Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose…Jose…Jose! Enrique lifts Toon award.

Posted on December 18th, 2009 | 98 Comments | bull? bull?
Not surprisingly, Jose “The Bull” Enrique, will collect the Newcastle United Player of the Month Award for November, when we face Boro on Sunday. And there’s hardly been a more derserving winner in a long while, despite the efforts of some of our more genuine ‘heroes’ of late.

Undeniably one of our better Spanish imports in recent years when compared to Marcelino and Xisco, Enrique has continued to progress since his arrival and quickly become a firm favourite amongst the fans. Despite some initial concerns about his weight (i.e. he was a little on the heavy side) and what that meant for his movement, and the fact that he has hearts in mouths at times at the back, he’s quickly become one of our most effective players. And this season he has improved ten-fold in terms of fitness and overall influence on games.

That fact is all the more impressive considering he’s doing it from left-back, and he combines defensive duties with the ability to get at the opposition from deep positions brilliantly. In fact, he’s arguably one of our better attackers, as he worries their defence as much as, if not more, than anybody in the team with the ball at his feet. Occasionally, he can try to be too clever in keeping the ball in tight areas, particularly in our third, but normally his ability, strength and pace get him out of trouble.

And the fans are not the only ones impressed with Enrique’s displays, and gaffer Chris Hughton had this to say:

“The award is thoroughly deserved,”

“Not only has he been outstanding during the past month but he has been excellent all season.

“He’s a very good, strong defender and very few can go close to getting past him.

“But he’s also chipping in with a few assists recently and I’m sure his first goal won’t be too far away.

“He’s into his third season at the club now and has really settled down and showed his real quality.

“He’s got a good understanding with Jonas Gutierrez down the left flank and we’re delighted with his performances right now.”

I know the one thing that the fans would love to see for all his endeavours, and that’s for Jose to break the net one of these days. And what better way to celebrate his award and break his duck with a goal in the Tyne-Tees derby?

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98 Responses

  1. 100% agree he deserves the award he is a real cracking player and seems to be well liked. Also cant wait till he gets his 1st wouldnt it be sweet for him to score on Sunday

  2. Not many can beat him for pace, and when they do, not many have the combined strength and pace to get past him then shrug him off. I have no doubt that one day he will be alongside Ramos, Xavi and David Villa in the Spainish squad.

    Although agree with the article, sometimes he likes to play his way out of trouble when it isnt possible, but he is still only 23.

    What Jonas doesn’t give us in the terms of crossing and shooting Enrique always looks to provide. Two assists against Coventry, the the second an insane run up field to join the counter attack.

  3. Ed’s gone(?) oops boing, been oot di loop for a bit. I must adjust that darn Time Machine. Just passing through anyway, wank wank oops.

    Viva la Vauxhall crap cars.

    Batty = Boy

    Big Dave = Master Baker

    Mags09 = Ahhh, fk knows

    Me = Lord of the Unknown

    ….later dudes and dudesses, Hairy P155flaps and a slap in yer ear.

    Ho ho hooooooooooooooooo man hey man hoo man!

    : )

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  5. …sorry, but you asked for it with such a fkn blatant name, you must be a mackem. Go lick a kerb.

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    (that I still have in my cellar)

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    Support your local Butcher.

  8. Howman Cutch, am leek a reyt gone off banana. Al tel thee.

    And as well the type of things that were meant to mean stuff anarl like, as well, like yenar.

  9. Jose is a great player, great going forward, although sometimes tries to get a bit to cute at the back when he should just really put his boot through the ball.

  10. …Cutch 19 btw

    …aye, well fresh off brown but sweet, even though I taste over the top – I still look like shit.

  11. Well deserved award,took a while to settle but think he will get better and better and chip in with some goals as well.

    Not long now until we are linked with every tom,dick(don’t get excited gaytoon)and harry…I heard we have a war chest of 6m zzzzzzzzz

    I am expecting Ashley to sell a few assets for good measure.

  12. he is a good player i just hope that if we get promoted he is proves to be a top player in the epl

  13. Jose has been a class apart in this league. I wonder how Jonas and him would link up in the prem now they have been battered and de-sensitised in the fizzy?

  14. well i’m pleased to see gateshead have passed the pitch inspection….that’s my day sorted – glug glug glug.

    …gaytoon , are you looking foward to having your chesnuts roasted this xmas ? or would you prefer a nice pork sausage & a bit of stuffing..

  15. Gaytoon says:
    December 19, 2009 at 12:07 am

    “Do you have Bulls picture without shirt?”

    Unfortunately not, Gaytoon. But I’d just like to say I think that it’s great to have people from the gay community like yourself on this ‘blog!

  16. Rod!!

    Thought thought I’d never see yer likes again ’round these parts! Great to have ya back, mon frere!!

    And agree with the article- The Bull is the way of the future for the Toon at LB. Wouldn’t mind seeing some cover brought in for him though, like.

  17. O’Hurley – I was wondering where you were! Havn’t seen you on here for ages!

    4 minutes gone – mackems losing already!

  18. Toonsy-

    Thanks for concern m8! Just was depressed for awhile about Ed’s blog hahaha. I saw Rod post the first post on here I’ve seen from him in AGES, so I felt the time was right to come back lol.

    Hope to God the mackems (AND the tackems) lose 11-0 today. That would make me dance in the rain today lol.

  19. Big Dave-

    I’m seein’ that! Good to see all the lads here, to be sure. I’ll do a better job about keepin up with y’all fellas :)

  20. glad west broms game was called of wonder ware they are gonna fit that 1 in with all the games we play in this leauge

  21. batty – was just gonna say that, although i doubt he is leaving by choice.

    Man City announcement at 7:30pm
    Roberto Mancini reportedly at the ground
    Sparky waves around the ground at full time

    Its not looking good for him.

  22. toonsy me thinks hughes tryed to build a side like we had in the mid 90s m8 attack attack but its back fired on him lol

  23. I’d say Hughes would be a great choice for permanent manager, but I’m feelin’ a Chris Hughton revolution :)

    Seriously, he’s brought the best out of a squad of pants players and given stability (or at least a damn fair illusion of such) to a club that DESPERATELY needed it.

  24. batty – I do feel slightly sorry for sparky tbh. Despite what the arabs said about having time etc, we all knew that if Man City weren’t in the top 4 come christmas then he would be off. These arabs know what they want and will roll over anyone to get it.

    I suppose you could say the owners in Man City have ambition. Think, we could have had them if Ashley didn’t go oot on the piss! :D

  25. OHurley – Hughtons done a great job, but i fear he will get found out in the prem if we go up! Of course, i’d like to proven wrong like and i guess time will only tell.

  26. Hi all just a bit of help.If we get promoted next season we can watch every game online for nought.Just goto goto software install sopcast and thats it as long as the game has sopcast link beside it.If you wana try it the arseal game is on it right now

  27. Supershearer206 – Or we can watch through iraq goals or streams and not download anything to our computers that may contain something nasty, ok?

  28. Hughes sacked, good enough for him, arrogant bugger gets what he deserves. He has had a kings ransom to spend and has wasted the chance to make citeh into a major force, wonder how super Shay is feeling tonight, if he conquered his fear of leaving the goal line on the odd occassion to help his defence out, things may have been different. They have conceded 27 league goals already, one more than Portsmouth.

  29. Toonsy ive used it for a year now and sopcast doent stutter or stop its the best 1 ive tried and no virus

  30. bigbadbob it’s a nailed on cert that he has had the boot with the press conference later to confirm it lol. I cant stand the arrogant toss pot

  31. Supershearer206 – Sorry mate, im just very sceptical of people saying to download stuff. Nothing personal.

  32. No problem just thought id give some help to folk who cant make it to games like me who stays in scotland

  33. Supershearer206 – Being in Scotland is no excuse to not go, your closer than a lot of toon fans lol.

    For games i dont go to iraqgoals or works just fine.

  34. Ive been to 1 game acouple of years ago allerdyce was manager we beat eveton 3-2 was a bit disappointed with the lack of volume but it was great to finally get in especially a league game

  35. Hope there is truth in the wilshere rumour seen him play against celtic in champions league he made an arse out of gary caldwell and hes no slouch.Every time he had the ball you could see a goal coming

  36. Supershearer206 – I doubt Wilshere would come. Dont get me wrong, he looks like he will be a good player. But at 17 years old should he really be turning his nose up at pretty much guaranteed 1st team football with us?

  37. Areet lads, wonder if Boro have managed to shift them 3,000 tickets for the morrow. I have to be honest and say i’ll be having a good chuckle to myself if there’s empty seats in the away end of a derby like.

  38. WEnger is probably the best manager in the world especially in the attacking flair mentality.Houghton doesnt seem to have tactics as such there is no interaction in midfield its long ball to wingers hold it up and set up strikers it isnt pretty. Could wilshere fit in with that style it mightn make look bad

  39. Anyway cmon the toon 2moro teamshould look like this harper enrique taylor colo simpson pancrat smith guthrie jonas ameobi lovenkrands

  40. oops just didnt want butt to start hes finished would always have guthrie before butt probably take off guthrie for nolan tho

  41. Manchester City have confirmed the sacking of manager Mark Hughes, and announced the appointment of Roberto Mancini as his replacement.

  42. Been really pleased with the Jose, his improved fitness has done wonders for him both in terms of speed and strength and, more importantly, confidence.

  43. Although, as its a “derby”, if it is to be called off then i’d imagine it will get called off early doors before fans start setting off – esoecially boro fans.

  44. Toonsy @71

    Completely agree. If I lived in Scotland (even the outer Heberdes lol) I’d be goin’ to every home game of the season!! As it is now, I’m about 4300 miles away separated by an ocean. Kinda hard for a weekend getaway lol!

  45. Ohurley understand what you are sayng but i dont drive its 4 hours in train and I smoke. Id have to live in bnb and travel back on sunday go back to work on monday,would be exhausted

  46. Hmm to bad about Hughes always admired his tude and as a player he could bang em in.
    But guess he`s not everyone`s favorite Eh Big Dave !
    Detect a little bit of schadenfreude there Dave.
    See some people just can`t stop getting their digs in at Shay, eh “big bad ass bob”! Was, he hoofs it up the pitch, now it`s he`s afraid to come off his line, about a goalie who has made a career by making saves off his line.
    Guess you see what ever fits with your prejudices.
    Have to say yeah, Jose Enrique just gets better with time,
    Like to see him stay, anyone know how long a contract he has ?
    Everyone seems to think Kilgallon is coming, is this a done deal, or what ?
    Getting close to the window, with rumors of a six million quid transfer kitty available, any truth to
    that ?
    If so who should we go after ?
    What would be your wish list for a first eleven if we gain promotion,(keep it within reason) ?
    Anyone ever see an Uglier strip than the present away strip ?

  47. hi again chuck , where about’s in south shields do you live ?. would you like to meet up one night for a curry & an amstel – i’m sure we can put the world to rights.

  48. Chuck, youre a bit obsessed with prejudices, racism and other modern political correct terms, Given walked out on us when we needed him, end of story. If you watched yesterdays highlights you would see that the three mackem goals all came from crosses into the six yard box and he was rooted to his line, its his weakness so its hardly malicious to point it out.
    As for my nickname, i inherited it in the 70s, its a piss take of a comedy character from the film Judge Roy Bean and its the opposite to me, hope ive explained myself but do me a favour and get your nickers out of a bunch mate and lighten up.

  49. Big bad ass bob,
    Ah! yes Bob whatever you say, it`s obvious you are bitter that he left and can`t resist taking a shot at him, let it go !
    And “Big Ass” I `m really not obsessed by anything, well perhaps having a few Amstels in the evening !

    ROY Cropper
    No pal I dont live in South Shields, in fact about thirty five hundred miles away.
    Though i did cross on the ferry many years ago and had a few beers there.
    Oh! almost forgot went through the tunnel coupla years ago to the Barbour store.

  50. bigbadbob says:
    December 20, 2009 at 8:48 am

    “Given walked out on us when we needed him, end of story.”

    And he’s done nothing else but whinge about his “suffering” at NUFC and hail Mark Hughes for rescuing him from his Toon hell on several tens of thousands of pounds a week. It’s completely unnecessary. He’s also been whinging about of the “injustice” of the ROI’s exit from the World Cup with Henry’s handball and all that, without a word about the fact that France should have had a penalty seconds before that because of him. He’s a very good goalkeeper, but he’s also a bit of a …

    chuck says:
    December 19, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    “Anyone ever see an Uglier strip than the present away strip ?”

    I’ve seen far worse, there were some truly awful ones in the ‘eighties and early ‘nineties, especially in Europe. My personal favourite though is Hull City’s tigerprint ‘Bet Lynch on acid’ design from the ‘nineties. I posted it on here a couple of times to put Newcastle’s ‘Pineapple Cheesecake’ design in perspective.

  51. Arthur Scargill
    Is he your hero (Arthur)? I was living in London during the late seventies during the miners strikes when they introduced legislation preventing secondary strikers and this was a Labor government.
    Saw the writing on the wall when Maggie took power and outta there, only to be met by Reagan, ah well !
    Yeah used to walk to Stamford Bridge, along the Fulham road and scalp a ticket, rough times at games, was kinda dissapointed when Newcastle showed up in yellow strips.
    Sorry to answer your question, live in New York, but still get to a few games each year.
    Think St James is one of the best stadiums I have been to, scariest was Galatassaray in Instanbull, those guys are really crazy.

    So you too want to take a dig at a player who gave outstanding service to NUFC for over ten years, because he had the temerity to get out of a club in meltdown, look the club was in chaos, heading for demotion, a club in such bad shape no one wanted the managers job (except Shearer)
    I`m sure he made the decision following the loss to Liverpool and I cant say I blame him.
    As far as Ireland` elimination, are you saying his attitude should have been, ah it`s ok we should just accept being cheated out of it ?
    As for the claim of a penalty not given (no pun intended)
    can`t say I recall that.
    And while we are on the subject, can you tell me when the English are ever going to stop crying about the famous hand of god incident, Christ it`s been a quarter of a century now.
    At least the Irish have had the good grace to let it go.