Four gone conclusion! Newcastle 4 Coventry 1.

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Finishing touches!
Finishing touches!
Just as the fans collectively ordered, we bounced back with a fairly emphatic 4-1 defeat of Coventry City. The Sky Blues barely turned up, and save for the obvious lead they took, Newcastle looked untroubled throughout. Solid performances from everyone in black and white but an inspired display from Routledge and Gutierrez was enough to undo them.

With a slightly uninspired first thirty minutes passing by without incident, Coventry created a chance out of nowhere and Clinton Morrison managed to get the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0 and send the away fans ecstatic. Not prepared to let the Sky Blues build on a goal against the run of play, we fashioned a half chance which fell to Routledge, who hit superbly across the ball and volleyed into the bottom corner to level things.

It wasn’t long after the halftime break that Newcastle took the lead with a great little move started by Guthrie, who threaded the ball into the box for Nolan, and as the skipper cut the ball back with his left foot, Carroll couldn’t miss with his header. And 17 minutes later, a dubious penalty was awarded for a foul on Routledge, which resulted in a dismissal for a second yellow for the perpetrator. Lovekrands despatched the penalty with some authority.

With the game beyond Coventry by that stage, Carroll nodded down well to Pancrate who delivered for Ryan Taylor to finish smoothly past the keeper to round off an impressive night.

Back on top of the league and hopefully having goen back to the drawing board and made progress, we can bask momentarily in the glory of a big win. Still a long way to go, but if the difference between the two teams is this evident in every remaining game, then we’ll be home and dry. Back on top and three points clear of second and five points clear of third but with a game in-hand.

Roll on Preston and let’s keep these results coming in…

Us – Harper 7, Simpson 7, Williamson 7, Coloccini 7, Van Aanholt 7, Routledge 8, Guthrie 7, Nolan 7, Gutierrez 8, Carroll 8, Lovenkrands 7.

Subs – Krul, R Taylor 7, Hall, Smith, Pancrate 6, Best 6, Ranger.

Coventry – Westwood, Wright, Barnett, Wood, Cranie, Baker, Clinigan, Deegan McIndoe, Eastwood, Morrison.

Subs – Turner, Konstantopoulos, Gunarrsson, Hussey, Grandison, Stead, Sears.

Full report to follow…

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81 Responses

  1. Delighted for Routledge. He has been our best player since joining and he deserves his MOM award and wonder goal. With the Toon Army behind him i can see him finally recognising the potential and hype he had when Spurs nabbed him from Palace. Can you believe that this guy was once considered a better prospect than Aaron Lennon? If it weren’t for an untimely victory it could be him at Spurs right now and in the England squad. He was just what we needed to take the pressure off of Jonas, and now it seems that both players are really benefitting from his journey to the North.

  2. Nice to wake this morning to the news of a 4-1 victory. Most importantly, another vital 3 points!
    The season is not over but a few more wins like this and it should see us back in the PL next season. Fingers crossed.

  3. Dragonera-Agreed, as always, haha. He has turned up and looked our most dangerous attacking threat every time he’s played. The team seems far more balanced with him on the other flank and along with a fresh Jonas they caused all sorts of problems down both flanks. Chuffed that he’s managed to get his first goal because he’s deserved it given the shifts he’s put it. Even against the likes of Derby and Swansea when we looked awful, it was being regularly pointed out by pundits and fans that he was the one who looked to have something going forward.

    Also very pleased for Guthrie. He’s been given a full 90 minutes in his preferred central position and seemingly had a blinder. Mick Lowes and Ando said if Hughton was watching the same game, Guthrie will without a doubt be the first name on the team sheet in the CM for the weekend like.

  4. Guthrie has been played well out of position on the right or left of the park. I can barely recall a time where he has torn down the wing and attacked opposition full backs. He first motion is to always turn toward the middle of the park. So it’s nice to see him finally getting a run in the position that suits his style of play… Good to hear he had a solid game.

  5. Out all night so only just found out we had won. My forecast was 5-0 to us and a Carroll hat trick. But I am ecstatic with what we finished with, not to far out and Andy is half way to his 20 goals. Pity Jonas can’t get one but from what I have read he is doing more than his bit for the team. Roll on Saturday.

  6. I mean’t “untimely INJURY”…Not victory.


    Exactly, mate. He and Williamson have been consistently good since arriving and both players should be the first names on the team sheet. Guthrie has had another blinder after being played in his favoured position. He must start the next game there mustn’t he?

    PNE is the real test now though. We will see if these lads have learnt from the mistakes made after the Cardiff game. Complacency can not be afforded with the league so tight at the top.

  7. Good on the lads today. We need more distance from third but it’s nice to have GD back.

  8. First off both wingers today were outstanding, but I really thought Coloccini had a great game so many times he just read the play and stepped in to smash an attack, made him a MOM nomination for me. And stopped almost all there momentum. Didn’t think guthrie was that good he was ok but as soon as the ball came to him or Nolan it stopped and our attacks stalled.

    Simpson needs to learn not to turn his back like he did for thier goal it was the only major gripe I have with tonight.

  9. Off-topic.

    okay,i was kinda slow,just found out that,yesterday night UCL referee’s for both matches were the two “famous” referee’s in the world now.

    Firstly the famous referee Martin Hansson(Arsenal referee) who missed Thierry Henry’s infamous handball in France World Cup Play-off.

    Secondly, Tom Henning Ovrebo(Bayern Munich referee),who was in-charge of the controversial semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea last season.


  10. Another headed goal from Carroll – Not bad to say he cannot head for toffee, Stardust?

    Has he scored with his feet this season?

    Good result anyway, same again Sat.

  11. Great to see the team doing well. Talk sport were saying just the other day that we’ve been in poor form recently with the defeat to derby and swansea draw – fair enough we didnt perform, but that seems to be the unpredictable nature of the league. a 5 – 1 over cardiff and 4 – 1 coventry arent the signs of a team out of form, But we could def do with a bit more consistency!!

    West brom have a nice FA cup replay at some point to tire them out even more, and a more difficult game next up than us, lets hope we can open up a gap again!

  12. batty , i was speaking to mark thompson last night & during our coversation he let it slip that becca swanson killed archie mitchell , he asked me to keep it quiet but i’m like you m8 i can’t hold my water…

    ….the bookies are offering odds on her from 9/1 to 12/1 , iv’e managed to get a £100 on but had to split it because some have a max bet of £20….i’m looking foward to collecting my £1000 profit tomorrow … infact i wont even be going to the pub until after the show.

    ..get on m8 – happy days are here again..

    .i’m off window shopping , catch you later-ron :)

  13. That was a great result last night and hopefully this will build up the confidence of the team for Saturday for another high scoring win.

    I did the BBC Score predictor and I had us promoted the by mid April.

  14. Spartan – Mid-April would be nice like. 7 more wins and I reckon that will be enough, just.

    15 games left. 7 wins, 4 draws, 4 defeats = 25 points.

    25+63=88 points.

    Good enough for 2nd I’m sure.

    Weekend fixtures;

    Newcastle v Preston
    Forest v Boro
    Bristol City v West Brom

  15. batty , it genuine m8….mark’s shagging – june from the toon – & i’m shagging – mary-ellen from the felling – who are best of mates….we shared a table in the bamburgh suite at last nights game….he let the cat out of the bag when we were talking about the soaps…

    ….don’t miss out on winning some good money m8.

  16. amazing win again, Toons will be a better team in the premier League believe me next season, thier relegation last season was blessing in disguise

  17. I think I’m turning psychic.

    Yesterday on this blog I predicted the right starting line-up except Hall for Williamson. I even predicted that Lovenkrands would be subbed with Best.

    I predicted 3-1 to us with Carroll, Routledge and Guthrie (damn; so close) to score.

    With a minute to go it was all looking pretty close – so glad to have Mr Taylor spoil it – especially given that Id’ not put any dosh on it anyway.

    Really looking forward to Saturday; my first visit to SJP since moving (kicking and screaming all the way) south. 850-mile round trip. Ick.

    I think 3-1 to us for Preston. They’ll play a flat back 10 and try to nick one. We’ll go round, through and over ’em and bash in 3, including yet another from Carroll and Best’s first for us. I’m obviously rubbish at predicting the 3rd scorer, so I’ll not bother.

    Just call me Crystal Balls.

  18. Whumpie – must be something in the water … I also live away from newcastle and Preston NE is also my first visit to SJP this season (although I have been to plenty of the away games)

    Good win last night and looking forward to plenty of goals on Saturday … maybe even see the famous spider man mask …

  19. Well done CB and congratulations to all the hard work done on the blog last night by those who were putting the positive hoodoo on the players to swing the match in our favour. Sterling effort lads, lets see more of same for Saturday.
    So whats the current opinion of CH, is he a god or a clueless idiot? Answers on the head of a pin please!!

  20. whumpie – so your travelling north to attend saturday’s game , well can you do me a favour and let me know the pubs you’ll be visiting so i can avoid them.


  21. Whumpie, I suggest you visit every pub in the Toon just to p!ss Roy off then sit behind him just in case you want to contact “Huuueeey” ;)

  22. willy – still no light at the end of the tunnel , just take it one day at a time & eventually you’ll get it.


  23. Just avoid Roy’s rolls and you won’t go far wrong Whumpie.

    I heard it’s failed it’s health and safety check anyhow.

    Dirty, scruffy gits!

  24. batty , just to put the cat among the pigeons…..heather trott is in to 100/1 from 250/1..

    ….it better not be the fat b@stard or else somebody’s gonna get a smack in the gob !

  25. Some of you guys are going overboard about the performance of Guthrie in my mind. Sorry to disagree but I am one of his biggest critics and he just doesn’t do enough. I mean you can see him working damn hard but he doesn’t have a trick or pace to beat a player and gives the ball away far too often. Without Barton there is no competition for midfield as the others Nolan, Smith and Butt are virtual statues.

  26. Roy are you an ascended master or something, One day at a time is very sage advice why didn’t I think of that. I think you should extrapolate a little and contact CH and advise him to take one game at a time. Is it a gem of wisdom or do you have 10,000 monkeys sat at typewriters producing this eruditation.

  27. buda , why you complaining we won 4 – 1 for god sake & guthrie was probably man of the match !!…’s people like you that give us fans a bad name…

  28. take it easy big willy , your trying to hard let it flow naturally – now get off my tail & go pester someone else.

  29. Komfort, all bets are off, it was suicide. Thats what I read on the conspiracy network anyway.

  30. Big Willy, if you are going to take the p!ss out of people then learn to spell proper, it’s Erudition.
    For gods sake leave these poor b*ggers alone and get a life.

  31. Hey, if anyone has a link to view highlights of yesterdays game, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  32. C`mon folks, banal, boring bullshit.
    We win big time and all you wanna do is discuss the feckin soaps, gedda life !

  33. I’m with Chuck on this, last time I watched Eastenders Angie and Dirty Den were still an item. It was boring then but has gone downhill since.

    Football, does anyone feel a bit sorry for Sol, the clown in that event was Fabianski, if Steve played like that we would be baying for his blood. Was the ref correct in letting the goal stand. If it was us and we had scored I’d be cheering for the quick thinking, against us I’d be moaning at the cheating.

  34. Big Willy

    I’m with you there, the keeper had to be at fault, he could have kicked it anywhere, didn’t have to pick it up. Ok Sol maybe shouldn’t have passed it back, but the keeper could have just wellied it up the field or even out be it for a throw or corner. As for the quick free kick, nothing wrong in my eyes, it’s quick thinking. No complaints from Arsenal when Henry did it a few years ago

  35. Howeh man, divin kna nowt aboot the soaps, just trolling for a few irate replies, whats wrong with you guys no-body biting?

  36. Hey, Roy – glad the day-student pass to the Vinnie Jones Charm School is paying off. :) I wouldn’t worry about which pubs I’m in; you’re probably barred from most of them anyway. Or underage.

    Shrews mag – I assume you’re going up from Shropshire? Let’s hope it’s worth the trip, but to be honest… it’s a weekend in Toon. If we win, go get drunk and get blown out by some slappers. If we lose, um… go get drunk and get blown out by some slappers.

  37. Drago-judging from what the wireless said he should be the first name on the teamsheet after last night. PNE are seemingly leaking goals and we seem to be strong at home so hopefully the lads will get it together and pull another convincing result out the bag. For all we knock Carroll he’s scored again which can’t be argued with. Said for a while guthrie could be the potential playmaker in the middle given a chance and hopefully that idea can materialise over the coming weeks.

  38. Some cracking insults and daftisms on the banter last night. Favourite was after Lovenkrands’ goal, along the lines of

    “Gerrin, Dutch Oven!!”
    “He’s Danish ya pratt”
    “What the hell is a Danish oven??”

    Quality. Should be on QI.

  39. Whumpie,LOL. :)

    And good plan that, both A. and B. ;)

    Simon, the problem with the quick thinking aspect as Sol said, the ref should have got out of the way before letting play proceed. As it happened he was obstructing Sol, although having said that he is part of the field of play according to the strict interpretation of the rules therefore cannot cause an obstruction.

  40. Whumpie, comment 53, I also complimented people for last nights efforts, see comment 26.

    Could psionics and magic be our 13th man. (after fan support 12th.)

  41. whimper – dont forget to pack a bumper pack of durex just like all the tits do when they come to newcastle & the only thing they ever get to do with them is put them on their heads a blow them up , i’m sure your an expert at it like :)

    what a barrel of fun i’ll be missing.

  42. Whumpie says:
    February 18, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    “What the hell is a Danish oven??”

    Whumpie, When you have say, a strong curry and a few pints, then you go to bed and the farts start flowing freely, trapped under the bedclothes, that’s a “Dutch Oven”. Don’t think there’s a “Danish Oven” though, unless it’s something to do with pastries.

  43. With home win scorelines like this and Cardiff, it makes it all that bit more easier to forgive a few draws and the odd away loss – as long as we keep the ground a fortress and play like champions there with our best team, we’ll be fine.

    Guthrie can be a good little player, and it’s a shame that he’s somewhat wasted on the wings – especially the left, so when he’s given his proper position and our two most attack minded players are brought back on the wings, it’s not hard to see why we attack so much better.

    To be fair, how can you find it in yourself to label Ashley’s transfer dealings as ‘tight’? I’m becoming increasingly overwhelmed with how much six to fifteen grand a week of wages and under £2million a player can buy people like Guthrie, Williamson and Routledge who are solid players capable of winning the league by the looks of it right now. Barton always injured or in bother on £50k a week, or Guthrie who’s hardly had a knock on £6K? I think it’s brilliant business.

    So what’s people’s opinions then, is this Van Aanholt worth a bid and if so, how much is he going to cost us?

  44. whumpie – i dont want any bad feeling between us geordies and you southerners , so as a goodwill gesture i’m prepared to offer my hand of friendship and meet you and your boyfriends for a drink this weekend.

    what do you say ?

  45. AndyNUFC says:
    February 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    “So what’s people’s opinions then, is this Van Aanholt worth a bid and if so, how much is he going to cost us?”

    Chelsea wouldn’t sell him at this stage in his development, it would be bad business. He’s one of their players for the future anyway. It would be a bit like us selling Nile Ranger or Haris Vuckic for a pittance now.

  46. Andy, from his performances so far you would have to say yes. Two points though, I have a feeling Chelsea will not want to let him go and once Jose is fit then he will end up languishing in the reserves along with Kadar, Tozer, Lualua and all of the other frustrated hopefuls.

  47. Yeah I suppose Worky, I would like to see another left back come in on a permanent or at least season long loan next year and if it was to be Van Aanholt I wouldn’t complain.

    On the other hand though, I do hope Enrique comes back soon and better for the rest if anything.

  48. All welcome where beer is concerned, Roy, as always. And yep, by some awful twist of cruel fate, started a southerner, escaped to Newcastle in my teens (briefly, before getting chucked out), then back daaaaahn saaaahth, then to Canada, then Cumbria. Currently in Devon, which confirmed my suspicions: it’s really only the South East which sucks big hairy balls. The tosser-per-square-inch count in Devon is absolutely tiny compared to the home counties.

    Been trying for years to get a job up in Toon. They just don’t seem to come up in my line of work. Buggrit.

    Oh, I should issue a warning: when I talk about football, especially after a couple of pints, and even more so if I’m within sniffing distance of Newcastle, the most annoying and sad thing happens: I start talking with a very, very poor geordie accent. I have no excuses; even if you include my time in Cumbria I have not lived up there long enough to justify it. Please be kind to the afflicted, people.

  49. I’d love to see Van Arnie sign, but I really can’t see it happening, myself. Besides – we could only do that in the summer, in which case we should evaluate a much wider set of options at the time.

    Is it just me, or has that position been the thorn in our side for years now?? I can’t remember the last time we had any cover there.

    I miss Olivier Bernard; cracking little player. May pop into his cafe this weekend and see if he’s as good at making coffee as he was at falling over when Laurent Robert hits a clearance into his head from 10 feet away at mach 6….

    Best clip on youtube, that.

  50. Anyone seeing how many posts Ed Harrison’s doing…shit the guy must be on amphetamines or something.

    Glad this blog came along it reports what needs to be reported and the banter is class!
    No offence to Ed but less is more in Blogsville I reckon :)

  51. Whumpie – It may be the best clip on YouTube but it also kind of sums up our luck regarding injuries. Didn’t he have to go off after that?

  52. SJT – I haven’t as I don’t go on there anymore. I have heard Ed is doing a lot though. How many is it today?


    Blogging is all about balance in my opinion.


  53. whumpie – yip coming up from shrewsbury – plan A seems preferable but B will work if all goes pear shaped.

    roy – I was born and bred in gods country and I am certainly not to be confused with a southerner . . just unfortunate that shrewsbury is where the missus is from. However the flip side is it does mean that most away games are in easy reach …!!!

  54. workyticket says:
    February 18, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    He’s one of their players for the future anyway. It would be a bit like us selling Nile Ranger or Haris Vuckic for a pittance now.

    Vuckic hasn’t played a first team game yet so we don’t even know how good he is or is going to get.

    Even if he is going to be a good player, would you completely rule out the club not selling him for a pittance? Considering we sold Nzogbia and Given for exactly that!

  55. im pretty sure vuckic has had at least 1 sub appearance and didn’t he start one of the early cup games? splitting hairs, i know, as 2 or 3 short appearances aren’t enough to judge him on, though he’s torn up the ressies from what i’ve read.

    ill give you that we got shafted on the given deal, but zog, we got cash and r taylor for a player who was a very negative influence in the dressing room. wasn’t the total value about 6M? think that was fair value for an average at best player.

  56. Stuart79 says:
    February 18, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    “Vuckic hasn’t played a first team game yet so we don’t even know how good he is or is going to get.”

    Vuckic is going to be an excellent player, and he is our most promising young talent.

  57. SJT – I suppose there is nothing like too much information eh? ;)

    That must be Ed’s theorum.

  58. Big Dave says:
    February 18, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    “Worky do you know how much longer he is due to be out”

    Dave, He was projected to be out until the 22nd of last month following an knee and ankle injury sustained with the Slovenia under 19s. However he needed surgery and he’s still sidelined apparently, and there doesn’t seem to be any news about a revised return date yet.

  59. Same as mate. I really don’t bother going anywhere else now. If anything isn’t covered in a story then someone will mention it in the comments.

  60. Just watched the highlights looks like we made a good buy in Routledge, kid can play, but then he was highly regarded as a youngster.
    Guess he has for various reasons not lived up to his rep.
    Well here`s his big chance, love to watch good wide guys, the Ginolas,Nobby`s and Mitchells, Who ?

  61. Same here mate,there’s some new know it all called captain beefheart on .org with his beef-o-meter on the stats…I was giving it a YAWN bigger than Tynemouth !