Best foot forward – New striker chomping at the bit!

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The masked assassin strikes.
The masked assassin strikes.
Leon Best has been speaking of his elation about sealing a deadline day move to Newcastle United. The 23 year old could be set to make his debut against Cardiff City on Friday night, and many fans willl be hoping for an instant impact against an in-form and free scoring Bluebirds team.

It’s a novelty we haven’t been used to recently, players giving interviews describing their arrival at the club, but we have been spoilt in the past week! The Republic of Ireland international said of his move;

“I am over the moon with this move. I think this is the best thing that could have happened to me.”

“I heard little bits and bobs at the start of the transfer window that Newcastle were interested.”

“When I heard it then I knew if there was anywhere I wanted to go it was there, they were my top choice.”

It also seems that unlike a certain Victor Moses, there was only ever going to be one destination for the 6ft 1in hitman, declaring;

“I had a lot of interest from others, but my heart was set on Tyneside.”

“I got the phonecall on Sunday night telling me it could happen and I wanted it to happen straight away.”

“After that I came straight up here and signed.”

It looks like Best has ambition and wants put this club back on the road to the big-time, although he does understand it could take a while. The desire is also there to prove a point, especially after the Coventry fans started booing him in what turned out to be his last appearance for the Sky blues. Best will wear shirt No.20 but is willing to earn the right to wear the famous No.9. On that he said;

“I will be wearing the No 20 shirt.”

“The No 9 shirt would have been great – but that is a shirt at this club that has to be earned.”

“You can’t just show up, pick it up and throw it on your back.”

“It’s a privilege that has to be earned. That’s absolutely right and correct.”

“If you wear the No 9 shirt at Newcastle it must be earned on achievement and nothing else.”

Chris Hughton also seems happy with his deadline day purchase. Speaking of Best’s potential he said;

“What people forget is that Leon is a young player. He’s got the hunger to succeed and this is a fantastic opportunity for him.”

Good words from Best, it seems he can talk the talk but come Friday it’s time for him to walk the walk. This move has had some doubters, including me, but if he can notch on his debut and add to his 10 goals so far this season on Friday then he will become an instant hit on Tyneside.

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21 Responses

  1. Yeah he read my comments on another thread about him fighting for the number 9,4 hours later it was on sunderland echo that he wanted the shirt very weird…:)

  2. RIP Sibylle Sibierski What the fk has gone on there?
    Waste of a beautiful young girls life.Thoughts with Antoine and his Family.

  3. Welcome aboard Leon Best!
    I think he could be a good signing for us he just needs to be more clinical infront of goal (he will have more chances to score here as our other strikers have been wasting good chances)

    ps I bet Moses is kicking himself: wigan 0-2 notts county did you see their crowd on SSN? There wasn’t anyone there! It looks as if they managed to scrape together 5,000 people ha! I do however hope Moses has the perfect debut against the makems on saturday especially as our game against cardiff has been moved to Friday to accommodate that fixture!

  4. what can i say just what the fuc** happend best for real best he isnt even an avarage player next we will signe luque again or cusoin fron hull…any nufc fans do u want to get ripped again like last season …we all know the big plan “chapionship promotion” after that we wll spend most of the time below 15th and wish we wold have signed some good player..lets see the squad
    harper_good b
    simpson-avarage c
    willianson- avarage c
    fabricio-good b
    taylor-very good b+
    jose-excellent a considering his improvment
    nolan-avarage c
    butt-below avarage d
    danny-good b…8 assist…this season
    amiobi-good b
    ranger-avarage c
    caroll-avarage c
    loven-avarage c
    routlage-avarage c
    best-avarge c
    hall-way bellow avarage…no grading
    lua lua-if he had a chance good b

  5. Henock, it might be an idea to let Best and some of your other graded newbies play a few games to bed in before judging them. A lot of people have rubbished players like S.Taylor, Collo and Enrique before they really had a chance to settle in or mature. They don’t all hit the road running nor should we expect them to, although we can hope.

  6. Henock: two words for you: shut it. No place for negative fans lime you with unrealistic goals on this blog

  7. Love the Stats Henock…very average squad,premiership wise I know we would be destroyed by most teams.

    Hopefully the new signings will offer something different…we need some changes as the current magnolia wood chip is painful.

  8. henock, you must be taking the piss. You really rated Ameobi as a B? Talk about killing your credibility.

  9. hey gus, give us a break with the not so clever headline story, just report as it is, without trying to be smart, the journal try it every day and fail miserably, don’t fall into that category, thanks

  10. alan dobson – Isn’t that the point of a headline though? It describes whats in the article so it does it’s job.

    I could have out ‘Leon Best speaks’, is that better?

  11. We already at this current status why should we afraid to take risk? Have we not spend millions and billions before to buy success? Remember how high were we during the 90’s erra?

    Then why can’t we put the our risk taking advanture on this. Treat it as an investment. You dnt always win, but if you do. It will be a BIG one and we are not taking one or two kids but as many as are can find.

    Will K.keegan be able to help us on this?

    Next Cristiano Ronaldo

  12. Just had a conversation with a guy at work and he’s a Coventry fan who wasn’t aware that they’d sold Leon Best to us.

    He reckons we’ve picked up a good player and a real snip at £6ook or whatever.

    Let’s be optimistic and hope he does earn that no 9 shirt he seems to covet.

  13. for magpie…dud not being negative just the “reality” does any one know any thing about a very valuable player in our squad except taylor,ranger and caroll…cause evry club have at least one very very high standard “classed” player even championship clubs coomparing it with they we dont have s*hit even makems have now got more quality than us now u can see cania,mensa,cartelmole,jones,bent,turner….u see even with all this players they are strugling….and us well u will seee what will happen next year

  14. henock, the likes of wolves, birmingham, stoke, fulham and blackburn dont have anybody particularly special.

    The fact that you say sunderland have a few good players and are still struggling proves quite a lot. Individuals, at most premiership teams do not matter. The team matters far more. Players playing well with one another is far more important than players playing excellently individually.

    I believe that having one player who is seen as considerable better/more valuable than the rest can actually be negative on other players performance – I’d much prefer a well balanced squad.

  15. adam – Stoke set the perfect example example last season. Play to your strengths as a team and you can succeed. Notice in their 2nd season they are adding more quality, better known players and are struggling a bit more? The key is to integrate it properly.