“Important period” coming up, says Jonas.

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The elusive mask
The elusive mask
Newcastle United midfielder Jonas Guttierrez claims the international break will do us good ahead of an important period in our promotion push.

Jonas said:

We have 15 days to recover, to rest and to prepare for the rest of the season. From here to January is a very important period for us.”

To be honest I never understand this ‘important period’ stuff. If we lose too many games at any point in the season we’ll fail to get promoted, so as far as I can see every 3 points is as important as every other 3 points.

Only 9 points separate us in top place from Watford in 12th so all the top places are very much up for grabs. West Brom still look like our biggest threat but I reckon Cardiff, QPR and Leicester will all be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. I reckon Strachan will pull ‘Boro together too.

There are 24 points up for grabs between now and next year and I reckon getting 16-18 of those will keep us in contention.

Anyway, Jonas goes on to talk about the thigh strain he picked up in the match against Peterborough:

It’s not too bad.

I talked with the doctor. He told me it’s not a big problem.

With the scan they are confident I would only be out for a week to 10 days. The 15 days off gives me chance for recovery.”

Good news given that he’s finding some form lately.

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23 Responses

  1. 18 minutes of form :)

    He looked like he’d had a rocket up his backside. I like to think he read my report and used it effectively 8O

  2. i agree it what your saying hugh… every “period” is important, every game.
    and looking at the fixtures, i think they’ve been quite kind to our cause… probably our toughest game between now and january is going to be preston away on monday 23rd
    apart from swansea and boro we dont face another top half team until we host west brom on 18th jan if we’re to be automatically promoted we cant drop points against teams outside the top 7

  3. worky u better get ready for the rush of posters on here  and all them emails u sent to ed seemed to have worked m8 :lol: or should i say we

  4. 1st comment on this blog since ED’s blog no more exists :) having said that i just noticed this is no comment :P:P

  5. Someone who is trying to crash Ed’s blog is not doing good. As he is not going to achieve anything by that. Most people there anyway read this blog too regularly.

  6. Well whoever it is, it’s a bit out of order to be honest. The bloke put a lot of graft in and you either say cheers and good luck or say nowt in my opinion.

    That’s the problem with blogs though. Too many people with too much time on their hands and too much mischief on the brain.

  7. Personally I think Ed has just packed it in as there have been hardly any comments on the blog for the past 6 weeks or so.

    He obviously had the idea in his head anyway otherwise he wouldn’t have stated he would close the blog back in the spring.

    Ah well.  He’s had a good crack anyway.

  8. Batty confessed to me last night on messenger – he is Ed’s hate blogger!
    He ended up arguing with Ed over Rodzilla’s banning – he was threatening him by email!
    Wahhh Batty man – you cant send punches by email! You killed Billy Bunter and he is back from the dead to kill you wooo hoo!
    Shame on you – you rotter, you despicable fellow, you scoundrel.

  9. bowburnmag says:
    November 10, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    “Well whoever it is, it’s a bit out of order to be honest. ”

    Most people who run popular websites get lots of e.mails from radgies, I’ve been getting them for years. It’s just one of those things. I once got ridiculous threats just for posting an album cover by the Scorpions, and for taking the mickey out another one by Queen. The ones from Queen fans are usually the funniest as they’re even more radged than Newcastle United fans :-) One outraged Queen fan referred to me as a “homophobic faggot” once.

  10. Kevin Kyle the ex mackem has just came out with a pearla on Sky Sports.
    I am a honest person so I will say I would dive to win a penalty.
    Contradicting himself a little.
    Who says footballers aren’t stupid