley, Lansbury, Cowie (McGinn 83), Harley (Hoskins 77), Eustace, Graham, Helguson.

Subs: McGinn, Hoskins, Lee, Jenkins, Henderson, Bryan, Hodson.

Booked: Helguson, Harley.

Goal: Hoskins 90.

Crowd: 17,120

Referee: Tony Bates (Staffordshire).

Update: Player ratings (for Bowburnmag): Harper 7.5, Simpson 6.5, Coloccini 8.5, Williamson 8, Van Aanholt 7.5, Nolan 7, Guthrie 7.5, Smith 7, Gutierrez 8, Carroll 8, Best 6.

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107 Responses

  1. That picture looks misleading, almost like colo minced away from the ball, closed his eyes and booted the Watford player instead :lol:

  2. Aye,
    another terrible ref showing, fortunately, this time out it didn’t cost us the points.
    Watford tried hard, in a cloggy, twisty, rolly around on the floor ” oh! the refs seen my 5.9 dive/roll i can get up & take the free kick now”, kind of a way.
    The pitch was like a garden too, nice!

    The lads didn’t have to get into top gear & won pretty easily really.
    A very cool 3 away points, pity they got their skanky goal at the death, it was more than they deserved.

  3. good result yesterday – keep our home form up and we should be certs for promotion

    off topic news
    lualua is getting rave reviews here in Brighton, who’ve gone from almost certain relegation candidates to relative safety since he turned up – Brighton fans love him and poyet has been singling him out for praise almost weekly – everyone down here are hoping Newcastle allow him to stay till end of season

    funny to see bellamy of all people slating john terry off yesterday – I personally dislike them both but would have bellamy back at the toon

  4. Anyone watching Rangers v Celtic? What a fantastic advertsement for Scottish football! The quality is immense and the atmosphere is unbeatable! NOT!

    Give us a Tyne/Wear derby. Knocks spots off that one!

  5. stevep
    agree mate never liked the big mouthed welsh cnut as a person but would definatly have him back as a player for next season . Doubt he would come though .

  6. toonsy-Milner has looked good so far. He’s looked really good at Villa to be honest, really annoying like. Another ridiculous display of officiating thus far. How is Vidic still on the field? By giving the penalty you’re recognising the offence, the punishment being a red card. To not even give a yellow is baffling. Villa’s two yellow cards for first time offences followed by Carricks cynical foul being overlooked is quite amusing also. I say amusing, if i dont laugh i’ll just get angry.

  7. toonsy-i’d love it but sadly I cant see it happening, lol. It’s at times like this i want some sort of Q&A with the team of officials to be published after the game though. How would he possibly explain his reasoning for not sending Vidic off? By the book, thats a red card. He cant give any first offence rubbish because that didnt stop him booking the likes of Downing. It genuinly seems to me like there’s a set of rules for Man utd and another for everyone else.

  8. jay jay I think Owen will be chewing turds at the end of this season, and it wont be in Africa :lol:

  9. Ross > How would he possibly explain his reasoning for not sending Vidic off?

    Easy he is scared of the big red nosed cnut

  10. Big Dave-Exactly, but he cant exactly say that, lol. It’s pathetic, he might aswell just claim he was cheating. Textbook Michael Owen. Gets a start and he’s off with a hammy injury inside 45 minutes. Aye, lets take him to the world cup and watch our squad become a man light when he’s injured inside 20 minutes against Algeria or something.

  11. Same here Dave. Massive mistake selling him was. Then again, he’d have been sold in the summer anyway.

  12. Was it Milner who was sold to apparently make way for Schweinsteiger? Hilarious. Glad to see that one came off then.

  13. Anyone fancy any player from the Scottish league??

    I would fancy A.Mcgeady and Charlie Mulgrew to come. :lol:

  14. RIP, Charley Crowe and condolences to his family. I just missed out on seeing him play but did just get to see his team mate Vic Keeble. Where has all of the time gone?

  15. AOD-I live in Scotland these days and try to follow the football but if i’m brutally honest, nothing against the country but there football league isnt the most exciting or talent filled area of the game. From mates who are Celtic fans, alot of them say they wouldnt be overly bothered if Mcgeady left. He’s seemingly good with the ball at his feet but greedy in the process. Doesn’t look up to play the right pass at the right time often enough. One player i would have taken is Scott Mcdonald. He looked to be a great out and out striker, right place at the right time and knew where the net is. How has he been doing at Boro? Anyone know?

  16. I have been wanting us to sign Schweinsteiger for years but I doubt if we’ll ever get him now. We missed a great chance if the talk of him coming to us was genuine. Probably another Rooney or Modric, hot air and window shopping.

  17. Big Willy-I seem to remember alot of people saying that a deal was actually agreed between both clubs to bring him here, however the player himself turned it down. As soon as Bayern said they’d flog him, we let Milner go, took the money for him in an attempt to fund the Schweinsteiger deal and then bothered to try to negotiate with him. Clearly he turned us down.

  18. Aiden Mcegeady is fast,but does he cross well???? Ross……IMO,he can do a cover for both Wayne and Jonas if either injured.

  19. Boumsong was rangers player of the season when we signed him, 100% proof that Scottish football is utter shite and players should usually be avoided.

  20. jay jay-agreed, our experiences with the SPL havent been especially impressive. But at the same time, there are players that have came from Scotland and improved. The likes of Cuellar at Villa, or Fletcher from Hibs to Burnley. I didnt rate Fletcher too highly when he was playing in the SPL but I’m sure he’s passed the 10 goals mark for this season which isnt too bad tbh. That Bougherra playing at CB for Rangers atm looks a canny player, but like you said RE Boumsong, he could go elsewhere and flop spectacularly. On another note, Vidic shown a yellow card there. He 100% shouldn’t be on the field now because his foul to give away the pen was a yellow minimum, a red if you’re playing by the book.

  21. bowburnmag says:
    February 28, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    “What were the pies like and can we have some player ratings please gaffer?”

    Didn’t have any pies there, Bowburn. I saved myself for a slap up dinner back in London after the game. Will have a go at updating with some player ratings if I can.

  22. Toonsy he is due a goal drought lol. I see the pundits said he had a slight flu then he himself says its a slight knee injury :lol:

  23. Dave – It’s only a ‘slight knee injury’ because Andy Gray knocked it on the way tp sucking Rooney’s rod!

    That has always grated on me, Andy Gray banging on about Rooney and how is great, yes, we know he is. He never gives anyone any recognition if they are outside the Sky 4.

  24. Which is why I still like watching the 5-0 on YouTube as Peacock’s goal really shuts him up!

    Twatty Jock McGray – “I’m not sure that’s over the line, I don’t know how they can give that”

    *slow motion replay reaveals it is over the line*

    Twatty Jock McGray “Oh, oh dear”

  25. I Would like to know how much distance Park covered in the Game, he has a phenomonal work rate. I doubt that he ever gets MOM ratings but for me is probably their most consistent player. Wouldn’t mind having him in our team.

  26. With reference to the SPL – The EPL is now just the same, but with better players. In the SPL there’s only ever going to be Celtic or Rangers winning the league and in the EPL it’s only ever going to be ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal or perhaps now Man City.

  27. what game was mackay watching! they played the long ball and kicked are players why wasnt harley sent off for them in front of the dugout and they then sub him why didnt the clown say anything about that. their long ball game played into are hands so what the hell he was on about.

  28. BBB, LOL, very good. :)

    Perhaps if we got him then the whippet owners should keep an out for him. ;)

  29. Park is a canny player.
    Bellamy was/is better than Owen & milner put together. What a shame souness sold him & what a loss. That was the real beginning of the rot.

  30. Bellamy is an excellent player. The only issue is the fact that when he was with us he had a rotten attitude on him. He’s older now, maybe he’s grown up a little. Not afraid to speak his mind which i dont have too much of a problem with (Within reason), maybe on a day to day basis he’s slightly more mature. Still a very good striker regardless. Apparently he gave a bit of a tasty interview after the Chelsea game, claiming everyone knows what Terry is like off the field so he’ll leave it at that? lol.

    Completly off topic lads, but how does everyone feel about us going to Puma for our kit next season? I can only really remember Asics and Adidas kits for us like and i really like the current home shirt now. Puma did some good stuff for the african teams the past few years and the spurs shirts have been canny aswell. Whats everyone thinking? Sad to see adidas go?

  31. Gutted to see Adidas go ross.
    Always bought their stuff, even before they sponsored the Toon. Was made up when they did.
    Puma is owned by Adi Dassler’s brother, so we’re still in the same family, as it were.
    Been noticing a few puma wearing teams lately.
    Their stuff is ok, though they do seem to have a couple of odd lumps of color the tops. But they are ok & generally more ‘fitted’ & less ‘sack-like’ in shape.
    Which is nice.

  32. Sad to see adidas go. I think it may be something to do with the white stripes.

    My first ever kit Newcastle was an Umbro one although I remember a few people were still wearing the Bukta ones when I was really young.

  33. CliNT-I agree regarding the whole “fitted” thing. Dont want to sound like a ponce (lol) but i think the whole slim fitting thing round the arms etc just makes them look a bit smarter for knocking about in rather than wearing a tent. I’m tall and slim, aka a lanky bugger so it will suit me down to the ground, haha. The African teams were running around in these skin tight things but Puma seem to have got away from that this season so who knows what we’ll get. Some of their designs are nicer than others. I’m not mad keen on this seasons style but its a case of wait and see i suppose. Will be exciting none the less but im quite gutted to see Adidas go also. At least we’re not getting lined up with le coq sportif or whoever it is thats responsible for Everton’s excuse for a kit this year. Disgusting like!

  34. Living doon sooth,
    when i where me classic black adidas top with the 3 white stripes down the arms, everyone knows who i support, without having to speak & give it away. :)

  35. Did anyone see James latest hair creation in the Pompey game, you just don’t know whether to laugh at him or admire him.
    I wonder what Frank Skinner would have to say.

    “He’s got a birds nest on his head, he’s got a birds nest on his head” sang to He’s got the whole World in his hands.

  36. BIG WILLY,with you on C.C RIP as i said earlier,i did see him play,re;V.keeble we used to say he could take pens with his head! whoever stole your time nicked mine to m8

  37. Never been a huge fan of adidas kits. For me their products are far too samey and lack originality. New era, new sponsors. Me likey! :D

  38. Totally agree ross :)
    everton’s is a blind persons idea of a joke. :)
    Aye, i’m down with the fitted thing too, no beer belly to hide. :)
    I just hope they do some research & make sure that they put a white leaping cat on a black background, rather than the other way round. As some of our fans are proper gonna get the hump about having a black cat on our shirt, if you get me?
    It would be an oversight on their part.
    Maybe a B&W striped cat would be better?

  39. I still can’t believe James & ‘the other 2’ are still getting pick for england in goal.

  40. CLiNT- I didnt even consider the fact we might have a black cat on our shirt next season. Thats a fine observation mate! haha. Evertons kit is rotten, i actually feel sorry for them. They’ve had some rotten colours when it comes to away kits in the past few seasons n’all. I cant handle the whole luminous thing. Might be tempted to take it over the deck chairs we’re currently sporting on our travels though!

    Who knows, we might even get a canny track top or two, or some decent training gear. I’ve never really bought anything besides the strip but i get bloody freezing on matchday like, lol

  41. Ross, perhaps you could get Ashley to manufacture B&W striped Slankets in one of his foreign sweatshops. ;)

  42. Ross,
    damn right mate.
    Gotta say i’ve got used to the away top, i think it looks better with black shorts & socks like. There are worse, just look at Barca away, eeek! :)
    But everton’s takes the biccy though, funny strip. :)

    Buy a top a size or 2 bigger than you need & where it ower ya’ jacket for games when it’s particularly card mate.
    You look a bit like michelin man but y’get to sport the colors & be warm at the same time.

  43. IceDog don’t really remember too much about Vic but for some reason I think people used to rib him a bit for being a little humpbacked. Or I am confusing him with Charles Laughton.

  44. Big Willy-haha, aye i’ll pitch the idea of a black and white poncho or something. No doubt he’ll just tell me I can take one of their discount NUFC duvets and be happy however.

  45. CLiNT-I make sure i wear my shirt regardless on match day like, its normally the selection of jacket thats the worrying one. I’m canny good at getting the weather completly wrong, sitting down and being like “sh!te, im freezing” haha.

    I did pick myself up a scarf from the club shop. But even then that was just on a whim. Strolling down Northumberland st pre Boro in december and realised i was Baltic so i nipped in and grabbed one. Only 10 or 11 quid like which i was willing to pay, was expecting it to be more.

  46. haha, to be fair, i still sort of thought to myself..”you’re spending a tenner on a piece of wool to keep warm for 90 minutes. Spend that in the pub and put the beer jacket on” but i decided on the scarf, lol. Its got emblems from over the years on it though and i’m living up in Edinburgh these days, so its always canny nice to get a nod or a smile from someone when they notice it, seemingly also from the North East, reminds me of home a bit!

  47. The dog claimed my scarf. I must get another one but I only ever buy from the club shop and not online, I hate the fact I have to pay postage :lol:

    On the grounds I don’t go to home games anymore then I think the club shop is unlikely :(

  48. IceDog, I wish and the monkey glands aren’t working either. Just remind me Is that when we had Simpson in goal, Keith and McMichael at full back and Bobby Stokoe at centre half. They are some that spring to mind, you might just have a year or two on me though and might remember more.
    Plus we had McKeag and Seymour who in their own way were just as bad as Ashley, especially McKeag.
    We still had shipbuilding on the Tyne and lots of working collierys.
    Cue the “Going Home Theme” from Peer Gynt.

  49. BIG WILLY,you make me think and make me laugh (keep it up)i was down in the mouth with fulham only getting a draw.you must remember the crook with with eye patch.
    the papers saying toon after hull def hope not had trial here and let go paper shit i think

  50. IceDog, yeah thats Zayette, can’t see why we would want him, I think we are well stocked in the position he plays.

  51. Regarding the Bellamy comments earlier,

    Yes i know he was a mouthy, temperamental little sh*t, who wound Shearer up, but when he was on the pitch he always gave 100%. When him and Shearer were on form together they were 1 of the best premiership strikeforces, IMO.

    As much as i love wor AL, i sometimes wonder how much a hand he played in Souness getting rid of Bellas. The pair of them seemed to put their differences aside when on the pitch and it’s a shame they couldn’t have kept playing together.

  52. We are also monitoring the Jamie O’Hara situation I’ve just read.

    Apparently, if the Portsmouth administrator chooses to send him back to Spurs to cut the wages then Redknapp would be willing to loan him to a championship club. The player is keen on linking up with Hughton due to Hughton helping him develop at Spurs.

    Would be cracking if it came off to be fair.

  53. Toonsy, be great if we could actually sign him full time but on loan would be a good start. Does anyone else rate Eagles, I keep mentioning his name but no one seems interested.

    Off to watch TV but will catch up on comments later.

  54. i like that kid o!hare seems to have good eye for a pass,with a bit of pace,spurs owes us one (boom)anyone seen that skilbeck play?keeps saying he loves the toon,would!nt,cost a arm and leg,surposed to be top player over there?

  55. icedog – Spoke to a Norweigan I know about Skjelbred and how he thought he would get on in England. He reckons that if he can bulk up and strengthen then he would be fine as ability wise he could cut it. Same with that Huskelepp or whatever he is called.

    O’Hara, would be nice to get him on a loan to buy but apparently Redknapp rates him quite highly for the future so would be unwilling to let him go pemanently.

  56. TOONSY thanks for that have always wondered (GOD CLEVER SITE THIS)i know the lad at pommy is left sided so hope he is right sided or both!being greedy like

  57. I think O’Hara is left footed and can play in the middle or on the left. I’d assume he can play on the right if needed but if he is left footed then it’s kind of counter productive as he will always have to cut back inside onto his stronger foot.

  58. Zayette would be a decent signing. He is best when played as an anchorman and reminds me a bit of Zokora. Hull use him as a center half but I think he lacks the concentration and focus to play there

  59. i dont agree with some lads !saying we need 6-7 prem but i worry about our midfield in the prem,for me we need 2 there,then a bit of cover in one or two places,and imo a c/h or l/b as one of them will go 7mil will get them ashley will at least want one of them off the wage bill,(colo&j.e)

  60. Would be suicide to get rid of Jose, even still our only left back after how long??!!

    My main worry is a clinical striker, someone who can finish and not just in the air.

    Then a creative mid to fashion the chances. Then some cover in some positions.

    I think people are expecting to much from next season with dreams of mid table finishes etc. Step 1 is to get up and stay up. After that, then we can look further forward.

  61. well at least one will go toonsy no way will ashley keep both high earners i hope we keep jose but it might depend on cash on offer to get midfielders in and cover in some positions,as he will not spend much of his (own)money,i will be happy with just below mid table creep before walking

  62. sleeping tablet @ 86 – have you nothing better to do than hang around on this site like a bad smell all day ?.

    Big Willy says:
    February 28, 2010 at 9:08 pm.

    Does anyone else rate Eagles, I keep mentioning his name but no one seems interested.

    – that’s coz nobody is interested , look up – take the hint – & if your as clever as you claim to be then you’ll understand why.

    – big willy ! , i think you should consider changing that to the more appropriate name ….. big jessie.


  63. Oh yea,
    a big thanx to Van Aanholt for coming in for Jose & doing a great job while here.
    I think the lad has a future.
    Thank you.

  64. Hi Roy, sorry mate I really must apologise to you. Thing is I write my comments for people who have some intelligence. Anyone of limited IQ (intelligence quotient) would probably find them boring as they wouldn’t be able to grasp the finer nuances of my wit and repartee. When I know you are on the blog I will try to limit myself to using simple text and at most four letter words.
    I do congratulate you though for being able to appreciate the wisdom I have tried to impart from my encyclopaedic store of knowledge regarding the potential ability of various athletes and in particular the parameters of a player of a youngster like Andy Carrol. Which I have to say are still not fully realised yet.
    As this particular comment is mainly for your benefit I will not add any of my pearls of wisdom regarding our magnificient team and other aspects of soccer, life and other sundry fields. These will follow in later comments on this and other threads for your and other bloggers delectation.

  65. sounds like billy wig is trying to emulate stardust trying to be clever with big words.

  66. 24
    Big Willy says:
    February 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    RIP, Charley Crowe and condolences to his family

    ‘sounds like billy wig is trying to emulate stardust trying to be clever with big words.’

    No, it sounds to me like ‘billy wig’ is the only person on this thread who had the decency to send his condolences to the family of Charlie Crowe!

  67. Chris G says:
    March 1, 2010 at 8:41 am
    Big Willy says:
    February 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    RIP, Charley Crowe and condolences to his family

    ’sounds like billy wig is trying to emulate stardust trying to be clever with big words.’

    No, it sounds to me like ‘billy wig’ is the only person on this thread who had the decency to send his condolences to the family of Charlie Crowe!

    and when will you be offering your’s chris g – sometime never ?