You’re not a loan? Hughton – “I don’t really expect to bring anybody in”.

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Jus' chillin'?
Jus' chillin'?
Chris Hughton has admitted that he is pretty laidback as the hour approaches and the ‘temporary loan signing’ window shuts at 5pm tomorrow night until February.
It has long been reported that Leon Cort has been on Hughton’s radar but Hughton has been telling the Chronicle that he’s not in any rush to sign players just for the sake of it:

“You never know, but realistically looking at the squad I don’t really expect to bring anybody in during the next month or so.

“Of course, all sorts of things can happen in the next 24 hours, and phone calls will be made on Thursday with players potentially becoming available.

“Some clubs might make a decision that some of the players who weren’t available earlier in the season are now there for loans. But we’ll see.”

The Chronicle is reporting that Frank Danquah, Kazenga LuaLua and Ben Tozer are keen for first team football but without bolstering the squad with incoming loanees, Hughton is unlikey to be keen to let any of them out on loan. Hughton had this to say:

“It’s too tight to be loaning a lot of players out. When that last day comes round and if we get a request, we’ll consider it.

“If it’s something we can see that looks like a good opportunity for the player, we’ll assess it.

“But I’m not desperate to let anybody go.”

When you consider that we’ve already loaned out Fabio Zamblera, Jonny Godsmark, Xisco and Fraser Forster to Roma, Hereford, Racing Santander and Norwich respectively, our squad was already threadbare. Now following the Preston game, we have injury problems with Ryan Taylor, Danny Simpson and Nicky Butt, the former having been officially ruled out of the Swansea game on Saturday.

With Amoebi, Barton, Vuckic and Tavernier all on the treatment table already, our newest recruit Fabrice Pancrate may get his chance earlier than expected as Hughton may be forced into giving the Frenchman his debut against this weekend:

“Pancrate comes into the reckoning for Swansea.

“We only just got his registration through on Monday morning, but he had spent some time before the game getting to the know the lads at the hotel.

“That will do his confidence good because he’s already seen what a close-knit group of lads we’ve got here and he is already becoming part of that.

“We’ve got Saturday’s game with Swansea coming up very quickly, and a lot of games in the next few weeks, so I’m certain he will be involved very soon.

“He’s ready to play now because his all-round fitness was good when he arrived due to the pre-season training he had with Paris St Germain.

“He just needs more match practice, which he’ll get.”

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42 Responses

  1. It’s a megamix of musical references and all three are correct. Though technically Micky J is ‘you are’ not ‘you’re’. Minor details…

  2. you guys do realise that no where in that article does it actually say that Khizanishvili isn’t available for the game. That is maybe because he is available. DUH. Is that spelt out clearly for you guys.

  3. Oh no “you’re not alone”  David Bowie Drive in Saturday. Ah yes, those where the days…
    … My friend

  4. ************  Harper*************
    # Simpson/Kash** Taylor *****Collo*****Enrique
    Lovenkrands***Smith******Nolan******* Jonas
    Pancrate ***** Shola
    Harewood (give him another shot)
    Ranger  (give him fifteen minutes if we are ahead)
    R Taylor (only because we are short on defensive bodies)
    Geremi ( can fill in anywhere)
    # Simpson/Kash (believe simpson picked up an injury)
    Experienced  team, understand Pancrate has played up front and is capable of scoring.
    So when can we expect  our “Pal Joey” back ?
    Do we give Shola a game in the reserves or put him on the bench and chuck him in for the last fifteen minutes ?
    Looking at available players, still a bit short, that`s not counting the youngsters.
    Would`nt wanna go into the PL with this crowd !

  5. chuck,
    are you suggesting that: if we get back up, we’ll buy no-one in the summer, baring
    in mind we’ll have a bigger turnover?
    Surely we’ll buy players if we go up!!!

  6. Have no clue Clint,
    but on reading between the lines  and going by prior practice, think it`s unlikely we will be spending a dime during the Jan. window.
    It will depend on Ashleys plans, (whether to attempt a sale once again, if we manage promotion, or hang onto the club)  whether he will dig into his pocket in order to strengthen the side.
    Seems likely but would`nt bet on promotion, in which case believe Ashley will gamble on this side gaining promotion and therefore looks like his agenda is promotion with the least outgoing,  then a quick sale, leaving any future owner having to make a major investment in players, for survival `s sake.
    Been known to be wrong before but all signs indicate this is how it will be.

  7. CLiNT FLiCK, we get up and Ashley will put us on the market again and as last time there will be a player transfer embargo and as the last embargo it will be one way, nowt coming in. We won’t have a chance in the PL. Newcastle united the new Sunderland. Yo yo’s!

  8. Hey mate, i understand y’position.
    But, if he has any sense, he’d be looking for buyers all the while, on the quiet.
    Promotion would mean a better price for him, but maybe he doesn’t wanna sell really. In which case, he’d surely have to spend to have any hope of keeping us in the prem.
    Y’never know, he may even get football people in to help with the transition, if he’s learnt anything in the last couple of years.

  9. Geordie German says:
    November 25, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    “CLiNT FLiCK, we get up and Ashley will put us on the market again and as last time there will be a player transfer embargo and as the last embargo it will be one way, nowt coming in. We won’t have a chance in the PL. Newcastle united the new Sunderland. Yo yo’s!”

    That is what most of the fans want, seemingly.

  10. Be a cold day in hell before we see the likes of a Sir Bobby team again.
    Then again, who knows, it`s all about putting a team to- gether, in a way it`s too bad we were not able to convince Arry to come to St. James`es, look what he has accomplished at Spurs and now that he`s outta Pompey they are falling apart.
    I know, I know , anybody can put to-gether a good team given the funding, well considering the amount of dosh spent by Hughes at Citeh,
    he must be the exception to the rule.
    A lot has to do with balance and chemistry and of course once you have the horses, a little tactical nous does`nt hurt, Gus Hiddink comes to mind.
    I want David Dien as a replacement for Llambias and Hiddink as manager, a recipe for success, the only missing part of the equation is an owner with ambition.
    And dosh.

  11. I reckon team for Swansea will be:

    Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique

    Pancrate Nolan Smith Jonas
    Ranger Harewood
    Subs: Krul, Khiza, Kadar, Geremi, Lovenkrands, Donaldson, Carroll.

  12. Dan4toon – I agree with that team with the exception of harewood. I would prefer Carroll, even if he’s not 100%. 

    Simpson – S.Taylor – Coloccini – Enrique

    Pancrate – Nolan – Smith – Jonas

    Ranger – Carroll

    Subs: Krul, Khiza, Kadar, Geremi, Lovenkrands, Donaldson, Harewood.
    I would – if the game is going well – bring Lovenkrands, Donaldson and Harewood on for Pancrate, Jonas and Carroll respectively after 65mins.

  13. chuck,
    if you remember, loads of people squealed like stuck pigs even when SBR was here, about certain players. So, i don’t foresee a time when all Toon fans will be happy, we don’t do ‘everybody happy’, do we?
    Wouldn’t go getting your hopes up on Dein & Hiddink mate.
    Would be nice though.
    didn’t ‘everyone’ say we were gonna be nowhere this season, it was all doom & gloom, if i recall correctly, so no change there then.
    I guess if we keep saying it, it’ll all become some nasty, self-fulfilling prophecy,
    then at least some will be happy.

  14. It doesn’t have to be mate.
    I know it’s f****** hard to keep the faith sometimes but it would be soap otherwise, would it?
    Toon Toon

  15. dead right mate, all the way.
    & we can make one hell of a difference, when all get behind the team.

  16. I WOULD SAY THE TEAM WILL BE:                     HARPER
                                             SIMPSON    S. TAYLOR  COLO  JOSE
                                           PANCRATE   NOLAN  SMITH  JONES  
                                                      CARROL  HAREWOOD/RANGER

  17. Clint flick
    Hiddink and Dien was said tongue in cheek, not only do I not have my hopes up, I have no hope whatsoever.
    Do I sound that crazy ?

  18. See a lotta folks are calling for Ranger to start, you people crazy or what.
    Kid`s 18, not ready yet, sure give him ten or fifteen minutes, but dont put tha kinda pressure on the kid, he just aint ready.

  19. if he “aint ready” he’s doing a bloody good impression, looked good in every game he played in so far, youth & ambition can take you a long way in the right circumstances

  20. chuck, ok mate, just checking! :)
    so rooney scored a winner v arsenal when whatever age, he’s nowhere near as good as the pundits reckon anyway.
    Can’t you see that?

  21. not just a winner clint, and he was 16 at the time, an absolute pearl of a winner, shearer said of him that “he was one of the few players he’s ever been scared of how good he is”
    put him in the right place and he’s as good as Messi (ronaldo doesn’t even come into the equation), the world can see that

  22. NOT!
    I couldn’t care less what ANYONE has said about him, they’re pundits, they’ll say owt for money.
    I believe what i see with my own eyes & rooney does not compare with.
    He’s not allowed in the same sentence as messi.

  23. ok maybe a stretch to Messi, Shearer said that as a player not a pundit and if you disregard his opinion, then simply I’ve not a second longer for you as you’re obviously “mentally challenged”

  24. Howay danny boy,
    i admit i’m a bit of a maverick, but hey, that’s allowed, isn’t it?
    I just don’t follow blindly, anyone.
    Shearer, top goal scorer, possibly the best ever & definitely in my eyes.
    But there’s nothing to suggest he’s right about other players ability, he is allowed his opinion, just like everyone else though.

  25. I agree about following blindly, but my eyes are wide open, when a striker of Shearers prolific ability says that another striker is world class, to dismiss it is pure folly – Rooney’s problem is that he is played out of position, the man is NOT a lone striker, he’s a good forward with a second to play off, he’s best (in my opinion) in the hole – I really don’t think he’s an out & out striker
    Gerrard i think is the other way, he should be up front, as a midfielder all he has is the long ball, his short game is severely lacking

  26. danny,
    i agree on rooney being an ‘in the hole’ player, no doubt mate.
    He ain’t no centre forward.