Hughton vows to batter Swans, but Sho will probably be a no-sho.

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Sho or no-sho on Satda?
Sho or no-sho on Satda?
Newcastle United’s usually mild mannered supremo, Chris Hughton, has come out with some fighting talk in the run up to Toon’s home clash with Swansea City on Saturday. In the interview, he spoke of Swansea’s fine defensive record this season (second only to Hughton’s own), and vowed to go in with all guns blazing in an attempt to break down their defensive fortress. Speaking to the Sand Dancer’s Gazette, he roared:

“Their record speaks for itself, they’re a tough team with a good shape, and they’re difficult to play against.

“We’re the home side, and we’ve got to force the issue. We can’t afford to take them lightly – they are where they are on merit.

“They’ve played some good teams, and come up trumps with some good results. We’ve got to make sure we’re on our game.”

Meanwhile, on the return of Fenham hitman, Shola Ameobi, Hughton told the club’s official website:

“We’ll make our mind up over the next couple of days but we’re fortunate that we’re on a good run at the moment and there’s not that pressure to bring him back.” adding:

“It’s important that we make the right decision. It’s more important to have a fit Shola for the rest of the season.

“But he’s had a good week of training and I’m sure he’ll be asking me to be involved.”

On other fitness worries, Hughton is hoping for recoveries by Ryan Taylor and Danny Simpson, who both picked up minor injuries in the previous game against Preston, and finally, Andy Carroll, who felt under par in the same game, and had to be substituted.

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40 Responses

  1. What an article…… penned (penn…. geddit?) with such wit and eloquence. 

    The author should really apply his/ her cygneture (cygnet… geddit?)

    Say bye bye……. bye bye

  2. Worky did you leave the bit out where he vows to batter swans ?. on strolla I think he should be getting some extra fitness with a run out for the ressies before we use him again in the 1st team, I would never have thought that I would be looking forward to him coming back, but I am

  3. Workyticket – “Phil Brown is a sand-dancer”

    Shouldn’t it be “Phil Brown is a cnut!”?

  4. Big Dave says:
    November 26, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    “Worky did you leave the bit out where he vows to batter swans ?”

    A little dramatic license perhaps. But when master of understatement, Chris Hughton says “We’re the home side, and we’ve got to force the issue.” it means “Their defence is as tight as gnat’s chuff, and we going to have to really batter them to get one in”.

  5. Could`nt  be about the fact there`s a  community of Arabs  who originally settled there during the early part of the last century.
    A number of the present population are descendants of  Yemeni seamen who crewed British ships and settled there, many marrying local women.
    Sure i`m well aware there`s a beach there, but that`s stretching it .

  6. chuck says:
    November 26, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    “Could`nt  be about the fact there`s a  community of Arabs  who originally settled there during the early part of the last century.”

    Hmmm, well the “Sand Dance” didn’t come until long after that with er, Wilson, Keppel and Betty (was it Wilson?). You may have a point though. I’m not sure if it’s sure either way. It could be a conflation of all three.

  7. Chuck that was during WW1. While the men were away fighting they came back to find the Yemenis’ had married some of the local chicks causing some riotous behaviour from the locals in North Shields. Back to the thread Paolo Sousa would have been a great choice as manager for us.

  8. Doctor Khumalo – Why Paolo Souza? He did bugger all at QPR, and he was hardly experienced was he – a reason cited for Shearer not being the ideal candidate.

  9. Toonsy what has Shearter gotta do with Sousa being a good choice for being our manager? Take a look at what he’s doin with Swansea on a conservative budget following in the footsteps of Martinez, they’re serious challengers in the CCC at the moment and they play good football while conceding few goals as the article alludes to. Plus he was given about 5 minutes to prove himself at QPR before being told to pack his bags.

  10. Doctor Khumalo says:
    November 26, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    “Paolo Sousa would have been a great choice as manager for us.”

    There are a few similarites with Chris Hughton really, both great defensive players (though Sousa was a midfielder) who are also good defensive managers, and who could do with banging in a few more in up the other end sometimes. I don’t think it’s going to be the “Entertainers” on Saturday. 

  11. It`s a well documented history, the actual riots as they were called, took place during the depression years (the early thirties) nothing whatsoever to do with ww1.
    It was about job discrimination, a peaceful march by Arab seamen, protesting discriminatory hiring practices, was attacked by  local thugs, who in turn were joined by the local police , we all are aware how the police are apt to riot when given the opportunity, happens all the time.
    Needless to say there were arrests and trials, none of which any local whites or police  were charged, only the innocent Arab seamen and their families suffered.
    The truth was brought to light, but not until many years later.
    And that my friends is the true meaning of the derogatory term
    “Sand Dancers”.

  12. Worky agree 100% we wont see the “Entertainers” I think it will be as tight as a crabs ass, and would be real happy with a 1-0

  13. Chuck, yes there was a race riot in South Shields in 1930. But you don’t explain at all how that is connected with the roots of  the expression, “Sand Dancer”.

  14. Team for Saturday:
    Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique

    Pancrate Nolan Smith(c) Jonas
    Ranger Lovenkrands
    Subs: Krul, Khiza, R.Taylor, Geremi, Guthrie, Harewood, Carroll.

    People agree?

  15. Big Dave says:
    November 26, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    “Worky agree 100% we wont see the “Entertainers” I think it will be as tight as a crabs ass, and would be real happy with a 1-0”

    Oh well. I’ve learned to appreciate good defensive strategies Dave. I think that when a team goes through several great shocks, there’s alot to be said for tightening up at the back, building from there and being ‘boring’ for a while until real confidence is achieved once again.

  16. Doctor, you made my case, is there anything different in the history, than that in my statement ?  perhaps worded differently.
    Your original claim was that the arab men had taken local women while they were gone fighting WW1, which is nonsense.
    Do i have to spell it out for you ?
    Sand dancer= derogatory name for Arabs ;   South Shields= large Arab community;      ergo, Sand dancer Gazette.
    Tell me you did`nt allready kow that ?

  17. Nah workyticket, unfortunately never blessed with the Doctor’s silky skills. Just a fan of the Toon and Amazulu. Hey you guys are stylin’ with the new site, totally impressive!

  18. Doctor, I’m no expert on South African football, but I can remember Khumalo because not many footballers are called ‘Doctor’. I’ve seen him in the African Nations Cup and the 98 World Cup too, but just for a few minutes as a sub if I remember rightly?

    I’m really guessing here, but is Amazulu a football club in Natal?

    Thanks about the site BTW. It isn’t really a “restyle” though, as it was never styled in the first place! I just ‘bodged’ it temporarily, and this is the first time I’ve got anywhere near to finishing a real design template.

  19. @ Chuck – Back on the “everyones a racist”  band wagon are we pal……. you truly are a w*nker..

  20. Workey,                       just back from watching the film “The Road”   grim!
    But having read the novel, no surprize there, actually it was a decent film, unlike the usual shit emanating from Hollywood.
    So like what am i gannen on aboot like ?
    Simple really, post that have overt or covert racist or sectarian content.
    Happens all the time, some are read between the lines others by those too dumb to realize that it`s really not acceptable.
    Most plead innocent,  denying it when questioned, others become abusive  and some evasive,  dont care actually,   just as long as they get the message.
    If thats a problem for you then you can always prevent my comments.
    Hey takes the heat from you, not having to be the PC police.

  21. Chusck, Workey – Re Sandancers…… Chuck seems to have a good grasp of Shields history and lore .

    May I suggest that Wilson, Keppel and Betty may not have originated the term ‘Sand Dancers’ but merely adopted the vernacular term into their act.

    Another aspect to Shields and its visitors…. its Yemeni community is the longest established in the UK and……… Mohamed Ali had his marriage blessed under Islam in the Laygate mosque!  Now that really is a good pub-quiz question eh?

  22. @33….you should have your own chat show…..

    ….Talking Shite With Chuck.

    south shields residents = sand dancers.

  23. Workyticket @ # 30. Sorry for the late reply, you’re right about Amazulu being based in Kwazulu Natal, Durban based side. In fact Sunday is the KZN derby between Amazulu and Maritzburg Utd in the new Moses Mabhida Stadium which has a Wembley arch and will be a venue during the world cup. I would say if England get to play any of their games in Durban they will have huge support due to the amount of expats who live there and would almost be like playing at home, and not too hot for them either.

  24. Doctor Khumalo says:
    November 27, 2009 at 10:03 am

    “Workyticket @ # 30. Sorry for the late reply, you’re right about Amazulu being based in Kwazulu Natal, Durban based side. ”

    That takes me all the way back to my school days, Doctor (a long time ago in my case!). We had a South African fella come into the geography classes and he taught us, among other things, that Natal is the home of most things ‘Zulu’ . I’ve met alot of South Africans since that time, but they’ve taught me bugger all about the place really!

    Re the temperature, isn’t it pretty reasonable over there in most places? Of course, being Southern Hemisphere down there, it will be winter when the big one’s on.

    I think I’ve seen Moses Mabhida Stadium on the TV from your arch description. If I’m not mistaken, the arch looks alot like the Tyne Bridge and the stadium itself has a crimped roof? If that’s the one, it looks quite elegant and is a fair old size.

  25. Dr Khumalo
    M`bona, , sapela, yea bo !
    Probably got the spelling wrong, but phonetically should be right.
    Asto local lore, not bad for a ham shank !