Hughton: “It’s about keeping players fit”.

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Hughton: "Lady Luck plays a massive part".
Hughton: "Lady Luck plays a massive part".
Chris Hughton has been talking about the issue which has been one of Newcastle United’s biggest bugbears in recent times, injuries.

So far, with a few exeptions, Hughton has managed to largely buck the trend, despite playing a longer season in a supposedly more ‘physical’ league. However, despite some clever rotational policies and the use of loan players by the Cockney Colossus, there have been some players who have proved to be indispensible to the cause this season, players such as Jose Enrique, Fabricio Coloccini, Alan Smith and leading goalscorer, Kevin Nolan.

Hughton said on the challenge:

“It’s about keeping players fit.

“When you look at the squad, we’ve got a lot of players who have played a lot of games.

“They’re good, tough individuals.

“We have a lot of players who will continue to play a lot of games, but the thing we need to guard against is injuries. If we get them at any stage, we’ll be stretched.


Hughton then moved on to the example of Burnley last season, who reached the semi-finals of the Carling Cup and the last sixteen of the FA Cup, playing a 61 game season in the process despite having a relatively small squad of players. He said:

“There is a possibility to work the two together, and Burnley certainly did it last season, but they wouldn’t be the only team.

“There’ll have been numerous teams with smaller squads which have gone on to have good cup runs, and show good league form.”

“Lady Luck”.

However, despite careful management of the squad, Hughton did acknowledge that sometimes, pure luck has an important role to play too.

“It’s something that’s said, but the reality with injuries, is that Lady Luck plays a massive part.

“If I look at Arsenal – who have just gone top of the league – they’ve having a good season, despite having so many injuries.

“It’s about Lady Luck, but we like to think we’ve done well with the training and medical structure here.”

The recent defensive signings for the club, ex-loanee, Danny Simpson, and now Mike Williamson from Portsmouth should provide some much needed defensive cover. It should also be remembered that young Hungarian starlet, Tamas Kadar is a left footed player who is as adept in the left-back position as he is in the middle. In other areas, Fabrice Pancrate was also brought in for the problematic right wing position, with the team having a dearth of players who could be described as ‘true’ widemen on that side of the pitch.

Time will tell on what other players will be brought in as reinforcements in the remainder of the January transfer window.

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123 Responses

  1. Is Williamson confirmed yet?

    We have been amazingly lucky with injuries but I wonder how much of that is down to the personality of the players we have now?

    As for squad sizes, our’s is probably one of the biggest. We certainly have more players with experience that we can call on. Most of the other teams in this league have a core 12-13 players and youth beyond them.

  2. I recommend a half-hearted FA Cup run: Don’t throw the thing but don’t over burden the players we can’t live without if at all possible. Let’s at least give Enrique, Jonas, and STaylor a day off.

  3. MDS – If williamson is confirmed then i’d agree. He can slot in for Taylor, Kadar for Enrique, Jonas can be replaced by ?

  4. Howay, let’s do a daft Newcastle United thing and go to Wembley.

    We can go nuts, get hammered and have a .orgy if we win!!

  5. aye am not into the lets leave the cup early type crack, in case it effects us in the league feck that a want some excitement

  6. CH is being modest as usual. Luck has little to do with it and our awful history with injuries is down to archaic attitudes to conditioning. The man responsible left and things improved immediately.

    Gary Speed has it right – no partying during season, good diet and ahtanga yoga make a player pretty much bomb-proof.

  7. positive thoughts, we gan up the great unwashed gan doon and ashley sells up, carlsberg don’t do football seasons , but if they did……

  8. I think the FA cup is what some of the younguns need badly, some valuable playing time. I think it would be so sad to practically just walk away from the FA cup. I say play 7-8 1st teamers and make the rest up with the promising younguns we have.

  9. bowburnmag says:
    January 22, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    “and have a .orgy if we win!!”

    With a load of fat Geordie men? I think I’ll pass on that one, Bowburn! :-)

  10. Batty thats looks like a nice piece of kit the youngun has ;)

    Worky you will have the weight discrimination people onto you for that remark :lol:

  11. i was hoping stu was online but it looks like hes gone oot with his missus :lol: >Stuart79 says:
    January 22, 2010 at 4:37 pm
    Worky man!

    The ‘grammer’ comment had a touch of irony too!

    That was hardly riddled with errors.

    N E way am off oot wi the dog

  12. jettson >>>>batty says:
    January 22, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    we offerd under a mill and pompey still owe watford 1.2 mill lol

  13. batty – probly rite lol
    would be a useful addition at this level – he may jump higher than shola at corners as well lol

  14. If the great Dane is still mourning (would n`t hold it against him at this time) we could throw on Lua Lua or pancake or the left/right with R Taylor/guthrie on the other flank.
    What i would like to see is pace in the team, we had hardly any in the first games, give Nile/pancake a game run at their defence like they did to us, and support from midfield.
    Go for the win in this game ,we DO NOT NEED a replay IMO

  15. My 10 year old son can jump higher than Shola………in fact Shola is higher off the ground when standing up than when he jumps.

  16. stop trying to wrap the players up in cotton wool….i want to see a full strength team against west brom , stuff the shitbags & look foward to the next round…..that’s what’s suppose to happen isn’t it ?

    …toon for the fa cup & heed for the fa vase !

  17. Shola cost us the win Monday… Olssen was left completely unmarked by Bambi not once but twice… I remember this occuring when JK gave him a chance last season. Even if he scores goals he ruins it by conceding on the other end. Give Ranger a chance, maybe he could be useful in the premier league.

  18. Soh ! it`s about keeping fit is it ?
    Wonder what the f..k Houghton was thinking with his intense gaze directed heavenward.
    Any ideas?, cause this blog has run out of steam allredy.

  19. agree fss , shola is like a lampost looking for a street & half the time without the light on….it’s about time the yes man gave young ranger a run in the team to show what he can do.

  20. batty , i see youv’e been banned from uncle ed’s again… many times is that now m8 ? .. is it double figures yet hahaha……

  21. Komfort I can see Hughton’s concern, the only way Harewood was better than Ranger was converting easy chances… but that wins points. With Carroll still trying to clear out his arse after a few days in jail we can expect some more matches with Shola as a target man coming up.

  22. FSS – I agree, goals win matches. For overall effort and team play though, Ranger is far ahead of Harewood.

  23. fss , look if give ranger a decent run in the team he’ll eventually start scoring goals…he’s a natural + he’s got bags of pace & he can hold the ball up unlike the rest of them – they’d struggle to hold their own under crackers up.

  24. What about Nolan and Loven up front with Guthrie and Smudge in Midfield? Ranger on for Smudge if we need to come up with a goal and push Nolan back into midfield. Despite my moniker Smudge’s goal record is not something I want to monitor.

  25. fss , we play jackie charlton football so we need someone to hold the ball up !!….shola should be able to do it but he’s gormless & jumps a bit late , so give the job to young ranger as he makes the ball stick…

    ..but my opinions are usally miles off the mark anyways….that’s why i work down the poxy market with batty & not as a footy manager….reet time for a few pain killers alang the purb.

  26. Chuck – A negative, but harsh one, for which I apologise.

    It gets my goat up when people who put a lot of effort, for free and in their spare time, into this site get slammed.

    If thats not what your comment meant then i apologise again.

  27. Aaw shucks toonsy, now you making me feel bad.
    Had I ment to slam you, you would`nt have been in doubt, just rattling cages.
    Keep up the pro bono stuff amigo.

  28. P.S.

    Dear Mr N.Butt et al

    Please can you win me the Football Association cup as I would very much like the 88-1 odds I have on this actuality to become reality.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mr C.Magpie

  29. 42, Ranger will score but he needs a strong manager to tell him to play through the middle Ameobi-esque, stop chasing loose balls, it’s not your responsibility if our wingers are sh**te, give Pancake & Jonas a kick up the ass, get some balls in the box and thou shalt score bucketloads

  30. Who`s the best striker on the books ?
    Give you a hint,
    he`s a Geordie, played for the Engerland U21`s,
    been with the club since he was a kid,
    Yes folks, yer put yer left foot in, yer put yer left foot out…..
    You got it Ooooh! Shola Ameobi, thats who it`s all about.
    And he`s a genuine Geordie to boot, how lucky we are.

  31. After working with Darren Anderton at spurs Hughton must think keeping the toon players fit is a doddle.

  32. Big Dave says:
    January 22, 2010 at 8:31 pm
    Batty @ 40 that was funny mate
    <<< made me laugh m8

  33. komfort says:
    January 22, 2010 at 7:35 pm
    batty , i see youv’e been banned from uncle ed’s again… many times is that now m8 ? .. is it double figures yet hahaha……
    <<<<< not for long m8 my 1st comment is awaitng moderation :lol:

  34. Loven aint playing – he’s on emotional leave, we can win this but you have to worry who will score goals, west brom are concentrating on getting promoted and baggies fans are much like us expecting a few players to be rested – nice if we win but not that important in the bigger scheme of things

  35. jeez – am on train home = half lashed and 2 hours late…… according to the other half, need to pretend to be sober when i get in!!
    she should think herself lucky, she’s bagged well out her league :-)

  36. batty – aye you aint wrong but I’ll jut go to pub and sort tomoz – tho it’ll cost me for sure :-)

  37. batty – thx but I’ll be alright mate, see portsmouth seem to have suddenly tried to increase the williamson fee – cheeky fcks

    if anyone tries to nick my macbook pro on this train they are getting royally fckd :-)

  38. @bats – soz mate I did reply to ya but seems my comment is awaiting moderation :-)

    speak to you over the weekend sometime

  39. batty,

    Why don’t you try to be funny to my face?

    Always when I’m not here – Weak man, weak!

  40. Big Dave says:
    January 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm
    Stuart has batty been at it again mate, you can’t keep him down. “)

    That’s what his wife says..

  41. Stuart79 says:
    January 22, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Why don’t you try to be funny to my face?

    Always when I’m not here
    <<<<< what like you did the other night wen i was off line

  42. aye aye radgies! !
    Hoo man am livid like!
    A telt yi’s the other day like that me mother is gannin oot wi big Mick like.
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  43. I was replying to a direct question and comment from another user.

    Anyway, What’s happening with this David Walliams were trying to sign?

  44. stu we offerd just under a mill which was accepted then pompey relised they owe 1.2 mill too watford on him so david craig sed

  45. Good grief man! Why is nothing easy?

    Probably thought we could get him on the cheap. They’ll be wanting the extra then I suppose. Don’t suppose we’ll pay it like.

    He’ll want to move he’ll want paying this month for a start – I hear he’s not doing anymore Little Britain.

  46. That show should have been binned after the 1st series,same with Catherine Tate,like watching the same joke on a Loop.

    Hoooo EEE Troy you still got the goaheed off Mike and Owl Heed t’ Bulldoze spoertsdierkt@stjames stadium y’ fookin mad dresser?got all me bmx mates from Byker wantin’ t’ de some radge jumps in the gallowgate end mate.

  47. Stuart79 says:
    January 22, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    “Good grief man! Why is nothing easy?

    Probably thought we could get him on the cheap.”

    Stuart, If batty and David Craig are right, and Pompey accepted a bid without realising they owed even more on him, then surely, they’re the ones who made the mistake?

  48. stuart do you ever go out ?. you screw oap’s and weak people over for their precious things – then you lord it on here bragging about your x5 and how you intend to change it because it’s not fking good’in-uff for your requirements blah blah blah – you sicken me to the core hangin round here like a bad smell.

    & a nother thing you one’a stop knocking around with your mother you shit bag.

  49. chuck , the answer is closer to home than you think //// try love vegas //// wandering the streets of south shields must be killing you xxx //// if it wasn’t for gail i wouldn’t care if it snowed //// hold on my sweety hold on.

  50. audrey , i couldn’t disagree anymore you craggy faces slapper……

    ….mind i would shag chin-less gail – coz am kinky when av had drinky.

    ….battyb @ 58 i read it & puked with a mouthful of keeeeeeebab…hhahhahahhah…can i have the same again please..

    …edwardo disrespect batty boy at your peril – enjoy your stay

  51. Had the place to myself the night Batty ,spent most of the night chattin about oldskool BMX with Troy…Mike has given him the go ahead to turn SJP into a bmx track which is great news…Owl Heeds done his nut like cos he had a big sponsorship deal with poundland lined up.

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  53. Love to Knock one off on Audrey’s Tash…Love hairy old birds me ! (preferably in wheelchairs so they can’t run away).

  54. I’m gutted! I just found out Nobby went to Leicester. Very disappointed we didn’t get him :( I think I’ll have to make Leicester my ‘second’ team! Hope we stonk Leicester a week on Saturday though :)

  55. jill….just magnified your image & must say you looking mustardo babe…there’s little doubt your’a top bird – i think we need to meet to disguss our short term future…..just ask worky for my e-mail & we’ll take it from there.

    ….you can’t afford to hang around tho sweetnessssssss xxx

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  61. Jill says:
    January 23, 2010 at 1:52 am
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    No but I like Doritto Dips Jill Pet.

  62. sjt , i’d be happy with young david at the mo like ….. off to bed neet matey – i’m a loser !!!

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  65. Is there any need for this racist abuse?

    I haven’t even posted here and I am getting it. Do moderators not exist here or is this abuse encouraged?

  66. jason , i can’t sleep …… can’t get jilly bean out my mind … i just want to play love songs while thinking about the salsa girl – i’ve totally lost my direction & i’m sure my appetite will be on the missing list tomorrow..

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  69. audrey roberts says:
    January 22, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Well thank you for your glowing reference Audrey.

    Although I’m not totally sure what drugs you’re on… Maybe sniffed too much hair lacquer.