Toon meet the Green Army for New Year bash.

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Plymouth Argyle's Home Park Stadium.
Plymouth Argyle's Home Park Stadium.
What better way to recover from your post new year celebrations than an 800 mile round trip down to the West Country, when Newcastle United face Plymouth Argyle in the 3rd round of the FA cup this Saturday?

As a previous six times winner of the competition, albeit the last time over half a century ago, the FA cup still brings out a sentimental streak among many Toon supporters. Who could forget that 1974 cup campaign when Tyneside well and truly had cup fever? Despite being a child at the time I remember the highs (Supermac’s goals, amongst others) and lows (team performance in the final) and the excitement of the build up to Wembley.

Sadly the competition no longer has the same kudos, and of course successes and failures in other areas can have such a dramatic financial impact on football clubs today. With so many teams willing to sacrifice progress in the FA cup to a greater monetary god such as promotion / avoiding relegation / Champion’s League success etc. Who can blame them with the cash implications of any of those having such a major impact on their football clubs?

For me though, as a football fan and romantic, I love the third round. Watching the inevitable slip up by several big guns to giant killing acts from the veritable minnows. The non league teams playing on their familiar but terrible surfaces, spurred on by their biggest crowds, in front of the TV cameras, dreaming about Wembley, and pulling off seeming impossible victories because they wanted it more than their pampered Premier League competitors. The non league clubs appearance in the next round cup draw desperately hoping for a fixture with a premier league team so that the huge cash injection helps secure their survival for another few years.

Yes, I still love the FA cup, but I’m not sure Chris Hughton see’s it as a priority for the Toon to progress in the competition, that’s why he’s making noises about giving some of the young guns a run out. Not as many thankfully as he did against Peterborough, when it all went pear shaped, but possibly 2 or 3 reserve team players to give some of the other first team regulars a rest.Tim Krul and Tamas Kadar appear to be on standby for a call up for first team action.

“I’ll make changes,” said Hughton

“We’re not in a position to make massive changes, and what we’re also mindful of is that it’s a great cup competition.”

Chris will also speak to Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson to see whether loan defender Danny Simpson will be allowed to play against Plymouth as he would then be cup tied if he returned to Man U.

Meanwhile, United’s Plymouth-born defender Ben Tozer, who made his first-team debut in the Carling Cup earlier this season – will also hope to be involved against his hometown team.

“It’s a game we’d like to win,” continued Chris “and we’ve got to make sure we’ve got the right balance to do that.

We’re mindful the fans will be travelling a long way, as we are with every game.”

So what’s in store for us as we face The Pilgrims? Argyle are forecasting a season’s best attendance of 15,000-plus at Home Park for the three o’clock kick off. These numbers are bolstered by The Toon, who have sold their 2400 ticket allocation to the Barn Park End.

The well respected John Carver, former assistant manager at Newcastle United, now number 2 to Paul Mariner at Home Park, has vowed not to celebrate if Plymouth knock Newcastle out of the cup – good lad, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that anyway. Plymouth go into the game on the back of two big wins: beating Cardiff away and Reading 4-1 at home so it’s not going to be easy especially with the form we’ve shown in our last two games.

LUKE SUMMERFIELD is hoping to complete a memorable seven days after his return from a three-month loan spell at Leyton Orient has coincided with two handsome back-to-back wins for Plymouth in the Championship. On Boxing Day, he helped Argyle beat Cardiff City and two days later, Summerfield and the Pilgrims were continuing the good work with a 4-1 victory over Reading at Home Park. In both matches, he had stamped his authority in midfield and visibly grew in confidence. And he now has his eyes firmly set on another starting slot against the Toon. On the upcoming game he said:

“Newcastle at home is a good game to look forward to. Hopefully, we can carry on our good form as the win would be brilliant for us.

“I’ve been very lucky to come straight back into the team, while the two wins have been brilliant for me. They have been games I’ve really enjoyed playing in and I’ve put everything into them.”

Summerfield may not have been back at Plymouth for long but he has sensed a new-found confidence within the Pilgrims’ squad. He believes the Cardiff and Reading results were a sign of things to come from the Argyle squad.

“Keeping a clean sheet (at Cardiff) was massive for us and coming away with a win was a big turning point for us,

“And we have gone on from there and scored four goals and we’ll want to create more goals in every game.”

Let’s hope this new found momentum and confidence doesn’t continue into our match on Saturday and we get into the game early on rather than during the last 5 minutes where we seemed to wake up against Derby.

Defender Reda Johnson will be unavailable for Plymouth due to his call up to the Benin squad for the African Cup of Nations.

Not sure what team Chris Hughton will put out on Saturday, but I believe he has a full squad to choose from apart from Joey Barton; unless Christmas has completely messed up my memory.

Hoping for a 1-0 win.

Howay the lads and well done the 2400+ Toon fans making their way down there the day after New Year.

Happy new year to all.

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156 Responses

  1. Good article as always Geordie Deb :)

    I have to be honest, but i’m taking the same view of the FA cup as i did about the League cup. Its just extra games that we don’t need. Our ultimate goal is to get promotion and look at the last time in a cup against Huddersfield when Shola was out for months.

    Its not like we have any real chance of winning it. The biggger teams take this much more seriously so we would end up out at some stage.

  2. Yup agreed play the kids and get the hell out of the cup ASAP.
    We wouldn’t stand a chance of winning it anyway so there’s no point.
    Happy New Year Guys and Dolls.

  3. Was at a party till 3ish last and have just got out of bed. So a belated Happy new Year to co-bloggers and Toon fans everwhere.
    Heres to some real comittment (investment) from the management, good tactical choices and motivation from the manager, heart and effort from the players (they all have skill and abilty, its how they use it)and last but not least the full and vociferous support of the clubs best player, us the fans.
    Howay the lads in 2010.
    By the way if the last decade was the noughties what is this one, the one-ys?

  4. I think we should call this decade the teens. Most of the years have a teen at the end i suppose.

  5. I say play the shadow first team, i.e butt for smith, r.taylor RB, pancrate RM, do we have a sub for LM?? I think this with maybe lovenkrands and ranger up front should see us through and we could maybe do a Cardiff/Millwall/West Ham….

  6. So basically

    R.Taylor S.Taylor Kadar Enrique
    Pancrate Butt Guthrie Jonas
    Ranger Lovenkrands

    Seems like a strong 11 while only risking a couple of must have players for promotion

  7. Yeah unfortunately the FA cup aint what it used to be.
    It`s now on par with the old league cup, but I remember a time when it was almost on par with winning the league.
    I suppose we are inundated with football to-day and the big European cups seem to dominate the calandar, plus add a lot more to the bottom line.
    On another subject, having been knocked back with a 1.25 m. bid for Beckford, we are now going after Helgusen, for christ sake “Helgusen” ?
    Is this the limit s of our ambition ?
    For gods sake, if you are determined to take a chance on the kid, up the bid, either that or go for Boyd or Moses, neither would come cheap, but we would have a player with a proven goalscoring ability or one who could be a future star.
    I have to say this parsimonious attitude will come back and bite us in the ass, either through a failure to achieve promotion or right back to the fizzy following a season of being unable to compete.
    When one looks at the numbers being spent by PL sides and compare our measly offers, makes you wonder.
    It`s not that long ago when a bid for a guy like Boyd d would`nt be considered, simply because he may not be good enough, now he`s apparently beyond reach.
    Yeah I know we are doing ok and there`s a good chance of promotion, but we also have to be realistic, compare what we have as a side then look at our counterparts in the PL.
    Folks this side is not good enough and fecking Helgusen is not going to improve it.

  8. Cheers Komfort.
    Helgusen and players of that ilk don’t float my boat…I am prepared for another measly transfer window again under this regime and expect any additions if any to be Plop and heavily outnumbered by exits from sportsdirekt@stjames.cok

    Even if 20m was spent now the team would be lucky to avoid relegation once back in the premiership….serious rebuilding and investment is needed and I can’t see Mike and Owl Heed sanctioning any useful transfers….not in this life anyways.

  9. Well, I disagree with pretty much everybody.. except Cornish Magpie, whose team looks really good to me.

    We NEED the FA cup, because, to be honest, winning against other ccc teams has rings of fish and barrels to it. No, we probably can’t win, but you’d have said the same against the 3 ccc teams in the semis last season. Get in there and fight, I say.

    I’ll be in among the 2400 tomorrow and can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing any other bloggers in the Wetherspoons across the road from Home Park. Singing’s banned in there, but if we start just before we’re due to leave anyway, who cares?


  10. Oh, and for those calling for ‘more ambitious’ transfers… you have short memories. It was ambitious transfers that got us in this mess in the first place.

    A couple of younguns to make sure we get promoted, then buy PL quality players in the summer IF we go up. Anything else is just daft.

  11. Yes Whumpie that is correct so let’s not buy anymore quality players and stick with bargain basement shite :)

  12. I am not asking for record signings BTW…Just quality that can be developed and bring something new to the mix,maybe pace,skill and creativity or something.

  13. Grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmy

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  14. Here`s the plan Mike,

    Krull___got talent
    Enrique___ Good and Improving
    S.Taylor___ good and young
    Barton____ has talent
    Smith____ Could be decent DM
    Nolan ___ decent
    Simpson__ OK
    Ranger___possible star
    Ameobi— he`s ok
    Carroll–possibly come good


    Collo. Good player but will need fee to buy.
    Jonas. ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
    Guthrie. Not good enough
    Taylor R. Same
    Butt Passed Sell By Date
    Geremi same
    LovenKrands. can get someone better

    LCD = Kilgallon to replace Collo.
    Dream buy R/ Midfield = Ireland @ Citeh (unlikely)
    Left wing = McGeady@ Celtic
    Right wing = Coleman @ Everton, a winger or RB
    Center fwd.= Boyd @ Rangers
    ” ” = Moses @ Palace
    And perhaps get some up and coming youngsters on loan from the big clubs to fill out the side.
    _________ Harper_________
    Boyd- Ameobi

    It`s a very young side I realize, but hey !

  15. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    January 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    “Maybe it’s the new year’s booze that zorched out my brain cells, but who have we got, other than Jonas, that can play on the left wing?”

    Peter Lovenkrands.

  16. We have no-one who can play it well. Last time Jonas was injured, Barton played there and was awful. Ive seen little from Lovenkrands to suggest he would be otherwise! Speaking of which, maybe that could be a warning for trying to sign Boyd from Rangers – Perhaps top players in the SPL are indeed only average CCC players?

  17. Used to have Duff & N`Zog there interchanging, both doing well at there new respective clubs, unfortunately for us.

  18. When one thinks about it here we are getting all excited about signing two players for less tha 5m. I gather, one from the second and one from the third tier, come back Freddy all is forgiven, kidding folks.

  19. Isn’t Jonas right-footed too? Only really half decent option for left-wing would be Enrique, with Kadar at left-back and all Hughton will buy in Jan (if we’re very lucky) will be a striker and central defender. If Jonas gets injured we’ll struggle against most teams. Get Kilbane or someone on loan for few months, or is danquah a lefty?? Any idea anyone?

  20. cornish-magpie I often thought that Enrique would be good on the LW, loves bombing forward and likes to tackle.

  21. He’s available on loan, but with Wenger saying he’d be sent out to complete his footballing education don’t think we have much of a chance with our ‘style’ of play, a complete opposite to arsenal’s game.

  22. IF we go up I’m pretty sure our first team would something like

    Simpson S.Taylor Colo Enrique
    R.Taylor Smith Jonas
    Ameobi Carroll

    Subs Krul, R.Taylor, Kadar, Guthrie, Pancrate, Carroll

  23. If we go up we should try and poach the better players from the teams who got relegated. They will have premier league experience, but they may be more expensive as other teams will be after them.

  24. Good point Toonsy…I just think there will be more heartache ahead…in the back of my mind there is always a stain on the Club with the current regime at the controls always there laughing at me,sniggering and making a mockery of us.

    Wish they would all FOOK OFF.

  25. Yeah JayJay,tuff life eh!…get them on a coach with no heating and a case of beer each.

  26. SJT – Its not even about the current regime. The fact is we now have to start from scratch again, regardless of regime.

    Step 1 – Get promoted this season!
    Step 2 – Stay up next season, by any means!
    Step 3 – Consolidate the season after ala Stoke!

    We have an advantage this time because of the size, pulling power and profitability of St James Park.

  27. when we sign that baldy napper – stephen ireland – i think that will pretty mutch guarantee our passage back to the promised land.

    jay jay – you been stupid dick al your life ? , bloody idiot.

  28. Roy Cropper – “still the same idiotic comments”

    Would you care to to quote what you think was idiotic?

    The only idiotic comments i see are coming from you – especially with regards to Stephen Ireland. After all, we have such a great chance of signing him dont we?!

  29. I just read a report saying he would play for us for free, would walk from Manchester to sign for us and has been a supporter since he was a bairn etc etc. Lol

  30. Its a shame that we have not tried to bring LuaLua back to the club , he has signed up today for a greek club and was a free . That lad would have do the job for us in this division . What does any one think about trying to get Steve Finnan in , portsmouth are well and truly cash strapped thier players have not been payed on time again . finnan can still do a job in the premiership so would be imo a great signing if we could get him for say 2-3 million .

  31. I read recently that Finnan looks knacked at premier level since coming back from Spain, don’t know if that’s true but I’d be happier with Simpson/R.Taylor especially at 2-3 mil

  32. Toonsy everything is about the current regime…they are like a rash all over the club,the lies,deceit and mockery are always there.

  33. I can’t help it. Being a romantic, I love the FA Cup and will be sorely disappointed if we chuck the towel in. I recognise the importance of the league and keeping people fit. But what about the ‘here and now’ of being a supporter? Enjoying the ride? Surely we should allow ourselves to get carried away a bit?

    Anyway, I think it’s clear he’ll tinker with the side but I would expect Simpson to play having been cleared to do so. My feeling is that he’ll select from this lot –

    GK – Krul
    DEF – R Taylor, Simpson, Kadar, Morris, Tavernier, Tozer
    MID – Butt, Pancrate, Donaldson, Lua Lua, Guthrie
    FOR – Ranger, Lovenkrands, Ameobi

    As for signings, Kilgallon looks nailed-on. I think they’ve made enough noises to suggest we’ll get Beckford, particularly if the speculation is true that they’d take £2m. We’ll probably get him for £1.5m with add-ons or £1.75m all-in.

    Maybe a cheeky loan request for Habib Beye?

  34. LuaLua….one of the most frustrating players ever.
    Not needed,some skills-nothing else.

  35. a cheeky loan bid for beye ? now that would be the mother of all loan deals . dont think it would come off somehow

  36. Sir Jason, you are such a ray of sunshine. When I’m down, I often look for one of your optimistic, inspiring comments to cheer me up a little.

  37. Beye can go fcuk himself. Another one of the Martins/Duff/Bassong group of “I love the fans” and “I want to stay and put right what went wrong” and “I love Newcastle” brigade that soon ditched us when the premier league came calling.

    Its a pity they didn’t play aswell as they are now when they played for us!

  38. Fair enough Toonsy was kind of what I was thinking but he still was one of our best performers even in a relegation season, if I was a premier league footballer and Villa came knocking don’t think I could turn it down for a hard slog in the CCC. Altho I would have said so straight up

  39. cornish – Exactly. I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as resentful had they not fed us such patter in the first place.

    In a way, Owen was probably the better of them. Yes he bled us dry and we never got full value but he also never fed us any sh1te and we always knew he’d be off. After all, he got offered extortionate wages by Shepherd. Would you turn it down? I wouldn’t!

  40. toonsy says:
    January 1, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    “I love Newcastle” brigade that soon ditched us when the premier league came calling.”

    I don’t think that any of those players put in transfer requests toonsy. They were sold because the club simply couldn’t afford to keep them with the lower revenue streams in the Championship. The ones who simply couldn’t wait to ditch us are the ones you’ve left out, Michael Owen and Shay Given, and Owen was out of contract anyway. Meanwhile, Given’s still crying like big baby about his Newcastle “hell” and how glad he was to see the back of us.

  41. the thing with Beye is he is the wrong side of 30 now and will have wanted to finish his playing days in the top flight . The other 3 are just money grabing wasters bassong being the biggest , he is still very young and has time on his side . We gave him his chance as an untried rookie and he Fcuked off first chance he got . Lets face it Martins was Brilliant one game and went missing for the next 2 , Duff never ever hit the form he had at Blackburn . They would have done a job in the ccc but they where the players that should have stood up and proved they where worth the money they got and they did not . Beye tried untill the last imo .Would like him back

  42. Points well made by worky and AXEL.

    My gripe is with the ones that did next to f-all to save us with poor attitudes and then jumped ship. I don’t count Beye in that group and I expect he was pushed rather than jumped.

    For all the good it would have done, conversely if Owen had trundled out the odd platitude, it might have shown he gave a stuff about us. Such a shame that circumstances surrounding his time here, considering the goals he scored despite that, but he’ll always be considered a failure.

  43. Hey Worky glad my little rays of sunshine and rainbows are not wasted :)
    Joking aside we could be 20 points clear with dollars to splash and I would still never feel comfortable with the current regime.

  44. worky – True about Given. He is alkso one that will never get a positive comment out of me now. If he went to Arsenal, as was mooted at the time, i could have seen his point. But he went to Man City, probably for one last mega payday. I see he let in 28 goals in 19 games, great! Obviously im not saying they are all his fault, but perhaps what he had in front of him at Newcastle wasn’t as bad as he made out!

    As for his Newcastle hell, he may get a league cup out of Man City this season but im sure he wont get owt else! He’d have got just as much if he’ have stayed at Blackburn!

  45. Owens face when he aint on Capello’s plane to S.Africa Priceless :)
    That will make my summer.

    Be a weird world cup totally silent cos there is no way I will have them stupid horns and shit playing through my amstrad portable in 2.1 monosound.

  46. Given was quality..he knew we where on our last legs,knew the regime was clueless and jumped ship,”no ambition”,well said Given.

  47. Yeah, poor old Owen, thought he’d won the lottery joining the champions, just imagine the conversation between him and sir alex now “och, little michael, tell you what when Rooney’s legs fall off and Berba falls asleep on the pitch, we’ll put you on the sub’s bench, knob. Oh dear, Carlton Cole’s on the plane to South Africa and your not, oh well, I’ll give you 10 mins in the Carling cup final” lol

  48. lads,
    wats all this stephen ireland stuff about?? no way would city sell….no way would he come and no way would we have the money to buy him. would be just what we need tho….class act

  49. Aye, I was a bit disappointed that Given went but he did so with the blessing of this Mag. I was a bit less happy with Bassong, felt a bit used and abused. But just as gutted if not more.

    The Given thing was more than just the player himself though? It was the whole ‘fabric of the club’ which so many people seemed to recognise and relate to, despite having an able replacement already to hand.

  50. buddy – it’s just Chuck man. He’s been on the Amstel again!!

    I think it’s just part of his late Santa’s wishlist.

  51. toonsy the players in front of given , although never world beaters were not as bad as they were made out to be. He imo never commanded his area , brilliant shot stopper but never commanding . The proof of this is defenders that got slagged while with us and left and looked twice the player at thier next club , Bramble being an example .

  52. Bassong was a good Kerching for Ashley what did he cost £500,000?
    Never interested in newcastle though deep down and I smile when he is injured :)

  53. I loved Given,love Harper as well.
    Given was right to go and has a massive opportunity at manchester city,you can’t knock him for stickativity and loyalty he was massive,can’t believe how cheap Mike let him go for and thought a player plus fee would have been negotiable and fair.

  54. Don’t agree Cornish,this fizzy pop league has surprised me…the quality is non existent from most teams.

    We would be in the bottom 4 easy in the premiership right now and outplayed in most departments…not knocking the lads but a player like Coloccini costs more that whole teams we play combined this season.

  55. toonsy – sitting in front of your pc morning , noon & night & reacting to anyone’s comment’s you disagree with is no way to live your sad little life – helping to assemble toyota cars then rushing home to google the best route from newcastle to the next away game for your articles that are probably benificial to about 3 people is a pretty sad existence.

    try getting out a bit more – idiot.

  56. Sir Jason, would Carroll be worse than Martins? Simpson massively worse than Beye? Ameobi worse than Owen, ok all marginally, but definitely would have picked up more scrappy draws and made people more wary of us. Probably still have still got relegated but hey, as Stardust says, it was good for us (as long as we go straight back up)

  57. cornish – I think your right. This squad maybe shorter on star quality, but in terms of effort and togetherness this seasons squad is streets ahead of last year.

    I think a big part of being able to stay up if we do go up is a team ethic like Stoke had in spades last season. They fought evry corner, chased every ball. If we could do that next year then we may stay up. We may of course go straight back down but at least it wouldn’t be through lack of effort.

  58. Roy Cropper @86 you got that of your chest, you dont want it to turn into another nasty Tony situation ;)

  59. toonsy and cornish leave my roy alone or i will shove a vibraitor up your arses you pair of southern idiots

  60. wheres rodzilla these days lads?

    ah ryt bbm….didnt cop that. some player tho all the same even if he is a total godshi!te… bit unfair on given lads….he was a supreme servant to this club and he has bin thru hell and back with all of us. i think it says sumthin that it was ashleys regime that finally broke him….also i dont think man city would haven bin his prefered choice (arsenal didn need a gk at the time)….don no why anyone wud go there but i think he simply felt he HAD to get out. the biggest crime was ashley allowing him go so cheaply….disgrace

  61. Good point Cornish…Martins blew me away 1st season….then went AWOL,Owen always looked like a show dog in a window or one of them cripple boy statue things wearing callipers outside the local VG store that was full of dosh but with a sad face.

  62. sirjasontoon says:
    January 1, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    “We would be in the bottom 4 easy in the premiership right now and outplayed in most departments…not knocking the lads but a player like Coloccini costs more that whole teams we play combined this season.”

    Scunthorpe and Peterborough perhaps, but the rest, no, not really. Middlesborough’s squad is roughly equivakent to ours and they’re 11th. WBA aren’t that far behind us in terms of the value of the squad either now that we’ve sold most of our show ponies.

  63. Hayley do you have a vibrator because roy is a little boy and cant give you enough or because he likes up his arse .

  64. Alreet Batty got some nifty shell suits just come off the back of a cart horse…swopsies for them dead stock hi tec’s,might throw in a hinari toastie machine ?

  65. Batty does any one know who his Hayley is ? she needs a night oout doon the bigg market where the lads have something to offer .

  66. Think Roy Cropper is the Ninja Copper off some old Kung Fu Classic Batty….can you fell the vibes from his chocolate throwing star.

  67. batty , there’s little doubt it’s zilla…..he’s obviously had a fall out with worky and prefers to comment under a semi famous character…

  68. Haha Yeah that is going back a while Batty,bit of psychosis as I mentioned him without seeing your last comment :)

    It all clicks in the end!


  69. Billy Bunter rings a bell mate.

    Time for Alan Partridge…have a good new year and howay the fookin lads!!

  70. jay jay says:
    January 2, 2010 at 2:26 am

    “Insomnia worky?”

    Guitar night on BBC4 with Les Paul, then Peter Green. It’s just finished.

  71. Aye aye! Did someone mention my name like? Hoo man, am on the run from the bizzies. Divvent say my name too loudly again! Ave been keepin a low profile like Owa christmas like cos a wanna spend it wi me bairns yi kna. Pure radiges them bizzies like! Ave spent a week in me camp doon benwell park . The bizzie chopper has been aal owa like, lookin for is. Its got nee chance like cos a just blow huge amounts of smoke from me spliff owa me camp and their ultra sonic flash light and heat sensor just cant see is.

  72. Here man! Hoo’s Godda bmx for xmas like? Pure ladgeful that like! Am the best bmx stunt rider roond here like so Divvent give is any crap aboot being evil knevel wi me! A can burn bizzies off in their T5 volvos man! Anyways, ave just been doon to see big Micky ash and decka. Ha ha! Big Mick got a cushty racer like. It was top o the range. It had 5 gears and a water bottle. He reckons it cost 3 bags of toot but a reckon wi the leather seat like, it must have been 4 bags!
    Anyways, godda dash. Laters!

  73. Aye. Aye. Just testing like cos Ive sent 2 other posts and they haven t come up like. A didnt kna whether the Blog was working or me spliff was too strong like.

  74. On the M4 by Taunton. Wife driving; me with the Clash on the headphones. Wor chava next to me watching Toy Story2 while I type bollix onto the blog. Be in plymouth weatherspoons (minus sprog & wife) by 1pm.

    What a Saturday.

  75. If no links are found ustream has radio newcastle commentary most matches.
    Hope there’s a link kicking about.

  76. Hope you’re right batty, second string all the way for me though mate, should still be goog enough to beat the ambrosia boys

  77. Aye aye radgies!!!
    Hoo mentioned my name? And wot’s that aboot BMX’s ? Hoo man, Troy is the best BMX rider roond here like.
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    The daft radgey didn’t realise I had just dropped a Speed Bomb before a came oot!! ha ha ha!!!
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    The bizzie later asked is like, if a wanted to join the Police BMX section. But a just telt him, nee way like, am nee grass me like.

    Anyways, see ya laters!

  78. All the best for 2010 everyone.
    Soz it’s a bit late, i couldn’t type or even see straight for the last couple of
    I need some food now-Later.

  79. Aye Aye Nora!!!
    Still keeping oot of pokey?

    A had a great year last year like. A managed to spend 6 months on holiday in jail and 6 months hard graft oot.

    Anyways, a kna Big Mick Ash got a new bike like. A was roond his the other day wi lambi. Lambi’s gutted like cos Mick got a new racer. It’s pure sweet like, 5 gears and a water bottle. He reckons he paid 3 bags of toot but me and Lambi reckon he paid at least 4 bags. Yi divvent get a water bottle included for that man!!

    Anyways, am gannin roond Micks noo to have a spliff.


  80. Krul playing – Kadar in for Staylor.
    Anyone know the full starting eleven and subs?