Ashley seeks advice of prospective sponsors about Newcastle United…

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Asking the right questions and getting the right answers?
Asking the right questions and getting the right answers?
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58 Responses

  1. Headline – “In deciding what his next move should be, Mike consults some of the market’s biggest brands”.

    Mike (speech bubble) – “What do you reckon guys, should I jump or not?”

    Carlsberg – Probably the best idea in the world
    Tesco – Well, every little helps Mike
    Lloyds TSB – Mike, just go the journey
    Nike – Just Do It, Mike

    Caption – “Askin the right questions and getting the right answers?”

  2. BBM – How do i get the pictures in the right place when writing an article? I have one in the pipeline but just need to know about the pictures. Cheers :)

  3. from another thread…
    NOTE TO BBM/WORKY-or anyone else!!
    could you be so kind as put a thread together around our currant crop of senior players and when contracts are looking to expire etc? i know butt is due to leave end of season and geremi too? but who else do we need to keep an eye on, either to keep or let go?

  4. Bowburn…
    Carlsberg – Probably the best idea in the world
    Tesco – Well, every little helps Mike
    Lloyds TSB – Mike, just go the journey
    Nike – Just Do It, Mike

    Priceless and very very subtle. 

    Skimmed straight over me – guess it’s time for a nap!

  5. thanks worky!
    that’ll teach me to be a bit more nosy in the future!
    it’ll be good to see the back of geremi and butt, two huge earners that really dont perform and dont deserve to be near the first team
    we get those two replaced with some play makers, get rid of barton too come to think of it

  6. lesh – Excelsior is a talented fella.

    We’ve got an updated version, bit more colour etc and his Copyright thingy, we hope to get up at some point.

  7. T_F – Excelsior (blogger and poster), is an extremely talented illustrator.

    Does an initial sketch and then uses some design software to turn it into what you see above.

  8. Excelsior – see @16, thne @18. 

    Bowburn – Thanks for pointing to the true creative force in this instance.

  9. Saw a leading expert on the business world on Sky News yesterday commenting on how limited companies are judged and regarded by others. He said that the general public perception of how a company is run, its reputation, the behaviour of its board and whether the brand has been tarnished in any way is far more important these days than financial results. If this is the case, how the hell will our club attract any blue chip sponsorship?

    Toon_Factor says:
    December 3, 2009 at 3:21 pm
    Thanks for replying, Excelsior if your there please tell me which software you use.
    Probably ‘Photoshop’. That’s the pro standard for image manipulation.”
    it’ll be illustrator over photoshop
    i’m a photographer and i use photoshop, whereas me missus is a designer/illustrator and she uses adobe illustrator
    sorry to be pedantic

  11. stuart 79,he will not invest for players,the mad b*****d will probably think this seasons squad is good enough to stay up if we get promoted.
    either that or he,ll say he,s selling up again come the summer,and we will all be put through the wringer again.
    then he will say no takers on the sale,and away we,ll go into next season with a threadbare squad,and be relegated.

  12. hahaha like the pic, though i have to say i’m astonished stardust hasn’t made a comment on this yet great work excel

    did any one hear that freddie roach claims to be a toon fan ………… i wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming fight

    also isnt this amazing this is the quietest period the club has had for ages we aren’t in the papers, things are so far going well on the pitch and at the moment that is the main focus its great when the attention if only just a little bit can not focus so much on what is happening with off field matters

  13. Eastend Toon says:
    December 3, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    “it’ll be illustrator over photoshop
    i’m a photographer and i use photoshop, whereas me missus is a designer/illustrator and she uses adobe illustrator
    sorry to be pedantic”

    It was Photoshop CS3 on a Mac. I’ve just checked the image I was sent haha!

  14. Aye 69 the media are only interested when we’re having a crap time, when things are ok they just ignore us altogether. on talksport they talk about how well the teams around us are doing then blank us.

  15. Like the Pic well done ;) thought you would have had a sports direct sign on his top lol. But I dont think MA takes advice from anyone other than Lambs arse, who I believe has done more damage to our club than Ma.
    Eastend Toon I’m looking a half decent SLR for crimbo between 250 – 400 have you any sugestions ??

  16. From a BowburnMag original idea I pencilled up a rough, e-mailed it to BBM….he approved it. I then produced a finished pencil drawing, scanned it into my Mac and opened it up into Photoshop. After importing (and altering) the logos, I then coloured it up using a Wacom tablet. I’ve set the Wacom to replicate the same feel and texture as my old paintbrush, it’s how I work on a daily basis. All conventional paint/marker and airbrush techniques can be easily applied to the computer…the trick is just to treat it as another illustrative tool. Bend it to the way you work…not the other way around. I’ll try and post a “Christmas” themed one next week. Cheers BBM!

  17. Eastend Toon: The basic difference between the two pieces of software is Photoshop is pixel based and Illustrator is vector based. Illustrator is great for “hard edged” stuff (type design/flat colour etc); I prefer Photoshop as it “feels” more organic…more like actually painting. I’ve never really mastered Illustrator, it’s a bit clinical for me. Hats off to Mrs Eastend Toon if she’s got to grips with it. At the end of the day the software does not ‘create” the image….the artist does so what you use is immaterial (see what I did there….immaterial!! Oh well, please yourselves!1), fffnnnnaarr, fffnnnaaarrr!!

  18. Are Hughton’s comments about the January window just code for “Don’t get your hopes up!!”

  19. i stand corrected worky, admittedly i’ve never attempted to draw an image on photoshop. they do say to assume si to make an ass out of u… and voila!
    excel, i see what you mean, the ol’ bags a sunglasses designer so i see where you come from re: hard edged stuff, and it all becomes clear!

  20. Excelsior – Mike in a Santa suit? Sack full of ’empty promise’/’empty rhetoric’ vouchers and a smattering of manky old sportswear with ‘70% off stickers’?

    Maybe some of the players as reindeers?

    Perhaps I’m going too far?

  21. Or KK in the Santa suit with a sack full of happy memories and Entertaining football and Mike as The Grinch in the background.

    I’m a bottle of wine down like so just ignore my creative ramblings…

  22. Please dont sign sol campbell, we are already paying geremi and butt loads despite being passed it, why add another. a man so driven by big wages he dropped 3 divisions to get big wages then left because other players were not so greedy, just another overpaid mercinary like owen.

  23. Excelsior says:
    December 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm
    Are Hughton’s comments about the January window just code for “Don’t get your hopes up!!”

    I have to admit there is a feeling of de ja vu coming through quite strongly.
    Although I think it will feel like we have signed ten new players if we don’t sell anyone.

  24. Stuart @47….. I’ll probably be proved wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised by some good incomers at Christmas.

    And as for the Crippa illustration – MA as Santa with the kids waiting, hoping and in eager anticipation singing…….

    “Here comes fatty with a sack full o sh*te”


    If the club had said nothing they would have been villified for that too.

    I think we’ve come to a point now that thir damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    Although I don’t really know why NUST have had to write an open letter.  Things had just started to quiten down and they go and do this. 

    They must have had no publicity this week…

  26. NUST have done themselves and the club a great dis-service in going public with their letter. 

    They argue that the club’s image has been badly damaged under the stewardship of Ashley and Llambias and that any would-be buyer would view it a toxic. 

    Yet, as the dust is beginning to settle, the club’s looking a good investment prospect and the team’s at the top of the tree, they open up that can of worms, bringing the matter to the fore and back into the public domain! 

    Are these people stupid?  Do they want to see moral at the club affected?  Do they want to see a change of ownership?

    Or, do they want to devalue the club for their own ends – to reduce the club’s status and market value, the price they’d expect to pay……. for a second tier club?

    I call on NUST to wake up and build bridges with Llambias and Ashley by engaging in constructive dialogue.

    From the little I’ve seen of irresponsible and apparently unprofessional behaviour and language , does NUST really think it will attract serious investors?  

    I think not!

  27. The best thing the NUST can hope for is partnering Ashley in some way or another.  No way will they be able to put together enough to buy and run the club.

  28. BBM: sack full of empty promises being opened over SJP by Santa Mike with Elf Helper Chris Hughton clinging onto the sleigh, and Mike saying “Yes, Chris when I said I’d “Back You” in January…I meant “into a corner”, obviously!”. I’ll take suggestions, and the winner gets a copy of the illustration. Nothing too “graphic” obviously, but Mike as Santa and……..something.

  29. Excelsior – how about a picture of Mike Ashley, dressed as Santa Claus shoving a big knife in Chris’s back while shouting Merry Christmas Chris.  Chris could have a wish list of players signed off by Ashley or something.

  30. Excelsior, how about Ashley sitting on top of a chimney top with his pants around his ankles, using the chimney as a toilet and the caption ‘Santa Ashley delivering his usual present to the NUFC faithful!’

  31. I can see I’m going to be busy here doing “Xmas Ashley” cartoons, all over Christmas!!