Arsenal’s ‘Jack The Lad’ coming to Toon?

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Jack just the ticket?
Jack just the ticket?
The rumours have been rife for a good week or so and probably mooted by optimistic supporters long before, that Newcastle United could be in for Arsenal’s highly-related Jack Wilshere. And according to our local press, he could well be on Chris Hughton’s radar.

Recently Arsene Wenger spoke to press and suggested that one option is to loan out the midfielder to a Championship club. And considering the lack of creativity in the side, it would seem a good option for Chris Hughton to try and bring Wilshere in, particularly as there may be no permanent incoming transfer alternatives in January.

Wenger admitted that it’s an interesting option for Wilshere to go out on loan to a team in the second tier and is keen for Wilshere to get more first-team football, saying:

“There is a chance (of a loan move) if we have an interesting opportunity,” said Wenger. “I would prefer the Premier League, but a top-level Championship club would be interesting as well.

“It is important for Jack now to play, and if we find a good opportunity, we will consider it.”

Hughton, is undoubtedly going to try and strengthen with permanent transfers in January, but given the likelihood that Mike’s cupboard is bare, he could be forced to look to loans again.

Hughton was telling the Shields Gazette:

“There are quality players out there – that’s what we have available to us.

“For us, it’s about getting what we need in the window, but we also know, after that, we’re also able to bring in players on loan. We’ve got to be very, very open to that.

“At the moment, it’s quite a tight squad. We’re quite happy with it, but the most important thing is we’ve got to make sure we’ve got enough to take us through to the end of the season.

“I think when it comes to loan signings, one of the problems when you’re taking players is how much football can you give them?

“What you’ve got to be confident in, is that if you bring somebody in on loan, that you’ve got to give them the amount of football they need.

“There are always decisions on any thoughts you have on players on loan – it’s something you think through carefully.

“But, at any stage we feel we need to bring in quality young players, or experienced players, we’ll make that decision.”

Wilshere is struggling to get into the first team but he’s one of Arsenal’s and the English game’s hot prospects. As an attacking midfielder, is he the sort of talent that we’re crying out for, and could we lure him to St James’?

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74 Responses

  1. As a gooner, if jack has to go out on loan, I would love for it to be Newcastle. This is because I honestly feel you guys are too good for the Championship and it’s almost like going to a premiership club. In addition, it would be good experience for him to go a club trying to win something rather than fighting to avoid relegation. However, one thing I do worry about is Newcastle’s record with injuries. It’s like you guys are cursed.

  2. If we got this lad in our team we would be nailed on for promotion.

    He’s Class with a capital C.

  3. This is exactly the type of signing we should be looking at! Quality; who is better than what we have already. I’ve seen this lad play (not live) on several ocassions now and i feel in a rougher division this would bring on his development along nicely as well as adding some much needed flair to our side.

    Dont worry arsenal fans; with players in our side like Smithy, Nolan, Carrol, Stevie Taylor etc if wilshire came he would be looked after as these lads know how to put there foot in and look after the other more slight players in the team.

    With jonas on the left and this young lad on the right we should continue our recent great form throughout the rest of the season.

    Let’s hope this is a go-er! While were at it; could we also have Vela please? Is that too much to ask for??? after all it is xmas :-)

  4. Ramsey is absolute quality, he’s the Welsh Fabregas no doubt.

    I do like Wilshere but I reckon he’ll most likely go to a struggling Prem club…

    … Plus we don’t exactly need loan signings for the sake of it, as a midfielder he should, at best, be cover. I’d rather see a couple of youngsters be tried out first.

    As much as he’s available, we don’t need him in our position, and i’d rather see a loan investment go on a position like left back.

    Personally, 2 signings I would make the second the January window opens is Victor Moses, up for sale at Palace, and Kilgallon, out of contract in the summer. Ashley, Hughton – GET IT DONE!!

  5. I hope Le boss lets newcastle loan him, would be nice for him to get more regular football in a good team fighting for promotion. Hopefully it all works out for your team beacuse you just dont deserve to be in the championship.

  6. Thought Wilshire had already come out and said he didnt fancy dirtying his boots for championship cloggers – can’t see him being up for slumming against the likes of scunthorpe, plymouth etc especially at the away games.

    No chance Ramsey will come either – we’re far more likely to get some past it/never had it/going nowhere player from one of the prem clubs so we can pay his wages

  7. it’d be good for the lad and we need attack minded midfielders, i wouldnt say no

    but yeah, focus has to be on defence

  8. Andynufc a lot of the teams in the premiership haven’t got what most people call premiership quality players, hull, stoke, burnley, wolves, bolton, portsmouth and birmingham, with a bit of investment and good team spirit will should compete with teams up there.

  9. toonsy says:
    December 15, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    “Thing is, where would we play him? We are already over subscribed in the centre of midfield.”

    Well we have gritty tacklers like Smith and Butt, and I suppose that Nolan is what they would call a good, versatile “box to box” type, but we need a little playmaker somewhere. We’ve needed that for a while.

    toonsy, did you get my comment about the images the other day? I’ll send you an e.mail if you didn’t.

  10. Prefer signings to be on a perm basis rather than loads of loans and misfits like him from blackburn (can’t be arsed to google the spelling) Kguihgcsjdhvik or sumthing’.

    I think he will go to a struggling prem side,possibly liverpool : )

  11. Haha no problem mate. Look at Birmingham city though, they’ve only got a couple maybe proper Premiership standard, but have decent strength in depth and a togetherness – just look at Stoke too. I do think we’ll stay up next season, but only with a decent amount of investment and… Do I think Hughton can hack it? I’m not so sure but we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

  12. Komfort Just get your mam to alter your flares have one wide and 1 narrow leg…proper casual.

  13. I agree andynufc, i live in birmingham though mate so sick of their fans going on about it, i think with the lack of overpaid prima dona’s there is more team spirit and more stability at the club. yes we need to add quality but i hope we buy solid dependable players instead of some git who just wants money. the wage budget will be helped when at long last butt and geremi bugger off.

  14. I tell you what worries me I don’t think houghton has a long term strategy for us and everything stops at promotion….and he has expressed this in interviews.
    I remember when he was questioned about the points total him and the team have in mind for survival (like a figure to aim for) and he didn’t have one.

    Just a minor concern.

  15. I’m not suprised he didn’t have an answer. if it’s said a week is a long time in football how is he ment to know a good figure for safety. one season at a time, if he talks about being in the prem next season everyone in the rags will slaughter him for counting his chickens.

  16. Jay Jay any manager would have had a survival plan like must win,draw,lose….“He who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

  17. sirjasontoon says:
    December 15, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    I don’t think it’s just Hughton who doesn’t have a long term plan.

    The entire club seems to be only looking 3-6 months in front.

    The only thing we can be certain off is that we are sure to have a load more upheavel next year. After all that’s what this club does.

  18. i would LOVE To get Wilshere like, even just on loan. I mentioned a week or two ago Wenger had said he’d be willing to loan him out to a top of the table championship club and i think its absolutly vital we throw our name in the hat. Remember how long we were crying out for a creative midfielder for? It’s not like owt has changed, we havent bought/aqquired one on loan!..I genuinly believe even just at 17 years old, he’d run rings around the majority of these CCC back fours.

    Stevep- if your comment regarding him claiming he wouldnt want to play in the championship is true though, i’d be slightly disappointed. At 17 you should just want first team football and experience, not be looking down your nose at other teams/leagues when the chance of regular football appears.

  19. sjt , the only problem i have with them is they make me want to turn right….the other day i was walking up northumberland street looking in fenwick xmas widow,and before i got to the top i was on the other side of the street standing in the cue at mcdonalds.i passed batty on the way in like , he was ouside carol singing and selling homemade crepe paper xmas decorations.

    …he’s done me a reet favour with me trainers – he’s only charging me £50…you couldn’t be robbed.

  20. Chris is doing a tremendous job and bringing in the top youngsters from Arsenal, Man U etc is exactly the way for us to move forward.
    It will give these boy’s a platform to show their talents and it will also act as a stimulus to Caroll, Ranger and a few other youngsters from our own stable to cement places in the future make-up of our team.
    The problems will arise before we begin the next season in the premiership as funding for players will be limited under Ashley, and a poor start will put immense pressure on the youthful players in our team.

  21. Agreed Stuart…I think there is many more surprises that Ashley will be springing on us along the way.

    Batty was trying to flog me some ltd edition lonsdale trainers wanted £15 though bit rich for me this of year like.

  22. I just think if all we keep getting is loans that will be leaving at some point I think we will enter the prem looking like a tattered pie.

  23. SJT so you don’t think hughton will look a complete arse if he talks of plans for next season in the prem when we’re not even there? maybe he has got plans but wont go public in case he gets egg on his face.

  24. Eevn if there are plans, its pointless airing them in public. All that does in encourage false hope and incite extra pressure.

  25. They should be aiming to sign decent youngsters on perm deals not breaking them in for other teams.

    Otherwise come the end of the season we are back to square one-threadbare.

  26. Kieren dyer’s first start of the season lasted 19 minutes before he had to go off. waste of space.

  27. Had the Man U. kid a coupla seasons ago and never gave him a chance, the striker, now plying his trade in
    “seria A”
    Bet “ole whiskey nose” wishes he had hung onto him.
    I think we should be looking at some young talent to buy instead of having a team of loaned players, though in a sense we are lucky to have them for the run at promotion, the more the merrier in case of injuries.
    But if in fact we gain promotion we are going to have to spend, this side as it is will not survive in th PL.

  28. This side would be awful in the prem and I don’t see major investment either in january or pre season next year.

    I would love to see the back of Ashley and get a decent owner that will fund sensible buys.

    I reckon Mike will sell more assets in January and replace them with loans.

  29. I have said it before but Ben Watson should be a signing we could get him for less than Butt and geremi wages put together. Those two muppets will be taking best part of £120K a weeek. Six million a year for nothing

  30. The sad mackems are losing two nowt. Jimmy Milner with a rocket. it was on the radio early evening they were expecting a crowd of just over 35,000. Thought they were meant to be a big club. If city turn them over on saturday they are looking over their shoulder at relegation.

  31. Cans somebody tell me what has happened to Harris Vuckic. Never gets a mention even for reserves, back in September he was going to be the new toon hero

  32. budalovesa patsy says:
    December 15, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    “Cans somebody tell me what has happened to Harris Vuckic. Never gets a mention even for reserves, back in September he was going to be the new toon hero”

    He’s been injured, should be back some time next month I think.

  33. Ross – Level 7 mate.

    I think Vuckic could be a big player in 18 months time if he comes back strongly from this injury.

    The kid has it all. Great feet, great engine, quick and knows where the goal is.

    Just gotta look after him and try to keep him.

  34. I would just love it if we could get Wilshire here on loan; I said as much some days agao when it was first mooted that Wenger would let him go out on loan, but was shouted down by some fellow bloggers.

    Even if we are lucky enough to get the kid, we know he will eventually go back to Arsenal, but he would bring a lot of class, skill, accurate passing and speed to the middle of our team, which we need desperately

    As to Vuckic – he was badly injured with both ankle and knee injuries in October and it was anticipated he would be out of action for approx 12 weeks, meaning it will be the end of Jan when he presumably resumes training.

  35. Greetings all! just wanted to introduce myself, been a Newcastle fan in for about three years now here in New York. Its great to see the lads playing with heart and pride. After all, who wouldnt be proud to represent that famous northeast club.

  36. By the way…

    Just bought myself a half-season ticket on a whim.

    I figured I’d be able to shift the single Boro ticket I bought on Monday.

    Anyone want to buy a £20 seat in Level 7 for the Boro game?

  37. Hi guys,

    Ross- Bamburgh Suite with the prawn sandwich brigade!

    Wilshire would rip the CCC apart! been saying we should get him and Vela in on loan. Kilgallon and Moses would be brilliant too. Moses is begging for that step up into the prem and i think we would be an idea club for him.

    However Ashley needs to realise that unless he puts in some sort of investment to the playing staff, he’s gonna struggle to sell the club in the summer. Who buys a shop with no stock? No investment = No basis for survival in the prem.

  38. Jay jay
    Is Kilgallon PL quality, well he`s an under 21 England player, which assumes he is, no?
    Not having watched him lately could`nt be sure, but he`s been getting decent press.
    Would say a coupla U21`s in CD, Taylor and Kilgallon could`nt be bad, could it ?

  39. Chuck says:
    December 17, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    “Jay jay
    Is Kilgallon PL quality, well he`s an under 21 England player, which assumes he is, no?”

    Not necessarily Chuck. The under 21s is a real mixed bag, a testing ground. Some have gone on to the highest highs, like Shearer and Lampard, and other have been found wanting and withered away in obscurity. Often, great players like the two mentioned above just go straight into the full squad, like Wayne Rooney.